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Hamatora Drama CD 2

Hamatora Drama CD 2

Kitamura Eri
Murase Katsuki
Kamiya Hiroshi

Track 1

Honey: We’ve handed things over to the governor’s bodyguards. Now our work is done, Three.

Three: Accompanying the governor of California on his private holiday and guarding him discretely was quite a difficult job, Honey.

Honey: Why do VIPs distance themselves from their bodyguards? I wish they were more aware that their lives are in danger.

Three: Anyway, it’s just good things ended without too much trouble.

Honey: Of course they did, you and I were the ones protecting him.

Three: There’s no doubt about that.

Honey: Well, we’ve got a good reward, so how about we relax in Japan for a while? First we’ll have a rest at a hotel in Yokohama and then I’ve got to do some maintenance on Mighty. Ah!

Three: Are you okay, Honey?

Honey: I just tripped a little.

Three: You had to keep up with the governor’s difficult schedule. It’s no surprise you’re feeling dizzy.

Honey: Jeez! That governor was such a stupid musclehead exercise freak! I can’t understand why he tried to see all the cherry blossom spots in Japan in three days! Thanks to that, I’ve been staying up all night.

Three: I’ll carry you until we get to the hotel.

Honey: Thanks. I don’t think I can keep going. I’m going to sleep for a little while.

Three: Yes, you should. I’ll carry you to your bed.

Honey: Don’t keep treating me like a kid.

Three: When I see your face while you’re sleeping, I wouldn’t think of you as a bodyguard who travels round the world.

Woman: Hey! Is that man…

Woman: Yes! He’s holding that girl in his arms.

Three: I’m worn out too though.

Woman: Look! He has a really scary face! He looks just like a beast. He must be…

Three: Shall we go, Honey? Things will get a little bumpy, but please be patient.

Woman: Where are you taking that girl?! You’re kidnapping her, aren’t you?!

Woman: You mustn’t get him worked up all of a sudden! We should call the police first!

Three: What?

Man: A kidnapping?

Man: Someone’s being kidnapped!

Woman: Really?

Three: Wait! It’s a misunderstanding! This is not a kidnapping!

Honey: Jeez, what is it? I finally got comfortable and now it’s all noisy.

Man: You there! Let go of that girl now! Everything’s okay now, Miss!

Three: Honey…

Man: Silence! We’re arresting you for kidnapping that girl!

Honey: Huh? Huh? Whaaat?!

Track 2

Three: Hamatora Drama CD 2.

Honey: We’ll go to the flower viewing after a makeover.

Honey: Jeez! You’ve gotta be kidding! Why would you kidnap me? The shock of all that made me wide awake!

Three: Don’t get so angry. We managed to get released right away because Art came. You should be thanking him first.

Art: I never thought I’d see you two again like this.

Three: Sorry you had to come all the way to the airport. But it looks like you’ve gotten even stronger in the time we’ve been apart.

Art: I’m glad you’re well too, Master.

Honey: How can you be so calm, Three?! You were arrested by mistake and treated suspiciously just because people said you’ve got a face like a beast!

Art: Master certainly does have a scary face. I forget how many times I felt like crying after he glared at me when I was a kid.

Three: That’s not something the man who didn’t turn away, no matter who many times he was glared at, would say.

Art: I’ll take that as a compliment.

Honey: You two shouldn’t be so calm!

Honey: Thank you very much. Here’s fine.

Art: Are you really going to get off at Chinatown? I was planning on taking you to your hotel.

Honey: Yes, it’s no problem. Well… Thanks for everything.

Art: It’s the least I can do for my classmate and former teacher.

Three: We’ll definitely return the favour.

Art: In that case, let me know if you find a shop which sells some nice desserts.

Honey: We’ll treat you to something too.

Art: I’m looking forward to it. See you later.

Three: Alright. Give it your all at work.

Art: Yes. Now is the time for me to do my best.

