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Honeymoon 8

Honeymoon 8 – Reo Aizawa

CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Track 1 – Prologue

Thank you for coming to the audition for the role of heroine in the play “Flame of Love” today. I’m Reo Aizawa, the actor playing Richard. I’ll be in charge of today’s audition. Flame of Love is a long-running stage play in London and now it’s coming to Japan for the first time. People have a lot of expectations about this play.

Now I’m going to start the audition. Well, that’s what I’d planned to do…but I’ve already found the right woman for the part.

Hey, you. Come over here.

Thank you. Hmm… I don’t have any complaints about your looks. Now I’m going to test your acting skills. We’re going to perform a scene from the play together. I’m going to follow the script and you’ll ad-lib. Ready, start!

Ah! I love you, Rose. Even if this love is a forbidden one…I love you! I can’t hold back this feeling any longer! Rose… May I kiss you?

You’re good at kissing, aren’t you? I’ve gotten interested in you.

Alright, the test is over. I’ve decided you’re going to be the heroine. This is the end of the audition. Sorry the rest of you had to come all the way here.

You look like you don’t believe it. But you’ve been chosen as the heroine.

Let’s practice together in my room after this. I’ll teach you lots about acting.

This is my room.

Sit on that sofa there.

Alright, let’s get started right away.

I’ll do lots of things to make you feel good.

Huh? Why are you only just saying no? Didn’t you come to my room for this?

No way… You really came here to practice?

Is that so? I was sure you didn’t…

You’re a really pure person.

I’m sorry. I won’t try anything else. Don’t worry.

It’s strange for me to say this, but there are lots of people in this business who’d do the same thing, so be careful. Women like you who let their guard down will get in trouble.

You don’t know what to do?

Ahh… I can’t leave someone clumsy like you alone. Stay by my side for a while. I’ll protect you.

I’m not going to do anything else, so don’t worry. I’m not interested in forcing myself on anyone. But things would be different if you were interested…

Haha, I guess so. Anyway, I’ll protect you until the play finishes its run.

Track 2 – Confession

The final performance of “Flame of Love” went well. Thank you everyone! Now we’re going to start the end of show party.

So this is where you were? Thanks for your hard work.

I feel sad when I think that this is the last time we’ll act as lovers.

Hey, do you know why I picked you as the heroine at the audition? It was because you’re my type.

Well, it’s no good having a woman who isn’t your type playing your lover, right? I thought that I could act out the romantic scenes seriously with you. But unfortunately, it looks like I was too serious. I really am in love with you.

I’m not teasing you! I kept quiet until the play was over because I didn’t want to cause you any trouble, but I’m serious about this. I only dated women for fun before, but I’m serious about dating you. I won’t keep in contact with any other women from now on and I’ll delete all their phone numbers. So please go out with me!

I was sure you’d say that! From today, instead of acting as lovers, we really will be lovers.

Hey, this after-show party is getting pretty boring. Let’s sneak out together. Let’s do something more interesting in my room.

Track 3 – Trip to London

I’ve got a day off today, so I can stay in bed and kiss you all day.

It’s been three months since we started dating. The press might find out that we’re living together soon.

Well, I don’t mind if they find out. That might actually be…

Ah, it’s my manager. What’s he doing calling on my day off?



Eh?! Are you serious?! That’s amazing!

Of course I’ll go! Yes! Thank you very much!

I’ve got big news! Flame of Love is going to get a second run! And the two of us are going to London to see the original play!

Yes! We’re going to London for a week and as long as we watch the play, we can do whatever we like the rest of the time. It’s amazing that my first holiday with you will be to London! Let’s plan where we’re going right away!

Track 4 – Day 1: Sightseeing in London

So this is London, huh.

I guess this is an obvious thing to say, but it looks completely different to Japan. Doesn’t it seem like Sherlock Holmes really would be here?

Alright, let’s start exploring London right away!

London is famous for its red double-decker buses. Seeing as we’re here, let’s get on a bus and go round the city.

Ah, a bus just turned up! Let’s get on!

Let’s go up to the top. We can see things better than way.

Alright, our tour of London starts now!

