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Criminale! F 5

Criminale! F 5 – Nero

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke

Track 1

1PM. Inside an airplane.

Ah, thank you. Could you bring her a blanket too?

That’s no good. It gets quite cold inside airplanes. Our trip would be ruined if you caught a cold, wouldn’t it?

Of course I’m happy. Going on a trip with you is like a dream.

I’m not exaggerating. Things have finally calmed down at Amphisbaena and I’m able to have some proper time off.

The conclave didn’t seem like it would go smoothly, but thanks to you, it all worked out.


We’re lovers now. I don’t want to be away from you during my time off, not even for a second. I want to stay by your side.

I want us to be alone soon. Kissing your cheeks and ears isn’t enough.

Did that tickle? You’re cute.


It’s quite noisy, but it’s nothing for us to be concerned about.

It certainly is strange.


Be quiet.

Yes. It’s a hijack.

Don’t worry. I’ll protect you no matter what, so just stay calm.

Anyway… Those guys don’t seem to be terrorists.

It looks like they’ve got a specific aim. Perhaps it’s the hold?

In that case, I don’t think they’ll do anything to the plane or kill the passengers.

Still… They’re being pretty thorough. They’re checking all the passengers’ belongings and giving them a body search.

This can’t be… They’re looking for a specific person.

A mafia organisation which has control of the world. They hijacked the plane the daughter of the organisation’s leader is on.

It can’t be a simple coincidence.

And… Those guns they’re carrying are the same as the ones Chiave uses. Members of the mafia often use those guns.

That grip… The decoration on it… There’s no doubt it belongs to a family.

So that’s how it is…

I’m going to get rid of them. They should be here to check us out soon.

At that time…

The other passengers?

This isn’t the time to be worried about them. You’re the one they’re looking for. So…

They’re here!

Yes, I’m fine. Wait a minute though.

There should be more of them around. They’re probably looking at the other classes. It’s noisy behind us.

They’ve got a lot of stuff with them. Guns and explosives. Parachutes too. They’re also carrying derringers to commit suicide with.

Were they sure you were on this flight?

It’s only a matter of time before they find you. We can’t stay stuck in this metal cage forever. We’re getting out of here now.

We can do it. With these parachutes.

Come with me!

2PM. Inside an airplane. An hour has passed since the plane was hijacked.

We haven’t got much time. We need to get out right now.

That’s just what I’d expect from Father’s daughter. You know quite a lot of things.

Of course, this emergency door won’t open right now. It probably has about 12 tons of pressure against it.

But there is something we can do.

Come in front of me. Turn to face forward, with your back towards me.

All we need is for the plane to be at a lower altitude. That isn’t difficult to do. If you’re a terrorist, you see.

Don’t move. You, that flight attendant over there. Raise your hands and turn this way.

Tell the pilot to gradually lower the altitude. Get him to slow down too.

Don’t take too long. She’ll be dead if you don’t do as I say.

I’m sorry. I don’t like pointing my gun at you, but just bear with it for a little while.

You’re not going to do anything, even when one of your passengers has been taken hostage? This airline’s promise to give all of its passengers a comfortable flight must be weaker than pizza dough.

Or do you want to see blood splashed all over her body?

Well… There are plenty more hostages, you see.

As you wish, I’m going to shoot this young lady in the head…

They’re finally gone…

Sorry about doing this. You’re everything to me. I’d do anything to get you out of here safely. Even if it meant sacrificing everyone here.

It seems like the plane has slowed down. The altitude is dropping too. I suppose we’ve come quite far down. At this distance, it won’t be much different from skydiving.

Come on, let’s go.

Why are you angry? You pushed me away suddenly too… It’s dangerous for us to be apart, isn’t it? There are still more enemies over there. You understand, don’t you? This is our only chance to escape. You’re a good girl, so come over here.

Come on, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m your boyfriend, you see. Trust me.

The other passengers? I suppose they’ll be fine. I can’t be sure about it though.

A concussion? This kind of grenade is small but has a lot of destructive power. We’ve got to be careful.

There’s a stun grenade too. So they didn’t use this because they thought someone from Amphisbaena was with you?

