My Butler 2 – Unomori Ayato

CV: Yotsuya Cider (Okitsu Kazuyuki)

Track 1


You mustn’t play that kind of trick, Miss.

See, even the flowers in this flower bed are surprised.

Haven’t I kept telling you not to hug me that way now that you’re no longer a child?

Even if you don’t mind, it’s not fine with me.

Your father would scold me if he saw that.

Ah. Please leave the watering can there, Miss. I’ll tidy up. It’d be no good for your clothes to get dirty.

It’s not alright at all. Your mother prepared that dress for today, didn’t she?

The marriage meeting is this afternoon, isn’t it?

Although it’s your first time, there’s no need to be nervous.

Don’t sulk like that. It’ll ruin your lovely face.

If you don’t feel calm, then I can prepare some tea. Would you like that?

Please wait in the parlour then. I’ll prepare it right away.

Here you are.

I’m glad that you’re satisfied.


Of course. I’ve been serving you for many years at this residence. I’m well aware of how you like your tea.

And that you also like having your tea with petits fours.

Today’s petits fours are strawberry tarts.


Ah… I’m very sorry for looking at you so impolitely.

I was just lost in thought, thinking that you’re already old enough to attend marriage meetings.

Yes, I understand. It’s too soon for you to be married.

Your mother and father aren’t expecting you to get married now, they just want to find you a partner.

Why are you asking something like that?

Even if I have an opinion about you getting married, I’m not in a position to say it.

I can’t bear it when you look at me sadly like that.

Don’t cry, Miss. It’ll make me sad too if you do.

So… Please don’t cry.

Track 2

Miss. It’s Unomori.

Could I have a moment of your time?

I heard from your mother that you turned down another offer of marriage.

How many is it now? And this time the man comes from a family which owns a large corporation. He was sincere and handsome… What on earth didn’t you like about him?

He held your hand? That was the only reason…

I’m very sorry. It was impolite of me to say that. However, I think that it’s very natural to hold hands when associating with men.

Disgusting? Miss…

When your mother asked how you could marry someone and have children when you can’t even hold hands, you evidently said that you would naturally learn to do it by living with them.

I understand that this is an impolite thing to say, but do you honestly think that way?

I thought so. You are loved by your parents and your seven older brothers, and brought up like a princess. Your mother was quite regretful that the negative effects of only having seen the beautiful side of the world would present themselves here.

Although you’re at the right age to be married, you know nothing about intimate matters. You seem to dislike men you are not related to and you might never marry. Perhaps a man who can make you truly happy will never appear. Your mother was painfully worried about that.

Ah… Me, you say? A humble person like me is completely unsuitable for you. Please don’t make jokes.

But I’ve been taking care of you since you were young, so I’m incredibly worried about letting you out into the world without you knowing anything.

It’s not too late to start. You should have some knowledge of intimate matters.

You don’t need it?

Why are you sulking?

Do you dislike the marriage meetings that much?

I can understand the feeling of being scared of men.



Do the marriage meetings bother you that much?

Is it because you hate men?

It may be impolite of me to point this out, but I’m a man too.

Do you understand?


I hope you do. I thought you had matured, but it seems that you’re still like a child.

It’s not like that. I’m not teasing you.

I’m just feeling a little happy.

That’s no good for a butler to do, is it?

This is a problem though. If we don’t do something to help you overcome your dislike of men, the marriage meetings will be an impossibility.

Even I can’t just leave you alone like this.

Well… I have a suggestion, Miss. Why don’t you and I practice how to interact with men?

It’ll be good enough for you to overcome your dislike of men by practising with me.

Also… If you wouldn’t mind doing it with me, I can teach you proper knowledge of intimate things. What do you think?

Thank you very much.

Then will you sit next to me now?

Ah… Can you keep this a secret between you and me?

You’ll secretly gain useful knowledge, as well as overcoming your dislike of men, which will surprise your mother.

Track 3

So what would you do if you were alone with a man?

Your partner would be surprised if you suddenly turned away.

Turn this way, Miss.

Please imagine that I am your partner. First of all, blink widely once. Then look at your partner and smile slightly. Lower your gaze a little, focusing on your partner’s lips. After that, look down shyly.

That’s right. Well done.

