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Kyoudai no Renai Jijou 6

Kyoudai no Renai Jijou 6

CV: Sawa Mannaka (Nakazawa Masatomo)

Thank you Nurie for your commission!

Track 1

You… How’d you get in?

I don’t remember giving you a spare key though…

It really is here.

You made it some time ago?

Of course I wouldn’t have noticed! I don’t leave my room while I’m working.

That’s a crime, by the way.

Even when you’re siblings, there are things you can and can’t do.

So what are you doing here today?

I always tell you that I’ll send you my latest book. You don’t have to come here.

The cost of mailing it to you is no big deal.

Anyway, you’ve got a job too, haven’t you?

I’m telling you that you don’t have to come here after work.

I’ll mail it to you from now on.

I know your address. I helped you move.

What? You’re going to move again?


Tell me your new address then.

What are you talking about? You can’t move out if you haven’t got a place to go, can you?

You’ll just have to move in with our parents then.

It’s no good saying that. Is there anywhere else you can go?

No way!

This place is too small to share.

Of course it’s not okay! You won’t rest properly if you sleep on the sofa everyday. I’d be concerned about you too!

Hey! Don’t get so close!

Anyway, you definitely can’t stay here!

It’s no good looking at me like that either.

Absolutely not.

Here you go. This is my latest book.

You’ve got what you came for, right? You should go home soon.

What is it?

Ah… My manager gave it to me. He said I should learn how to send emails.

I can get by with using the phone or sending letters, so why should I use a computer?

I can survive as long as I’ve got pen and paper.

He gets annoying when I say no.

I was thinking of trying it. But I shouldn’t use it carelessly by pressing random buttons.

Don’t make fun of me! I know how to click!

I don’t know how to use email or programs that need to be started up…

It’s fine! I’ll figure it out myself somehow.

All I have to do is read the instruction manual or some textbooks!

It doesn’t matter if it takes a long time…

Even if you teach me, I’m not going to let you stay here.

I don’t know about that…

Okay, okay.

Being taught by my younger sister is kind of complicated…

You’re too close.

It’s so that you can teach me?

It can’t be… Do you get this close to other people when you talk to them at work?

That’s no good. Don’t get so close. Not all the employees where you work are women, are they?

Anyway… Your skirt is short and your top button is undone.

It’s not okay! What if someone gets the wrong idea?

Alright. I won’t say anything for now.

Ah… Umm… Hmm…

Thanks. I think I can manage to send emails.

It’s late now, so you’d better go home.

There won’t be any food unless I go shopping, so it’s impossible.


Eh? Just how well prepared are you?

Go right home once you’ve eaten.

Help me prepare then.

The Siblings’ Romantic Situation, Volume 6, Mahiro Kujou

Track 2

You’re here again?

I can send emails now, so it’s fine!

Other things? I don’t have any opportunity to use them.

I suppose I don’t have a choice.

You’ve got a spare key, but you didn’t let yourself in today.

I didn’t tell you I’d be at home.

Even though the curtains are closed?

From the gap in the curtain? You really were looking closely.

I’m not interested in checking out your place.

What do you mean? You want me to see you?

I’ve seen more than enough of you.

Why are you looking at me like that? You come here almost everyday, so it’s only natural, isn’t it?

Huh? There’s something different about you today…?

I can’t help it if I don’t know what it is!

Ah… Huh… So that’s what it was.

You change clothes everyday, so it’d be difficult to notice that.

Anyway, if you’ve got a trouser-suit, you should wear it to work everyday!

It’s only natural that I’d worry about my younger sister.

Hmm? That’s all it is.

Do you even have the time to be coming here? You’re getting ready to move, aren’t you?

You’re not being serious enough about it…

Don’t compare me to you! I’m the type of person who does everything according to plan.

Why are you thinking of moving anyway?

No way… A stalker?

If I’m wrong, then you wouldn’t be so tense.

Did he find out where you live? Or did he try to pick you up?

No way… Did he invite himself into your place?!