Ah… This one doesn’t have any destructive power. It’s a smoke grenade or a knockout grenade. But people who’ve had training, like me and my younger brother, aren’t too affected by smoke grenades.

They’re being more careful than I thought they would. Let’s hurry.

The parachute… Right, this one is for two people.

The safety device is fine too.

You come this way too, Miss.

They’ve seen us! We don’t have much time.

We’re going to jump out with the parachute. Alright, come this way!

I can’t listen to that request. Remember this. I’ll do anything to keep you alive, even if you end up hating me. I told you, didn’t I? As long as I protect you, it doesn’t matter if the whole world turns against me. So…

I’m going to throw this bomb.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One!

7PM. Gracia, Barcelona. In a maze of streets. Six hours have passed.

You can’t pick us up from these coordinates?! You know this is their territory, right?

It doesn’t matter about me, but she’s here too! That’s why…

Yes. I am calm.

It wasn’t exactly a conspicuous escape. The enemy should know where we landed.


Yes, of course. I want to leave this country before they come after us.

Get to France by ourselves?!

Do you know how far away from the border we are?!

I’ll contact you again later!

Miss! You’re awake now, aren’t you?

Are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere?

Thank goodness. You lost consciousness when we jumped out of the plane.

I’m really sorry I forced you to do it.

Hmm? The plane? You mean the one we were on?

I heard it had an emergency landing at a nearby airport. Anyway, what about you? Are you really okay?

You don’t look so good.

Well… I don’t really know whether the passengers were safe.

Huh? Well… It doesn’t matter, does it?

As long as you’re safe, Amphisbaena isn’t concerned about what happens to anyone else.

Ah… Those handcuffs. I found them in the hijackers’ belongings. They probably planned to capture you and take you with them.

I just want to protect you.

We haven’t been chained together like this since that other time. It’s unfortunate that the chains are long though.

Hey! Don’t struggle! It’d be no good if your beautiful wrists got bruised.

I can’t do that. I really don’t want to do anything that’d mean losing you.

That’s what the handcuffs are for.

What’s the matter? You’re trembling.

I see. You were scared.

I want to help you calm down now, but we’ve got to leave here right away. I’m sorry.

Can you stand?

Miss… Are you hurt somewhere after all?!


I was worried that you couldn’t move…

Yes. We’re going to France.

I wanted the others to pick us up here, but we can’t do anything to draw attention to ourselves.

We’ll have to travel a long way, but I’ll definitely get you to France.

Let’s hurry now.

Track 2

10:30PM. The Gothic Quarter, [1] Barcelona. A room in an old hotel. Nine hours have passed.

I’m sorry we have to stay somewhere like this. As long as we pay, they don’t really mind who we are. If we were going to stay in a hotel, then I thought we would stay somewhere nice that’d be right for you… But this place is pretty dusty, isn’t it? The bed is hard and the room is draughty… And of course there are cobwebs… I can’t believe they manage to have guests in a place like this.

Well, I stay at places like this because of my work… But it’s not the right place for a date.

It’s alright. I’ll hold you while you’re sleeping. Then you’ll be able to sleep a little, won’t you?

Hey! Why are you running away? You don’t have to be shy.

It really is hard. I don’t want to make you sit here…

Right! Come and sit here.

That’s right. Inbetween my legs.

I think this will be a little better. I’ll be able to put my arms around you.

Are you embarrassed? You haven’t changed at all. You’re cute and beautiful.

So… It makes me want to lock you away.

Got you. Lean on me. You should rest while you can.

Ah, right… Are you hungry?

I bought these bocadillos [2] on the way here. Do you want some?

I see… I suppose you wouldn’t feel hungry in this kind of situation.

What we’re going to do now? Now that you mention it, I haven’t given you a proper explanation.

Yes. On our way to France, we’ll try to travel as secretly as possible. We need to get to the border, no matter what. Once we get to the border, we can meet our allies too.

What those men were trying to do? I’m not completely sure yet, but what I can say for now is that there are some people trying to take control of society’s underworld away from Amphisbaena.

They’re going to use you to give themselves the upper hand. They wouldn’t be targeting you otherwise.

I can’t forgive them. I should have killed all those guys on the plane after all.

Hey. You think so too, don’t you?

