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Amemakura 6

Amemakura 6 – Taku

Taku Ooya (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Track 1 – I want to have children

Thanks for coming shopping with me today. It really was helpful that you came. Considering he’s a guy, my older brother is fussy. Even though it’s just a present to congratulate him on his child being born, I worried about a lot of things. I think he’ll be happy with this. A cute cat shaped baby toy made from natural materials.

So I’m an uncle now, huh? I hope I can meet my nephew soon.

Hmm? Why are you laughing? Ah. That’s it, isn’t? You want to say I’m acting completely like an uncle, don’t you?

This is a strange feeling, isn’t it? All that happened was that someone in my family had a child, but I still feel really happy. I wonder how small he is. I wonder whether he’ll like me. I’m not confident about raising children yet, but I’m good at making them.

Hey, be careful! You thought I was serious just now, didn’t you? Well, it wasn’t a joke. I might be serious. Hmm, I wonder which one it was?

Hmm? I’m not teasing you.

Ah. Right, will you take me seriously if I give you a kiss?

Hey. The reason for our kisses now are different from the ones we had when we were kids, right? We lived next door to each other, we were always together and we said we’d get married when we were older. We gave each other flowers and gave each other kisses on our blushing cheeks.

Things really are different from how they were then. It’s kind of frustrating. So shall we try an adult’s kiss?

You’re blushing again. Do you want me to kiss you like I did in the past?

You really are cute.

Come on, close your eyes.

Oh? Aren’t you angry?

Ah, I see. I’d said I’d give you an adult’s kiss, but you’re probably disappointed that I kissed you on the cheek, right?

Sorry, sorry. I was joking. Right now, I’m happy enough just kissing you on the cheek.

I guess we should go home soon instead of talking here. It was sunny when we went out, but now it’s gotten cloudy. It’s too bad we can’t see the sunset today.

I thought I’d create the right mood under the sunset sky and make a move on you.

Huh? Why are you laughing? This isn’t the time to be laughing, right? Well, not that I mind. You’re always good at leading me on. You don’t have any bad intentions or do it deliberately either. You really are mean.

Even if you look confused like that, there are still times when I don’t want to let you escape.

I just felt something land on my face…

This rain came at completely the wrong time! I guess we don’t have a choice. Let’s hurry and find somewhere we can shelter from the rain. We might be able to find somewhere in that park right there. Let’s go.

Track 2 – Doctor Sleepy’s Lesson for Gentle Sleep

I’m glad there’s a park here. This is a bit of a problem though. It’s good that we found shelter, but a kid’s playhouse is too small for us. We’re squeezed into a small playhouse together. We’re really close to each other right now.

Ah, this is no good. Because I’m a man, you see. It’d be inconsiderate to you if I didn’t do anything now. Yeah, that’s right. So now I’ll give you plenty of kisses, and then take my time enjoying what happens after that in a nearby hotel…

Waah! You didn’t have to hit me, did you? I thought it’d be okay.

Okay, okay. I’m not going to do anything. It was just a little joke. When you take it seriously, it makes me want to tease you even more. Don’t do such cute things.

Anyway, this place really is small. A long time ago, this kind of playhouse felt bigger. It’s sad how time passes by.

Ah. What do you mean “like a grandpa”? You’re so mean. Earlier you called me an uncle, now I’m a grandpa.

I was just thinking about when I played with you in the past. Do you remember the kindergarten we went to? There was a playhouse like this one. The peeling paint was repainted and it’s still being used. When I pass by it, I feel strangely sad. If I was with you like I was in the past, I probably wouldn’t be so sentimental about it.

I just realised this. When we’re not talking, the rain sounds really loud. It makes me think “So rain really is this loud”. I thought the rain made a knocking sound, like “tap tap”. It’s actually a really strong sound like this.

Hey. Are you cold? I guess it’s because we got a little wet. It’ll be no good if you catch a cold. Come closer to me. I was just teasing you earlier. I won’t do anything to you.

It’s okay. It’s okay. You’re the girl who’s more important than anything to me, you see. Are you feeling calmer? Let me warm you up. I’m not going to do anything. On this occasion, I’ll swear to God.

Ah. You laughed. Are you feeling less nervous? For starters, it’s strange for you to be nervous around your childhood friend. Come here. I haven’t changed at all since I was a child.

See. You’re really cold. That’s why I told you to come closer to me sooner. Don’t try to be strong around me. Getting bothered by that kind of thing when you’re around me is stupid.

Hey. The distance between us hasn’t changed at all since we were kids. We’re very close childhood friends who live next door to each other. So even if we sit together like this, there’s nothing strange about it, right?

What do you think about that? Aren’t you frustrated?

