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Hana Awase Karakuri Nozoki Mizuchi

Hana Awase Karakuri Nozoki Mizuchi

CV: Fukuyama Jun

If you’re not already familiar with Hana Awase, this prologue and detailed summary for Mizuchi’s route are quite a good read!

Track 1 – Touch

When I close my eyes, there are times when I think everything was a dream. Meeting you. You choosing me. The day that I first touched you. The day you smiled. What you did for me.

When I wake up, I feel relieved that it wasn’t all a dream. You’re here. That’s the only thing I’m truly thankful for.

The time I share with you comforts me. If I could change a moment into eternity, I would make this time last forever. I want to be the only one your eyes will see.

Mechanism One: Touch.

Hmm… You’re awake?

Ah, just stay there. You shouldn’t get up quickly now. I want you to relax. Are you feeling any pain? Does it hurt anywhere?

It looks as if you don’t realise what happened. You suddenly fainted after doing kabatsu. You fell like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Fortunately, the park was nearby so I was able to find somewhere for us to sit and for me to free you. Although it was an emergency, I’m sorry I rested your head on my lap… I haven’t done anything you need to worry about. I want you to feel calm.

Ah, if you were worried, that is…

How are you feeling? Are you hurt anywhere?

I see. The colour certainly has returned to your cheeks. Your pale lips too. You’re as you usually are.

Excuse me. I went too far. Someone might come here soon.

Well… This is an improper situation. Let’s keep our distance from each other.

Can you get up?

Anyway, I’m glad you’re fine. I was surprised when you collapsed though.

Ah… Am I too far away? It’s a difficult thing, isn’t it?

How about this much?

I’m glad that you agree.

I still can’t get used to this. The distance between you and me is still… Well… Even though we have that kind of relationship…

That’s what you’re going to question?

You and I… Hmm…we haven’t…

We made a commitment together, didn’t we?!

Talking about this in a public place is too bold.

You don’t have to apologise. Tell me what is appropriate from now on.

You’re an honest person. However, I am…

No, it’s nothing. The trouble you had with your body was probably caused by the impurity of Goto-gai.

You just became a senki and it’s a burden for your body. When I heard you were also managing to maintain your grades in this situation, I thought that you must not be getting enough sleep.

I know you have a serious personality, but it’s no good to push yourself too hard.

I’m not angry. I’m worried.

Are you that scared of me? I’m actually trying to change.

But when I see the way you react, it doesn’t seem to have had that much effect.

I see. If you say so, then I’ve probably changed somewhat.

Hime has also said that I’ve gotten better for at least one hour in a day.

I didn’t say anything funny.

You laughed! You’ve been looking that way a lot recently.

I don’t hate it. But I’m troubled. I don’t understand why you look that way. Why?

You want me to sit down?

No, I’m going to stay here. I’m going to protect you from the adabana too.

I certainly did tell you to give me instructions, but…

I understand. I’ll do as you say.

Isn’t it difficult to talk in this position? I think it’s difficult to have a conversation without facing someone.

Look at you? From this distance?

The situation is different from earlier! It was because I was releasing you. I have to keep an appropriate distance from women.

No, that’s not it. I’m troubled. You seem different today.

What’s the matter? It hurts so much that you need to lean on my arm?

You must not be feeling better yet.

That’s not it? Then why?

Ah. No, it’s not strange.

Could you move your body closer instead?

I want you to tell me if you’re in pain. Relax a little.

I see. If I’m wrong, I want you to deny it.

Are you worried?

What I’m going to say next is just me talking to myself. As we’re spending even more time together, there are times when I don’t know how to act around you. I want to get closer to you. I want to touch you. I want to hold you tighter like this. But I feel as if I mustn’t. I always hold myself back. I think I might lose you if I go any further.

You don’t know what I’m thinking. It’s much more complicated than you think. I don’t know if something might happen before graduation. That’s how much I can’t stand this…

I’m the one who’s worried. I wonder if you’re scared by my thoughts and actions. I wonder whether to approach you, but before I know it, I am already closer.

