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Koi Shikarubeki ~Morimura Yuzuki Hen~ Animate Tokuten

Koi Shikarubeki ~Morimura Yuzuki Hen~ Animate Tokuten

CV: Suga Kiya (Majima Junji)

Koi Shikarubeki ~ Yuzuki Morimura Chapter

Animate Tokuten Drama CD: Amidst Our Memories

Never would’ve thought that empty house had gone. We always used to play hide-and-seek with our friends there when we were kids, so it’s kinda sad.

Oh? Isn’t this the field where you fell off your bike?

You dummy. There’s no way I’d forget something big like that. You sprained your ankle and couldn’t walk for a week. I took you to school by bike every day during that time.

It’s alright as long as you’re grateful.

It’s pretty fun going round the places we remember, right? Well, I’ve only been away for six months, but a lot would’ve changed if I’d been away more than two years, like you have.

Ah, come to think of it, the local candy store behind our elementary school closed last year. It was difficult for the old lady who owned it to keep working and there was no one else to keep it going. I wonder if people are going to gradually leave this village?

Most of our classmates have gone to university in the city.

Oh, right! How about we go and see our high school?

Okay, let’s go then.

No one’s around, just like you’d expect.

It’s Obon [1] so the teachers aren’t here either.

Now that I think about it, there aren’t many students attending this school and it’s going to merge with the other high school the year after next.

Recently, there’ve been a lot of students going to the private school in the city too, so I guess it can’t be helped.

The other high school is newer, so it seems like they’re using the school buildings there as well. I guess this place is gonna be knocked down soon too.

How about we go inside?

I didn’t graduate that long ago, but it still feels pretty nostalgic.

Ah, I’m sure these are the emergency stairs which lead to the roof. Shall we go up?

I had a feeling it’d be closed. Wait a minute.

Just like I thought, it didn’t get fixed.

Didn’t you know about it? This door is old and doesn’t lock properly, so it opens easily if you shake it a little.

All of us would sneak in at night and watch the stars. The teachers knew about it and saw us too. Well, I guess they didn’t have the money to fix the door.

Haha. It doesn’t mean I left you out. We only found out the lock was broken after you graduated.

Oh? What is it? Are you jealous?

Don’t worry. It was only guys who came up here.

The landscape you see from here hasn’t changed much. It’s the same as that day.

That’s right. I’m talking about the day I confessed to you. When you said “I’m sorry”, I shouted out my feelings and ran away, without even listening to you. That was the most pathetic day of my life so far.

You’re laughing? Well, that’s okay. When I think about it now, I can’t help finding it funny either.

The wish I made back then has come true.

Yeah. I’m thinking about doing it.

Huh? We can’t? How come?

No one’s going to come around here.

You don’t want to do it?

I’ll be patient then.

I can’t wait until we get back. I want to do it right here.

If you don’t want to do it, then just make it clear, okay?

Why aren’t you saying anything? Can I take that to mean it’s okay to do it?

It’s no good if you say “no” now.

I can’t stop myself now.

You’re wearing cute underwear again today. It seems a shame to take them off, so how about we do it with them on for once?

Can you rest your leg on my shoulder?

It might be sexier to pull them down instead of taking them off.

No… I’m getting really excited. I can’t believe I’m doing this at school and in the place where you turned me down.

You’re wet inside.

Does this feel good?

Tell me what you want me to do. I want to make you feel even better.

You want me to keep my finger inside? Like this?

It feels good like this.

Are you going to come? It’s okay, go on then. I want you to come.

Go on.

Did you come?

You really sound cute when you’re coming.

Hearing your voice like that made me want to be inside you.

Wait a minute.

Ah, yeah. I got them because I didn’t have any on me.

It was really embarrassing. The cashier at the convenience store recognised me and was grinning at me.

I think this is okay.

I’ll hold your leg up, so you hold on tight.

This feels good…

How about you? Are you feeling good?

You felt really tight just now. Is that because you’re feeling good?

Is that right? I’m happy.

Hey. Just who are you comparing my size to?

I’m not making it up. I’m sure I heard that.

Hmm? I’m not angry. It’s the opposite. I feel kind of proud.

You’re leaning on the fence. Does your back hurt?

I’ll stop for a while.

Hold onto the fence.

This really does feel strange. I can see the village in front of me and it seems really ordinary, but then I’m doing this with you…

Does that feel good?

It feels good for me too.

I think I want to see your face after all. I’ll lift you up, so hold on tight.

Put your arms around my neck.

Have I gone as deep as I can?

It’s okay. I’ll hold onto you tightly so you don’t fall.

I’m going to start moving.

I’m glad my body has grown. I wouldn’t be able to stay in this position if it hadn’t.

Does this feel good?

I see. I’m glad.

I like doing it while looking at your face.

I feel even better when I see that you feel good too.

Hmm? A kiss? Okay.

Is it okay for me to come?

I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming…

It’s started getting windy, hasn’t it? It’s a lot cooler now.

We worked up a sweat, so I wish we could take a bath together, but our parents would find out.

Let’s take plenty of baths together when we get back to Tokyo.

Ah. I’m sorry I sighed. I was just a little worried.

Even now, I end up wanting to do it whenever I see you and that makes me wonder what it’ll be like when I get back to Tokyo and our parents aren’t keeping an eye on us.

You should tell me when you don’t want to do it. I don’t want you to be forced to go along with me and end up hating me.

As soon as I say something, you always call me cute right away.

Hmm… I guess I don’t hate it. I know that you’re not saying it to make a fool of me. But I kinda have a bad feeling about it.

I get the feeling that you’ll still call me cute even after I’ve grown up more. Not just that…probably when I’m an old man too.

I’m imagining things, right?

Hey! Why aren’t you saying anything? Don’t try to change the subject by laughing.

Well, never mind. I like hearing you laugh. I don’t mind you calling me cute either.

[1] Obon is an annual event in which people commemorate their ancestors.


Koi Shikarubeki ~Morimura Yuzuki Hen~


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