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Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa 2

Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa 2 – Harada Sanosuke

CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke

Track 1

By the first year of Genji [1], the peaceful and unexciting era whose mere mention was enough to make anyone yawn, had already passed. What came in its place was a bloody and insane era, yet people still continued to cry out their tiresome ideologies. It was that kind of era. Revering the emperor and driving out foreigners. Overthrowing the shogunate. Everyone desperately argued for those things and wielded their swords, sacrificing their lives, as if they believed those things were most important to this world. Why on earth are they so passionate? I have no idea why.

The colours of this world are as dull as sand. All that exists is tedious and unpleasant. In this era where not one thing interests me, everyone speaks about the future as if it is the matter of most importance to this country. Their conversation sounds like nothing more than the useless noise of sand being blown around, but the majority of fools this world overflows with are influenced by ridiculous beliefs and are reduced to being people who make the same useless noises. So as I wield my spear, I think that it would be better for them to become a little quieter. I feel strangely excited when I sense the tip of my spear sinking into soft flesh and see the spray of blood spreading out like mist.

But when I return to my senses, all I see is the usual tedious landscape. Why am I the only one who is always so bored? I’m fed up of everything. Everyone should just die. All the fools should let out their final ugly screams and die. That is the reason I am captain of the Shinsengumi’s tenth troop and the reason that I stand beside the flag of sincerity. [2]

I’m back from my patrol. Could you open up?


I haven’t had enough sleep. I’ll go to sleep when I’m done reporting. I suppose I’ll take a bath before that. I think I might fall asleep in the bath.

Who’s there? A woman? It’s quite rude of you to scream when you see someone. Who are you?

Ah. Come to think of it, I heard someone saved a woman at the Ikedaya yesterday. That was you?

Who am I? That doesn’t matter. I don’t see any need to tell you my name.

Ah, this? I was dealing with the remnants and their blood spilled on me. Some of the Choshu [3] escaped from the Ikedaya, didn’t they? I searched for them, caught them and got rid of them. Blood sprayed out from the wounds in their bodies and in my direction. I ended up the way I am now after getting rid of a few of them.

You want me to use that to stop the bleeding? Hmm… You noticed I was hurt? You’re quite perceptive. But it’s not a deep wound. It’s no reason to let that cloth get dirty.

I don’t need any treatment either. There’s no need to worry about me anyway. Or do you get upset worrying about the health of everyone you meet?

You’re so simple. Don’t involve me in your hypocrisy. Just save it for some fool who’d be moved by that kind of thing. It’s got nothing to do with me. If you understand, then don’t approach me without any reason, alright? Your stupidity will rub off on me.

You look like you’re not convinced yet. Then I’ll tell you one thing that’ll make it meaningless to treat my wounds. I got these injuries because I wanted to.

It would be my own fault if the wound became infected, then I got a fever and died. It’s nothing for you to worry about. See you then.

Oh, it’s you? The girl from before.

You’re still here? Why are you doing the mopping?

You became a maid? Come to think of it, I heard about that from Toshi-san. I forgot all about it.

Ah… A maid, hmm… In that case, I’ll tell you my name. You’re counted as a member of the Shinsengumi now, aren’t you? It’s not as if we’re complete strangers then.

I’m Harada Sanosuke. You can call me Harada, Sano or even “Mr Gloomy”, if you like. I’m not particularly bothered.

Hmm? The injury I had before? Now that I think about it, you were quite concerned. You still remember it?

It’s not important. There’s no problem. It’d be bothersome if you worried about every single injury. I’m used to it.

Hmm? Why are you surprised? The same goes for you, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t? You see, working for the Shinsengumi means that you’re so prepared for pain that the fact you might be attacked and wounded at any time doesn’t bother you at all. Am I wrong?

Because you wanted to be useful? Ah, I see. So you decided to work here for that reason? Are you an idiot?

You survived and now you’re using your life for the sake of others. It’s difficult for me to understand. You should be using it for your own sake. You’re so good-natured. You’re a completely different type of person to me.

Why are you looking at me like that? I wasn’t saying that to trouble you.

Ah. It sounded like I was criticising you? I was just being honest about what I thought. You’re quite ignorant, aren’t you? It’ll be difficult for you to survive when you can’t tell whether someone has bad intentions or not.

Why do you look so troubled? Why don’t you say something instead of being silent? I won’t be able to tell how you think and how you might react.

Never mind. It seems there’s no point in talking to you any longer. Forget what I just said. Instead of being aware of your own thoughts, you can simply help the Shinsengumi by cleaning the corridors.

I’ll be counting on you from now on then.

[1] Genji era – An era which began on February 1, 1864.
[2] Choshu – A clan that was an enemy of the shogunate and the Shinsengumi.
[3] Sincerity – The symbol of the Shinsengumi is 誠 “Makoto”, a concept which roughly translates as “sincerity”.

Track 2

The next time I got to have a proper conversation with you, it was autumn.

I wondered why I could hear someone crying at this time and it turned out to be you. Why are you hiding here and crying?

Me? Can’t you see? I just got back from the night patrol. I encountered two men. There weren’t many tonight. Not many people were outside because of the new moon.

Although there were only two of them, my injuries were worse than usual because their swordsmanship was so clumsy. The spear’s long reach is useful, but fighting against someone with a sword would be difficult on a night like this.

Anyway, why are you crying? You came all the way to this corner of the garden too.

Ah, I see. You felt like crying because you remembered your dead parents and you went out of your room so you wouldn’t make a lot of noise.

But your parents died at the Ikedaya, didn’t they? I think it’s already been three months since then. Are you still crying? Why don’t you forget about them already?

