Lip on My Prince 4 – Haru Yanase

CV: Toriumi Kousuke

Track 1

When I turned around and looked up, my gaze was attracted like a magnet. Second level, second block, first row. The girl sitting there slowly pinned her loose hair behind her ear on one side. Before I knew it, I’d gotten used to seeing that. I might not be here if I hadn’t met you.

Hello? It’s me.

Where are you now? In your seat?

Just kidding. I know where you are. I saw you from down here.

That’s right, I’ve been watching you all this time.

It’s only natural. It’s love, you see!

So did you get it?

Seriously? I knew you would!

Hmm? Thanks. But you just wait there.

You know, my seniors will start bothering me to introduce you. So you can’t come down here.

Those guys have gotten worked up because we’re about to play. Why should I let them see you up close? It’d be no good if they tried to flirt with you.

You see… It’s your fault for being so cute.

You’re too surprised!

I’ve been behind you the whole time. But you didn’t notice me at all. Maybe I’ll punish you after the game.

I’m going to go all out tomorrow, so let’s have a really good time together.

I’m always serious.

Hmm? I’m almost out of time!

Hey, can I have that? You got it for me, right? My melon soda.

That’s great! It’s my first time playing at this gym. I was seriously worried when it wasn’t in the vending machine. I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking this when I’m in a tough spot. Thanks to you.

Everything’s okay now! I’ve got a feeling today’s game is gonna be a good one.

Hmm… This super rookie Haru-chan is going to show you his cool side!

So don’t look away, even by accident. I’ve gotta go now. You can have the rest of this drink.

Ah… But give me a little more after all.

Not from there. From here.

Hahaha. I’m sorry. Calm down.

Even though I did it in front of other people, it was only for a moment. It’s okay.

Hmm… What’s the matter? Are you angry?

Okay! I’ll do my best! Leave it to me. I’m definitely going to win!

Just watch.

Alright! I’ve had my lucky melon soda! And you’ve wished me good luck, so I’ve got to try even harder!

Don’t worry, I’ll be doing so much that you won’t even be able to take your eyes off me for a moment. After the game ends, I want you to tell me that I was cool. I want to hear it from you, the person who made me get serious. Alright, here I go!

Alright! Sorry to keep you waiting!

One ice caramel macchiato and one home-made ginger ale. That’s all of your order, isn’t it?

Go on, drink up.

So, I just happened to overhear this earlier… You want to talk to someone from Daikan Academy?

Ah, I’m sorry! I surprised you by asking so suddenly, right?

I’m actually a student at Daikan. I work here part-time. So I thought I might be able to help you.

I’m serious! I’m not trying to flirt with you, don’t worry!

It’s only natural to help a girl out when she’s in trouble, right?

Eh? The third year basketball club member, Haru Yanase? Has he done something wrong?

Hmm… So he was fooling around with a friend of yours?

Well, I guess it was Yanase’s fault if she got that impression.

But that wasn’t my intention at all.

Ah. My name is Haru Yanase, you see. I remember that girl. Did you know that the reservoir behind this cafe is normally used as a street basketball court? People are allowed to use it when it’s empty. So I go often go there with the other club members on my way home.

When we were playing 3-on-3, some girls who were standing by the side and watching called out to us. We hung out together a few times after that. That’s all it was.

We weren’t dating and I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in that. So she thinks I was fooling around just because I was seen with another girl? I just don’t get it.

If someone asks you to hang out, then isn’t it polite to go if you don’t have a reason to say no? And wouldn’t you normally be kind if someone was kind to you? Is it wrong for me to think like that? Or are you trying to say that hanging out with girls when you don’t want to date them is dishonest?

So… Don’t decide that I’m irresponsible just because of some rumours, okay? Well, I suppose there’s nothing I can do if people think about me like that though.

Haha. What happened to all that courage you had just now?

Hmm… That troubled look on your face is pretty nice though. It’s cute. I kinda like you.

Haha. But would you call me shallow or say I fooled around with you if I told you that? You’d say something like “You’re not serious at all!”.

Oh? Are you leaving already? You haven’t finished your drink. I put a lot of love into making that, you know!

