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Kannou Jikan 3

Kannou Jikan 3

CV: Toriumi Kousuke

Track 1 – A dark voice calling from the prison

Hmm? Ah. It’s you, huh? You’re so persistent, Sister.
But I’m glad you came. Today really is a good day now that you’re here.
You know, right? I’m in solitary confinement for a while, and I’ve been desperate to talk to someone.

I’ve been wanting to see you. Hey, have some fun with me again, beautiful and pure Sister.

That sadistic guard chained me up this time. He grinned while chaining my arms and legs together as if I were a dog.

He’ll pay for it this time…

Hmm? This injury? A fight?
The guys in this dump fought with me?
You asked about me so persistently, investigated me, made a record and even lectured me. And you still don’t know? You really are a holy woman.

Even those guys would be grateful for a nun. They’re hungry enough to be driven mad. But you’re not a chaste Maria like they think you are.

Everything I do makes you happy. You accept everything with a pure expression on your face, don’t you?

Hey. You want to know something that God, who you love doesn’t tell you, right?

You’re not saying anything, so that means “okay”? Then you won’t be able to resist my voice any longer. That’s right. Like I always do, I’ll control your feelings with these words and my voice. I’ll break your strong sense of reason.

By listening to my voice and words your sensitive heart will gradually become dyed by me alone. So it’s natural that your body will become hot, excited and feel different from usual, right?

Proof that I’ve led you to a world of pleasure… If you believe me I’m sure it’ll feel good. Any number of times. Anywhere. So don’t worry. I’ll lead the way for you.

When this is over, I’ll release the magic I cast on you, Sister. Then you’ll be able to do your ridiculous charity in the church as usual. If you want to become even more destroyed by my words, then how about you ask that priest? That annoying priest’s warning probably has all the things I do written in it.

Make sure to read it, okay? You’re pretty obedient, aren’t you?

Stop that. It doesn’t matter if I smoke. These are vanilla cigarettes. They don’t smell like the smoke you hate so much. It’s the sweet scent of vanilla.

See. I’m going to show you a good time with this now. Stay quiet.

It smells good, right? A sweet scent of smoke which lingers on your nose. The vanilla flavour stimulates your nose. You’ll become unable to get rid of the melting scent of smoke. From your sense of smell. Your memories. Your body. Your heart. It’ll cling and won’t go away.

A sweet, sweet mysterious scent. If you breathe in slowly, a sweet and smoky sensation will spread through your chest.

Drugs? It’s nothing stupid like that.
But that’s right…my voice, fingers and tongue are just like drugs. You can’t escape from me any longer. You’re bound and enchanted by my drug. You can’t live without me.

See, just look. The bright red flame around the tip of the cigarette. The slowly burning tip. And the captivating scent which comes from there. Slowly, slowly look at the red flame. Don’t look away. That’s right. Don’t look away.

Ah, that’s right. Take a deep breath now. Breathe in. That’s right, slowly. Breathe out.
Breathe in, breathe out.

Ah, you did well. If you continue breathing calmly like that, your pure sense of reason will be at rest. Breathe in, breathe out.

Your instincts will awaken. Breathe in, breathe out. That’s right. Your body will instinctively feel hot and good.

Breathe in, breathe out. All you will do is feel good. Breathe in, breathe out. If you breathe in the scent of the cigarette, a good feeling you’ve never experienced will travel through your body.

Breathe in, breathe out. The strength will gradually disappear from your body. See. Your legs are gradually beginning to feel heavy.

Breathe in, breathe out. If you keep breathing gently, you’ll be satisfied by the scent spreading through your chest. You’ll be satisfied by my voice and fall deeply into a comfortable world.

Falling, falling into a world of nothing but comfort. Your legs will feel as heavy as lead. Your legs will gradually begin to feel heavier. Then the strength will disappear from your arms and they will become heavy. Heavy, warm and comfortable.

Next your eyelids will become heavy. Your eyelids will gradually close. They won’t open anymore. Your eyelids are heavy and won’t open. Your body feels heavy and hot too. Inside your mind, your sense of reason has been suppressed.

Follow your instincts. The sweet scent of vanilla cigarettes satisfies your heart and body. The waves of pleasure advance on you and swallow you. You’ll feel a dream-like pleasure.

Track 2 – At last, a kiss called restraint

Hey. Your mind is empty, right? That’s right, empty. You can’t think of anything. All you can do is feel good.

All you can hear is my voice. You can hear nothing but my voice. You can imagine anything I say. Clearly.

Your body feels hot, as if you’re the tip of my cigarette. You feel so hot, and you can’t do anything about it.

Where do you feel hot? Your hands? Your legs? Your face? Your ears? Your eyelids? Your lips? Your chest?