Honey: The time for him to do his best, huh? He’s never made a mistake before though.

Three: Sorry, Honey. We ended up wasting time because of me.

Honey: It’s not our fault. If someone is to blame, then it’s the cowardly and distrustful members of the public. Just because you have a face like beast doesn’t make you a criminal!

Three: All people are cowards. But that’s not a bad thing.

Honey: Thanks for your opinion! Hmph!

Three: Don’t get so angry, Honey.

Honey: I’m getting angry because you aren’t!
Jeez! Let’s just forget these bad feelings by having something good to eat.

Birthday: Oh? Aren’t that girl and that huge man Honey and Three?

Honey: Birthday?!

Birthday: Hey, Honey! You’re growing well as usual!

Honey: I’m going to poke your eyes out if you don’t stop staring at my chest right now!

Birthday: Ah, you’re being so mean!
It’s being a while! How long was it? Three years? 1 year?

Honey: It’s been six months!

Birthday: I see! But it seems that you’ve grown a lot more than that.

Honey: Get him, Three.

Three: I just have to poke his eyes out, right?

Birthday: Don’t put your fingers near me! It was just a little joke!

Three: It seems that you picked the wrong person to joke about!

Birthday: They’re gonna break! My sunglasses are gonna break if you keep going! Ahhh! They’re covered in fingerprints!

Honey: You haven’t matured at all in six months. Even if 2 million years passed by, I think you and a coelacanth [1] wouldn’t change at all.
That’s enough, Three.

Three: Good thing I stopped before they broke, Birthday.

Birthday: I’m exhausted!
Anyway, hasn’t that princess over there been in a bad mood this whole time? What happened?

Three: It’s a long story.
By the way, it’s unusual to see you alone. What are you doing?

Birthday: I’m having a flower viewing party tomorrow! I was wandering around to see if I could find any interesting stuff for the party.

Honey: Hmm. So that’s why you’ve got that strange toy then. What is that? A keychain with a pair of glasses and a doll wearing headphones?

Birthday: This? Ah, perfect timing! You can have it.

Honey: I don’t need this piece of trash!

Birthday: Trash?! This is a Hamatora keychain, an ancient and honourable lucky charm! Having it with you will solve cases quickly. It also has other spiritual effects like good fortune in work and romance! Anyway, it belongs to you now! Alright, hold onto it! Just put it in your pocket!

Honey: Are you trying to make me take something you don’t want?!

Birthday: Just take it! Come to the flower viewing party tomorrow too! I’m going to go wild! Nice, Koneko and all the others will be there too!

Three: I haven’t seen Ratio for a while, so I wouldn’t mind talking to him.

Birthday: What about you, Honey?

Honey: If Three wants to go, then I suppose I can come too. But I don’t need this keychain!

Birthday: Waah! It’s already gotten this late?! Anyway, now that there’s someone to take care of the animals and sex appeal, I’ll be counting on you tomorrow! Do what you like with the lucky keychain! See ya!

Honey: Hey! You just called it “trash”, didn’t you?!

Three: Taking care of the animals and sex appeal…?

Honey: Jeez! I’m feeling tired now! Let’s go back to the hotel and rest for today.

Three: You’re right. Let’s prepare ourselves for the flower viewing tomorrow. But I wonder what on earth he meant by being in charge of animals?

[1] A coelacanth is a fish which is considered a “living fossil” due to its lack of evolution over millions of years.

Track 3

Three: Lord, I pray to you. Please hear my voice. Accept my cries into your heart.

Honey: Good morning. I’m coming in.

Three: I keep telling you not to knock at the same time as you come in. You shouldn’t be opening locks without their keys either!

Honey: Hmm? I wonder what’s up with the security here?

Three: No hotel’s security system is a match for your skills! So what do you want this early in the morning?

Honey: This is sudden, but I’m going to give you a makeover!

Three: Makeover? What did you say?

