Tender Snow ~Kanshou Ryokou no Hate ni~

CV: Katou Itsuki (Ishii Kazutaka)

Thank you Nurie for your commission!

Track 1

What is it?

I’m looking at the ocean.

It’s not like that. I don’t know much about this place, so ask someone else to show you the way.

Oh, I see.

Who are you anyway?

I think it’s unusual that you’re here too.

Awayuki Boarding House. You’re staying there from today?

Hmm… I’m staying there too.

I don’t think it’s anything to be so happy about.

Well… It’s a small boarding house, so I suppose we might meet.

It’s already check-in time. Why don’t you hurry up instead of stopping here like this?

There are other guests. They just don’t come to breakfast at the same time.

Five guests, including you. There’s one couple.

The ski slope nearby isn’t open because of the warm winter.

You’ve been asking me questions since yesterday.

You booked this place yourself, so don’t you know?

There aren’t any skiers coming, but they really need guests. This place was pretty cheap, right?

If you’re curious about the people staying here, then why not see them yourself?

What about me?

Not really. I don’t really have anything to do here, it was just cheap.

What good will asking my name do?

Even if we see each other again, there’ll be no need for you to say anything.

Mizuki Kuzuhira.

I didn’t ask for your name. I probably won’t remember it, you see.

Track 2


You can have these.

They’re tickets to a light display at the botanical gardens near here.

The owner gave them to me, but I’m not going.

You always look as if you’ve got nothing to do, so how about you go?

You too?

Huh. I see.

There’s no need to hesitate. Why don’t you go if you’re interested?

It’s been three days since you got here, hasn’t it?

Wasn’t the owner concerned about you sitting around doing nothing?

Never mind about me. See you later.

What is it?

I’m not going. I’m not interested, you see.

That’s true. But if you go, then only one of them will be wasted. So isn’t it okay?

Fine. It’ll be alright as long as I go then?

When are you going? Tonight?

We’ll meet at the entrance at 6 o’clock then. Don’t be late.

Really? I don’t think it’s anything to get that excited about.

Hmm… You’re like a crow.

Well, it’s because you said you like shiny things.

Is that so? The way you’re getting excited now is just like something a crow would do.

If you like light displays that much, then why didn’t you take my ticket and go twice?

I only came because you said the ticket would go to waste. I wouldn’t have come otherwise.

It’s not like that. It’s because you were being persistent.

The owner made me take the tickets too. I’m not kind at all.

Anyway, just look as much as you like, alright? It doesn’t really matter to me.

You keep saying “amazing” and “beautiful”. You really did cheer up all of a sudden.

I know you think they’re amazing. It’s alright if you want to get excited, but it’ll be dangerous if you don’t look where you’re going…

I told you so. It’s because you weren’t looking where you were going.

You don’t have to apologise. Just look where you’re going and watch out for any steps.

How’s your leg? Did you sprain it?

I see.

Jeez. You really are like a child.

I see… I don’t think it was the first time though.

So what if I smiled anyway?

Sorry for always having such a bored expression on my face!

If that’s the case, I don’t think you can say anything.

That’s right. What about you, are you having fun?

Not right now. I mean, usually.

This is the first time I’ve seen you having fun.

You don’t look like you’re here to do some sightseeing. There isn’t anywhere around here to have fun either.

Why did you come all this way by yourself?

A lot of things happened that tired you out?

What do you mean?

Eh? You were managing a shop?

Ah, you were managing it with your mother?

Hmm… So you’re taking this trip to recover?

Am I wrong? You and your mother were managing the bakery your father left behind when he passed away, but it wasn’t doing well and had to close.

You were planning to take over the bakery and you did your best, but now that the shop is gone, you don’t know what to do. Isn’t that right?

You wanted to protect it, but you couldn’t, huh. I guess we’re a little similar.

No, it was nothing.

You couldn’t protect the shop that was filled with memories. Then it’s no surprise that you’re mentally and physically drained.

I can understand wanting to rest somewhere quiet. There are times when I feel that way too.

Why are you apologising? I was the one who asked about it. I’m not going to say anything just because it was a depressing story.

