Diabolik Lovers Bloody Bouquet 11 – Azusa Mukami

CV: Kishio Daisuke

Thank you Ghost for your commission!

Track 1

I needed to hurt myself to prove that I was worthy of living. However, everything changed when I met Eve.

Taking care of myself. That there was someone who needed me. She taught me all those things.

Before I knew it, I had stopped hurting myself and even when I look at my fading scars now, I don’t feel anything.

You see, it’s because Eve is by my side. As long as she’s around, things will be fine.

I was happier than I deserved to be.

Here you go, Eve. These flowers are really beautiful. So I’m going to give them to you.

They won’t wither, so it’ll be fine. These flowers grow in Eden, you see. They’ll keep on living, even when you pick them.

Ah, right… Seeing as I’ve picked them, I’ll make them into a flower crown.

Hey, you make one with me too.

Oh? I can’t do it. How come?

Eh? You’re going to show me how to do it?

Amazing… You’ve already done it. Unlike me, you really can do anything.

I can’t do it as well as you can. I made a mess of it without realising.

What should I do next?

Hmm… I don’t get it.

Come closer and show me.

Don’t sit beside me, sit in-between my legs. Come here.

Yes, this is better.

Hey, show me how to do the rest of it.

What’s the matter? Is your heart beating faster?

Even your ears are red. Do you love me that much?

You’re the person I love the most in the world too.

I’m really happy. Because I can be with the person I love, underneath the blue sky.

Ah… That’s right. The flower crown. The stem got twisted here. I just can’t make the ends join together. Show me how to do it.

Ah… It’s done!

Thank you. It’s all thanks to you, Eve.

Hey. Can you look this way? I’m going to give this to you, Eve. I couldn’t do it as well as you did though. But I’ve definitely put my heart into it.

It’s a present from me. I’d be happy if you accepted it.

I’ll make you another one sometime. I’ll do it better.

Ah… Is that okay? Even though you made it…

Thank you. Now we’ve got something else that’s the same. I’m really happy. I’ll always take good care of it.

Right… I’ve got to thank you.

Ah! The flower crown… I’ve got to find it… It was a gift from you…

No, that’s not alright! You gave it especially to me…

You’re right… Even though the sky was blue just a moment ago…


Ah… Let’s go home, Eve.

Track 2

It’s raining really hard. We’re soaking wet.

You’ll catch a cold. Come on, Eve. Change your clothes.

It’s alright. There’s no one here. It’s alright if I’m the only one here, isn’t it?

Please, Eve. Let me do it.

Thank you.

Are you okay? Does it hurt?

It’s raining really hard. And that sound…

Hmm? Are you scared of thunder?

It’s okay. Just look at me. Then you won’t feel scared.

It’s no good. I want your blood. Can I have some?

I can’t hold back. I want you so much that I can’t bear it.

I’ll drink it gently, alright?

Let’s feel good together.

It really is sweet and delicious.

Does it tickle? Don’t move though. Stay still. I won’t be able to drink properly if you don’t.

Ah. Right… I’m going to tie you up. I’ll make sure you can’t move your arms and legs.

Stay still. It won’t be much longer.

Yes, that’s good. Really good.

Now I’ll be able to enjoy myself for a while. I’ll be able to make you really happy too.

My lovely Eve. I want you to cry a lot.

Let me see more of your cute face.

Hey, look this way.

I see. If you don’t want to…

You’re not scared when you can’t see anything like this, are you?

Hmm… When you can’t see, your other senses are heightened.

I want to test your reactions. You’re curious too, aren’t you?

I know. You see, just by touching your leg gently…

You’re cute, Eve.

How about this then?

What was it like? Did it feel good?

I told you not to move.

Come on, just bear with it.

You can cry out instead. Let me keep hearing your voice.

I’ll drink plenty from the places you’d like me to.

You see, like from this ear…

Let me see you looking really cute. I want you to feel my fangs.

And I want you to only think about me. Forever.

You moved, didn’t you?

Alright. I’ll bite as deeply as I can, just like you want me to.