Well, that’s okay. Just come round again sometime!

Ah, Master! A customer is going home!

That’s how the two of us met. I suppose that it was far from being destiny though. I thought you were a shy girl who couldn’t turn down a friend asking you to check out the guy who upset her and I was surprised that you confronted someone you’d never met before. I got annoyed that you were making a weird accusation against me. You were obviously annoyed about the way I acted too, weren’t you? But in a way, it was pretty intense. It was more than enough to get my attention.

Found you! Hey, wait up!

I didn’t see you come out, so I was worried you’d gone home already.

Hey, wait up! Hear me out! Are you doing anything this Saturday?

That’s good! There’s a basketball game on that day, so come and watch.

Why not? You’re not doing anything, right? So you can come.

It’s a preliminary game for the interhigh tournament.

That’s right. It really is just a preliminary game.

I’ll let you see me looking really cool! Then you might think “I don’t mind if this guy fools around with me!”.

Wait a minute! I was only joking!

Come on, please! Our opponent has a really good cheer squad. So even having just one more friend there would be great.

And I just felt like I had to be serious for this game…

Anyway… Just make sure you come!

I’m going to take this hostage.

I’ve got your hairpin! If you want it back, then come to the game! Goodbye!

I’ll make sure to return it if you come to the game! See you later!

Damn it! They’re coming! Everyone go back, we can’t give up right now!

Hello? Ah, sorry. I went out to get some drinks earlier.

Yes, I’ll be back soon. We’ve got a meeting after this, right?

I know! I thought that score was pretty close too.

Well, the opposing team is a regular in the nationals. It would’ve been really cool if we’d turned things around there. Everyone did their best though. It wasn’t anyone’s fault.

It’s alright. I should just move on from it.

Unlike at that sports school, our third years have to start concentrating on their finals tomorrow. If you juniors don’t make an effort to liven things up, Haru-senpai will be so sad that he’ll cry! So look forward to what I say in the meeting!

Yeah, I’m counting on you!

So this is the end of my third year? It’s so ordinary that it makes me sick. It’s so uncool.

Ah… You surprised me! It’s you… Right, so you made sure to come.

I saw you from the down on the court. Thanks.

Eh? Ah. What is it? That’s for me?

Giving soda to someone after they’ve been playing a basketball game… Wouldn’t you normally give them a sports drink?

Hmm… And it’s melon soda too… They still sell this stuff! It sure brings back memories!

Well, it’s okay. I like melon soda. With ice-cream and a cherry on top. It tastes great like that.

Ah, it’s delicious when you haven’t had it for a while!

Hey. You like soda, right? You had ginger ale when you came to the cafe the other day.

I thought it was unusual because girls usually order a latte. That’s why I remembered.

I like that though.

Sorry we lost, even though you came all the way here. Anyway, it’s funny how unlucky it was that we got matched up with a seeded team. But even though we knew we’d lose, we couldn’t give up. I got all worked up, which isn’t like me. It was so uncool.

Ah… Yeah. You’re right. Why did I think it was uncool?

Why am I even crying?

No! It’s not like that. It’s not your fault. I don’t even understand it myself.

Anyway… No matter how it turned out, I did my best. It’s alright.

I’m sorry for acting weird in front of you. I’m glad you came today though. Talking to you cheered me up. I was feeling pretty down earlier. I know it’s a bit late for this, but I’m sorry I made you come. You didn’t get to see me looking cool either. I wasn’t cool at all.

I see. Thanks. Huh… Now I feel like I’ve got to say thanks.

I can’t think of the right words to say, but I really did want to win. Even if it did seem like a worthless game. I’d be really happy if watching the game helped you understand how I felt.

Alright, I’ll have to go back now. Now I’ve got to give my juniors a really moving farewell speech! So I can’t walk you home, but I’m really thankful you came.

Ah. This was delicious! Thanks!

Alright! Nice shoot!

See you later!

Track 2

Huh? It’s not like that! Jeez, everyone always thinks I’m trying to pick up girls all the time. That’s so mean!

Karaoke? Right now?

Seriously? All-night karaoke would be great!

