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Kurayami Gatari – Yuuen Ichimu

Kurayami Gatari – Yuuen Ichimu

CV: Tsuda Kenjiro

Track 1 – A Mysterious Storyteller

Tale of Darkness – A Fascinating Dream.


My goodness, a flower that doesn’t seem as if it belongs here has bloomed. What can I help you with?

Ah, come over here.

Hmm? How do I know? I can tell by looking. This is my job, you see. You’re possessed by something quite troublesome, aren’t you? That’s the only reason I can think of for someone like you to visit an ordinary place like this.

Ah, I should have introduced myself. My name is Rokujo Genya. I am a humble storyteller. But I have a special skill. I can get rid of what possesses someone by telling a story.

That’s right, something like that thing which possesses you now. I’m famous in the afterlife for being a storyteller. It’s quite troublesome. Because of that people with strange worries often visit this place. They’re just like you are now.

It’s unusual for someone as beautiful as you to come here though. How did you find this place?

Ah, you saw it in a dream. Hmm, I see. So what is your problem?

You can see a ghost? I thought as much. He is a young wandering samurai. He has beautiful features, doesn’t he?

Can I see him? Well, I wonder whether I can? So what are you worried about?

I see. He appears in your dreams every night, but for some reason he simply stares at you without saying a word.

Hmm… I see. That’s how it is.

You mustn’t listen to the words of people who have gone to the afterlife. They’ll take you there if you listen to them. A ghost cannot speak to people from this world unless they are quite a terrible ghost. Calling the name of the woman they love is about all they can do. So that’s why a storyteller like me is in business.

So you want to hear what that ghost is trying to say? If he told you to die, would you willingly go there? What a frightening thought. How troublesome. Isn’t that like telling me to help you follow him? My landlady has been bothersome recently too. I’d end up in trouble too.

Don’t look at me like that. I’ve got a weakness for beautiful people like you.

I understand. I’ll tell you a story. You are possessed by something quite terrible. I’ll be taking the appropriate compensation though. Please give me a kiss in return.

You will? My goodness, you’re quite obedient. It’s odd for me to say this myself, but you shouldn’t trust someone suspicious like me so easily. I could just be a fake. I am the real thing though.

Eh? What proof do I have? Right… How about this?

Your name is Izayoi. Until recently, you were in Yoshiwara [1]. And the name of the ghost is Takeda Seijuuro. He seems to have come from Kyushu…Kumamoto. That’s right, isn’t it? Do you believe me now?

In that case, let’s begin… Ah, there’s one thing I want to ask you first. Make sure my voice is the only thing you hear while you’re listening. I want you to cover your ears with something like ear plugs, so you don’t hear anything around you.

Hmm… Are you ready? Let me test whether you are or not. From this ear, all the way over to this one.

From this ear, back in the same direction. Do you understand that I’m moving now?

Hmm… Very well. Let us listen to the tale of darkness now.

[1] Yoshiwara – A famous pleasure district in Edo (modern day Tokyo).

Track 2 – First

Let us start with you. Hmm… Ah, now I see. You were born in a poor village in Shonai-han [1]. Because Tohoku was hit by a great famine around that time, it wasn’t unusual for children to be sold. As you can see, for better or worse, you are a beautiful person. It seems that you were sold to Yoshiwara. The place you were sold to was called Nakataya. Nakataya was one of the better districts in Yoshiwara.

Yes, I know. But going to Yoshiwara for fun is beyond the wildest dreams to someone in a place like this. If only I was a little more successful. Ah, I went off topic.

When you go through Yoshiwara’s main gate and cross the ohaguro-dobu [2], the place you reach is known as “Hell”. You are beautiful, so you were trained strictly from the time you were a kamuro [3] and would soon become an oiran [4]. Poems, chess, flower arranging, playing the koto and shamisen. It was natural for a high class prostitute to be able to do anything and this was quite troublesome. Among those things you had to know about were also romance and charm. Of course, those were the most difficult. No matter how much you practice, the heart is not something you can control well, you see.

Your heart and the heart of your partner. You were brought up well because of your good looks. Of course, you were in Yoshiwara, you were also given a tough punishment sometimes.

You were able to become a shinzo [5] somehow. Although you had become a shinzo and had your own customers, there were high expectations for you to become an oiran, so it was unthinkable for you to remain that way. The custom was for you to find a patron and perform a ritual called mizuage [6]. When that ritual was about to take place, that man appeared.

