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Nade Nade CD Another ~ Yandere Akuma-chan ga Yoshi Yoshi

Nade Nade CD Another ~ Yandere Akuma-chan ga Yoshi Yoshi

CV: Masuda Toshiki

Thank you Nurie for your commission!

Track 1

A specific kind of training is necessary to become a fully-fledged demon. When you turn twenty, you go and live in the human world for three months. During that time, you live with the human who has become your partner and learn about humans. For the whole time that you are training, you live as a human and no one else except your partner must know that you are a demon. You can choose your partner by yourself.

This is the human world? It’s more ordinary than I thought it’d be.

My older brothers said the air in the human world is so dirty that it burns your lungs, but isn’t Hell actually dirtier than this? They tricked me again. What’s so fun about bullying their innocent little brother? I’m gonna complain to them when I get back.

She should be passing by here now… Did I get here a little too soon? I want to see her soon. I want to see her soon.

Did I get the wrong street? No, I’m sure I’m right! I’ve seen this street plenty of times and I’ve imagined this!

Ah, I’m fine. I’m just looking for someone… Hey! I’ve found you!

You’re the same size as I imagined you would be. You’ll fit right in my arms…

Hmm… It’s the real you!

Stay still. Jeez!

Now you’re quiet. Your lips are softer than I thought they’d be.

That surprised look on your face is cute too.

Ah… Okay, okay. I love you!

Oww! You didn’t have to hit me!

A creep? You’re pretty rude, aren’t you?

You want to know what I am? Well, I’m what you humans call a demon.

I’m not lying! I came here to see you.

So stop struggling. I’ll let go of you if you promise not to run away.

It’s a promise, right?

Ah… I wanted to keep hugging you.

Hey. I’m right in front of you, so who are you trying to talk to?

I don’t like it. I’m going to be here from now on, so you don’t need a phone anymore.

I’m going to burn this phone.

Oh? You got quiet all of a sudden.

Ah… You humans can’t make flames come from your hands like that, right? Being human is really inconvenient. But it’s good that you’re quiet now.

Right, let’s shake hands! That’s what humans do when they first meet, right?

Jeez! You shouldn’t be acting like that when we’re going to be living together for the next three months.

Hmm? Well, we just made a contract, didn’t we?

Oh no! We did it, didn’t we? The contractual kiss.

Everyone in the demon world knows that the kiss marks the beginning of the contract.

You look as if you want to complain, but this has already been decided.

A demon’s word is absolute. Unfortunately, no matter how much you don’t like this, humans don’t have the right to say no.

Ah… If only you could be obedient.

Let me tell you something. There’ll be big trouble if a human who isn’t my partner sees me like this. So I’d be happy if you didn’t cause me too much trouble.

Oh? What’s the matter? Are you too frightened to move?

I flew over here because I thought it was an emergency… Are my wings so unusual that you’re too scared to move? Or is it my horns? You’d better get used to me looking like this too. We’ll be together from now on, you see.

Ah, oops! I’m going to turn back into my human form before someone else sees me like this.

I like that surprised look on your face. When you keep getting surprised like that, it’s as if I’m being etched onto your heart and memory. I just can’t get enough of it!

I’m not as sadistic as my older brothers, but now I understand the feeling of wanting to bully the person you like!

So what are you going to do? Are you going to keep sitting on the ground like that?

I’m hungry. Let’s go home!

Can you get up?

Looks like you can’t. Shall I carry you?

It’s no good shaking your head…

Right, I got a quick glance at this place from the sky… Isn’t this a construction site? The night workers were on their way here, so they might arrive soon… If you’re saying that you don’t mind being seen sitting right here in the middle of the street, then I think things will be fine like this…

What are you going to do?

You should’ve just asked me to carry you from the start. You’ve got a pretty annoying personality.

Here we go!

I don’t really care, but even though you’re embarrassed to be seen sitting in the middle of the street, you don’t seem to feel the same way about being carried.

You’re wearing a short skirt, and I think everyone can see your legs.

Jeez! Don’t struggle! Don’t hold on too tight!

Sorry I said something I shouldn’t have!

Don’t worry. I’m going to walk home through the darker streets as much as possible, because you look so cute while you’re holding onto me, and I want to keep that to myself. So just stay still.

Your apartment is at the next right, isn’t it?

Ah, want to buy something? Shall we go to the convenience store?

Hmm… I know a lot of things, right? Not just about convenience stores. I think I know a lot about the human world in general.

