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Kyouai Catharsis 1

Kyouai Catharsis 1

CV: Sumeragi Mikado (Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Track 1

Seiji: Is this Shunkinrou?

Man: Hmm?

Oh, Sir! I apologise for not noticing you! Yes, this is Shunkinrou, the best brothel in Yoshiwara! [1]

Seiji: This is Shunkinrou…

Man: What do you think? It’s a wonderful place, isn’t it?

Is this your first time in Yoshiwara, Sir?

You must be very discerning since you’ve come to us first! Soldiers like you often come here.

Don’t worry though. We will sort things out so that you don’t run into your superiors.

Please, come inside! Who would you like to see?

Our fees are rather high, but the women here are nothing like the low-class courtesans from Rashomon Alley!

It would be like comparing heavenly maidens to old hags, and so their value is greater than the price you pay.

If you don’t have a particular woman in mind, then I…

Seiji: No. I’ve decided who I want to see.

Man: Oh my, so you’ve chosen someone! Who is it? I’ll call her right away!

Seiji: I don’t know the name she goes by here. But I know where she came from, better than anyone else does. She is the daughter of the Rokuhara family, who was sold to this brothel to pay the debts of the family when it was dissolved. Please tell her that Morimura has come to see her.

[1] Yoshiwara was a famous red light district in Edo (modern day Tokyo).

Track 2

I’ve been looking for you.

One year has passed since we last met. If I had found you sooner…

Please look up. Don’t cover your face with your hands like that. It hurts me that you seem to be begging for forgiveness.

It’s fine. I’ve bought you for this evening. You can’t normally buy the services of a courtesan-in-training like you, who is unable to accept customers yet, but my superiors are well acquainted with this brothel and so I made use of their authority. That’s why no one will get in the way of our reunion this evening.

This room belongs to your elder sister? [1]

You don’t have your own room, so I suppose it must be hers. It’s a good thing that you were able to borrow it.

Is your elder sister a kind person?

I see… She has gone away to a sanatorium.

Ah… I’m sorry. You finally spoke, so I couldn’t help it.

You’ve spoken, so now I want to see your face clearly.

Ah… No… It was impolite of me to ask the daughter of the Rokuhara family to show her face. I’m very sorry.

It doesn’t make me happy to hear you call yourself a prostitute now.

However, I suppose those words are proof of the time you’ve spent here.

You never spoke to a man who wasn’t a member of your family, and even if you passed by me while you were at home, you would shyly cover your face with a fan.

But now you sit in a cage, having your face seen by everyone and being bought by men…

What a terrible thing that is…

The death of your father, the head of the Rokuhara family, was incredibly sudden. There was no heir and a guardian hadn’t been appointed either, so the Rokuhara family was dissolved. Upon your father’s death, all his assets were stolen by your relatives.

On top of that, your mother collapsed under the strain of her worries and you became responsible for the cost of her treatment.

I don’t know whether you were sold to cover those debts or you willingly sold yourself, but you’re in a cruel place. Even if you don’t have to entertain any customers, this place isn’t kind to women. You were born into a good family and this must be all the more painful for you.

All the servants, including me, were dismissed the day after your father died. They were made to leave the house and went their separate ways afterwards.

I was unable to say a proper farewell to the head of the family, a person I was indebted to, who had shown kindness to and educated a mere servant like me. I couldn’t even find any news about you.

I had hoped that you were safe, but I can’t believe you were sold to the red light district like this… I deeply regret it. I should have tried to find you at that time, no matter what it took.

You haven’t entertained any customers yet though. I was incredibly relieved when I heard that. I definitely won’t accept you becoming a source of comfort for worthless men.

However… No matter which brothel you go to, when a prostitute is between seventeen and eighteen, she’ll have to entertain a customer. The first time is called mizuage. [2] I’m certain that virginity is sold for a high price. You are already more than seventeen years old.

When will your mizuage be?

In five days’ time?!

What are you saying? You were fortunate enough to have been bought by a merchant… Why must you be humble and thankful about this act of violation?!

