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Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen 2

Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen 2 – Snow White’s Prince

Yukito Shirase (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)
Kouki Haibara (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
Motochika Hiiragi (CV: Kaji Yuuki)

Track 1: Monologue

Mirror, Mirror, Mirror.
Who is the most beautiful of them all?
Please let me find my princess.

A spell that can find the person you’re destined to be with has been handed down through generations of my family. It’s said that the dwarves will lead you to your dearest partner when you recite that spell in front of a mirror.

How’s that supposed to work? It’s ridiculous. Did my ancestors really think you’d find the person you’re destined to be with like this?

Well, I never imagined something so unrealistic could happen until I met you.

Royal Prince Academy
Snow White’s Prince, Yukito Shirase Chapter

Track 2: Encounter

What on earth is going on? I came to school early and noticed a strange girl sleeping comfortably beneath the shade of a tree in the courtyard.

The school courtyard? Early in the morning? What’s she doing here? Who is she anyway? Maybe…could she be the one?

It was an impulsive decision, just a delusion. That stupid spell I recited while standing in front of the mirror: Mirror, Mirror, Mirror…

I suddenly felt sleepy after that and I don’t really remember what happened next.

No, there’s no way something crazy like that would happen. I was in my own bed when I woke up anyway.

I’m surprised she can sleep so calmly in a place like this though. She’s wearing this school’s uniform too, so she must be that special student. At any rate, I know it’s better for me not to get involved. But…

Jeez! I don’t have a choice. I guess I’ll wake her up.

Hey. Hey, you. Wake up!

Ah. What is it? Don’t stare at me so intently.

I’m not panicking, don’t make weird accusations. I just woke you up because you were sleeping here. You should be grateful.

Why were you sleeping here anyway?

You arrived too early on your first day and were feeling tired? Are you an idiot? I can’t believe you fell asleep in the courtyard on your first day. What were you going to do if you were late?

So what year are you in?

You’re in the second year? I see, we’re in the same year then.

Why are you so happy? We’re just in the same year. There are only three year groups, so there’s a one in three chance that we’d be in the same year. It’s not much of a coincidence. It’d be different if we were in the same class.

Huh? No way… We’re in the same class too?

My name? That’s not important. I don’t care if you’re a special student or whatever, I don’t have any obligation to tell you my name.

Jeez, you’re so persistent. My name is Shirase. Yukito Shirase. Are you happy now? There’s no reason for you to…

No, it’s the class bell! Even though I made sure to get here early…

Here, take my hand.

What? I’m telling you to get up quickly. We’ll be late if you don’t hurry. Let’s go!

It’s not like I’m showing you the way, I just thought it would be no good if I ended up being late because I had to deal with you.

I don’t need your thanks. Whatever, just hurry up. We’re going to run for a while!

We made it somehow. Jeez, that was too much exercise for early in the morning.

Ah. How long are you going to keep holding onto my hand?

I was the one who held your hand first? Well…if you got lost, I’d have to go and look for you! If I’d have to go to that much trouble, then I’d rather be embarrassed for a moment and take you with me instead! Don’t misunderstand, alright?

Fine, as long as you understand. This is the classroom. Got it? If there’s something else you don’t know… Ah, no…never mind. Hurry up and go inside.

Even though I know I shouldn’t get involved…
What should I do? This isn’t like me. What’s going to happen next?

Mirror, Mirror, Mirror.
Who is the most beautiful of them all?
Please let me find my princess.

This is ridiculous! That was just a delusion!

Track 3: Studying in the Library

Yukito: I’ve been so confused lately. That strange girl has been talking to me since she transferred here. I don’t like associating with other people. They’re not simple things like machines that you can understand by reading instructions. They’re fragile too. On top of that, she’s a girl. That makes it even harder for me to know what to say. If I was able to say something more considerate…

What am I thinking? There’s no reason for me to be concerned about her. But if I had a program that could provide the right reply, our conversations might be easier. Then I wouldn’t have these pointless thoughts and my mind wouldn’t be confused like this. It’s a great idea. I’ve got to make one as soon as possible.

Ah, the library is nice and quiet, just like I expected it would be. No one is making any noise here. Even if they were, they’d be thrown out by the librarian.

Right, the books about programming… Ah! What’s she doing here?

What is it? You surprised me! So what are you doing here?

