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Toubousha ~Shun Hen~

Toubousha ~Shun Hen~

CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki

Track 1 – Murder scene on a luxury cruise ship

Hey, you! What are you doing here…?

Is he dead?!

Get out of the way!

Okay! We’ve got to get out of here quickly! Come on!

What are you doing?! Do you want to end up like that guy?!

Damn it! I let my guard down! I thought he wouldn’t do anything until morning…

That guy…

This way! To the kitchen!

Hurry up! We’ll be in trouble if he finds us!

Shh! I know it’s uncomfortable, but just put up with it.

Don’t make a sound, alright?

Go away. Go away.

Is he gone now?

Huh? I’m sorry.

You work on this ship, right?

It doesn’t matter that you’re a part-timer! Just take me to an empty room!

This isn’t the time to be saying that’s against the rules!

If you didn’t know, you should’ve said so from the start. You’re so useless.

Shut up! I don’t have time to hear your excuses!

And if you weren’t around…

The water cooler?

Ah… This? Don’t scare me!

No… I wasn’t scared…

Shut up! What are you saying? Do you even realise what kind of situation we’re in?!

I can understand wanting to lighten the mood, but the body we saw earlier was the real thing.

It wasn’t a dummy, that was a real live murder scene!

Toubousha: Shun’s Chapter

Track 2 – Clearing your suspicion

This room looks like it isn’t being used. The bed is still made. It’s a good thing you were here. So even part-timers have a master key for the rooms.

Alright. We should be safe here for a while.

Don’t keep standing over there. Sit on that bed.

I’m not forcing you to do it.

Why don’t you sit down?

Jeez. Part-timers aren’t trained that well. I’m a guest here, you know.

Shut up! If you find me annoying, then you can go! I won’t do anything to stop you if you want to end up as the second dead body!

I’m sorry. I’m not calm either. I’m quite worried.

I should be more used to this than the average person because of my job though.

Huh? Me?

As you can see, I’m a photographer. I’m on a three night trip to Ise. I travelled from Yokohama Port to Yokkaichi Port on the luxury liner, Asuka II.

That’s right. I guess you could call me a travel photographer.

Earlier… You mean the photos of the murder scene?

Yeah, I took some… Yes, they came out alright. Want to have a look?

You’re right. Seeing something like that once is more than enough.

There’s something I want to ask you too. What were you doing back there?

Deck 11 is the executive floor. It’d be too much for a new part-timer to handle, right?

Ah… The new employees are allowed to check the water coolers.

So… Did you see anything?

You came from the opposite direction to me. Did you hear anything or bump into anyone else?

The sound of something falling?

That was probably the sound of that body we saw. So that was when the murder happened.

I see… The murderer is an unlucky guy.

There are only three suites on the eleventh deck and the staff rarely pass by for no reason. So there isn’t usually anyone around there. Although it was just a coincidence, you and I were there. That body wouldn’t normally have been seen, would it?

If we hadn’t passed by, there wouldn’t have been any witnesses. If the body was disposed of, then no one would know about the incident, except for the murderer.

Right, it’d be strange if someone hadn’t noticed it by now… So he must have disposed of the body.

I’m glad I took a photo.

Hmm? No, I’m not a policeman or a detective. I told you I’m a photographer, didn’t I?

Hey, I’ve got a single room down below on deck 7. Just like in a hotel, the rooms get more expensive the further you go up. There’s no way I could afford to be on the executive floor.

Hmm? Why’d you go quiet all of a sudden?

I was there because… Well, you see… I was exploring. I don’t get many chances to be on a ship like this, so I was taking photos everywhere.

Hey! What’s the matter? Where are you going?

Hey, wait up!

Wait! It’d be dangerous if you went out now! Wait!

What are you doing? Hurry up and come back!

You… No way… You don’t believe me?

It’s not like that! I didn’t do anything!

Just close the door! Don’t shout so loudly!