Everyone dies eventually. It’s no good crying over just two people. Don’t you think it’s an inefficient thing to do? I think it’d be more useful to rest for tomorrow instead of crying like that.

I see. You’re so hurt and upset that you can’t even make that decision. Then why are you still alive? If you feel so hurt, then you should die.

Ah, you stopped crying. Were you surprised?

Hmm… That wasn’t my intention when I said it.

Well, alright. It’s good that you’ve stopped crying. Can you bring a cloth and a change of clothes to the bathroom? The blood that splashed onto me has dried and it feels uncomfortable. I’m going to take a bath, so I’ll leave that to you.

Come here. Give me the cloth.


Ah, I feel a lot better.

What are you looking at? Shouldn’t you be used to seeing a man’s chest?

Hmm… Ah, so you were looking at the injuries on my stomach.

It’s not important. They don’t hurt anymore.

They’re just old injuries. I didn’t get them in battle though. I made these injuries myself.

It’s nothing to be so surprised about. You get surprised about everything.

You don’t know what I’m talking about? I felt like making them, so I did. I held my sword in my left hand, pierced the left side of my stomach and drew my sword to the right. That’s all.

I’ve never been seriously injured, so I was interested in how it felt to be near death. A lot of people were angry at me when I did that. Heisuke had tears in his eyes. Nagakura looked pale too. Ah… I was surprised that someone gentle like Kondo-san raised his voice. Seeing those unusual things made it worth the effort.

I can tell what you’re thinking right away.

Hmm? You think I’m even stranger now? Well, I don’t think you’ll be able to understand me, and I don’t wish for you to do so either.

Did I think it was alright to die? That’s a completely foolish question. I didn’t think it was alright to die, I wanted to die.

Ah… That’s not right. I shouldn’t have said it in the past tense. I still feel the same way now.

Why? Everyone eventually ends up desiring a place to die at some point in their lives. That’s how it is. The only difference is whether it happens sooner or later.

I’d actually like to ask you something. Why don’t you want to die?

You’re sad enough about your parents dying that you’re still crying three months after their deaths, aren’t you? You want to see them again, don’t you? I don’t know whether the afterlife exists, but perhaps you’ll see your parents again if you die. However, as long as you’re alive, you won’t see your dear parents again. In that case, it’d be good for you to try count on a happy afterlife and die. Why are you still alive?

Have you found something of value? There’s no reason for you to cry like that anymore then, is there?

Me? There’s no way I’d find anything of value in this world. Don’t think that I’m the same as you. There’s nothing I’ve ever enjoyed, you see.

What? Are you feeling sorry for me?

Hmm… Well, thank you. I’ll gladly laugh.

Well? Are you satisfied to tell me that?

You don’t know me at all. So why are you feeling sorry for me? Did you think that I would be moved and grateful if you showed me a worthless sentiment you share with everyone? You didn’t, did you?

That’s the right answer. I’d only think you were even more of a fool. Anyway, if you’re going to feel sorry for me, then comfort me in a more feminine way.

Come on, come here. You’re the only woman here, so isn’t it obvious what’s going to happen to you? Being a maid is just a cover. The real reason you were hired is to do this kind of thing. It’s useful that I don’t have to go all the way to the courtesan’s district. I’m going to do this quickly…

Ah, never mind about that! I’m not the type to get turned on when someone resists. Just stay still.

Your kimono will get wet if you go too far that way.

Ah… You don’t like the nape of your neck being kissed? I’ll kiss you here instead then. Tell me when you feel good.

You’re still going to resist? It’s dark, so there’s no need to be embarrassed.

Did that feel good just now? I’ll keep going then.

Eh? That’s not right? What isn’t right?

Oh? You really are just a maid? Really?

What are you talking about? I can’t believe it.

Ah… I see. Kondo-san is that type of person. I’ve got no more use for you then. You can go now. You can either go to sleep or just keep crying in the garden. I won’t interrupt you again.

Did I do something wrong? Well, that doesn’t matter. What she thinks of me isn’t important.

It’s so cold.

Track 3

The second year of Genji, summer. It was dusk, the time when the cicadas would cry restlessly.

Hey. What are you doing here? Did you come because you knew I’d be keeping watch here?

Hmm… You’re on your way back after doing some shopping? Then why don’t you go straight home instead of wasting time here? I don’t think you’ll see anything interesting here. You’re also a nuisance.

The shrine? You’re planning on going to the shrine near here? Hmm… Why? Is there something you want to pray for?

Ah, wait. I’ll try and guess. You’re easy to understand, you see.

Aren’t you going to pray for your parents to be at peace in the afterlife? I think praying for an afterlife which might not even exist is nothing more than a way of making yourself feel better.

I’m half right? What do you mean?

You’re going to pray for the world to become a peaceful place soon? What’s that supposed to mean? That’s an incredibly boring wish. Do you miss the time when there was no war? I can’t believe it.

I’m not the same. Of course, I want to kill everyone from the Joi [1]. I can’t bear their troublesome behaviour. But I don’t think their deaths will make this a peaceful era once again. There are many more unpleasant people. Peace will not happen, even if they are all destroyed.

People who are of no use to this world are being born everyday, you see. The bloody wave which has gained momentum will not be stopped so easily. Bodies will be piled up in a heap, and before long they will close in on the sky and the fools will finally realise that “it seems a little dark around here”.

At that time, it will have become an irreversible situation where the immediate future will be filled with darkness. Then one era will finally reach its end.

Have you been to school? If you have, then look back on history. Wouldn’t you then understand that humanity has repeated the events of those eras and moved forward? Praying for peace is a waste of time. What is the use of clinging to temporary peace? A bloody era will eventually come around again.