Oh, you like books? You were surprised because of this library…
It’s only natural you’d be surprised the first time you see it, it’s more like a national library than a school library.

Hmm? What are you agreeing for?

I see, the book you were reading is out of print. There are lots of books like that here. Not just books from Japan, but from all over the world. You seem to like this place a lot. Are you really that happy?

Huh? You’re recommending this book to me? Well, I suppose I’ll think about reading it.

Hmm, you want to know what I’m doing here? I came to look for some programming materials. There’s a program I need to make right away.

Why are you so surprised? It’s not that impressive. Programming is easy once you learn how to do it.

I told you it’s nothing impressive. Don’t compliment me, I’m not used to it. Ah, jeez! Forget about me! It’s your favourite book, right? Hurry up and go back to reading it!

Jeez, I never thought that I’d see her here.

Motochika: Oh, you came to the library too? What a coincidence!

Kouki: Hey, Chika. Everyone’s reading quietly, so you shouldn’t make any noise.

Motochika: But I’m happy because I didn’t think she’d be here!
Hey, what are you reading? Kou-chan and I came to do our book report. We’ve got lots to do before we’re finished!

Kouki: I’m nearly finished. You’re the only one who hasn’t started, Chika.

Motochika: But it’s so boring!
Oh? Yuki’s here too! What are you doing?

Yukito: I’m quietly reading a book. Can’t you see?

Motochika: Oh, I see! Well, I’m ever so sorry for disturbing you! But you don’t have to be near her, do you? There are plenty of free seats over there. I wonder why? Why do you think so, Kou-chan?

Yukito: Hey, Hiiragi. If you’ve got something to say, then make it obvious.

Kouki: Calm down, you two. We’re at a library, so be quiet. Chika, don’t annoy Yuki. Yuki, don’t fight with Chika. Got it?

Yukito: Hey, Haibara. It’s not my fault. It’s obviously that idiot’s fault.

Motochika: You’re strange, Yuki. That’s just my way of showing my love. You understand too, right?

Yukito: Don’t ask her to agree with you. I don’t need any of your love either!

Kouki: Jeez, you two really are trouble.
Yukito! Are you doing the book report too?

Yukito: I’ve already finished, I handed it in earlier.

Motochika: No way! The deadline is tomorrow, right?

Yukito: I wanted to finish it early and study something else.

Motochika: Whoa! You’re always so serious, I just can’t do that.

Yukito: Unlike me, it wouldn’t take you that much effort to do it.

Motochika: Hahaha! I’m definitely the type of guy who can do things effortlessly! Have you finally realised how awesome I am, Yuki?

Yukito: You always act like this when someone compliments you.

Kouki: But you know a lot about computers, don’t you? There was something wrong with my network at home and you fixed it right away.

Yukito: That was just because the basic settings were incorrect.

Motochika: You’re always carrying a computer with you. Your family owns a computer company too, so I guess fixing stuff is easy for you. Isn’t that computer different from your usual one though?

Yukito: Don’t touch Professor!

Kouki & Motochika: Professor?

Motochika: Did you name your computer?

Yukito: Is there something wrong with that?

Kouki: Does the computer you usually carry with you have a name too?

Yukito: You mean Mantle? That one’s being fixed.

Motochika: Whoa! That’s so geeky!

Yukito: What?

Motochika: Well, isn’t giving a computer a name a geeky thing to do?

Kouki: Everyone is different, Chika. You probably get more attached to things when you name them. I think it’s great, Yukito!

Yukito: What’s with that half-assed kindness?

Motochika: Hmm, I guess you could think of it that way.

Kouki: Right! Even she says it’s amazing.

Motochika: Yes, I think it’s great too! Naming a computer, huh? I’d always be able to take good care of a computer if I gave it your name.

Kouki: He’s so fast at changing his mind…

Yukito: It’s even more impressive that he got like this…

Motochika: I don’t care about my report anymore! Hey, why don’t we all go and get something to eat together? I’m feeling hungry!

Yukito: Why exactly did you come here?

Kouki: That’s right, Chika! What are you going to do about the report? You really won’t make it in time if you don’t do it today.

Motochika: But I don’t wanna! I don’t care about the report anymore! I don’t wanna do it!

Kouki: Hey! The librarian will get mad at you if you’re not quiet!

Motochika: Huh? But he’s sleeping over at the front desk.

Kouki: He’s scary if you wake him up!