I’m saying that because I really am worried about you!

I’m sorry. I really am wrong?

I see.


Ah… It was longer than usual, but you read it quickly.

Was it really that easy to read?

I don’t remember. I wrote it quite a while ago, so I can’t help it if I don’t remember.

It takes a long time to publish when it’s handwritten.

Anyway… You said it was easy to read, so it was the kind of story you like, wasn’t it?

Hmm… So you like romance stories?

Do you read them often?

Hmm… It does seem like girls enjoy those kinds of stories.

I suppose that girls might not be interested in the story I’m writing at the moment.

That’ll be a secret until I’m finished. I’m not going to treat you differently just because you’re my younger sister.

Ah… No, not even a little.

I’m going to make some coffee. Go home after you’ve finished it.

Track 3


Can you show me how to do quotes like this?

I don’t know where that button is.

Ah, you’re right. Thank you.

I’ll do the rest by myself.

Hey, wait!

Don’t look at my emails without asking!

That’s right… But it doesn’t matter who I met, does it?

What is it?


I don’t have a girlfriend! Why does meeting a woman mean I have a girlfriend?!

There’s something else… What is it?

Of course the characters in my novels are realistic. I’ve written them that way. But they’re fictional.

That person is just another writer… Sometimes we share information with each other.

I’m telling the truth.

Anyway, you just have to show me how to do things. Don’t do anything unnecessary.

I keep telling you that you can’t stay, alright?

It’s not a question of it being okay just because I don’t have a girlfriend.

There’s no one I’m interested in either.

I’m telling the truth! There’s another reason I won’t let you stay.

I can’t… I can’t tell you what it is.

I already said that you’re too close!


Wait a minute! What are you talking about?

It’s not like that! Of course I don’t hate you!


You’ll be disappointed in me if I tell you.

How can you be so sure about that?

You’d never be disappointed in your dear older brother…

It’s impossible. That’s just how siblings are, you see.

What do you mean “I’m wrong”?


You seriously love me?

What are you talking about?

There’s no way that’s true. You love my novels. Not me.

Stay away from me. You’re just attracted to me because of my novels.

It’s impossible to understand! You see… There’s no way I can believe that.


Hey… What are you doing?

Stop… Let go…

Don’t talk while it’s in your mouth.

This really isn’t right… I’m serious…

I don’t think you’re an easy person… But…

Don’t do it so hard…

Alright… I get it… Just…

I understand your feelings now.

Did you want to stay here because you loved me?

Do I hate you? You’ve got to be joking.

I love you so much that I can’t bear it.

But we’re siblings. Do you understand that?

We’re related by blood!

Being siblings and lovers is just strange, isn’t it?

You don’t have any trouble saying what I could never say.

That’s what I hate and love about you.

You act like that with your friends and superiors too, don’t you?

You’re loved by the people around you because of that, aren’t you?

I really envy that.

I’m a jealous person. Does that bother you?


I love you.

Track 4

Can we…make love?

You’re wearing perfume.

Don’t use it at work anymore.


No… I’m telling you that because it smells good.

Your nipples are already hard.

It’s unusual for you to be embarrassed.

You’re cute. Let me see even more.

What’s the matter?

You’d prefer if it was dark?

Hmm… Just wait a minute then.

I want to see your whole body.

That’s why I’m going to use a blindfold.

You won’t be able to see anything and you’ll feel a little calmer, won’t you?

Alright. I’m going to wrap the towel around, so lift your head up a little.

Okay, now it’s dark.

I’m going to continue.

Even if you’re wearing a trouser-suit, you still wear stockings.

If it means that no one else can see your beautiful legs, then it doesn’t matter if they’re difficult to take off.

I’ve thought this for a while now… But your legs really are beautiful.

Does that tickle?

So it doesn’t…

Does it feel good then?

I’m going to lick this place more carefully then.

So that’s what it sounds like when you cry out… It’s much sexier than I imagined.

I’ve heard that wearing a blindfold heightens your senses…

What will happen if I kiss you here?