That’s right, it was Takeda Seijuuro. Your encounter was not a normal one. He had been seriously injured. There were lots of cuts from a sword on his body. It was as if he had been cut by many different people. Denzo, the owner of Nakataya and Seijuurou seemed to recognise each other. It also appeared that Seijuuro stumbled upon the Nakataya when he was chased by someone else. Denzo told you to take care of the injured Seijuuro.

Seijuuro: My body feels hot.

Rokujo: Seijuuro was suffering from a fever after he regained consciousness.

Seijuuro: This isn’t paradise, is it? There is a heavenly maiden here though.

Rokujo: Seijuuro was an impressive man. He was able to tell such a joke during the time he suffered for three nights and three days. You fell in love with him when his face, which had been twisted by his fever, became less tense. Although he walked a difficult path, he somehow tried to live bravely.

Because he was living the same kind of life as you, Izayoi. You had seen many romances, but this was your first love. I told you, didn’t I? You can’t control the heart well. A single darkness exists there. Although he knew it was foolish to seriously love a prostitute, Seijuuro had fallen in love with you too.

[1] Shonai-han – A powerful domain during the Edo period (1603-1867).
[2] Ohaguro-dobu – A ditch around Yoshiwara which was built to stop customers sneaking out without paying.
[3] Kamuro – A young girl who would be the servant of an oiran.
[4] Oiran – A high ranking courtesan.
[5] Shinzo – An apprentice courtesan.
[6] Mizuage – A ritual where a courtesan is sponsored by a patron who is given the the right to take her virginity.

Track 3 – The Flower Which Bloomed in the Darkness

Rokujo: As you nursed him, you and Seijuuro slowly became closer. Before long you were close enough to talk about each other.

Seijuuro: I’m a loyalist from the Sonno Joi [1] who left the Kumamoto-han [2]. Did you know that many people have been dying around Kyoto? Those trying to protect the shogunate and those trying to defeat it are fighting to the death night after night. Similar things are happening in Edo, the home of the shogun. A loyalist might sound like a positive thing, but I am an assassin.

Rokujo: It was Seijuuro’s job to kill the supporters of the shogunate night after night. The Nakataya had become a hiding place for the Sonno Joi. The chief of the district thought it was a good way to get rich quickly. Although he was an assassin, your heart did not waver. You fell even more in love with him instead.

Nakataya Denzo did not forget his original purpose. He was obsessed with money, you see. Your mizuage had been arranged. The man was the owner of a haberdashery shop. He was a rich customer who had lavished money on you since the time you had become a shinzo.

Man: You’re lovely, Izayoi. You feel soft and you smell nice. I’m your first ever customer. I’m not going to hand you over to anyone else. You belong to me, Izayoi. I’m looking forward to making love to you.

Rokujo: It would make sense to say your life as a prostitute was going smoothly. But…

Man: I think I’ve had a little too much to drink.

Oh? I thought I just saw something there…

Who are you?! What kind of grudge have you got against me? Someone! Someone help me!

Rokujo: Seijuuro killed the owner of the haberdashery shop. Seijuuro was used to killing people and only noticed the terror of his actions later.

Seijuuro: I’m sorry. I’ve done something terrible. I killed someone innocent. But I couldn’t bear the thought of someone else making love to you, Izayoi. I… I… Izayoi…

Rokujo: Neither you nor Seijuuro were at fault for falling in love with each other. People are free to do as they please. But you were a prostitute and Seijuuro was an assassin. That was how things were. See, you had taken a step into the darkness.

Seijuuro: I won’t let anyone else have you. I’ll make you mine. Understand?

Come on, take off your clothes. It’s alright, I’ll be gentle.

Your skin feels warm. I’m going to leave my mark here. Alright?

I’m going to do the same here.

You really are beautiful.

[1] Sonno Joi – Sonno Joi faction – A group who supported restoring power to the emperor and expelling foreigners from Japan.
[2] Kumamoto-han – One of the largest domains in Kyushu during the Edo period.

Track 4 – The Outcome of Betrayal

Rokujo: Your mizuage was postponed. It was only natural, considering what had happened. However, one day a man you didn’t recognise spoke to you in Yoshiwara.

Man: You’re Izayoi, aren’t you? I want you to read this.

Rokujo: The man who seemed out of place in Yoshiwara handed over a letter as he said that. I could understand if it were a love letter. But that wasn’t what it was. It mentioned the name of your parents you left behind in your hometown. Your hometown of Shonai-han supported the shogunate. You were suspected of being a spy who was investigating Nakataya, the base of the Sonno Joi. The letter said that something might happen to your parents if you didn’t cooperate.