If you sold the shop… Well, I don’t want to put it this way… But you’re not struggling for money, are you?

Then it doesn’t matter, does it? I’m actually a little curious about you now, Miss Baker.

Track 3

Hey. Are you alright?

Hey! What’s the matter?

Wake up! Hey!

Ah. Sorry I came in without asking.

When I passed by, it sounded like you were having a nightmare.

Calm down. It was a dream. It was all a dream.

You’ve already sold the shop. I’m sure your father isn’t feeling sad either. You did your very best, didn’t you? You did everything you could. You can relax now.

I’m going to stay like this until you calm down. I’ll hold your hand until you stop trembling.

Ah… I… I was thinking of giving this to you. I found it on the beach. It caught my eye because it was a pretty shell.

You like shiny things, don’t you?

It’s not like I went to any trouble. I found it by chance and picked it up.

That’s right. I find it easiest to space out and not think about anything when I’m looking at the sea.

It looks like you’ve calmed down, so I’ll be going.

You’ve worked up a sweat, so you should change if you’re going back to sleep.

I don’t mind, but isn’t it unusual for you to feel like watching TV while you’re eating?

Anything is fine. How about whatever you usually watch?

Change the channel. Just do it! Come on!

Never mind!

Ah… I’m sorry.

I’m going now. Just turn the TV on again later.

You didn’t have to come and look for me.

I wasn’t angry at you. The violin music that was playing earlier… I was the one playing it.

That’s right. I’m pretty much a professional violinist.

I work in the US, so I’m not that well known in Japan.

It’s alright. You wouldn’t normally know unless you liked music.

I went over to the US when I was younger and made my debut after graduating from a musical school there.

You’re asking if I’m planning to stay out here in the countryside?

I’m just like you. I ran away too. I wanted to forget about reality.

You want to hear my story?

Alright. I’ll tell you while we walk.

Your legs will get cold if we just stand here.

I had a younger sister. She wasn’t well because she’d had heart problems since she was born. She was fine if she stayed at home, so she rarely went out and didn’t attend school either. Despite things being like that, she was a kind and cheerful girl. Because of it, she felt so happy about my success, as if it were her own.

She told me she liked my violin playing. She’d listen to my CDs every day and record all my appearances on TV, watching them over and over. She was my dear and lovely sister, the only one I had.


Last winter, she caught a cold and had a high fever. She died not long after that. I should have been prepared. But when she was gone, I suddenly became unable to continue playing the violin.

That’s right. It might be because of my memories. But more importantly than that, it was as if I played the violin just for her.

Of course it wasn’t like that from the very beginning. It was because she supported me. She was happy when I was successful.

At some point, I had the strong feeling that I was doing it to see her smile. I realised that after she died. Then I didn’t know how to keep playing.

Even when I forced myself to play, it didn’t sound right. I couldn’t even bear to hold a violin.

Several months later, I decided to stop playing. I’m quite well-known over there, so things were pretty tense. I left home and came here. That’s why I felt like we were the same when I heard your story.

Are you trying to cheer me up?

Thank you. I thought I didn’t need sympathy from anyone, but I don’t mind getting it from you. I suppose it’s because we’re the same.

Two people who’ve been hurt might be better at nursing each others’ wounds than you’d think.

Hey. I want you to comfort me more.

You look as if you don’t know what happened.

That’s the end of my story. Let’s go back now.

Track 4

I’m sorry for coming here all of a sudden. What are you doing right now?

I see. If you’re not doing anything, then can we talk?

Thanks. I’m coming in then.

Can I sit next to you?

I didn’t want to be alone. I felt like talking to you.

The anniversary of my sister’s death is coming up soon. Even though I didn’t want to think about it, I couldn’t help remembering. I’ll be able to distract myself if I talk to you.

Thanks. That’d really help. I thought you might say no.

Why? Well, because of what I did the other day…

Why didn’t you stop me when I kissed you then?

Hmm… You were surprised, huh. You could have got angry if you didn’t like it. You didn’t say anything though.

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t tease you when you’re keeping me company.

Let’s talk about something different. It doesn’t matter what.