Yukito: He should just throw you out.

Motochika: Did you say something, Yuki? It’s not good to say such mean things in secret!

Kouki: Hey, Chika!
Hmm, what is it? Look at the front desk?

Yukito: It looks like the librarian is going to wake up…

Motochika: Uh oh! I’m going to leave before you guys then. Bye bye!

Yukito: He’s running away alone!

Kouki: Alright, I’ll take her somewhere safe! I’ll make sure to get her there okay, so I’ll leave the rest to you.

Alright, shall we go? Ah, I’m sure Yukito will put the book you were reading back on the shelf. Come on, hurry!

Yukito: Ah! Wait a minute, Haibara! Why do I have to put the book away?

She really did leave it lying there…
It seemed that she really liked this book though…
The Adventure of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?

This is…no way… I don’t want to turn around, but…

Sorry for waking you up! Huh? No, the others ran away a while ago…

Huh? No, I’m not their friend! Sorry! I’m really sorry! I’ll apologise honestly, so forgive me!

Track 4: Bright Red Apple

Motochika: Good morning…

Kouki: What’s the matter, Chika? You don’t seem well this morning.

Yukito: He’s better that way, he’s normally too noisy.

Motochika: Please…comfort me…

Yukito: Hiiragi! Don’t take advantage of the confusion and get close to her!

Kouki: Right! You surprised her!

Motochika: But…!

Yukito: You really are acting strange.

Kouki: What’s the matter, Chika? Did something bad happen?

Motochika: My precious…

Kouki: You lost something important?

Motochika: That’s right! My older brother ate my precious cherry pie! Even though there was only one slice left!

Kouki: Huh? So…

Motochika: That’s all.

Yukito: How ridiculous. You’re talking about sweets again?

Motochika: It’s not ridiculous! It really was delicious! If I can’t eat it, my life might as well be over!

Kouki: You’re exaggerating… If you haven’t got any cherry pie, then why don’t you just eat a different pie? There are plenty of other types of pie.

Motochika: Pumpkin pie, apricot pie, cream cheese pie and mixed berry pie would be nice… In this season, citrus fruits might also be good…like lemon pie!

Yukito: Just listening to you is enough to give me heartburn!

Motochika: Apple pie too… That’s it! Apples! Let’s go and pick apples at Yuki’s house!

Yukito: You can’t!

Motochika: Why not?!

Yukito: Because you’re so loud!

Motochika: Hey! You want to go and pick apples too, right? Say that you want to go!

Kouki: Look! You’re confusing her because you brought it up so suddenly.
Yukito’s family owns a computer company, but they also manage an apple orchard.

Motochika: It’s your family’s other business, isn’t it?

Yukito: That’s right. My family has owned an apple orchard for generations, but the computer business was started later on.

Motochika: Hey, will you come too? I think I’ll have fun with you! We’ll take Kou-chan with us as well!

Kouki: Okay, okay. I’ll try my best at picking apples.

Yukito: Hey, no one said you could come along.

Motochika: We’ll get Yuki’s mom to bake apple pie again! The pie she made last time was really delicious!

Kouki: You ate too much and couldn’t move for a while, right, Chika? Wasn’t that made with the apples picked at Yuki’s house?

Motochika: Yuki hates sweet things, but he’ll eat his mom’s apple pie! He’s got a mother complex!

Yukito: What?!

Kouki: Ah, you two are so friendly this morning!
Well, class is going to start soon, so let’s sit down already.

Motochika: Okay! But I’m sure Yuki will never get a date, because he doesn’t understand how great sweet things are.

Yukito: How are those two things related? Not all girls like sweet things, so it shouldn’t matter how often their boyfriend eats that kind of stuff.

Motochika: Then it shouldn’t matter how often I eat sweet things.

Yukito: You eat too many sweet things!

Kouki: You two aren’t listening to me at all!

Motochika: I’m listening! But I can’t agree with this!

Yukito: I’ve had enough, talking to you just makes me tired. You don’t have to pay attention to him either, Haibara.

Kouki: No, no. I can’t possibly do that.

Motochika: Hey, why are you running away?!

== Scene Change ==

Motochika: Hello! Yuki! We’re here! Open up!

Kouki: It’s surprising how big Yukito’s house is, isn’t it?

Motochika: That’s because there’s an apple orchard here.
Ah… But Yuki sure is taking his time. Even though we’ve brought you with us too… Yuki! Hey, Yuki!