This isn’t good. Someone came out of their room.

Jeez! Calm down!

Listen up. I’m a photojournalist who was following the guy who died. That’s what I was doing there. I’ll show you my business card, or anything else you want later. Just keep quiet for now! Please!

Track 3 – A photographer’s nature

All that stuff made me really nervous.

Hey, you… If you didn’t believe me, you should have said so to begin with. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Talking like this is just a habit. I’m not trying to order you around.

Jeez, this is annoying.

Yeah, yeah. I get that I was acting suspiciously. Sorry.

So I guess I should introduce myself again, huh?

Here’s my business card.

I’m Shun Shindou, a freelance photographer working with gossip magazines.

There are some magazines written on the back, right? Those are my regular clients.


Magazine models?

No, that’s not really my area. I usually do press photography. You think about some strange stuff, don’t you?

Anyway, the only thing I know about you is that you’re a part-timer here. At least tell me your name.

Like I said, I’m not ordering you to do it.

You’re a student at a junior college? That makes sense.

No, I just meant that you seem young.

Don’t call me an old man! I’m only 26 years old.

I guess this isn’t the time to be talking so calmly.

Damn it!

I wish I didn’t have to show this to you…

Have a look at this photo. I used a telephoto lens and zoomed in, so it might be difficult to see though. I think this is the murderer.

Listen up. Remember what he looks like. He looks Asian, but he’s from the Middle East…

You’ve got it memorised, right?

Don’t ask any more questions. The more you know, the greater the risks are. I didn’t actually want to show you this, but you won’t be able to protect yourself if you don’t know what he looks like.

I was waiting for the guy who died and the other guy to make contact… I wanted to get a shot of them making a deal with each other. That incident happened when I went up to deck 11. I knew it was dangerous, but I didn’t think it’d turn into a murder. It really was more than I expected.

Well, there isn’t much chance that he saw me, but there’s nothing wrong with being careful.

There’s no need to be so nervous. There are still another six hours until we arrive in port, so if you start worrying now…

What’s the matter?

What the murderer looked like? He looked Asian, he had dark skin and curly hair. You saw him earlier, didn’t you? What about it?

It came from up there? It’s dangerous! Get down!

No… It’s just a scratch.

You saw the murderer? Where?

On the deck above us?

Damn it… So he saw us after all?

Has he gone?

You hide there. Don’t get up. I’m going to check things out.

No. You can’t come. You’ll be in danger too…

Ah, he saw your face too. It might be better than leaving you alone.

My camera is okay.

Wait a minute.

Okay! Sorry about that.

Just think of it as a habit I’ve picked up from my work.

The situation we’re in is exactly why I’m doing it. This camera might actually keep us safe.

Come on. I’m thinking of going back to the scene of the murder.

Don’t yell! There’s no point in staying here. Things will be the same no matter where we go. We should face him instead of waiting here, scared.

I understand why you’re hesitant. Most people would be worried like you are.

I’m not like most people though. It’s not like it happens all the time, but unfortunately, I’m pretty used to situations like this.

What are you going to do? There won’t be anywhere to run on this ship. There really isn’t anywhere safe to go. You can stay here or you can come with me.

You might be in danger if you’re with me, but I can protect you. I don’t exactly have a lot of experience protecting other people though. If you don’t know what to do, then come with me. Even if you slow me down, I won’t do anything to abandon you.

Track 4 – What your tears made me realise

Alright! Now we’re the only ones who know where the camera is.

I’m a little bothered about leaving it here though.

Well, the camera would feel lonely, right?

It’s an important partner to me. We’ve been together all this time, you see. I actually don’t want to leave it for even a moment.

A lover? You’re right, I guess that fits better than a partner. Especially because not treating it carefully can put it in a bad mood right away.

Anyway, don’t tell anyone else about this. Got it? Let’s go.

Carrying it around would be more dangerous. You’ll understand later.