Earlier, I bribed the owner of this place to tell me the price that you were sold for. It’s much greater than the amount needed to buy the freedom of an ordinary prostitute.

Did you know that you’ve had to take on the debts of the relatives who sold you to this place on top of the cost of your mother’s treatment?!

It seems that you didn’t. I thought so.

There was no way you could create such an unbelievable debt. It was all planned by your relatives, who stole the fortune which belonged to the head of the Rokuhara family. Your contract won’t be over in ten years. Even if you continue to sell yourself, the day when you pass through the main gate will never come!

However… I want you to wait. I’ll raise the money within five days. I’ll definitely rescue you from this place. I’ll do it while your body is still pure. I’m certain of it.

Miss… You’re saying that your family is bearing the shame of that debt… As it is the shame of your family, the daughter of the head of the family must pay it back…

How many men will you have to sleep with in order to pay back that money?! Why would you allow another man to touch your pale hands, hair, lips and body?!

You… You were… You were someone dear to me!

Does that sound ridiculous to you? Our social status is completely different… I’m telling the truth though. It isn’t appropriate for a worthless person such as myself to say those words, but I adore you more than anyone else does.

I became a servant at your home and on the first day that I met you, I was surprised to see that such a pure and beautiful person existed in this world. My upbringing had not been a good one. Your existence seemed like that of a heavenly maiden to me.

I couldn’t help being captivated. It was a terrible thing for a servant like me to fall in love with you. I tried to forget about the feelings I had. But when I would pass by you inside the house, my heart would waver as I felt the traces of your presence.

That day, when I was unable to give up… Do you remember it? That summer evening. You were summoned to a party which was being held by a certain noble. I accompanied you in place of your father, who was feeling unwell.

On the way home from the party, the carriage you were in was attacked by criminals and you were almost kidnapped. It was around that time that kidnapping the children of respectable families and demanding a ransom had become common. Perhaps that was what those criminals were intending to do.

I was able to fight off the criminals somehow, but I didn’t know what to do about your sprained leg. It was unthinkable of me to carry you. However, the carriage was broken and you couldn’t walk either. There were very few houses around. We couldn’t summon anyone else or a car either.

After worrying for some time, I offered my hand to you. I was completely forbidden to touch you, so I was sure that you would ignore it. However, you took my hand. You shyly and hesitantly took my hand, then I carried you home on my back.

I still remember the weight of your body against my back. I thought things would be fine that way. If that had been our only memory together, then it would have been enough.

If the day came when you married into another family, then I would say goodbye to you without any regrets. But your father passed away and everything was thrown into confusion…

I’m well aware that you’re not asking me to save you. It would only bring you shame if a mere servant and man of low social status bought your freedom. But please… Please remain pure. Please let me rescue you from this place.

Miss… You’re crying… What is it?

Miss… No, you mustn’t touch someone like me! Your hands will become unclean.

What are you doing…?

You’re saying that you’re not the same person you used to be…? You’ve been made into the type of woman that would initiate a kiss with a man, so there’s no reason to save you… Is that what you’re saying?

How can you say that such an immature kiss means you’re different from before?

Do you understand? This is what a real kiss is like. It’s more than just touching someone else’s lips with your own.

A kiss is enough to make you tremble… How can you say you’ve been corrupted?

Even the way you breathe…

Put out your tongue a little more.

Please wait… I’ll definitely free you before the day of your mizuage, when another man will touch your body…

Miss… Your tears are sweet.

Are you insisting upon paying back the debts by yourself?

I’ll come here again tomorrow evening. We’ll see each other at the same time we met this evening.

[1] New courtesans (shinzo) were normally attendants of older courtesans, who they would refer to as their ane-joro (elder sister).
[2] A courtesan undergoing mizuage would be sponsored by a patron who would then have the right to take her virginity.

Track 3

Man: Ah, it’s Mister Morimura again! How was last night?

Seiji: I was able to take my time with her. Thank you for organising it. I’m very grateful.

Man: Not at all! I was thankful to receive a little something too.

Will you be visiting her again tonight?

Seiji: Yes, I’ll leave it to you again.

She isn’t being summoned by anyone, is she?

