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My Butler 1

My Butler 1 – Serge Bradford

CV: Kawamura Masato (Yamanaka Masahiro)

Track 1

Please excuse me.

She’s still asleep.

You were working right up until you went to sleep again. What a troublesome person.

Madam. It’s morning. Please wake up.

I know you’d like to rest a little longer, but considering your plans for today, that is impossible.

Madam. It’s morning.

Are you awake?

Will you allow me to give you a morning greeting then?

Good morning.

Yes, we have good weather again today. It’s a lovely day.

What will you wear today? It seems that it will be warm during the day, so perhaps a thin blouse will be good.

Yes, let’s choose one with a ribbon. That’s because it suits you very well, you see.

What will you have for your morning tea? Your father has sent some tea leaves from Sri Lanka. They apparently taste delicious and sweet when made into a milky tea.

His new business over there seems to be going well. However, it will take some time to be completely on track and he won’t return until spring.

He praised you for being so hard-working. He seems to be thinking of leaving all the work over here to you. That is just what I’d expect from you.

That’s right. I’m also happy when you are given a compliment.

I’ve prepared your clothes, so please come to the dressing room.

Yes! Is there something you need?

Thank you very much.

I love you too, Madam.

I truly love you.

Well then, I’ll take my leave.

After your work today, you will be having dinner with Senator McDermott in the evening, won’t you? I shall suppose that you will be returning around eight.

Even the parliament has praised your hard work. I expect that everyone would like to hear about all about the efforts you’ve made. I also enjoy listening to you.

Yes, it’s true. My family have been employed in residences like this one for generations, so we unfortunately don’t know much about working outside of them. So all your stories are new to me and I enjoy them.

Yes, please tell me plenty of stories when you return. The good and the bad. However, please try not to push yourself too much. Working too hard is a bad habit of yours.

Well then, I’ll clear everything away now.

Very well. I’ll do that while you are away.

Ah, Madam. You’ve forgotten your lipstick.

Please stay still.

Yes, keep your lips closed.

Alright, it’s finished.

You look beautiful. So much so that I’m worried about you going outside.

The car has arrived. Well then…

Let me take your hand. I hope that you will have a wonderful day.

Please be careful while you are out. Goodbye.

Track 2

Welcome home, Madam. Let me take your things.

Please go ahead.

You seem to be tired. I’ll make some tea.

Very well. I’ll stay with you.

Beside you? Alright. Excuse me then.

No, I was just a little surprised because it was so sudden.

I’m sorry.

Madam. Would you like to rest on my lap instead of my shoulder? I think you’ll be more relaxed that way.

Yes. Please go ahead.

How was your day today?

I see.


I understand.

Is that so? That is quite a problem. So what happened then?



I see! I’m glad to hear that. That’s just what I’d expect from you, Madam.

You worked hard again today.

My hand?

Of course. Please take it.

Your hands are cold.

Especially your fingers. It’s like touching ice.

Please excuse me.

Do they feel warmer?

Only a little? I’ll keep going for a little longer then.

Are they feeling warm now?

I’m glad to hear that. Ah…

Madam… Your fingers are touching my lips…

That’s the first time someone has complimented the shape of my lips. Thank you very much.

I’m happy that you complimented me like that.

However… When you touch me like that, I get a strange feeling somewhere sensitive.

I suppose that perhaps it does feel like a kiss…

It’s not as if anyone could make me feel that way. It’s because you’re someone I love.

You mustn’t be so casual about suggesting that we should kiss.

You’re right. You and I love each other.

It wouldn’t be unusual for us to kiss each other outside of the times when we’re greeting each other…

If you wouldn’t mind doing it…

Could you look up then?

Madam? Is something the matter?

You’re embarrassed? I see… Although you are a wonderful woman, you seem to have the loveliness of a young girl.

Wait a minute! Don’t tickle me there!

I was complimenting you for being so lovely and wonderful!

Please stop!

My goodness. You are a troublesome woman.

You don’t mind it, do you?

It’s nothing at all.