Shh! We don’t know where he might be watching from. Just act normally.

You can hold onto my arm or whatever.

If you’re going to hold on, then do it properly! That hurts!

Don’t look around so much. I don’t think we’ll get attacked in somewhere crowded like this. I’m not completely sure though, so just be on your guard.

I’m no expert at protecting anyone either. I’ll try my best, but don’t expect too much. The more risks you take, the easier it is to get a good story.

Someone young like me… Well, I’m considered young in my line of work… Getting the good stories before the veteran reporters do is quicker when you put yourself in a bit of danger, right?

That’s why I’m used to situations like this.

You’re right. I guess I’m gonna die young. But it’s not time for that just yet.

Okay… The scene of the murder is on the floor above, right?

It really is different when you’ve got someone with you. You get too concerned about them.

It’s true that you’re slowing me down.

Don’t start crying like that right away.

I told you, didn’t I? No matter how much you slow me down, I won’t do anything like abandoning you. I definitely won’t.

Come on. If you understand, then come with me.

Hey, now you’re holding on too tightly. It’s difficult to walk.

Even though you were so confident earlier…

You’re deliberately holding on too tightly, aren’t you?

Shh. This way. Walk against the wall.

Let me get this straight. This is definitely the place, right?

I knew it. The body was disposed of after all, huh?

No, there’s no way that guy was alive. He was shot in the head. It’ll be difficult to see the bloodstains on this dark red carpet. I’d like to check out his room if possible…

Have you got a master key for it? I guess not, huh… Of course you wouldn’t.

He was staying in the Royal Suite, the furthest room from here.

The body…

Hmm? Wait a minute! I want to check things out for a little longer. If we don’t take this opportunity…

Ah, wait a second!

I heard something just now.

Shh! No! Take cover in the shadows!

It was the other direction, huh?

Ah… Are you okay?

Well… You’ve been trembling a lot since earlier.

Oww… Hey, don’t push…

Huh? If you were scared enough to cry, then you should’ve said something sooner!

Shh! Alright, I get it! I’ll hear you out, so just keep your voice down!

Yeah… I know it was my fault, you haven’t done anything wrong. I said I’d protect you, but I didn’t think about your feelings at all.

I can understand being scared. You saw a dead body, ended up as the murderer’s target and got pushed around by a strange guy…

I didn’t notice you trembling. You must have been scared, right?

Don’t cry! What am I supposed to do?


I’m sorry. Come on, stop crying.

Hey… You might have forgotten this, but we’re at the scene of a murder.

I’m not trying to threaten you…

Jeez. You act all tough, then you get sensitive all of a sudden.

Oww! Don’t step on my foot!

Sorry! So you really are a tough person after all.

Don’t keep punching me like that!

If you’ve got the energy to be angry like that, then I guess you must be okay.

Yeah, it’s okay if you get angry like that. It’s better than crying.

You’re feeling better, right? Okay, let’s go.

We’ll look suspicious if we don’t keep moving.

Come on, you too. Let’s get out of here before that other guest comes back.

Here, hold my hand. It’s fine if you don’t want to, but I thought you’d feel calmer if we did.

Why are you smiling? Make up your mind whether you want to get angry, cry or smile!

Jeez, I can’t tell whether you’re nervous or not.

Your hands are cold. So you’ve been nervous all this time, huh?

What we’re gonna do next? Right… We should at least explain things to your boss.

If things work out, he might find us somewhere safe to stay. We can’t relax yet, but I told you, didn’t I? The enemy wouldn’t carelessly attack us when we don’t have the camera.

It’d be meaningless if he got rid us while the evidence is still out there.

There are almost five hours until we arrive at the port. There’s no need to worry yet. For us or the murderer…

Track 5 – A full view of the cleared shadows

There’s no sign of him, huh?

I don’t think he’s dumb enough to start shooting in a place like this, but pay attention to your surroundings. You know what just happened…

Let me know if there’s anyone acting weird. Try not to draw any attention to yourself. There’s gonna be trouble if we provoke the enemy and they get desperate.

