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Koi Shikarubeki ~Morimura Yuzuki Hen~

Koi Shikarubeki ~Morimura Yuzuki Hen~

CV: Suga Kiya (Majima Junji)

Track 1 – Reunion

Hey! Wait up!

You look well.

Hey! Why are you ignoring me?

Wait up! Hey, I said wait up!

Have you forgotten what your childhood friend looks like?

Why do you have that stupid look on your face? You really don’t know who I am?

It’s me, Yuzuki Morimura. I lived next door to you.

That’s right, Yuzuki. I guess it can’t be helped if you don’t recognise me.

From the second year of high school until graduation, I got more than 10 centimetres taller.

Now? I guess I’m about 183 centimetres.

Your mom told me you were coming home today, so I came to pick you up.

Come on.

Quit spacing out. Come on. I’m telling you to give me your bag because I’m going to carry it.

Let’s go.

It’s been two and a half years, huh? We haven’t seen each other once since you left this village to attend university.

You’re in your third year now, right?

Hmm? You haven’t really changed, have you?

It makes me laugh how your face looks dumb and slow-witted as usual.

Why are you sulking? I’m not being mean. I’m saying it because I like that kind of face and think it’s cute.

Huh? What makes you think I’ve got to be joking? I don’t get it.

Me? I’m alright. I’m busier than I thought I’d be at university. It’s my first summer vacation since starting university, so I was planning a trip with my friends, but I ended up coming here because I wanted to relax.

I got here the day before yesterday. I’m planning to be here for two weeks.

Why haven’t you come back here for the past two years?

Ah… Your mom did mention that. You have to do a homestay in your first two summers at university.

So you had a part time job during the New Year? I guess it can’t be helped then.

Well, I was relieved you didn’t come back though.

Did you hear what I just said?

I see.

Nothing really. I meant what I said.

Huh? Ah…sorry. I always turned you down when you called and messaged me about hanging out. We live and study near each other, but I haven’t seen you once since coming to Tokyo.

I wouldn’t say I was avoiding you…

Actually, that’s right. I was avoiding you. I even hesitated about coming you see you today.

Why? That’s because I didn’t want to see you, of course! I still wasn’t confident about whether I’d really grown up. But I wanted to see you and ended up coming anyway.

Could it be that you don’t remember the promise we made?

I said that I wanted you to wait for me because I’d definitely come to see you when I’d grown up.

Snowdrops drama CD, Koi Shikarubeki – Yuzuki Morimura chapter

Track 2 – I’ve become a little more mature…

Hey! Are you here?

Why are you so desperately holding down your skirt? You were never bothered about sleeping with your panties on show before.

There’s no reason to get mad, is there?

I’ve seen your panties so many times before. It’s too late for that.

But I think I’m kinda happy. Trying to hide them means you see me as a man now, right?

I’m not going to do anything. So stay still.

I haven’t seen you for a while, but you really are cute.

I said you hadn’t changed earlier, but that’s not true.

You’ve gotten even cuter.

Do you think I look more mature than before?

Don’t just keep quiet. Say something.

Really? What makes me look more mature?

My height? Is that all?

I’m not going to let you go unless you think of two more reasons.

Come on, tell me.

I’m cool? I don’t think my looks have changed though.

Well, alright then. Okay, what’s the other reason?

You’re right. I really have built up my muscles.

I felt stupid when I ended up being tall and thin, so I did my best at weight training.

When I held you in the past, it was strange because it was like I was the one clinging to you.

See. Now I can wrap my arms around you completely.

It’s no good after all. I can’t control myself when I see you.

I’ve loved you since I was a child and I still do now. I’m really happy to see you after all this time.

Ahh! Jeez! This isn’t the mature thing to do!

I’m sorry! Forget what I just said.

Alright, I’m going home. You must be tired because you just got here, right? Take your time resting.

What are you doing? When I talked to your mom, she said you went out for a walk.

Rather then walking…you’re jumping about everywhere. Are you working on your muscles this early in the morning?

Your hat got caught on a tree?

That happened because you were wearing something so fancy. You used to run around without worrying about getting a tan before.

Ah. You won’t be able to reach it like that.

Here you go. Make sure it stays on now.

You look a lot paler now. Perhaps it’s because…how do I put this…because you’re like a city girl now?

Hey! Why are you laughing?

I’m living in Tokyo too, but it hasn’t even been six months yet.