I know about you too. For example, you’re living with your aunt and uncle, away from the rest of your family, but you have younger siblings. You’re attending nursing school and you’re currently undergoing training. I’ve been watching you for a long time, you see. Since the time you were a young girl.

Ah! I remembered something important!

I didn’t introduce myself yet, did I?

My name is Dantalion. My older brothers call me “Leon” for short. I hope we’ll get on well.

Track 2

The human world is so much fun because it’s full of so many things.

Hey, what’s this?

Masking tape? Hmm… Is it something precious to you?

There are lots of different patterns. It’s pretty cute.

You stick this onto things to decorate them? I respect the sense of beauty that humans have. But what are you going to do with all of these? You wouldn’t use this many, would you?

That’s weird. You buy them even though you don’t need them…

Masking tape. I’ve got to remember how important it is. I should write about this in my report book.

I’m doing my training, you see. I’ve got to report anything I learn about humans. That includes things about you too, of course.

Right… I know it’s a report book, but I wonder how much I actually have to report?

I don’t want anyone else to know that there’s a cute girl like you in the human world. Just like masking tape is important to you, you’re an important treasure to me. I want to keep you all to myself.

You look as if you want to say something.

Ah, are you wondering how come I’ve known about you for so long?

I’m not gonna tell you!

Don’t get so angry!

Ah, can I have one of these sweets?


Yes, I quite like sweet things. There are some demons who like some pretty gross stuff, but demons these days eat almost the same things that humans do.

Ah, I don’t have many likes or dislikes, except for raw vegetables. They smell like grass and taste bitter. So I’d like you to cook them before you serve them.

This is the bedroom… Over there is the bathroom.

We have baths in Hell, but they’re a bit different from the ones here. Do you want to try taking a bath in Hell sometime? They feel pretty good. The heat will make you melt.

You don’t have to be shy. It seems like demons don’t take baths, but that’s only a few demons.

I’m quite a clean demon, so don’t worry about anything like that.

This is the shower? And this is shampoo?

Hmm… It smells pretty good!

Hey! Why are you trying to chase me out?

Huh? You don’t like me looking in the bathroom?

It’s not dirty. Isn’t it pretty clean?

Humans are fussy about such weird things. I really can’t understand that.

Hmm… There’s some water in the bathtub already, so how about you take a bath?

Here we go!

It might be a little cold, but just bear with it.

It’s been bothering me since the time that we first met, but I don’t really like it when you smell of antiseptic.

It’s because you’re training to be a nurse? So what? That’s got nothing to do with me.

I really hate it when you smell different. So let’s wash it all off!

You’re so quiet. What’s the matter?

You can’t move because you’re so cold?

Ah. Or are you scared of me?

You never cry in front of other people, even when you want to, so you’re always holding back. I’ve seen that persistent look in your eyes before.

When was it? That’s right. It was when your parents died.

You seem to be curious about it, so shall we talk about the past a little?

Somewhere, there lived the youngest child of seven demon brothers. Because the youngest child was much younger than his brothers, they would spoil him, but they didn’t talk to him and he was always alone.

The little demon was always bored. One day, when he went to his dad’s room to find something to do, he came across a strange mirror. That mirror was able to see into the human world! When he was looking at the human world, the demon found a girl around the same age as him. That girl was at a funeral. It seems that a young husband and wife had died. They had died in an accident, leaving behind their daughter and two younger children.

The two younger children were crying. The girl kept on comforting them and didn’t cry at all.

I wondered why she wasn’t crying. Humans usually cry when they’re sad, so why wasn’t she crying? I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

That girl didn’t cry at all during the funeral and went back to her room afterwards. But when everyone had gone away, that girl cried more than anyone else had. That girl had stopped herself from crying so her little brothers wouldn’t be worried. The demon couldn’t understand that. Even though you should cry when you want to, he couldn’t believe she didn’t.

I suppose that was the time when you became unable to cry in front of other people. Before he knew it, the cute little demon ended up following the girl around.

That’s how I became fascinated with you. I want you to act naturally in front of me and cry when you feel like crying. I want you to laugh loudly when you’re having fun. I want to praise you when you’ve done your best, in place of your parents.

Ah… I know this is pretty obvious, but you’re soaking wet. I’ll dry you, so get out of the bath.

You’re not getting out? Shall we get in the bath together then?