Unfortunately I’ve got something else to do that I just can’t cancel. Sorry, but thanks for inviting me anyway.

Ah, there she is! Just like I promised, I’m here to give it back. The hairpin I took as a hostage.

I didn’t get to give it back after the game yesterday, you see.

It really does look better when you put your hair behind your ears.

Your face is really cute, so it’d be a shame if you kept it hidden.

Right! Now you’re looking even cuter, shall we go?

Haha! It’s alright, you’ll know where we’re going once we get there! Don’t worry about it!

Okay, choose anything you like. You can get toppings that aren’t on the menu too.

Isn’t this the chance for an employee to show his power? I’ll sort it out somehow.

Hmm… If you’re having pancakes… Then the most popular topping here is this one with whipped cream and berries. There’s this coconut cream one too. At night, people also order this savoury one.

There’s no need to be shy. Or don’t you like pancakes?

That’s good. I brought you here to say thanks, so wouldn’t it seem like I was teasing you if you didn’t like pancakes?

I see. Then how about you try “Haru-chan’s choice”?

Whoa… You looked like you weren’t interested for a minute there. It seemed like you were thinking “What on earth is he saying?”. That’s so mean!

Haha. I was only joking.

This cafe has quite a lot of regular customers. When they can’t decide what to order, they ask for “Haru-chan’s choice”. In other words, they leave it up to me. What will you have?

Alright! Just wait a moment.

What do you think? Does it taste good?

I know, right! That’s my favourite thing on the menu here.

That’s right, simple is best!

Ah, don’t misunderstand. It’s not like I wasn’t generous with the topping.

When I started working here, the Master told me that plain pancakes are the most difficult to get right. He went all the way to Canada to create this blend of maple syrup and when he says that it’s the best thing at bringing out the flavour of pancakes, his eyes sparkle. Even though he’s an adult!

But I thought that was cool. Being serious about perfecting something is amazing.


Ah, I’m sorry! I spaced out for a minute.

Hey… I know you like that special maple syrup, but I’d be happier if you came here to eat it instead of going away with that drop of syrup on your cheek.

Haha! Your face is bright red!

I’m sorry. But you really should come again! Don’t worry, I’m not going to take any more hostages. Ah, it wasn’t a hostage though. It was just a hairpin.

The drop of Master’s special maple syrup on my finger. For some reason, it felt a little bitter that day. I wanted to avoid thinking about basketball as much as possible. So I accepted a lot of shifts at my part-time job.

When I didn’t want to think about it, I’d remember the day of the game even more. While my teammates started attending prep school, I was bringing pancakes to the tables with a slight sigh.

You started coming into the cafe every now and then because you had noticed how things were. Isn’t that right? I didn’t get to you ask that, but I had a feeling about it. Strangely enough, you manage to find this kind of thing out. I wonder why.

Are you serious?

Ah, welcome!

Oh! Your usual seat is free. I’ll be there soon, so just take a seat.

Sorry to keep you waiting. What will you have today?

I know what you’ll have though. There aren’t many things that you usually order here.

So will you have pancakes now? Or do you want something to drink first?

Will you have me instead?

Ah! What are you doing?! Are you okay?

Did you spill it on your uniform? We’ve got some clothes here, so come behind the counter.

Master! Where are the clean dusters?

Jeez! You’re usually so level-headed, but you get a little clumsy sometimes. Even though you’ve come here so much that even the other regulars recognise you, you always order the same pancakes and ginger ale. You try to go home with a drop of syrup on your face. You give soda to someone who’s just been playing sports. I like that about you though.

Ah, wait a minute! I’m taking your hairpin!

Don’t pin your hair back just yet. Just for now, okay?

Your face looks really cute right now. I feel like I don’t want the other customers to see it.

No, don’t look away. Then I won’t be able to see either.

Let me see your face. You only have to show it to me.

No way… You’re really cute.

Hey… I…

Jeez! Why do I have to be working right now?

I’ll be there in a minute!

I’d like her to be my girlfriend. Although I couldn’t say the most important thing, I hope I wasn’t misunderstanding when I saw you nod slightly. When I think of something fortunate like that happening, I feel as if I really want to drink melon soda.