Hmm? Why are you confused?

Kondo-san and I believe in very different things? Well, I won’t deny that. But I’m quite interested in Kondo-san, who desires peace. Because he understands that peace is something temporary.

Unlike you, he isn’t someone who single-mindedly believes in peace. Although he understands that peace won’t last forever, he still has peace as an ideal. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

I think that living for the sake of peace is meaningless, but for some strange reason I feel as if I want to support him. I’m well aware of the contradiction. But contradiction is the one thing that can overcome boredom. If I stay by his side, this world might become a little less boring. I think Kondo-san is good at making people hopeful.

I could never become someone like that. I don’t particularly care about that. But…

The sun is beginning to set.

You said you were going to the shrine, didn’t you? Why don’t you give up? You might bump into someone dangerous and it’ll be quite dark when you go home.

Me? I’m still going to stay here.

Be quiet. Someone’s coming. There are four men. They’ve appeared sooner than I thought they would. Well, what shall I do?

Hey you. Can you stay still? Make sure they don’t find you. Got it? Keep yourself hidden and lower your breathing. Otherwise you’ll end up getting involved too.

Stop. Where are you from? The only thing ahead of here is a shrine. All four of you are going to visit it? You don’t look like the type of people who would enthusiastically pray to gods. Or are you going to the rundown building ahead of the shrine?

I don’t know what you’re doing there, but I can guess… Hmm… A secret meeting about how to overthrow the shogunate, perhaps?

Hmm… What a simple reaction. I don’t mind that. I’m glad my time isn’t being wasted.

Who am I? That doesn’t matter! There’s no point in telling my name to someone who’s about to die.

Come on. Hurry up and die.



Die. Die. Die. Die! Die!

Come on, come here! Your precious allies have been stabbed to death. So why are you standing there looking pale?

Come here. Struggle pathetically, knowing you can do nothing. Despair and die with tears in your eyes.

Your hands are trembling. How pathetic.


You may be vulgar, loud and worthless, but the blood you spill is more beautiful than I would have expected. I admire the red flowers that you bloom on the sandy landscape. Because they make the world a little colourful. So splendidly spill your blood and die!

That’s it. That’s right. Become even more desperate. Only think of killing me.

I’m enjoying this. You never thought your lives would end here, did you?

Hey! You’re going to completely experience what fear feels like. It feels as if you’re alive doesn’t it?


You’re already done? How dull. It went by too fast.

No… That’s not right. There’s one more.

Will you die too? You want to see your parents, don’t you?

Only joking. I wouldn’t kill an ally like that. I have that much sense. Unfortunately enough.

What’s that accusing look for? Did you really want me to kill you? In that case, I can grant your wish right now.

It’s alright. I’ll make you at peace in an instant. There’s a sword lying here too. I’ll say that you were killed by one of the Choshu.

I’m sure some of the people at the headquarters will cry for you and come to this shrine to pray for you to be at peace.

That’s not it? Then what are you trying to say?

The landscape became mysteriously colourful and was burned into my mind. Your tearful eyes helplessly but honestly stared at me. You parted your lips which had turned pale from fear and slowly blinked repeatedly.

Then you quietly said “You’ve barely avoided your opponent’s attack many times. Why do you do such dangerous things?” That was the first time I thought of you as interesting. You’re a fool, but perceptive about strange things. It seems that you weren’t just shaking with fear during the battle, but that you were carefully watching it.

You’re more bothered about me barely avoiding being hit than you almost getting killed?

Hmm… You’re a strange person.

Well, I won’t deny it. No matter how strong or weak an opponent is, I won’t dodge their sword until the very last moment. That’s why I always get hurt. But I can’t help it. I don’t feel like dodging their attacks unless I do it at the very last moment.

I hesitate because I might get injured and die then. I always feel that way when I’m just about to be hit by the stroke of a sword.

But in the end, I can never think of a reason to die and end up dodging it. I’ve pulled myself through life that way. It’s because I made a promise long ago that I wouldn’t die for a selfish reason. So I’m not going to die as long as I don’t have an unselfish reason to die.

You want me to stop fighting like that because it’s dangerous? Hah. I can’t understand why you’re so worried about me. Whether I live or die has nothing to do with you. You don’t see any value in worrying about me, do you?

I don’t remember giving you anything like that. Just look away if you don’t like seeing someone you know die. Or is there some kind of important reason you’re interfering in my life?

If so, I’d like to hear it.

You can’t answer, which means you haven’t got any reason at all. You should leave me alone then. Things would be easier for you too that way.

Ah… But if you think of a reason for me to die, tell me what it is. I’m quite interested in hearing your suggestion. See you later.

I’ve got to report to someone about these men. You be careful on your way back. I’ve killed everyone who was hiding there, so I think it’ll be fine though.

[1] Sonno Joi faction – A group who supported restoring power to the emperor and expelling foreigners from Japan.

Track 4

Second year of Keio [1], autumn. Now that I think about it, it’s been some time since I had a proper conversation with you.

What are you doing here? You’re sewing, aren’t you? Is that something you’d normally do on the veranda at night?

Your lamp ran out of oil? The moon isn’t bright enough to see what you’re doing tonight. I think this obviously isn’t very efficient. You really are an idiot.

I’ve got a lamp in my room, so why don’t you come there? This way.

It’s here.

There you go. You should be able to see what you’re doing now. Why don’t you finish up quickly and go to sleep?

What? You thought I hated you?

