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Koi Shikarubeki ~Serizawa Takumi Hen~

Koi Shikarubeki ~Serizawa Takumi Hen~

CV: Asagi Yuu (Suzuki Yuuto)

Track 1 – A Cherry Blossom Coloured Encounter

Umm… This is a public housing building, right? A three storey one.

If you turn left at that corner and walk a short distance, you’ll come to a row of cherry trees. Then go straight ahead and left at the first corner.

I’m a little worried, so I’ll show you the way.

You look as if you’d definitely get lost.

Hmm… You’re a university researcher? You came to this village to do some research? You must be smart then.

Me? I’m a student and I’ve skipped class to hang around here instead. As for the reason why, I just don’t want to go to school.

Yes, I know. A student’s duty is to study and going to school is their job. I’m sorry. I’ll be serious about going to school from tomorrow onwards.

Hahaha! I’m sorry. I tried to guess everything I thought you might say.

You see, getting told off for everything would be annoying. I’d be especially annoyed by someone not much older than me, like you, doing it.

Huh? No way. You’re that much older than me? You look a lot younger.

I see. So a researcher isn’t a university student then?

You’ve finished graduate school?

Hmm… You really are smart then.

When you turn here… See, there’s a row of cherry trees. You’ve come at the right time. The cherry blossoms here are so amazing that people come here just to see them.

I like cherry blossoms. Maybe it’s because I was born in spring.

The presence that cherry blossoms have is amazing, isn’t it? Even though they bloom quickly and fall right away. Do you like cherry blossoms?

It’s lucky that you saw the cherry blossoms here then.

It’s at the end of this hill… See, that building.

I’ll be going now then. Good luck with your research.


Ah… What is it?

Eh? This is a cherry blossom petal?

Ah, it was on my hair.

Thank you. See you then.

Thank you. Bye bye.

Koi Shikarubeki. Takumi Serizawa Chapter.

Track 2 – Approaching Hearts

What are you doing?

You’re too surprised. I’ve been here a while. You just didn’t notice me.

Why are you digging a hole?

Ah, I’ve heard about that. This area used to be a swamp. That’s why there are lots of nutrients in the soil and crops can grow well.

Hmm… So there are lots of bacteria too? But why are you collecting them?

You can develop a new medicine?

That’s amazing. I’ll help you then.

I won’t if I’d be bothering you though.

That’s good. I wanted to do something to thank you too.

That’s right. To thank you for yesterday.

No, not about the cherry blossom petal.

I was feeling as if I didn’t really exist. Because you called out to me and took the petal from my hair, I felt that I really was there. Otherwise I might still have been doubting whether I existed now.

Oh? You’re not laughing.

Did you know most people would call this “middle schooler syndrome” [1] and laugh?

Why’d you touch my cheek all of a sudden?

What? No way… You don’t have to say it that seriously. Just as you say, I’m right here.

See, I can touch your cheek too. I definitely exist.

It’s strange. I don’t hate it at all. I don’t really like touching or being touched by others… It seems like I don’t mind if it’s you though.

What are we doing? It makes me laugh.

So where should we start? I’m going to borrow this shovel.


Ah. Umm… It’s a burn mark. I fell over when I was a kid and my arm hit the stove.

This isn’t worth talking about! Okay, let’s start digging! What if we dug up buried treasure?

Good morning.

One week of perfect attendance. Waiting outside your house has become part of my daily schedule.

Where are we going today? Shall we go to the mountain? I can show you the way there.

I think you’ll get lost if I let you go alone.

Oh, I see. Will you be going alone then? Apparently bears sometimes appear in the mountains. Make sure you don’t go off the path.

You’re scared?

No, it’s true that bears appear. So let’s go together.

How about the soil around here?

That’s good. Let’s work here today then.

Hmm? You don’t have to worry about my classes.

I can’t keep up with the classes, so I couldn’t go, even if I wanted to. Or are you going to lecture me about studying properly? Should I be sitting down? [2]

I’m sorry. That was a terrible way to speak to someone who’s worried about me.