Jeez, you’re laughing too much. If you keep laughing…

I’m going to kiss you.

You dummy. Why are you blushing? I’m not going to do anything like that. Not without your permission anyway.

Hmm? Not really. I don’t think my personality has changed. I’ve been telling you I liked you since I was a kid. I used to say things like what I just did as a joke, but I acted pretty normal about it.

It was just you who didn’t believe me.

There’s no need to apologise. I knew I still looked like a little kid even after I got into high school. It makes sense that you weren’t interested.

So how far were you planning on walking?

Huh? To the riverbed? Wearing those sandals? Is that possible?

Right! Why don’t we go out this evening instead? Wear some shoes that are easy to walk in too.

Track 3 – Firefly Light and True Feelings

It’s dark down by your feet, so be careful.

Come on, hold my hand.

Huh? It’s embarrassing? Are you an idiot? Wouldn’t it be more embarrassing to trip and fall?

Come on, hold on.

Don’t say weird stuff! I’ve always had sweaty hands. I’m not nervous!

There are lots of fireflies around again today. I was sure you’d completely forgotten about the fireflies, so I really wanted to take you here.

They look beautiful. You’d never see something like this in the city. The thing I was most surprised about when I went to the city was that you had to pay to see fireflies. Did you know about that?

Oh, I see. You weren’t in Japan last summer and the one before that. You definitely wouldn’t have known then. Did you end up getting involved with any strange guys where you were?

I see. That’s fine then.

Do you have a boyfriend at the moment?

You don’t have one right now? So you had one before then?

Ah, you don’t have to tell me. I think it’ll come as a shock to me. I’ll just keep in mind that you don’t have one at the moment.

Me? Hmm…right… I suddenly got popular after I became taller, but I was only interested in you. I was really happy that you asked me to meet up all those times. But like I said to you yesterday, I had decided not to come and see you until I had grown up. Were you lonely not being able to see me?

What? It makes me happy when you’re so honest about telling me you were lonely…

I was smaller than all the other kids around here and was often treated like I was useless. I had a complex about it and it really annoyed me. I couldn’t even reach the branches of the trees to climb up, so all I could do was watch everyone else climb. You always waited for me at those times. You said ‘You don’t have to push yourself too hard. Just start with what you can do.’ I always loved how kind you were.

When I heard you were going to attend university in Tokyo, I seriously confessed to you, hoping you would believe me. However, you quickly turned me down with the words ‘I’m sorry’. Was that because you only thought of me as a kid back then? Isn’t that why you turned me down?

Wait a minute… It was because a long distance relationship would’ve been difficult? Not because I seemed like a kid? Why didn’t you tell me that back then?

Is that so? Come to think of it, I remember that when you said ‘I’m sorry’, I shouted ‘alright’, without hearing what else you had to say. Then I ran off after telling you I’d come to see you again.

Huh? So you would’ve have dated me if I’d confessed while you were living here?

What do you mean ‘it’s a secret’? Don’t try dodging the question!

Ah, it’s gotten a bit cold. Shall we go back soon?

Uh oh. Someone’s coming.

Come this way. Be quiet. It’ll only mean trouble if someone finds us. Aren’t you embarrassed about someone seeing us together and making fun of us?

Just kidding. I only wanted a reason to do this to you.

I’m trembling? I see. It’s because I’m nervous. I tried my best play it cool because I wanted to seem mature. When I saw you at the bus stop yesterday, when I held you in your room and when I held hands with you earlier, I felt so nervous that I thought my heart was about to burst.

Will you let me kiss you? I won’t if you don’t want me to.

You’re really okay with it?

We’re back at your house.

Umm… See you again tomorrow! Don’t stay up too late.

I thought I’d wait until I’d grown up a little more, but it’s impossible after all. I can’t hold back any longer. I love you. My feelings haven’t changed since I was a kid. Please go out with me this time.

This is no good… I’m so happy I could die. I’ll definitely take good care of you. I really will. I love you. I always will.

Track 4 – The First Night

No… I’m not going to wait. I’ve already waited a long time. I can’t wait any longer.

Can I touch your breasts? How much pressure should you use when you touch them?

How about this? Does it hurt?

Then what about this? Does it feel good?

I see.

So breasts feel this soft…

This is my first time. You’re the only woman whose body I’m interested in.

Can I turn off the lights?

They’re off now.

Can I take this off?

It’s pretty stiff.

