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Kindan Vampire 4

Forbidden Vampire – The Criminal of the Yellow Rose

Friedrich von Weiseheldenburg (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Chapter 1: The Night Usurper

Track 1 – Paris, the City of Chaos

Forbidden Vampire, the Criminal of the Yellow Rose

Guten abend, Fräulein.

Oh dear. Didn’t you understand that?

Bonsoir, Mademoiselle.

It’s a wonderful rainy evening. I can’t believe a princess like you is walking outside in the dark like this. What could you be doing?

It’s only natural for bad wolves to approach when a lovely woman like you is in a place like this. See, just like this.

Ah, don’t worry. These wolves can’t move because of my magic.

You really are beautiful. Your skin, hair and eyes, of course. But there’s something more wonderful than those. Your flexible muscles and your well-proportioned physique. That’s right, your body. You’re very beautiful. You truly are a ballerina.

Ah… I want to see you dance! I want the two of us to dance together for eternity.

Hmm… Will you become mine?

You’re asking me what I mean? Don’t you understand? You’re more of a fool than I thought. I’m telling you to become my possession. To give yourself to me.

Abandon this ugly world and live only for my sake. Become a doll who will dance only for me. Don’t you think that’s an amazing idea?

You don’t? Ah… You really are no good at understanding. It seems that I’ll have trouble teaching you things.

Hmm… Think about this. Those creatures have only been stopped by my magic. If I release them, you’ll instantly fall prey to there desire those wretched beasts feel towards you. I’m sure you’ll be floating in the River Seine tomorrow morning. You understand now, don’t you?

I’ll ask you one more time. Please give yourself to me.

If you still refuse, then you and I will say farewell now.

Goodbye! If you don’t need me, then what happens to you after this is none of my concern. It’s only fair for you to become mine if I save your life. Don’t you agree?

Come on, you try and ask me. Please make me yours. Whisper in my ear.

You’re a good girl, my princess.

Well, let’s go. Come over here.

Hmm? You’re asking what I’m going to do with these beasts?

Right… I’m going to clean them up, of course. I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I didn’t clean up the dirty city of Paris a little.

Ah… It feels good to do something kind!

Hmm? Why’d you get scared all of a sudden? What is it?

You want to know who am I? What do you think I am?

A magician? You’re a fool. I’m merely a vampire… And a criminal.

Starting today, I’ll be your master. I hope you’ll serve me well, my dear princess.

Track 2 – You are a Dress-up Doll

We’re here. This mansion will be your home from now on. Were you able to remember the way here?

It’s impossible, isn’t it? The path leading here has been cast with a magic that affects your senses. You’ll be in trouble if you try too hard to get close.

Why? You don’t have to worry about that because you won’t ever leave this place. You’re all wet from running around in the rain. Poor you.

Come here. I’ll get you changed. Wait for me. I’ll bring you something special from my collection of clothing.

Why do I collect them? Collecting beautiful things is my hobby. You’re one of those beautiful things. I’ll bring the clothes right away, so you wait here.

Ah, it’s no use trying to run away. The door won’t open unless I give the order. If you think I’m lying, then just try and open the door.

Oh? Are you still doing that? You’re very stubborn.

Are you a fool? You can tell the door isn’t going to open without hitting it like that.

Anyway, here you go! It’s a wonderful dress, isn’t it? It’s a special one.

You can wear this. Take off those ugly clothes you’re wearing.

Hmm? Didn’t you hear me? I’ll say it one more time. I want to change your clothes, so could you take them off? You don’t have the right to refuse. You belong to me, don’t you?

Come on, take off your clothes now.

You’re embarrassed to take them off by yourself? I’ll take them off for you then.

Oh? This is what I do to bad girls who don’t listen to what I say. You recognise this magic, don’t you?

That’s right. You can no longer move. Will you try?

Right. Like this…

Even when I blow onto your ear.

Well? You can’t move at all, can you?

I’m going to take off your clothes then.

Oh, poor you. You really are soaked. That’s why I told you to hurry up and take off your clothes.

Your skin is beautiful. And your flesh is even lovelier. A perfect physique, flexible muscles, the outline of your body and your collarbone. I’m certain that the dress I’ve prepared will suit you.

Ah… Even your fingers are beautiful.

Alright. Raise your arms. Make a large circle.

That’s right. It’s the “en haut” [1] position in ballet.