That’s not true. I act like this around everyone. I wasn’t being particularly unkind to you. I’ve never felt that I hated or liked anyone anyway. I don’t really understand those feelings. I think Kondo-san is an impressive man and I’m grateful that Toshi-san is quite kind to me as well. But that doesn’t mean I like them.

Nagakura and Heisuke? You’re quite observant. I do spend time with them, but I don’t think it’s the same as liking them.

Liking someone means having a sense of attachment to them, doesn’t it? The Shinsengumi are my allies. But I don’t have a sense of attachment to my allies. I don’t have any feelings about that. It’s enough for allies just to share the same aim, isn’t it?

My family, hmm? I thought you might ask that. What about you? You loved your family, didn’t you?

Then how much did you love them? Did you love them so much that nothing else could replace them?

Hmm. Then I must ask you this next. Why are you still alive? If you’ve lost someone who you feel cannot be replaced, then shouldn’t you follow them and die too? So why haven’t you done that? Is there a reason you don’t want to die? What’s your reason for living that makes you bear the pain of losing your family?

You’ve got a troubled look on your face again. You really don’t know your own feelings?

Then tell me when you make up your mind. I’ll always be ready to help you leave this world.

All you have to say is “I want to die”.

Me? I told you before, didn’t I? I always feel as if I want to die. I’m not pathetically clinging to life like you are. The only reason I’m not dead is because I don’t have a reason to die. If I found a reason I could agree with, I could end my life right away.

Who knows? I’m not sure of the reason I began feeling this way. I’m sure that I gradually and naturally ended up like this.

Ah, but I have a feeling that there was a catalyst. I’m not sure whether it was a clear cause though. When I was younger and didn’t yet know how to fight with a spear, my grandparents who had cared for me both died at the same time. They drowned when they went to see the river on a rainy day. While their relatives wept, I didn’t shed a single tear. I was convinced when my parents said “You probably don’t understand death because you’re still young”.

I soon grew up and began to learn how to fight with a spear. My senior was a popular young man in our neighbourhood. He had a strong sense of justice and was liked by everyone. Yes, he was like Kondo-san. He died on the roadside while protecting a woman and her child from some dangerous men. He died too young and too suddenly. His funeral was filled with tears and everyone’s eyes were red. But I didn’t shed a single tear.

Of course, I had already understood what death was. I understand that when someone they’re close to dies, people’s emotions break down and they weep. Whilst everyone was weeping, I was thinking clearly how I felt about how much my senior cared for me, how much time we spent together and how that time had suddenly come to an end.

In the end, I was able to understand. It seems that I’m different from other people. No matter how much I look back on my memories, they are only there as events of the past.

I feel neither sad nor happy about them. My heart doesn’t feel anything for my senior, my grandparents or anyone alive now. It seems that normal people aren’t like that. I understood that from observing others. I’m sure that I’m missing something. When I had that thought, I couldn’t help thinking that everything seemed so dull. The world is so dull that it suffocates me. Others praise this world, yet I’m the only one who feels the way I do.

Why am I the only one who has to be this bored? No matter how much I thought about it, it seemed there was no answer. When I realised that, all of a sudden, nothing seemed to matter anymore. I hated the majority of people in this world to the point that I could no longer bear it. People being passionate about something. People enjoying something. People with dreams. Because I haven’t had any of those things.

If only everyone would die. There’s nothing enjoyable in this world. Why hasn’t anyone realised?

What are you doing? Did you prick your finger? Let me see.

You’re bleeding. You weren’t looking properly at what you were doing, were you?

Alright, it’s fine now.

Is it something to be that bothered about? You’d normally lick a small cut, wouldn’t you? If you don’t want that happening, then look what you’re doing properly when you sew.

Give me what you’re sewing. It’d be no good if you got blood on it, would it? I’ll do it.

You don’t have to worry. I’m good at this kind of thing. I’ve always been skilled with my hands. Heisuke was always tearing his clothes when we were at Shieikan [2] too. He’d move around too roughly, get his clothes caught on something or fall over. I often repaired his clothes.

I’m kind? Not really. It just became one of my responsibilities at some point. From your point of view, it might seem kind though.

If I really am kind, then I’d like to know the reason I don’t cry at funerals.

Alright, it’s done. Are you finished sewing now?

You should go back to your room and sleep soon then. But if you still want to talk about something, I suppose I could do that.

I see. You’re such a curious person. Alright then. You’re strangely easy to talk to. I don’t mind being with you, so I’d say you’re a good conversational partner. You’re not too intelligent though.

Well, what shall we talk about next? We can talk about you instead of me. Talk about something interesting to distract me from boredom.

[1] Keio – An era which began during April 1865.
[2] Shieikan – A dojo in Tokyo, where several of the major Shinsengumi members met one another.

Track 5

Winter, the third year of Keio. I think it was a windy day.

Hmm? What are you doing tonight? You don’t seem to be sewing.

Me? I’ve finished the night patrol and had a bath. I got a lot of blood spilled on me again.

Ah. This bandage? It’s nothing to make a big fuss of. I can move my arm without any trouble.

Your eyes are red. You should put on more clothes when you’re out in the garden in this weather, unless you want to catch a cold.

So what is it this time? What silly reason were you crying for?

Ah. You were crying about Heisuke and Hajime-kun leaving the troop, hmm? Are you so sad that you’d hide in the darkness and cry about it?

Were you in love with one of them?

I thought as much. So you’re crying like this, even though you weren’t particularly close to them.

When I see you crying like this, it tells me I’m an incomplete person who doesn’t have even a shred of humanity. Times like this make me feel even more like dying. I wonder why I’m living and searching for a reason. It’d be easier if I died right away.