Everyone who makes you scared should just die.

Don’t look so scared. I’ll protect you, no matter what happens.

For now, just relax and fall asleep in my arms.

The handcuffs? You want me to take them off?

It’s safer to have them on. If I’m beside you, I can be your shield if something happens.

This is like what happened that other time, isn’t it?

I’m feeling a little moved that I’m connected to you like this again.

I was happy then, but I’m even happier now. It’s because we’re real lovers now, you see.

My heart and body are both connected to you.

Your gentle warmth… Your beautiful skin… It all belongs to me.

Your ears are your weak spot, aren’t they? Even though I only kissed them slightly.

I won’t let anyone else have you. I’m the only one who can touch you from now on, aren’t I?

Why? Do you hate me or something like that?

We’re lovers, aren’t we? Why are you looking at me like that?

You really do hate me, don’t you?

If you don’t hate me…

Then look at me properly!

Why are you looking away? Being reflected in your eyes is the only thing that makes me happy. So look at me…

Thank you. When you look at me, that’s enough to make me happy.

Hmm? Your lips are trembling. They look paler than usual too. Your beautiful pink lips…

I’m going to warm them up for you.

You don’t have to worry.

I’m going to protect you from everything. That’s why you should be chained to me like this.

Look. When we put our chained hands together like this and entwine our fingers… With our bodies so close together that there’s no space between us… You can sleep calmly, can’t you?

We’ll be travelling a long way tomorrow, so rest while you can. Good night.

[1] The Gothic Quarter is the centre of the old city of Barcelona.
[2] A bocadillo is a sandwich made from Spanish bread. Fillings include omelette, cold meats and cheese.

Track 3

12:30PM. The Gothic Quarter, Barcelona. La Rambla. [1] Twenty-three hours have passed.

The weather is great, isn’t it? I think it’s a perfect day for a date.

It seems like there are a lot of tourist attractions around here. I’d want us to take our time here if we didn’t have enemies following us…

Yes, I’m really happy. Because I can walk around Barcelona with you.

Of course, it’s unforgivable that our holiday together was ruined. But no matter what happens, I’m happy being with you like this.

You don’t look happy. I suppose that I can’t make you happy after all.

But you’ve been acting strange since what happened yesterday… Am I that unreliable?

That’s alright then.

Whether it’s somewhere I know or somewhere I’ve never been, everywhere looks brilliant when you’re beside me.

You’re looking away… Are you embarrassed?

Seeing as we’re here, shall we have a look around somewhere?

Those guys don’t seem to have caught up to us yet.

Look, there’s a cathedral over there. Didn’t you say you were interested in things like that?

Hey. Why don’t we walk past it?

What’s the matter?

Oh? Of course I’m planning on taking you somewhere safe.

But we can go there after we pass by the cathedral.

Come on, let’s go.

I had a feeling it would be crowded. I suppose that’s what you’d expect from a tourist spot. I’ve heard it’s famous for a statue of the Black Madonna [2]…

You haven’t said anything all this time. Do you feel bored when you’re with me?

Hmm… So this is a building in the Gothic style?

I don’t know as much about art as my brother does, but the height and use of light in the Gothic style, which has existed since the 12th century, is a realisation of the people’s desire to reach the kingdom of God. That’s what I’ve heard.

Although there’s no way that the humans who were expelled from paradise could reach the kingdom of God… It’s foolish.

I always felt that way before I met you. No one can become beautiful. Especially not me.

No. I’ve seen many places and people during my missions, but they were all ugly things.

When I met you and got to know you, I was able to understand that such a beautiful and pure person existed.

When you smiled at me, you really were like an angel. I’d always been in love with you. So I…

The enemies…

No. Look at me right now.

I don’t mean it in a strange way. We’re being followed. There’s one man. Let’s lose him in this crowd.

[1] La Rambla is a pedestrian street in central Barcelona, which separates The Gothic Quarter and another neighbourhood called El Raval.
[2] A Black Madonna is a statue or painting of the Virgin Mary where she is depicted with dark skin.

Track 4

1:30PM. The Gothic Quarter, Barcelona. Jaume I. [1] Twenty-four hours have passed.

This should be far enough… Sorry for making you rush.