It’s no good trying to resist. Your body will move as I’ve ordered you to. It’s that kind of magic.

You’re embarrassed? Is that because you’re in your underwear? You look very beautiful in your chemise too.

You also look lovely when you blush with embarrassment. But it’s no good trying to resist. Because my magic is controlling you.

Alright. Slowly take the second position, “a la seconde” [2] That’s right, from your shoulder to your fingers, as if tracing a curved line.

Ah… You’re so beautiful. The area from your fingertips to your shoulder feels so soft. Yet, it feels tense too. Staying in this position really is difficult. So I’m going to try something. Stay in that position, no matter what.

No. You panicked simply because I kissed your fingertips. I’m going to get closer, little by little. Make sure to stay in that position. I’m going to kiss your fingertips again. Next, I’m going to kiss the back of your hand.

You have beautiful fingers. I’ll kiss your arms too. Your elbow. Then your upper arm.

Ah… You look so delicious. No! I’ve got to resist that.

Now I’m going to kiss your shoulder. Your neck… I won’t kiss you there. I won’t be able to control myself if I do. This is fun.

I’ve decided! I’ll be the one who undresses you from now on.

[1] en haut – A ballet position where the arms are held high.
[2] a la seconde – A ballet step that involves movement to the side.

Track 3 – Dance for the Sake of Your Master

I’m impressed you were able to put up with that.

Ah. As a reward, I’ll let you make a request.

Hmm? You want to put on your clothes right now?

I suppose I don’t have a choice. I’ll dress you.

You can put the clothes on by yourself?

Hmm… So how are you going to do up this corset on your own?

Have you finally realised? You really are a fool. All the clothes I’ve got are made so you can’t put them on or take them off alone.

So what will you do? Are you going to stay in your underwear? That might be fun. I could throw you out dressed like that. You understand, don’t you? You’re my dress-up doll now. So you’re going to ask properly.

Alright, good girl.

This seems to be the right dress, but there’s something missing. Hmm…what could it be? Ah…that’s right. I forgot. There they are!

What are they? You can tell by looking, can’t you? They’re chains. These are proof that you belong to me. You’re going to live here forever, for my sake.

I’ll put the chains on you. I’m going to put these on your legs so you won’t dance without my permission. You’re a doll that’ll dance just for me, so I won’t allow you to dance freely.

Alright, I’m finished. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll throw you out into the back streets of Paris. As your owner, it’s natural for me to discipline you.

Are you scared? Poor you, you’re trembling. You understand now, don’t you? I won’t forgive you for disobeying me. Please serve me well from now on, my lovely princess. I’m your master now.

Ah, that’s right. I haven’t told you my name yet. My name is Friedrich von Weiseheldenburg.

Remember that. If you call me by the French name Frédéric, I’ll kill you immediately. Prepare yourself, alright?

Track 4 – The Boxed Butterflies

Oh my. Were you trying to get out again without me noticing?

What a troublesome person you are. How many times will I have to tell you before you understand that door won’t open? Or is there a reason you want to go outside so much?

What did you say? There’s going to be an audition at the Royal Dance Academy soon? An opera?

The Academy, hmm? That brings back memories… But you can’t go.

Why not? You really are ignorant. I’ll tell you what becoming mine means. Come here, we’ll go down to the basement.

What do you think? They’re wonderful, aren’t they? They’re specimens of butterflies, collected from all over the world. You’re the first person I’ve shown these to. The beautiful butterflies that flew freely were captured, tormented, pierced and locked away. I locked away their beauty for eternity and made them my possessions. Owning something means controlling it. The butterflies can only show the beauty of their wings inside these small boxes. But it’s better that way. I lock them away like this before they are defiled by the world’s ugliness. A beautiful thing is finally complete.

You’re the same as them. You might get injured and broken. So you’ll be happier if I lock you up to make sure you don’t get hurt. You understand, don’t you? If you do, then you’ll listen to what I say from now on.

Well, I can understand that you want to dance. So your kind master will release these chains on this occasion. I’m going to let you dance. Come, show me your beautiful dancing.

Track 5 – The Distant Sky

Alright, that’s the end of today’s lesson. You’ve become a lot more skilled. I’ve got to reward you for doing well.

Hmm? You want to know what day it is? What’s the point in asking that?

You were just curious? Hmm… I suppose I can tell you. It’s been exactly two weeks since you came here.

What’s the matter?

Nothing, hmm? So what would you like as a reward?