Hey… Aren’t I acting really weird? Something really is strange. But I guess it’s fine if I’m serious about it.

Track 3

Hello, this is Yanase.

Yes, I understand. I was serious about everything I said to you when we met the other day. It wasn’t just because I got carried away in that situation.

I believe you. I’ve already made up my mind. I…

Hmm? What are you doing over there?

Hurry up and come inside.

You’re not going to? How come?

You’ve come all the way here…

Ah. Are you feeling sick?

Then just come in for a little while. Master is waiting too. Soon we won’t be seeing each other here like this either.

Anyway, just come in. We’ll talk about it inside.

Here you go. Sorry for the wait.

You’re allowed to order something else, you know?

Well, since I recommended it you, I’m honoured that you’ve ordered it so often.

Hey, aren’t you acting strange today? You look kind of down. Did something happen?

Earlier? Ah, that phone call…

Right. I should tell you about it.

Well… I’m going to quit my part-time job. It’ll be at the end of this month, so in about another ten days, I guess. I really like this cafe, so I didn’t want to quit, but I can’t do that anymore. I won’t have enough time.

You know how I am, right? I didn’t have a particular goal in mind. But it won’t be like that now. I can’t let things be uncertain forever. I felt that I had to decide on one thing I really wanted.

Eh? Wait up! What is it? Are you going home? You only just got here… And the pancakes aren’t done yet…

Ah! You don’t have to pay! Never mind about that…

Ah! Wait up!

I told you to wait!

You’re angry because of me, aren’t you? Because I didn’t say anything about quitting my part-time job.

Then what else is bothering you?

I’ll finish work in half an hour, so can you wait for me? I’m not sure what you’ve misunderstood, but I want you to hear me out. I’ll explain everything. Is that alright?

Thanks. So… Right! I’m sure I told you before that there’s a basketball court behind here. Wait on one of the benches there. Okay?

I’m glad you’re here. I thought you might not come.

I was thinking that I’d start being serious about things now. There was that basketball game you came to watch, right? A university basketball coach happened to be there and said I could be recommended for a place at university if I was interested. Even though we lost really badly.

Well, it’s not a super famous university, but since I’ve been given a chance, I’d like to do my best this time, without having any regrets.

I just gave them my answer. It was around the time you arrived at the cafe. You saw me, didn’t you?

Eh? Yeah. I was calling the coach. Why?

Hmm… Well, if it’s nothing, then that’s alright.

Anyway, from next week I’ll be a temporary member of the club and I’ll start practising with them. That’s why I’m quitting my part-time job. I’m sorry I took so long to tell you. I should have told you about it right away though.


But there was one more thing I just couldn’t tell you about. There’s something else I’ve decided to be serious about. I thought you were strange at first. I thought you were someone amazing and I’d never met anyone like you.

You see, you weren’t kind to me at all, right? You suddenly treated me like I was a playboy and got really angry at me.

Ahaha. I was worried because you were right. It seemed like you knew me completely, even though we’d only just met. But that’s how you helped me during the game.

Because you knew me completely, I thought that I didn’t have to try to be cool. I don’t really know why, but I felt really calm. I was serious about all the girls I dated before, but now that I think about it, maybe I had misunderstood my feelings for them because they said they liked me and were kind to me. When I met you, I think I realised what it meant to really like someone. So I’m really having a hard time right now. I don’t know the right thing to say to get my feelings across.

I’m serious about you. I love you. Will you go out with me?

Seriously?! Alright! No way… I’m super happy!

Ah… I’m sorry I hugged you all of a sudden. I’m really happy though.

Ah… Now that I’ve said it, I don’t know what to do… Anyway, I’m happy!

It seems like that’s all I’ve been saying for the past few minutes.

Okay! It’s late, so I’ll walk you home.

Yeah, hold my hand. Let’s go home.

Alright, I’m going now.

Hey! Will you come out with me tomorrow? I’ll be waiting at the school gate after class. Let’s go on a date!

Yeah, that’s a promise! See ya then!