Ah, my parents don’t say anything. I’m living with my grandparents though.

My dad is working in Tokyo and I only see him once a month. My parents are divorced, so my mom isn’t around.

Hmm… I see. Your dad is your only parent too.

So your mom had an incurable illness.

Oh… You’re researching a cure for that illness? That’s amazing. We’ve only known each other a week, but we’ve talked about a lot of things. This is the first time I’ve talked to someone else about myself so much.

Ah… Watch out. There are lots of leaves around here and it’s easy to slip.

Ah… I’m sorry for staring at you.

I was just thinking that touching you really doesn’t seem to bother me. I don’t feel scared at all.

Okay, let’s do our best today too!


You’re right… Let’s rest for a little while, shall we? I’m hungry. What kind of rice balls have you got today?

Alright! I love okaka! [3] The rice balls you make taste good, so I like anything! I look forward to them everyday.

Ah… Huh? It was just the shovel falling down?

I’m sorry. I don’t like loud noises. They remind me of things that I hated and felt scared of.

Huh… When you keep telling me it’ll be okay, I actually feel like it will be okay.

It feels really comfortable being in your arms. You’re really kind. I’ve stopped trembling now.

You smell really nice. The earth, the sun… and shampoo, I think? You smell sweet.

So this is how warm people can feel… I’ve had fun getting to know a lot of things by being with you. Would it be wrong if I fell in love with you?

I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make you look so troubled.

That’s right! We’ve only just met and I’m a lot younger than you. You’re cute and smart, so there’s no way I could be right for you. Forget what I said just now.

Umm… Right! The rice balls! Let’s eat them! I’m hungry.

Good morning.

Why are you surprised?

Did I say that I wouldn’t be helping you anymore?

What are you talking about? Nothing happened yesterday, right? We climbed the mountain, dug up the ground and collected some samples as usual. I told you to forget because I’ve already forgotten too.

Let’s hurry! The weather is going to be bad this afternoon.

The filling for the rice balls today is… Ah, it’s no good after all! If you say it now, then there won’t be any reason to look forward to lunch.

Is it pickled plum? Or salmon? Tuna mayo would be nice too.

Ah, no! You mustn’t say it!

The soil seems to be really damp today. You might slip, so be careful.

Look, there’s a tree root. Don’t trip over it.

Huh? No way… It’s raining? I thought it wasn’t supposed to rain until later.

Whoa… Let’s hurry over there!


This is a rest spot. Lots of people come here to pick wild plants and mushrooms, so this place was made for them. Not many people use it on weekdays though.

Are you okay? I can give you a towel if you like. Dry yourself off.

I’m sorry. I really am scared of loud noises.

Ah… Thank you.

There was a loud noise in my ears over and over again. My cheeks felt hot and my ears were ringing. Even when I couldn’t hear anything else, I was struck again and again. I was so scared. Even if I cried and said I was sorry, I wasn’t forgiven.

Can I stay like this a little longer? Just a little longer really will be enough.

Ah… I’m sorry. This must be annoying you, right? I’m fine now.

Huh? Why?

[1] Middle schooler syndrome is a term for someone acts in a delusional way, such as thinking that they have special powers.
[2] Takumi uses the word 正座 (seiza) which is a way of sitting down that’s reserved for formal situations.
[3] Okaka is tuna which has been dried, fermented and smoked.

Track 3 – Hiding My True Feelings

I’m sorry. This is my first time kissing someone else, so I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to stop though.

My tongue? Like this?

I really do want to fall in love with you. No… I think I’m already in love with you.

I’m sorry for touching your body. I did it without asking how you felt. That’s not okay, is it?

Umm… Are you cold? I’m sure we can put the heater on.

Is this okay?



A secret… That’s not fair.

Lie down slowly. I’ll support you.

Does your back hurt?

You’re okay?

You smell nice. Just like the other day.

It’s really sweet. It’s a nice scent.

Ah… I’m sorry. You smelled so good that I couldn’t help it.

What was that sound you made just now? Did you feel good?

