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Sengoku Soine 3

Sengoku Soine 3 – Ishida Mitsunari

CV: Aoi Shouta

Track 1

Taiko-sama… Taiko Hideyoshi-sama is dead…?

Will I… Will I be able to take his place?

Hideyoshi-sama… Hideyoshi-sama… Hideyoshi-sama!

Track 2

Come in.

I told you to come in.

What’s going on?!

How could you trip in this empty room? You fool!

How long are you going to lie face down like a dog? Stand up now!

You idiot! No one should fall that quickly!

Are you a newborn deer?!

You’re even useless compared to a deer. Deer flesh can be eaten, but yours cannot. You probably hardly get any exercise. You’ve got so much fat on your body that I’m sure all your flesh is no good. Because fat is heavy, you can’t stand up to gravity and end up falling over a lot. You stupid fool!

Are you serious? The elasticity of your extra flesh makes you travel along the floor like a ball and pushes you up again? Don’t make things up. Your body and a ball are completely different. You idiot!

Hey. Hey!

How long are you going to crawl on your stomach like a beetle? Get up now! Do it quickly!

You’re finally up, are you? You have a small chest, but you’re saying that its flexibility made you bounce along the floor? Are you in a position to say that, hmm?

Are you serious about making me angry?

You were the one who said it! You and I are the only ones here, you see. How could you say “it was me” without hesitation? You foolish woman!

You’re a stubborn woman. There is no such merchant as a seller of fools! [1] I am intelligent and you are useless. Our conversation is amazingly unsuccessful, it seems I’d gain more from talking to an insect. You and I are as different as the moon and a turtle. [2] No, it’d be fine if that were just it. You aren’t even a turtle! You’re nothing more than that dust over there.

Well, your mind can’t even understand that example. This may not be right, but I’m going to relieve my unfocused anger a little by sleeping with you. Take off your clothes now.

Take them off. Do it. Don’t make me tell you again and again.

Take them off!

What? You’re going to ask me the meaning of making things up now?! We finished up that conversation a while back! You should have asked me earlier, you idiot!

You’re very mistaken if you think an apology will fix everything! This world is full of things that can’t be fixed with an apology.

No matter how much I apologise now, Taiko-sama will never…

It’s nothing!

Come on! Hurry up and do it! Then hurry up and go home! You stupid woman! I feel as if your stupidity will rub off on me, but I’ve already slept with many women and now you’re about the only one left. I’ve got no choice. This is the only way I can hide my sadness about losing Taiko-sama.

I didn’t say anything! I was just talking to myself. When you’re talking to yourself, it means that it is a matter to be sorted out alone. That’s why it’s called talking to yourself! I wouldn’t be talking to myself if you came into the conversation!

Don’t give me that stupid look as if you’re asking why! You’re driving me crazy!

Hmph! Stop this unnecessary conversation! Look this way, woman!

What’s with that lack of reaction?

Come on! Why are you as stiff as ice? Say something!

You’re embarrassed? You’re embarrassed and blushing now? Too slow! Your reactions are too slow! Are you a turtle? A stupid turtle?!

Stop, stop! As I am so refined, your lack of refinement drives me insane! I just don’t feel as if I’m in the right mood.

You’re going to sing? Why?!

You’re going to sing to put me in the right mood?

You fool! A song is not what is needed here. Definitely not!

You’ll dance instead?

I don’t need that either! I just don’t know! I’ve got no idea what to do! If I knew, I’d have done it along time ago. Just sing or dance if that’s what you want to do. I’ll be thinking what to do during that time, using all the wisdom Hideyoshi-sama has given me.

You stupid woman! No one would really dance at a time like this! Stop that!

You fool! You stumbled on the mats again!

Hey! Don’t fall over there!

You stupid woman!