Ah, I can see Big Ben already! Big Ben is a clock which is part of Westminster Palace. The palace is currently used as the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of London landmarks.

Ah, there’s the London Eye! The London Eye is a large Ferris wheel, with capsules that can hold 25 people each. It takes 30 minutes to go round once and it was once recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest Ferris wheel. Let’s ride on it later, shall we?

I’m really happy to be on holiday with you!

Don’t get embarrassed just because I hugged you from behind. We’re dating, right? It’s just the two of us on this holiday, so let’s do lots of romantic stuff together.

Track 5 – Day 2: Afternoon Tea

This place is famous in London for its nice afternoon tea. It seems like a really high-class place. All the customers look like upper-class people too. I’m glad we got dressed up for this.

Umm… This afternoon tea set…

Ah! There’s a set that comes with tea and champagne. How about we have that?

It looks like there are a lot of different types of tea. The only ones I know are Darjeeling and Earl Grey though.

Don’t you know a lot about tea? Is there anything you recommend?

Assam, hmm. I’ll have that too then.

Excuse me, I’ll have one of these.

Here it is! It looks so tasty!

Ah… The afternoon tea is served on a three tier plate. The bottom tier has sandwiches, the middle tier has scones and the top tier has macaroons and cakes. I can’t decide what to eat first!

But first we should have a toast with champagne. Cheers to London!

Champagne tastes great when you drink it during the day!

I guess I’ll have a sandwich first.

It’s really good! The bread is soft and there’s a perfect amount of filling! I heard that English food tastes bad, but this is really good.

I’m going to try a scone next.

By the way, do you know the right way to eat a scone?

I’ll tell you how to do it. First, put your knife in the middle of the scone and cut it into two pieces. There’s cream and jam beside it, right? You spread them on top of the scone and then eat it.

Hey. It tastes good, right? I was taught how to eat scones while filming a TV show recently.

Hahaha. You look really happy when you’re eating. Don’t let anyone else see you smile that way.

Your face is bright red! You’re feeling drunk after just one glass of champagne? I guess we’ll have to go back to the hotel by taxi after we’re done eating.

Hey. Don’t fall asleep here! You’re too defenceless. You can sleep all you want when we get back to the hotel.

And I’m going to do what I like too.

Track 6 – Day 3: Cotswolds Village

Today we’re going away from London to visit a village in the Cotswolds. This place is called Bourton-on-the-Water and it’s one of the bigger villages in the Cotswolds. It’s a nice and quiet place that’s different from the city atmosphere in London. The characteristic of this area is the houses made from honey coloured stone, a precious natural stone called Cotswolds stone, which can only be found in this area.

This is the River Windrush which runs through the middle of the village. Because of its beauty, this place is called the Venice of the Cotswolds.

That’s right. I did some research so I could show you around. I’ll take you anywhere you’d like to go.

You want to go to an antique shop? I’m sure there’s one over here. Follow me, okay?

Antiques are great, aren’t they? I’ve got quite a lot of antique things, like watches and bags.

Here we are. Let’s go inside.

Wow. This shop really does have a lot of atmosphere.

Ah! This leather sofa is really cool!

What kind of thing are you looking for?

Accessories, hmm?

Umm… Ah, they’re over here.

Ah… Even small antique accessories are quite expensive.

The ring you’re looking at is really nice! Try it on.

It fits you perfectly and looks good too. Why don’t you get it?

I know it’s expensive, but don’t worry about that. I’ll buy it for you.

Don’t be like that! I’ve wanted to give you a ring for a while.

This ring looks good on you, and it’d be a reminder of our trip too, right?

That’s right! Don’t be so reluctant about accepting.

I’ll go and pay for it, so you wait here.

I’m glad you found a nice ring.

You don’t have to thank me. I’ll take a kiss in return.

Now you don’t owe me anything. Make sure to wear the ring on your left ring finger, so that other guys won’t ask you out.

Track 7 – Day 4: The British Museum

So this is the British Museum, huh. It’s so exciting! I’m more knowledgeable about world history than you’d think. So I was really looking forward to coming here!

The British Museum has a collection of 7 million works of art and books, collected from all over the world. The most famous of those is the Rosetta Stone.