You want to see the sky? Well, this house doesn’t have any windows… I’ll have to open the door.

Alright then. Your dancing today was worthy of that. I have to compensate you for your efforts, don’t I?

Now the door will open.

What’s the matter? Aren’t you going to open it?

You want to wear something different for this occasion?

You want me to bring some different clothes for you to wear? It’s unusual for you to ask me to dress you up. It seems that you’ve recently become aware that you belong to me.

You’re so lovely when you’re honest. Very well. I’ll bring you something. Make sure to wait for me.

You fool. The outside world has nothing but ugliness.

Chapter 2: The Yellow Rose of Betrayal

Track 6 – The Butterfly with Torn Wings

Thank goodness. You’re awake. You’re at my house. I’ve got two things to tell you. One is good news. You passed the audition. You tricked me in order to attend the audition and got the role you wanted. Well, that’s only natural because you were taking lessons from me.

The other one is bad news. You were hit by a carriage on your way home and injured your right leg. You can’t move yet, but you will be able to with training.

What were you doing there?

It can’t be… You were trying to come back here? Then you were caught by the house’s magic and got into an accident…

You really are a confusing fool. You ran away, so you should have stayed outside where you could be free.

Just get some rest now. Getting your strength back is the most important thing. Good night. Sleep well.

You can’t sleep because of the pain? I suppose I don’t have a choice. I’ll talk to you.

So the one thing we have in common is ballet, hmm? Do you have a favourite dancer?

Oh… You like him? He’s the worst example of a student that I’ve ever seen.

Yes, he’s my student.

You think I’m not old enough to be his teacher? I told this when we first met, didn’t I? I’m a vampire. It seems that you don’t understand.

Right… It might be a good idea for me to make this clear to you. Then you’ll understand how twisted your master is.

It all began in the final moments of a long, long war, when two children were born.

Track 7 – Two Fates

The first child was born at a castle in the countryside town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France. He was blessed by everyone and called a gift from God. That’s because he was the long-awaited successor to the king. That boy was put onto the throne at just four years old.

The other boy was a contrast to him in every way. He was born in a neighbouring country, in the midst of the German war. He was a child cursed by God. It was only natural, because he was born as a vampire, a member of the Weiseheldenburg family. The boy was given a name meaning “peaceful ruler”. Don’t you think that’s a rather ironic name for a child born in the midst of a battlefield filled with dispute and chaos?

That’s right. The boy was a contradictory existence from the very beginning. I am that existence. At that time, a long war was taking place in Germany. A great and ugly battle that involved the whole of Europe. And when it finally came to a conclusion, I was sent to the French royal family as a hostage.

Do you understand? I was a hostage in the enemy country we had battled for a long time. There was no way I’d be treated properly. I was abandoned. I was not needed by my family. I had an older brother [1], but he was missing at that time. Because of that, I should have been raised as the family’s successor. But my parents abandoned me.

The reason why? Who knows? I inherited the family’s blood more strongly. I’ve enjoyed blood and cruelty since I was younger. I’m sure that was what they didn’t like. My parents chose my gentle older brother. In the enemy country’s royal palace, I met the King of France, who was the same age as me. He was a mischievous king who the people in the palace could not control, so he treated me as the perfect playmate. The king and I soon became friends. The ruler and the hostage. Our positions were a complete contrast to one another. We were like the sun and moon. He was the only friend I had in my lifetime.

[1] Friedrich’s older brother is Mateus (from Volume 2 of the series).

Track 8 – Ballet Royale

There was something that made us even closer. It was ballet. Although he was a king, he was passionate about ballet. He really was a strange man. He was involved in a rebellion, but he never got behind in his dance classes. I was involved with those lessons too.

At some point, ballet became my destiny. Amidst the palace’s ugly battle for power, I desired something beautiful. I began collecting clothes and butterflies around that time. And the most important of those things was ballet.

Before long, the rebellion died down, but then came a war against Spain. France allied with England and fought against Spain. There I encountered another of my destinies. My older brother was leading the English army. I hadn’t met my older brother before that day. That was because my older brother ran away before I was born. But I knew it was him the moment I saw him. My beautiful brother who ran away, despite being blessed by our family. He didn’t seem to notice me though.

Brotherly love? Of course I didn’t feel that. I can’t understand the feeling of love because I’ve always been nothing but a contradiction. The only thing that existed was hatred for my family and my older brother. The hate that rose up then was another of my destinies and my way of life.