[1] This pun doesn’t work too well in English, but the heroine has a misunderstanding when Mitsunari calls her a 分からず屋 (foolish person) as 屋 can also be added to other words to indicate a seller of something.
[2] Tsuki to suppon (“moon and turtle”) is the equivalent of saying “like night and day” or “like chalk and cheese” (in other words, completely different) in English. It comes from the fact that while a turtle shell and the moon are both round, they’re not the same as each other.

Track 3

I could only understand tearing the paper door if you were a child. What a ridiculous mistake for a grown woman to make. What are you going to do? The cost of that paper door is far beyond your reach.

Hmm… You’re going to repair it, are you? And just how will you do that?

You carry coloured paper around with you?

To play with the children? Hmph. You’re so carefree. So how are you going to use that coloured paper?

You’re cutting out decorative shapes?

What’s that? Some grapes?

A wisteria flower? Ah… Ah! You’re cutting them pretty well. So even an idiot like you has some kind of strong point.

Ah, I see! You’re putting the coloured paper in the shape of wisteria flowers over the holes in the paper door. The coloured paper goes well with the white door. I didn’t think of that. You have quite good taste, don’t you? I’m surprised you’ve got an unusual talent like this.

Wait! Don’t get up! Slowly move away from the paper door while in a kneeling position.

I told you not to get up! Hey, you!

Not again, you stupid woman!

I can’t believe you’ve torn the paper door twice this evening. Haven’t the wisteria flowers you went to the trouble of making been wasted? I couldn’t help being impressed at your skills with the coloured paper, but you really are a fool.

Hmph. Just how many times do I have to hear you apologise this evening? Look here! There’s no need for you to get up again. Nothing good happens when you do! Move over to the bed on your hands and knees!

That’s right! You definitely shouldn’t get up.

Yes, keep moving like that.

It’s funny how you move just like a lizard. Perhaps you would have been better born as a four legged creature. You’re a woman who fails as a human being, you see.

I wasn’t complimenting you! Why’d you thank me? What is that strange smile for? You don’t understand what I’m saying again? I wasn’t complimenting you earlier. I was honestly making a fool of you.

That was the first time you’ve seen me smile? You liked it? I should smile more?

Hmph! I won’t smile like that all the time. There’s no way I could smile all the time for no reason! I’ll be underestimated by everyone if I smile like you do all the time.

I told you not to get up! Stop! Don’t pull my face! That’s rude! Even if you force my mouth into a smile like this, I won’t be honestly smiling. Hey, stop! Why don’t you stop?

Stop! That hurts! That hurts! You’re going to pull my mouth apart! My mouth won’t go up that far!

Stop! That’s impolite! Can you stop that? You… Stop leaning over me! I can’t move my waist any further! Stop! Stop!

Hey, you. Right now, outsiders would see us as a man and woman intimately lying together. What is this feeling though…? As I’m lying with you, the thought of sleeping with you doesn’t occur to my brilliant mind at all.

You idiot. I certainly am holding you, but that’s not the same meaning at all! [1]

Well, my feelings might change if I keep you close like this. I suppose I’ll stay in this position for a while.

Hmph. That’s right. You’re like a lizard lying on top of my chest. Stay there on all fours. Don’t fall off suddenly.

I’m not smiling! I was insulting you. It wasn’t a normal smile. It was a scornful one. It may have been a smile, but it wasn’t the pure kind of smile you desired. Don’t look at me like that and question me! It disgusts me.

Never mind! I’ll look away then. You can just keep being a lizard with a pure smile.

What is… What is your favourite food?

A hot spring? You idiot. A hot spring isn’t a type of food.

How long are you going to spend thinking?! Can’t you think of your favourite food right away? You stupid woman. I suppose there’s no choice. I’ll tell you mine first.

I like hard foods. Radish, burdock, cuttlefish and pig’s feet. Things that feel hard when you bite into them and are hard enough to withstand being dropped are what I like. They’re just like my strong mind which won’t be moved by the opinions of anyone around me.

Well? Have you found something?

Rice cakes? I’m sorry, but I hate those. I don’t like that they don’t have a definite shape. They’re soft and untidy. Just like your face. You and I don’t agree on anything. It’s unusual to disagree this much. I suppose we’re really like parallel lines.