Right… The staff deck is deck four, the floor below this one. Who would be the best person to speak to?

This is a large ship. There’ll be more than one person in charge.

The cruise manager, who oversees everything. The events manager, who is in charge of the restaurant and recreational rooms. The deck manager, who takes care of the guest rooms. I guess that’s everyone.

You don’t really know? Hey, this is your job…

Well, I guess that’s how students are.

I’m not making a fool of you. I was a student until quite recently. I was just thinking that’s how things are in reality.

A ship is like a locked room. There’s nowhere to run. If something happens, then it’ll be the people working on the ship who’ll make the best decision.

There are lots of important people among the guests too. If we want to keep the damage to a minimum, then we have to talk to the person in charge.

Hmm? You were the one they called just now, right?

Perfect timing. The deck manager is waiting for you.

I see. So he’s your boss? He’s the right person then.

What’s the deck manager like? I hope he’s the understanding type.

He’s just a regular old guy? I guess everyone seems like an old guy to you.

Anyway, let’s just go and see him. This isn’t a problem the two of us can handle by ourselves.

There’s no one here.

Ah… So you get a luxurious room like this if you’re a manager.

That’s too bad… I would’ve taken a ton of pictures if I had my camera with me.

Of course I’m interested! You wouldn’t normally get to see inside the room of some important guy on a luxury cruise ship. But isn’t there a problem with security if an outsider can get in so easily…? Even though you do have an ID card…

Hmm? How’d you the door open without a card?

There was a key card lock on the door, right? You wouldn’t be able to go as far as opening that…

A blackout?

Come this way!

No, it’s not a blackout. The air conditioning is still on. Someone turned out the lights.

Who’s there? Are you the deck manager?

Or are you…

We’re getting out of here. We’ll go from the left.

Get to the door, open it right away and get out. Try not to make a sound until then.


Damn it! You…

Don’t stop! Go on!

Come on! Get out of the room!


Hey, what are you doing?! Hurry up and get away from here!

What are you doing here?

Who was inside the room then?

You… That uniform… No way…

So that’s how it is, Mister…

It looks like your boss was involved too.

I wasn’t expecting this.

This is the worst thing that could’ve happened.

Track 6 – A precious partner I want to protect

Here you go. This is the camera.

Wait up. Let her go first.

There’s no way I can trust you. Let her go first!

Hey! Can’t you see she hates being pushed around!

Shoot me if you want. But only if you want to deliberately put yourself in danger. There are plenty of employees on the other side of these thin walls.

It wouldn’t be strange for someone to come here at anytime, on some kind of errand. How are you going to explain this situation?

You’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, Mister.

We’ll exchange the camera and the girl at the same time then.

I’m acting weird? I should be the one saying that.

You won’t get away with hurting her.

Huh? What is it? Just worry about yourself.

The camera? Never mind about that. I’ll just buy another one.

If I get out of here safely…

Let’s go. On the count of three.

Come here. I’m sorry you had to go through something scary like this.

Get behind me.

You dummy! Never mind about the camera!

Get away from there! It’s dangerous!

Stop! Don’t shoot!

Damn it! You bastard!

Come on! This way! Let’s get out of here!

Get out of here and call for help! Never mind about me! Just hurry up!

I’m not going to let you keep shooting!

I’ll handle the rest! You get out of here!

The alarm? Great idea!

I’m fine! We need something to keep this door shut though…

That table is good enough! Can you bring it here?


Huh? Blood?

Oh… It’s nothing to worry about. It’s no big deal.

I’m telling you it’s okay.

What were you thinking earlier?

I’m talking about the camera.

You did something dangerous for those photos which don’t even matter.