Will you have a bath now?

I understand. You want to stay here a little longer.

We’ll go to the bathroom after counting to thirty.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine…

Track 3

Madam. How is the temperature of the water?

The petals have started falling from the roses in the drawing room, so I used them to make a rose bath. Was it to your liking?

I’m glad to hear that. I can even smell the scent of roses through the curtain. It’s a lovely scent.

Yes, the scent of roses suits you well.

May I come over there?

It’s fine. I won’t be able to see your body with so many rose petals in the bath.

Please excuse me.

I can’t see anything. It’s a little unfortunate.

Yes, I apologise.

Will you allow me to wash your hair?

Yes, just stay in the same position.

Please move your head this way.

That’s right. You have fine hair, so there’s a special way of washing it to make sure it doesn’t tangle. Do you have trouble doing it by yourself?

There’s no need to worry. Washing your hair is my job. Please don’t be concerned and leave it to me instead.

Alright, it’s finished.

Please excuse me.

Madam. There’s a petal near your ear.

I’m very sorry. I just stumbled a little. I’m fine.

I surprised you when I touched your ear, didn’t I?

I apologise.

When you moved just now…

It was only for a moment… But I caught sight of your body…

Madam… When you’re so intent about keeping yourself hidden, I feel a little hurt.

I did not mean to say anything indecent. I just truly want to be of service to you.

That in itself is complicated? Madam, this is my job.

Madam. Won’t you be getting out of the bath yet?


Please excuse me!

Madam! Madam!

Are you awake?

Thank goodness.

It seems that you became unwell. I’m sorry this happened while I was with you.

Please have some water.

I thought you might catch a cold, so I dressed you in your pyjamas.

It’s fine. I did my best not to look.

I was so worried about you that I didn’t even consider it.

My uniform got wet, so I changed my clothes. It’s the shirt I wear in bed. I’m sorry for letting you see me like this.

Will you be going to bed now?

You would like me to stay beside you?

You mean that we’ll sleep together?

If that’s your wish, then there’s no reason for me to refuse.

Please excuse me.

You’d like to lie on my arm?

Very well then. Please come over here.

Are you in a comfortable position?

Alright. That’s good.

I wonder if our faces are meant to be this close when you’re lying on my arm…

I suppose something like this might have happened when I was a student. I don’t remember much from that time.

My life began when I met you, you see. Until then, it was quiet and peaceful, but nothing moved me.

It’s nice to be able to feel the warmth of the person you love though.

I love you, Madam.

That’s no good. Regardless of myself, you shouldn’t be so forward with your confession.

Otherwise I’ll become selfish. Mutual feelings make people become extravagant.

I’m simply happy to serve you and be by your side… I’ll want to touch your hand and your cheek, kiss you and embrace you…

Fortunately, I have a strong sense of reason. So things aren’t serious yet…

Do you remember the day we first met? It was the day that you returned to this house. The moon looked beautiful that night. You were very tired because of a matter involving the house you previously lived in. You were even less expressionless than now and you looked so thin. You seemed so fragile that you might have disappeared if it wasn’t for the moonlight.

That’s right. You smile a lot now and you eat well too. You’re very cheerful.

I was the one who changed you?

Ah… No… I didn’t feel that way.

I don’t think that I’ve done anything special. Perhaps your kindness makes you feel that way.

Ah, that did happen too. Was it really that long ago?

Yes. I’m very glad that you were happy.


Yes, that’s right. I remember that clearly too.

I see… So that made you feel happy too.



I remember that happening too!




Madam… Please stop.

Madam. You mustn’t say anything else…

If I keep hearing stories like that, then I’ll have the misunderstanding that I was able to change your past. I’ll get carried away and believe that I can change your present life too.

I understand. So I’m not mistaken.

Then will you be with me from now on too?

Thank you very much.

I love you, Madam. More than anyone else in the world.

Does that feel good?

That’s what kisses are like.

A kiss from someone you love feels good.

A kiss that doesn’t make you feel anything can’t be called a kiss.