Honey: That’s right! A makeover! With my guidance, you’ll be reborn as a new Three!

Three: Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying. Explain from the beginning.

Honey: I’m talking about the trouble we had at the airport yesterday. What if something like that happens while we’re working?

Three: There’s a possibility that the person we’re guarding might get shot while we’re dealing with the disturbance. If that were to happen, we would have failed our mission.

Honey: No bodyguard would be as stupid as that! I’ve decided to transform you into a smart and refreshing nice guy that anyone can rely on, so no one will be suspicious of you again!

Three: Why can’t I just cover my face or keep out of sight if I don’t want people to be suspicious?

Honey: You’d get into trouble if something happened! This is all for the sake of our work!

Three: Really?

Honey: Yes!

Three: Do whatever you like then.

Honey: Alright, that’s decided! This is the first makeover plan! Hair clippers!

Three: What’s that?!

Honey: You’ll look more refreshing without your beard, won’t you? There’s data that says 60% of women in their twenties and thirties felt that beards were untidy.

Three: You’re telling me to shave my beard? With hair clippers too?!

Honey: They’re meant for cats, so it’ll be fine, right?

Three: I see. These are for cats, hmm?
No! You can’t shave off my beard, Honey!

Honey: Why not?

Three: You’re underestimating my beard! It isn’t something you can shave off just like that.

Honey: What do you mean?

Three: This beard I’ve been growing for many years represents my dignity! It’s a friend who I’ve spent my life with and my pride!

Honey: Hmm… I don’t get what you’re saying. Anyway, that beard makes you too much like Master and Gasquet-san.

Three: We certainly are conscious of each others’ beards.

Honey: You are?! Why?!

Three: Please understand, Honey! This beard is my pride!

Honey: Fine! You’re too close! Too close! You’re being kind of scary, so never mind!

Three: Do you understand now, Honey?

Honey: To be honest, I don’t really care about that pride.
Alright, let’s move onto the next thing!

Three: Honey…

Honey: We had a slight change of plans because you decided to be all fussy, but we’re going ahead with this makeover strategy!

Three: I don’t mind…but are you taking that with you too?

Honey: Oh, this Hamatora keychain? I don’t believe in uncertain things like it being able to bring good luck or something, but it might be some use, right?

Three: I see. So what are we going to do now?

Honey: If we go to Motomachi [1], there’ll be lots of stores which sell suits and jackets, so we’ll be able to find clothes that suit you, won’t we?

Three: We’re going to buy clothes?

Honey: The clothes you usually wear look good on you, but how about you get all dressed up for once? It could change your image too. You could make yourself look young with casual clothes or use formal clothes to seem like an attractive gentleman.

Three: But…

Honey: Quit complaining! I let you keep your beard, so listen up and do as I say this time! I’ll think up the perfect outfit for you!

Three: Honey… Think about this carefully.

Honey: About what?

Three: Do you really think you’ll find clothes in this town that’d fit someone my height?

Honey: Ah…

Three: I don’t want to say so myself, but I’d be bursting out of the clothes if I forced myself to wear them…

Honey: Bursting out…

Three: Completely tight…

Honey: I’m sorry. If you’re going to end up like that, then it might be better just to keep your scary face.

Three: That’s still kind of painful to hear.

Honey: Changing your beard and clothes were both no good. What should I do now?

Three: That’s enough now, isn’t it, Honey?

Honey: What are you talking about? We haven’t achieved anything! I can’t give up just yet!

Three: Just what are you fighting against?

Honey: Never mind that! Let’s go onto the next plan!
Hey, big brother! I want that bag.

Three: B-Big brother…?

Honey: There’ll be no problem if you look like a gentle and reliable adult to the people around you. If we can pretend to be siblings, then we can deal with future jobs that way!

Three: I see, so we’ll pretend to be close siblings. If that goes well, we can be nearby our target whilst acting like siblings who are hanging out together.

