Kyouai Catharsis Rinne ~Yume no Owari~

CV: Sumeragi Mikado (Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Track 1

Hmm… Where am I…?

Ah… Was it a dream again?

That’s right. The same dream as usual…

I’m sorry. You woke up because I was having a bad dream.

The dream I had this evening felt more realistic than usual.

Ah… I should be used to it by now, but it really isn’t something pleasant.

The dream is gradually becoming clearer.

A long time ago, when I was much younger, it was much less clearer and I couldn’t tell what I was doing. But when I became a teenager, the contents of the dream became clear. Now it feels as if I can hear the voice of the other person and sense their warmth too. To tell the truth, I’m scared. I don’t know why I keep having this dream. I don’t even understand the meaning of the dream, you see. I’m trying not to worry about it though.


Ah… You’re right. It’s just as you say.

It was thanks to this dream that we were able to be together. In that sense, I should be thankful.

What time is it now?


It’s already that late…

Are you tired?

In that case, we’ll do it one more time…

I often think about leaving my mark somewhere other people will see it.

Of course I won’t do that though.

That’s right. I want to show other people that you’re mine.

Maybe. Until now, I haven’t felt like I wanted to have someone all to myself. You’re different though.

I want to keep you in my arms. So that no one will take you away…


Are you cold? You’ve got goosebumps.

You were just feeling good?

That’s right. You’re feeling tense here too.

You feel good, don’t you?

Can you tell? I’m feeling the same way…

Please keep moving your knee like that.

It feels really good, you see…

Are you wet? Whenever you get wet, you move your hips in such an impatient way.

You’re easy to understand. It’s really cute.

Open your legs a little wider. I want to touch you there.

See. I thought so. You’re really wet.

My fingers went inside you easily.

Does it hurt? Are you alright?

That’s good…

I was worried because you sounded like you were about to cry.

I feel like we did too much before we went to sleep too.


Is that alright?

Why do you always look away when I’m doing things like this to you?

Are you embarrassed?

I wouldn’t mind it if you were a little more forward.

But I like it when you’re embarrassed too.

You’re so cute that it makes me want to be inside of you soon.

Is that alright?

Look at me.

That’s right. Don’t look away.

I got completely inside in one go.

It must be because we just did it earlier. The inside of your body is still flexible.

That felt good just now, didn’t it?

You’ve got a nice and indecent look on your face.

No… Don’t bite your fingers…

You don’t have to hold your voice back. Let me hear it even more.

What is it?

Are you going to come?

Maybe it’s easier for you the second time around.

That’s alright. I’m almost at my limit too.

I’m going to come. I’m going to come. I’m going to come…

Let’s come together…

I want to melt right now.

I’m serious. I want to melt and become one with you.

Then I wouldn’t have to be apart from you. We could be together all the time.


Yes… I think so too.

I couldn’t have imagined this future when I met you at the university that day.

Track 2

Teacher: Hmm?

Ah, you there!

Yes, you!

You’re taking my theology class, aren’t you?

Could I ask you to do a favour for me?

I would like you to show the guest lecturer, Reverend Kuze, the way to Lecture Hall Four.

His name is Souma Kuze. He should be in the lecturers’ waiting room.

That’s right. He’s the priest at a small church in the suburbs. He’s still young.

But he gets on well with the residents of the town. He gives people advice when they’re troubled and plays with the children too. He is a benevolent man.

He has come to speak about what a community-based church ought to be like. The lecture will start at 1PM, so there’s still some time left before then, but it would be no good if he didn’t know the way to the lecture hall.

Sorry for the trouble. I’ll leave everything to you.

Souma: It’s red… Here too… Even here…



Thank goodness. That was a bad dream, wasn’t it?

I really am glad. Miss…

Please excuse me! I’m sorry! I was half asleep!

I’m very sorry! I did something very impolite to a young woman…

You’re a student here, aren’t you?

I really am sorry. I suddenly…well…embraced you…

It seems that I held onto your wrist quite tightly. Are you alright?

Thank goodness. I’m sorry. I was busy preparing for the lecture last night and I didn’t get much sleep. It looks like I fell asleep while I was sitting here.

Is it already time for the lecture to begin? Am I keeping everyone waiting because I fell asleep?