You could have just betrayed your parents who abandoned you as a child. You were unable to do that though. The messenger began visiting under the pretence of being a customer and you continued to report to him anyone you had seen entering and leaving the Nakataya, despite knowing that would bring harm to Seijuuro.

Ah, you had stepped even further into the darkness. Then Seijuuro was caught. The Shinchogumi [1] who protected the peace in Edo and were under the control of Shonai-han, came into the Nakataya.

Man: Get him! Get him! We know that the assassin Takeda Seijuuro is hiding here! We’re going to avenge our comrades who you killed, here and now!

Rokujo: At that time, you were out of the Nakataya. You came back after Seijuuro had been captured. Seijuuro was beheaded and you were not able to oppose his execution. That was because you could not leave Yoshiwara until your apprenticeship was complete. You were not even permitted to leave the Nakataya. Fortunately, no trouble came to the Nakataya.

That seems to be the end. Well, I suppose you hear that kind of story often.

But if that was truly the end, then there would be no need for you to come here.

[1] Shinchogumi – A police force created in 1862 which was employed by the shogunate in Edo (modern day Tokyo). It also has some connection with the Shinsengumi of Kyoto, as its members came from the same group of masterless samurai which formed the Shinsengumi.

Track 5 – The Rumour of a Ghost

Strange rumours then began to spread. Two soldiers from the Shinchogumi were walking through Edo late one night. Their conversation went like so:

Man: My goodness. Doing the rounds is quite bothersome. Shall we get a drink before going home?

Man: Very well. But going with you alone is a bit dull.

Man: What about that Nakataya place we went to the other day? I’d like to have fun there.

Man: Good idea. How much will it be, I wonder?

That assassin really was a pathetic man though. He got down on his hands and knees and begged for nothing to happen to that shinzo.

Man: No doubt about it. Well, a woman as good as her is wasted on him. Hmm?

Rokujo: One of the men noticed a strange shadow. That figure which lingered in the darkness with a drawn sword was not normal. His whole body was covered in blood.

Man: Who are you?

Man: Wait a minute. This is strange.

Rokujo: When he looked carefully, the scenery beyond the shadow could be seen.

Man: It’s that man… Get him!

Rokujo: One soldier tried to stab the slowly approaching shadow. But his sword smoothly passed through the shadow.

Seijuuro: Izayoi.

Rokujo: The man flopped down. He was no longer breathing. The other soldier was terrified.

Man: Don’t come near me! Stop! Stop!

Rokujo: A ghost story spread all throughout Edo. When one full moon had passed, and there was little left of the moon, the ghost of a murdered assassin would appear. When the moon of the sixteenth day of the lunar month rises, the bloody shadow of a soldier could be seen around Yoshiwara. Stories like that came one after another.

The Shinchogumi soldiers who entered the Nakataya were killed one by one. The way they died was not normal either. The bodies of those who died were fixed in a position which looked as if they had seen something terrifying.

They certainly were dead, but did not have a scratch on their bodies. The ghost was rumoured to whisper “Izayoi”, the name of the prostitute who betrayed him. The rumours claimed that the ghost of the assassin wouldn’t stop until he had killed Izayoi, the prostitute who betrayed him.

Track 6 – Bloody Flower

One night, the chief of the district, Nakataya Denzo summoned you. Denzo was trembling in the corner of the room.

Denzo: Izayoi! Help me! At this rate, I’ll be killed! I’ll… I’ll…

Rokujo: Denzo was quite upset.

Denzo: This will stop if you are killed! That’s right! There’s no doubt about it! If you die…

Rokujo: He tried to stab you with the dagger he had hidden in his clothes, but you desperately avoided him.

Denzo: Izayoi! Why won’t you die? You ungrateful woman! Even though I spent money on you and treated you well! You killed an important customer! Dealing with that caused me a lot of trouble! And you expect me to cancel your debt too?! This is ridiculous! I’m going to kill you, you ungrateful woman! You worthless and ungrateful woman!

Rokujo: That’s right. Denzo had been taken by the darkness too. The darkness that was known as money. You couldn’t understand most of what Denzo was saying. You were desperately trying to avoid the dagger he was waving around. But you had trouble moving around in the clothes you were wearing, so you were unable to keep avoiding his attacks. At last, he managed to cut your shoulder. The blood slowly flowed out.

Denzo: Everything will be fine if you die! I’m sure of it!

