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Kareshi Igai 3

Kareshi Igai 3 ~ Kouhai to no Ayamachi ~

Tsubame Kanamori (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

Track 1: Monday, 8.30 AM

Are you okay? Good morning.

You’re in a terrible state this morning. Did you fall over?

Hmm. I don’t use a shop bag like that, so I don’t really know, but I think you’ve put too much in there. Files are heavier than you think, you see.

That’s all of them, isn’t it?

Ah, don’t worry about it. It was the natural thing to do. You think it’s early? It’s 8.30 AM right now.

Well, a lot of people do come to work at the last minute. It’s not like there’s any special reason to come early. I don’t like not having freedom in my life.

What about you? Why’d you get here early?

Oh, you got behind with your work. I guess you don’t have a choice then.

Umm… It’s really difficult for me to say this, but your cardigan is the wrong way round. The tag is showing.

That’s right, you should fix it right away.

You don’t have to thank me, I didn’t really do anything. I just happened to notice it. You’re quite clumsy, aren’t you?

There’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s cuter for a woman to be a little clumsy.

It wasn’t really a compliment, a lot of people think the same way.

Ah, on the front cover of the files you dropped earlier, the font in the middle was different from the rest. Did you do that on purpose? You didn’t, right?

I think you need to change it. Well, it’s more important that you fix your cardigan first.

Alright, see you later then.

Track 2: Monday, 6.30 PM

I finished designing the flier you asked me to do, so I put it in the folder you wanted. Please check it over.

You think I work quickly? I think I’m just average. It’s already past the end of the working day, you see.

I don’t have anything to do after this, so it doesn’t matter.

Umm…can’t you check it right now? It’s going to be sent for printing tomorrow, isn’t it?

I’ll do something right away if you have any corrections…
I want to see this work through until the end.

Oh, I see. Excuse me, I’ll be going home first then.

Are you always working overtime?

Hmm, so you’ve got a boyfriend.

Do I really work that fast? I think I’m just average.

It’s not like I’m working hard because I want something in return. There’s no reason for you to do something for me. Excuse me, I’ll be going home first.

Track 3: Thursday, 1.30 PM

Ah, good morning. It seems like you’re not wearing your clothes inside out today.

Oh, you’re right. It’s strange to say “good morning” around this time. But isn’t this the first time we’ve seen each other today? You’ve been busy since the morning. Are you behind on your work?

I see, I’m glad it got sent for printing without any trouble. So, did you want something?

Ah, wait a minute. I’ll make a note about it.

Umm…Corporate Division Number Three… Isn’t that the one with the young manager who wears glasses?

Right, that man called Makabe!

Ah, I’m sorry. I meant Mr. Makabe. He’s really amazing! I often see his name written down as the person in charge when I’m making the documents for a presentation, so I looked his name up. He looks so young in his photo that I was surprised to find out that he’s a manager.

Is that so? He doesn’t come to the business meetings then… That’s too bad. I’m sure he must be in his early thirties. I guess I’d like to observe him or talk to him and see how he became a manager so young…

Ah…what if he looks young, but is actually in his fifties? Of course that’s impossible.

Okay! I mean, alright. I’m sorry for changing the subject. Making the documents for the presentation… Corporate Division Number Three… Meeting today at 3PM…

Where is the meeting taking place?

Ah, okay. I don’t carry around a notepad. It’s difficult to use, so I started using something else. I’m used to this. I really like electronics too. It’s convenient because I can set a reminder to go off before meetings.

So, where’s the meeting going to take place?

Conference room number two… Alright. Is there something I need to prepare for the meeting? I like to do my work smoothly and promptly, you see. I don’t want unnecessary overtime either.

You’re right. So what should I prepare then?

I see, it should be fine if I bring a laptop with me.

Something to write with? Alright. I’ll finish lunch by 2.15 and wait here. I should leave soon then, it’s lunchtime. Aren’t you going out?

I see, I’ll be going out to lunch before you then. See you later.

Track 4: Thursday, 5.10 PM

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, that’s too much. You can’t start now and expect to hand it in tomorrow afternoon when you haven’t even got a design plan.

I know this is your job, but you shouldn’t accept things you can’t do. I don’t have much experience, but even I can understand that.

It’s already past 5 PM, won’t your boyfriend be angry if you don’t get home soon?

Anyway, hurry up and make the design draft. If the others leave the office, you won’t be able to do the data check.

Give me those documents you had earlier. You said you had other work, didn’t you? I’ve finished all my work for tomorrow, so I’ll write down some ideas. You make a plan while looking at them.

We don’t have time for that. Anyway, I’m a quick worker, right?

I can do it in three hours, so you go and get something to eat before that.