Kouki: Chika! You’ll annoy his family if you ring the bell that much!

Yukito: Jeez! That’s enough! It’s early morning on a weekend! Think about how much you’re bothering me!

Kouki: Sorry to bother you, Yukito.

Yukito: It’s not something for you to apologise about like that, Haibara.

Motochika: That’s right.

Yukito: You should be apologising though!

Motochika: Don’t worry about the little things! See, she’s been looking forward to it as well! Right?

Yukito: You’re using her as an excuse again.
Oh well. My mother heard you were coming and felt like baking apple pie. She’s getting ready, so let’s hurry up and pick some apples.

Motochika: Alright! Yuki’s mom really is the understanding type!

Kouki: I’m looking forward to it! Let’s go find some delicious apples!

Yukito: Come on, the orchard is this way.

== Scene Change ==

Yukito: This is the apple orchard at my house.

Motochika: Wow! There are so many delicious looking apples! Which one should I pick?

Kouki: Well then, I’m going to get started!

Yukito: Aren’t you going with the others?

You want to go with me?
I don’t really mind… But you won’t have fun going with me.

You think going with me will be fun? You really are strange.

Motochika: Hey, come here! The apples on this tree are really big! They look delicious! Yum, so delicious! You try one too!

Kouki: Here you go. I’ve wiped it clean, so you can eat it right away.

Yukito: Wait! Just wait!

Kouki: You started shouting all of a sudden… What’s the matter, Yukito?

Motochika: Don’t tease her by saying she can’t eat these delicious apples!

Yukito: I wouldn’t do that! I can’t let her eat it before checking whether it’s safe! If you’re insisting that she’s got to eat it now, then I’m going to eat it first!

Okay, you can eat it.

Motochika: You’re the worst! You pervert! She won’t want your half-eaten apple! Hey, aren’t you just trying to get an indirect kiss?!

Yukito: Ah! No! It’s not like that…

Motochika: Then why’d you do it?

Yukito: Well, I don’t really know… But I had a feeling she shouldn’t eat it… Why was that?

Kouki: It’s no good asking me… Isn’t it just a normal apple? There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. It’s not like it’s poisoned.

Yukito: Poisoned?!

Motochika: What, these apples are poisoned?! Hey, stop that! I just ate one!

Kouki: Of course they’re not poisoned.

Yukito: Exactly! There’s no way these apples would be poisoned!

Kouki: Huh? What’s the matter, Yukito? Aren’t you acting differently to how you usually do? It’s not normal for you to lose your cool like that.

Yukito: Eh? Ah… I felt like something similar happened before… Sorry for surprising you.

Motochika: Jeez, being surprised like that has made me all hungry! Let’s hurry up and pick some apples so Yuki’s mom can bake the apple pie!

Kouki: Yukito, if there’s something you’re worried about, I’ll listen. So don’t push yourself too hard.

Yukito: No, there’s nothing wrong. You should stop looking so worried too. I’m fine.

Motochika: Hurry up, everyone!

Yukito: My headache won’t stop because of that idiot.

Kouki: Haha. I’m glad you seem to be back to normal. Right, let’s go before Chika starts making a fuss!

Yukito: You’re right. He’s such an annoyance when it comes to sweet things.

Track 5: A Promise

There’s definitely been something strange about me recently. Even if I play with my computer, or make programs, I still can’t concentrate somehow. I don’t even notice minor bugs until there’s an error sound.

Hmm? Oh, hello? Eh? How do you know my number?!

Haibara gave it to you? Why’d he do that without asking?

No, I’m not angry. So what do you want?

What? You want to go out somewhere on Sunday…

She’s asking me?

No, it’s nothing! Why do I have to hang out with you anyway? I’m busy, and I don’t have time for that!

What do I do on weekends? A lot of things… Like maintenance on my computer…

There’s nothing wrong with staying at home! I’m the indoor type and I like being alone. Why are you so concerned about me anyway?

I’m not saying I don’t like it, I just don’t think you’d have fun with me. I’m not good at talking like Hiiragi and I’m not considerate like Haibara. Ah, never mind about them! Anyway, I…

Eh? Another time? It’s true that I’m busy, but if you really want to go, I can change my plans.

I said it’s okay, so it’s okay! There’s nothing for you to worry about. You were the one who invited me anyway! We’re going out tomorrow, no matter what! Got it?