I’m happy. I can feel you more intensely than usual.

Be honest. I want to hear your voice even more.

Call my name, Eve.

That’s right. Keep calling my name. I love you, Eve.

Ah… Maybe I went too far. I’ll take off the bandages now.

Did that hurt? I’m sorry for drinking so much.

The bite marks might take longer than usual to heal.

The places where I tied you up are red too.

I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. So don’t panic like that.

Hey, Eve. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?

For all the things I did…

Thank you. Hold me more tightly. I want to feel as if you need me, even if it’s only a little.

When we’re like this, it feels as if I’ve become one with you.

This is to thank you for being kind.

And the place where I bit you earlier too…

Even this is enough to make me happy. When we’re holding each other, I can hear your heart beating. It feels good. It makes me wish time could stop right now.

I’m feeling sleepy.

Let’s go, Eve. You’ll sleep with me today too, won’t you?

I’ve stopped dreaming about the past since I began sleeping with Eve. Instead I dream of a happy story about the two of us. We smile at each other while holding hands underneath the blue sky. That’s what kind of dream it was.

Small breaths. The warmth I felt when I touched her skin. Her existence satisfies me. We were happy. That’s right, until this moment.

Sorry I’m late, Eve.

What’s that bouquet of flowers by your feet? Who came to deliver this?

Black roses… That’s strange, isn’t it?

What’s the matter?

Is that so? But you look a little pale… Are you alright?

It might be anaemia, so you should rest today. I’ll take you to bed.

Sorry, could you hold onto this card?

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Alright then…

Okay, get onto my back.

I had a bad feeling as I went along the hall leading to the bedroom, step by step. My feeling turned out to be right.

When I walked away from Eve, who was asleep, and went back to the entrance, the bouquet of black roses, which had been there a moment ago, had disappeared. I wondered why that was, but it soon became unimportant.

That was because she became sicker day by day. No matter how much I wished for it, or how attentively I took care of her, she didn’t get better. What will happen to her if this continues? Will we be able to be together forever? That worry occupied the whole of my mind and I was afraid.

Track 3

Hey, are you awake?

I’ve brought some water. Even if you’re not hungry, I thought it would be good for you to drink something.

Ah, don’t push yourself too hard. Hold onto me.

Can you look up a little?

Are you okay?

Ah, I’m sorry. That was too sudden, wasn’t it?

I hope you get better soon, Eve.

Let’s do our best together.

It’s okay. There’s no need for you to apologise to me.

I’m going to stay by your side. I’m not going to leave you, even after you go to sleep.

You see, if something happens to you, then I…

Eve… It’s alright! You’ll be back to normal soon.

Ah, I just remembered that I’ve got a present for you today.

I’d be happy if you liked it. Here you go.

This was growing in the field of flowers we often go to. It was a beautiful rose, so I wanted to show it to you.

I thought you might feel a little better if I filled your room with the roses you love.

So please take it.

Ah… Huh?

You don’t have to apologise. I should be the one saying I’m sorry.

Doing that all of a sudden troubled you, didn’t it?

No… It’s my fault. You haven’t done anything wrong.


Hey, Eve. Are you hiding something from me?

Didn’t something actually happen? Those black roses…

I knew it. I love you, so of course I know that!

I want to help you. Tell me everything. About what happened that morning…

You don’t want to tell me? You think I’m that unreliable?

Then tell me about it. Don’t keep it a secret.

I’m worried that you don’t need me. So please…

That was the first time she talked about the curse that was affecting her.

That day, when her blood dropped onto a blank card, a message appeared.

The thorns of the black rose have placed a curse that cannot be broken on you. Your blood will gradually spoil and become a poison that torments the undead. No one can stop it now. There is only one way for you to survive. For the person you love to keep on drinking your blood… If this doesn’t happen, then the curse will eventually kill you.

Why did you keep something important like this from me?

Hey, why aren’t you saying anything?

Tell me why you couldn’t say anything to me! Tell me!

Ah… I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it because I was concerned about you.

That hurt, didn’t it?