Are you alright? You’ll be able to rest soon.

Yes. There’s no sign of the guy who was following us. I think he was the same as those guys who attacked us on the plane. I’m sure he knew that I’d noticed him. He didn’t attack us back then because you were his target…

I’m going to contact my allies again. Then I’ll make sure that you can at least…

Get down!

Are they going to have a shoot-out in front of the station?! If you get hit… Have they decided that kidnapping you would be too difficult, so they’re going to kill you instead?!

Damn it! Let’s turn into that corner, Miss! If we run into the alleyways…

No way! It’s a dead end!

Thanks for what you did on the plane. I remember the design on the grip of that gun.

Yes, because it was a terrible design.

Are your allies safe?

I see. So the plane landed.

I suppose I should’ve blown up the whole plane.

You must be joking. I won’t let you have her. Even if I’m at a disadvantage.

Miss. Things are going to be a little rough, but make sure you follow me.

Get down when I give you the sign. Close your eyes and cover your ears.

A stun grenade.

Yes. I stole it from those guys on the plane. It’ll act as a distraction.

Will three of you be enough?

Get down!


It’s too soon for you to be resting!


If you’re stumbling… Then you’re no match for my fists!

That’s two now. The last one…

Ah… The guy who was following us earlier.

You didn’t attack us earlier and now you’re keeping your distance. You haven’t got a gun, have you? That’s why you called for backup. I’m right, aren’t I?

Hmm… You’re not going to run? You’re pretty brave.

You might be planning to kill her, but there’s no use trying. Now that I’m handcuffed to her, I won’t let you kill her or take her away, even if it means sacrificing myself. Definitely not.

You just don’t get it, do you?

Miss. Let’s get away while we can. These guys won’t be able to move for a while.

That guy was still conscious… Miss!

Miss… It can’t be… Why’d this happen?

You’re alright? You don’t have to pretend now…

I won’t forgive you! How dare you…

All of you are bastards!

Anyone who hurts her… Anyone who points a gun at her… I’m going to kill them all.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

I’m going to kill them!

This is just a scratch…. It’s fine… Don’t worry.

I won’t let them die that easily. Killing them isn’t enough. I’ll hurt them and hurt them and hurt them. I’ll kill them after I make them suffer. That’ll make them scared, won’t it?

There are plenty of things in this world that are more frightening than death.

Ah… You still have the energy to glare at me. I’m impressed.

I’m strange? This kind of thing is enough to scare you? That makes me laugh. You’re a part of the mafia too…

I suppose it’s a compliment though. I can do anything for her sake. I’ll try anything. If that’s what people call strange, then I’ll happily accept that.

Ah… I’ve found something good. You shouldn’t have dropped your gun. You’re not cut out to be in the mafia. Even though a weapon should be the second most important thing after your own life when you’re in a fight…

Don’t worry. I won’t hit any of your vital spots. It wouldn’t be any fun if you were killed in one hit, would it?

I’m not going to let you escape!

Miss?! What are you doing?! He hurt you! I can’t let him live! Get out of my way!

I’m no different from before? Of course not! I won’t show any mercy to anyone who hurts you, no matter who they are!

I’m no good the way I am now? What do you mean?

I’m always doing things for your sake!

Their allies are here? We definitely won’t survive if they catch us! I definitely won’t let that happen! We’re going to escape from here, no matter what!

A taxi! That’s perfect timing.


Come on! Get in!

Let’s go!

What are you doing? Hurry up!

Don’t make me repeat myself. I’ll blow your brains out next. If you don’t want to be killed, then drive!

[1] Jaume I is a station on the Barcelona metro. It was named after James I of Aragon, who ruled various parts of Spain from 1238-1276.

Track 5

It doesn’t look like they’re following us.

I want to look at your injury. Sorry, but could you hold this?

Hold it in your right hand and point it forwards. Just to make sure the taxi driver doesn’t try anything.

What’s the matter? If I don’t look at your injury soon… It might not hurt right now, but it could get worse later! Forgetting about the pain when you’re worked up about something else happens a lot!

So come on!

Don’t move. It won’t do any good if the wound opens up.

Your face. Your arms. Your chest. The top half of your body seems to be alright.