You haven’t had lunch, right? I’ll be okay because I don’t usually eat much anyway, but people who eat regularly shouldn’t skip their meals. Hurry up and eat, we probably won’t be able to go home today.

Hmm, why are you laughing? Did I say something strange?

Ah, see you later then.

Track 5: Thursday, 11.00PM

The next thing is… Umm…

Hmm? A break? You’re right.

Huh? No, I like chocolate.

I’ll have some then. Thank you very much.

Do you get a lot of difficult jobs like this?

No, I like working like this, so it’s no trouble. I just like having my own time to myself though.

What are my hobbies? Playing video games, I guess… Why’d you ask me anyway?

My favourite thing is cake… I like cats too.

Hmm…is it strange that I like cats?

I live alone, so I can’t keep one. I can’t take responsibility for it.

I can’t keep one at my parents’ home either because my older sister is allergic to cats.

That’s why I’d like to go to a cat café. I’d like to go to an all you can eat cake restaurant too! I’ve heard about them, but a guy going on his own would be difficult. Going with other guys would look weird too, so I can’t…

Because I’m working in a design related job, I see a lot of articles about sweets. It’s like being in heaven and hell at the same time! They’re nothing more than pictures to me, the best I get to eat is the sweets from convenience stores! But convenience store sweets have gotten pretty good recently. Even the sweets from famous department stores are nothing compared to them!

Hmm? Is something the matter? Did I say something strange?

Alright. You want to say I’m strange, don’t you? I don’t mind, a lot of people say that about me. My friends don’t hesitate to say I’m weird because I’m a guy who likes sweet things.

I know! I feel the same way. Anyway, I don’t see any reason guys can’t like sweet things. Lots of famous pastry chefs are men too.

Anyway, what I’m actually talking about right now is how to do something girls normally do, like going to an all you can eat cake restaurant. I’m not good friends with any girls, so there’s nothing I can do right now.

Eh? Really? Umm…you’ll take me to an all you can eat cake restaurant?

Don’t laugh at me. I’m not used to speaking politely.

I don’t think so, it’s not your fault I’m going home late. It’s an order from the company, so you shouldn’t feel responsible. I’m an employee too, so I’ll do what I have to. I do want to have all you can eat cake though! I’d like to go to a cat café too if I can.

Are you really going to take me? Umm…it’d be a date, wouldn’t it?

Huh? No, I can pay for the cake. Ah, I mean…never mind.

I’m going to get something to drink, do you want anything?

Hmm, you drink coffee without sugar? That makes you seem like a true adult.

Yes, I don’t like bitter or spicy things.

Alright, black coffee it is.

Why are you laughing? I’m cute?

I don’t mind, I get told that all the time. I’m not happy about it though.

Is your boyfriend older than you?

Hmm, I see.

I guess I’ll have some black coffee too. I don’t need any money, let me buy this for you. I’m looking forward to having all you can eat cake.

Track 6: Saturday, 1.10PM

Is that so? 20 minutes before the meeting time? I suppose that is early.

Umm…it doesn’t matter now because nothing happened this morning, but you should tell me your number anyway. When people meet up with each other, they should exchange numbers, right?

I’m going to start sending my number first. You send yours next.

Umm…this is the first time I’ve been out for all you can eat cake, so there’s a lot I don’t understand. Please help me out!

It’s normal? I don’t understand what you mean, that’s not clear enough.

It’s like eating at a family restaurant?

Hmm? It’s an all you can eat cake restaurant, but there’s other food apart from cake?

I looked at the leaflet, but all I saw was the cakes…

Yes, I could eat cake everyday! That’s how much I love it!

Eh? I just have to stay here? Alright.

I ate too much. Ah, the Mont Blanc tasted so good! The tiramisu too! This is the first time I’ve eaten so much tiramisu! And seeing an omelette get cooked was fun! But the cakes were the best! There were so many types of pudding! It was fun that they cooked crepes for us too! What was it called? The one that smelled like orange…

That’s right! The orange sauce on the crepes was tasty too! The scent was a nice mixture of liquor and orange… That was the first time I’ve eaten a crepe without cream!

Ah…I’m sorry. I’m really happy, I’ve wanted to come here for a while.

Umm…are you busy after this? You paid for the cake, so can I take you to the aquarium next?

Eh? I’d actually like to go to a cat café, but can we do that another time? Can I ask you out again?

Really? I can really ask you out again?

Ah, there’s a dolphin show in one hour from now. Umm, I’d like to go…


Track 7: Friday, 3.10PM

Ah, thanks for your hard work. You haven’t been at your desk all day, have you been attending meetings since this morning?

Some work suddenly came up? From Corporate Division Number Three again?