Hmm? It’s no good trying to hide it. Your pink skin shows me. You want to say “Please hurry up and touch me”, don’t you?

Come on. Come here and take off my handcuffs. Open up this annoying cell. I’ll touch you if you do. Aren’t you going to come here?

If you don’t, I’ll just violate you with my voice and gaze. I’m going to destroy you, again and again.

Even though you’re a sister, those clothes really show your figure. Shouldn’t a holy woman be less sexy? But I can easily imagine your naked body from seeing the shape of your chest and your waistline.

All the men here are starving for a woman. I’m surprised you look so defenceless in front of all these frustrated men. Do you want to get raped?

I feel like destroying your beautiful face, the atmosphere you have and your body. You want me to do that too, don’t you?

Even if I close my eyes, I know everything – sleeping with you, what will give you pleasure, where you’re sensitive, the sensation of your soft skin and the melting sensation of your lips.

Your pale and delicate neck. The collarbone which leads to your neck. It’s so lovely that I want to bite it. I’m going to move my tongue and fingers all over your body, then I’m going to enter you.

I wonder what your voice will be like when you cry. Your voice will be like a lovely bell when you cry, won’t it?

If you want to sleep with me, then hurry up and tell me. You won’t get any sympathy from me if you get jumped by other guys. But I’ll kill anyone who touches you. I’m not joking. I’m the only one who can taste you. And I’m the only one who knows how to sleep with you. Do you understand?

Hey. Your body is reacting obediently, isn’t it? Can you still endure this? Even though you want me so much that you can’t bear it. Come here. There are just five steps between you and me. Come here slowly.

One step. How does it feel to be violated my gaze and voice?
Two steps. Your body throbs intensely. It seems as if you’re about to overflow with shame and pleasure.
Three steps. You shiver and feel restless. My gaze and voice aren’t enough.
Four steps. Your body and mind are now so sensitive that a kiss might be enough to make you come.
Five steps. You desire me and I’m right in front of you.

Take off my handcuffs. Let’s do something that feels good together. Alright, Sister?

Your hands are beautiful. Your nails, slender fingers and flexible arms too. Although I only touched you a little, you’re still nervous. You can’t get enough, can you? I’m going to defile you.

Come on. I’ll lock you up with these handcuffs and make you mine right now. You’ll be within my grasp. You’ll do as I wish. You’ll obey my voice. I’ll show you ecstasy that you’ve never felt before. Hurry up and take off my shackles too.

Yes. You’re obedient, aren’t you? You’re trapped by me now. You can’t defy me anymore. If you do, the chains on you will hurt your legs and arms.

But it’s alright. My tongue and my saliva…will turn your pain into pleasure.

Pleasure will penetrate your body if I lick your pale and soft wrists. I’ll take my time enjoying your body. You’ll feel good. You’ll gradually begin to feel good. But that won’t be enough. A more stimulating pain… You like pain. All the pain I inflict on you will become pleasure. If I tighten the chains like this, the pain that rubs against your skin will penetrate your body. You’ll writhe at the pleasure of that pain.

How about I destroy you even more? Shall I make you feel really good? You want me to do that, don’t you? But I won’t allow your beautiful skin to get hurt. I’ll drag you into a gentle, but stimulating whirlpool of pain and pleasure.

Kiss me. Desire more. My voice, lips, tongue and hands. Desire me.
That’s no good. I can’t allow that. Put out your tongue properly.
That’s not enough. I’ll end up biting your tongue like this.

See. I won’t bite you. Run away. Move your tongue and try to run from me.

Come on. If you don’t hurry up and run away, I’ll catch you. No matter how much you run, my tongue will chase you. Right?

See. It’s easy for me to bite your tongue. Hurry up and run away if you don’t want that to happen.

I want your tongue. Try to attack me this time. I’ll forgive you. I’ll catch you if all you do is keep running. Come on. Hurry up.

You did pretty well. Hey, you understand, don’t you? The sweet, sweet scent of vanilla. The smell of tobacco. The tempting scents blend together inside your mouth. That scent isn’t the only sweet thing. The flavour and sensation are both incredibly sweet. The sensation of the tight handcuffs and the stiff shackles. Everything feels pleasurable. A sweet pleasure. The pain all becomes pleasure. Our entwined tongues, saliva, fingers, hands, legs and bodies are all hot. So much that our bodies can’t stop shaking. I want you. No matter where I touch you, your body shivers.

The erogenous zones all over your body are waiting for me. The cold handcuffs and shackles feel hot because of your temperature, which is so high that you’re about to melt. Does it feel that good? It feels so good you can’t bear it? It does, doesn’t it? Say it. Hurry up and let me come. Try to be honest and say it. Your body feels drowsy and hot, you can’t help it.

