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Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu – Morinaga Kairi

Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu – Morinaga Kairi

CV: Tetrapot Noboru (Furukawa Makoto)

Track 1


What’s the matter?

You can’t sleep?

You can stay until morning.

I think our parents are asleep right now, but we’ll talk quietly just in case.

Come closer.

Closer than that.

Even closer. This is enough.

Your legs are cold. Were you studying without any socks on again?

I won’t be responsible if you catch a cold.

You did it on purpose? Why?

So you were planning for me to warm them up.

Guess I don’t have a choice. Bring your legs closer.

Stay like this a while.

It’s not just your legs, your whole body is cold.

Jeez. You’re such a helpless person.

Come on. Put your arms around my waist.

It feels warmer, right?

Hey. Did you know that Mom and Dad are going on their honeymoon next week?

That’s right. They’re taking a trip in Japan for three nights.

It’s taken them four years to go, so they should make it a longer trip.

We’d have more time alone too.

It’s already been four years since Mom and Dad married, and we became siblings.

I really was surprised when my dad brought you and your mom here and said he was going to marry her. I felt confused about having a new mom when I was just about to start university, but I was more surprised that you were there.

The last time we had talked was three years before that. It was when we were on the committee for our middle school culture festival. Although we went to the same high school, we never had a chance to talk at that time.

Hmm? You couldn’t talk to me? Why’s that?

I was popular? I think you’re overestimating me.

But if that’s why you couldn’t approach me, then I’d like to complain to my old self for seeming like I was popular.

I was always looking for a way to approach you.

Our paths never really crossed though.

Talking about the cultural festival committee after all that time had passed would’ve seemed awkward. I wasn’t ever able to talk to you in the end.

When I talked to you after those three years had passed, I was surprised how mature and responsible you’d become.

When we were on the cultural festival committee together, you really weren’t confident or reliable. I wondered whether you would be okay. I knew you ended up on the committee because you just couldn’t say no, so I was looking out for you. I felt like I just couldn’t leave you alone either.

And… I guess I did have an ulterior motive because I thought you were cute.

I’m a pervert? That’s not fair.

But I didn’t even exchange contact details with you. I was pretty innocent back then.

Now… Now I couldn’t call myself innocent.

You see… I’m doing forbidden things like this with you.

Now that I think about it, we were destined to be apart when I went to university.

Well… I was going to move out when I started university, right?

Mom and Dad didn’t think that it’d be right for us to be living together at our age.

They thought about it carefully, and got married at the time I finished my entrance exams.

But you were against it and said it was fine for us to live together.

Our relationship might not have been the same if I’d left home.

Hmm? That’s not true? Why not?

I see. You did say you’d always liked me.

I felt the same way. I got close to the girl I’d always liked and could see her anytime without having to come up with a reason. I couldn’t just keep quiet.

I should be thankful to my dad for marrying your mom…

You seemed so unreliable in middle school, but now you’re pretty responsible.

Huh? Me? Did I look that responsible?

No way… The older student you admired…

So that’s how you saw me? I’m kind of embarrassed.

I haven’t changed. I was always friendly at school, but I was much less careful at home.

Wait a minute… I was so different at home that you thought I’d changed?

Ah… I see… Well, I don’t hide it at all when I come home.

I was considerate at first, but I couldn’t keep that up for four years.

People still tell me that I’m conscientious and reliable person at work and school.

I want to be offered a job right away as well.

Are you and your mom tired of how careless I am?

Well, I’ve always shared the housework with my dad since we started living together. So that’s why I thought it was normal to help.

Really? Your mom is happy?

That’s good.

I wonder why my room is the only one I just can’t keep clean. You’ve always told me to put things back where I got them from, so I’m trying to be careful. But before I know it, my room is a mess.

It’s so strange.

Come on… What’s with that cold stare?

Why don’t you think about it this way?

You’re the only one who sees this side of me. People outside of our home don’t.

Doesn’t it seem special if you think about it like that?

Huh… It doesn’t?

Hmm… I think it’s pretty special though.

You see… I can see the side of you that other people don’t get to see.