Why are you troubled? Well, I guess you would be. A gentleman wouldn’t ask a girl that kind of question. Right… I’ve got to use this time where I’m feeling your warmth in the best way. Can I hold you a little more? Your hands are getting cold, you see.

Hmm? Did you just shiver because I touched your hand all of a sudden or because of the cold? If I’m able to warm you up like this, I actually don’t mind which reason it is. You can’t run away.

It’s pouring down with rain and your body is a little cold. So I’d like to give you a warm shower and a warm towel right now, but unfortunately the only one who can warm you up right now is me.

Hehe. You can’t run away anymore. You won’t run away, right? You can’t run away because you want to do this too. Tell me that’s the reason.

It’s really warm when you’re in my arms. So another person’s warmth really feels this good. It makes me want to cry.

Hmm? It was a joke. I’m not going to cry. I just felt that way. I just always felt that I was about to cry because of your presence. I like your gentle scent. It’s nostalgic and sweet.

Right. You try and warm me up too. Then I’m sure you’ll remember our small, lovely and dear time that’s irreplaceable.

Right? Our scent…

When we were kids, we held each other like this once in the past, didn’t we?

Hey. Do you remember? Have you remembered it together with that nostalgic scent?

It was a sleepless night. I restlessly awoke from my bed. When I opened the curtains, the curtains of your room, which is opposite mine were open too. It was like we had planned it. We were surprised and looked at each other in amazement. But then we immediately laughed because it was so funny. I can’t believe we did the same thing on the same day and at the same moment.

There was a real reason I couldn’t sleep though. It was because of my computer that I had just learned how to use. It was new and interesting, and I was having so much fun, that you got excited too. We had fun everyday, and we were close together as we peered at the screen.

Ah. Thinking about it really does bring back memories. We weren’t able to sleep at night because we got excited about the computer. We really were like kids. But you came onto the veranda, and we messed around on the computer, using it to look up ways to sleep. Then we found “Doctor Sleepy’s Lesson for Gentle Sleep”. Do you remember? We went to sleep together. We fell asleep, holding hands in the same bed.

Right. I felt you were really close to me, just like you are now. I felt the warmth of your body all around me. It was a really comfortable time.

Hey. You felt the same too, right? You’ve got to say “yes” right now.

Okay. Good girl. You never change. You’re an honest and good girl.

Ah. Is it okay to hold you even tighter? Well, I’m going to hold onto you without waiting for your reply.

Right. I’ll do Doctor Sleepy’s Method for Gentle Sleep” for you. You don’t have to sleep, like you did in the past. Give everything to me.

Come on. First put your hands together like this and rub them together. Just like putting your hands in front of a fire. I warmed my hands with you, repeating “cold, hot” while wrapped in the same blanket. When we did that, we gradually felt strangely warm. I guess it was because children have high body temperatures.

No, it’s not like that. Because even now, I’m really warm.

Ah, that’s right! Next, I’ll gently rub your head. When I rub the top of your head with both my hands, it feels good, right? Because this is where it feels good for you. When I rubbed your head, you’d relax. It felt good and you always got sleepy.

Yes, that’s right. You made that kind of expression. Be good and close your eyes. If not, I won’t do something that feels good.

You understand yourself, don’t you? You want to go a lot further than this. Your body and heart want it too.

Yes, that’s right. Good girl. I’m going to give the good child a reward. I’ll gently rub your temples too. Above your eyes and your forehead as well. It’ll feel good.

Hey. Right around this time, we would put something out.

Yes, that’s right. A candle with a pleasant scent. A precious and secret treasure which belonged to us alone, that we got excited about and bought with our allowance. We’d slowly light it on nights when we couldn’t sleep. We knew it was wrong to light something. We knew that it was wrong to sneak into each other’s rooms and sleep. We knew that it was wrong to keep secrets from adults. But those bad things felt good. The room is faintly lit by the candle’s flame. Our bodies and hearts are comfortable.

It wouldn’t be strange for you to fall asleep at any time. We slowly talked to each other about the things which happened that day. Sometimes we’d be sleepy for a moment and then feel awake again. Because I heard your voice, the voice of the one I love, I’d feel like waking up again and again. I wonder why I depend on your voice so much.

Right, it’s already like poison to me. Because you’ve always been a devilish girl, since you were a child. It’s unbearable.

Hmm? I’m not joking. It’s all true. The time we’ve spent together since we were kids, the hot summer days and the cold winter days. The chilly rainy season too. We’ve always been together. We’ve spent many times together. I intended that being girls or boys wouldn’t be important during that whole time. But the same day will never come again. So that’s why those days are dear to me. That’s why you’re dear to me.

Oh? What am I saying? It’s weird. I guess I’m feeling sleepy. Because I was thinking about “Doctor Sleepy”. Are you…sleepy too?