It’s pathetic, isn’t it? When it comes to you, I immediately lose my courage. I don’t want to make you confused. But just forgive me for now, if you can.

Just for now. May I kiss you?

I’m sorry. I’m going against what I said earlier. But when I look at you I can’t help wanting to do that. Is it alright?

I see.

You’re trembling. Are you scared?

Shall I stop?

It’s no good! I’m not going to stop. I want to do it. I can’t hold back.

I want to hold hands like this and become one with you. Your hands and lips…

I want… I want to become one with them now…

I’m sorry for being so rough. I can’t sort out my feelings properly. My face is red with shame and I have a strange feeling in my heart. I want to keep going…

It must be the fault of my blood, but still…

You say you feel the same? You want to do it too…

There’s nothing to be afraid of?

Can I get close to you again?

I can hear a sound. It’s fast and strong.

I see. It’s the same. The same sound. The same hesitation. So you were always at the same distance as me. Then let’s get closer, step by step.

Side by side, without either of us going ahead.

Yes, this is Mizuchi.

Ah, it’s you. I’m about to go to sleep.

Hmm? Don’t worry about it. You aren’t keeping me from anything. Momotose-sama’s orders are always useful ones.

Yes, I know. I don’t mind. If I can be with you…

Ah. Yes.

This is a good time. Take your time resting today. I want to see you looking well again tomorrow. Goodnight.

You probably aren’t aware that I want to go to you right away. It’s strange because we were together just now. The time I spend with you comforts me. This distance between us irritates me too.

We can see each other if I close my eyes. This time that I spend thinking of you is dear to me.


What’s the matter?

You forgot to tell me something?

I love you, hmm?

My goodness, you…

Now I can’t close my eyes like this.

Yes, I love you. I love you.

I love you very much.

Track 2 – Binding

You were slightly embarrassed as you looked in my direction.

I know the detailed needlework on that object had taken you a long time.

I felt my voice tremble as I thanked you. The feeling of being sorry. The feeling of being happy. The feeling of someone being dear to you as well. Various feelings have come together. Even though I promised that time would be the last…

My goodness. I wonder if I may hold you once more.

Mechanism 2: Binding

Have you got a moment? It’s about the way you were acting this morning…

Can you tell me what you were doing when you came to school this morning?

I’m not asking what you did all day!

Weren’t you talking to someone?

That’s right, Hime called out to you. I want to know what you two did at that time.

Why aren’t you saying anything? Is it something you feel guilty about?

I’m not angry! I…

I’m leaving!

She was just talking to Hime. There’s no problem.

No, it is a problem! Why can’t I say it?

I saw them. They were walking side by side on the way to school. They were smiling happily and Hime patted her head too!

For starters, how can a minamo from the Koukoku Class walk so close to a man from another class? She will create unnecessary misunderstanding and cause trouble for the minamo of the Gekkou Class.

I don’t think she has enough awareness as the senki.

I see. That’s what I should’ve said. In that case, right now, I’ll…

What will I do after saying that? Be careful because you’re not paying enough attention? Have more self-control? That’s ridiculous!

What am I thinking? Why am I so angry?

What are you doing here? Did you…hear that?

I’m not angry! This is my problem and it’s got nothing to do with you. So can you leave now? Leave!

Don’t! Don’t go!

What I’m going to do now is very unreasonable. I want you to forget. Please.

I don’t want you to let anyone else touch you. Not just Hime. It doesn’t matter who else.

I hate that. I’m the only one who can touch you. Only I can touch your hair. This place too. You should only let me touch you here. You’re mine…

I’m the only one who can do this kind of thing.

This too…

I didn’t mean to bite you. What have I done?

I can’t hold back. Your scent. Your hair. Your skin. It all drives me insane.

I won’t do it again. I won’t!

Just one last time. I won’t do it again. One more time.