I’m going to look at your legs too. It might be embarrassing, but just bear with it.

Thank goodness. It looks like you didn’t get hurt anywhere.

Your legs always look beautiful.

I’m not trying to say that the rest of your body isn’t beautiful though. Everything about you is beautiful. You have a kind personality too. It’s almost as if you’re too good for me.

They’re nothing like my legs.

I heard this from one of my allies who’s interested in Japan… In Japan, there’s a phrase that goes “skin as beautiful as porcelain”. It’s pale, smooth and delicate. Those words suit you perfectly.

Ah… There’s a slight bruise here!

I’m the one who looks at you the most! There’s no doubt about it!

See, look carefully!

I knew it! It’s no good! Even if you don’t have any external injuries, you might have got internal injuries during the trouble we had earlier!

You should really go to the hospital and be examined!

The people chasing us? I’ll do something about it! We’ll have enough time somehow!

There’s no way I can stay calm! You got hurt like this… Because of me…

I’m never strong enough… Damn it!

You’re right. They might be watching the hospital.

Hey. Take us to the station.

We’ll look for a hotel near Sants Station.

My injuries aren’t serious. They’re just scratches.

You’re worried about me in a situation like this… That’s just like you.

We’ll start travelling to France tomorrow. It’d be better if we rested somewhere today.

You’re tired, aren’t you? That’s no surprise. Get some rest now, even if it’s only a little. You can lean against my shoulder.

You used up your physical strength, but your mental fatigue might be worse.

You’ve been feeling tense all this time, you see.

You’ll recover quickly if you get a little rest. After that… Show me your smile again. If you don’t smile… I…


Hey. What’s the matter? Answer me.

Miss! Miss!

Track 6

7PM. A hotel near Sants Station. Thirty hours have passed.

Miss… Miss… Are you alright?

Thank goodness. I thought you weren’t going to wake up.

You can’t get up yet. You’ve been running all this time. You should get some rest.

Your injuries weren’t that bad, but they must hurt. You must have been psychologically affected too. So you should take it easy now…

Please! Do as I say for now.

This is a hotel near the station. We went to Sants Station after what happened.

Yes, we can’t stay long. We only came here so you could rest.

I’m sorry. I put you in danger.

I’m sorry.

You’re right. We should talk about what we’re going to do next.

We’ll go to France by train. A high speed international train leaves from the station, so we’re going to ride on that.

I’ve already organised the tickets. We’ll take the first train tomorrow morning.

Just leave everything to me and get some rest. We’ll be travelling tomorrow, so you should recover some of your strength.

The next time those guys show up, I’ll definitely deal with them all…

Don’t look so worried. It’s okay. I’ll protect you.

You even look cute when you’re trembling with fear.

You hid inside the blanket.

I’ve seen your sleeping face so many times, but you’re embarrassed as usual.

Take your time resting for now. Goodnight, my lovely young lady.

8AM. Inside a train. Forty-three hours have passed.

I thought those guys might have been waiting for us, but it’s good that we didn’t have any trouble getting on the train.

What’s the matter? You’ve hardly spoken since yesterday.

If you’re alright, then that’s fine… Shall we go to the bar to take our minds off things?

Of course they don’t just serve alcohol. It’s a long journey, so they offer that kind of thing on the train.

Why not? Are you being shy?

We’ll be able to have a look at the view and it’ll be a good change of pace.

Come on, let’s go.

Thank goodness. It’s pretty empty.

We went out early in the morning, so we haven’t had breakfast. Would you like something to eat?

You should eat while you can. Isn’t it nice to have something to eat while looking at the morning sun shining down on the landscape?

Look, they’ve got your favourite sweets here too.

You want to talk about something?

There’s something you want to say to me, isn’t there?

You don’t have to hide it. I had a feeling there was something.

You haven’t been smiling since the time we jumped from the plane.

I know you can’t really smile in this situation, but you’ve stopped looking at me too.

I’ve been watching you all this time. I can imagine what you’re thinking and feeling from the expressions on your face. I’m sure you want to say that there’s something wrong with me.

But I don’t know what that thing is. I really am no good, aren’t I?

I’m sorry. But I can’t pretend that I don’t love you. I want to face you properly. So will you tell me why you’re angry with me?