You want me inside you right now. Relax. Come on.
Ah, that’s right. You want me to treat you more roughly, don’t you? You want it to hurt, don’t you? Take off these handcuffs and make your delicate arms do as I wish. When my hands crawl up your shivering body, from your fingertips to your arms, the tantalising pleasure will burn your body. Tantalising and pleasurable. You can’t think of anything else. My hands go past your smooth shoulder to your collarbone. It seems so fragile that it might break immediately. My hands pass over your chest too. The skin which clings to my hand is your will, isn’t it? You’re telling me not to take my hand away, right? You’re asking me to do as I desire, to touch and tease you more. More relentlessly. More roughly. You want me to touch you and make you feel good.

How does it feel to have my fingers defile your smooth skin? It makes you shiver. You can’t get enough, can you? My hands come down your soft skin, slowly, from your chest down to your stomach. You’re really excited. You feel really good.

Ah, where do you want me to touch you next? Tell me. If you don’t tell me…

I was joking. But I’ll make you come until you’re unable to stand. Come on. Give me another kiss, Sister. Do it the way you want.

That’s not enough. Do it more roughly. You’re no longer pure. Do as you desire. Act instinctively. You want to feel good. You’ll drown deeply in my voice and actions. You can’t bear the never-ending heat, pleasure and pain. All you can feel is so much pleasure that you could go insane. Hurry up. Hurry up. You don’t have to stop. The great waves of pleasure overwhelm you.

Only look at me. Only listen to my voice. Only sense me. If you do that, you can go anywhere. You’ll feel good, and only pleasure will penetrate you. Your body is crying out that it feels good.

Go. It’s hot and it hurts. The place that hurts and feels pleasurable. You can still feel even better than this. See, even more than this!

Come back slowly. Yes, it’s alright. I’m holding onto you. You’re in my arms. You’re in my arms, as if being swayed by gentle waves. It’s alright. Don’t worry.

You feel calm, right? The sweet and smoky scent of tobacco. When this flame burns out, you’ll be back to how you were before. Come on. Inhale it slowly. A pleasant scent. A pleasant scent which calms your mind and body. The restraints have been taken off and nothing binds you.

Now, while I count to ten, the cigarette will burn out. Your body will return to normal. Got it?

One. Your body temperature is returning to normal.
Two. The heat in your chest is cooling, as if the waves are receding.
Three. Your body is becoming lighter, little by little.
Four. Your arms and legs are free.
Five. The fever and pain which left a lingering sensation disappear.
Six. Your breathing slowly calms down.
Seven. You can breathe at your own pace.
Eight. You can clearly hear the sounds around you.
Nine. Open your eyes.
Ten. Time’s up.

Track 3 – The demise of an intimate relationship

You’ve gone back to feeling the way you usually do, right? How was I today?
Well, I know even if you don’t tell me. Just how much you lost your composure. Your shameless movements which showed me that you wanted something. You reacted to my voice and were agonised by my fingers. You desired my lips and were crushed by pleasure. It felt so good that you didn’t know what was what. You even forgot you were a sister. Ah. You forgot on purpose, didn’t you?

Haha. Be honest. What is it, Sister? Your face is bright red. You look tearful. Your red lips are wet. It’s not just your cheeks, your skin is blushing too.

When you look so innocent, it makes me want to defile you again. A holy woman should act like one. But I know that your heart and mind is full of me. You are only controlled by the time you spend here with me. Just remembering it is enough to make your face blush. Your heart pounds and your body throbs. No matter what you do, no matter where you are, you end up coming back here again. Isn’t that right?

You can’t live without me, can you? I feel the same way about you. Go already. You’ve got to go back, right? Hurry up.

Huh? Today’s sermon? Like I care about that. What’s the point in God’s leadership? I’m tired of hearing about it. Anyway…

I gave you enough guidance today, didn’t I? Your expression finally looks more like one a holy woman should have. I can’t get enough of destroying that though.

Hey. Just go already. If you don’t go, I really will jump you this time. I’ll do it more violently and forcefully than I did in the dream earlier. Even if you say you don’t like it or ask me to forgive you, I won’t listen to your voice this time. Come on. If you understand, then go already.

Hey, Sister. I’ll try and break out of prison again, so be ready for when I do. This won’t be enough. It won’t be enough for me to forgive you. I’ll chase you anywhere. I’ll violate you completely in front of a cross and in front of your God. Wait for me with fear and expectation!

I’m sure you won’t be able to wait until then though. You’ll desire me again right away. You’ll want me to sleep with you and you won’t be able to wait. You’ll want to feel that pleasure and feel me, so you’ll come to see me again and again. Make sure to come again. I desire you so much it’s unbearable too…


Amemakura 6


Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 2


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