Those guys had guns… If you’d gotten unlucky…

I know I said my camera was as important as a partner or a lover, but I can’t believe you did it because of that… Not because of the photos…

You dummy! No matter how important the camera is, it’s not something you should sacrifice yourself for…

Don’t cry. If you were so scared, then why did you…

No… You did your best for me. Even though I was going to abandon my camera, you risked your life to protect it.

I told you not to cry. I’m sorry I got angry at you.

No, I’m fine.

Are you okay?

It was scary. Thanks for trying to rescue the camera.

Even though you’re a scaredy-cat who cries right away, you’re calm at times like this. You really did scare me.

No… It doesn’t hurt. It feels kinda numb…

I’m really sleepy though. I guess that’s because I’m feeling relieved. I’m gonna lie down somewhere…

I’m fine like this. Right… I guess I can…

I’m sorry you got pushed around.

Huh? You’re being strangely kind, aren’t you?

I thought you’d hit me at a time like this.

Yeah, I’m gonna rest now. I really am tired.

But I’m glad I was able to protect you in the end…

Track 7 – Knowing we’ll meet again

Hey. Are they done interviewing you?

You sneaked out? Is that okay?

So you were that worried about me?

Why are you saying yes? That’s crazy.

I’m sure you’re not that obedient. I thought you were more stubborn than that.


That’s right. Poking an injured person’s head is more like something you’d do.

Hmm? I’m okay. My head is fine. I’ve gotten some rest and I’m feeling better than I did before everything happened.

I was pulling all nighters just to keep watch.

It seems like you don’t need to worry about that.

Huh? My leg was numb. It was my fault.

Hey, why are you laughing?

Damn it. I guess I shouldn’t have worried about you.

Hmm? Ah… This? My stomach will get better eventually.

No, it really will.

To tell the truth, I asked them to wait before sending me to hospital.

I was wondering about what happened afterwards.

No… I’ll go soon. They’ve patched me up a little. It’s nothing to worry that much about.

Thank you for worrying about me though.

Those guys? Yeah, I heard about them. They gave themselves up to the police.

The body was found in the royal suite.

Ah… I had a great story, but the police took my camera away. I missed out on capturing their arrest. Being so close to an incident like this probably only happens once in a lifetime. It’s too bad.

I was kidding. Ah… I guess I was a little serious. Things aren’t always this dangerous.

Nine lives wouldn’t be enough.

A photojournalist has many different experiences, but I think it’s quite an ordinary job.

Because I got so close to the incident, it was more than just a job. But thanks to that, I got a great story.

Well, of course I want great stories. I’m desperate for those stories.

It’s not just for the money. Ah, well… To tell the truth, I guess it is for the money.

The greater the reward, the harder I work for it. I think that’s the right thing for a working adult to do.

I guess it’s difficult to explain that to a student.

The ambulance is leaving.

All the onlookers have gone, so shouldn’t you get going too?

You’re going to keep working after you go back, aren’t you?

I heard it from the cruise manager earlier. Even with one of the managers missing, the ship is still a luxury cruiser. They can’t let this affect business.

Tell me if you come across a good story.

Just kidding.

Hey… The real reason I stayed here wasn’t for that…

What I mean is… I was waiting for you… I guess…

Well… If I went to the hospital without waiting, then I might not have seen you again.

Ah… So I gave you my business card?

But it’s not like you definitely would’ve contacted me.

Like I said… I’m not a policeman or a detective… I’m nothing more than a photographer.

I wouldn’t be able to get an employee list that easily.

So I wanted to know how to contact you for sure…

You’re going to give me your phone number and email address?

My phone got taken away with my camera… I took a few photos on my phone too.

Aww… Damn it.

Hey… Don’t laugh so much. I was determined to ask you.

Right… Don’t forget to call me. I’ll be waiting.

Ah, wait up! Promise me one more thing. Can I take your photo sometime?

Umm… A personal photo.

Huh? Did I say that I don’t take photos of people?

Okay… Okay! I hope I get my camera back soon!