I’m sorry. How do you take this off?

Huh? Oh, I see.

You’re going to take it off yourself? Sorry.

I’m glad I turned out the lights. My face is probably embarrassingly red right now.

Doesn’t this feel good? You’re not reacting much. Tell me what I should do.


Like this? Is this okay?

You’re all tense now. This feels good, right?

Your voice is so cute. Damn it. I’m getting turned on.

Here too.

Your voice… You feel good, don’t you?

I… I want to make you feel even better. Tell me what you want me to do.

Can I touch you here? You’re wearing cute panties.

What? Forget about that. I’m sorry I said I was used to seeing them.

Ah, this is… You’re wet down there?

It’s so thick…

Does it feel good?

Deeper than this…


It’s getting even wetter. So this is what happens when you’re feeling good…

Can I put my fingers inside?

I understand. I’ll be gentle.

It’s a strange shape.

I’m sorry! It was embarrassing of me to say that.

You want me to go deeper?

If you cry out in such a loud voice, someone will hear you.

But your face and voice when you’re feeling good are both so cute.

I want to make them all mine.

Can we do it?

I’m sorry. I can’t get in well.

A little further down?

Is this too far?


It seems like this is the right place.

I’m in. You feel so warm on the inside. I can’t believe I’m doing this with the person I love.

Hmm? You’re happy too?

You’re so cute.

No… This feels much better than I imagined it would.

I’m sorry… I’ve imagined sleeping with you many times before.

Does it always feel this good to be inside a woman? Or is it because you’re special?

I don’t want to be the only who one feels good.

What should I do? What can I do to make you feel even better?

I should hold onto your thighs?

I can go even deeper when I do this.

You felt really tight just now. Does this feel good?

It feels good for me too, when you’re tight.

It’s no good. I’m gonna come.

I’m sorry. Is it okay if I come?

Where should I come?

On your stomach? Alright.

I’m coming. I’m coming…

I’m sorry. Can you reach the tissues?

You didn’t come, did you? I’m sorry I was the only one who did.

I’m going to try my best from now on to make you come too.

Huh? Why’d you call me cute?

Are you trying to treat me like a kid?

Then what is it?

Huh? I didn’t hear that. Say it one more time.

I heard you, but say it one more time anyway.

One more time. Just one more time.

I love you too.

It’d be no good if you caught a cold, so get inside the duvet.

Come closer.

Hmm? Why’d you think I rejected you?

Ah… You’re right. It’s understandable since I hardly ever replied to your messages and I didn’t want to see you. I’m sorry.

About the question I asked earlier… If I had confessed while you were here, would you have said yes?

I see. I feel kinda guilty now. Ah, but we would’ve ended up being in a long distance relationship for two years anyway.

You’re right. You’re the type who gets lonely easily. In that case, this might be better timing.

You’re my girlfriend now, right? So we can still see each other after you go back to Tokyo, can’t we?

It’s a promise, got it? Pinky promise. If you tell a lie, you’ll swallow a thousand needles…

Track 5 – A Little Jealousy

I’m really hot. Today’s another hot day.

Can’t you turn up the AC?

I know it feels hot because we’re close together. But it’d feel lonely to sit apart when we’re together, right?

So turn up the AC a little.

Did you always feel the cold this much?

Guess there’s no choice then. I’ll just do something to make you feel warmer then, okay?

Of course I want to do it. You don’t want to do it?

If you’re okay with it, then it’s fine, right?

Are you in the right mood now?

You kiss me too then.

One more time.

That gave me a shock!

A message?

Ah. Sure, it’s okay. Have a look. I’ll wait while you’re doing that.

You want to reply? Don’t be so worried! You don’t have to ask my permission for every little thing.

A guy?

Ah, I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking.

I just caught a glimpse of their name.

A friend from class?


Is that guy your ex-boyfriend?

He isn’t? Really?

How many boyfriends have you had before?

One? How did you meet him?

A drinking party? So you mean a mixer?

Hmm… So you go to things like that…

Is he good looking?

Average? I don’t really get what you mean by that.

Which one of you made the first move?

Hmm… So you said yes because you liked him too?

How long were you dating then?

Six months? That’s shorter than I thought.

Which one of you broke it off? Why?

You didn’t like him anymore?

I shouldn’t ask that question?

I see. I won’t ask again then.

Ah. Sorry. I remembered something I’ve gotta do, so I’m going home.