Well, I’m not feeling satisfied at all, but are you feeling content?

You don’t even know the meaning of “content”? You fool! I’m asking whether you’re in the right mood. You idiot.

Anytime I feel like it? You don’t seem to understand feelings well. Talking like that is just going to put me off.

What? Do I want rice cakes? What are you talking about?! For starters, this is a bedroom! We can’t start a fire! Secondly, where are you going to find rice cakes? Thirdly, I told you I hate how soft rice cakes are!

Hey! Don’t get up! I told you not to get up! Nothing good comes of you standing up!

Rice cakes?! You took out rice cakes from inside your clothes?! I can understand carrying the paper around, but why rice cakes?! You like rice cakes enough to carry them around with you, so I’ve got no idea why didn’t you immediately mention rice cakes when I asked you your favourite food!

Shut up! I didn’t intentionally make a play on words. I just happened to say “carrying around rice cakes”. [2] You’re laughing uncontrollably!

What are you doing? Ouch! Why on earth are you throwing rice cakes at me?!

Rice cakes are hard before they’re baked? I know that! I’m talking about the rice cakes for eating. I wouldn’t bring up rice cakes that are meant for display like kagami mochi [3]. And you could have just told me that rice cakes are hard before baking. I know you’re only capable of useless conversation, but what were you doing throwing rice cakes at my face? I’ve had enough of talking to you. You can leave now. Go away immediately!

I feel more tired than usual this evening.

The moon looks beautiful. I’m reminded of Hideyoshi-sama’s face. He possessed both the sun and the moon. Someone like that doesn’t appear very often. I don’t think I will ever be anything like him. I might be able to reach either sun or the moon if I put all my effort into doing it, but it would be impossible for me to reach them both.

Damn it!

[1] The word “daku” can mean “to hug” as well as “to sleep with”.
[2] This is a pun because of the similarity between “mochi” (rice cakes) and “mochiaruku” (to carry around).
[3] Kagami mochi is a traditional New Year decoration made up of a smaller rice cake placed on top of a larger one.

Track 4

Hmm? What is it?

Gaaah! You ripped the paper door again!

Only an insect could have gotten through the hole in that paper door. A paper door wouldn’t get a hole big enough for a person to get through!

Hmph! You’ve ripped the paper door three times this evening. What are you going to do about it?

You idiot! You’re greatly mistaken if you think you’ll be forgiven by putting coloured paper over the holes! I’ll admit you have an unexpected artistic talent, but the coloured paper won’t make any difference considering how much it’s been torn. There won’t be a fourth time.

So why’d you come back here?

Hmph. It’s terrible that you forgot to take the rice cakes with you, even though they’re your favourite food.

Of course I didn’t realise I was saying it! “Taking the rice cakes” [1] is a terrible play on words! I didn’t say “of course” [2], it was “naturally”! I said “naturally”! I’m telling you I didn’t intentionally say it.

Don’t laugh! Don’t laugh! I don’t want to use a play on words like “taking the rice cakes” again, but I repeated it so someone slow like you, who keeps getting into trouble, to understand. I’m not going to say it again! I won’t say “taking the rice cakes” again!

I said it again!

You’re going to keep on laughing? You really do laugh a lot.

Come to think of it, Hideyoshi-sama laughed a lot too. I considered him as a man who’d come up with an intelligent strategy and act like a demon, becoming enraged on the battlefield. However, he’d thank us with a smile, drink wine and offer us entertainment. He had an angry and cruel face, but he was a rare kind of hero. He really was an impressive man. I must have finally gone mad if a useless woman like you reminds me of Hideyoshi-sama.

No matter how cruelly I treat you, you bravely return. You made many mistakes, destroyed the paper door and threw rice cakes at me, without any fear. You seem to effortlessly avoid the many critical words I say to you. You had an optimistic smile when a normal woman would’ve gone home crying. You boldly challenged me as you pleased.