Rokujo: Denzo suddenly looked up. A bloody figure was standing there. There was no doubt that it was Seijuuro. Ah, the moon of the sixteenth night of the lunar month was in the sky.

Denzo: Seijuuro! Stop! Please! This isn’t my fault! You should be holding a grudge against that woman! This ungrateful woman betrayed you! This woman turned you in! Seijuuro… Stop!

Rokujo: Denzo was stabbed by Seijuuro and collapsed. But no blood was spilled from his wound. Looking closely, there was no trace of a wound either. Seijuuro was covered in blood, but that was his own blood, not the blood of his victim. He slowly turned around and came closer to you, who had fallen. He gently licked the wound on your shoulder and whispered in your ear:

Seijuuro: Izayoi.

Rokujo: In the next moment, Seijuuro had disappeared. The Nakataya was ruined and you were thrown out of Yoshiwara. It seems that the Shonai-han were responsible for the cancellation of your debt. Well, considering the number of people who had died around you, no district in Yoshiwara would have taken you in anyway.

People were afraid that they would be cursed just by being near you. You had nowhere to go when you got out of Yoshiwara, a place which should have been inescapable, and so you were moving from place to place in Edo.

On the night of the sixteenth day of the lunar month, Seijuuro would appear wherever you were, covered in blood. It also seemed that he wanted to say something. He probably would have felt bitter because you were the one who turned him in. You worried that it would continue to happen and were led to this place by your dreams.

Track 7 – Second

Is that about it? Well, wasn’t I right?

Well, well. What was next? Ah, you want to hear what Seijuuro was saying. You want to hear it and die without hesitation, don’t you?

My goodness. It’s unfortunate for someone beautiful like you to do that.

Very well. Let us talk about Seijuuro then. Stay a little longer and listen to me tell you about the darkness.

Track 8 – The Assassin Who Longed for the Moon

Rokujo: Seijuuro was born in Kumamoto-han. Around that time, the world had become an unsettled place. Just as expected, the widespread Sonno faction and the supporters of the shogunate were even arguing loudly with each other in Kumamoto. The young Seijuuro was the third son of a samurai family devoted to swordsmanship. The purer something is, the easier it will be influenced. While listening to the words of his master, he became the beginnings of a soldier to overthrow the shogunate. He was twelve years old the first time he killed someone. He killed desperately at first, but he became somewhat used to it after killing two or three people. Then by the time he had killed ten people, he was completely used to it. He became known as the assassin Seijuuro and ended up as a masterless samurai who could not be controlled. He came to Kyoto and began killing people there too.

It was now in his nature to kill. The reason he killed was not the most important thing. Apparently he could not bear to stop killing. Seijuuro knew that he was insane, but he couldn’t stop. He didn’t feel like stopping either. However, he thought about whether someone might stop him. He eventually became unable to stay in Kyoto and ended up in Edo. They say when one door closes, another one opens. He became the sword of the anti-shogunate faction in Edo and spent his days killing people. But no matter how skilled they might be, anyone can make a mistake. He became surrounded and was badly wounded. For some time he stayed at Yoshiwara as an unexpected guest. There he met you, Izayoi.

You took care of Seijuuro for three days and nights without rest. Because you were a shinzo who was preparing for her mizuage, you must have been considerably younger than him, but you were impressively reliable. For the first time since leaving Kumamoto, Seijuurou felt at ease.

Ah, you fell in love with his tired smile. Seijuuro even thought that he wouldn’t kill anymore if you stopped him. But you were a prostitute. The day of your mizuage, when you would have your first customer, was coming closer. A deep darkness formed in Seijuuro’s heart. Before he knew it, he was holding his sword and waiting for the haberdashery shop owner. He said to himself:

Seijurou: It’s no big deal. I’ve done this plenty of times.

Rokujo: But when Seijuuro had killed a defenceless man for the first time, he realised just how frightening the things he had done before were. Seijuuro trembled as he held onto you. But it wasn’t a good thing for him to have killed the owner of the haberdashery shop. His skill as an assassin was so great, that someone noticed the assassin Seijuuro was in Yoshiwara. And no matter how Seijuuro thought about it, you were acting strangely. You were always distracted. He also saw you secretly handing a letter to one of your customers.

Seijuuro: She is a prostitute. I was being fooled around with. But I can’t imagine Izayoi being that kind of person. No, it’s no good. I mustn’t get too involved.

Rokujo: He tried to convince himself, but it didn’t go too well. The winding road to hell. Seijuuro secretly followed the man who got the letter. He killed him in a dark alley. But the letter he had wasn’t a love letter, and Seijuuro became aware of your betrayal.