Ah, I see! It’s still a little early. Thank goodness.

Oh… I should go there soon though.

I’m sorry you had to see something so unsightly.

About what happened earlier… I was crying out because of a dream I’ve always been having.

Ah… It’s not something good, so I don’t really want to talk about it.

I caused you some trouble, so I should at least explain myself.

Since I was a young child, I’ve been having dreams about killing someone with my own hands.

The dream is always the same. I’m somewhere dark and someone is standing in front of me, with their back towards me.

I stab that person from behind with a sword.

Or I behead a random passer-by with something that seems to be a sword.

That person has no chance to even scream before they collapse and die.

I wipe my dirty sword on that person’s clothes, which appear to be something that looks like a kimono, and leave that place.

It really is a terrible dream. Once I fall asleep, I kill someone with my own hands over and over again.

At one point, I was even scared of getting into bed. I visited several hospitals, but nothing could be done. My concerns led me to knock on the door of a church. I sought help from the teachings of God.

Yes. That was the reason I decided to follow this path.

When I think about it like that, it might have been an incredibly meaningful dream in my life. It decided my future, you see. Following this path hasn’t stopped me from having that dream, but the priest who was my predecessor taught me that everyone is burdened by their own sins.

Perhaps my awareness of my own sins presented itself within my dreams. So he told me to help others more than I usually would and pray much more on the days I had those dreams.

Doing that would make my awareness of my own sins gradually fade away. Hearing my predecessor’s words has put my mind at rest somewhat. That’s because I’ve been able to separate my dreams from reality.

Ah… About that… Well… I wonder why I called you “Miss”…

I’m sorry. I don’t know. I said it without thinking when I saw you. I embraced you without asking too.

I’m relieved that you smiled. I really did do something incredibly impolite…

Ah, no… I should be the one saying that. I’m sorry for talking about something so strange.

In that case… Please show me the way to the lecture room.

Could you also come here around this time next week too?

I want to apologise for what happened earlier. There’s a good sweet shop near the church I work at. I’ll prepare some tea too, so I’d really like it if you came.

The week after I had spoken about my dream, I treated you to some tea and sweets in the teachers’ lounge as an apology. You were really happy and at some point, having tea in the lounge after your classes became a habit. You began attending my church and then we became lovers. We will be getting married when you graduate from university next year.

Doing this kind of thing before marriage is no good. This place is a residence for priests which is attached to the church, you see. I’d feel guilty about it.

However, I suppose I’m not a true priest yet. I couldn’t fight against the desire to make you mine. I’m really sorry.

Don’t say such cute things. I’ll end up wanting you again.

Your classes start in the afternoon tomorrow, don’t they?

You can be here in the morning, can’t you?

I’m glad your university is only for women. If it was a mixed university, I’d be jealous of you meeting someone else and I wouldn’t let you go back.

I’m not joking. I’m serious. I’m more jealous than you think I am, you see.

That’s right. I can’t wait for you to graduate.

Ah, speaking of graduation… How is your thesis going?

Your thesis was about contemporary literature, wasn’t it?

You seemed to be busy, so I didn’t get to ask you about it, but what is the subject of your thesis?

Hmm… So there’s literature like that… Kagaribi and Hyougetsu? [1]

Writing from the perspective of both novels is an interesting idea.

What are they about?


Well… Love can be a theme of literature in many different forms…

But… Hmm…

If adultery is the subject, then it will certainly have mature themes.

Will someone shy like you be able to handle that kind of research?

Try your best then.

Right… Even if those works are ethically problematic…

No… There are plenty of things in this world which can be amazing specifically because they are that type of work.

[1] Kagaribi and Hyougetsu are the titles of the two CDs which make up volume 3 of the original Kyouai Catharsis series.

Track 3



You’re here?

I’m sorry I didn’t notice!

The stove?

Ah, you’re right! I should turn it off…

Thank goodness. It almost dried out.

I was boiling water because I wanted to drink some coffee.

I thought I’d wait for it because there was only a little water, which wouldn’t take long to boil.

I couldn’t stop looking at the flames while I was waiting and before I knew it, I was standing still, looking at the flames.

Oh… It boiled too much and most of the water is gone.