Man: Well, she is still a courtesan-in-training. She won’t have any customers at the moment.

But there is the matter of our mutual benefit. You will tip me a little, won’t you?

Seiji: Fine. Is the same amount as yesterday enough?

Man: My apologies! Thank you very much!

I’ll prepare a room and some wine.

It’s not as if anyone will be checking up on you, but make sure you don’t…

Seiji: I’m not going to touch her. The day of her mizuage has been decided, hasn’t it? There would be trouble if she wasn’t a virgin on that day.

Man: It’s as you say. Something untouched must be exactly that. If you buy mackerel pike while it’s in season, you have to pay more than usual, don’t you? It’s just like that.

It must be difficult for you to come all the way here too. You probably wouldn’t feel right if you didn’t check up on the daughter of the man you’re indebted to. I understand your feelings. I heard that she had a specific reason for being here. I can’t believe that she’s a girl from a noble family though…

I don’t like to say this, but all the women who have come in recently are country women or girls from poor families. Although we pride ourselves on courtesans who are well brought-up and of a high quality, I have never seen a girl who is actually from a good family!

Seiji: She is without a doubt the only daughter of the Rokuhara family. If her father hadn’t passed away, then she would have married into an imperial family.

Man: Well, if things had gone better, then I suppose she would. So perhaps it’s ironic that she is fetching a high price.

Seiji: I heard she was bought by a merchant… Is that what you mean?

Man: Yes! Even before she was first put on display here, there were already men lining up to see her after her mizuage. Her elder sister and the madam of this brothel called her a great and unusual beauty. She was taken care of like a princess, well trained and brought to many of the entertainment rooms. Although her mizuage is yet to happen, even just the sight of her is bringing in a considerable amount. Her refined looks and shy personality is probably what attracts the customers.

Seiji: I see…

Man: And what about you, Sir? You’ve gone to the trouble of coming to see her, so you’re fond of her too, aren’t you? Why don’t you buy her for a night once she’s ready?

Seiji: That’s not the reason I’m here. Doing that wouldn’t be right either.

Man: You’ll forget all about that once you’re on a brocade bed! When a woman lies down and opens her legs, it’s in a man’s nature to want to be inside her. That’s what kind of place Yoshiwara is. Just talk to me if you ever want to buy her. She is more than ready. I can promise that she’ll make you have good dreams!

Track 4

I’m here again tonight, just as I promised.

Did you sleep well last night?

Is that so? It was the opposite for me. I was able to sleep without dreaming last night. I had been unable to sleep ever since the time that I lost you. Even when I tried to sleep, it was only ever a light sleep and the shock of dreaming about you as you were in the past would wake me up. Every night has been like that for the past year.

Yesterday, I cried after seeing you and finding out the pain you had experienced, but in some way, perhaps I was feeling relieved to have seen you.

I really did sleep like a log and the night truly did feel as if it was pitch black. But things weren’t the same for you, were they?

Has seeing me again made you lose your composure?

Yes… That part of you is just the same as it always was. Instead of saying yes out loud, you look away and nod slightly.

I thought that embarrassed look on your face was lovely. My incredibly elegant and lovely young lady. That was what you should have been…

I just talked to the man who was bringing in customers out front. There are many men eagerly awaiting the opportunity to buy you after your mizuage. You have also done various things to prepare yourself for those men…

One of those things was when you kissed me last night… Have you done anything like that with other men too?

Then why did you kiss me?

Because it was something you would eventually have to do to another man?

Miss… Please tell me what the customers here have done to you since you arrived in this place.

Since you are a prostitute who hasn’t yet had her mizuage, nothing should have happened.

You were prepared… So did something happen to you? Was something done to you?


An inspection?

It can’t be… You were…

Was it the owner of this place?

The men who came here as customers too?

You had no choice? Why are you saying that? Why are you…

Let me see.

If you’ve shown your body to other men, then show it to me too.

No… Tell me everything the men have done to you.

I’m going to do the same things to you.

Don’t run away. I’m serious.

You’ve got your mind set upon sleeping with one of your customers in four days’ time, haven’t you? That’s why you’re not even asking about whether I’ve raised the money, despite the fact that I’m right in front of you.