Umm… Well… I’m sorry.


Right… How about we have dinner together somewhere? There aren’t many places to go in this village though.

Now that I think about it, the owner of the café has been updating his menu and when I checked the place out the other day, there was lots of new stuff on it.

Shall we go there?

Okay, got it. I’ll call you later.

See. There’s a lot of new stuff on the menu, right?

The food tasted better than I thought it would too. The owner looked really happy because you complimented him a lot.

Ah. Right… How about you come over to mine for once? I’m usually over at yours.

It’s pretty empty because I brought a lot of stuff to Tokyo though.

Alright, that’s decided then!

Sorry. It really is empty, right?

Sit wherever you like. I’ll bring you a cold drink now.

Hmm? Ah. Sure, you can look at what’s on the shelf.

The photos we took together are somewhere there too.

Ah, yeah. I didn’t take them to Tokyo.

It’d only mean more stuff to carry and I thought I’d end up wanting to see you if I took them with me too.

Huh? Are you serious? You took a photo album with you to Tokyo? The photos of me too?

Hmm… Could it be that you love me more than I realise?

What are you laughing for?

You are laughing.

Hmm? Another message?

How about you do it without asking me?

The guy from your class? Why are you texting each other so much?

Something important? Like what?

Okay. I’m confiscating this.

You’re the one in the wrong. You were texting another guy even though you’re with me.

Yes, I told you not to worry about it. But that’s not how I really feel. You should know that much.

Don’t you love me? If you do, then don’t look at anyone except me when we’re together.

That’s right, I’m jealous. What’s wrong with that?

I love you, so it’s only natural that I am!

For starters, even though you said you’ve been in love with me since before you went away to Tokyo, you got a boyfriend there without a second thought. There’s no way I wouldn’t be worried!

That’s right! I don’t trust you. I think you might be cheating on me.

I’ve always had feelings for you. Now that you’ve finally returned those feelings, I want you all to myself.

What’s wrong with that?

You’re all mine.

You’re all mine, you see.

Ah. I…


Track 6 – I want to be even more mature…

I saw you walking to the bus stop just now.

I hesitated, but things are no good this way after all.

We’re not getting on. I’m sorry! You can go.

For the past week, you ignored me when you saw me and didn’t reply to my messages or phone calls either.

I had started to give up, thinking that our relationship would end with you being angry.

But letting things end this way is impossible. That’s because I love you.

You were planning on going back to Tokyo in secret, weren’t you?

Let me apologise properly before you go.

If that’s still no good, then I’ll give up completely.

After I got taller and started university, I felt like I had become an adult.

But no matter how tall I’ve become, I’m still a child on the inside. I trouble you all the time. I really am pathetic.

When you were ignoring me, I looked back on what I had done and I really felt ashamed.

I got jealous and forced my feelings onto you. I hurt you.

I felt as if I had been betrayed because you had a boyfriend before. Even though I was the one who had been avoiding you since you went to Tokyo.

That was selfish of me, wasn’t it?

You tried your very best for me when I was in that bad mood. I didn’t deserve that.

I don’t really think that you’re cheating on me. I’m really sorry.

If you’d be okay with it…then please come back to me once more.

Alright. Got it. I’ll take good care of you. So don’t leave yet.

Huh? What?

You were just making a note of the bus timetable?

Ah… I see…

I’m such an idiot. I jumped to conclusions all by myself. I really am a kid.

Love won’t go according to plan if either of the people involved cares much more than the other.

From now on, I’m going to try my best to love you as much as you love me.

What’s the matter? Why’d you hug me?

Ah… I see. You still really love me, even now.

I really am an idiot for not realising your feelings.

Ah, they’ve already started!

You look as if you’ve forgotten.

There’s a festival at the temple today, right?

We’re going, aren’t we?

That’s just what I wanted to hear!

You’ll wear a yukata, won’t you?

Let’s hurry back then!

Here. Hold my hand.

Track 7 – The Summer Festival, A Secret Time

Ah, no one’s here.

No one notices this area behind the temple, so not many people know about it.

Come on, sit here.

Can you hold the shaved ice?

Show me your leg.

Ah. The skin between your toes is all sore.

I’m sorry about taking you everywhere in shoes you’re not used to wearing.

I’ll carry you on the way home.

Hmm? I was just thinking that the view from here is nice and sexy.

Hiding yourself away only looks cute and turns me on even more.