It’s a long time since I’ve felt like this. I can’t believe there’s something I want to capture even more than a great story.

Track 8 – A new world beyond the viewfinder

Hmm… Stop for a minute!

Your expression is too tense. How many photos am I gonna have to take before you’ll smile without thinking about the camera?

Come on, be more natural. Let your face relax first, then smile!

Whoa, that’s scary!

You’re not smiling with your eyes though!

That expression just now was great! Okay, say cheese!

Yeah, this one is good. Have a look.

Your angry expression is really natural.

Nope, I’m not gonna delete it!

Yeah. You really want me to delete it?

Then smile one more time.

Oww! I’m sorry!

Sometimes you’ve got a great expression on your face. Not just your smile.

What kind of expression?

Hmm… Right… Close your eyes for a moment.

Relax. That’s right. Look up a little.

See. That kind of expression.

Don’t get mad. I’m being serious.

But I’m not going to take a picture of that expression. I don’t want anyone else to see it.

A perverted old man? I won’t deny I’m perverted, but there’s no way I’m an old man. It’s not like there’s that much of an age difference between us. I guess all working adults seem like old men to a student… Even though you get mad if I treat you like a kid.

Hmm? I didn’t say anything.

Well… I was just thinking that it was only a few years ago that I was a student too. It feels like it was a really long time ago though.

I started doing photography when I was at university. I was a member of a photography club and I was pretty into it. I took photos of landscapes and animals more than people.

When I started working as a photojournalist, I was always chasing after the big stories and completely forgot how much fun photography was.

Thanks to you, I’ve just remembered.

Ah… Well… The smile you had just now would’ve been a perfect photo.

I got so captivated that I missed my chance to take it.

That’s no good for a photographer. It’s my job to capture the best moment.

I’m going to talk to you about something important, so can we stay like this?


I’m going to stop working freelance next month.

Yes, I’m serious. I’ve already gotten hired by a newspaper. As a photographer, of course.

I won’t be working on news stories, but lifestyle instead. Culture too. I’ll be covering a lot of things like entertainment, local events and food.

Ah… It’s not because of my injury. There weren’t any after-effects and it won’t cause any trouble at work.

You were worried about me… Thank you.

Well, I guess you could say I’ve had a change of heart. I want to feel more relaxed when I’m using my camera.

I don’t have a problem with being a reporter. I just wanted to see my work from a different angle.

It wasn’t because I got caught up in that incident, it’s more like it was because of how important you are.

Well… Isn’t it better to have a more reliable income? For the sake of the future…

What’s with that meaningful smile?

I’m not embarrassed at all!

My ears are red?

Well… It’s just… It’s just the sunlight making me look like that!

Jeez! Don’t laugh!

Is there something wrong with blushing?

It’s cute? You call me an old man, then you call me cute… I really can’t win against you.

I’m going to get you back for that later.

Yeah, yeah. It doesn’t matter if I’m a perverted old man.

You should know that you’re the one who makes me act like this.

You’ll take responsibility for that, won’t you?

Track 9 – A regrettable realisation

I’m fine! If you turn there, you should reach the laundry room! Go there first!

We managed to lose them somehow.

Sorry. Tie that towel on my leg. Around my thigh.

Keep going. The bleeding is a worse problem than the pain. I hope it doesn’t lead them to us…

You’re not hurt?

That’s good.

I’m sorry for making you do something dangerous. But at that rate, we would’ve eventually…

Ah, thanks.

Is the bleeding that bad?

Well, it should be alright now that you’ve tied the towel this tightly.

This is a pretty terrible knot though. Can’t you do it a little better?

No… It’s doing its job, so it’s fine.

I’m not complaining.

What am I talking about at a time like this?

No… I guess I was saying that because of this situation.

They’re here.

This way! Hide under this pile of sheets! Hurry up!

Shh! Stay still!

Please don’t notice us. Go away. Go away.

They’re gone.

