Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu – Nagamine Tamaki

CV: Sawa Mannaka (Nakazawa Masatomo)

Thank you Nurie for your commission!

Track 1

I fell asleep without realising it.

Did you finish your phone call about work?

Come here then.

Come closer.

I can finally hold you.

Yes, I was lonely.

I was so lonely that I fell asleep.

I was trying to read a book while I waited… But I started feeling sleepy without realising it.

That’s right… I’ve been busy this week.

You were busy too, so we couldn’t do anything romantic. We’ve got the day off tomorrow, so we can stay up late tonight, can’t we?

Yes. Let’s stay up late together and have a lie-in too.

So cold! Your legs are cold.

It’s okay. Stay close to me.

Yes. I’ll warm you up.

They’re cold!

Give me your hands too.

Does that feel warm?

Well, you’re sensitive to the cold. It’ll get even colder from now on, so you’ve got to be careful.

The first winter is almost here.

That’s right. The first winter since we got married.

Do you like winter?

Me…? It used to be my favourite season.

Doesn’t it feel like there are less people around in winter?

Yes, it seems like the population is a third of what it normally is.

Maybe there are people secretly hibernating?

There are less people around and it’s quiet.

That’s why it used to be my favourite.

Now… Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter… I like all the seasons.

When I’m with you, anything is special and feels as if it’s the best.

Hmm? That’s right! It’s not just anything, it’s everything that’s good.

That’s good, isn’t it?

Yes, everything is good.

How about you?

Eh? This is the first time I’ve heard that!

Why did you like that season?

Hmm… Right… Ah…

Ah, I see! That definitely is true.

So what about now?

Do you like spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter? Or do you like me?

The last one wasn’t necessary, was it?

Yes, I know that you love everything about me…

I love everything about you too.

I like your fingers.

I’m not talking about whether they’re slender or not. I like them because they’re cute.

Spread out your hands.

See. They’re smaller than mine.

Though I’m taller than you, so that’s only natural… But it’s still nice, isn’t it?

You see… When I do this… My hand can cover yours completely.

Doing this makes me feel as if I can protect you.

Is that right? I’m protecting you well enough… As your husband…

I’m glad about that.

Ah. What is it?

I see. You’re going to protect me too. I can count on you then.

My wife really is amazing.

Yes, I love you. I love everything about you.

I’m feeling awake now. I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep right away.

You too? We’re a couple who are just like each other.

Let’s stay awake a little longer then.

What should we do while we’re awake?

We might be thinking of the same thing.

Yes, let’s do it.

Track 2

It’s been a while since we’ve kissed for a long time like this, hasn’t it?

Well… I knew you were busy. When we kiss like this, I feel like doing it.

Yes, I feel like I can’t wait.

I always want to consider you first.

So no matter how cute I think you are, or how much I love you, I won’t ask you to make love when you’re busy. But when you’re not busy, I’d like to do it often.

Hey, you do it first.

Yes, a kiss.

It feels good.

Your hands have gotten warm.

It’s not just your hands, is it?

Your legs… Your body… They’re all warm.

Hey… I want you to feel it slowly.

Can you tell that I’m licking you?

Feel my tongue slowly.

I can feel it too.

Your soft breasts… I’m touching them…

My tongue feels as if it’ll go numb…

This place… I haven’t done anything, but it already feels tense.

This isn’t enough?

I thought so.

It isn’t enough unless I do this, right?

You’re cute.

Can I use my fingers?

You’re wet inside.

It’s here, isn’t it?

I know. I’ve tried to remember every place that feels good…

But there are more, aren’t there?

I want to lick you down there too.

Raise your body up a little.

Hey. You’re watching me, aren’t you?

I don’t mind. But I suppose it’s a little embarrassing…

Can I enter you?

It’s been a while, but will it be okay?

Tell me if it hurts.

I’m inside you now.

You look cute.

Did you notice? I was looking at my cute wife.

I’m getting you back for watching me earlier.

It feels good…

It’s good when we do it with with our bodies close together, isn’t it?

It feels good because it’s been a while…

Hey… I want you to be on top.

Is that okay?


Lower your hips gently.

Yes. I’m going to hold onto you, so it’ll be fine.

Ah… I’m sorry. I cried out.

I’m completely inside.

Can you move?

It’s okay.

You’re good at this.

You can’t move when I lick your breasts?

Try your best.

It feels good…

So good that I don’t know what to do…

I see. You wanted to make me feel good…and you did your best…

My wife really is cute…

Let’s do it while holding each other.

Yes. I’m going to move.

That’s good… Kiss me…

It feels good… I’m about to come…

Is it okay if I come?