Your thighs are pale and smooth. I like them because they feel comfortable to touch.

Here too.

Can I take this off?

How about it? Have I gotten better at licking you?

You always have a good reaction when I lick you here.

Are you enjoying this?

I see. I’m glad.

I’m going to lick you a lot.

Hey! Don’t move.

Why are you struggling?

You’re going to come?

Go on then.

I want to hear what you sound like when you’re coming.

Did you come?

I did it. I was able to make you come for the first time.

You sounded really cute when you were coming.

I’m not going to enter you just yet.

I don’t get many chances to do it with you looking this sexy in a yukata, you see.

You’re not wearing a bra today.

I’m glad you’re not. I’m not that good at taking it off yet.

Ah. Shall we use this, seeing as we’ve got it?

I’m talking about the shaved ice.

I wonder if it’d feel cold if I put it on your nipples.

It doesn’t? So it feels pretty good.

Ah. The ice is so fine that it melts right away.

Well? Does that feel good?

I see. I’m happy when you’re feeling good.

Ah. It started to drip.

Sorry. I’ll make it clean.

Yes, it’s sweet. It tastes of syrup and your sweat.

Can I put my finger inside here?

Amazing. It’s so warm and wet inside here too.

Can I enter you now?

Can I do it from behind?

Tell me if this position hurts.

It’s hot.

Are you alright? Does this position hurt?

I want to come inside you this time.

I know you feel good, but I’d feel bad if I couldn’t get you to come.

Can I something a little unfair today?

Will you come if I touch you here?

No… I might not be able to last…

Are you going to come?

Go on. Before I’m unable to hold on any longer…

Did you come?

I’m going to come too then.

Turn around.

I’m coming now.

I don’t think anything got onto your yukata… But is it okay?

Have you got a tissue?

Ah. The fireworks look beautiful.

I hope we can see them together again next year.

Let’s come home together instead next time, okay?

Really? It’s a promise.

Okay, pinky promise.

You dummy. I’m not the one who likes making pinky promises, you do. You always stuck out your finger and said ‘let’s make a pinky promise’ whenever you made a promise.

Do you remember? It was because of you that I ended up making pinky promises.

Anyway, it’s a promise. Hold out your little finger.

Pinky promise. If I tell a lie, I’ll swallow a thousand needles.

Track 8 – A Promise for the Future

It feels like it happened in an instant.

It seems kinda strange that we came here separately, but we’re going home together.

It’s a little embarrassing.

Will we be able to meet up again right away after we’re back in Tokyo?

Then call me. I might be pretty busy after summer vacation is over. I got into my university after studying like crazy to get into a better university than yours, but it’s tough because there are so many compulsory classes. On top of that, there are exams right after vacation ends. It’s pretty fun though. I’m glad I got into that university.

Ah. Hey! Why are you patting my head? No matter how aware of it I am, I don’t like being treated like a kid by you!

Because you like me? Are you trying to distract me by saying that?

Am I blushing that much?

I wasn’t? Were you teasing me?

What’s with that? Jeez.

You’re the one who’s blushing. When I’m a little more mature, I’m planning to ask you to move in with me. Can you wait until then? If there comes a time when I feel more confident and mature enough not to get jealous like a little kid, I’ll ask you then. Is that okay?

Thank you.

Track 9 – Secret Track

Yuzuki Morimura

Played by Suga Kiya


Hana Awase Karakuri Nozoki Mizuchi


Koi Shikarubeki ~Morimura Yuzuki Hen~ Animate Tokuten


  1. Mikucchan

    Aww, this was really cute! I loved how Yuzuki didn’t stall after their reunion and told the heroine about his feelings. And how he wanted to be ‘more mature’ to become someone she deserves :>

    Thanks for translating this, Saki-san! I’m feeling ecstatic that Majima Junji’s doing drama cds lately. Will you be translating the Stellaworth tokuten as well?

    • Saki

      I haven’t heard Majima Junji in many CDs before, but I’ll be looking out for his future works now ^^

      I don’t have the Stellaworth tokuten, but I’ll be sure to translate it if I find it!

  2. You have no idea how much I love you right now!

    He was surprisingly much more childish than I thought. How cute! That moment where he goes もうやだ at the beginning of track 4 slayed me.

    • Saki

      Glad that you enjoyed the translation! I haven’t listened to Majima Junji before, but I found this CD surprisingly cute too ^^

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