You don’t have to sound so happy! For your information, you’re going with me. It’s got nothing to do with me if you get bored.

What? You want to walk around town and go to my favourite place? You probably don’t know your way around here yet, so I guess I could show you around a little. I’m sure you’ll think my favourite place is boring though.

Alright, but don’t expect too much. I’ll see you in front of the station at 12 tomorrow.

Tomorrow, huh? That doesn’t give me a lot of time. Well, I guess I’ll do some research for now.

It should be easy if I search online. I’ll limit the area to around here. A date a girl would like…

What is this? It’s all about how to pick up girls! Were the keywords wrong? How about “a recommended date location” then?

Night scenery? Going out at night is unacceptable!
A theme park? No way! It’d be too crowded.

Just what am I searching for? It’s not a date, we’re just going to hang out together. This is the first time I’ve been out with a girl though.

I give up. Why do I have to worry about these stupid things? It’s ridiculous. I should have turned her down after all.

Hmm? A text message? Who could it be from?
It’s from her… What does she want now?

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I’ll make some lunch to bring with me.”

A homemade lunch?

This message…it seems like she’s really looking forward to it. I guess I don’t have a choice. I’ll take her to my favourite place.

Track 6: A Date Outside School

She’s late. It’s 12:14 pm. 12.15 pm. I’m sure we agreed to meet at 12.00 pm.

Should I send her a text message? No, I haven’t made a mistake. I’m sure the time was written in the text message she sent yesterday too.

Could something have happened to her?! Like an accident… If that happened…

Ah, there she is. It looks like nothing happened.

You’re late! It’s 17 minutes past the time we agreed! Does your watch say it’s 12 pm now? It doesn’t, right? So what were you doing?

Anyway, tell me if you’re going to be late! I was worried!

You don’t really have to apologise… I was just speaking generally…I wasn’t really worried!

Why are you laughing? I didn’t say something that strange.

Eh? You’re not laughing because it was strange… You’re happy?

Why are you so happy? I just don’t understand you.

I wasn’t really worried about you. I said that, right? Were you listening properly?

That’s enough, let’s go! Give me your things, I’ll carry them for you.
They’re pretty heavy. Is this the lunch you made?

I see. I’m feeling hungry because you were late, so it’s no good trying to stop me from eating by telling me it tastes bad.

Look, it’s this way. Make sure to follow me.

You want to know where we’re going? You’ll find out when we get there.

It’s a nice view, right? When you get away from the city centre, there’s a hill with a really good view like this. Because you said you’d make some lunch, I thought this would be the perfect place. Having a picnic isn’t my style though.

You like it here? I’m glad. Ah, I’ll put down the picnic blanket, so you get the lunch ready!

Right, we’re ready to eat now.

What’s the matter? Why are you so nervous? Aren’t you going to sit down? There’s no point in being embarrassed about the lunch now. Anyway, I’m hungry, so anything I eat should taste good.

What? Are you angry? Come on, stop sulking and show it to me.

You won’t let me eat it? Even though you made it and brought it all the way here? It’s alright, I’ll eat it all, no matter what it tastes like. Come on, give it to me.

You made sandwiches? What’s inside them? Ah…there are lots of different ones. Roast chicken, egg, cheese… Well, they do look delicious.

Okay, I’ll start with a chicken sandwich.

Thanks. It tastes really good.

I was just being honest about what I think! I’ll get embarrassed if you blush like that! Come on, you eat too! I’m going to help myself to some as well!

Why are you looking at me like that?

Eh? This is the last chicken sandwich? You should have said that sooner! It’s no good saying that when I’ve already picked it up.

What? Don’t open your mouth like that! I won’t do anything like that!

Are you serious? You really want me to feed you the sandwich? Well, you made it, so you do have the right to eat it.

Alright, I’ll do what you want this time.

Right…okay…well… Come on, say “ah…”

How was the sandwich you made? It was pretty good, right?

Come on, make sure to eat the next one by yourself.

Huh? You dummy! There’s no way I could do that again!
Jeez, you’re so annoying! Hurry up and eat!

We ended up eating too much. It really was delicious. It had a warm and gentle flavour. Thanks for the food.