Look, it’s that black stone over there. Thanks to this stone, people were able to decipher the hieroglyphics that were used in Ancient Egypt.

Yes. It’s amazing to see something as important as this in person.

Ah! There’s the mummy exhibit!

This is the first time I’ve seen a real mummy. The Ancient Egyptians believed there was a world after death and made mummies as a place for the soul to reside.

Are you afraid of mummies? You’re such a scaredy-cat.

Fine. Alright, alright. You’ll be okay because I’m with you.

Damn. It looks like the Japanese tourists nearby noticed us.

Hey! Don’t take photos of us without asking! I’m on a date with my girlfriend, so don’t bother us!

Hmm? I wasn’t planning on keeping our relationship a secret.

I don’t care if you write about us online. But don’t put up any photos. We’re on a romantic holiday right now, you see.

Now everyone knows about us. You won’t be able to cheat with other guys.

Track 8 – Day 5: Watching a Play

So this is the theatre where they’re showing Flame of Love in London?

We’re finally going to see the original play.

Ah. It’s almost time for the play to start. Let’s go inside.

That was really interesting! Watching the original really is amazing! I learned a lot of new things about acting. I’m glad we came!

Let’s make sure ours is just as good as the original.

Ah, there’s a nice pub over there. How about we have a drink, seeing as we’re here?

I’m going to have a beer, but what about you?

Alright. I’ll go and get it at the bar, so you just sit here.

Two beers, please.

What’s up with that English guy? He’s trying to hit on my girlfriend!

She’s mine! Don’t act so friendly with her! Get lost!

We’re leaving!

I hated seeing you talk to another guy and smile cutely at him! I know I’m being unreasonable, but I can’t put up with this!

I don’t want anyone else to see your smile. I can’t help wanting to keep you all to myself. Damn it!

Don’t apologise! No… It’s not your fault, it’s mine.


I think I’ll calm down if you give me a kiss. Hurry up.

Kiss me again.

I’m sorry. I’m okay now.

Track 9 – Day 6: Proposal

This is Westminster Abbey, where royal events like coronations take place. Past rulers and many well known English people are buried here. For example, the natural philosopher Newton and Darwin, who is known for his theory of evolution, were laid to rest here. It became well known recently as the venue for the wedding of the prince and princess.

After watching the royal wedding, I thought marriage might not be such a bad idea. But I thought I wouldn’t find someone I wanted to spend my life with. Until I met you, that is. Since meeting you, I’ve been thinking of you all the time. I don’t want anyone else to have you. I want you to be mine, and only mine. You’re the first woman I’ve been this crazy about.

And I realised that you’re destined to be my partner. There’s something that I’ve wanted to tell you since before we came on this trip.

I love you. You’ll be the only woman I love from now on. So please marry me.

Is it really okay?

Thank you. I’ll definitely make you happy.

Track 10 – Day 6: Evening

So this is the last day of our trip to London, huh. It was an unforgettable journey for the both of us, right?

You know, the story of our relationship is all over the internet and people are making a big fuss about it. The press will be waiting at the airport, so let’s show them how in love we are. Like this.

Your face looks sexy when you kiss me.

Don’t hide your face away. It makes me excited.

I want to do more romantic things with you. Let’s go to bed.

Your clothes are in the way. I’ll take them off.

You’re breathing harder. Are you excited that I’m undressing you?

In that case, I’ll make you feel even better.

You cried out in a cute voice. So that’s where it feels good?

In that case, I’m going to lick you there next.

Track 11 – After Returning Home

I won’t hesitate any longer! I’ll continue to love you from now on!

The flame of our love will never disappear, you see.

We’ve gotten a lot of applause. Today’s performance was a great success too.

I’m going to tell everyone something during the curtain call.

Ah, the curtain is going to open.

Thank you very much for coming to see Flame of Love today. There’s something I’d like to tell you while I’m here. This has been reported by the press, so I believe that you are already aware of it – but the two of us are in a relationship.

She’s an amazing woman who is intelligent, kind and cares for me more than anyone else. I truly love her. I don’t think that feeling will ever change. And so, today we registered as husband and wife.

Thank you very much. We’re going to work hard as a couple from now on! Please continue to support us!


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