Seijuuro: I’ll definitely get caught if I stay at the Nakataya. But… Ah, I’ve made up my mind. This is what I’m going to do.

Rokujo: Seijuuro smiled in a satisfied way. He gripped his bloody sword and the letter. He did not say a word about the secret feelings in his heart as he made love to you every night.

Seijuuro: You look beautiful again tonight, Izayoi. Ah, hold onto me tightly. That’s right.

You want to know what’s wrong? It’s nothing. You don’t need to worry. You don’t need to worry at all.

Rokujo: Before long, the soldiers who supported the shogunate entered the Nakataya. There were more than ten men. They seemed quite afraid of the assassin Seijuuro. However, the assassin Seijuuro was easily captured.

Why? Well, I wonder about that.

Track 9 – The Truth Hidden in the Dark

You know what happened next. Seijuuro was executed and became a vengeful ghost who appeared in Edo to kill those who betrayed him.

This meant Nakataya Denzo too. It seemed that he was secretly communicating with the supporters of the shogunate. Because he liked the thought of earning money more than anything, you see.

That’s right. That’s why he wasn’t eliminated. Then there was only one traitor left. Last of all, Seijuuro appeared before you.

Tonight is yet again the sixteenth day of the lunar month. The ghost of the betrayed assassin walks all over Edo. Well, Izayoi, are you prepared to listen to the rest?

You’ve been ready for some time now? Haha. That’s right! You really are a good woman.

Track 10 – Third

I’m going to move the story along a little further. Seijuuro couldn’t run away because you would fall under suspicion if he did. When the Shinchogumi came into the Nakataya, Seijuuro did not resist, even though he might have skilled enough to kill them all. I wonder why he didn’t. In exchange for being captured, Seijuuro made a bargain.

Man: Seijuuro the assassin, prepare yourself now!

Seijuurou: Wait. If you cancel Izayoi’s debt, then I’ll let you capture me.

Man: What?

Seijuuro: It seems that the Nakataya was secretly reporting to you, the supporters of the shogunate. If should be easy for someone like you to cancel a prostitute’s debt.

There are ten of you, hmm? You’ve underestimated the assassin Seijuuro. If you’re planning on capturing me, then eight of you should be prepared to die. The remaining two will be left with unrecognisable faces.

Rokujo: Although he was a masterless samurai, he was also the assassin Seijuuro. Despite their attempts to attack, several of the men were defeated. It wasn’t a bad offer. The bargain was accepted and Seijuuro was easily captured. Seijuurou thought:

Seijuuro: Ah, now I no longer have to kill. Izayoi’s life was ruined when she met me. She probably would have become an oiran and found a good patron, but that chance was destroyed by me, an assassin. If I can save her this way, then I’ll be happy. But I would’ve liked to have seen her one last time.

Rokujo: Seijuuro probably died peacefully. Well, he would have had he not heard these words the moment he was beheaded:

Man: We’ll let you see that woman again soon, so just wait.

Rokujo: You knew too much. They were going to get rid of you before you caused any trouble. The thoughts of people used to killing are frightening. These things are caused by the existence of darkness.

Track 11 – Untying the Darkness

Then Seijuuro returned to this world in order to protect you, Izayoi. The men he killed for revenge were after you too, so he killed them one by one.

Just when he thought it was over, it was not. You believed that Seijuuro had a grudge against you. That’s why you want to die. He wasn’t able to move on in that situation, but there was no way he could talk to you.

He tried his hardest to appear in your dreams and lead you to the person who could. Yes, I am that person. My name is well known in the afterlife. Well then, I am going to tell you the final words of Takeda Seijuuro.

Track 12 – Genya Rokujo’s Final Words

Seijuuro: Izayoi. I don’t have a grudge against you. I knew about your betrayal. But because Nakataya Denzo was involved too, I would have been caught sooner or later. Only after I’d killed a few people who were considered troublesome to the Nakataya though.

So it’s my fault that I died. It’s not your fault. Now I’m going to fall into hell. Because I killed so many people, you see. So you should at least live amidst the light. If you live a good life, then you’ll be the one person that this assassin was able to save.

The world will soon change. A lot of things will happen, but I’m sure there’s somewhere you can live an honest life. I’m glad I met you at the end. I wish I could have held you in my arms once more. Well then… Goodbye, Izayoi.

Rokujo: It seems that he’s gone. You were possessed by the guilt that Seijuuro had a grudge against you. That was what chained Seijuuro to this world.