How about…



I’ve already told you. I’m not planning to come home.

How am I supposed to look when I see her?! Do you think she’ll be happy when she sees how am I now? I’m ashamed to see her. I can’t do anything about it though. I can’t… Anyway, I’m not coming home. Don’t call me again.

I’ve had enough. There’s no way I can see her. I can’t even play the violin she loved so much.

Ah… I’m sorry. It was my parents. They wanted me to come home for the anniversary of my sister’s death. It’s impossible though. I can’t go home. No matter how much I try, I can’t play like I used to. I… I can’t see my sister like this.

Why? Are you going to comfort me again?

You’re a kind person, aren’t you? It’s strange. I feel really calm when you hold me.

I don’t want to think about anything else tonight.

Hey, let’s warm each other up. We’ve both got cold hearts. Let’s comfort each other.

Please comfort me.

Track 5

I want you to say my name.

I’ll do the same for you too.

That’s right.

Keep calling my name…

Come on. Put your hands on my back. Hold on tight.

You feel warm. It’s really calming.

Hmm? Are your ears sensitive?

I’ll keep going then.

Your reactions are easy to understand.

That’s good. I like that.

When you give me a good reaction, I get turned on too…

You really are sensitive.

Then how about here?

I like your voice. I like your breasts too.

Your nipples are already hard, even though I haven’t touched them yet.

I’m happy your body is so honest though.

They’re soft and warm. It feels really good.

I want to feel them more closely. Can I lick them?

In that case, I won’t ask. I’m just going to do it.

They’re really soft.

I want to sleep while resting my cheek against them.

It makes me feel calm, you see.

I’m pretty serious.

Hmm? You don’t like it when I only touch around them?

The place where I just touched you is already hard and seems to be impatient.

It’s okay. I’ll make sure to do it.

Does it feel good?

It’s okay. Let me hear your voice even more.

You arched your neck… It feels that good…

You look beautiful. I want to see even more of your indecent expression.

Open your legs too.

It’s amazing. You’re so wet that my fingers will go in easily.

Can you feel this?

I only touched you slightly and it’s flowing out.

Does it feel good when I touch you in this tense place?

What about this then?

I only pinched it slightly. This place really is sensitive.

I really like the expression on your face right now. You’re beautiful.

I’m going to put my fingers inside you.

Tell me where it feels good.

Hey. Where does it feel good?

Around here?

Or do you like it deeper inside?

I’ve found it. This is the place you like best.

I’m teasing you? I suppose so.

If I’m saying more than usual and teasing you, then it’s because of you.

That’s right. It’s because I want to see even more of your cute reactions.

So I want to tease you by saying a lot of different things.

Your body felt tight just now. Are you going to come?

What’s wrong with that? Don’t hold back.

Don’t let go of your desire. Be honest and desire me too.

Your mouth isn’t telling the truth. Keep quiet now.

See. You can’t take it any longer, can you?

Go on then.

You came, didn’t you?

I’m glad you did.

It’s not just you. I was pretty turned on by seeing an indecent expression on your face.

Ah… But… I don’t have a condom. You don’t either, do you?

Really? You don’t have to be concerned about me.

Thank you. I’ll make sure not to come inside you.

Let’s become one and warm each other up.

I’m going to start.

What is this…?

I’m sorry. This is my first time doing it without a condom.

The warmth and the way it feels are completely different.

It feels so hot…

This feels good…

What about you?

That’s right. I’m happy too.

It’s because this is the first time I’ve felt someone so close to me.

Even though we’re only connected in one place, I can feel it all throughout my body.

I can’t stop now. It feels too good.

If you say something like that, then I really won’t hold back.

It’s so hot…

Because your body tightens around mine, I feel as if I can’t take it when I move.

You’re being honest now too.

Say it again. Tell me where it feels good. Tell me what feels good.

Let’s feel good together. Good enough to make us forget about everything else.

Did that feel good just now?

I’ll keep on thrusting then.

Amazing… Your body just felt even tighter.

Are you going to come?

It’s okay, go on then.

I’ll watch. Go on…

You came, didn’t you? You looked cute.