Alright. We should be safe here for a little while.

Don’t let your guard down. They want to find us, no matter what.

There’s no other way to find the camera, you see.

It’s inside the TV stand in one of the many rooms.

They wouldn’t find it in time, unless they had super powers.

Are you okay?

Don’t push yourself too hard. Things will hurt more if you try too hard to be strong.

You’re scared, right? Just wait a few more hours. Even though our enemy is someone working on this ship, it’s not like they know where we are. Let’s just wait here.

Right… I’ll buy you something nice to eat once we get off the ship.

Yeah… I guess we should go to the hospital first. You’re right.

The police too. They’ll probably interview us as witnesses.

Jeez… You’re calm at the strangest times.

Hey. I’m sorry you got caught up in this.

It’s not too late. It’s true that I was only thinking about getting a good story at first, and to tell the truth, you were just a burden. If you hadn’t been there, that murder would’ve just been a story to me.

A photographer getting caught up in the incident he was investigating… That’s a big story that I didn’t even ask for. I got into trouble because I was thinking about something naïve like that. I should’ve reported things to the police once I knew about the deal. I deliberately left things alone until something happened. If I had made the right choice, then the murder wouldn’t have happened.

That’s right. It’s easy to feel that way after something has happened. But considering that an ordinary woman could’ve avoided being involved and getting threatened like this, it’s impossible for me to regret this enough. I’m really sorry.

I know an apology isn’t enough. So I’ll do anything to try and protect you since you got caught up in this because of me. No matter what happens to me.

Track 10 – The photo I wanted to take

What was that noise?

Are you okay?

That’s strange. A big ship like this one wouldn’t normally shake like that…

What is it? Did those guys do something?!

There it is again!

Hey! Isn’t the ship leaning a bit too much?

It’s shaking more than it was before!

Damn it! Those guys…

Sorry. Help me up.

This isn’t good. I’m bleeding more than I thought.

Hey. Can you smell something burning?

Yeah… No way… It’s a fire?

Damn it! What’s going on?

We don’t have a choice. We’re getting out of here. Come on!

The smoke… When did it get like this? We won’t be able to get out at this rate!

They’re going as far as trying to sink this ship?

Since all these bombs are going off at once, it’s possible that they were put here in advance.

If the employees on the ship were working with them, then it’d be a piece of cake.

I’m going to make sure you get out…

We’re in the laundry room! There are plenty of towels and water.

Alright… Put this on and get out of here!

If you get out and run to the left, you’ll get out onto the deck. You won’t be affected by the smoke there.

I’ll… I’ll come after you… Don’t worry.

We’ve only just met. It hasn’t even been a day, has it?

Think of yourself before me, got it?

We’ll go together? It’s impossible because of my leg. I’m doing my best just to even stand right now.

Don’t look at me like that. I’m more used to this kind of situation than you are.

Don’t say selfish things at a time like this. I’m sure you’ll be rescued once you get out onto the deck. This is a big ship. Even if the worst happens, it’ll take time for it to sink.

No, it won’t sink! It’ll be fine!

We’re not that far from the shore. Help will come right away.

Go! This room won’t last much longer!

Don’t cry! Not at a time like this! Just calm down!

Damn it…

You go and call for help. It’s not like I’ve given up yet either.

You and I are just going to do whatever we can.

Yes. That’s it. That’s the right thing to do.

Good girl. Go now!

Has she gone?

I wish I could have taken your photo just once.


Koi Shikarubeki ~Serizawa Takumi Hen~


Nade Nade CD Another ~ Yandere Akuma-chan ga Yoshi Yoshi


  1. xAkemyx

    OGM!!! That’s perfect!!! I love Toubousha’ series. Thank you very much!!! (n_n)/

  2. parani97

    Thank you!! ^^ Toubousha is one of my favorite series!

    • Saki

      You’re welcome~ I’m glad you like Toubousha, it’s a really nice series!

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