My Butler 2 Animate Tokuten

CV: Yotsuya Cider (Okitsu Kazuyuki)


No… I haven’t finished my work yet. I’m just distracted by you being there and looking at me. I wonder if you could try not to do it…

I’m very sorry. I also regret that I’ve been busy for several days this week and I haven’t given you enough attention, but I think it won’t be long before things are a little more relaxed at work.

I’m happy that you’ll wait for my work to be finished, though it would be better if you waited in the bedroom instead of the office.


Sorry I kept you waiting.

Eh… Ah… Miss…

Please calm down, Miss!

This is… My shirt?

Miss… Miss… Did you imagine this shirt was me?

Don’t keep quiet. Say something.

You were doing that by yourself, while thinking of me?

How did you learn that without me teaching you?

You’re a naughty girl.

Eh? Is that so?

That’s right. It might be a little difficult to make yourself feel good when you don’t know the right way to do it.

If you don’t mind, could you show me how you were doing it? If you do, then I can tell you why it didn’t feel good.

You really are an obedient person. Well then, spread it apart by yourself.

Touch it the way you were doing it earlier.

Ah… I see. The place where you’re touching yourself is a little further up than where I usually touch you.

Yes, it’s not there. A little further down. Here.

See. It feels good here, doesn’t it?

Yes, I know you like being touched here.

Your honey is dripping down.

What was it like when you touched yourself?

Did this happen too?

I see. I’m proud to be the only person who can make you feel good.

Miss. Please lie down.

See, this gets a much better reaction than when I use my fingers.

No matter what you do by yourself, you can’t do it like this.

You came right away, didn’t you?

But I’ll get you to do it one more time.

It doesn’t matter if you lose your mind. I want to see you like that too.

It was intense, wasn’t it? The sheets are soaked because of it.

No, don’t worry. You didn’t wet the bed. This actually made me happy.

May I enter you?

Please turn around. Place your hands down and make sure your bottom faces this way.

All I’ve done is enter you and your hips are already trembling. Even though it was certain you knew nothing about this before… How indecent.

The inside of your body is reacting to my movements too. It’s moving a lot.

It feels good when we sleep together, so it was worth teaching you how.

Miss… Please concentrate your strength around your bottom.

Amazing… It’s so tight.

That’s right. It’s even tighter when you do that.

Please don’t make it so tight.

I taught you too much. Now I’m going to come first…

I’ve definitely got to make you come first…

Lie on your back.

Rest your legs on my arms.

Does it hurt?

I’m going to start moving then.

Miss… It feels so warm inside you.

I’m going to come…

Miss… Where do you want me to come?

You want me to come inside you?

I’m coming…

You look sleepy. It’s alright for you to sleep. I’ll make sure to wake you before dinner.

Eh? You’re right. In the end, I didn’t get to teach you how to make yourself feel good. I wouldn’t be able to bear it if you thought doing it by yourself was better than doing it with me, so I deliberately didn’t teach you how to do it.

I apologise. In return for that, no matter how busy I get in my office, I promise to make time to be intimate with you.

Will you forgive me then?

Yes, I promise. I truly promise you. I regret having left you by yourself recently.

I love you, my lovely young lady.