Hime. I know. So please stop talking about that.

I know it’s all a misunderstanding!

Yes, that’s right. I won’t tell her what you’ve said. I don’t intend to let my feelings go to waste now that I’ve come to this point.

You look pretty happy. You’ve got a problem too!

You patted her head because she worked hard. That wasn’t just it! Goodness!

You should know how worried the minamo of the Gekkou Class will be!

I’m angry at your grinning face.

I did not accept presents from the minamo before, but she…well…she is my partner. I should accept it as a matter of politeness.

I’m telling you it’s not an excuse!

You’ve been acting unkind lately. Well, I’m thankful that you brought things to this point… But from now, her and I will act alone…

That’s not what I meant! I’m keeping her waiting, so I’ll be going now.

Hime! Don’t lay a hand on her from now on. Understand?

Track 3 – Love

Never before have I lost control of my feelings.

I avoided becoming emotional. There were rules that were imposed on me, but what was more important was that I was afraid of showing emotion. But now different feelings move my heart and I’m happier than anything. It’s thanks to you.

Because you are beside me like this…

No, I’m going to wait. I’m going to give these words to you so that you don’t have to keep watch over me all the time.

Mechanism 3: Love

Taking into account everything you’ve said… So you’ve been watching me with this machine you got from the chairmen. You knew what I was doing and thinking when you weren’t around. You were watching me all this time.

I’m not angry. I’m not! But I’m hesitant about my reply. How much did you see?

You don’t have to say it. Stop!

Listen up. I won’t know what to say.

Punishment? I won’t do that.

But although you are my fiancée, it is no good for a senki to be looking at a man’s private life. In that sense, it is better that you learn a lesson.

No one comes to my room around this time, but I’ll lock the door just in case.

Come here.

At Kaen, it is only the rooms belonging to the Five Brights that have a bed. I have a room in the dormitory, but I’m here most of the time. I don’t need to explain in order for you to understand. I’m not being cruel. I’m only telling you the truth.

Sit down.

I want you to think of this as your bed too. The things that I did here. You saw them, didn’t you? So I want you to show me the side of you I don’t know. Now we’re even.

Don’t run away. It’s unfair for you alone to know everything. Or is it something you can’t tell me? You know all about the things I’m doing here…

I’m sorry. Please get up.

Sorry. I didn’t intend to punish you. I locked the door, gave you nowhere to run and pushed you down. What am I doing? It’s pathetic.

It’s okay for you to look down on me. A terrible man like myself isn’t right for you!

What’s the matter?

What are you doing?

You… This is an improper situation!

Wait! Wait!

So…this is who you are?

You’re a little more… No, a lot more forceful than I am.

What did you just say?

Ah…don’t go!

I want to hear the rest of what you were going to say.

I’m being cruel? You’re right. I knew your personality was like this. You always seem to be reserved, but you occasionally do something that surprises me. Just like now.

I want to see you in different ways. When you’re sulking. When you’re angry. When you’re being spoiled.

There’s no need to watch over me any longer. I’m going to show you, you see. You have a passionate look in your eyes. Your eyes are filled with tears too.

I’m the same. I’m going to show myself to you completely. How much I love you.
So I want you to show me everything too. We’ll stay like this until morning.

Good morning.

Ah, just stay there. It’s still early. We can stay like this a little longer. You don’t have trouble getting to sleep. You fell asleep right away.

Listen up. I got a good look at your face while you slept.

I understand your feelings. It’s good to be able to look at someone.

But being beside you and touching you is better than that. There’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you. I was planning on saying it once you woke up.

I love you. I love you so much I could never say it enough. We’re the same as each other. We’ll be the same from now on too. So that I can give you my feelings and my trembling heart, I’ll stay like this, closer to you than anyone else. Let’s be sure of that by the time we’re joined together.


Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Stellaworth Series Tokuten


Koi Shikarubeki ~Morimura Yuzuki Hen~


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