Before long, I realised that my feelings towards ballet and my hate towards my family were one thing, rather than two. The ideal of ballet is to dance as if you have wings. In other words, I discovered that it was the only way God’s blessing was shown on earth.

That’s right. While I was dancing, I realised that I believed in God and desired his salvation, despite being the cursed existence known as a vampire. Do you understand? My hate towards my family was the opposite of my love for God.

A vampire who believes in God. There’s no doubt that I’m twisted. I wished to destroy my cursed body, but that was impossible. God had forbidden me from killing myself. The curse brought upon us by God forbid us from killing ourselves. So I decided I would save my family by destroying those who lived in eternal darkness.

Track 9 – Exile

Beginning with the members who entered the palace, I gained quite a large family. But that drew the king’s attention. In the end, I had to tell the king about vampires and my family. Then he became drawn to the idea of eternal life. That was only natural.

At the time, he was at the age where his body was beginning to reach its limits as a dancer. The king decided to study vampires and obtained a suitable test subject. That was my older brother, who had come over to France at some point. The king tried to gain eternal life from the Weiseheldenburg blood, the oldest and strongest blood of all vampires. I was against that.

An eternal life in this ugly world is nothing more than a curse. But the king locked up my brother in an underground room and treated him like a precious object. It seemed that the research wasn’t that successful though.

The king and I were opposed to one another, which resulted in a certain incident. The Black Mass Incident. The concubine who had stolen the king’s affections tried to obtain the power of a demon to stay young. She then accused me of being that demon. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? I was involved in an incident which had started because of love, a feeling I didn’t understand.

I was falsely accused, but because I was undoubtedly descended from a demon, it was easy to collect the evidence against me. I was exiled from the palace as a criminal. I wanted to be given the death penalty, but perhaps the king feared me too much to do that. The king went to the newly built Palace of Versailles, as if he were running away.

Track 10 – My Prey Won’t be Allowed to Escape

I lost my only friend. Since I was unable to perform on stage, I decided to teach ballet here in Paris. Of course, since I can’t go near the Academy, I find promising students and train them. And once I’ve trained them for a while, I send them to the Academy. One of those students is the ballet dancer you admire. He is quite a bad student.

Meanwhile, I lived a life of destroying my fellow vampires when I found them. My family gave me a second rose-related name, which was “The Criminal of the Yellow Rose”. The flower language for the yellow rose is “betrayal”. Although I came from a cursed family, I believed in God. It’s an appropriate name for someone like me who held onto both those things, isn’t it? At some point, my older brother was released, then the king grew old and died too.

Even so, I was a dangerous criminal who couldn’t be satisfied. That criminal found another prey. That was…you. You fell into my trap and became mine. Do you understand your situation somewhat now? You’ve become the victim of a sinful criminal. I don’t let the prey I’m hunting escape. You were destined to belong to me. So rest well and heal your injuries. Well, good night.

Chapter 3: The Cruel Fangs of Fate

Track 11 – A Useless Possession

Come on, get up! We’re going to start the lesson. It might be painful, but we’re doing this so you’ll be able to use your injured leg. Start by moving slowly. That’s right.

What’s the matter? Does it hurt? But my punishment hurts even more, doesn’t it? Put up with the pain and continue.

Hey! Don’t throw your pointe shoes at me! They’re dangerous!

That’s enough. Don’t be so spoilt. That’s an order. Make sure you listen. If you don’t, you won’t be able to move your leg again.

You’re asking whether you really will be able to move it again? I’m sure I said you will. Don’t you believe your master’s words? No matter how awful the things I’ve done to you are, I’ve never lied, have I?

That’s not it? You want to know whether you’ll be able to dance like you did before? Well…

You want me to be honest?

Alright. The reality is very cruel. You’ll never be the same again. Even if it heals well, walking will require all your effort and running will be difficult. But you won’t even be able to walk if you don’t do your lessons! Come on, let’s continue the lesson.

You think it’s meaningless if you aren’t able to dance? I can understand that feeling. But you belong to me. Your master is telling you to do it, so do the lesson properly.

What? You don’t think you even have any worth as my possession?

Because you’re a doll that can’t dance? You’re right. I would have said that before.

But… Damn it. I can’t think straight.

Fine! Today’s lesson is over! Have a rest and calm down. But tomorrow you’re going to work hard.