Then perhaps the kisses from your memories weren’t kisses.

Whether they were kisses or not, you’re going to forget them all.

Would that be alright?

Track 4

Your pale skin… It’s like silk.

It’s very beautiful.

Is it alright if I touch your breasts?

They feel so soft…


No… It just seemed as if you were forcing yourself…

Do you dislike doing this?

It’s your first time?


I see.

Being in love with someone, while never touching breasts that are this beautiful… What an unfortunate thing. Your nipples are the colour of roses…

Even though they’re so sensitive and lovely…

I’m happy though… That your breasts are so beautiful… That they’re so sensitive and lovely…

It’s because I’m the only one who knows…

Please excuse me.

You’re sensitive, aren’t you, Madam?

You’re already so wet…

Deeper inside?

In that case… I’m going to use my fingers.

Where is it?

Up here?

Please tell me more about your body.

Alright. I’ll keep my fingers like this.

Does it feel good here?

What about stroking like this?

You like it, don’t you? I can tell.

What if I move faster? Is it too much?

Does the entrance feel good?

How about the inside?

Alright… Then what about if I do this at the same time?

It seems that you like it.


Thank you very much. It seems as if I can understand you a little more now.

Let me use my mouth a little longer though.

It’s red and full. It looks beautiful.

That’s right… I forgot to ask you about this.

How does it feel when I lick you gently?

Do you like it?

I’m glad you do.

I’m going to do something a little more intense then.

So you don’t dislike this either, do you?

I understand.

Can I enter you now?

Are you alright?

Yes. I’m halfway in.

Yes. I’m completely inside.

It’s a little tight, isn’t it? Does it hurt?

A kiss?

Alright. Very well.

Madam… Could it be that you enjoy being kissed?

That’s right. I love kissing you too.

It’s not just kisses though.

I’m sorry it was so sudden… It feels so good inside you.

Yes. It feels as if you’re clinging to me tightly there.

It’s like this, isn’t it?

Being stroked here is what you like, isn’t it?

You told me this… You like it when I move around the entrance, don’t you?

That’s right. When I’m like this, I can see myself coming in and out. It excites me.

Focusing on the entrance makes you feel impatient, doesn’t it?

Can you tell that I’m inside you?

I can also tell that I’m inside you.

Shall I do something more intense?

This is my first time seeing that kind of expression on your face…

Don’t look away. Show me your naughty and beautiful face.


You came, didn’t you?

Are you alright?

You can’t think about anything? Let’s keep going like this then.

Don’t think about anything except me.

You’re good at tightening yourself around me. It feels really good.

I can’t believe it feels this good inside you… I almost feel regretful.

Can you tell that I’ve reached my limit too?

Is it alright if I come?

Yes. It feels so good inside you that I don’t think I can hold on.

It feels good…

I’m going to come… I’m going to come…

I’m going to come…

Madam. I’m going to wipe your body, so just stay there.

Does your body feel alright? Does it hurt anywhere?

Thank goodness.

Madam… Men are weak when they know it’s the first time.

Although I think of you as incredibly dear to me right now, please don’t make me love you even more. My mind and body will become full of you.

Madam… I’m very happy.

Track 5

Please excuse me.

Ah, Madam. So you’re already awake.

What’s the matter? You’ve got a surprised look on your face.

Ah… You were worried because I wasn’t there.

I’m very sorry. I woke up about thirty minutes ago and got ready.

I’m not going to disappear. I wanted to look presentable when I saw you.

Weren’t you aware? I want to look good in front of you, Madam.

Well, Madam. Let me give you a morning greeting.

Good morning.

Madam. Please give me a little more.

Thank you very much.

Today seems to be cooler than yesterday. I’ve prepared your clothes in the dressing room, so please put them on.

Very well. I will contact the company when the registered letter arrives.

It seems that you’ll be returning late again today. Please don’t push yourself too hard.

Will you have another rose bath tonight? Those roses had a lovely scent, didn’t they?

Hmm? What could it be?