I’m sure a man will fall in love with you at first sight if he sees that expression from you.

I wonder what I would do?

I see your lovely face and constantly changing expressions everyday. I believe that I know you completely. What makes you happy. When you’re sad. What I can do to make you happy. Everything.

That’s enough about me. Let’s continue.

If a man falls in love, he will surely want to touch you.

He will certainly want to touch your hand, like this.

You don’t like that? In that case, I’ll let go.

Please think of me as a different man for now. Otherwise this won’t be good practice.

At first, your partner will gently touch you, holding your whole hand. But then he will gradually entwine his fingers with yours and hold tightly like this…

Why are you blushing like that? You won’t be able to progress beyond this if it’s enough to make you blush.

Are you curious about what happens after this?

Well… That would be embracing each other like this.

Not in the playful way that you usually do, but gently leaning against each other’s bodies. Embracing, whilst slowly feeling each other’s warmth.

Miss. Please put your arms around me.

Your body is gradually becoming warmer. Your heart is beating quite fast too.

Mine is too? You’re right. I’m a little nervous. Although you’ve embraced me before, this is the first time I’ve been the one to embrace you.

What’s the matter?

You’re right… I’m feeling really good too.

How is it? Don’t you think it’s quite good to touch a person of the opposite sex like this?

What happens next? I thought I would take a little more time before teaching you that…

Alright then. Just a little more.

Do you know how to kiss?

Doing it yourself is different to how it seems in films and books.

If your partner touches your cheek and looks at you lovingly, please close your eyes.

That’s right. Stay like that.

Yes. Those were my lips just now.

One more time? Very well then. I’ll do it as many times as you like.

How was your first kiss?

More? You’re quite eager, aren’t you?

Shall we practice a more mature kiss then?

Miss… Don’t be so tense. Open your mouth a little more.

Let your tongue relax too.

Well done. Now move your tongue the way I tell you to.

Move your tongue, as if following mine.

That’s right. Now entwine your tongue with mine.

That’s good. Can you reach the back of my tongue with yours?

Well done.

How did a more mature kiss feel?

Miss… What’s the matter?

Miss! Miss!

Are you awake?

You collapsed after we kissed.

It seems that it was a little too much for you.

I’m very sorry. Perhaps it was impossible for me to help you overcome your dislike of men to begin with.

You want to do it again?

I’m happy that you seem to have enjoyed it.

Track 4


Is something the matter, Madam?

No, she isn’t here… Did something happen to her?

I see. She ran away?

Come to think of it, she was meant to be trying on the dress she would wear at her next marriage meeting.

Understood. I’ll tell her to go back if she comes this way.

It’s fine now.

My goodness. How unladylike of you to hide under the desk. Your mother was boiling with rage. Wouldn’t it be better for you to go back?


Hmm? You’re right. You certainly haven’t overcome your dislike of men. Your knowledge of intimate things isn’t complete either.

A kiss isn’t enough to make children. There’s still more.

I’m going to teach you the rest, so will you come to my room? I don’t think your mother will come all the way to my room either. It’s the perfect place for you to hide.

Yes. You’re even better than before.

That’s right. Slowly move your tongue like that.

May I kiss you somewhere different today?

Yes, lips aren’t the only place you kiss someone else. On the cheeks, for example… And the ears…

It seems that you like it when I kiss your ears.

It’s different from being kissed on the lips and feels good too, doesn’t it?

Are you embarrassed to cry out?

It’s alright. If you feel good, then don’t hold back from doing it.

Does it feel that good? Perhaps you’re sensitive… I think that you’ll like the back of your ears being kissed too.

It’s louder than before. Your voice sounds lovely when you’re feeling good.

The other ear too?

When you tell me that, I feel even more excited about teaching you more.

It seems like I’m getting a good reaction from here too.

What’s the matter? Does your body feel warm on the inside?

However… I want you to wait a little longer for that. There are plenty of other places on your body that I need to kiss, you see.

May I kiss your breasts too?

Your breasts are beautiful… When did you become so mature?

Please don’t hide them away. I won’t be able to kiss them like that.

Come on… Move your hand away.

Good girl.

How does it feel when I kiss you here?

Does it tickle? I suppose it might be like that right now. But I’m sure this will feel good soon too.