Hmm? You want to be left alone because you’re going to rest?

Alright then. Make sure to rest.

Track 12 – Cursed Blood Drinking

What’s the matter? What’s that noise?

Hey! What are you doing?

It can’t be…you’re trying to kill yourself?!

Hey! Hold on!

I won’t allow you to take your life like that and die by yourself!

You belong to me! Why am I panicking so much? This feeling… What’s the matter with me?! I haven’t felt like this before. This feeling is… Am I sad about being left alone in this ugly world? That means…it can’t be…I’m in love with you?

No, that’s wrong! I’m just feeling attached to my possession! This isn’t love, I’m just upset about losing one of my possessions!

I’m going to break you. I’m your master, so I can do it to you. Just like I’ve always done, I’ll make your wish come true. Then it will be clear that I’m a twisted vampire!

Now this is definitely goodbye. Farewell.

I can’t do it. I’m afraid of losing you for some reason. Is it possible for me to be this attached to you?

Because I love you? I see… So this twisted feeling is love?

Damn it! Don’t die! Because I’ve fallen in love with you…

It’s a twisted kind of love though. Don’t leave me alone!

Listen to me. There’s one way to heal your leg. It’s simple. You just have to become a vampire too. If I drink your blood, you’ll become a member of my family. I haven’t done it before. Until now, destroying my family was my aim because I couldn’t allow it to grow.

But I know how to do it. The instinct…the urge…the love inside of me will show me the way. So it’ll be alright. I want you to stay with me. You won’t be allowed to dance in the light again. You’ll only be able to live in the darkness. Even so, I want you to dance with me for eternity, amidst the despair of being cursed by God.

Because you’re a twisted person who is charmed by dance, just as I am. Even if meant betraying God…the reason in this world, you would choose to dance. Because you’re a cursed princess…

It’s not like that? You don’t need anything else if you can dance with me forever? You were scared of being unable to dance, losing your worth and being abandoned?

You really are lovely. Because of that, I wanted to keep living together with you. So become mine forever. I won’t allow you to refuse. Understand?

Now I’ll give the contractual kiss to you, my cursed princess.

Chapter 4: An Eternal Pas de Deux

Track 13 – Awakening Kiss

Are you awake? Perhaps it’s because I just woke you up with a kiss, like they do in fairytales. Only joking.

It didn’t seem as if you were going to wake up, so I was worried. I thought I’d failed to turn you into a vampire. I’m glad I didn’t end up losing you.

What? It was my first time making someone a member of my family, so of course I was concerned. I just stopped feeling tense because I was relieved.

You’re a troublesome princess for making your master worry like this. I’ve got to punish you.

I’m only joking. What were you expecting?

Lie down now. I’m going to rest beside you. Don’t disobey me. I’m tired.

I was worried about you. Your face is so close to mine.

Hey. Look this way. It’s an order. Close your eyes.

You feel so soft. Once isn’t enough. Your lips taste so sweet.

Right… Show me your leg!

It’s almost healed. I’m glad. I’m really glad. I was feeling tired, but now I’ve seen your beautiful legs, I can’t hold back. I’m going to kiss your legs too. Alright?

Hmm? You belong to me so I can do what I like? What’s made you so obedient? Your bold behaviour is somewhat charming though.

Ah, that’s right. This leg seems to have healed well, but I’ve got to see what’s happened to the rest of your body now that you’re a vampire. It’s a master’s responsibility to take care of his possessions. I’ve got to mark you with proof that you’re mine too.

First of all… Hmm… I’ll start with your other leg. It always looks so beautiful. Your soft and flexible muscles haven’t changed. I’m going to kiss you here too. It’s wonderful. Then here… And here…

Oh? You’re breathing harder. I’m going to kiss your lips too. Although you’ve become a vampire, you’re still a beautiful princess. I’m glad. Time has stopped and your beauty will be eternal. You’re the best possession I have in my collection.

Track 14 – Fill Your Heart with my Breath

Well, your body seems to be fine, but this time I’m going to test your heart. To see whether your heart belongs to me too. Appropriately for these chains which bind you. If you really are mine, then I should be able to do what I want with your feelings.

This is the same magic as before. But now that you’ve given me your heart and body, its effect is even greater than before. A slight stimulation will feel much greater. For example, even breathing like this.

How lovely. Your eyelashes wet with tears look so tempting. It’s my duty to wipe away your tears. Alright, I’m going to breathe here next. Well, did you feel that?