What is it? You’ve got quite a troubled look on your face. It’s the first time I’ve seen you look that way.

You don’t have to be so serious about it. I just felt like saying it.

Eh? What did you just say?

Don’t die? Will you live for my sake?

I’m sure that’s what you just said.

What are you talking about? Why would you say that all of a sudden?

This is the first time someone has said that to me. You’re telling me to live for your sake, even though I’m searching for a reason to die? Would you normally say that? It’s strange isn’t it? What gave you that idea? If that’s a joke, then it’s not funny at all. If you’re serious, then you’re more than just an idiot, you’re inconsiderate too. Isn’t that right? There’s no reason for me to live for you. Of course it’s impossible.

Please stop that. Don’t look at me with such honest eyes.

It’s impossible for you to become my reason for living. That’s unthinkable. Why did you say that all of a sudden anyway? I don’t understand.

It wasn’t sudden? What are you talking about?

Before? Right… You certainly did talk to me in my room. But that was all.

I wasn’t intending on it being a particularly deep conversation. You aren’t the only person I’ve told about not crying at funerals. I’ve told Toshi-san about it and I’m sure Nagakura has also realised that I’m somewhat strange, even though I haven’t spoken to him directly about it.

What are you saying? You’ve been thinking about me since then?

What? You’ve been concerned about something we talked about a year ago for all this time?

I don’t really remember the things we talk about though. You’ve been concerned about someone cold like me this whole time? Even though using your time like that wouldn’t have any benefit. You could have just ignored and forgotten what I talked about. You’re too good-natured. I’ve never seen anyone like you. Aren’t you an idiot?

Do you understand what it means to become a reason for living for someone who wants to die? In other words, it’s the same as saying you’ll be responsible for their life.

You don’t understand what a serious and troublesome thing that is. Why are you so kind? Have I done anything to make you say that?

If you’re only saying it out of sympathy, then you should give it a second thought.


My gaze suddenly met with your honest eyes. Your eyes were still filled with tears and slightly red. But your expression seemed to hide a silent feeling, just like when you looked at me in the bamboo grove.

You stared at me amidst the howling wind and said to me in a voice that was strangely clear “You called out to me when you saw me crying. You tried to talk to me. That’s enough reason for me.”

I couldn’t look away. Your gaze effortlessly exposed my heart. Even though your gaze is not an intense one, my body feels tense when our eyes meet and I can’t look away.

Why is that? What did you mean “that’s enough reason for me”? Are you trying to say that I’m your reason for living? So you’re saying we’ll each be each other’s reason for living? I can’t believe it. What a simple thought.

You’ll be my reason for living and I’ll be yours. You seriously think that’ll make me stop wanting to die?

Fine. Then can I take things further? I might be able to accept you. But before that, let me test how much you will be able to accept me.

Track 6

Take off your kimono by yourself now.

If you have the determination to do so, that is. I don’t want to force you. There’s no meaning in doing that either. So I want to confirm what your will is. You said those things in the sense that you could love me, didn’t you? In that case, show me in a way that’s easy for me to understand. I’ll be watching.

Come here. You have a slender body. Sit here.

That’s right, on my lap. I don’t think you need to be ashamed. We’re going to do even more shameful things after this. Come on, hurry up.

That’s right.

You’re trembling. Are you cold? Or are you scared?

We’ll stop if you find this impossible to do.

I see. We’ll start then. Just close your eyes if you feel embarrassed. I’m going to take a good look at your whole body though.

Bite my finger if you feel as if you’re going to cry out. Come on, keep my finger in your mouth. Make sure no one in the next room hears you.

You’re nervous aren’t you? Your skin is cold and your body is tense. That’s no surprise. But I suppose that won’t mean anything when this is over.

You aren’t certain that you love me yet, are you? I know that much.

Ah, I’m not really blaming you. But you’ve got that expression on your face. Even though you’re not sure whether you love me, you can still accept this kind of thing. I just thought it was unusual. I like that kind of thing. It doesn’t matter if you only start to love me now. I think I might be able to start too.

Did I surprise you? I thought it might make you a little less nervous.

Hey. You’re not putting all your weight on my lap, are you? Why are you holding back?

You’re heavy? You know… A slender girl like you hardly weighs anything at all.

Sit properly instead of complaining.

That’s right. You don’t need to be considerate about strange things like that. Look up this way.

Your lips are really soft. I’m going to kiss you again.

You’re clumsy, aren’t you? I’ll keep going until you get used to this.

Alright. One more time.

You’re breathing harder. Are you holding your breath?

Ah, I see. Do you want me to teach you a technique for breathing?

I’m not going to tell you. Think about it yourself.

You look uncomfortable. Seeing your face like that turns me on quite a lot. I thought I wasn’t into this kind of thing, but I enjoy seeing you uncomfortable.

Open your mouth wide.

Your body feels warmer. Are you more relaxed now?

I see. Then I’m going to keep going. You don’t seem like you can sit much longer. Lie down then.

Hmm… When I look down on you like this, you really are a woman. Your body is slender, but I don’t mind that. Your skin is smooth and touching it feels good. It reminds me of fresh snow.

I’m going to lick you here. Stay still even if it tickles. You’ll get used to it eventually. Put up with it. That’s right.

Well, I might not love you, even after all this. What if I don’t become attached to you at all? Will you give up then?

You’ll do your best? That’s somewhat better than a response with unfounded confidence. And unlike your appearance suggests, you’re a determined person. You’re lasting longer than I am. Idiots can sometimes be so confident.

For your information, I think this will only be trouble. I haven’t loved anyone else before. So in order to make up for that, I might feel an incredible desire for you. It’s only a guess, but I think I’ll be proven right soon enough. Isn’t that a serious thing?