It’s too bad that you got up immediately, even when you were having trouble standing up. I’m going to do something special for you today though. How does it feel to be covered in black feathers? Demon wings are useful at times like this.

Your face looks pale. Your lips are purple. Will they turn red again if I kiss you? I want to try it.

Ah. Your face is a little less pale. Even though you’re having trouble standing, it seems like it worked.

You’re so cute. I want you to be mine.

Hey. Please…

That’s no good?

Well, we still have time. I’ll definitely make you crazy about me.

A demon’s predictions are always right.

I’ll take you to your bed now. You must be tired today, right?

Good night. Sweet dreams.

Track 3

Welcome home!

Now that’s okay.

Humans really are amazing. This water can make smells disappear.

Hey. Can’t you do something about that antiseptic smell already?

Yeah, yeah. I’m tired of hearing you say you can’t help it because you’re training to be a nurse.

Never mind. Dinner is ready, so you’ll have some, right? Or will you have a bath first?

What? Why are you staring at me like that?

Could it be that you’ve fallen in love with me? Do you love me?

Tch. It’s not like that?

Huh? Don’t tell me I’m like a human! I’m doing this to become an amazing demon!

Ah! The food is done heating up.

You can take a bath later, right? Let’s eat first.

Don’t just stand there, help me!

Ah! You’re tasting the food! I’m not done yet though!

The final step. Cooking these vegetables with the flames from my hands.

You seem to be pretty used to me now. You don’t even get surprised when flames come from my hands. That’s kinda boring.

You say I’ve gotten a lot like a human, but you’ve gotten quite used to me too, haven’t you?

So, are you in love with me now?

It’s not sudden. I’ll keep on saying it until you tell me you love me. Your answer is always something uncertain like “I don’t know”.

Well, I guess it’s better than when we’d just met and you were saying “I don’t like you” and “you’re scary”.

Ah! The food is gonna get cold, so let’s sit down at the table.

Right, when I went out for a walk today, the old lady next door gave me some oranges. Let’s eat them later.

Ah, but that old lady… No, never mind.

Anyway, you want seconds, right? Shall I serve some rice?

Hmm? Isn’t it unusual for you to watch TV while you’re eating?

Ah. There are photos of that idol group in your room, aren’t there?

Hmm… You’re a fan of that vocalist. I don’t get what’s so great about that guy.

His love songs are moving, huh. Do you like him?

Hey, what would you do if that vocalist confessed to you?

Hey! Why are you blushing like that? You cheater!

What are you talking about? Even if it’s a different kind of “like”, you still like that guy!

I’ve had enough.

It makes me depressed that you like another guy, even though I like you so much!

Well, who do you like better? That guy singing on TV or me, the person in front of you right now?

Jeez! You’re avoiding the question again by saying “I don’t know”! You’re not allowed to say “I don’t know”! Give me an answer that’s not “I don’t know”! What do you think of me?

Huh? Who are you calling “a kind demon”? Being called kind doesn’t make a demon happy. You dummy! You’re the only person I’m kind to.

Haa… It’s not fair that you’re good at cooking too. Are you trying to win my affections with food?

You messed up? I’m not bothered about that! Actually, it’s great that it was cooked too much and tastes a little burnt. It’s cool and manly!

I’m sorry! Don’t get angry! It was supposed to be a compliment. I like something rough like this, instead of something perfect! It feels like home made cooking.

Although you were looking after your little brothers, I don’t think it would normally turn out as well as this. Isn’t it because you tried your best at cooking?

Bring your head a little closer. A little more, so I can reach you.

Well done. It’s great that you tried your best.

Ah! But I want to keep patting you on the head!

It was embarrassing because you weren’t used to it?

Your face is a little red.

It’s nice that we can take turns cooking like this. I get to discover food that I haven’t tried before. You eat really well too. It’s worth making an effort with the cooking.

But why don’t you worry about this a little? Your upper arms have gotten a little flabby recently.

I don’t mind you being flabby.

Why’d you stand up so suddenly? It’s okay! I’ll serve the rice, so you sit down there.

Huh? You’ve lost your appetite?

You’ve got no appetite… Are you sick?!

Huh? It’s my fault?

Hey, wait up! Where are you going?

Huh? Why are you going running now?

No! You can’t go out running this late at night!

Sit down and watch the TV quietly. Okay?

Your favourite idol died… Hmm… So it was suicide? There’s a possibility he might have been murdered…

What’s with that look on your face? Do you think I killed him?