Is there something strange about me?

I see… So what did I do wrong?

It was my job to watch you from a distance. But we became lovers and the distance between us grew smaller. I was able to stay beside you. That’s why I’m so worried.

I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose you. When I think about that, I can’t see what’s around me. I stop thinking about anyone else except you. I definitely don’t want to let go of you. I want to connect the two of us together. That’s why I…

I’m sorry… I still don’t know what to do.

I don’t think I’ll be able to release you from these chains. I feel calmer when we’re handcuffed together. So let me stay like this for a while. Then I’ll be able to consider other people when I do something.

I understand what you’re saying. If you don’t like it, then I want to try even harder to understand. I want to do that.

Alright. I’ll try my best. I don’t want to see you looking unhappy.

Don’t look like that. I want you to smile.

I’m sorry this happened because of me.

We’ll be arriving in Figueres [1] soon. Figueres is a stopover station, so we’ll be waiting there for a while. Once we get there, let’s have a change of pace and go out of the train.

[1] Figueres is a town in the province of Girona, Catalonia. The town is well-known for being the birthplace of the artist Salvador Dalí.

Track 7

10AM. La Rambla. [1] Forty-five hours have passed.

You’re finally smiling.

Yes, you’re right. This market is such a lively place, so I can understand why you’re smiling.

It’s because you’re smiling. If you’re happy, then I feel happy too.

There really are a lot of things here, aren’t there? Meat, fish and vegetables… Fresh juice too.

Hmm? Ah, there’s candy too.

They definitely do look like jewels when there are that many of them. Seeing as we’re here, can we take a look?

Excuse me. I’ll take this.

Thank you.

No, this isn’t for me.

Alright. Open your mouth. I’ll feed it to you.

Why are you hesitating? That’s no good. You’ve hardly eaten since yesterday.

Good girl. Alright, say “ahh”.

You don’t have to be so determined.

But… That kind of expression is cute too.

Don’t look so annoyed! It was a compliment.

I wish we could have taken our time and gone to a cafe. I’m sorry. We haven’t completely escaped from those guys yet.

Why are you standing still? Even though we’re handcuffed together, you should still stay right beside me…

You don’t have to thank me. It was just candy.

But… I see…

Then will you let me taste it too?

That’s right. Tasting it.

I’d like to try the same flavour candy as you’re eating right now.

It won’t be any fun if we just buy the same one, will it? So let me taste it.

You don’t understand? Then just do as I say.

Come closer and open your mouth a little.

No. Don’t struggle.

It’s just like you said. It tastes sweet and I want even more.

Your face is bright red.

Sorry! I won’t do it again!

Right… We’ve still got time, so why don’t we look around here for a little longer?

We’ve come pretty far. Maybe we should go back soon?

What is it? Is there something you want?

Hmm? Fruits?

I like them…

Ah, you remembered!

Thank you. I’m just happy that you remembered.

I’m not exaggerating. It’s because you’re thinking about me. I feel happy when I think about that.

Hmm? Tell you something? What is it?

About myself? Well… I do know everything about you…

Do you really think so?

There’s nothing interesting to know about me. Hearing me reflect upon my life in the mafia and as a machina won’t be interesting.

Didn’t I talk about it before? Machina do the dirty jobs in the organisation. Their enemies and even their allies avoid them. But you still want to know about me.

You’re so kind. Even though I don’t have the right to be treated so kindly by you… Just like those guys said, I’m a strange person. If I’m doing something for the sake of carrying out orders I’ve been given, then I don’t mind what happens to my opponent. I don’t understand human feelings or pain.

Machina. It’s a perfect name for something like a machine.

I’m not a machine?

Thank you. But I feel like I should have been a real machine. Then I might not have been so attached to you, caused you trouble or hurt you.

You’re right. Maybe I’m the one putting pressure on myself.

Even so, there’s nothing I can do about it.

I wonder whether I can protect you well enough.

How can you be so confident about saying it’ll be okay?

Because you believe in me? Well, I’m confident that I’m stronger than an ordinary human…

I’m going to ask you a terrible question… Don’t you ever think that I might sell you out?