Hey. Don’t call me “onii-chan”. Call me by my name instead.

Come on.

I’m so happy.

I’ve always dreamt of you calling me by my name…

Are you going to come?

That’s alright. Go on then.

You look really sexy right now.

You’re beautiful.

It’s Mahiro, right?

What is it?

Being on the sofa isn’t comfortable?

I see. I’m sorry. How about we move to the bed?

Don’t get up. You can’t see, can you?

It’s okay. I’ll take you there.

Let me see your back.

I’m sorry you were feeling uncomfortable.

Really? Thank goodness.

I’ll make you feel so good that you’ll forget about feeling uncomfortable earlier.

So… Can I enter you?

Thank you.

Turn this way then.

Yes. You did it for me earlier, didn’t you?

And just touching you has made me ready…

Don’t worry about strange things. You’re the only one I love, you see.

It’s flowing out again. I’m going to enter you now.

We’re finally together.


Your ears feel good?

Right… Call my name again…

I’m so happy… I love you…

Did you come?

Me too…

I’m about to…

I love you.

I’ve finally…become one with you…

I’m coming…

We didn’t notice the towel came off.

Your face is red. Are you okay?

Do you like my body?

I see. I like yours too.

This is the first time I’ve realised that touching it felt so good.

I’ve always loved you.

I kept my distance to make sure my feelings wouldn’t get this far.

But you gradually approached me.

Although we both loved each other, our actions were completely different.

When I see you being so honest, I feel like an idiot for wondering if this was okay.

You’re amazing.

I think I’m going to be honest to myself too.

Track 5

Welcome home.

I decided to come here.

Are you surprised?

You understand my feelings now, don’t you?

I’ve made some coffee, so come on and sit down.

Here you go.

I bought these beans today, so they’re delicious.

I’m glad you like them.


That’s what you’re going to ask?

I’d like to say it was a spare key, but I couldn’t do anything clever like secretly making one of those, so I asked your landlady to open the door.

It’s no trouble because I’m your brother, right?

Did I bother you by coming here?

Thank goodness.

I was working like I usually did, but I was really curious about what you were doing and where you were.

When I started thinking about that, I couldn’t concentrate on my work.

I know that, but I really couldn’t help it.

I called when I thought you’d be on your lunch break, but you didn’t answer. I did my best not to go to your work.

There are about thirty calls there, right?

I thought you’d be busy, so it’s fine.

But I can’t bear not always knowing how you spend your time.

I want to know everything. Your heart. Your body. Your time too. I want it all.

Do you understand my feelings?

I’m yours now. I’ll give myself and everything I have completely to you. If you ask me what I’m thinking or what I’m doing, then I’ll tell you everything. I’ll tell you what I eat and the scenery I see too.

I love you so much that it drives me crazy.

You told me to be honest about my feelings, didn’t you?

I want to touch you enough to make up for all the times I stopped myself from doing that. I want to be connected to you.

So I want even more kisses from you.

Put out your tongue.

If only I could eat you up right now…

Track 6

It’s good to relax like this sometimes.

The other day, we made love right after you got home…

Now that I think about it, I’ve ended up coming to your house a lot.

No, I don’t need one.

Don’t look at me like that. I’m not saying that I don’t want a spare key.

You’re moving soon and you wanted me to let you stay over until you found a new place, didn’t you?

Yes. But you won’t be a freeloader.

Let’s move in together.

Are you happy?

So am I.

Now we can always be together.

Hey. Call my name.

Yes. That’s good.

How about we bring your things to my place tomorrow?

Yes. The earlier, the better, right?

Actually… It’s already been decided that you’re moving tomorrow.

When I came here the other day before you got home, I got the estimate done. Then today I sorted everything out with your landlady.

Are you happy?

I’ll contact the company you work for and our parents, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

It’s happening all of a sudden, so won’t the company you work for be more likely to accept it if they hear it from your older brother?

Anyway… All you have to do is stay with me.

Did that tickle?