Track 4

Hey! How about we go on our first date then?

Is there anywhere you want to go?

I see. It’s not like I’ve got anywhere in particular to go either.

I just wanted to go on a date with you.

So how about we just wander around then?

Ah. Sorry I’ve made you walk so much. You must be tired, right? Should we go and sit down somewhere?

Ah, but I guess there’s nowhere to go around here.

Just sit down on that bench for now. I’ll buy something to drink.

Here you go. That vending machine over there didn’t have melon soda, so I went all the way to a convenience store.

Hey, I’m sorry. Even though I asked you out, it wasn’t much of a date.

It really does bother me! I thought I was used to going on dates, so isn’t it weird that I’m acting strange? I’m worried as much as if I was on a first date!

When I was thinking that I should be serious about this date, I actually didn’t know what to do.

It’s weird, right? Even though it’s not the first time we’ve been alone together. But just being with you is enough to make me really nervous… I wonder why?

I’ve never thought that I was the clumsy type, but it looks like I was wrong. It seems that you understand me completely as usual though.

You might understand me completely, but I want to say it once more. I’m so serious about you that I actually don’t know what I should do.

I see. Thanks.

Umm… Can I kiss you?

Put your hair behind your ears.

Ah… It’s no good. I can’t hold back any longer.

Come closer.

I love you.

Jeez! Why are you looking at me like that?

It’s the opposite! I’m telling you that you’re cute!

That’s how I feel, so I can’t help it. I’ve told you all the time, haven’t I? That you’re the one who always troubles me…

I call you cute and tell you I love you because that’s how I feel.

That’s not okay?

I want to kiss and hug the girl who’s special to me. Is that wrong?

What should I do then?

I see. Thank goodness.

Jeez! Like I said, I probably won’t be able to stop myself!

There’s no way I can! Not at all! I love you, you see.

Your lips taste like melon soda. Well, you just drank some, so I guess that’s only natural.

I feel like I want to eat you up.

No matter how much I say it, it really isn’t enough. No… I’m sure that no matter how much I say it, it won’t be understood. Not with my clumsy words. But I’m sure you’ll be able to understand. Isn’t that right?

Thank you.

I wish I could do this forever. I want to hold you like this and kiss you forever. Maybe I don’t need anything else.

Eh? Basketball? I suppose so.

Of course I’m going to work hard at basketball. I told you, didn’t I? That I’d be serious about it.

But this and that are two different things. You see, I’m as serious about you as I am about basketball. No… Maybe even more than that…

Anyway, I’m only thinking about you right now.

Come on, close your eyes.

Can I do that again? I’ll make this the last time.

I thought that’d be the last one, but it really is impossible.

In the end, it got dark without us even going anywhere. Without thinking, I laughed at how we didn’t manage to have a date and ended up sitting on a bench. As a guy, it’s pretty complicated to be told that it seems like something I’d do. But if that’s what you say, then I’m sure it’s right.

On the way home, the half-empty melon soda had gone flat and it seemed sweeter than usual. But for some reason, I didn’t think it tasted bad.

Track 5


Ah, hey! Sorry! Let me go through!

There she is! Over here!

Sorry! The coach talked for ages! I did dash all the way here though. I wanted to see you up close as soon as I could.

I’m so hungry! Let’s hurry up and find something to eat! Is there something you’d like?

Huh?! The pancakes you usually have? Jeez! I’m surprised you don’t get tired of them.

Even though I stopped working at that cafe a while ago, we’re always going there.

Well, I guess that’s how it is when you like something. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of you. That’s because I really love you.

Your face is bright red.

By the way, don’t you have something to say to me?

Like I said before! I told you I’d let you see me looking really cool.

Thanks. I’m really happy!

But… Right… I want you to reward me a little more. I kept my promise that I’d let you see me looking really cool. So…

Don’t call me “Haru-kun”. Just call me “Haru”.

That’s no good. Right now. If you don’t do it, then I’ll kiss you right now…

Huh? That’s no good at all! There are lots of people here. I won’t be able to hear you if you don’t say it louder.

Yes. I heard it perfectly this time.

Thank you. I’ll always love you.