How adorable. You’re still holding back. Next I’m going to breathe here. And here too. Alright, you’re a good girl. How about this? Ah… Your reaction is very charming. That’s what makes you mine. You are my lovely princess.

Ah, that’s right. This time, tell me where you want me to lick you.

Oh… There, hmm? Asking your master to do that…What a disgraceful princess you are. How about this?

That wasn’t right? I understand. Something like that wouldn’t be enough to satisfy an indecent person like you, would it? So I’m going to do this.

Oh dear. I couldn’t help licking you, even though you didn’t ask me to. Perhaps it was because you had such an incdecent expression on your face. Come on, ask me again.

Over here… Then here… And here too…

Your reaction… You really do belong to me now, don’t you?

Track 15 – Although This Love is Twisted

Well, what would you like to do now?

You want to dance soon? You can’t do that yet. Not until your injuries heal properly.

You want to dance with me this time? Hmm… It’s been a while since I stopped dancing, but I think I’d like to dance with you. A pas de deux [1] wouldn’t be bad. We’d be just like those who have wings. We’re cursed vampires though. I never thought I would choose to make someone a member of my family.

I don’t regret doing it. That’s because you’re just like me. My love is twisted. I possess someone as beautiful as you and gaze upon you every day, wanting to destroy you. That is my love. You choose not to defy that. Is that a sign of your love?

Ah… The two of us are twisted and will dance together forever. I won’t let anyone get in our way. From now on, I will betray and murder my family, on my search for things of beauty. And you will follow me. You understand, don’t you? I won’t forgive you if you disobey me. Because I’m your master.

First we must make sure your body is ready. If you rest for a few more days, you’ll become accustomed to my blood and your leg will heal even more. Then you’ll start your lessons once more. Be patient until then. I’ve got a suggestion for you too… Would you like to try a different dance from ballet?

You want to know what I mean? You understand, don’t you? Try and say it yourself. Do you want that too?

I’m happy. I can feel your warmth just by holding onto you. Being with someone else is wonderful, isn’t it? I suppose this is what being happy is?

Thanks to you, I was able to realise that for the first time. I’ve got to give you plenty of thanks for that. Let me sense you even more. I want to be close to you like this forever. You can’t leave me, alright? You understand, don’t you? This is an order. This is our first night, so I’ll treat you gently.

You don’t want me to be gentle? What do you want me to do? If you want me to entertain that request, you’ll have to work hard too.

Come on, don’t sulk like that. Come closer to me. Tonight… No, from now on, please stay in my arms. I love you.

Alright, I’m going to begin. Prepare yourself. I’ll make you happy.

Forbidden Vampire – The Criminal of the Yellow Rose

[1] Pas de deux – A dance for two people. In ballet, it consists of five sections (an entrée, adagio, two variations and a coda).

Track 16 – Eternité Granité (Theme Song)

Lyrics/Arrangement: Sunamori Taketeru
Vocals: Jack

ame ni senaka made nurete
kokoro wa marude
kowareta omocha no you de

Your back is soaked by the rain
Your heart is like
a broken toy

sabitsuiteiru nejimaki
nando maitemo kachi kachi
utsuro na oto ga guru guru mawatte
tada sore dake

No matter how much
you turn the key,
all you can hear is
a hollow click

dareka onegai
watashi o saratte choudai
dokoka de kiita
otogibanashi no you ni

Somebody please
take me away
Just like in a fairytale
I’ve heard someplace

toji komete
cage no naka
kagi o kake saa saa
chikau eternité
hora pas de deux

Lock me away
in a cage
Turn the key
Kiss me
and promise for eternity
Let us dance
a pas de deux

machikado kara shoujo ga kieru
daremo daremo yukue o shirazu
amaoto bakari ga
nokotta kurai machikado

The girl disappears from the street corner
Nobody knows where she is
Nothing but the sound of rain
remains on the dark street corner

sore wa marude furui ohanashi
otogi no kuni mafuyu no nobara
sore demo kamawanai
samenai nara
okini mesu mama
watashi o ubatte choudai
soshite yasashiku
konna fuu ni katte

It resembles an old story
A midwinter wild rose in neverland
I don’t mind
if I don’t awaken
Do as you wish
and take me away
Then gently
make me yours

neige mitai ni
fleurs jaunes
kuchibiru ni
tsumetai granité
tokete yuku
futari no aida

Let me eat
the sweet
yellow flowers
like snow
The cold granité [1]
on my lips
between the two of us

kieta shoujo o daremo kamo wasureteku
daijoubu watashi wa shiawase ni kawareteru

Everyone begins to forget the girl who disappeared
It’s alright, I’m happily being kept by someone

toji komete
cage no naka
kagi o kake saa saa
chikau eternite
hora pas de deux

Lock me away
in a cage
Turn the key
Kiss me
and promise for eternity
Let us dance
a pas de deux

[1] Granité – A frozen dessert, similar to ice-cream.

