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Honeymoon 5

Honeymoon Volume 5 (Eita Sano)

Eita Sano (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

Track 1 – Prologue

I’m here, Manager. You sent me this letter asking me to meet you in the club room because you had something important to talk about, right?

Is it something about the soccer club? If there’s something you’re concerned about, I’ll tell it to everyone, as the club captain.

It’s something different? What is it then?

I won’t understand if you don’t say anything! Is it something that difficult to talk about?

I guess that can’t be helped. Never mind then.

There was something I wanted to tell you anyway. I…I’m not good at talking to girls, so I always act coldly around you. But I…I actually like you. I’ve liked you since you became the soccer club manager! I always wanted to tell you, but we haven’t had many chances to be alone together. I’m sorry for talking about something strange all of a sudden! So…what did you want to talk to me about?

You were going to confess to me too? Are you serious? I can’t believe this… This means we feel the same way about each other, right?

Alright! So you’ll be my girlfriend from now on! I hope we’ll be a good couple!

Track 2 – Proposal

We’re already in our fourth year at university. We’ll only be students for one more year.

I confessed to you in the third year of high school, we graduated to the same university and became members of the same club. Time has passed by so quickly.

Right, a lot of our friends have been wondering about us. I’m an outdoor type who likes watching sports, and you’re an indoor type who enjoys looking at art, right? They wonder why we’re so close when our interests are so different.

I’m surprised you can say something embarrassing so easily. Well, I love you too…it doesn’t bother me that we have different interests.

By the way, how is your job hunting going?

I see. It’s pretty difficult, isn’t it? I got an offer from a good company. The one that was my first choice.


I asked to work at the head office in this city, but the company told me to work at a branch office. Their office in Kyushu. I won’t be able to live here anymore if I accept that offer.

I can’t imagine being apart from you. So will you come to Kyushu with me? I’ll take care of you! Marry me when we graduate!

Sorry I couldn’t propose to you with a ring though.

Really? I’m so happy to hear that! I’m sure we’ll be a great husband and wife!

Track 3 – Newly-married life

I’m home! That smells great. What’s for dinner tonight?

Stew? Alright, that’s my favourite food!

I’ve finally gotten used to working at the company recently. But I’m still new, so I get made to work hard by my seniors all the time.

What about you? Isn’t it difficult for you living here?

I’m glad. Just talk to me if you have any problems!

It looks great. Let’s eat!

It tastes good! Haven’t you gotten even better at cooking?

I’m really glad I got married to you. You make me happy every day. But I’m not making you happy, right?

We didn’t have enough money for a wedding ceremony.

You’re happy enough just being with me? Thank you. I want to see you happy though. So…shall we go on a honeymoon next year? I’ve just started working, so I don’t have any savings yet, but we should have the money to go abroad together after I’ve been working for a year, right?

Yeah, let’s go! Where shall we go?

I was sure you’d say Spain! You told me before that you wanted to go around some art galleries in Spain.

You want to take me to a soccer match? Is it okay to do that on our honeymoon?

Okay! I don’t know much about art, but I’ll go to the art galleries with you! Alright, we’re going to Spain for our honeymoon!

I’m really looking forward to it!

I know we’re not going just yet, but let’s make it the best honeymoon!

Track 4 – Day One: Walking around Madrid

So this is Madrid! We finally got to go on our honeymoon! This is our first day, so let’s take it easy and walk around Madrid.

There’s a shop you want to go to? Do you know where it is? If it’s a well-known shop, you should be able to ask someone, right? I’ll go and ask that person over there.

No, I don’t know any Spanish. I’m not that good at English either, but it’ll work out somehow!

Alright, I’m going to ask them, so you wait here.

Excuse me. Do you know a café called San Ginés [1]?

Oh, thank you!

I found out where it is. It’s over that way.

I guess so. Anyway, let’s hurry up and go to the cafe!

So this is a well-known churros café in Madrid? You sit here and wait while I order some churros.

May I have some churros and hot chocolate?

Sorry I kept you waiting. I’ve bought some churros. It seems that you’re supposed to dip the churros into the hot chocolate and eat them.

What do you think? Do they taste good?

I see. That’s good!

You dummy! Don’t ask me to do embarrassing things like feeding each other in front of other people! I guess I don’t have a choice. Ahh.

The churros tasted good, but that felt really embarrassing. I’d do lots of romantic things with you if we were alone. Anyway, the churros will get cold if you don’t eat them quickly!

[1] San Ginés – A well-known café in Madrid whose speciality is churros (a fried pastry snack) served with hot chocolate. The café also has a branch in Japan.

Track 5 – Day Two: Watching a La Liga Match

I can’t believe I’m getting to watch a La Liga match! And it’s Real Madrid versus FC Barcelona too!

It’s more than amazing! A match between Real and Barcelona is called “El Clásico”, which means “a legendary match”!

They’re both strong enough contenders to win. They’re the two big cities that represent Spain, right? So they both see each other as rivals. This match isn’t just important in Spain, but internationally too! The employee from the travel company who arranged this said we were really lucky to get tickets too!

Whoa! Alright! Go! They’re shooting! Ah, it was offside.

That player’s name is Ronaldo…

Ah, wait a minute!

He’s going to shoot! Go!

That was an amazing match! You saw Ronaldo shoot, right?

Ah…I’m sorry. I got carried away all by myself.

Are you angry?

You’re right. I don’t notice what’s happening around me when I get excited. I’m really sorry. I was so excited to watch a real soccer match with you. I’m sorry I made you feel sad.

You’re going to forgive me? Thank you.

It really was a great match though. Because I was with you.