Honey: That’s right! I’m glad we cleared that up quickly.

Three: That’s amazing, Honey. In that case, I’ll do my best to play the big brother.
Ah, which bag would you like? Show me. I’ll buy it for you. I don’t mind how much it costs.

Honey: Thank you, big brother! I love you!

Three: In return for that, I want you to be a good girl.

Honey: Okay! I’ll do anything you say, big brother!

Man: What’s that?

Man: She called him “big brother”, but that can’t be true…

Woman: And she said “I’ll do anything you say”…

Man: Are they…dating?

Honey: My acting is surprisingly good! Now everyone should think we’re real siblings and won’t be suspicious of us.

Three: That strategy was a success, wasn’t it?

Honey: Yes! There’s no doubt that you look like a kind man to everyone!

Three: There’s a police car coming this way… What’s going on?

Man: Officer! It’s him!

[1] Motomachi is an area of Yokohama which mainly consists of the Motomachi Shopping Street.

Track 4

Honey: Jeez! How could they think that was compensated dating [1]?! There’s no way I’d do something creepy like that!
Forget about that, this keychain is trouble! It didn’t have any effect at all!

Three: Don’t take things out on the keychain. You weren’t expecting it to work anyway.

Honey: But it’s so big that it was bothersome having it hanging around in my pocket! The glasses are just put together from wire, so they kept on scratching me too! I’m going to complain to Murasaki later!

Three: It’s unlucky of Murasaki to end up getting blamed.

Honey: But glasses might be good! Will you try wearing glasses this time? It’ll make you look smarter and change your appearance!

Three: You’re still not done with that?

Honey: I don’t like you looking bad when you haven’t done anything wrong.

Three: Wasn’t I getting a makeover for work?

Honey: Well… That’s true…

Three: Honey, I…

Takuya: Miss!

Honey: Miss? Is he calling me?

Takuya: You dropped your keychain! Here you go.

Honey: Oh? You picked it up for me?

Takuya: It’s a weird keychain!

Honey: Do you like it? I’ll give it to you if you want.

Takuya: I don’t want it! These glasses are kind of weird. You must be weird if you’ve got something like this.

Honey: You’re so cheeky!

Three: Are you alone? What happened to your parents?

Takuya: Huh? Oh…

Honey: Oh? No way…

Takuya: My mom and dad got lost.

Honey: You’re probably the one who got lost.

Three: The Hamatora keychain brought us a case.

Honey: So you came with your parents to Yokohama, but you got bored of shopping with them and decided to go out on an adventure.

Takuya: Yes! I saw a big, awesome gate, so I went out to see it!

Three: So you got lost outside Chinatown then. Now there’s a lot of places to look for your parents.

Honey: Do you remember where you were shopping?

Takuya: Hmm… I don’t know!

Honey: This is no good. I can’t use Mighty because he’s undergoing maintenance. What should we do, Three?

Three: Right…

Takuya: Your beard makes you look like a lion, Mister! It’s cool!

Three: Hmm? Does it?

Takuya: You’re like a real lion!

Honey: Three! Quit playing around and think about this seriously!

Three: Don’t panic. We might bump into them somewhere around here. Let’s wait around here for a while.

Honey: But…!

Three: The more we panic, the more upset this boy will get. We should concentrate on keeping him calm.

Honey: If you say so…

Takuya: Mister! Let me sit on your shoulders!

Three: Alright! Try and climb up there. A man should be able to manage that.

Takuya: Mister…

Three: Don’t rely on the strength of others!

Honey: What’s with that gentle expression on your face?

Three: Honey, he wants to eat a meat bun.

Honey: Huh?! Don’t spoil him! He won’t eat his dinner if he has that now.

Takuya: Miss… You sound just like my mom.

Three: You’re right. I think Honey would make a good mom.

Honey: What’s with that? I’m not happy to get that kind of compliment!