Is it okay if I come too?

I’m going to come…

I’ll let it out onto your stomach.

I’m coming…

Oh… It’s already morning.

Good morning.

It’s nice to have someone beside you when you wake up, isn’t it? It makes you feel calm.

You want to talk about something? What is it?

That’s cruel of you to make me remember. Even though spending the night with you helped me take my mind off my sister…

Regret? What do you mean?

I see. You couldn’t visit your father’s grave because you were busy managing the bakery.

You still regret not being able to go, so you’re wondering if I feel the same way…

I’m not sure… Maybe I do.

I know… I know. Even if I keep on running, instead of going to see her, I’ll only make my sister and the rest of my family unhappy. But I really don’t know what kind of expression I should have when go to see her.

Just as I am? Will she understand too?

Thank you. I won’t be able to make up my mind right away, but I’ll give it some thought.

Track 6

Sorry for bringing you out here. Are you cold?

You wanted to talk to me about something too, didn’t you?

You go first then.

This is… A protective charm?

Your father gave it to you? Isn’t that a memento of him? Is it alright for you to give it to me?

Courage? It’s something you’ve always treasured that has memories of your father, isn’t it?

I think it can give me courage too.

Thank you. I always end up depending on you, but I’ll gratefully accept it.

I asked you to come here because I wasn’t sure whether I should go home. I thought about what you said to me before and I eventually considered going home, but I couldn’t make up my mind completely.

But now I’m sure of my decision.

The anniversary of my sister’s death is the day after tomorrow. I’m leaving tomorrow morning and going back to the US. I’ll go and see my sister for now. I don’t know what’ll happen after that though.

Yes, I’ll do my best.

I’m grateful to you. I’m sure I couldn’t have made this decision if I hadn’t met you.

You’re hurt, just like I am. Because you understood me, shared my pain and encouraged me, I was able to move forward.

I see… I’m happy if I was able to help you too.

You can’t stand still just because you’ve lost sight of what you’re aiming for.

You’re right. It’s just as you say. I’m glad the both of us realised that.

Is it really okay for me not to return this protective charm?

The shell? I don’t think it can compare to this charm though…

Alright. I’ll take good care of this charm, so you take good care of that shell.

I’m going to look after it. I’ll carry it with me every day. I’ll be hoping that I can recover and that you’ll be successful too.

Let’s both do our best.

Even if we don’t see each other again, I won’t forget you. I’ll be supporting you on your way to finding a new dream.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Take care.

Track 7

Over here!

It’s been a long time. Just over a year.

Did you have any trouble finding the back door?

I really wanted to send you a ticket, so I asked the owner of the boarding house to forward it to you. I’m glad you got it.

Yes. I’m glad there’s quite a big audience. This is my first recital after having moved to Japan and it was well-advertised, but I wasn’t that well-known here to begin with. It seems that people have taken an interest as I’m coming out of a slump that’s lasted over two years. They’re cynical about it though.

What are you doing these days?

You’re working in a bakery?

Ah, I know that place! It’s a pretty big chain of bakeries, isn’t it?

I see. You’re learning and saving up money to run a bakery with your mother again someday.

I was sure you could recover and it was just as I’d imagined. But now that I’m asking you about it like this, I’m happier than I thought I’d be.

It’s strange, isn’t it? Even though this isn’t about me…

I’ve been missing you all this time. I thought about you again and again, even after I returned home. The charm you gave me and your words of encouragement really helped me.

Being able to stand in front of my sister’s grave and being able to hold a violin again were all thanks to you.

I’m not strong at all. It took me a year before I was able to play again.

I decided that I would invite you if I was able to hold a recital in Japan.

I only spent a short time with you and sympathy may have been the strongest feeling I had back then, but my feelings for you gradually grew while we were apart.

I kept on wishing to see you again and be with you. It’s more than just sympathy now. I love you. I want you to stay by my side and for us to support each other.

Thank you. I love you. I really love you.

Listen carefully to my performance today. I’m going to play with all my heart.