It feels hard here. Doesn’t this actually feel good?

That’s right. They become hard when they feel good.

See… When I touch them both, they feel so hard that my fingers tickle.

You have an indecent look on your face. It does more than just tickle, doesn’t it? Please be honest. I’ll give you a reward if you are.

Miss. Tell me.

Well done.

Miss. Open your legs.

Alright. Please excuse me. I’m going to kiss you here too.

You don’t want me to? Why not?

But haven’t you been feeling warm there since earlier?

You don’t have to be so embarrassed. You’re doing the kind of thing that’d make it happen, you see. It’s only natural for your body to feel tense there.

I’m very sorry. Of course you’d be reluctant to show it to me.

First of all, shall I get you used to this by touching you with my fingers?

I thought so. You’re already wet.

I see. Did the same thing happen on the day I kissed you?

No, it’s not strange at all. It makes me very pleased.

This honey flows from inside the warm part of your body.

The more of it that comes out, the better you will feel.

Touching you here feels much better than everywhere else, doesn’t it? This part that feels so full…

Doesn’t it feel a lot better than anywhere else when I stroke you here?

It’ll feel even better if I use my tongue here. Wouldn’t you like me to try?

That’s good.

Shall I take off your underwear?

Doesn’t this feel much better than when I use my fingers?

See… Can you tell that you’re raising your hips?

Is something the matter?

What’s so strange?

No. I’m not going to stop. That’s not how you really feel, is it?

Miss… Why are you crying?

Is that so? When your mind goes blank, it means that you’re going to come.

Were you scared?

It felt good, didn’t it? I’m relieved.

No, this isn’t the end. That is when a man enters the place where I licked you, which is called intercourse.

Were you surprised? Don’t worry. It would be fine for me to enter you now. Please don’t be concerned. However, it seems that you’re tired today, so we’ll continue this another day.

Track 5

Who is it?

Miss… You mustn’t enter a man’s room this late at night!

I know. Your mother arranged another marriage meeting for you, didn’t she?

She cares about you very much. Don’t be so angry.

I suppose I don’t have a choice.

This is just for tonight.

When we’re like this, I remember how you were as a child.

You often came to me because you had a bad dream, didn’t you?

The next morning, your brothers would bitterly ask why you came to me.

But now that I think about it, perhaps it was a sensible choice. I’m sure it would have ended in a fight if you had chosen one of your seven brothers.

Is that so? You were happy to choose me. That’s a great honour.

You always held onto my arm tightly with your small hands as you slept, didn’t you?

I’d sing a few songs and you’d be asleep before I knew it. Just seeing your lovely smile was enough to surround me with happiness. At that time, I had the foolish illusion that you would always remain in the house as a child and that I would always protect your small existence. However, while I watched you becoming more beautiful and feminine, I finally realised that the day when you would become another man’s wife was coming closer. I’m a fool, aren’t I?

Since then, my feelings have gradually… I’m very sorry for saying too much about myself.

A kiss? Yes, of course.

Continuing what we did before?

Right… Then today I’m going to teach you how to please a man.

That’s right. It’s important to make your partner feel good too.

Well, Miss. Excuse me while I take your hand. My body feels warm down here, doesn’t it?

Yes, it’s completely different to how your body is down there. This part of a man’s body goes inside yours. Try to touch it gently with your hands.

From a little further down, until the end. I don’t mind if you do it slowly.

That’s right. Well done. You’re good at this.

Have you noticed? It’s bigger than it was at first, isn’t it?

Just like you become wet when you feel good, this part of a man’s body becomes bigger.

Telling me you think that’s interesting gives me a complicated feeling.

I think it will get even bigger if you use your mouth. Will you try it?

There’s no need to worry. Just do the same as I did when I licked you down there.

Well then, please move, so that you’re between my legs.

I’ll get it out, so just wait for me.

My goodness… Even I feel embarrassed when you stare at it so intently.

No, there’s no need to apologise. I’m happy that you’re interested.

Please put out your tongue and lick it.

Your tongue feels so warm.

Start from the bottom, just like you did with your fingers and move your tongue along this tense part until you reach the top.