Ah… I know that it’s dangerous.

I wonder why I ended up spacing out today of all days.

I don’t know. But I felt as if there was something beyond those flames. It was a very nostalgic feeling and I became unable to move.

It’s strange to say it was nostalgic, isn’t it?

I definitely am afraid of fire. I think of it as something frightening, but I was also relieved for some reason.

When I looked at the flames, I thought everything would come to an end. I felt like I wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.

I don’t have any interest in suicide. I don’t want to die yet. I definitely don’t want to leave you all alone. However… I wonder why I felt the way I did.

Not even I know why.

The dream… The incident that just happened… There are so many things that I don’t understand about myself.

You’re right. I should let you make the coffee instead. Thank you.

I’m sorry for making you worry all the time.


Ah… That really is true. I don’t know what might happen if I’m alone, so we should get married as soon as possible.

Thank you very much. I’ll be fine as long as you’re around.

But I should try not to rely on you too much. I’m afraid that you might leave me if you get tired of taking care of me.

Oh? This is the first time I’ve seen that hair accessory.

It’s lovely. It really suits you.

A hair clip…?

Someone gave it to you… Who was it?

Your cousin?

Since they gave you something like that, they must be a young person. Are they a man or a woman?

Oh… They got it during their honeymoon…

Now that I think about it, you attended a family wedding last month.

So it was a gift from that person?

Then we must invite them to our wedding when we get married.

Pass me that bag. I’ll put it on the chair.

It’s quite heavy. What’s inside it?

Books for your thesis?

Ah… The one about contemporary literature…

They’re hardback books, aren’t they? That explains why the bag is so heavy.

Oh? It looks like there are three books here though…

The Mysterious Tale of Rokuhara… [1] What is that?

Osaka…? [2]

Hmm… Ah, I see… He is the author of Kagaribi, isn’t he?

Is that another book by the same author?

Hmm… What is it about?

Historical facts were the basis for the novel? So he is the type of author who can write that kind of book as well.

A tragic story of revenge?

The daughter of a noble family who fell from grace was sold to Yoshiwara… [3]

One of the servants took revenge against her relatives…

Then what happened?

Yoshiwara was burned down…

Is that a true story?

Ah… You said it was based on historical facts, didn’t you?

In that case…

I’m sorry. I suddenly began feeling unwell…

I’m fine. I’m fine…

But I suddenly…

Ouch, it’s hot!

No, I’m fine. I spilled a little coffee on myself, but it’s not a serious burn.

Even though you went to the trouble of making it for me…

I’m sorry.

Why is this happening? Why am I trembling?

I’m afraid. I had a feeling that I’d lose you.

I don’t know the reason why. But I’ve had an incredibly uneasy feeling in my heart since I met you. It became stronger everyday and at the same time, I felt as if I was breaking.

The incident involving the flames earlier… The conversation we just had… What on earth am I…

[1] Rokuhara is the family mentioned in the first volume of the original series.
[2] The third volume of the original series features the author Osaka Souji.
[3] Yoshiwara was a famous red light district in Edo (modern day Tokyo).

Track 4


So you just got here!

I’m sorry. You didn’t get hit by the door, did you?

It’s raining really hard, isn’t it?

Let me take your umbrella. Are you alright? Did you get wet?

Let’s just go inside for now. You go first.

Ah… Just as I thought, your clothes got a little wet.

Shall I run a bath for you? You must be cold.

I’ll bring something for you to change into as well.

Is that so? Well, I think it’ll dry quickly.

You came home quite late today, didn’t you?

You hadn’t arrived and it was raining hard, so I was thinking of going to meet you at the station.

Was there any trouble with the trains?

Did you have something you needed to do?

I’m not angry at you for coming back late. I was just worried that something might have happened.

That’s all it was though, so don’t worry about it.

You didn’t answer when I called you. But if nothing happened, then that’s fine…

Eh? The police? Why were you there?

Someone tried to take you away in their car? What are you talking about?

They just invited you somewhere? If they forced you to come, then that’s definitely a crime!

Are you alright? Did you get hurt?

It’s lucky that the police were nearby.


Where is that man?

A university student… He’s with the police, waiting to be released.

Is it the police who patrol your university?