Like seeing you look sleepy. Your cute voice.

Your mouth open wide in a sloppy way.

Hey. You’re ruining the mood.

If you’re going to cover my mouth, then I wish you’d use your lips instead of your hands.

No. I won’t forgive you if you only do it now.

But I’ll forgive you if you show me the expression I mentioned earlier.

Yes. Right now.

You’ll have to keep your voice down of course.

You couldn’t sleep, right?

You might feel tired if you work out a little.

Track 2

Hey… Entwine your tongue around mine more.

That’s right. Do it in a more erotic way.

That feels good…

Kissing you feels good…

Sometimes a kiss might be enough to make me come.

I’m not exaggerating. It really does feel that good.

How about you? Don’t you feel good?

One more time then…

You feel so soft…

Hmm? Soft breasts aren’t as perky.

I see. So they don’t contain any muscle.

But you don’t have to worry about it, do you?

I like your breasts, regardless of their shape or size.

Or are you bothered about it because you plan to let someone else see them?

I was joking.

Your nipples are so sensitive. They’re already hard.

See… You’re already looking dazed.

Make sure you keep your voice down.

Your reactions are amazing.

You’re going to make me think I’m good at kissing.

Your nipples got even harder when I sucked them.

What’s it like down here?

This sound…

Hey. Keep your voice down.

Right. That’s good.

I’ll give you a reward if you can bear this.

You were able to do it. Good girl.

I’ll kiss your ears as a reward.

Hey. Keep your voice down.

I’ll stop if you don’t.

You look so cute when you’re trying to hold your voice back.

You’re wetter than you were earlier.

You’ve got such an erotic scent.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

You want to lick it?

You’re such a pervert.

Look. My fingers are really wet.

Try and lick them.

What do you taste like?

It tastes weird? You look like you’re enjoying it though.

I like this flavour.

So I want to taste it myself.

Your voice is too loud.

That’s right. Keep it down.

You taste delicious.

It’s okay if you come. But keep your voice down.

Of course your voice was pretty loud. I wonder if our parents heard it downstairs.

It seems like they haven’t woken up.

Should we keep going?

Yeah. I want to do it too. Just wait a minute.

It’s alright. I’ve locked the door.

I’m going to enter you now.

Hey. Are you biting the sleeve of your pyjamas to stop yourself crying out?

That’s cute. But you don’t have to do that.

I’ll help you keep yourself from crying out.

You entwined your tongue around mine without thinking… That’s so cute.

Should we try a different position? What do you want?

From behind, hmm?

Then don’t pull out and raise your legs like this.

I’m going to help you turn over now.

Are you okay? Raise your arms a little more then.

I’m going to start moving.

I’m going to go a little faster.

More… You like it here, don’t you?

See… Your voice is gradually getting louder.

That’s no good.

Lick my finger one more time.

The way you’re doing it is so sexy.

I’m going to come if you use your tongue like that.

You just came. I’m going to come too then…

I’m coming… I’m going to come…

We worked up a sweat even though we just had a bath.

You can use the shower first. I’ll wait a while before I go.

Secret relationships are inconvenient at times like this.

But it would be weird if we were always staying over at our friends’ houses on the same day, so we can’t go to love hotels that often.

However, it won’t be long before I…

Are you tired?

Yeah. I can tell you’re tired.

You’re giving half-hearted answers.

Then just sleep a little before you take a shower. If you sleep until the morning, then we’ll have to be careful to make sure Mom and Dad don’t find out.


Track 3

[No dialogue to translate]

Track 4

It’s been a long time since I’ve woken up this early.

I’m still sleepy. I didn’t think Mom and Dad would be leaving at 6AM.

I’m definitely going back to sleep.

Hmm? I didn’t do anything special. All I did was drive them to the airport. It’s been a long time since I drove on the freeway, so I was a little scared.

Mom and Dad looked so happy.

To tell the truth, I was worried whether things would work out because of their age and that they both have children, but I think they’ll be fine.

Doesn’t it seem like the parents and children share the same preferences?

My dad fell in love with your mom and I fell in love with you.