Track 3 – Let’s Melt Together

Hey, I discovered something mysterious. When I’m holding you and warming you like this, it’s like our heartbeats are overlapping.

See. Do you understand? I’m holding onto and warming your whole heart.

Hey. Can you hear it? Thump. Thump.
The sound of your heartbeat mixed with the rain.
Your heartbeat, my heartbeat. The two sounds mix together with the rain. Then I start not to know whose sound is which. Now I feel really comfortable.

My heartbeat makes your eardrums tremble. Your heartbeat makes my eardrums tremble. It’s like we’re melting together. Thump. Thump.

Thump. Thump.

Hey. What shall we remember as we go to sleep today? The shop we went to together today? Going to a sweet shop for a snack? Buying sweets like we did when we were kids? Talking as we walked home? Doing this because of the evening rain? I wonder how you feel when you remember those things.

If I appear in your dreams, I wonder what I’m doing with you. Am I the same as usual in your dreams? Do I tease you and make you sulk? I always mess around by making you blush and feel embarrassed. Sometimes I act seriously though. When I want you to understand me, that’s the only time I’m the first one to say it’s a joke. I’m not behaving like a man when I do that. But I’m me. I know that I don’t mind who I am as long as I can protect you. If I can protect the person important to me, it doesn’t matter who I am. I know that too. Loving you is more important than being loved by you. But when I want more than that, I actually feel a little scared. I wonder what the matter with me is. Not only am I not acting like a man today, I’m really uncool. This is all because you’re so warm. It’s because you satisfy my feelings so much. You’re such a sinful girl. You’ve stripped me bare.

What’s the matter? I’m beginning to feel sleepy too. I wonder if I got sleepy because of you. You see, sleepiness spreads just like a yawn. It’s true. Especially when we’re close like this. It’s like everything is happy, feels good and is warm.

I can faintly hear the sound of the rain and the sound of our heartbeats. The sound of you breathing too. They all gently surround me. I guess we can rest together for a little while. Maybe I got too excited today. My body feels really heavy. I’ve gotten sleepy. I want to close my eyes for a little while too. I want to feel sleepy with you for a little while.

Track 4 – Sleeping Breath

[Not a spoken track]

Track 5 – Give Me a Reward

I really did fall asleep. You’re still asleep, huh? I wonder how long I was asleep. The rain seems to have slowed down. I wonder if it’s stopped? That’s good.

No…I wonder whether that’s good or not. When I see you sleeping with a calm look on your face, I feel sad that the rain is clearing up. It’s no good. I want to hold you like this for a little longer after all. Don’t wake up yet. I’ll warm you up so you can sleep more deeply and comfortably. Okay?

The rain stops, and I hear the sound of the raindrops dripping. They make a gentle and calming sound. So sleep for a little longer while you idly listen to this sound. With a defenceless and lovely expression on your face. Comfortably stay in your dreams for now. I don’t want to let go of you yet.

Hey. Can you hear my heartbeat too? I want to make you mine and my heart is beating fast. I’ve loved you for a long time. You’re the only one I really love.

Why did things turn out like this? The girl I want the most is the hardest to get.

But you shouldn’t depend on or entrust yourself to a man like this, unless I’m the one. Because all men are wolves, you see. Wolves that pursue a pure and lovely person like you. Perhaps I’m a wolf too. So maybe you’ll get hurt if I touch you. But the position of childhood friend is more than enough for me.

Ah. I want you to love me. Then I’d hold, kiss and be affectionate to you everyday.

Hey. I’m holding you without doing anything. So you can give me one reward, right? Kissing your hair really isn’t enough. I want more of you. Everything. I want it all so much, I can’t bear it.

Hey. Can you give me a greater reward after all?

On your lovely forehead. On your soft and pale cheeks. Now I actually want to steal your lips away, but I’ll kiss your other cheek. I’ll accept this today. Because you’re precious to me.

I’d like to awaken the princess with a kiss from the prince, but that will only happen when you’ve understood my feelings. If you wake up, then today will be the day… No, today will be another day when I’ll tell you that I love you. But don’t always think the way you usually do. Prepare yourself. I’m going to try and make you mine before another man takes you. I’ll try to make you mine, and mine alone.

Hey. Do you understand? So today, I won’t be discouraged and will make a move on you. Then I’m sure you’ll love me someday. Isn’t that right?

Hey. Won’t your answer be “Yes” soon? Because I love you so much.


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    Taku’s tone of talking is so sad – there isn’t even any background music! He sounds so dissatisfied. At first I thought he was dating the MC, but by the end of track 2 I was truly convinced he’s being friendzoned.

    I love Tattsun’s sleepy voice against the dummy head mic though. It lulls me to somewhere calm.

    Thank you for the translation, Saki-san!

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