I’m worried though. I hate to think that we might not be able to stay together…

I don’t think you’re causing me trouble! I want you to need me, you see…

Pain used to be my only reason for living. I hurt myself to be sure that I really did exist.

But things are different now.

You’re by my side. It’s because of you that I can be here too.

If you leave me, then I’ll lose my reason to live again. Then all I’ll do is hurt myself again. So I’ll do anything to make sure you don’t leave me.

If drinking your blood will stop the curse, then I’ll do it forever.

Please, Eve. I don’t want to lose anything else again. Please don’t take away my reason for living.

It’s okay. I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt. Please bear with it for a while.

I’m fine. I’m used to pain.

And I’m necessary to break your curse. That makes me happier than anything else.

So I can keep on going. This is the first time I’ve been needed this much, you see.

I’m definitely going to break the curse. So don’t leave me…

I’m not going to stop… If I can save you…

I’m not important… The only important one is you…

It’s okay… If you’re not going to stay still, then I’ll hurt myself like I used to…

I haven’t shown you this knife recently. Although I haven’t used it for a long time, I made sure to keep it sharpened.

It’s no good. Your strength is no match for mine.

Come on, let go of me.

All you have to do is stay still. It’s simple, isn’t it?

I’m serious. If you don’t say yes, then I’ll do anything it takes…

That’s right. You should have just accepted this from the beginning.

I’m going to break the curse now, you see.

You hated it so much, but your body is honest after all. Let me see more clearly.

It’s pale and beautiful.

Not yet… Not yet…


I told you, didn’t I? This is what I’ll do if you try to escape…

This pain…brings back memories…

I feel like it hurts a little less now…

More… I want more…

This feels good…

If I can save you, then it doesn’t matter how unfair my actions are. I don’t want you to leave me, no matter what.

Come on, I’m going to start with your arm next. That’s alright, isn’t it?

It’s not enough… More…

I’m sorry… But please don’t hate me…

It had been a long time since I felt what a wound from a knife was like. It was warm, painful and made me satisfied. There was something missing though. Something is different from the happiness I feel when I’m with Eve. I think I need her after all. But if the curse isn’t broken, then at that time, I will also…

Track 4

Where am I…? Right… I lost consciousness while I was drinking blood…

Eve… Where are you?

Ah… Your hand… I see… You stayed by my side the whole time…

I’m sorry… My eyes are blurry… I can’t see your face clearly.

It’s alright… If we’re touching like this, then it doesn’t matter if I can’t see…

Why? I’m going to break the curse… I definitely will… Otherwise I don’t know how I’ll keep on living…

Look… Can you see? I’ve got so many more wounds now… You don’t want me to keep hurting myself, do you? So don’t say things like that.

Why? Do you hate me now?

Then why? Please let me drink your blood. Don’t say no.

You’re going to die? Are you serious?

Then we really will be apart from each other. Are you alright with that?

Alright… Then I’ll choose to be with you. Let’s die together, Eve. We’ll die and be happy together. I’m sure that I can’t live without you. In that case, let’s end our lives together. Let’s be happy in that place where the curse is broken. It doesn’t matter where that place is.

It’s alright. You’re the only one I need. Even if we can’t get close to each other, I still want you to be mine. You’ll always be the only one I belong to, you see.

Hey, Eve. There’s one last place I’d like to go. If we’re going to end things, then I’d like to do it there. You’ll go with me, won’t you?

Thank you for bringing me this far. We’ve made it here, so I’d like to spend our last moments together underneath the blue sky.

The wind feels good, doesn’t it? I’m sure that the sky is a beautiful blue colour too.

It seems like it was quite a long time ago that I came here with you. Back then, I didn’t think something like this would happen. I was really happy that you made me a flower crown.

Now that I remember, you had made some lunch and we had a picnic. All the memories I have with you are happy ones. I hadn’t realised that kind of life had become something natural to me. But now that will end today.

If we stab each other with this knife, then we’ll be released from everything. You and I will say goodbye to this world here.