I see. That man called Takano who was in charge before looks really disorganised, but he seriously listened to what I had to say. He’s a good person and made plenty of corrections and suggestions.

Ah, I’m sorry. Mr. Takano is a good person.

You’re right. This job has some difficult aspects, but it’s rewarding. That’s why I want to do my best.

Umm…are you busy this evening? Have you got some spare time?

Well…something like that. It’s alright, I’ll be waiting.

I’ve got to make sure to ask her today.

Track 8: Friday, 7.10PM

Tsubame: Ah. No, I wasn’t waiting at all. I’m sorry for asking you out all of a sudden.

We can go somewhere you like! Is there anywhere you want to go? Is there something you’d like to eat?

Okay! That bar, right? The one we went to with the other members of our department. Ah, come to think of it, the waiter had a strange nickname on his name badge.

Yes…he’s annoying, but he seems like an approachable person. It’s annoying to get caught by his strategy.

Satochin: Welcome! Have you made a reservation?

Tsubame: No, we haven’t.

Satochin: In that case, you’ll be sitting at the counter today, is that alright?

Tsubame: What should we do?

Satochin: Ah! Thanks for always coming here! It’s been quite a while.
Aren’t you here with your boyfriend today?

Tsubame: Hmm?

Satochin: I see! He’s one of your colleagues!
Thanks for your continued patronage!
I’ll find you some seats, so please wait here for a moment!

Tsubame: Do you know him?

I see…you did say you come to this bar sometimes.
He’s not your friend or anything, is he?

Hmm, he’s a part-timer. Alright, I’ll talk to Satochin if I get the chance.

Satochin: Sorry to have kept you waiting! I’ll show you to your seats!

Tsubame: No…I’m fine.
Excuse me!

Satochin: Yes! May I take your order?

Tsubame: Hey, Satochin.

Satochin: Ah, you remembered my working name!
Thank you very much!

Tsubame: It’s not Satochin, but Satochin, right?

Satochin: That’s right! I’m particular about the way it’s pronounced!
I’m happy you remembered that too!
Would you like to order something else?

Tsubame: A sweet alcohol that I might not have tried before.
Bring me something you’d recommend.

Satochin: Got it! If you like mint, then how about a mojito?
Its base ingredient is rum, but ours is sweet and delicious.

Tsubame: I’ll have one of those then.
Hey, Satochin. There’s something I want to ask you.

Satochin: What is it?

Tsubame: Do you have a girlfriend?

You’ve got a phone call? Okay, see you later then!
I guess it’s her boyfriend?

Satochin: That’s right, sometimes they come here together.

Tsubame: I see, this is a good bar after all.

Satochin: Thank you very much!

Tsubame: Ah, welcome back.

Satochin: Miss, the conversations men have together are a secret.

Tsubame: He’s right, they’re a secret!
What are you going to have to drink?
I’m going to have a mojito. I heard it’s sweet and delicious!

Okay, let’s drink the same thing! Right, two mojitos then.

Satochin: Alright, got it! A customer at the counter has ordered a drink!

Tsubame: That waiter really did teach me a lot.
That’s right, I hate people who talk too much though.

Hehe, it’s nothing.

Hey, was it your boyfriend who called you?

Hmm, it’s a secret? Are you trying to be considerate to me? Is that why you said it was a secret? I said the same thing to you earlier, so it’s not like I can make you tell me. That’s too bad.

Yes, I want to know! Because I’d like to know a lot of things about you.

Is it okay for you to be on a date with me?

Satochin: Sorry to have kept you waiting! Here are the two mojitos you ordered!

Tsubame: Hmm? I’m okay.

I am. Maybe I’m not.

I don’t want any water, I’d rather have you.

I’m not joking, I really do want you.

Where do you live?

Hmm, you’ve missed the last train then. You won’t be able to go home now. That’s no good. Hey, will you come round to mine? I can’t go home alone.

I’m only joking. I live nearby, so I can take a taxi home. But then that’d mean leaving you behind. Let’s drink until the morning. I’ll stay with you until then.

Ah, I guess you’d be the one doing me a favour by staying. Please stay with me until morning. I can’t go home alone, you see.

Then will you take me home? I might become the “sent wolf” instead of the “sending wolf”[1] . I’m a man, you know? You understand, don’t you?

Then give me a kiss. I’ll go home if you give me a kiss. Come on~

I feel like we just made a forbidden contract. I gave you a proper warning, alright?

Sorry, can we get the bill?

Satochin: Alright! Please wait a moment!

[1] Okuri-okami (sending wolf) is a man who offers to walk a woman home, but forces himself upon her once he gets to the door.