You didn’t hear me? Never mind then.

Track 6 – Day Three: Museo del Prado

So this is the Museo del Prado, [1] the museum you’ve been wanting to visit? This is the first time I’ve been to such a big art gallery.

There are 8000 paintings here? If I looked at that many, I think I’d end up not knowing what’s what.

Even if we’re going to concentrate on looking at the famous paintings, I don’t know which ones they are.

There’s a crowd of people in front of this painting. Do you know its name?

Las Meninas? [2] That’s a difficult name to remember.

Hmm… So it’s the most well-known painting here. But what’s so amazing about it?

I see. It’s a little difficult for me to understand, but you’re saying that this painting has a complex composition, right?

I’m not surprised you know that. You love paintings and you’re knowledgeable about them too.

There’s another painting with a crowd around it. Isn’t this one well-known too?

Ah… So it’s the one you wanted to see most of all.


You’re asking me what’s the matter? This painting is… I see… It’s called La maja desnuda… [3]

I can’t look directly at a painting of a naked woman! Let’s just go!

[1] Museo del Prado – The main Spanish national art museum, which is located in central Madrid.
[2] Las Meninas – Las Meninas (The Maids of Honour) was painted in 1656 by Diego Velazquez and features some members of the Spanish court.
[3] La maja desnuda – La maja desnuda (The Nude Maja) was painted around 1797 by Francisco Goya.

Track 7 – Day Four: Valencia Fire Festival

We’ve come to Valencia for the fire festival and there are so many people here.

You’re right… Let’s hold hands so we don’t get separated.

Hey, what are all those big dolls all over town?

Hmm… So they’re papier mache dolls called fallas. Are they something to do with the fire festival too?

These dolls are so well made…but they’re going to burn them? Well, we’ve come here especially for the fire festival, so we should watch the dolls being burnt too.

Ah, it looks like they’re lighting up the dolls!

Look, the dolls are starting to burn! It’s really exciting! Everyone’s getting excited! Come on, let’s join the crowd!

Yeah! Valencia is amazing! Spain is amazing!

Someone just talked to us and asked if we were Japanese.

Yes, we’re Japanese! We’re here on our honeymoon!

No way! The people around us are telling us to kiss!

They started a kiss call too. They’re more interested in us than the fire festival!

Well…let’s just kiss! This is really embarrassing…but it’ll be a memory from our honeymoon!

It seems like everyone is congratulating us. I guess doing romantic stuff with you in front of other people is okay sometimes. I love you.

Track 8 – Day Five: Bar-hopping in Barcelona


It’s really great to be able drink at a bar!

We saw the Sagrada Familia [1] today. It was amazing, wasn’t it? I think I understand why Gaudi was called a genius.

These mussels are great too. The drinks are going down well because of them.

One of my co-workers who went to Spain told me that the bar is important in Spanish daily life. In the daytime, Spanish people come to have coffee here and have snacks, and then they drink here at night too.

Every bar is different, so it’s a good idea to go round a few of them. So how about we go round a few bars in Barcelona tonight?

Okay, let’s go to the next one right away!

Hmm… This bar is a nice place too. Cheers!

Okay, let’s go to the next one!

I’m feeling pretty good right now. Cheers!

Let’s go to the next bar!

We’re back… The hotel room really is a relaxing place.

I’m okay. I just had a bit too much to drink.

Ahh… You really are cute. I’m so happy to have such a cute wife.

I love you.

I want to do something naughty with you.

I love you…

[1] Sagrada Familia – A Roman Catholic church in Barcelona that was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí and built in 1882.

Track 9 – Day Six: Flamenco Show in Barcelona

I drank too much yesterday. I don’t remember anything that happened after I got back to the hotel.

Ah… I didn’t say anything weird to you, did I?

What did I say?!

Actually, you don’t have to tell me! Please forget about what happened last night!

Thanks. I’ll try not to drink today.

Right, we’ve come to watch flamenco, so let’s enjoy the show. This is my first time seeing flamenco for real. It really is a passionate dance.

They’re telling the audience to get up and dance too. Shall we have a go?

Am I doing alright? This is pretty difficult.

You’re doing well! Have you danced flamenco before?

You’re doing really well for your first time! You’ve got talent!

You look pretty sexy. No… I don’t think I can wait. I’ll tell you when we get back to the hotel. So get ready.

Track 10 – The Sixth Evening

The flamenco show wasn’t fun, wasn’t it? So this is the last day of our holiday in Spain… We had an amazing six days!

We can pack up our things later, right? Before that…let’s do something.

No. If you take a shower first, your scent will disappear.

Your body is really sexy. I feel excited whenever I see it.

Does that feel good? You’re so cute.

I’m going to make you feel even better now. It’s okay, I’ll be gentle. Let’s make this an unforgettable night.

Track 11 – After Returning Home

You’re looking at the photos from our honeymoon?

It was really fun! Let’s go somewhere abroad again together, okay?

By the way, there’s something I want to give you. It’s an engagement ring. I’m sorry for giving it to you this late. You said you didn’t need one, but I was always concerned that I wasn’t able to buy you one. I was finally able to get you one though. So can I propose to you again?

You’re the one I love most in this world. I’d do anything for you. Let’s get married. Please stay by my side forever!

Thank you! No way… I think I’m going to start crying too.

Let’s have a proper ceremony too, okay? I want to see you in a wedding dress.

Yeah! Let’s do it as soon as we can! We’ll go and check out some venues now!

I’ll always take care of you. Let’s continue to be a happy couple, okay?


Kurayami Gatari – Youen Ibun


Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 1


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