This hill is my favourite place. The sky is wide and there aren’t any unnecessary noises. When I’m here, I feel like I’m free. I haven’t been able to come here recently though. I started school, and once again I realised the weight of all the things expected of me, so I shut myself away without thinking. But when you said you wanted me to take you to my favourite place, I remembered this place.

I was sure I’d be happy if I could spend time with you in this place which has all my favourite things.

So all those things were part of the lunch you made? It’s good that what I’m carrying has gotten lighter, but now my hands feel kind of empty.

Eh? Why’d you hold onto my hand all of a sudden? You dummy! There are other people around us!

I did say my hands were empty, but I didn’t say I’d hold hands with you…

I didn’t say I hated it either! Just do what you want!

Don’t look so sad, I don’t have the right words to make you smile. So I’ll hold hands with you just for now.

Your house is around here, right? I think I won’t be able to let go when we get there.

No, it’s nothing! See you later.

Going out with someone like this, holding hands and being happy was unthinkable for me in the past.

Hello? I knew it’d be you. What is it? Did you forget to tell me something?

Eh? You had fun today… You want to go out with me again?

Don’t make decisions without asking what I’m doing! I don’t have that much free time.

Right, I’ll check what I’m doing and we can go out again if I’m not too busy. Well, don’t do too much reading and make sure to get some sleep. Good night.

Track 7: Lost Forest

Yukito: She said she’d come to the library when she was done cleaning, but it’s getting late now.

Motochika: Oh? Are you alone, Yuki? Where are the other two?

Yukito: What is it, Hiiragi? There’s no reason for you to talk to me. Haibara isn’t here either.

Motochika: Hmm, then she really did go into the forest with Kou-chan earlier.

Yukito: What?

Kouki: Something bad has happened, Yukito!

Motochika: Why are you panicking like that, Kou-chan?

Kouki: Never mind that! I lost her in the forest!

Yukito: What do you mean?!

Kouki: I mean exactly what I said! We went into the forest together, but I lost sight of her after a while.

Motochika: Huh? What should we do, Kou-chan? She might be lost in the forest and unable to get back! Hey, Yuki! What should we do?

Yukito: Damn it! Why did you get separated from her? You’ll be sorry if anything happens to her!

Motochika: So Yuki’s gone…

Kouki: It’s really unusual to see him panic like that.

Motochika: Haha, I think this is the first time I’ve seen him like that. It must have been my acting skills that made him so frantic! It’s so embarrassing that I can do just about anything!

Kouki: Ah…yeah, right. But I didn’t think Yukito would get that angry. It’s the first time he’s gotten angry at me and said “You won’t get away with this!”

Motochika: Well, doesn’t that show how much he cares about her?

Kouki: Yeah, she really is amazing.

Motochika: Why’s that?

Kouki: Yukito doesn’t really open up to a lot of people, and you know the way his personality is, right? But he’s completely different around her.

Motochika: Of course, there’s no other girl as good as her. Ah~ Yuki’s going to end up with that girl? I’m so annoyed!

Kouki: They like each other, so there isn’t really anything you can do about it. Didn’t you accept it too, Chika?

Motochika: Accepting it and being annoyed by it are two different things! It really annoys me that Yuki’s going to be happy!

Kouki: You’re always worried about Yukito, aren’t you, Chika?

Motochika: It’s not like that! What are you saying all of a sudden?! Jeez! I’m much more charming and kinder than him, and I can do anything! Why’d she pick Yuki?!

He is a special friend though.

Kouki: Yeah, you’re right.

Motochika: Right! Maybe I’ll go and stuff myself with sweets today! You’ll come too, right, Kou-chan?

Kouki: Huh? I like sweet things, but I can’t eat that much pie!

Motochika: There’s no point in arguing! Let’s go!

Track 8: What I Found

Damn it! Where is she? The place she’d be most likely to get lost between the school gate and main building should be around here! This forest is really deep, so if she got lost a long way in, it’ll be difficult to find her. Where on earth did she go?

Why am I even running so frantically? It’s not like I really care about her. Someone bright and warm like her can’t be with me…

Maybe she tried to hurry back to the library, because she promised to meet me there. She hasn’t gotten used to finding her way yet though. She really is a dummy!

There’s no need for her to panic about coming back! I’d wait as long as it took for her to get back!

Ah, there’s someone beneath the shade of that tree… Could it be her?

I knew it, she’s here. But why is she sleeping here? She’s sleeping so comfortably as well!