Hmm? All I did was kiss you, didn’t I?

You won’t be able to bear it if I do anything else?

When you look at me like that, I’ll be the one who won’t be able to bear it.

But we decided we’d relax today, so how about we go to sleep soon?


Where are you going?!

I see…

No… I was just thinking that you might go away somewhere…

I’ll get you some water.

It’s fine! You just wait.

Here you go.

What is it?

Of course the water isn’t bitter. Aren’t you spacing out because you just woke up?

I’m sure that’s right. You might be tired because of your work too.

Take your time resting. I’ll do this until you fall asleep.

Don’t leave.


I’m not going to let go of you, even for a moment.

Track 7


Good morning.

I think it’s about 11.

You slept really well.


You don’t have to panic.

Calm down. It’d be no good if you got a mark on your beautiful skin, would it?

It’s amazing, isn’t it? There are a lot of different objects in this world.

Now you definitely won’t leave me.

I bought them online. You can order things at night and get them the next day. I was surprised.

Right! I was able to buy something online!

I wasn’t taught how to do it, but I managed to get it done by following the instructions on the screen.

Come on. Are you ever going to get used to calling me “Mahiro” when we’re together?

Yes. You’re a good girl.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Ah… You don’t need to go to work anymore.

I told you that I’d contact the company you work at and our parents, didn’t I?

Now you’re going to live here.

Oh? You hadn’t noticed yet?

That’s right. This is my place.

I brought you here by taxi while you were asleep.

Last night, I was thinking about us living together while I watched you sleep and I just couldn’t wait.

You really were fast asleep, so it was easy to bring you here.

Weren’t you actually tired after all?

Or maybe the water I gave you was really delicious?

You fell asleep right after you drank it.

Ah, don’t worry about it. I’m only going to keep those on for now.

I’ll take them off once I’m sure that you’ll be here when I wake up and go to sleep.

Do you hate me after all?

Do you love me?

I’m happy we can be together.

Thank you. I’m happy too.

I really do love you.

Hey. You’re happy right now, aren’t you?

I’m really, really happy. I’m going to live with my adorable younger sister until I die…

We’ll always be together.


Tender Snow ~Kanshou Ryokou no Hate ni~


Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu – Nagamine Tamaki


  1. MyBeel

    I have not even been able to listen to this CD
    ;-; But thank you very much for the translation, this was the second disc of this subject that I have heard of Tomo-chan, And it was very different xD

    • Saki

      You’re welcome! I hope that you’ll be able to listen to this CD one day ^^

  2. Usagi-chan

    thank u :3 hey, the cd drama is yours? I mean, did you buy it? because I try to search the internet. But I can’t. I want to have it.
    ok, thank u so much good work ^^ bye, bye.

    pd: sorry for my english and please, please tell me :3 ^^

  3. usagiworldblog

    thank u :3 hey, the cd drama is yours? I mean, did you buy it? because I try to search the internet. But I can’t. I want to have it.
    ok, thank u so much good work ^^ bye, bye.

    pd: sorry for my english and please, please tell me :3 ^^

    • Saki

      Hiya! No, it’s not mine. I got it from the person who requested it. Sorry I couldn’t help you!

  4. Eryma

    Thank you so much for translating this, and all the other works! Reading them has been eye opening and really helped with my Japanese comprehension!

    Wow, I only listened to this once so I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, so I was kind of blindsided by this progression! I can’t say I dislike it since it made for an interesting read, but it does make me wonder what made him become like that? I suppose years of yearning made him a yandere? MC’s reaction makes me think she’s frightened by him, but I can’t quite tell haha.

    Anyways, thank you again for the translation again, it’s much appreciated! Take care!

    • Yukihito

      I’m glad it’s helping you with your Japanese! I hope you’ll be able to understand fully one day. Being able to listen on your own and understand is a great feeling ^^

      I agree with you! I think it was the years of him loving the MC and not knowing her feelings that pushed him to be possessive, since I don’t recall there being any particular incident or other person that influenced him.

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