Well? I got rid of him skilfully didn’t I? All you have to do is live an honest life. For the sake of Seijuuro too. Well, the world will soon change.

It would be better for you to stay in Edo instead of returning to your hometown. Don’t go to Kyoto or Aizu by mistake either. You also mustn’t go to Kyushu. Right… If you want to fall in love with someone else, then the perfect partner is right in front of you.

Hmm? There’s no point in looking so surprised. My goodness.

Well then, I’ll take the payment you promised me. May I take your hand then?

I wouldn’t get paid if you went away, you see. I’m not going to try and kiss you on the lips.

What possessed you has gone. I quickly drove it away and the tale of darkness has come to an end. Well then, everything is complete.

Track 13 – Free Talk

Thank you very much for buying Kurayami Gatari 2, Yuuen Ichimu. This is Tsuda Kenjiro, the voice of Rokujo Genya. What did you think of the ghost story this time? Did it make you shiver?

I’m also going to use the dummy head mic in the free talk and try my best to make everyone happy. We wanted Kurayami Gatari, which is released once a year, to become something that is associated with summer, so a second volume was released. I’d like to thank everyone for their support. Thank you very much.

The storyteller this time has the same family name as before and the same ability, but his personality and the time period were different. What did you think of Rokujo Genya, the character from this volume? I played a storyteller, but I don’t want you to be too troubled about whether he seems like a storyteller.

I’ve got some questions to answer here.

How did you feel about telling ghost stories with a dummy head mic for a second time?
This time, hmm… Well, it was similar to the previous occasion, but there was more dramatic development this time. It felt as if the dramatic element was stronger than before. I’d say the story was sad rather than frightening. It was a more dramatic ghost story. I wonder if the ghost seemed like a sorrowful one?

Telling a ghost story with a dummy head mic. So it’s become that time already? I’m suddenly looking back on things.

There’s another question.

This was a story about feelings being misunderstood. Have you had any surprising misunderstandings before?
Misunderstandings, hmm… I’m not sure. I think I might not have realised any misunderstandings that have happened. I feel as if things usually continue without the misunderstanding being resolved. I’m often told that I only hear half of what’s been said. I’m intending to listen, but I’m afraid that there are some things I just don’t pick up on. I’m not confident about that. I’m confidently saying I’m not confident. So my misunderstandings are probably ongoing.

Okay, here’s the next question.

Is there something that most reminds you of summer? Please include the reason why.
Something that reminds me of summer, hmm. Well… Summer reminds me of things like ghost stories, watermelon, mosquito repellent coils, fireworks, yukata and geta. The “girls showing the nape of their neck” [1] too. I meant to say girls wearing yukata there. It didn’t go right when I tried to shorten it.

Hmm? I wonder if it could be one of those? I think summer festivals are another thing. The people shouting “essa hoisa” [2]. The festival floats. Everything.

Every year, I wish to experience something typical of summer, but I haven’t really been able to. Last year I wore a yukata. Aren’t yukata great? I’ll make that the thing which reminds me of summer. Yukata is the thing that reminds me of summer. How about it? There are some people who have their own yukata made. Yukata would be good, right? Let’s choose yukata. So how about everyone makes my yukata the one thing that reminds them of summer? My reason is that I want to experience summer.

Well, I think I’m going to excuse myself soon. I’d be happy if you continue to support Kurayami Gatari from now on.

Ah, that’s it! Something that reminds me of summer! This story, hmm? Kurayami Gatari, hmm? This is it! Please make Kurayami Gatari into the one thing that reminds you of summer. This was Tsuda Kenjiro. I’m going to finish with a message as the current storyteller, Rokujo Genya.

This story has now come to an end, but was I able to rid you of what possesses you? I’d like it if you came to see me again.

Don’t look at me like that. This is no good. I really do have a weakness for beautiful women. I’m going to want to stop you from leaving. Because you’ve given me the payment you promised, I’m going to thank you and say goodbye. I’d be happy if you listened to this again and again until the day we meet again. I’m incredibly thankful.

This is the end of Kurayami Gatari.

[1] It seems like Tsuda is referring to girls wearing yukata and putting their hair up (meaning their neck can be seen).
[2] Essa-hoisa – Something people shout when carrying a portable shrine/mikoshi during a festival.


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  4. Thanks a lot for the translation! How I longed to read this one too after the first Kurayami Gatari. I always love your translations because it’s always so detailed and I like how you put together the words. Very nice and easy to read. Once more, thank you. I look forward to your next translations. I hope you the best!

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