How do you think I felt when I was looking for you? I thought you might be feeling lonely and lost. You could have been waiting for me too.

Well, you’re safe. I guess I’ll let it go.

Right, the same thing happened when we first met. I woke her up when she was sleeping comfortably, and that was the beginning of our story.

Track 9: Close Your Eyes

She doesn’t even wake up when I sit next to her, what a bold girl. She really does look like she’s sleeping comfortably though. She probably doesn’t even realise that I don’t know what to do about this indescribable feeling I’m experiencing.

Don’t be so defenceless in front of me. I’ll feel something difficult to express that I can’t hold back by myself. While you’re sleeping obliviously, I’ll…

Hmm? Ah! You! Why did you wake up just now?!

You want to know what just happened?

Umm… Never mind that! You should have called me if you got separated from Haibara! What were you doing with Haibara anyway?!

Huh? I wasn’t making a fuss about your relationship with Haibara! It’s got nothing to do with me, you see.

What? Haibara told you to wait here? So that’s what you were doing here.

They really fooled me. They should prepare for the worst, because I’ll definitely return the favour.

Hey. I was trying to get your attention, but I didn’t tell you to look. So don’t stare at me like that! Just paying a little attention is enough.

Ah, jeez! This really is annoying! It’s like I stop being myself when I’m with you. But when I think of you leaving, I can’t help feeling anxious.

Jeez! This is too contradictory, even for me!

So… Well… What I want to say is…you should stay by my side!

You dummy! Why are you nodding like that?! Staying by my side means being with me forever! Do you really understand what I mean?!

It’s fine, as long as you understand. I promise that I’ll stay by your side too. Got it? So don’t leave me.

By the way, I’m sorry for what I did while you were sleeping earlier…

What? You should know! I can’t say it out loud!

You don’t know? You really don’t? Ah, never mind! Close your eyes. I love you. I don’t want to let anyone else have you.

Of course, you dummy. Whether you like it or not, I won’t let go.

Track 10: A Date With You

I still hate crowds. I can’t bear being around strangers either. That’s why our dates are always somewhere people don’t usually go. My favourite place is that windy hill. Even though I say I’m fine with a normal lunch, she always puts a lot of effort into making lunch. Her feelings make me happy though.

You’re really good at cooking.

You think saying something like that all of a sudden isn’t fair? It’s not like I can help it. It’s what I really think. What’s wrong with being honest?

Well, it might be thanks to this place. I can always say what I’m thinking when I’m here. I’m not embarrassed being close to someone else like this because I’m together with you.

Ah…no, I guess it is a little embarrassing. But the feeling that I want to be close to you is stronger than that.

By the way, you don’t have to make my school lunches.

You dummy! I’m not saying it tastes bad! I just don’t want Hiiragi and Haibara to see your homemade lunch. You know what’ll happen, right? Even though it’s for me, they won’t hesitate to take some!

No! If you say something naïve like “it’s because they’re my friends”, they won’t let it go!

Why are you laughing?

It’s like I’m friendlier with them than before? You just don’t get it. It’s all thanks to you. Because you’re with me, I don’t take things out on other people like I used to. By being with me, you’ve taught me to think of others. That’s the reason why I’m like this.

I think loving someone like this is just like a dream.

Mirror, Mirror, Mirror.
Please let me find my princess.

Hmm? What was I thinking about? Just about a magical spell.

You look as if you don’t believe me. Well, I didn’t believe it either. But now that I’ve met you, I think it’s okay to believe.

You dummy! Don’t get embarrassed! I’ll get embarrassed too!
I’m telling the truth though.

I don’t need my glasses when I’m with you. If we’re this close, I can see your face clearly.


Kareshi Igai 3


Amemakura 6


  1. Yuki saaaan!! Someone asked me to translate one of the Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen volume, and she told me that the translation for vol.2 was already out there. Never thought that it was you!! ^o^ nice translations you’ve made =)

    • Yukihito

      Thank you, Raz! <3 I'm glad that you might translate Ouritsu Ouji, it's really cute ^^

  2. Suzumiya Bren'

    Once again, I don’t know why I didn’t leave a comment before! I’m so spaced-out sometime! xP
    This was so cute! This megane Prince was so lovely to listen to :3
    Thanks for your hard work!

    • Yukihito

      Thanks for commenting 😀 And I’m glad you enjoyed the CD! I hope more people will listen to this series, it really is cute :3

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