I understand. I’ll go there right away.

I’ll go there right now and kill that man.

I won’t be able to stop worrying as long as he’s alive.

I have to take his life and make sure he won’t look at you in such a sinful way again.

I definitely won’t forgive anyone who tries to violate you as a result of their desires.

Worthless people who try to use you for their own benefit…

I won’t let anyone else do something like that.

I can’t let that failure…that suffering…that despair…happen again…

I’m definitely going to save you this time!

Where did I put it…?

That’s strange… I always have it with me…

I can’t believe I don’t have it right when I need it…

I normally keep it hanging on my waist.

Hmm? Why are you surprised?

I’m a soldier, so it’s only natural.

Ah… No… Then I am…

I’m… I’m going to marry you. The master will release me from my duty as a servant and give me permission to get married.

No… Is that a dream?

Then those flames…

I was with you among the flames…

Who…am I…?

I’m a soldier in the army…

What was I saying just now?

Right… That’s not it…

I’m a priest. I’m Reverend Souma Kuze.

Why was such an obvious thing…

It’s no good. It’s no good!

I can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality anymore!

I don’t even know who I am…

That’s right… In my dreams, I’m a soldier.

Just like in the Mysterious Tale of Rokuhara, I’m a soldier who was freed from being a servant.

So that I could have you, the person I loved, I abandoned someone I was indebted to and killed everyone who tricked you, one by one.

I thought it was a terrible dream. That dream must have been something that showed my desires! I despise everyone who approaches you and all the men around you so much that I want to kill them with my own hands!

So… If I married you… If I made you truly mine… Then I thought I could be saved… That I would be able to bear it…

You became my wife in my dream too. So if we really did get married… We would spend our days happily, just like in that other dream…

That was what I thought…

But… Right now, I was about to kill the man who put you in danger, without any hesitation…

In my mind, I could clearly see myself stabbing that man in the chest and beheading him.

Why am I… What on earth am I…?

Who am I? Why was I born?

Why do I understand so little about myself?

I’m afraid of myself.

For thinking of killing someone else, without any hesitation…

For being jealous of everyone around you…

I’m truly afraid of myself being like that!

It’s strange, isn’t it? I can’t allow anyone to be near you, even if that person is a woman.

It doesn’t even matter if that person is related to you.

When I heard about your cousin the other day, I despised them. I didn’t want you to see them again. If I could, I’d lock you away somewhere and make sure no one else saw you from now on. I don’t want you to have anything to do with them. I want to kill everyone who has ever approached you!

I’m serious about wanting that.

No… I think I’ve got to do that. I won’t be able to protect you if I don’t.

That’s right. I want to protect you. I want to love you as if you were something precious.

I want you to smile forever, in a place that’s pure and beautiful.

However… I… I…

I was thinking of committing a sin with my own hands, which should be explaining the teachings of God and blessing others.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have even been born…

Maybe I wasn’t meant to be born…

In that case… Before I commit any sins… Before I hurt you…

I… I should…

Track 5

Teacher: So the management of the church is going well, isn’t it?

I see. I’m glad to hear that.

You left university in order to follow this path. I hope you’ll do your best.

Not at all. This is the first time a student who attended my lectures has followed this path.

I’m happy, but I’m worried too. I’m very glad to see you’re doing well.

Hmm… So it’s been half a year since Reverend Kuze disappeared, has it?

I was surprised when I heard that he had disappeared, but I’m even more amazed that you became a nun and took over this place.

You still don’t know where he is yet?

I see… I wonder what happened to him.

You’ll probably feel lonely if he doesn’t come back soon.

You’re right. I think so too.

Well… He’s a grown man anyway. He should come back eventually if he’s alright.

Until then, please take care of the place he can return to, together with God.

I’ll be going now. Sorry for coming here all of a sudden.

Come to think of it… I passed by a tradesman on my way here. Are you doing some kind of building work here?

There was some machinery and building materials lying around.

The confessional? That’s the small room where the priest listens to everyone’s confessions, isn’t it?

What happened to the old confessional?

Ah… Reverend Kuze certainly did say that too.

The confessional was difficult to find. He was having trouble with it being in an inconvenient place.

In that case, I’ll visit again once the new confessional has been built.