Smiling, smiling, smiling, smiling. No matter what I do, you smile and smile and smile. I’m going to ask you again. What can I do to live the way you do?

Haha. You don’t know? Well, that is funny. If you don’t know, then there is no way for someone else to know.

Although Hideyoshi-sama could take possession of the moon and sun, I would only be able to take the half-moon. No, I could probably only take the new moon. How would I even manage to take the moon? Since Hideyoshi-sama went there has been no one I can ask for advice.

I wonder if you like tsukimi dango [3]? We finished talking about food a long time ago though.

But I won’t raise my voice more than necessary. No matter how badly I treat you, it’s waste of my effort. But being reminded of Hideyoshi-sama because of you really is no good. I kept on making a fool of you. It’s extremely embarrassing.

Be quiet! There’s no way I’d forget Hideyoshi-sama! Are you trying to say that I forgot Hideyoshi-sama and couldn’t remember him for a while after I met you? I can’t accept that! You can say nonsense like that because you don’t know how I feel about Hideyoshi-sama! I’ll never forget Hideyoshi-sama. It’s impossible!

However, I hadn’t realised until now that the cruel passage of time might cause my feelings towards Hideyoshi-sama to fade.

Yes, this was the first time. I haven’t forgotten Hideyoshi-sama since he left this world. But after your appearance, I remembered little things about Hideyoshi-sama, although I sometimes forgot. I became so concerned with fixing your mistakes that I had ended up neglecting Hideyoshi-sama.

The play on words involving rice cakes? I was talking about something ridiculous.

You might be like a rice cake. You seem to be soft, but you’re actually tough. You may appear foolish, but you have natural talent. You’re the first person to have made me forget about Taiko-sama, even if it was only for a moment.

Will I be able to count on you? I knew that Taiko Hideyoshi-sama wouldn’t be coming back, no matter how many women I slept with. But that was all I could do. Even so, I wasn’t able to say anything. You’re incredibly foolish, but I thought you would have a plan to draw me out of the rut I was stuck in.

Hey, you. What should I do to get a little closer to Taiko Hideyoshi-sama and keep gaining power now that he is gone?

[1] This line is a pun because of the similarity between “mochi” (rice cakes) and “mochikaeru” (to take home).
[2] The pun in this line is related to the similarity between “mochiron” (of course) and “mochi” (rice cakes).
[3] Tsukimi dango are plain white dumplings normally eaten during the moon viewing festival in September.

Track 5

Are you trying to make a fool of me? Making sense of your inconsistent statements with my intelligence is causing trouble for me. I already know about the moon, but if I understand the sun too, I’ll be able find a way of becoming closer to Hideyoshi-sama, who possessed them both. I’ll accept that as your opinion.

But why am I in this position where I’m on top of you like a lizard? Just as I said earlier, I don’t feel anything for you at all! You’re telling me to act decisively, but the only thing I want is to become closer to Hideyoshi-sama, who I remembered after seeing you. I don’t want to become close to you at all. You’ve got that look on your face which says you don’t understand, but you’re thinking carefully. However, you’re no longer young enough just to overcome things with charm alone.

Charm? That’s it! Charm is what I don’t have! Hideyoshi-sama was charming and talented, but I only have talent.

Hey, you! Teach me how to be charming! It doesn’t matter what kind of charm. If I have some motivation, then I’ll try my best to reach the sun with my own abilities. So please give me a hint about how to do that. Even someone uneducated like you can give me a hint.

Ah! Thank you! But… You replied enthusiastically without thinking of anything, didn’t you?

I thought as much. As I can tell, charm mostly involves smiling, doesn’t it? You’re always smiling, you see. You haven’t got a wide range of emotions, you’re always happy. How can you be like that?