Like handing you over to the enemy in exchange for a reward and running away somewhere else. It’s not something unusual in the world of the mafia.

Why are you laughing now? Did I say something strange?

How can you believe in me that much? Someone like me who isn’t normal…

I see. You’re right. I suppose you don’t need a reason to trust your lover.

Let’s stop talking about this. We’re here anyway, so why don’t we go inside one of the shops instead of just looking at the street stalls?

Hey, how about that place?

[1] La Rambla is the main avenue and shopping area in Figueres.

Track 8

11AM. Carrer Nou. [1] Forty-six hours have passed.

We won’t make it in time for the train if we don’t hurry!

There’s no need for you to apologise. It’s my fault for losing track of time. You looked happier than I imagined you would and I couldn’t help it.


Miss… Stay close to me.

In front of us. In the left corner. There’s someone there.

Follow me slowly. It’ll be fine. I’ll turn into the corner first, and you keep yourself hidden.

Alright. Let’s go.

Did you think I didn’t notice you?!

If you’re this close, you actually won’t hit me!

Miss. It’s alright now.

There was still someone around… It’s not just one guy either.

Come this way, Miss!

Somewhere we can hide around here…

Look! There’s an apartment under construction there! It’ll be perfect for losing our enemies!

Even if we end up being confronted, we’ll have an advantage in a confined space!

It looks like none of the employees are around either.

I think we’ll be able to avoid anyone else getting caught up in this.

Okay. Let’s hurry! Here we go!

Hold on tight so you don’t fall.

I thought everyone knew that they were supposed to be quiet during the siesta!

I didn’t expect there’d be nowhere to hide either! At this rate…

It’s my fault. It’s because I said we should run into here.

Don’t say something stupid like that!

Even if I might be able to save myself by handing you over to the enemy… I definitely don’t want to do that!

This is as far as we can go?

What is it?

The derringer? Yes, I’ve still got it.

Ah… I see…

Figueres. In an apartment under construction.

Ah. How unfortunate.

You’re a little too late. You won’t be able to capture her now. She’s not here anymore, you see.

I meant exactly what I said. I released her from the handcuffs.

If you ask me whether I really wanted to do that, then the truth would be that I didn’t want to.

I’m sorry. But I’m going to get rid of you quickly.

We did it!

Going back to 11:30AM.

What is it?

The derringer? Yes, I’ve still got it.

But that’s no good. It only has two bullets. There are more enemies than that.

Right! We’ll do what we did at that theatre! Do you remember? The theatre we came across when we were running around Italy.

I lured our enemies in and you dropped the mannequins on top of them. This is a building site, there should be plenty of things we can use…

Look! At the top of those stairs… There are a lot of metal pipes tied together. We should be able to buy some time if we drop those onto our enemies!

You’re right. The ties used in construction certainly aren’t weak. But they’re not strong enough to stand up to a derringer. The ties are in two places. We can do this!

I’ll distract the enemies and try to get them underneath. You go up the stairs and use the derringer to shoot the ties at the right time.

I’m going to take off these handcuffs.

Thank you! Now we’ve bought ourselves a little time.

That’s the sound of a car! The enemies might have backup. Let’s hurry!

We really won’t make it in time for the train if we don’t.

Sorry, but I’m going to carry you again. Hold on tight to make sure you don’t fall. I’ll definitely get you to the train!

They’ve already come up here! But we don’t have time to hide!

There it is! Miss… Clench your teeth so you won’t bite your tongue.

Can you see the trucks down below? We’re going to jump onto the second truck. It’ll give us a ride. If it goes according to plan, then we’ll arrive more quickly.

Here we go!

[1] Carrer Nou is a street which is part of the main route between the outskirts and centre of Figueres. Depending on where you are, it’s roughly 10-20 minutes walk from Figueres station.

Track 9

Noon. In a train travelling towards France. Forty-seven hours have passed.

I’ve borrowed a first aid kit. Both of us look pretty worn-out.

I’m sorry I couldn’t stop you getting hurt.

Come on. I’ll treat your injuries, so come over here.

Hey! We can treat my injuries later.

Alright, Princess. Please be gentle.

Oww! Well… The disinfectant stings quite a lot.

There’s no need for you to apologise, is there?