I’m going to come…

I’m going to come…

It feels even better than usual when we haven’t done it for a while.

It felt good.

I’m sorry. A lot of it came out. Is your body okay?

Thank goodness.

You can rest your head here.

You’re cute.

Right… I’d like to have a shower before going to bed, but I want us to do romantic things for a little while longer.

Look this way.

I love you.

Track 3

You’re still tired?

Well… I suppose you’re right.

Hmm… I guess I’m not that tired.

I could do it one more time if you asked me to.

I know.


Turn the other way.

Did you know you’ve got a mole here?

Ah… No, not there. Here.

It’s behind your ear, so I suppose you can’t see it yourself.

I guess no one else has noticed this mole before.

Has anyone mentioned it to you?

So I’m the first then. I’m kind of happy.

Sorry. Were you surprised?

It’s proof that you’re mine. But I guess we don’t need that. Even if I don’t do anything like that, you’re still mine.

That’s right. I’m yours too.

I love you. What about you?

Thank you.

Hey. Let me hold onto you from behind.

I like this position.

It’s quiet, isn’t it?

It’s almost quiet enough to hear the sound of your heart beating.

You feel calm? Me too.

I’m going to end up falling asleep at this rate…

Shall we take a bath before we get too tired?

Yes, you’re right.

Let’s take a bath together.

Okay. Hold onto me.

Why? I’m going to carry you there.

Huh? I can’t do that?

Alright. Give me your hand then.

We’ll hold hands on the way there. I’m not going to give that up.

We’re not just going to hold hands. We have to entwine our fingers too.

Okay! Let’s go.

Track 4

Having a bath wakes you up, doesn’t it?

Well… Maybe it wasn’t good that we did some romantic stuff.

You see… I was taking a bath with my lovely wife.

The lighting in the bathroom is dim and sensual. When you’re lying in the bath, your skin turns pink and it looks sexy. So then you feel like doing that kind of thing… As a devoted husband…

I understand. I’ll take responsibility and help you get to sleep.

But… What should I do?

Shall I count sheep?

What kind of animal is a sheep? Is it the one the girl from the Alps [1] has?

Oh, that one is a goat?

Ah… It’s a fluffy animal.

Hmm… I think the image I’ve got isn’t quite the same…

It’s white and fluffy, with a long neck.

Ah, it’s an alpaca! I got it wrong…

Hmm… It’s difficult to imagine a sheep. Would an alpaca be alright?

Okay, that’s decided then.

One alpaca. Two alpacas. Three alpacas. Four…

Why are you laughing?

I guess you won’t be able to sleep if you’re laughing.

So it’s no good then.

I’ll count something you like. Which animal would you like? Anything except for me.

Well… I’m an animal too. I know I’m the one you like the most, so please choose something different.

Okay, a rabbit. Got it.

One rabbit. Two rabbits. Three…


Hey, don’t you count rabbits a different way? [2]

Now that I think about it, there’s a specific way of counting sheep too. [3]

So I don’t have to worry about it then.

Alright. Good night again.

One rabbit. Two rabbits. Three rabbits. Four rabbits. Five rabbits.

Don’t worry about it. The rabbit just wanted to kiss you.

Six rabbits. Seven rabbits. Eight rabbits. Nine rabbits. Ten rabbits.

Sorry. The rabbit wanted to kiss you again…

Hmm? You’re asleep.

You look cute.

That’s no good. The duvet won’t cover you.

That’s alright now. Good night.

[1] Heidi, Girl of the Alps is an animated series from 1974.
[2] Tamaki uses 匹 (a counter for any small animal) to count the rabbits, but 羽 (a counter specifically for birds and rabbits) can also be used.
[3] Sheep can be counted with 頭 which is also used for large animals such as horses and cows.

Track 6

Ah, I’m sorry. Did I wake you?

Good morning. It’s still only 5AM. I’m sorry I woke you.

There’s a mark from the pillow here.

Why are you hiding it?

It’s not strange. It’s actually cute.

I really did think it was cute!

I get it. I won’t say it again. Look this way.

I saw your cute face!

That mark will disappear right away.

Yes, it’s okay.

I just woke up. I thought about going back to sleep, but I was feeling awake.

Yes, I was reading a magazine. This is yours, isn’t it?

Isn’t it unusual for you to buy magazines like this?

Yes, I get it! You feel like you want to look at them sometimes, right?

Hey, come here. What do you like on this page?

I thought so.

I had a feeling it’d be that one. It seems like your type.

Huh? This one? You think I’d like it?

Hmm.. I’m not sure…

Well, you’re half right. I might have chosen that one before, but now I’d choose this one. Just like you.

Ah, it’s not as if I’m copying you! It’s become a habit. When I choose something, I think about what you’d do. So if you think that you’d choose something, then I’d like it too.