Track 17 – Free Talk

Thank you very much for buying Forbidden Vampire – The Criminal of the Yellow Rose! I’m Shinnosuke Tachibana, the voice actor for Friedrich von Weiseheldenburg.

What did you think of the CD? Did you enjoy it?

Forbidden Vampire is recorded with a dummy head mic, and I’m going to use the dummy head mic for the free talk too, to make it even more enjoyable. I’ve used three kinds of dummy head mic and they all have names. Like Bob or Katherine. This is the first time I’ve seen this one. What about this one? Shall we call it Friedrich?

What position on the mic makes everyone feel excited? There are quite a few different positions. The usual is talking from behind. Isn’t it great? It feels like you’re being embraced that way. This place is nice. I sounded like an old man there.

Let’s go on with the topic of this free talk!

How did you feel when you were given the role of a vampire?
The role of a vampire… I haven’t done that type of role often. Why do vampires have such an erotic image? They seem mysterious, cool and sexy. They seem a lot like that. I thought it’d be good to make Friedrich a little scary though. I saw the character design and he didn’t seem like the dandy type. He felt like a noble person though. So I kept that in mind when playing him.

Were you able to say Weiseheldenburg without stumbling over your words?
Well… I couldn’t manage it earlier.

On the official twitter, we asked for some phrases you would like Friedrich to say. I’m going to whisper them with the dummy head mic.

Are you hiding something from me, Princess? Did you think a vampire like me wouldn’t notice? Perhaps I should punish the bad girl who hides things from me.

From now on, you’ll be a criminal too.

Hmm? You want to know what your crime is?

Your crime is loving me. Your prison is within my arms.

You look beautiful. I want to ruin you even more. I’ve got no intention of stopping, even if you tell me to.

Okay, that’s all the lines! Thanks for all your suggestions! Danke schön.

Friedrich spoke both French and German. I don’t normally speak German though. I don’t say anything like danke schön. I wouldn’t shout “danke schön”. If I had an older brother who said that I’d beat him! [1] I’ve heard a little German, but it’s a difficult language. I had a challenging time doing it, but it was fun too.

Anyway, unfortunately, it’s almost time for me to say goodbye. Thank you very much for listening. That’s all from me, Shinnosuke Tachibana!

Hmm? You want me to say goodbye? Auf wiedersehen!

It’s apparently “Auf wiedersehen” in German. Ah, that was a terrible line!

Last of all, I’m going to give you a message as Friedrich. Please listen to it.

Hmm? Are you trying to play a trick on me? Did you want my attention? I’ll have to punish you. Perhaps I’ll keep going for longer next time.

I was being cruel? You were the one in the wrong. When you look that lovely, it makes me want to trap you in my arms and never let you go. I want to make you cry even more. Because as you say, I’m a cruel person.

Well, what should I do? I was only joking. I’ll hold onto you until you no longer feel sad. Come here. I won’t do anything to you. Tell me what you want from me.

Alright, alright. You’re a good girl.

Hmm? What is it? You look as if it’s strange for me to be kind. Look here… How can you say that with a tearful look on your face? You should depend on me at times like this. I’ll do something to make you forget your tears. I’m the only one who’ll be reflected in your eyes. I’m the only one who can touch your sweet lips. I’ll place my mark on your neck, so that you’ll never forget those things.

Your face is bright red. Don’t show that face to anyone except me. Give everything to me. To tell the truth, I’m jealous of everything you see and touch. So make me the only thing you see. I’m the only thing that can be reflected in your eyes.

Jealousy is a sin? I don’t care about that. I desire you, no matter how much of a sin it is. Do you really plan on following a criminal like me?

I see. Thank you. The hands of a criminal like me are stained by sin. Not to mention that I’m a vampire too. I’ve known nothing but darkness since birth and I’ve been hated. I felt there was no future for a criminal like myself.