Thank you very much. Many painful and sorrowful experiences led up until this day, but now I think that was a path my life had to take. Now I want to make sure as many people as possible are able to hear me perform. If I’m able to give other people even the slightest courage to keep going until tomorrow, then that would make me happy.

This last piece of music is a new one. I put all of my present feelings into this piece. I hope you’ll listen. Tender Snow.

Track 8

I’ve been waiting for you. Come in.

I’m sorry for calling you all the way to the hotel. I wanted to take my time talking to you.

What did you think of my performance?

You were crying? I was hoping you would be that moved.

I didn’t think I would be able to convey the gratitude and affection I felt for you, so I put them into that piece of music.

Will you make love to me now?

I want to show you my feelings even more.

Yes. I’ll show them to you again and again. Again and again.

I’ll take off your clothes for you.

You dressed up for me, didn’t you? This dress really suits you. I was surprised when I first saw it.

There’s a fastener on the back of the dress? Turn around then.

I’m going to take it off.

How unfair. You even look beautiful without your dress on.

It’s because you’re beautiful. It’s alright, isn’t it?

I’m going to take everything off.

You look good right now. In your underwear and these stockings… You look sexy and beautiful.

It was a compliment. I’ll take these off later.

It feels wet here too. Can you hear this sound?

Why? If you’re wet, then you’ll be able to come easily.

You dummy. Don’t touch me there.

You’ll do it for me?

Ah… Wait a minute. I’m going to sit down.

It feels good. Your tongue is smooth and warm.

If you suck like that… Yes…

Not on the other side… I’ll come if you keep doing that…

I told you not to do it… It feels too good…

No… Don’t suck it…

I’m going to come… So I’ll take it out now…

Why did you swallow it with an indecent look on your face?

That turns me on…

I’m sorry. I wanted to take it out. But I couldn’t because you stopped me.

You were that determined to make me come?

Jeez. I ended up coming before you…

Get into bed. I’m going to do it for you this time.

I’ve got to undress you first.

You’re so wet. I can see through your underwear.

You’ve been waiting, haven’t you? I want you to feel really good.

I haven’t touched you here yet, but it’s already so full and tense. How indecent.

Why? You did it for me earlier. You went straight for the sensitive part of my body and sucked it so persistently.

You sucked it and didn’t let go, even when I wanted you to.

Even my breath makes you feel good. That really is indecent.

Go on then.

Did it feel good? I’m going to swallow everything too.

Alright. I won’t keep going. I want to become one with you now.

Is that alright?

It’s okay. I’ve got one with me today.

We didn’t use one before, so I’m a little disappointed, but now I’ll be able to come inside you.

I’m going to enter you now.

I’m inside you. It really is warm.

I love you. I love you. I won’t let go of you again.

Can you lift your body up? Let’s do it while sitting down.

I like what I can see from here.

I’m rubbing my cheek against them. Your breasts feel good.

Was that alright?

I see. I’ll keep going then.

You ran away? Even though you said it was fine…

Ah, I see. Would this have been better then?

I guess I was right. I’m going to stimulate your breasts too.

You like it when I suck them like this, don’t you?

I like your reaction. But when I hear how cute your voice is, I can’t hold back either.

I can…go deeper in this position…

You can tell too. I don’t know what to do. I feel so good that I might come right away again.

Look up. I want to kiss you.

It feels so tight inside you.

Your body tightens up if I touch your nipples at the same time as I enter you. Does it feel that good?

You’re so cute. I also like it when you’re a little embarrassed.

I’m going to come…

Really? Let’s do it then.

Hold onto me and stay close.

I’m going to come…

Don’t let go. Keep holding onto me.

Doing this with you really does make me feel calm.

I feel relieved that I’m not alone.

Even if I get depressed and complain when I’m having a hard time, I’m sure that you’ll embrace me. Being in your arms comforts me and cheers me up. Then I feel as if I just have to step forward.

That’s right. You’ll stay with me from now too, won’t you?

We might be weak individuals who won’t move on if they’re alone, but I think we can work harder if we’re together. I want to walk together with you.

Yes, I promise. The space in my arms and beside me belongs to you alone. Make sure you don’t leave me again.

Mizuki Kuzuhira, Katou Itsuki.