You’ve always been smiling since you were a child? So it’s an unconscious thing? There’s nothing I can do then. There’s nothing I can use for reference. Smiling, hmm…

Come to think of it, there are some written works that perceive a smile as a threat. There’s an explanation that says showing your teeth to an enemy implies that you will bite them in the near future. Therefore, a smile might be the exact opposite of charming. However, both smiles appear the same. Even if the feelings are the opposite of one another, they’re the same smile. Soft rice cakes and hard rice cakes are both rice cakes.

Hey, you. I’m going to hide you away and get you to make me smile. It might be more painful than anything that has happened before now, but are you ready?

I thought you’d say that. I’m going to threaten you completely. You’re good at that aren’t you? Let’s go!

You broke the paper door three times. What are you going to do? The wind will blow through all the time. What if Ishida Mitsunari, a member of the five commissioners [1], will be laughed at by the whole country because the paper doors to his room are a mess?

On top of that a woman threw rice cakes at his forehead. I’ve never gotten a single scratch from all the battles I’ve been through. I was not hit by a man, but a woman. It was not a bullet that hit me, but a rice cake. I was not hit on my arms or legs, but my forehead. How unbelievable.

I think it’s amusing too…

Damn it! My smiles only come out twisted!

What’s going on with this?!

Damn it! Damn it!

You’re right. All I have to do is find the right opportunity. If I use my wits to practice repetition after that, I’ll definitely be able to learn how to smile in a charming way

Hmm… But I wonder if I can find a different way to practice. Practicing by criticising you won’t work if you’re not around. I wonder if there’s a way I can do it without you.

What?! That of all things! You’ll criticise me instead?

I’m not pleased to hear that, but your reasoning is not wrong. When I’m angry at your criticism, I’ll return that anger as a threatening smile. Not bad.

Alright, give me all the criticisms you’ve got!

Wait! Just wait a moment! It doesn’t feel good to be insulted directly. So talk to me from behind. Go!

This time our difference in status won’t matter. Just come on!

My arrogant attitude annoyed you?

Your name isn’t “woman”, you have an actual name?

The way I use words isn’t good enough? My knowledge confuses things and makes conversation too long?

I’m a terrible kisser?!

I’m knowledgeable about the world, but weak in battle?

I don’t know the meaning of Daiichi Daiman Daikichi? [2]

Hideyoshi-sama actually hated me?! Ieyasu is going to kill me in the near future?!

Hey, just wait! The last one was a complete lie, wasn’t it?

You got so carried away with insulting me. It seems that aside from being charming, you also have a talent for making up insults on the spot. Hideyoshi-sama has charm and talent. You have the ability to charm and make up insults.

Don’t scare me! You came from behind me like a ghost!

I’m the lord of insults?! Shut up!

Don’t go behind me! Be quiet! Stop clinging to my back!

You’re a stubborn woman! I’m not amused by your stupid games. I’ll say something to make sure you don’t go behind me again. I felt your chest against my back several times just now, but rice cakes are softer and bigger. You still call yourself a woman despite that?

Hmph. I see you’ve got nothing to say.

You’re happy? It seems you don’t even understand when you’re being insulted.

I’m going to get killed by Ieyasu in the near future… Wasn’t that what you just said? You said I’d get killed by Ieyasu in the near future, didn’t you?

That’s right. This land where Taiko-sama no longer exists will soon be divided by Ieyasu and I, and we will each battle to be the victor. Ieyasu and I can probably both see that future.

My eyes have been opened thanks to you. Now isn’t the time for me to concern myself with the sadness of losing Hideyoshi-sama. I’m going to take after Hideyoshi-sama and I must work so that the new world does not fall apart. Someday I’ll destroy Ieyasu and begin a new era.

I’ve found the charm that is necessary, in other words the ability to keep a constant smile. My rival Ieyasu Tokugawa is thinking of the wars he will face in the future. If I go over those battles in my mind, I’ll naturally have a brave smile.

It seems that instead of a pure smile like yours, a twisted smile is what suits me. But no matter what kind of smile it is, a smile is a smile. Now I’m on my way to finding out how to be charming.