Hahaha. That’s an interesting thought. I wonder what the truth is… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Right… I’ll make some tea. You’ll have some too, right? It’ll help you relax.

Track 4

The weather is great!

It’s always cloudy in hell and the clouds are all thunderclouds. Being in the sun is a new experience and it’s so bright! You’re there when I look beside me too. This feels really great!

I’m halfway through my training. I want to be with you even more from now on! It was a mistake to say that I had plenty of time when I first met you. Every day I’ve spent with you has gone by so fast and I never thought seeing the end of a day would make me feel so sad.

Don’t make a fuss of that stray cat! Cats are weak, cheeky and dirty!

Hey! What are you doing? Even though you’re just a cat, it’s still cheeky of you to touch her legs! I’m the only one who’s allowed to touch her!

Yeah, yeah. Go away!

It’s stupid of me to get jealous of a little cat.

There are lots of families in this park.

Ah, I’ve wanted to ask you this for a while… I see married couples wearing matching rings, but what does that mean?

Hmm… It’s proof that they’re a married couple, huh. That’s a pretty romantic thing to think up. But when you think of it another way, that ring is pretty heavy. Really heavy. Like being tied up.

What is it, you little brat?! You’re still here? Where’s your mom?

You really are tiny though… You fit inside my hands. Aren’t you still a kitten?

Don’t lick me! You’re dirty! That tickles! Stop it!

Hey! Don’t stare at me like that, okay?

Well… I guess I can understand why humans love cats.

Fine, I’ll admit it! I’ll take back what I said about hating cats for now.

Come on. Go back to your mom already.

Hey. Look. My arms are empty now, so I want to hold you next.

It’s fine! I don’t care if anyone else is looking.

We’re underneath the shade of the trees, so no one is looking anyway.

Please. Just for a little while.

Okay. Caught you.

I’m happy.

Look up a little.

You don’t mind it when I kiss your forehead.

I’m sorry! Don’t run away.

Stay still. Hold onto my hand.

Thank you for not running away. Even though you always looked troubled or scared when we first met, you’ve been smiling at me a lot recently.

I’m really happy. Your hands are warm. It feels really comfortable.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but your fingers are pale and gentle. They’re really beautiful.

The back of your hand… Your fingers… You’re beautiful, right down to your fingertips.

It makes me want to ruin them by biting them off. I wonder what makes me want to destroy and devour the things I love.

Humans don’t feel as if they want to devour the person they love? Apparently animals sometimes devour their partner when their feelings are too strong. Aren’t humans animals too? Their nature is the same.

Don’t look so scared.

The left ring finger is important for humans, right?

This might hurt a little, but just bear with it.

Look at where I bit your finger. The blood looks like a ring.

What are you going to do? It might leave a scar.

I’ve put a ring on your left ring finger, so I guess you could call this a wedding ring. You’re mine now. I won’t let go of you, whether you like it or not.

That kiss was a sign of my promise.

Track 5

Welcome home.

What’s the matter? You look sad. Why have you got that look on your face?

I know everything. I’ve been watching you for a long time. Don’t make me keep saying that.

The old lady next door? I see…

I thought it was going to happen sometime soon. I’m a demon, so I saw when she was going to die. Living things will always die. There’s no need to be sad.

It was an angel who came to see her. I’m sure everyone loved her. You loved her too, of course.

Also… There was that idol you liked, wasn’t there? You might think that I killed him, but there was a demon with him. He’d probably been thinking of committing suicide for a long time.

Is death really something that sad? Humans only think about life in a limited way. Even though death is the only ending you can choose by yourself, I’m surprised that they think about it in such a negative way.

But I respect humans for being able to feel sad when other people die. It’s because I don’t really understand that.

Come here.

You’re being pretty obedient today.

What’s the matter? Does it hurt?

Holding you this tightly isn’t enough to satisfy me though. This has been annoying me since earlier. I’ve been thinking about what this anger and sadness is. I think I understand it after seeing you cry in front of me, even though you won’t cry in front of other people.

I was really annoyed that you were planning to cry all alone without me noticing when you came home today, just like when your parents died.

Hey. Why are you holding back, even though I’m so close to you? Don’t look at anyone else. Don’t let anyone else touch you. Don’t listen to anyone else’s voice. Don’t cry in front of anyone else. Don’t think about anyone else. Don’t love anyone else.

Please. I might not be able to take this any longer. I’m so jealous of you touching or thinking of someone else that it almost destroys me.