Oh? Isn’t there a name for this kind of thing?

Umm… Is it oyakodon?

Huh? Why’d you start laughing?

Huh? What?

Oyakodon would mean me being in a relationship with you and your mom?

I got the meaning all messed up… That’s so embarrassing.

Hmm? Wait a minute… How did you know what it means?

Don’t tell me it’s a secret! You can’t keep secrets from your big brother!

Come on! Tell me how you knew! I won’t be angry.

It’s only for two nights and three days, but it’ll be just the two of us from today.

It feels kind of strange. We don’t have to keep our voices down because we’re worried that our parents might come home or notice what we’re doing.

I want you to call me by my name.

One more time. Say it a little louder.

Tell me you love me.

One more time.

Say it in a sweet voice.

I love you too.

You were up early making breakfast, so you must be tired too.

You’ve worked hard. Why don’t you rest a little?

You’re not tired? But last night you said you hadn’t gotten much sleep.

It’s too bad you don’t know why you can’t sleep.

How about I sing you a lullaby?

Hushabye, Hushabye!

My good Baby, Sleep!

My good Baby, Sleep!

Hushabye… Sleep…

Sorry, I don’t know the rest.

I’ll practice so I can remember it next time.

If you’re trying to fall asleep, I guess you can count sheep or have someone read to you.

I suppose you have to count the sheep yourself?

Then I guess the only thing I can do is read you a book.

Let me see what books I’ve got… The Murder in the Isolated Land…

The Perpetrator is Beside You…

The Zombie Kingdom’s Counter-attack…

The Scream That Came From the Bottom of the Well…

Umm… Sorry… I don’t think any of those books will help you sleep.

Hey! Don’t laugh too much!

Okay. I’ll make sure to find a book that helps you fall asleep.

Me? Of course there are days when I can’t sleep.

But even when I can’t sleep, I usually fall asleep at some point.

Sorry for being useless.

Right… I’ll try and search for something to help.

How to deal with a lack of sleep…

None of these things really stand out.

Foods that help you sleep well…

Hot milk. Corn. Rice. Bananas…


How did you know I was thinking dirty thoughts?

Sorry. It was such a ridiculous thought that even I was disappointed.

Hmm? You want to know what it was?

Guess I don’t have a choice.

I’ll let you eat as much of my banana as you want.

I really regret saying it out loud.

Damn… My face is probably bright red.

Sorry! Forget what I just said.

Hey… Where are you trying to touch me…

You’ll take responsibility for making it bigger, won’t you?

Track 5

You really do look like you’re enjoying it.

You like it…

Then work even harder at moving your tongue.


Move your hands at the same time too.

Damn… I’m going to come…

Is it okay if I come inside your mouth?

If it’s okay, then just keep going…

I’m coming… I’m going to come…

Did you swallow it? If you can’t swallow it, then spit it onto a tissue.

It’s okay.

That felt good. Thank you.

I want to do the same for you too.

Turn your butt this way. Let’s do it for each other.

Suck it…

I just came, but it’s already hard.

I like swallowing this too.

It feels hard.

Just like it was waiting for me to lick it.

It’s really warm.

It’s cute how it’s trembling.

You don’t have to keep your voice down today.

Your voice sounds amazing. It’s so sexy.

Are you going to come?

It was intense, wasn’t it?

Should I enter you now?

I’m ready to go.

I want you to be on top today.

Can you put it in by yourself?

Start moving. We don’t have to worry about making any noise today.

Aren’t you wetter than usual? It sounds so loud.

You’re so sexy.

Kiss me.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Are you tired?

Why don’t we rest for a while then?

We’re covered in sweat.

You’re right. We can take a bath together today.

Just imagining that made it bigger.

I’m such a simple person.

I’ll be on top for the last part.

I’m going to come… I’m coming…

That felt good. How was it for you?

I’ll hold onto the condom, so can you pull out?

Just wait. I’ll run the bath.

You can go to sleep.

Hmm? You don’t want to be alone?

You really want to be spoiled. I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep then.

We’ll take a bath together after you’ve slept a little.