I see… So it feels good when I lick your ears.

Your voice sounds so sweet when you’re feeling good. I didn’t know.

What about this ear?

Oh? Your reaction is even more intense than before…

Do you like this better?

I see.

It’s strange. Even though I’m not the one who’s receiving anything, it feels good and I’m getting excited.

Your neck tastes sweet too.

Ah… I’m sorry, I sucked a little too hard. It might leave a mark.

Huh? If you say it’s okay, then I won’t hold back.

Can I take off your clothes?

I’m sorry… You’re wearing such grown-up underwear, I was a little surprised.

Ah… It’s not like that. I don’t hate it. I think it’s nice.

How do you take this off?

No, I want to take it off myself.

Ah… You’re beautiful. I’m telling the truth.

You’re really beautiful.

Your voice sounds cute.

Does it feel good when I lick your breasts?

So it does feel good.

Suck them? Like this?

Do you like this?

They’ve gotten hard now.

Don’t touch me there. I’m embarrassed that you’ll see it’s gotten bigger.

Huh? Wait a minute…

Amazing… So it feels this good when you suck it…

If you use your hands too… Don’t… I’m going to come…

No… Please… I really am going to come…

I’m sorry… I came.

No way… You swallowed it all?

Umm… Ah… I’m sorry…

I don’t want to be the only one who gets to feel good. I want to make you feel good too.

I don’t know what to do next. Tell me.

My hand?

Umm… Here?

You’re wet. I see… So this is what happens when you feel good.

It’s because of me? I’m happy then.

Your underwear will get dirty. Can I take it off?

Where should I touch you? Tell me.


Ah… It’s true. There’s a part which feels tense.

You want me to lick your ears while touching you there?


Your voice is amazing. It’s cute.

Does it feel so good that it makes you wet like this?

Can I use my mouth too?

You’re sweaty? But you didn’t mind doing it for me earlier, did you? So I don’t mind either.

Should I lick the same place that I touched with my fingers?

It has an interesting taste.


I don’t hate it. It’s your flavour, you see. I think I actually like it.

Hmm? What is it?

You want me to enter you?

Okay. I want to do it too.

Ah, but I don’t have a condom…

It’s okay? Alright.

I’ll pull out when I’m about to come.

I’ll do my best.

It’s here, right?

Alright. I’ll be gentle.

It’s difficult to go inside completely.

I’m inside now.

I’ve reached the end, haven’t I?

It’s so warm. It feels really good just being inside you…

I’m a little scared to move. What will happen to my body if I feel even better than this?

What is this? It’s so warm. It’s amazing.

It’s no good. My mind is going blank…

Ah… I’m sorry I’m the only one who feels good. What do you want me to do?

You want me to go faster? Like this?

It sounds like you’re feeling good. I feel really good too. It feels so good that I think I’m going to lose my mind…

Does your back hurt? Should I put a towel down?

You want me to pull out?

From behind? I’m not sure I can enter you properly.

I don’t really know the right place…

A little further down?


That’s not it?

Here then?

I’m inside now. It feels different from earlier.

Your back is really beautiful and it makes me excited.

Maybe it was better that you used your mouth earlier, because otherwise I might have come inside you already.

You’re so tight that it feels really good.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make you feel good.

I’m going to come. Is that okay?

I’m coming. It’s about to come out. Can I let it out on your back?

I’m coming…

It’s okay. Your hair is fine. You look cute.

What about me? Do I look alright?

I might be more in love with you before.

You get a troubled look on your face right away when I say I love you.

Do you hate me?

Huh? Are you crying?

Why are you apologising? Don’t apologise. You haven’t done anything wrong.

Alright. I’m not going to keep asking what you think of me.

But will you at least let me love you?

Even if you don’t, I’m sure I’ll still love you.

Is it okay? Really?

Thank you.

There’s something I’ve got to apologise for.

I was lying when I said I couldn’t go to school because I wasn’t smart enough. My grades are actually pretty good. My mom abused me when I was younger.