You don’t mind that? Can you really accept me completely?

You’re right. That’s why I’m confirming it like this.

Alright then. I’m going to prepare myself too. When this is over, I’ll do my best to love you too. I’m not sure how to do that, but I promise I will. I’ll try my best.

Keep your voice down. Don’t get anymore tense.

You’re a beautiful colour there.

That’s an amazing reaction. You’re wonderful. It’d be even better if we got on well until the end.

You have a beautiful body. It’s unfortunate that it’s usually covered by a kimono. Let me see it more clearly.

Let me touch your hair. I’ve always thought your hair was beautiful. I thought it’d feel good if I immersed my hands into it.

You didn’t realise? Of course not. Unlike you, I don’t show my thoughts on my face.

I don’t want anyone knowing what I’m thinking. But you can sometimes be pretty sharp. It makes me worry. Did you realise that?

That blank stare on your face is amazing. Well, that makes you yourself. Come on, open your mouth again.

You still can’t breathe properly?

Ah, don’t open your eyes. Stop looking at me.

Why? Your eyes are so honest, it makes me nervous. I feel as if they’ll draw out something that I’m not aware of from within me.

It’s no good. I’m afraid. I don’t want to see a part of myself that I’m not aware of. So I was actually a little afraid to do this with you.

Right. Let me blindfold you. Then you won’t be looking at me.

Hmm? You don’t like that?

Oh… You’re not going to do as I say? So you won’t be able to love me after all?

I see. It’s fine if that’s not the case. Doing this might actually make things more enjoyable for you. Tell me if it’s too tight.

It’s fine? I see. Alright, I’m going to start again.

Just sense me with your ears and skin. Right… If you’re scared, you can either put up with it or run away if you can’t. Do what you want.

I’m afraid too. I haven’t even considered loving someone. I don’t know what’ll happen to me from now on.

That’s a good reaction. Even you know too, right? This is even more amazing.

Hey. I’m going to touch you. Relax.

You feel so warm.

I understand. I’ve accepted your feelings.

I should apologise for not trusting you. I’ll apologise if that’s what you want. Because I understand that, at the very least, you feel something that resembles love for me.

Hmm? What is it? You’re scared because you can’t see? But I feel afraid when you’re looking at me. Put up with it. Come on. I’m going to do this. It might be even more painful though.

Are you feeling a little calmer now?

I see.

Hey. I want to make a promise with you. I want something between you and I, something that is definitely possible to believe in. I’ve never asked anyone something like this before, but I might be able to make a promise with you.

Hey. Promise me. I’ll make sure to kill you when you want to die. So promise me the same thing.

That’s right. A promise between just the two of us. You and I.

I see. Thank you.

I wonder why I actually want to see your face.

I’m feeling confused too. I don’t usually act like this, but since you’ve really made me a promise…

I can’t believe I’m doing something so simplistic. I made a fool of you, but I might actually be quite foolish too.

I’ve worked up quite a sweat.

Are you tired?

Me? Not really. If you say you’re fine…

Ah, I see. Hmm, that’s too bad. Well, I can let you off for today then. Just for the first night.

Hmm? Why are you surprised? You love me, don’t you? You’ve got to try your best to keep up with me then. It’s not as if I don’t have desires like this. My apathy is a different matter. If you keep up with me, I’ll whisper “I love you” to you every night.

You’re blushing far too much, aren’t you? How can you be blushing even more than before?

If I keep saying it every night… Well, the first time I say it I might not be honest, but it’ll gradually become the truth. You won’t mind whether it is or not, will you? You don’t look as if you’d be bothered by small things like that.

Ah, I am complimenting you. So I’ll whisper to you “I love you”.

I hope that will happen. I’m sure that I can love you.

Track 7

For a while after that, the time I spent with you passed by peacefully. I suppose that I found that time enjoyable.

Ah, so this is where you were? I’ve been looking for you.

Hmm? I wanted to talk to you. If I don’t spend more time with you like this, I won’t be able to love you, will I?

Eh? Ah… That’s right. I came to talk to you like this yesterday, the day before and the one before that. What about it?

A problem? Why?

I’ve never been told that the soldiers and maids aren’t allowed to talk to one another.

The problem is that I’m doing it too often? Is that so? That wasn’t my intention. Am I standing out that much?

Oh? Is that so? I didn’t realise. I wonder why not. It wouldn’t particularly bother me if anyone found out about our relationship. The regulations certainly are troublesome though. Right now, I’m not even considering trying to disembowel myself again.

I accepted that the Shinsengumi regulations meant I might face death as a punishment, but now my aim is to get you to love me. Now there are times when I feel as if I want to avoid dying. It’s the first time I’ve felt this way.

Why are you smiling? It’s somewhat annoying. It’s best for you to be lying underneath me with a hurt expression on your face.

Ouch! What are you doing? I was completely serious. Would you normally hit someone at a time like that? Are you doing that even though you know what’ll happen to you tonight?

It’s too late to look at me like that. Well, you can look forward to it. You’ve annoyed me, so I’m going to blindfold you again.

Alright, I’m going out on patrol. Make sure to finish your work by evening. For once I’d like to relax somewhere with no one else around, so let’s go and take a walk somewhere.

Alright, see you later.

Eh? Ah… You’re talking about me evading attacks at the very last moment.

Alright. If you dislike it so much, then I’ll give it some proper thought. But coming back injured and having you take care of me isn’t so bad.

Alright, alright. I understand. See you tonight.