And when I think that you’re the one causing that pain…

Hmm? Is there something wrong?

Did I say something strange?

Come on. Keep going.

The handcuffs? Ah… I’ve still got them. Why’d you ask?

Should we put them back on? I’d be happier that way.

I was joking. So what about the handcuffs?

Ah… You mean when I took them off?

Yes, I was really scared then. It wasn’t because the enemy was closing in on us, I was scared of taking off something that connected us. But I thought that I would believe in you, even if I didn’t have a reason to do it. You’d stay by my side even without the handcuffs.

I don’t have a reason. It’s just because you’re my lover.

Thank you. I think my injuries will get better right away just because you looked at them.

Ah… I’ve got a message.

I actually contacted my allies earlier.

Thank goodness. It seems like they know where those guys have their hideout. Now Amphisbaena is going to fight back. That should keep our enemies busy, so we don’t have to worry about being followed.

Of course! All the members of Amphisbaena are capable men. That’s because it was an organisation created by Father, you see.

Your father really was an amazing person. I should have been destroyed, but it’s thanks to Father than I’m alive now.

That’s why I’m always going to be a member of Amphisbaena.

From now on, I’ll continue to use my life for his sake and also for your sake, as the person most important to me. That was Father’s last order too.

Yes, of course I’m going to keep on protecting you, even without being ordered to do it.

You’re a bolder person than I thought you were. You even embraced me like this.

I promise that we’ll always stay together.

Track 10

Several months later. 2PM. On the outskirts of Milan.

Sorry I kept you waiting. You’re hungry, right?

I didn’t think we’d be having lunch this late.

Hmm… It took longer than expected because I reported to the main headquarters about what happened, then I was discussing my next job…

Ah… Yes.

Hmm… We’ll have two affogato [1] and two panino. [2] Is that alright?

Ah… The food? We’ll be having dinner together later so a light meal is enough for now.

All of your time this afternoon is mine.

Ah, the food is here.

Yes, me too. Affogato is a hot espresso and it’s nice when the gelato melts.

Anyway… You were looking at something before I got here, weren’t you?

A travel magazine? Are you going on a trip somewhere?

With me? I didn’t expect you to say something like that… I don’t know what to do…

I’m really happy!

You want us to be together?

You’re a genius when it comes to making me happy. When you say something like that, I want to make it happen right away.

You’re blushing. That’s cute.

We’re neighbours and so we can see each other anytime, but that’s not enough?

So that makes you embarrassed!

It’s not enough for me. It’s not enough at all.

I want to be with you more often.

I want to touch you more often. So I’ll even touch your hand this way in a place like this.

I don’t want to let go.

You’re right. I’ll let go of you for now then.

But make sure you’re ready after you’ve finished eating.

I’m not mature enough to hold back after what you’ve told me.


I see… I didn’t think I’d get to eat your home-made food so soon. I’m still thinking that it might be a dream. It’s not a dream though, is it?

There’s something I’ve always thought about. Ever since before we started dating. After we started dating too. It was always really lonely going into different houses after we went out with each other.

I want to be with you more often. I was thinking about how happy I might be if I went home to the same house as you. People become more selfish when they gain something.

Yes… That’s why I’ve been happy all day. Even though our date is over, I can still go back to the same house as you.

That’s okay! Even if I’m just there to eat dinner, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re going home together. Let’s finish the shopping soon.

Is that true? You’ll want to stay with me forever someday? That’s what you’re thinking?

I’m so happy I could cry.

No. I’m not going to let go of you now. I’m so happy that I think I might go crazy.

Take responsibility for that. Stay in my arms.

Hey. I love you. I truly love you. So much that I can’t express it in words.

I’m really thankful we met.

Thank you for choosing me. For loving me.

Yes, you’re right. I wish I could stay like this… But I want to be alone with you soon. Let’s get home quickly.

Give me your hand. We don’t need handcuffs anymore, do we?

We’re connected by something much stronger than metal chains.

[1] Affogato is a dessert which is made from scoop of vanilla gelato or ice-cream topped with a shot of hot espresso.
[2] Panino is a grilled sandwich made from types of bread such as ciabatta, baguette and michetta. Usual fillings include salami, ham, cheese and mortadella.


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