I wanted you to be happy that I came here last night. I wanted you to ask me to rescue you and buy your freedom.

You’ve got a strong sense of responsibility, so relying on others would be like throwing away your pride. Even so… I wanted you to depend on me. Not anyone else. Yet you’re telling me that you’ll become a prostitute here. Can you understand the sorrow I felt when I heard that?

I haven’t given up yet. I’ve used all my connections to see if there is some way I can buy your freedom. I hope that I can get you back within four days. I have no doubts about doing that.

But the things that other men have done to you until now cannot be undone.

That’s why… Miss…

Take off your clothes. Open your legs and let me see. Just like you did for the other men…

Is it a little red because you’re ashamed?

You didn’t just lie there without moving during the inspection, did you? Before I came here, I was curious about where you were spending your time and I did a little research on Yoshiwara.

I found out about the inspection too. The inspection means looking at the private places on your body. It also involves judging the quality of those places. Am I wrong?

Then I want you to do the same thing. If you’re prepared to sleep with a middle-aged man who you barely know, then doing that should mean nothing at all.

Come on. Sit down on the floor and open your legs.

Hmm? You can’t do it?

Why not? You’re going to become a prostitute, aren’t you? I’m sure that you’ve decided to pay back the debts by yourself without relying on me. So I want you to do what your customer is asking. It’s unreasonable that you’ll do it for other men, but not for me! Hurry up.

Ah… It’s a beautiful colour.

It’s wet. Why is that? Are you excited that I’m looking at you?

So… Is that why you tremble when I kiss your knee like this?

No. Don’t close your legs.

Ah… It’s wetter than before and glistening too. So it really must be because I’m looking at you. Did you drool in such an indecent way when other men looked at you too?

How many men have touched this place with their fingers? Even if they didn’t put their fingers inside you, they must have at least touched you. Some people enjoy putting a brush inside and drawing something with it, you see.

It feels warm. It’s so wet that my fingers slide in easily. I’m not supposed to put my fingers inside here, am I? I should be careful.

Does that feel good, Miss? This is the only place that feels warm. The inside of your body is accepting my fingers.

Ah… It smells like salt. It’s the same scent as your tears. When we first met, you were a young girl who hadn’t even menstruated yet. But now…

I have a good sense of smell. There are times when women have the stench of rotten fish. But you weren’t like that. So you weren’t yet a woman at that time…

But you’re breathing so hard and feeling good… If I had done the same thing to you back then, I’m sure that your only reaction would have been surprise. Now…

Who made your body this way? What kind of things were done to you here? How much did the men treat you like a toy? If there were men who touched you, then I’ll use my own hands…

It wasn’t like that? Tell me what you mean. If you don’t tell me, then I won’t stop moving my fingers.

It wasn’t a man? Someone else taught you about the pleasure men and women experience…

Ah… So it was your elder sister? Come to think of it, prostitutes are taught how to pleasure themselves at a brothel. After their mizuage has taken place, they use a dildo to continue pleasuring themselves and make their body into one that will satisfy a man…

Since you haven’t had your mizuage yet, I don’t think you’ve been using a dildo… But there are many different ways for a woman to feel pleasure. That’s what you were taught, wasn’t it? That’s why it’s so easy for you to become wet…

So try and do what you usually do. I want you to pleasure yourself the way you usually do.

I want to see it. Show me. The way you look when you corrupt yourself…

Come on. Where do you touch yourself with your hands?

Your round breasts? Or this lush place down here?

Come on. Here too. Your legs are open, you see. Open your mouth too.

Put out your tongue, just like you did yesterday.

That’s right.

They’re so soft. Your lips up here and the ones down there too. They’re both soft and warm.

Can you tell? Both of us are moving our fingers around here.

Come on. Let me see more of your face.

Show me the expressions you make when you feel good and when you’re being corrupted.

Ah… Did you come? Was that your first time?

I’m glad it was. Now that’s one more thing apart from kissing that only I’ve done to you. Don’t forget that I was the first person to make you come.