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a walk at night. I was always taking my spear out on patrol or keeping watch. Wandering around for no particular reason like this isn’t too bad. Strangely enough, I don’t get bored when I’m with you, no matter where I am. It really is strange.

How about you? I’m not sure yet, but are you in love with me?

Why? Hmm… Is simply spending time with someone else enough to make feelings change? I really don’t understand it. I wonder what I actually think of you. Perhaps I’m more interested in you than before because I’m trying to love you. Is this love? What do you think?

Right… It might be good for us to spend more time together and understand each other better.

Yes. You’re right. I think something might happen if I spend time with you like this. I never thought there would be a day when I didn’t know my own feelings. It’s amazing that you’re able to make me feel like this.

Track 8

Then that night came. That long, long night.

The wind feels good, doesn’t it? This season is best for walking around at night. It’s cool and you won’t get tired, even if we walk a long way.

Why are you embarrassed? I don’t think I said anything unusual. You’re strange.

How far shall we walk today? If you don’t mind, we’ll go as far as that mountain. But the moon isn’t out tonight, so it’d be better not to go too far. We can’t see very well.

Who’s there? That crest is… The ones from that rundown house… Are you the remnants? Or something else? No matter who you are, I suppose you’ve come for revenge.

Don’t leave my side. Keep close to my back.

I wish you’d shown up during my patrol. It’s a little troublesome for you to come after me when I’m not carrying my spear. I’m not that good at fighting with a sword. But I’m much stronger than all of you.

You’re weak. All of you are weak! Hurry up and die!

It’s no good surrounding me. I’m going to cut all of you down. Die! Die! Die…

Ah! Where are you going? I’m your opponent, aren’t I? Stop!

You bastard…


It can’t be… This can’t be happening…

Hey! Open your eyes! Look at me! Can you hear me?

Hey… Why is this…

You’re not going to die, are you? I’m sure you promised me…

That I’d kill you when you wanted to die. So you can’t die without my permission. You promised me.

Hey. Isn’t that right? You’re not telling me you’ve forgotten, are you?

So… Why are you lying here covered in blood like this? Stop. Tell me it’s not true.

Finally… My boredom had finally begun to fade.

The dull landscape had started to become colourful around you. Is that what it means to enjoy something?

I finally believed that living was actually something positive. I began to think that I might love you. Why…

Stop! Don’t close your eyes! Look at me! I won’t blindfold you again! I won’t ever say I’m scared to have you look at me.

Hey! Open your eyes!

Please stop. Don’t die.

No! Don’t go. Don’t die. I’m begging you.

Why? Even though I’m begging you…

No! Don’t go!

No! I said don’t go! Don’t leave me alone!

Track 9

Everything lost its colour once more. This landscape that stretches out before front of me feels like dust.

You’re no longer here. So I no longer have any use for this world.

You became my reason for living. At the same time, it seems you also became my reason for dying. I’m sure you didn’t realise that though.

Hey. Do you understand? Your absence is enough of a reason for me to die. You’re everything to me. So I think this world I’m living in can’t be real.

I’m going to destroy this landscape completely. This meaningless landscape where you don’t exist is worthless. Everyone who led to your death should just die.

Die. Die! Die! Die!

After I kill everyone I despise and watch this landscape fall apart, I’ll take my own life and go to where you are. So wait for me until then.

You might feel a little lonely, but I’ll certainly be there. I’ll make my feelings clear the next time we see each other. I won’t hide anything from you. I’ll look at you directly and tell you. So wait for me. You’re more important to me than anything else.

Whether I live or die, my love will always be yours. See you later. I love you.

Track 10

Hello. I’m the voice actor for Harada Sanosuke and the lover of everyone’s ears, Tachibana Shinnosuke. Whenever I use a dummy head mic, I often play around with it like this. Is this okay? I’m going to keep going like this.

What are my thoughts about the recording? I want to stop this. It’s making me dizzy. As for my answer to the original question, I’m feeling like “it’s really over now”. I talked a lot. I really did. I did my best.

When I got the script from my agency, the first thought I had was “has there been some kind of mistake?” I thought “isn’t this enough to fill two CDs?” Working on two CDs is tough for both the voice actor and the editors. I’d be happy if everyone listening really enjoyed it. I thought it was a very interesting story.

I suddenly had the thought “is anyone starting to listen to the CD from here?” There might be some girls listening to this before the main story. Hey, you! Raise your hand if you’re here! You can’t listen to this, because I’m going to talk about the scene which left the greatest impression next. There’ll be spoilers. You don’t want spoilers, right? Those people should listen to the main story once and then come back to this.

For me, the scene which left the greatest impression was when the heroine died. It was the scene where Sanosuke, who doesn’t really show his feelings, became the most emotional. I’ve heard that this is the first time the heroine has died. What about the previous stories?

So it started with this volume? I see. When they listen for the first time, some people might think “Hey! She died!” and be really surprised. Rather than a tragic love story, I’d say it was a story that left a great impression. I’d be happy if you listened to that part too.

Were there any similarities between Sanosuke and I? Hmm… I see… Well… I suppose I’m similar in the aspect that I want to live my life without having too much contact with others. He seems similar to the way I was in the past. I think he is quite like how I was as a student, before I came a voice actor.

Do I have a favourite member of the Shinsengumi? The proper answer would be to say “Harada Sanosuke”, wouldn’t it? I don’t have to be that considerate though. I actually like Yamanami Keisuke the most. I’m unexpectedly enthusiastic about him.

During the time of the Bakumatsu [1], Sengoku era [2] and the Three Kingdoms [3], most people favoured strength, but I would have to say I favour intelligence. Yamanami-san united the troops and was the type to do things resourcefully.