She used to hit me all the time and wouldn’t forgive me, even if I cried. At some point I ended up putting up with it.

I got this burn for the same reason. My mom put a hot iron on me.

My dad was busy at work and didn’t realise I was being abused. He divorced my mom as soon as he found out and protected me, but the wounds on my heart were pretty deep. I thought that I would be hated for something I did or get hit because of something I said and I became the type of kid who always looked at other people’s expressions. I wouldn’t let anyone except my dad or grandparents touch me, being touched would bring me out in a cold sweat and I thought I’d lose my mind.

I ended up being unable to attend elementary school too. Since I moved into this village where my grandparents live, I’ve been able to live a normal life and make lots of friends. I thought I had matured and gotten past my trauma, but at the end of last year there was a career guidance meeting and I had to think about what I’d do in the future. Imagining that I’d meet lots of people I didn’t know and develop many new relationships with other people if I went to Tokyo scared me. But there won’t be any jobs for me to do if I stay here.

When I began to think about the reason why I was here, everything became an annoyance and I even stopped going to school.

But when I saw you getting covered in dirt while collecting the soil, without even worrying about the sun, I was a little envious. I felt really embarrassed to think about why I had already given up looking for my dream, even though I was younger than you.

I’ll go to school. I’ll do what I have to do and then I’ll find my dream. I’m sure I won’t say something silly like I’m scared of human relationships when I find something I want to do. You won’t pay any attention to me in the future if I don’t become a good man either.

Ah… I didn’t realise the rain had stopped. It’s strange. Maybe it’s because I was so fascinated with you. Even though I should have been scared, I didn’t even notice when the thunder stopped.

Shall we…

Ah, why’d you hug me?

You want to stay like this a little longer?

I see. You’re just like me. I want to stay like this a little longer too.

Track 4 – I’m Sorry, Takumi

Good morning.

Don’t stare at me like that.

It feels a bit strange because I haven’t worn my uniform for a while.

Does it suit me?

I’m glad.

You’re collecting soil samples again today, aren’t you? Let’s walk together part of the way.

I guess I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I’m a little nervous. I haven’t been to school for four months. But the new semester has only just started, so I think it’ll be easy for me to go back.

Ah… No, I won’t get bullied or anything like that.

This is a small town, so everyone knows what happened when I was a kid. They’re pretty kind to me and try not to mention it.

That’s right. They’re all nice people. I was just depending on their kindness. I’ve got to be more reliable.

I’m going this way. Have a good day.

Yeah, see you later.

Good morning. Let’s walk together part of the way.

I’ve been going to school. I haven’t missed a day since I started. When I began looking for things that I could do and wanted to do, it ended up being fun.

I’m seriously thinking about going to university and I think I’m a little more comfortable with the idea of going to Tokyo.

The sun is getting stronger everyday.

Ah, right… You can see fireflies at the riverbed in this village.

Umm… Not yet. When it gets to the rainy season. Let’s go and look at them together when that time comes.

Why is it impossible?


I see. Right…

You’re going back to Tokyo when you’ve finished collecting soil samples.


In two weeks’ time?

Did you finish up quicker than expected because I was helping?

I thought that you’d stay in the village for at least one year.

I wonder why I had such a misunderstanding?

Ah… I see. So that’s what it is. Because you thought we wouldn’t be together for long, so you didn’t give me an answer.

You don’t have to go to the trouble of answering me and making things awkward.

We would have been separated eventually and things wouldn’t have been resolved.

That’s enough. You’re just going to leave. You can forget about me.

I’m going to be late.

Track 5 – I Won’t Lie Anymore

Good evening.

Don’t look so surprised.

Or am I disturbing you?

Is it okay if we talk for a little while?

I kept on thinking about you after I got home.

The reason you wouldn’t respond to my feelings. The reason you slept with me that time. And the reason you cried when we were finished.

I came up with this answer after searching for a long time.

Can you listen to it without laughing?