Track 5

Man: Sir! Are you here to visit again? Come in, come in!

Seiji: Sorry for coming so often.

Man: Ah, I don’t mind at all! I’m incredibly grateful that you would pay an expensive fee just to reminisce with a courtesan who is still in training. But I think that this doesn’t have any advantage for you. Or have you fallen in love with her?

Seiji: Of course not. I’m a mere soldier, you see. I don’t have enough money to be constantly visiting a courtesan. I’m doing this so that the head of the Rokuhara family may rest in peace.

Man: I see… Well, she’ll be here until she finishes her term in ten years’ time, so come here whenever you want.

Seiji: Ten years… She might not be here. Someone might buy her freedom.

Man: That’s impossible. Her debts are much greater than those of an ordinary prostitute. It would be unthinkable for someone to buy her freedom.

Seiji: That seems to be the case. I heard from the owner.

Man: She has to bear the cost of her mother’s treatment and the debts which resulted from the failed businesses of her relatives. I was told to keep quiet about those until her mizuage, but it’s not as if knowing about them will change anything. It seems that the person who took the money ran away with it all. It’s a terrible thing.

Seiji: You’re right. It certainly is terrible.

Man: Ah, I’ll be wasting your time if I keep you around here. Go on, go on!

What time will you be leaving today, Sir?

Seiji: Is it important what time I leave?

Man: Well… There’ve been murders happening in the streets around Ueno recently. The killer is only active late at night.

If you go home before the front gate closes, then you might be unlucky enough to encounter the killer. You’ve paid for a whole night, so why don’t you stay until morning?

Seiji: Thank you for your concern. I am a soldier though. Staying until morning would be troublesome for me.

Well, I’ll give it some thought anyway.

Track 6

You’re looking a little worn-out.

Sudden? What are you talking about? I’m continuing what we did last night.

I’ve been thinking all about you since last night. I wanted to touch you and hear your voice.

I wanted to pleasure you here, with my fingers and tongue. I couldn’t bear how much I wanted it.

As you are a courtesan-in-training, it’s unfortunate that I cannot stay here overnight and that you will sleep with someone else in three days’ time.

Your breasts are small, but they’re a perfect shape. I suppose that a man’s hands can make them bigger. Your nipples are so hard. They’re beautiful.

Have you touched this part of a man’s body?

This is proof of my desire. I desire you so much.

Come on, touch me. I want you to touch me with your hands.

It’s hot? Ah… A dildo is usually cold, you see. But this is part of a living man’s body. Now I want to be inside you so much that I can’t bear it. If I do that, then I’m sure you’ll cry out in a lovely voice.

Do you have to remain a virgin just so that a stranger can violate you? It seems as if the price of the small membrane hidden inside this wet place is what decides your value…

In that case… I want you to suck me. You’ve learned how to do that, haven’t you?

Don’t use your hands, Miss. I love your fingers too, but now I want you to show me affection with your tongue. I want you to know what I taste like. Although you’re touching it with your hands, you’re saying no…

Well… Let’s do this then.

I’ve tied you up. Now you won’t be able to put your hands in front of you.

You can’t touch me with your hands again. I’m not going to untie your hands until my desire is fulfilled either. What will you do?

You’re sucking it so gently. It certainly is your first time.

That’s right. Like that… Wrap your tongue around it more. From the top…

Hold the tip of it between your lips…

Yes… Just like that…

You’ve practised this too, haven’t you? What did it feel like when you ran your tongue over a dildo?

More… More… Suck it harder.

Your breath feels hot.

I wish I could lock you away right now. I want to take you away, to a place where there’s no one else around. I want us to spend time alone together. Why didn’t I do that on the day we were separated?

I’m happy to be loved by you now. But when I think of another man getting you to do this… I feel as if I’m about to break. Before another man might defile you, I will…

That’s right… That’s good. You’re good at this, Miss.

But… It’s not enough yet… I can’t come inside your mouth just yet. Please… Do it harder…

Are you disappointed in me?

I used to address you as “Miss”, but now I’m a cruel and indecent man who is telling you to do these things.