That’s a promise, alright?


Track 6

Get the vacuum cleaner…

What did it just pick up?

No… That’s not okay…

My precious…

Don’t open it…

Don’t look… It’s embarrassing…

There’s the acorn I was looking for…

Nothing else will fit… The shelves are full…

Just pile them on top of each other…

It’s okay… See, it’s fine!

Track 7

Oh? Huh?

I was cleaning my room…

When I finished…

Right… I lay down to take a nap.

Did you wake me up?

I had a dream that the shelves got full when I was cleaning and when I stuffed everything in, it fell on top of me.

What do you think? My room looks clean, right?

Mom and Dad said I should clean up before they get back this evening, so I did my best.

But I guess it’ll be back to the way it was after three days.

Hmm… I wonder why it gets so messy…

You take out the things you need, right? Then you don’t put them back because you think you’ll need them again… So stuff ends up everywhere…

But don’t you feel better when important stuff like your phone, tissues, contact lenses and lip balm are in your reach?

You see… I’m happy if you’re right beside me like this when I want to touch you. I feel relieved.

Your lips. Your skin. Your cheeks. Your eyelashes. Your forehead. Your chin.

I always want you to be right beside me, so I can touch every part of you.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

It felt so good that you’re sleepy?

It’s okay if you go to sleep. I’ll hug you the whole time.

I’ve been thinking… Isn’t feeling the warmth and heartbeat of the person you love the best way to fall asleep?

I think I could fall asleep right away if we were holding each other, touching each other’s skin and hearing our hearts beat.

When I close my eyes and hold you, I think about how you’ve looked since the time we met.

At the school council introductory meeting, you were sitting on the furthest seat, with a worried expression on your face.

When we were preparing for the school festival, you were working so hard when we stayed right until the last minute to prepare.

When I saw you after you started high school, you became even more beautiful. I didn’t even have the courage to talk to you.

The day when you said you liked me. The time when I somewhat regretted not telling you myself. I remember a lot of different things.

Hmm… I’ve confessed that without hesitation now.

It’s not that I was looking for the right moment. I just didn’t have the courage.

Why? I thought you wouldn’t take notice of someone like me, I guess.

Didn’t you say that you couldn’t talk to me because you thought I was popular? I felt the same way about you.

So I was really worried that our parents might find out about my unrequited feelings for you when they said they were getting remarried.

But when you said you were against me living alone, that gave me hope…

I’m not exaggerating. I really am thankful to our parents.

I think things might not have been like this if they hadn’t remarried.

I really am happy right now.

No matter how many times I hug and kiss you…

I love you so much and feel so happy that I worry whether you can see how happy I am.

Hey… Am I the reason you have trouble falling asleep?

Mom said something to me. She asked me if there was any reason you had been feeling down recently.

Now that I think about it, it was after I got offered a job.

I thought so.

That’s right. It’d be difficult to commute there, so I was going to move out and live by myself.

You were worried about that, right?

You’re such a dummy. My feelings won’t change just because we don’t live together.

We started dating after three years of unrequited feelings. Do you think I’d fall in love with someone else right now?

Of course. So just wait for a little while.

I’ll propose to you as soon as you graduate from university.

Why are you so surprised?

It’s not illegal. Mom and Dad don’t have any reason to be against it either, do they?

To tell the truth, I’ve been worrying about it all this time.

If I chose the company where I wanted to work, then I’d have to move out from here.

But I didn’t want to leave you behind. So I’ve decided that we’ll live together in two years’ time.

What do you think of my plan?

You don’t like it?

Thank goodness.

I’ll take good care of you from now on too. Make sure you don’t have a change of heart before the two years is up either.

But I want you to hang out with me until we start living together.

If you don’t come visit me sometimes, then my place will get really messy.

Mom and Dad really will be home soon.

I want them to come home safely, but they should have stayed for one more night.

But when I start living on my own, we can make out whenever we want to.

I’m going to look forward to that.

I love you. You’re my first love and I’m sure you’re the only one I’ll ever love.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.


Criminale! 3


Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu – Morinaga Kairi Animate Tokuten


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