Ah… I see.

Very well. As you wish.

The car is here to pick you up. Well, then…

Give me your hand.

I hope your day will be a wonderful one.

Please be careful.

I’ll see you later.

Track 6

Madam. How is the water?

I’m glad to hear that. May I come over there?

I’ve never felt so envious of how large this bathtub is before.

It feels lonely when you’re so far away, even though we’re taking a bath together.

You’re going to come over instead? Please, come here.

You seem to look more youthful in the bath. You look lovely.

How was your day?

Is that so? That sounds troublesome.

What happened after that?

Please tell me the rest.

Madam… Your face is red.

You mustn’t get dizzy like you did yesterday. Let’s cool your body down a little.

When you sit on my lap like this, your shoulders are out of the water.

I’ve heard that it’s less likely you’ll get dizzy if the water doesn’t cover your whole body.

That’s right. It’s not just your shoulders, your breasts are showing too.

Your breasts are beautiful. Is it wrong for me to lick them?

When I do this with my tongue, your nipples turn hard and they look even more beautiful.

If you say you don’t like it, then I’ll stop.

I’ll keep going then.

My tongue is gradually making your nipples even harder.

It feels good when I suck them, doesn’t it? You really are beautiful.

Let’s kiss each other.

I’m very sorry. You can feel my thighs touching you down there…

Can you move your hips a little?

Yes. You’re good at this.

Being touched somewhere sensitive feels good, doesn’t it?

Very well. I’ll carry you to the bed.

Track 7

It feels good around your thighs too, doesn’t it?

But this is the most sensitive place…

This isn’t enough, is it?

Yes. I’m going to use my fingers.

It feels really warm inside you. Perhaps it’s because of what we did in the bath.

This is the place you like best, isn’t it?

Yes. I’m going to stroke like this and lick here…

Madam… It’s too soon.

It’s not just here, is it?

Deep inside here… This tense place…

You like that too, don’t you?

Your body tightened around my fingers. Now I can’t take it any longer either…

Let me be inside you.

Although it’s embarrassing to say this, I’m very excited today and it might be difficult for me. I don’t want to trouble you, so please move your legs.

A little further up…

You even look beautiful when you’re defenceless like this.

I’m going to enter you now.

This is embarrassing, but I’m not even halfway inside you.

You like it when I move around the entrance too, don’t you?

See… It’s making a lovely sound.

This is no good… I’m sorry for making you wait.


I’ll go deeper inside.

I’m inside you now.

It’s amazing. It’s like I’m filling you completely.

I’m going to start moving.

I won’t be able to bear it when you’re tight like that.

You did it unintentionally? How naughty of you.

It doesn’t hurt. It feels so good that I’m going to lose my mind.

Then I’ll have to do something to make you happy too…

Can you tell that I’m inside you?

You like it when I thrust inside you too, don’t you?

Is it alright if I be a little rough?

When I move, your body tightens around me. It feels really good.

Are you about to come?

I understand. You want me to keep going.

Madam. Are you alright?

Well… May I continue then?

I’m going to lift your body up a little.

Madam. Let me do it while holding you.

I can smell the scent of roses when you move.

That’s right. Perhaps I have the same scent because we had a bath together.

It’s an honour to have the same scent as you. It’s as if you’re embracing me and it makes me excited.

Yes, I hope my scent will remain on you too.

I want to embrace you like this every night so that my scent will remain on you.

I can’t take it any longer… Is it alright if I come?

I’m going to come… I’m coming…

Madam… I love you. I truly love you.

Track 8

Good morning.

Ah… You already desire my attention this early in the morning.

I made you worry yesterday, so I decided I’d stay with you until you woke up today. To tell the truth, I brought my things to the dressing room yesterday. So I’ll be able to start work right away, even though I stayed until morning.

I’m your butler. Your butler, who loves you the most in this world.

I will devote my life to serving you. That’s the proof of my love.

I love you, Madam. I’ll serve you for many years to come.


Criminale! F 5


My Butler 2


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