I only just realised that being insulted by you earlier was the same as me insulting you. I suppose it is an exercise that couldn’t succeed without you. But I’ve found the way to solve that problem now. If you come to see me often, we will also be able to practice often.

Now I feel as if I’ve come closer to the bright sun and Hideyoshi-sama’s charm, even if I am only a little closer.

What on earth does this mean?! Even though I have never felt this much desire before, I naturally went this far. What has happened to me? I don’t know! I don’t know!

I thought you were the type of woman who wasn’t worth sleeping with. But now… Now… You’re painfully dear to me.

[1] The five commissioners (also known as the five regents) were a group Toyotomi Hideyoshi created to handle his government affairs.
[2] Daiichi Daiman Daikichi is written as 大一大万大吉 and is used in Mitsunari’s family crest. It can be translated as “If all the people work for one person and one person works for all the people, everyone will be happy and the world will be at peace.”

Track 6

You have a satisfied look on your face. That might be part of your charm too.

There’s a slight mark on your neck, maybe you hurt yourself there all the times you fell over. Poor you. I’ll make it better.

Does it hurt? My treatment isn’t like patching up the door with coloured paper. I’m curing things with a kiss.

Fortunately, you don’t seem to have been badly hurt. The mark should disappear in a few days and your skin will look beautiful again.

That’s a good smile. You look quite happy when I kiss you.

I’m going to cure you with a kiss on your chest too.

Your happy smile and your satisfied smile have become mixed up. I want you to show me lots of charming smiles this evening.

Track 7

It’s morning, woman. Wake up, woman.

Your eyes are open! At least close your eyes if you’re going to pretend to be asleep!

Hey! Wake up, woman!

I’m sorry. You said that last night too. Your name isn’t “woman”. You were unhappy about that and you pretended to be asleep. I’m sorry. I’ll ask you again what your name is.

Yes, that’s a nice name.

I didn’t say that for no reason! I said it was good because I honestly thought it was.

Stop! Don’t tickle me! I’m weak against being tickled!

Stop! Are you trying to make me feel ashamed?

You really didn’t like that I said you had a nice name?


I’ve got you now.

Early in the day, the brilliant minded Mitsunari is being tickled by and playing around with a woman he just met. It’s more than simply being terrible, it’s a horror story.

In a good sense, you helped me forget Hideyoshi-sama.

Will you stay by my side from now on?

Ah, it’s fine if you stay as your usual simple self. To tell the truth, your innocence is charming and I was just selfishly having fun with you. I noticed everything when I observed you and realised I was wrong.

Our relationship as man and woman came about from an intelligent man like me using a fool like you.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s not as if I’m criticising you. I’m complimenting you. When I criticised you before, you were happy for some reason, so I worried you might do the opposite and be angry if I complimented you.

You want to thank me for worrying about you? So that’s all you got from what I said, hmm. You’ve got a convenient way of thinking.

Yes, you’re fine that way. You really are. I’ve come to appreciate you like that somewhat. Men and women are mysterious creatures. They cannot be measured by knowledge.

Also… I’m sorry for treating you impolitely until now. I might do the same from now, but I suppose it would be a twisted kind of love. It could be a form of training. So don’t worry about it too much.

I’m not sure whether you understand or not. Well, during the times that you practice criticising me, we’ll call it even and that’ll clear your frustration.

Hmph. I won’t understand whether you realise I was trying to be considerate if all you do is shake your head.

You’re going to be critical of me during the night? I’m not that kind of man! I’m serious during the day, but I’m not the kind of weak man who would submit to a woman!

I’m not being suspicious. Don’t decide that I’m being suspicious just because I said that myself! If you still have doubts, then test it yourself tonight. I’ll make sure you’re the one who’ll be crying out instead. Or will you try now?

Oww! You brought rice cakes here again! No, that wasn’t a play on words! The context wasn’t my fault!

Stop laughing. Stop laughing! Stop laughing!

Track 8

Hmph. My name is Ishida Mitsunari.

I’m Aoi Shouta, the voice of Ishida Mitsunari from Volume 3 of Sengoku Soine.

