My Butler 2 Stellaworth Tokuten

CV: Yotsuya Cider (Okitsu Kazuyuki)

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

Yes, I had a very good bath.

No, I couldn’t possibly take a bath with you.

Ah… Please don’t look so upset. Next week, we will record our marriage in the family register and will officially be husband and wife. When the new home being constructed in the garden is complete, we will be able to live together. Then we can do it as much as you like, alright?

As you come to my room like this everyday, things don’t seem much different from us living together.

Wait. My hair is still wet, so the water will drip onto you…

I’ll dry my hair, so just wait.

You’re going to do it for me? Alright then, go ahead.

Hmm… It’s difficult for me to say this, but it tickles a little.


You were doing that deliberately, weren’t you?

My goodness. You’re a naughty girl.

You couldn’t wait?

You’re being quite forward…

You’ve become quite an indecent person, haven’t you?


I’m sorry for laughing. But it’s because you called yourself an adult woman who knows everything.

Yes, I know. You’re much more mature than before.

However, the things I’ve taught you are quite ordinary. There are a lot of things that I still haven’t taught you yet. Do you want to know what they are?

Then please take this out.

Yes, do it by yourself.

You already know how to do it with your mouth, don’t you?

That’s right, just like I taught you.

Go up and down like that. That’s right. You’re good at this.

Now try and put your hand on it too.

Use your saliva to make your hand slide more easily.

Don’t just hold it in your mouth, go further down, to where it feels soft. Then gently tease it with your tongue.

That’s no good. Keep moving your hand.

Even if it’s difficult, just do your best.

Now suck it again, starting from the top. Gently use your hand to touch the place you licked earlier.

Yes, it feels quite good.

Can you move a little faster?

Miss… Please don’t take it out of your mouth. Let what comes out of it into your mouth.

I’m about to come…

It’s still coming out. Stay like that.

You can take it out of your mouth now.

You don’t have to swallow it. Just spit it out onto a tissue.

Miss… It’s dripping out from the corner of your mouth.

Please spit it all out here.

What was it like tasting it for the first time?

That’s right. I’ve heard it couldn’t be described as tasting good at all.

It’s true. It has a strange flavour.

But now you can use your mouth to make me come. You’ve grown up a little more again.

Now shall we do it for each other?

We can do it. Miss, please place yourself on my face, with your bottom facing outwards.

See, we can do it like this.

Ah… I can see you completely.

We’ve come this far, so we can’t really stop, can we?

It’s already wide open down here. Did you get turned on when you were sucking me down there?

Miss… Please suck mine too.

Is it difficult to suck it in that position?

You don’t have to push yourself too hard.

I’m going to put my fingers inside you.

Your body just felt tight.

Do you want to rest for a while?

Then please come and sit on top of me.

Not the way you did it before. Sit so that I can see your face.

Yes, the woman can be on top too.

Please come here.

Put it inside you by yourself.

If you find it difficult, you can hold onto it.

I’m completely inside you.

Put your hand on my chest and try moving by yourself.

It’s alright. I’m sure you’ll be good at it.

Ah… You can take it slowly at first.

The way you move your hips feels so indecent.

What’s the matter?

This doesn’t make you feel good, does it?

It seems that you don’t know which parts of your body feel good yet.

See, it’s here. You can feel I’m moving against it, can’t you?

This is the place you like the most.

Hold onto me tightly now.

Are you going to come? That’s alright. You can come as many times as you like.

Did you come?

Yes, I understand. I’ll be on top this time.

I’m about to come…

I’m going to come inside you.

I’m coming…

Next week, we really will be husband and wife. It feels a little strange.

I always thought that you were out of my reach, but you will soon be my wife…

Hmm? Of course I’m not going to call you “Miss” after we’re married.

I’ve actually already decided what I’m going to call you. Do you want to know what it is?

Listen carefully then.

It’s still a secret.

I’m sorry I surprised you.

Don’t be so annoyed. Please forgive me.

I’m going to take good care of you. I’ll make you happier than anyone else can.

I’ll always love you. Always.