Souma: Was there someone here?

Ah… The professor from your university…

The one who helped you… He must have been worried.

Did he ask where I was?

I see… I’m glad you were able to convince him.

Are the other churchgoers alright too? They’re not suspicious, are they?

Well, it’s not unusual for a priest to be suddenly assigned somewhere else.

It’s better for the churchgoers to think that I’ve been assigned somewhere else.

It’s a good thing that this confessional is so hidden away. I used to think it was inconvenient, but now…

Yes, I’ve got used to it.

The cold sensation of the chains around my neck, the weight of the padlock and how small this room is.

It actually gives me moral support. I’m able to feel calm because of it.

I won’t end up killing anyone like I did in the dream.

Come here.

I haven’t felt bored since being locked up here.

I’ve been spending all my time praying, you see.

I’ve also been waiting for you here.

I’m very happy.

I think of you and long for you. Then the day comes to an end. The days pass by like that.

Is there anything happier than this?

You smell like the outside. The cherry blossoms have fallen, haven’t they?

You’re a little thinner now, aren’t you? It seems like your fingers are more slender too.

You’ve been struggling because of me…

You’re so reliable that I don’t have to worry about letting you take care of the church…

Wait… I’m going to feel impatient like this…

I want you to touch me directly. I want to feel you.

Hold on tighter…

That’s… When you use your tongue…

Move your hands too… Please…

That’s…too much… Too much…

If you suck that hard, I’m going to come…

Even though I want to be inside you…

Wait… I really am going to come…

Did you swallow it?

I’m sorry.

You’ll feel cold without your clothes on…

Alright. I’ll only take off the bottom half of your clothes.

I caught sight of your underwear just now.

You felt good while you were sucking me, didn’t you?

Let me see. Sit there. Open your legs wider.

Ah… It’s true. It’s flowing out. It’s about to drip onto the floor.

Don’t move.

It’s not dirty at all. I’m just doing the same thing that you did for me.

I’m going to use my fingers to open it a little wider.

It feels so soft. Just like a ripe fruit.

It’s so sweet.

You don’t have to hold your voice back.

Does that feel good? You’re breathing pretty hard.

Hmm… I don’t know why the previous priest put the confessional here.

But perhaps God prepared it for this day that might come someday.

In order to keep me locked away.

The inside of your body feels swollen. Do you desire it?

Say it. Say it out loud that you want it. I want to hear you say it.

Lower your hips. Sit down facing me. Do it quickly.

No. I can still go deeper. Even deeper inside…

Let me see your face.

I love you so much…

You’re all mine…

The inside of your body is tightening around mine.

Deeper… Even deeper…

No… I feel as if I’m going to melt…

I want us to become one now.

We’ll be entwined together. Our hearts, bodies and minds will melt into one…

I see… The version of myself from my dream… And my current self… We both wanted the same thing… We wanted to make you our own. Until death would separate the two of us.

Although I knew that, I wanted to make you all mine. This time I’ll make you happy with my own hands. It was true that I wished for that. However…

The inside of your body feels tight. Are you going to come?

Kiss me.

Just come. Let’s do it together.

You came just now, didn’t you?

You’re cute.

You’re so dear to me. I love you.

But I’m making you do this…

I made you leave university and live here to take of me.

If someone else saw this, something which could be nothing but a crime…

I didn’t want to do this to you… I just wanted to make you happy…

But I’m very happy that you’ve chained me up and locked me away. If these chains stop me from leaving this place, then you definitely won’t leave me. Now that I’ve been chained up, I can’t live without you.

No… That doesn’t matter. I won’t have any reason to live if I lose your love. So I’m incredibly happy in this moment where I would die if you left me.

I’m a worthless human being. Even though I haven’t killed anyone, I’m still worthless.

Hmm? You’re happy that I belong to you and that you have me all to yourself?

Please forgive us for being so sinful. For feeling such joy from this sin too…

I love you. I love you.

Ah… I’m sure that I’m insane.

Yet… Even so… I…

Amazing… It feels so tight… I’m about to come…

I want you to accept it all…

I’m going to come.

I love you.

You’re the only one I can see. You’re the only one I need.

Now and in the future. In our next lives too…

I only need you.