But that’s not right, is it? I think I can achieve my dreams if I’m with you. Come, let us take the path which continues for eternity. I won’t let go of you again. So fall as far as you can with me. I love you, no matter what. I love you. Let’s stay together forever from now on.

[1] Referring to the free talk in volume 2, where Hiro Shimono (Mateus) shouted “danke schön”. Tachibana’s character (Friedrich) is the younger brother of Shimono’s character (Mateus).


Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 3


Honeymoon 8


  1. Ooh! Thanks Yuki-chan! ;D
    I finally understand his story. I always have trouble with their background story. xD And you translated the free talk! :3
    Aah! Tachi plays well those kind of character. xD First time I listened to it, I was surprised to see such a possessive chara in this series.

    • Yukihito

      I’m always glad the Kindan Vampire free-talks are easy to understand. Usually I find free-talks difficult XD

  2. mikazuki♡

    otsukaresama deshita..! o(≧∇≦o)

    wow.. (°o°) .. i was surprised that it didn’t took long enough for this translation to be out already. i thought you’re gonna take time since you just post the wasurenagusa translation.. anyway, beautiful job as always.. keep it up.! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

    lots of ♡♡♡

    • Yukihito

      Thank you <3 I was able to find time last weekend, so I was able to finish it sooner than I thought 🙂

  3. meireille

    ah, thanks for translating this XD
    it seems that I missed the “brother” part (or I just simply forget) and your translation made it clear XD
    so Friedrich and Mateus are siblings? It’s an interesting fact that these CDs has connections other than “part of vampire family”, though the timeline is extremely confusing :<

    I wonder if the others has direct connection too (I think Alexander in Kuro Bara no Koutei mentioned something about his twin brother…which I assume is Maximillian from Aka Bara no Ou, but I'm not really sure since I fell asleep in the middle of the track :< )

    by any chance, will you translate the other kindan series too?

    • Yukihito

      Don’t worry, I think I’d forgotten about them being brothers too. At least, it came as a surprise to me when I was translating XD From what I know so far, Maxmillian and Alexander are brothers, as are Friedrich and Mateus. Supposedly, Rudolf (from Aobara no Kishi) is the son of Mateus (I happened to read this somewhere, but I’m not sure whether the CD hinted at this or not). I haven’t worked out where Oskar (from Murasakibara no Kenja) fits in though.

      Oh, I’m definitely interested to translate the rest of Kindan Vampire! It’s one of my favourite CD series 🙂

  4. Suzumiya Bren'

    Thank you so much for the translation!! I love this series <3
    Keep the hard work!! ^^

  5. Yukihito your work is perfect as always! I really love your translations, you have made me so happy with Wasurenagusa and Kindan Vampire T^T
    Since the very first time I listened Tachibana in this I loved it, I understand a few of what was going on and now thanks to you I understand it very well, I’m a Tachibana fan so this volume was really special for me ~
    You’re awesome, keep going on!

    • Yukihito

      Thank you so much! <3 I'm glad I could help you enjoy those CDs even more ^^

  6. ponyo

    aaaaa~ thank u so muuuuuch~ i love uuuuuuuuu~
    ithanks so much again to translate this cd~ on u choose tachi cd~ thank u~
    i love this man so much~ i’ll wait for your next translation~ ><b

  7. Thank you, so, so, so much for translating this amazing drama CD! You don’t know how grateful I am to be able to follow along and finally understand it all!

    I love the Kindan Vampire series. They were the very first drama CDs I ever listened to, and I was hooked in a heartbeat! Friedrich and Mateus ARE polar opposites, but I love them both! Mateus is so sweet, and Friedrich is so wicked. Kyaaa, I’m getting all fangirly!

    Once again, thanking you so much for sharing your time, talent, and enthusiasm in translating this for us! I hope that someday you can translate them all! I have my fingers crossed!

    • Yukihito

      I’m glad to meet another fan of the Kindan Vampire series! It’s one of my favourite drama CD series. I’m happy that you enjoy my translation too.

      I’m concentrating on finishing the first series of Wasurenagusa at the moment, but I’m hoping I can do more Kindan Vampire after I’m finished with that 😀

  8. Viktoria

    Thank you very much for taking the time to translate this! Good work! 🙂

  9. Yuki, I finally listen to this kindan vampire^^; somehow it’s tickling.. lol. really thanks for translating this^^

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