I think the concept of people giving up their lives to abide by the Shinsengumi regulations is an interesting one. A story that involves death, like Sanosuke’s story, is a really moving one.

We’re almost at the end. How did I feel using the dummy head mic? I feel like it’s been a while since I used one. But it always has such an unsociable look on its face. It really does. I’d be happy if there was a dummy head mic in the form of a friendly girl.

As a final message, I’d like to thank you for listening until now. We have worked hard on this CD, so we’d be happy if you listened to it again and again. I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts. Thank you! This was the voice actor of Harada Sanosuke and lover of your ears, Tachibana Shinnosuke. Let’s meet again. Bye bye!

[1] Bakumatsu – The final years of the shogunate being in power, around 1853-1867.
[2] Sengoku – A period of almost constant military conflict, which lasted from the 15th century up until the 17th century. Well known leaders during this time include Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu.
[3] Three Kingdoms – The Three Kingdoms period is an era of Chinese history which lasted from 220-280AD. Its name refers to the three most powerful states during that time: Wei, Shu and Wu.


Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa 1


Kurayami Gatari – Yuuen Ichimu


  1. Babs

    Aaaaand this is where Rejet completely, utterly, emotionally destroy our hearts, of course. When I listened to this CD for the first time months ago, I literally cried. Then I got over it; I was able to listen to the last two tracks without suffering so much, and now… Nope. Honestly, after Heisuke and Shinpachi’s ending (that was a huge bullet to my everything) I thought nothing would hurt me that much ever again.
    He was hurting himself in the last track, wasn’t he. Oh my God. Please tell me I’m wrong.

    On the other hand… “Are you doing that even though you know what’ll happen to you tonight?” DANG SON. You’re learning to love someone for the first time and woooah you’re fast. But he’s trying so hard though. “Is this love? What do you think?” So adorbs. Throw a little love their way and you’ll bring out their best ♪

    Ok, I’ll stop now. Once again, thank you so much for your translations. You’re truly amazing Saki <3

  2. thank you so muuccch Saki!! XD this is really helpful and seriously good translation!

  3. Tama

    Good lord, this was a depressing CD. The first time I listened to it and got through track 4 of disc 2, I couldn’t believe Rejet would actually go there. That came as a shock. I wonder if there was any significance in the heroine’s death coming in the fourth track. . .

    I admit that, of all the stories so far, this one is probably the one I understood the least. I could tell that Harada’s not the friendliest person, but I didn’t realize just *how* gloomy and cynical he is until reading this. Poor guy; I’d give him a hug, but he’d probably tell me to leave him alone and just die already. ^^

    Thanks for another incredibly helpful translation. I’m off to finish listening to Nagakura’s CD, which I understand will be another MAJOR gut-puncher. See you next time!

    • Saki

      The heroine’s death was unexpected for me too. I know this series tends to be more bittersweet than anything, but it was still a surprise. Definitely agree that poor Harada needs a hug!

  4. shoujosei

    Thanks so much for your hard work!! And OMG GUT-WRENCHING. Tachi’s one of my fave seiyuu–he’s so adept at conveying stark emotional reaction–there’s this vulnerable “shattering” thing that his voice does. It’s just heart-breaking. (He did the same in the Kareshi Igai Type D:X cd too). And I *completely* lost it when Sanosuke begged not to be left alone. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

    Now excuse me while I listen to some nice, fluffy ALICE=ALICE or KISS x KISS to recover from the devastation that is Wasurenagusa. 🙂

    • Saki

      You’re welcome <3 Tachi is one of my favourite seiyuu too! He did a great job on this CD, I couldn't help being moved when he begged not to be left alone either ;A;

  5. mikucchan

    What the hell just happened? Talk about PLOT TWIST! Just what in the world are you trying to do to us fangirls, Rejet?!

    I think the fans above have expressed most of the thoughts (read: pain and suffering) I had and I’m still having. I just wanted to comment to thank you for your hard work, Saki-san. I can’t imagine going through this a couple of times just to publish this translation. Thank you, thank you!

    • mikucchan

      oh, and PS: thanks for including Tachi-san’s free talk, too!

    • Saki

      You’re welcome! <3 I got a little used to it after listening a few times, but it's still heartbreaking when Harada is begging the heroine not to be left alone ;A;

  6. mikazuki♡

    otsukaresama deshita, saki-chan~ └(^o^)┘♡♡♡

    after reading this, i got all teary again. TAT
    this kekkonroku series is no kidding. each volume never fails to make me cry my heart out. i didnt cry this hard on the first series. right now, i’m kinda worried about yamazaki CD. but still, i’m looking forward to it. (=^.^=)

    thank you again for your hardwork and cant wait for your next translation. (>^ω^<)

    • Saki

      You’re welcome~ I’m glad you’re looking forward to my next translation too! I feel the same way, I’m not really a person who cries easily, but somehow I can’t help get teary with this series ;w; I want to hope that rejet is saving the best for last with Yamazaki, but maybe it actually means most heartbreaking for last ^^;

  7. zizi6631

    thanks a lot. loved the translation. u did a very good job. thanks again!

  8. I usually don’t comment, but thanks for the translation! I think this one was my favourite one and I didn’t expect to actually like it. (my bias towards saito (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)) When the heroine died, it was so unexpected. I actually started crying when he says he’ll make his feelings clear for her when they meet again. I was glad I was in my room and not on the bus or train while listening to this. (´ω`)That would’ve been super embarrassing. Thanks for your hard work again.

    • Saki

      Hello! Thank you for taking the time to comment ^ω^ Really glad that you enjoyed this volume~

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