I love you. I love you. I really love you. I love you so much that I could kill you.

I love you.

This is the first time you’ve been the one to hug me. Even though it might have just been because you were moved, I’m glad I kept telling you I loved you.

I need you. I’m sure you need me too.

I’ll make up for your weaknesses. I’ll make sure you don’t regret choosing me. I love you. I really do love you.

Is it okay for me to expect that you feel the same way too?

Please tell me how you feel about me. I want you to reassure me. Otherwise I might really kill you.

Track 6

Why do women always take so long to get ready, no matter what world they’re from?

You don’t look that different with makeup on!

That’s not what I meant! You’re cute, even without makeup!

Why are we going to a theme park on the last day?

You don’t want to do all kinds of things together at home before I leave?

Well… If you want to go to the theme park, then I’ll go with you.

Wanting to go to the theme park is so childish.

Ah! Are you angry? You look cute when you’re angry too!

Okay, okay.

Too bad! Your serious face is cute too!

Your smiling face is the cutest!

You also look cute when I suddenly kiss you. That embarrassed face you make every time is cute too.

I’m not complimenting you too much. It’s the truth.

Ah! I could just keep on kissing you like this, but we’re going to have a date at the theme park like you wanted, right? Let’s go now!

I haven’t been to a theme park since I sneaked into one with my dad when I was a kid.

There’s a crowd of people over there.

What is it? A haunted house…

Hmm… A place where you can enjoy ghosts, zombies and monsters chasing you. Humans really do like some silly things.

Well, never mind. We’ll go in there if you want to.

You seem to have forgotten, so I’m going to tell you something. I’m a demon. So ghosts, zombies and monsters are like family to me. I’m not going to be surprised.

Why are you smiling?

I only screamed a little because something came out from somewhere unexpected. I wasn’t surprised! I wasn’t scared at all either! Only a kid would get scared!

Why are you smiling like that? Ah, I just remembered. The monster with a pale face that came out halfway through touched you a little. Wait there. I’m going to burn it.

What? Don’t stop me. If you really want to stop me, then hold my hand and take me to the next ride. Then I guess I can change my plans and no one will end up dead.

I really do feel calm when we’re holding hands. Where are you going to take me next?

A rollercoaster? That one running along a rail?

I fly around the sky all the time, so I don’t think my reaction will be that interesting.

Fine! I’ll go with you if you want to ride it.

That thing went up… Then it did a loop… This is bad… I feel kinda sick… Why do you look so happy?

Please… Let’s have a break. I’m still feeling dizzy.

One more time? Are you a demon?

Fine! Let’s just rest first…

Ah… I’m so tired from all that fun. Dates like this one are pretty good too.

But I feel like I’ve ridden the rollercoaster enough for the rest of my life, so I won’t go on it again anytime soon.

Ah! It’s not like I’m scared of it though.

I lost track of time because we were having fun. Isn’t it time for the park to close?

It’s pretty cold.

Do you feel cold? Are you okay?

Put on my jacket.

Don’t be shy. I’m not cold. I’d feel worse if you caught a cold.

We came here because you’ve been excited about making sure the Ferris wheel is the last thing you ride since we got to the park, but it’s closed because of strong winds. That’s too bad.

Don’t make such a cute face… Ah, I mean… Don’t look so sad!

Right, come this way!

Okay, there’s no one around here. Hold on tight. I’m going to do something special for you today. We’re going to fly up to the top.

Alright, here we are.

Ah… The scenery looks so beautiful!

You have a look too. Come on, open your eyes!

It’s too high?

Jeez, I guess that can’t be helped. Just open your eyes slowly then.

It’s okay. I’m holding onto you.

If you open your eyes now, the only thing you’ll see is me. It’s not scary.

That’s right, slowly. Slowly look at me like that.

Doesn’t the night time scenery reflected in my eyes look beautiful?

That’s right. So once you get used to the height, look to the side.

It’s okay. I’m holding onto you tightly.

The night time lights stretch as far as the horizon. It looks like the ocean, right? We’re the only people in this world seeing this scene right now. Don’t you think it’s pretty romantic?

Why did you want to ride the Ferris wheel last?

Maybe I should let go of your hand.

Hmm… Kissing someone at the top and promising to love each other forever… That sounds so ridiculous. But it might be okay to believe it right now.

So have I made my promise to love you forever now?

Let me hold you like this for a little longer. You’re so dear to me that I can’t bear it.