Track 9: Saturday, 1.00 AM

I told you already, I don’t want any water. I want you instead.

Don’t sound so cute, are you trying to tempt me?

You’re right. Sorry for ruining the mood when you’re the one who’s calling for me.

If it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t be here.

What is it? You might as well call me by my first name.

I told you why I invited you here, didn’t I? You’re an adult, so you can’t say you didn’t know. Come on.

Hmm, what is it? You want a kiss instead? I see, you can’t talk properly because you want a kiss. In that case, I should fulfil your request.

Alright, it’s my turn next. Call my name. Listen to my request, okay?

You think I shouldn’t be able to do anything else because I’m drinking? It depends on the person.

Come on, hurry up and call my name.

Oh, you don’t need to call me “Tsubame-kun”. Just call me “Tsubame”. Come on, hurry up.

Well done. Were you embarrassed? Of course you weren’t.

Track 10: Saturday, 7.15 AM

It wasn’t a dream. This is really bad.

You’re going to say good morning to me as if nothing happened? You’re so inconsiderate.

Hey, what are you going to tell your boyfriend? Aren’t you treating me a bit too much like a kid?

I can put an end to things right here. Or we could just do it right now. I’m not drunk now, so you can’t just say it’s a one night stand.

Why aren’t you going to try and resist? Are you scared?

I love you.

I see. You’re not going to say anything then.

What makes you fall in love with someone? Their looks? How much they earn? Their personality? Their age? Tell me the truth.

What am I missing? Is it because I’m younger than you? What’s so great about your boyfriend? He just happened to meet you first, that’s all!

Is it wrong to love a woman who already has a boyfriend?

I’ve…fallen in love with you. So…I want you to love me back. Break up with your boyfriend and go out with me.

It’s your fault! You were too kind to me and led me on!

Hahaha…why are you apologising? That makes it seem like you tricked me. I’m an idiot.

What do you mean “That wasn’t my intention”? Then what was your intention? Why did you come to my house?

I’m sorry. That hurt, didn’t it? We could have stayed at the bar until morning, couldn’t we?

I know. It was wrong of me to drink too much and get carried away.

Everything I just said was a lie. I don’t really feel that way. You can forget about everything that happened yesterday too.

Please go home. I’m sorry for saying something inconsiderate even though I invited you here. Goodbye.

Track 11: Monday, 8.10 PM

Don’t look at me like you want something. Do you love me that much?

You act like a serious person, but you must be quite a bad woman if you’re able to abandon your doubts and do something like this with a younger co-worker.

You like doing it here instead of at my house, don’t you?

Hey, who do you love more, me or your boyfriend?

Hmm, I see. But isn’t the most exciting thing having both of us at once? You really are a selfish woman.

But I love you that way.

Extra Story

You’re late! You should tell me if you’re working late! The restaurant is going to close soon!

Until 9PM.

Well, you were working, right? So there’s nothing we can do about it. Did you have a deadline? If you’re busy, just tell me and I’ll help you.

Huh? You should have just said you had something else to do! It’s past normal working hours! Was it Corporate Division Number Three again? I’m glad they bring us work, but I wish they’d stop being unreasonable already. Anyway, I’m more bothered that you didn’t contact me!

Huh? Who was staying by you all the time? Someone from Corporate Division Number Three?

Who? Was it Takano?

We’re not at work, so I can call him that.

I don’t care whether he’s capable or not! Why was he hanging around you?

No way, he likes you or something? He doesn’t, right? You’re not going to tell me you like him, are you?! You don’t hate younger and short guys, right?!

Really? I’m the only one you love now, right?

I’m glad to hear that. Don’t make me worry!

Hey…why are you laughing?

Of course! I’m your boyfriend. I can’t stand my girlfriend being alone with another man.

Ah, I see. You’re right. You were at work, so of course you weren’t alone. Sorry.

Yes! I love you!

Hmm…don’t call me cute! Never mind.

We’ll go to a cat café soon, right?

What are you going to do today? Go straight home?

Alright, let’s eat dinner then go home.

Okay. Give me your hand.

Jeez, it’s so worrying to have a fickle person like you for a girlfriend. If only we could hold hands like this all the time.

It’s not like I’m saying that I want to keep you chained up.

Hey, you’re coming over to my place today, right? We’ll be together until the morning! And from now on too.


Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen 2


  1. Hello Yuki! ^^

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    • Yukihito

      Hello, Aka! Thank you for commenting ♥ And I agree! Noburin is too cute here 😀

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      I would love to translate those! I’ve only heard the Kareshi Shoukaku one, but I’ll go check out the other one ^^

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      You’re welcome! Glad that you enjoyed it~ I also hoped that Tsubame got a happy ending too ^3^

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