Ah… Does that make me a copycat?

I don’t mind being one then. It’s one way of showing my love.

You don’t feel that way?


How about this? Can you feel it now?

That’s good.

Hmm… The sun doesn’t rise early anymore. It’s still dark. But it seems like the weather is nice.

What do you want to do today? Is there anywhere you want to go?

I can’t really think of anywhere… I’d prefer to stay home… I mean, in bed…

I want to stay like this and do romantic things with you.

You want to do that too? I’m happy.

Look this way.

Sorry. You felt it, didn’t you?

I got into that kind of mood because we kissed.

Hey. Can you touch it for me?

Please do it.

Your hands are gentle, so it feels even better…

It feels good, but it’s kind of frustrating too.

When all you’re doing is touching it, it feels as if you’re teasing me.


I’m happy that you’re going to do it with your mouth…

Is that okay though?

Alright then. Please do it.

It feels good. You’re good at this, aren’t you?

That’s right. If you purse your lips… I think it might feel good.

Sorry. I’ll come if you keep going.

Let me do the rest.

Track 7

It’s nice doing it in the morning, isn’t it?

Yes, I like it.

Maybe it’s because I just woke up. I can be honest.

Turn the other way.

I want to give you lots of kisses on your back.

I can’t kiss your body if you wriggle.

Hmm? It tickles?

It’s not that it tickles. It means it feels good.

You’re honest, aren’t you? That’s cute.

You’re wet. I’m happy that kissing you is enough to make that happen.

Yes… More, right? I know.

Maybe doing it in the morning feels even better?

Amazing… You’re already so wet.

Your voice is cute. Hearing it in the morning might be too intense.

Can we do it now?

Just a little more…

I’m completely inside you now.

It feels good…

Lie down.

Embracing you from behind feels good.

Your body feels tighter in this position…

I’ll end up coming if I don’t be careful…

You see… Because you made me feel good earlier…

I’m going to come right away…

So you feel good too…

I’m glad…

I want to do it from the front for the last part.

Turn this way.

I’m going to enter you.

I’m inside you.

The sun is up…

It’s light outside now…

What’s the matter?

You got embarrassed all of a sudden?

Because it’s light now?

I’m happy…that I can see you’re feeling good…

I’m happy…

You see… You’re really cute…

You’re going to come?

I am too.

I’m going to move faster then.

Did you come?

Your body felt tight…

I’m about to come too.

I want to do it while holding you close.

I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming…

Wait. I’m going to wipe it.

So we did it in the morning…

I love you. I really, really love you.

What do you think of me?

I’m happy.

I can’t stop loving you. This is no good…

Are you tired?

Right… So am I.

I’m feeling kind of sleepy.

Shall we go back to sleep then?

Let’s go to sleep while holding each other.

No. I’m not going to let go.

I’m going to sleep now, you see.

I’m already asleep, so I can’t let go of you.

I love you.

Track 8

Ah… I really did fall asleep.

What time is it now?

It’s almost noon? We really did sleep too much.

Good morning.

Huh? What is it? Bedhead?

You’re right. It looks weird.

Hey. If my hair on this side was stood up too, wouldn’t I look like a devil?

Hahaha! I’m the emperor of evil, the demon king!

Where is my cute wife?

Caught you!

We’re going to do this all day. That’s an order from the demon king.

Ah… Yes… I’m hungry.

Okay. I’m going to give up and get something to eat.

The demon king was destroyed by food and everyone lived happily ever after.

Hey… What should we have for breakfast… I mean, lunch?

That’s my favourite!

Okay, I’m going to help.

Hey. Make the omelette sweet, okay?


Track 9

Ah… I feel sleepy now that I’m full.

How about you? You’re not sleepy?

It’s fine if you just lie beside me, so come next to me.

I’m happy.

I didn’t sleep much last night.

Yes… You looked so cute while you were sleeping that I was watching you the whole time.

Well… You really are cute!

And I was really glad that you were happily sleeping beside me.

Yes. I remembered the promise I made at our wedding.

That’s right. The words I said to the priest. Do you remember them?

In sickness and in health. In happiness and sorrow.

For richer, for poorer. I will love and cherish you.

I will comfort and help you.

I promise to be faithful to you for the rest of my life.

I was thinking that you’d stay by my side, sleeping beautifully, as long as I kept those promises.

I’ll take care of you forever.

So I want you to stay by my side without any worries.

I love you.

I love you.

My wife really is cute.

Even though I’d like to do more romantic things… I’m sorry. I’m sleepy.

I’ll continue this when I’m awake again.

Good night.

Track 10

Yes, I’m asleep…