I’m not asking you to understand. If another man is going to defile you, then I feel as if I might as well be the one to do it.

Even I think that I’m insane. However…

Does that hurt? It hurts, doesn’t it? Having your mouth full like that… I want you to put up with it though. I’m going to fill your mouth with something different.

I’m going to come. I want you to swallow it.

Ah… I came. My semen is inside your stomach now.

I love you, Miss. I truly want you to be happy.

So why did this happen…? I didn’t want this to happen to you…

I just wanted you to keep on smiling peacefully beneath the light of the sun. That was all I wanted… There’s only one night left until the day of your mizuage. Please wait. I’ll definitely…

Track 7

Man: Sir! Mister Morimura!

Seiji: Why are you in such a panic?

Man: The serial killer has been here! A wood merchant was killed near the main gate!

I hoped you wouldn’t be here when something like this happened! But now that you’re here, there’s nothing I can do about it. Please be prepared to stay here until morning.

Seiji: What do you mean?

Man: The killer may have escaped into Yoshiwara, so we’ll be closing the main gate. Didn’t you see the disturbance happening by the main gate? The customers locked in here have crowded the streets, saying that they want to leave if there really is a serial killer around.

Seiji: How terrible. Is it that serial killer from Ueno?

Man: I’m not sure. I don’t know that much. The way things are, I’ll be taking care of you until morning. In return for that, please help us out if the serial killer turns up at our brothel. I’ll be counting on you!

Seiji: Alright. I’m glad I’ve got my sword with me. Call me if something happens and I’ll be there right away.

Track 8

Are you curious about the noise?

Perhaps some people are fighting somewhere.

It’s tomorrow, isn’t it? When tomorrow comes, you will sleep with another man and then be violated by countless men for every day after that.

I can’t accept that.

May I touch your hand?

Ah. I suppose it’s strange to be asking that now. Even though I’ve done so many shameful things to you… So why am I asking for your forgiveness…?

Perhaps, somewhere in my heart, I want you to forgive me. Although it shouldn’t be like that at all…

Your hands are pale. They’re completely smooth. Have you done any housework since you were sold to this place?

Is that so? Then you really are being treated well as the courtesan who will eventually become the head prostitute of this brothel.

Is that why? You’re happy to be treated well as a prostitute and courtesan in this brothel, so that’s why you’re going to stay here?

Do you dislike me that much? You would rather sleep with strangers than feel indebted to me after I buy your freedom?

Unfair? The way I say things is?

You’re right. Perhaps it is. I’m feeling under pressure too.

I love you. You don’t know how much I’ve longed for you since I first met you at the Rokuhara family residence.

But when the morning comes, another man will kiss your lips…

Your breasts… Your stomach… Your legs… Everything will be defiled by another man…

Just like I did yesterday, he will release his semen into your mouth. You will be covered in his bodily fluids. That doesn’t bother you?

See… This place here… The place that I’ve touched with my hands plenty of times will be touched by another man. He might even put oranges or rice wine bottles in there for fun. It’s not just about spreading your legs in front of someone else. You must perform too. Will you be able to survive those days?

There’s no doubt that I’m the one who desires you the most. Not the merchant who bought your virginity or any other customers. I’m the one who desires you. Why don’t you understand that?

I’m being impatient? I don’t have much time this evening. I only have a little time left with you… So…

No. Don’t cover yourself. Show me the front of your body.

It feels so soft. I’m being turned on.

When I touch you, my body feels warm down there.

The place where I licked you is glistening.

Look. Can you see the top of your breasts? Apart from there, this place is also…

I haven’t even licked it yet, but it’s already soaked. It’s amazing. Is it because you remember when I made you come the other day?

It really does taste just like your tears.

It’s swollen up. Can you tell by yourself? Open your legs wider.

I can’t wait. This isn’t enough. Don’t you feel the same way, Miss?

Please prepare yourself. I’ve already made up my mind, you see.

No. I’m not going to stop now. Give up. I’m going to be the man who takes your virginity.

Does it hurt?

Why? You see… I can’t possibly allow another man to see your blood when he takes your virginity…

I don’t mind seeing your tearful face. Come on. Keep crying.