Takuya: I’m going to sit on your shoulders now, Miss!

Three: Will you? In that case…

Honey: Don’t do that! I haven’t held a child before.

Three: You’ll hold your own child someday. Think of this as practice.

Honey: Just how far ahead are you thinking?!

Three: I imagined you in a wedding dress… I was moved to tears… Honey!

Honey: I think you’re moving too fast!

Takuya: Let me sit on your shoulders!

Honey: Fine! Come on, come here.

Three: Honey…!

Honey: Shut up, Three! Stop that, it’s embarrassing!

[1] Compensated dating is a practice where older men offer money and/or luxury gifts to women in exchange for their companionship.

Track 5

Honey: We still haven’t found your parents yet.

Three: Don’t worry. We’ll stay with you until you find them.

Takuya: You’re really kind, Mister!

Honey: That’s right. He’s got a scary face, but he’s a gentleman on the inside. I wonder why other people don’t understand that?

Three: That doesn’t really matter anymore, does it?

Honey: But…!

Takuya: You’re kind too, Miss!

Honey: Huh? Me?

Three: You’re pretty observant. What you said is true.

Honey: Not you too, Three! Don’t say weird stuff!

Three: There’s no need to be embarrassed.

Honey: I’m not embarrassed!

Mom & Dad: Takuya!

Honey: Oh?

Takuya: Ah! It’s my mom and dad! Dad!

Honey: Looks like he found his parents.

Three: Thank goodness.

Honey: Yeah.

Art: Thanks for your hard work, Master. You too, Honey.

Honey: Art? What are you doing here?

Art: While I was doing my rounds, a couple came to me when they got separated from their son. I dealt with the information and came up with a few places that the boy might have gone to.

Honey: Hmm. You’re pretty good. That’s just what I’d expect from a police officer.

Art: I didn’t do that much. Anyway, children get bored of something quickly. Once they leave one place, they’ll be thinking what to do next. This was all thanks to you two keeping him in one place.

Three: I told you, Honey. Children should stay in one place when they get lost.

Honey: You’re right. I don’t like to admit it, but you were completely right this time.

Art: Anyway, it’s a good thing it didn’t turn into a bigger incident.

Three: I’m relieved I didn’t get mistaken for a kidnapper this time.

Art: I’m going to tell my subordinates that we found the lost boy, so just wait here.

Honey: We got into trouble because of this Hamatora keychain. Jeez.

Three: But for that boy, it might be a lucky keychain which helped him find his parents.

Honey: You’re right. It might be the same for me too.

Three: Hmm?

Honey: I got angry and tried to give you a makeover, but it really didn’t go to plan. It was easy for that boy to get you to show your gentle face though.

Three: My gentle face? I thought I had the same expression as usual.

Honey: I’m surprised to hear you say that when you had such a gentle look on your face! Wouldn’t there be less people thinking bad things about you if you normally looked like that?

Three: Thank you, Honey.

Honey: What are you thanking me for?

Three: I was happy that you got angry and tried your best for me.

Honey: I… I didn’t really do it for you!

Three: But there’s no need to push yourself too hard. Even if the rest of the world turns against me, it’ll be fine as long as you’re on my side.

Honey: Three…

Three: I realise that you’re trying to make me feel needed. As long as I know that, I can keep on going. Is that no good?

Honey: You’re right. I’m glad things are so simple for us. Your appearance wasn’t ever important. If anyone complains, I’ll just beat them up and show them what Hell is like!

Three: I didn’t ask for that much though…

Honey: I was only joking!

Art: Master, Honey! The boy’s parents want to say hello to you.

Honey: Shall we go after we’re done saying hello to them?

Three: Go where?

Honey: That’s obvious! We’re going to do some shopping for the flower viewing. We can’t just turn up empty-handed. We should at least bring a gift. You’ll be carrying everything, of course.

Three: I see. Got it, Honey.


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