My heart is right here. Make sure you remember that. It’ll be no good if you miss. You’re going to stab me first. Vampires have a strong powers of survival, so I’ll take the knife out then and stab your heart while I’m still alive.

Can I ask you something? Will we be happy like this? Will we always be together, even after we’re gone? Always, just like now…

That’s right… It’s only natural not to know what happens after death when you’re still alive. But I’m sure we’ll be happy together if we believe in that, won’t we? That’s right, isn’t it?

This is wrong. It’s wrong… It’s not something happy at all… Dying and becoming happy is nothing more than a dream. I’ve been wrong all this time.

If you were going to be with me, then it wouldn’t matter how things were. That’s what I thought would make me happy. I was wrong though. We can’t be happy unless we’re alive. I can’t see you or the blue sky right now, but I can definitely sense that the important things that I love are right beside me.

Hey, Eve. I’m going to become strong. So that I can protect you. So I can be happy. Let’s keep on living after all. I don’t want to give up until the very end. I’ll keep on fighting and definitely break the curse. Then I want to keep on living with you. I want to be truly happy.

Thank you. I feel that it’s alright for me to be here and to be happy because I’m going to keep living with you. So I’m not going to give up, no matter what happens. I definitely won’t run away. I promise. We’ll always be together, alright?

Eve… You’ll always be the only one I love.

Just now… Something…

Oh? I can see your face… Was that a dream? I can see you clearly. My body feels fine too.

I’m sorry, Eve. Let me drink a little of your blood.

It’s true… It doesn’t hurt anymore. It tastes like it usually does too.

Thank goodness. You and I can stay together forever.

I caused you pain, didn’t I? I’m sorry, Eve.

Eh? It’s true… It looks like I started crying without even realising it. I’m so happy I can be with you that I couldn’t help it.

Come on, smile. We’ve been able overcome the curse, you see.

That tickles, Eve.

What’s the matter? You seem different from usual.

I see. I’m happy to be with you too. I love you.

I don’t know why that bouquet of black roses came to us, but the curse has been broken. Everything is fine, as long as you’re safe.

I’m happy. This is the true happiness that I was wishing for. I’m really happy that I feel the same way as you do.

Hey, Eve. Let’s get married. I need you. So I want you to be my bride.

Thank you. I won’t let you go away. I’ll never let go of you, no matter what. From now on, I really will be the only one you belong to.

Track 5

Hey, Eve. I was able to put it on somehow… I feel really nervous, even though I’m only here to try it on. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to wearing a tuxedo. Tell me when you’ve finished changing. I hope the dress I chose suits you.

Alright, I’m going to open the curtain then.

Ah… I couldn’t help being fascinated.

Umm… I don’t know much about this kind of thing, so I might not be able to say the right words… But I think the dress really suits you. You’re beautiful and cute, just like a princess.

Hey, Eve. There’s a mirrored wall over there. So let’s see what we look like standing beside each other. Give me your hand. I’ll take you there.

Be careful, your dress is long. Just take it slowly.

Ah… Here it is. Look.

It’s amazing. It’s as if I’m dreaming. We’re going to get married wearing these clothes, aren’t we?

The feeling you get at a time like this… I wonder what you call it… I can’t think of the right word.

That’s right. It’s happiness. I’m really happy right now.

Hey, Eve. Close your eyes. I’m going to cast some magic on you to make you even more beautiful.

Yes, just wait a little while.

Alright, you can open your eyes now. It’s a present for you, the woman who will be my bride. I made another flower crown, like you taught me before.

Hey, do you recognise the flowers in this crown?

They’re the roses I showed you when you were cursed. I made a crown from those roses.

When I walked through the field of flowers, there was a place where many of those roses had bloomed. I wasn’t able to give it to you that day, but I wanted to present it to you again.

I want you to wear this at the wedding. You’ll accept it this time, won’t you?

Hey. I want to kiss you. This time I’d like you to be the one to kiss me first.

Thank you.

From now on, I’ll keep on telling you that I love you.

In the morning, during the day and before going to bed. Always. You’re the only one I want to touch. I’m going to live just for the sake of making you happy. I’ll love you forever.