It’s amazing. You really are a virgin. This is…

Are you tightening up on purpose? Or is it unintentional?

It looks like you’re too occupied to reply.

At last, you really are mine…

Miss… Just for now… I want to spend these last moments with you…

You looked brilliant to me. Underneath the light of the sun, I watched you from behind as the hem of your skirt fluttered. Your cheeks blushed when you saw me. When you thanked me for running an errand, your voice sounded like a bell ringing. Everything about you was so brilliant. I had to make you mine, no matter what.

That’s why… That’s why… I… I let your father die.

Man: A fire! A fire has started! The main gate! Open the main gate! There’s a fire!

Seiji: Ah… The coal I prepared has finally caught light.

Earlier, in an empty building by the Rashomon riverbank, I prepared an oil container and made it so that the wick I set light to would fall after some time.

It doesn’t seem that there’ll be any rain today. Yoshiwara is completely dry too.

The fire will soon spread and everything will be surrounded by the flames.

As will I…

Have you noticed? I made a slight mistake. I was injured by one of your uncle’s bodyguards.

So I left a trail of blood on my way here. It’s only a matter of time before I’m found.

I loved you. I didn’t want to see you end up married to another man. But there is no way a commoner like me can make you their own.

That day, the head of the family had a seizure and I let him die.

If the head of the family died without any heir, then the family would be dissolved.

You would no longer be a noble. So then there would be hope for me too. I gave into that temptation and committed a sin. This is the result of my actions.

You were sent to the red light district and became destined to provide comfort for men.

No. It’s not as if I thought this would happen.

However, if that were to happen, I had planned on buying your freedom before you slept with another man.

During the past year, I’ve desperately tried to collect the money I needed. But your debts were far greater than I expected…

Perhaps this is my punishment for letting the head of the family die and trying to claim you for myself. Was the most painful destiny given to me, a murderer?

I am a criminal. As I abandoned the man who helped me, the man I am indebted to.

It is clear that I am at fault. But you have done nothing wrong! Yet… Why do you…

I’ve been murdering people for the last few days. I hunted down the relatives who forced you into this life of prostitution and killed them one by one, then stole their money. I’ve got the money here.

However… It still isn’t enough. Although I attacked them, taking the money from their wallets and safes… I didn’t have enough to buy your freedom.

Worthless people don’t change. They had already used up the money that was gained from selling you. Your mother passed away too. It seems that she died from her illness at the sanatorium. Your relatives didn’t even tell you that. It would have been inconvenient for them if you found out and refused to work as a prostitute or committed suicide.

I should have done more than just kill those worthless people. I should have made them suffer slowly until they begged me to kill them.

Miss… I wasn’t able to do anything. I couldn’t save you. I couldn’t make you mine.

The main gate is open. If you hurry, you can escape from Yoshiwara before it burns down. Will you take this money and escape from this place? Or will you stay here with me?

Miss… Is that so? You feel the same way as I do. You don’t have anywhere else to go. If that’s the case, then let’s stay together. I was the one who made this happen to you. You can curse and detest me until the very end. I’ll fall into hell, taking that sin with me.

The least I can do is pleasure you until the very end.

I love you, Miss. I’m not going to die until I see that you’ve taken your last breath. Until everything is enveloped by the flames and burns down.

Come on. Let’s start one more time. In order for me to satisfy you completely…

Track 9

Miss! Are you awake? There’s something I need to tell you.

Ah… I’m very sorry! You’re still in your nightclothes. You would normally be at the dining room around this time, so I thought you would have got changed already. It was careless of me.

A dream? Is that why you overslept?

Ah… You look a little pale. What was your dream about?

You can’t tell me? I see… I hope it wasn’t a bad dream.

Miss. Please get ready and come to the hall. Your mother is waiting for you.

Your father, the head of the Rokuhara family, has passed away.


This must be painful for you, but please try to remain strong. I will support you as much as I can. No matter what happens from now on, I will certainly be by your side. My young lady…


Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu – Nagamine Tamaki


Kyouai Catharsis Rinne ~Yume no Owari~

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