Yes, it feels really good. When I think of you doing this to me, it feels even better. Open your mouth wide and take it inside your mouth. Purse your lips so you don’t bite down on it.

Go deeper, until just before it touches your throat.

Don’t push yourself too hard. It’s quite big, so purse your lips, while moving up and down.

Does your mouth hurt? You did well for your first time. See, it’s big and hard now.

No, I’m not going to enter you. You must save that for your future husband.

That’s no good. Please do as I say. That is a line we mustn’t cross.

Miss… No… If you touch me like that, I won’t be able to hold myself back.

Do you like it that much?

You’re a bad girl. Rest your hand on the bed and raise your hips.

No, I’m not going to enter you. Close your legs a little.

Please put your legs around it. That’s right. Stay like that.

It’s so wet. It feels almost as good as being inside you.

I’m very sorry. This probably doesn’t make you feel good.

I want you to feel good too.

See, it keeps on flowing out. This feels good, doesn’t it?

I’m very sorry, Miss. Please pick up that tissue.

Thank you very much.

I’m coming… I’m coming…

I love you.

No, I didn’t say anything. It was just your imagination.

I think it all went onto the tissue… Did anything get onto your clothes?

Thank goodness. It seems to be alright.

No! Of course I can’t show you this.

Miss, you’re too curious! It’s no good. I definitely can’t show you this.

Don’t be like that! I can’t do that, no matter what. It’s completely impossible.

Miss… Please get some rest tonight. I’ll wake you up before it gets light. Stay like this for now.

Track 6

Miss! I heard that you became unwell during a marriage meeting! Are you feeling alright?

What happened to your arm?

You got a rash?

You mean that you get a rash when a man touches you?

How did this happen? What I did to help you overcome your dislike of men made it even worse…


In that case, we don’t have a choice. Let’s explain things to your mother and father.

Yes, of course we’ll keep the practice we did a secret. Don’t you think they’ll have to accept it if you’re unable to be with any other man?

In other words, I’m telling you that I’ve always loved you. However, I am a servant of this household and so I told myself that I would have to keep that feeling deep inside my heart.

But if your mother, father and you will allow it, then could I give my love to you?

I love you, Miss. Will you please be mine?

Thank you very much. When your mother said she just wanted someone who could make you truly happy, no matter who it was, although I denied it, I thought that there would be no one more suitable than I was.

I’m going to make you truly happy. I truly love you.

You look tired. However, your mother and father seem to have agreed. Or perhaps I should say that they were defeated by your persistence. I’m sure I could not have convinced them alone.

Well then, please excuse me while I sit next to you.


I love you. I won’t let go of you, my dear young lady, again.

I didn’t think things would go this well.

No, it was nothing.

Ah… That’s right. Shall we do the last practice then?

No… It won’t be for practice this time, it will be the real thing.

Track 7

Your tongue is so small and lovely. It intently follows my tongue.

It really is lovely.

I don’t need to hold back any longer, do I?

You’re all tense now.

I want to make you feel even better.

I want to take my time tasting this flavour.

Amazing. It’s flowing out.

Are you going to come?

Did you come?

You’re so lovely.

Ah… I’m very sorry. Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve seen you naked and I just couldn’t help it. You’re very beautiful.

Is it alright if I enter you? It might hurt a little at first, but can you bear it?

It really does hurt, doesn’t it?

Shall I pull out for a while?

I understand. Hold onto me now then.

Now I’m completely inside you.

This is what it’s like to be inside you.

I’m going to start moving.

It hurts, doesn’t it? You don’t have to hold back.

No. I’m not going to stop, even if you tell me it hurts.

Don’t worry.

Please bear with it a little.

I’m very sorry. This isn’t over yet.

Keep holding on. I’m going to lift you up, you see.

You’re right. It’s as if we’re embracing each other.

Well… I can’t help feeling guilty when you say it’s like when you were a child.

No, it’s nothing.

Now we’re in the present.

I’m…going to come…

I’m going to come now…

Did it hurt? You don’t like it anymore?

You have a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to that.

It’s a secret for now. Why don’t we just enjoy each other’s warmth instead of thinking about unnecessary things?

We’ll be spending much more time together than we have before, you see.

I love you, Miss. I will offer my whole life to you, so I want you to keep me by your side from now on.