You’re cold? I’m sorry. I want to stay like this a little longer.

You want to get down? Hmm…

I got excited thinking that if I stopped holding onto you, the last thing you see before you die would be the sight of me and this scenery. I thought that might be good too.

I was joking. I want to keep on living with you. We’ll go down, so hold on tight.

Right… It’s too bad, but my time is almost up. My training is over. I’ve got to go back to Hell and write a report.

There, there. Don’t cry. I’ll end up wanting to take you with me.

I’ll come and see you when I’ve got everything sorted out. Just wait a little while.

Ah. I might kill you if you cheat on me. I’ll always be watching over you.

I love you.

Track 7

Hey. It’s been a while. Two years, I guess?

I really don’t like the smell of this place. I can’t relax when I’m in a hospital because of all the demons and angels watching either.

Yes. It really is different seeing you in person. You’ve grown up a lot.

Why’d you hug me all of a sudden? You’re being pretty forward, aren’t you?

The people around you look so surprised. I’m not really bothered though.

Oww! You can’t punch me all of a sudden!

I’m sorry! This feeling brings back memories though. I remember you punched me when we first met.

Hey! What’s the matter?

I see. The rooftop, huh. We can be alone here.

There, there. Don’t cry.

I’m sorry you haven’t heard anything from me for two years, but a lot of things happened.

Your dream came true, didn’t it?

That uniform really suits you. You’ve been working hard.

Well done. I’m happy for you.

You’re a good girl.

I studied hard when I got back to Hell too.

It look me a long time for me to get qualified and come back here. I really wanted to come back here quickly and hold you again.

Alright, show me your left hand.

Ah, there’s still a slight mark there. Do you remember why there’s a mark on your ring finger?

I’m sorry about what happened back then! Don’t get so angry.

What I really want to say is that I’m going to put this ring from my pocket onto your finger to cover up that mark.

I’ll put it on now… Yes, it fits perfectly.

We don’t have any precious stones in hell, but there are unusual metals. They’re pretty expensive though, about three months’ pay. I really went all out!

It’s beautiful, right? Not even someone rich would be able to find one like it, no matter where they looked.

Sometimes you might hear screams coming from it, but it’ll be fine if you just ignore them.

Hmm? It’s nothing.

So I was just telling you that I got paid, right? I got a job in the two years I was away. My job is observing humans. It was difficult to get used to doing it.

There was also something I wanted to say once I got my life sorted out…

I’m sorry it look me a long time to come and see you. I’ll ask you this again… Will you…marry me?

I’m so pathetic! My voice was shaking a little.

Come on, say something!

For your information, humans don’t have the right to say no…

You nodded just now, didn’t you?

Alright! I promise to make you the happiest person in the world… No, the happiest person in Hell!

You should do things as soon as you’ve got the chance, so let’s have our wedding ceremony right away! I’ve actually already organised it! Today…

You don’t need to get ready! It’ll be just the two of us!

I can’t bear the thought of another man seeing you in a wedding dress!

I guess I can take “you haven’t changed at all” as a compliment, right?

Don’t worry about having somewhere to live either! I’ve rented a place in the human world, so we’ll live there!

I’m so happy! Now we can be together forever, right?

I’m just an ordinary person, but please take care of me for a long time!

Huh? The woman is supposed to say that? I didn’t know that. There are so many different things to say at a wedding ceremony, but I didn’t know which parts were meant for me. I’m going to complain about it later.

There’s something I want to ask you. I want to hear you say the words I just said.

Yes! Please take care of me too!

No… I can’t take this any longer! It’s not like I was really moved… It was only a little!

I can’t help it! How long do you think I’ve been in love with you?!

There’s nothing happier than this!

Alright, let’s go to the wedding venue! Shall we walk? Or shall we fly?

It doesn’t matter if you take a break from work!

Huh? It’s impossible? You should just take the time off, right?!

You dummy! I’ve always hated that stubborn side of you!

I’m lying! I love you!

Jeez! I love you. I’m going to make you a happy wife forever. Make sure you’re ready!


Toubousha ~Shun Hen~


Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa 7


  1. kiseki kaira

    I thought some crazy yandere ending will explode but this is pretty warm and cute! Good job Saki :D!!

  2. I seriously love that part where she cooked for him and she overdid it a bit. And he said it’s great cos it’s a lot more “cool” and “manly” tasting burnt and all, LOL!

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