I worried about lots of things while playing Ishida Mitsunari. The recording was a lot of fun. I spent a long time together with the staff to create this CD. This was my very first time recording something with a binaural mic and I was nervous.

The mic I’m using is in the shape of a woman and has a face, but the face doesn’t smile at all. I’m smiling the whole time and the mic is staring back at me. I felt really nervous. It really was a difficult experience but I struggled through until the end. I’m really thankful.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to the Ishida Mitsunari from this CD?
Hmm… I guess there are a few things. First of all, “rice cakes taste good, Mitsunari”. Throughout the story he says things like “I hate rice cakes because they’re so soft and shapeless”.

I love rice cakes, so I felt like “that’s too bad, they look so tasty”. One more thing, it might be better if he was a little gentler. He is very proud and he seems to look down on others.

But he spent time with the heroine, opening his mind enough to spend time together with her and tell jokes, even though he hates them. I hope that everyone will be able to love that Mitsunari.

Next question.

Which of the Sengoku warlords would you like to play? Do you have a favourite era or historical figure?
I only considered researching things like the Three Kingdoms and the Sengoku era after becoming involved with this series. I often play video games and I think I’d like to be someone like Hideyoshi-san next. I feel that all the characters in this series, not just Mitsunari, are really handsome and cool, so I think I’d like to be Hideyoshi. He would be a mature and ambitious 16-17 year old. Ah, what am I saying? I was fantasizing about things all by myself.

Last of all, here’s a message for everyone listening. Ishida Mitsunari was a challenging role, but I did my best to fill the character with life and love. He can be an unsociable person, but please try your best to open his heart and love him. I’ll be waiting together with Mitsunari at the release day event in September. I’ve said a lot, but my time is almost up. Please support Ishida Mitsunari from now on! This was Aoi Shouta, see you again!


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Hamatora Drama CD 2


  1. Tama

    Thanks for translating this! Mitsunari is a strange bird. The first few times I listened to this, I didn’t understand much, other than that the heroine threw rice cakes at him and that he was being quite rude to her. After reading your translation, I came away wishing he could be more like Date Masamune or Sanada Yukimura from the other Sengoku Soine CDs. Their CDs also struck me as being a little weird, but maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to so much Wasurenagusa, Hana no Bakumatsu Koi Suru Chou, and Soubou Sangokushi lately. I guess I’m not used to series that are more lighthearted throughout. Sad, eh? ^^

    Keep up the good work! I have a few more requests, but figured you have enough to work with already. I’ll save them for another time.

    • Saki

      I understand that feeling, I haven’t been listening to many lighthearted CDs lately either! And I look forward to receiving your requests later then 😀

      • Tama

        Actually, you have several of my requests already listed as personal projects, and someone else has requested a disc from another series, so I figured I wouldn’t ask you about those. I always feel like I’m taking advantage of your generosity whenever I ask for more translations, so I try to space them out and not ask for too many things at once (especially after asking for the Wasurenagusa letters and short stories). I blame Rejet et al.; if they didn’t keep releasing such interesting CDs, I wouldn’t keep asking for translations. ^^

  2. Thank you so much for translating this Saki-san!! When I first listened to the CD I didn’t understand much -barely nothing, let’s truth be told-, just some of the heroines mistakes and how irascible Mitsunari is =P However now that I finally understood it all I think he’s very sweet, despite of his arrogance and critics. I just couldn’t stop laughing at how much of a fool this heroine is! Really! I enjoyed it a lot! Though I like dark and deep historical stories too I think something light and funny once in a while is refreshing ^^ Besides Shoutan did a great job deepening his voice to play this character, and I just love his laugh, haha.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work your doing here!! =D

    • Saki

      I agree! It’s nice to have a funny story occasionally 😀 Especially after listening to Wasurenagusa often. I was a fan of Mitsunari (from other series) but I found I like this one too, he annoyed me at first, but I think he’s actually cute once you get to know him.

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