I wondered whether you loved me too. You don’t seem like the type of person who’d sleep with someone else if you didn’t love them. I wondered if you were feeling troubled because you loved me. Because you knew that you would have to leave, even if we both felt the same way. So maybe you were unable to say your feelings.

Was I wrong? Am I just being self-centred? Were you just feeling sorry for me? Or just being kind?

Really? Then can you look at me directly?

I want you to say it while looking at me directly.

I love you. What about you?

So we feel the same way. Then let’s date each other.

I mean… Please go out with me.

I don’t mind a long distance relationship. I’ll work hard at my studies, graduate in a year’s time and go to Tokyo. I promise that I’ll definitely be there.

Age doesn’t matter.

Ah… Were you worried about that too?

Well, I’m always going to be younger than you… But is that okay?

That’s what I should be asking.

So please go out with me.

Thank you! I’ll take good care of you.

Track 6 – Connected By Our True Feelings

My body is covered in injuries, right?

That’s why I didn’t take off my shirt before.

It doesn’t matter now. I’ve decided not to be bothered about it.

My ears… That feels good…

Right… It seems like my ears are sensitive too…

I’m going to make you feel good too.

Can I take off your clothes?

You’re not wearing underwear.

I see… You don’t wear them after taking a bath.

Can I touch you?

I didn’t get to see it before, but your skin is beautiful.

It’s soft and warm.

Your nipples are a beautiful colour too.

Which way of touching them would feel best?

Don’t be shy about telling me.

Pinch them with my fingers?

Like this?

Caressing them… So like this?

Does it feel good?

That’s good.

Can I touch you down there too?

This tense place is where you like to be touched, right?

The people next door will hear you if you cry out that loudly. The walls here are thin.

I suppose it’ll be okay if I kiss you like this.

Open your mouth wider.

I want to put my tongue deeper inside.

Tell me what you want to do.

I want to do the things you want.

Hmm? You want us to lick each other?

Okay, let’s do it.

Turn around.

You’re already really wet.

You don’t have to stop yourself from making a sound. It doesn’t matter if they hear you next door. I want to hear what your voice is like when you feel good.

I’m going to put my fingers inside you. Is that okay?

It’s so warm inside. It feels really thick.

You like it when I stroke you here?

Ah, you’re moving your hips. That’s so naughty.

Hey… There’s something warm flowing out from here.

Lick me too.

That feels good…

That feels good…

We feel the same way.

What’s the matter? You’re not going to keep going?

Then I’ll keep going by myself.

Hmm? It’s okay.

I want you to feel even better.

Are you okay?

You just came.

I did it. I’m happy.

I didn’t want to be the only one who felt good.

Shall we do it?

Okay, I’m going to do it from behind then.

You want to do it the other way?

You said you wanted to do it from behind before, so I thought you liked it that way.


So it was difficult for you to look at my face back then?

Let’s face each other while we do it today. Let’s look at each other directly.

Lie down slowly.

I’m going to enter you.

Can I kiss you?

You’ve gotten tighter. It feels too good when you do that.

I’m going to make you feel really good too.

You’re even tighter. It seems like I’m feeling even better now.

Can I lick your neck too?

You really do smell sweet. I guess it must be your shampoo.

Hey. Do you really feel good?

I’ve reached the place you like best.

Can you tell, even without hearing the way your voice sounds when you feel good?

Is it okay if I lift your bottom up? I don’t know if I can do it well though…

Do your legs hurt?

This position feels even tighter.

I don’t think I can hold on any longer.

I’m sorry… Is it okay if I come?

I’m sorry… I’m going to come.

I’m sorry I ended up being the only one who felt good.

Really? You felt good too?

I’m glad then.

I did some research about your university. You need good grades to get in, but there’s a department I’m interested in, so I’m going to try.

I’ll be studying, so I won’t really be able to contact you until I pass. I might not be able to see you either, but will you still wait for me?

What’s that mean? When you’re an adult, a year is nothing at all.

I see. Then I guess I don’t need to worry.

But I don’t want time to pass by too quickly once I get to Tokyo. I want to treasure every single day with you. It won’t be long before I become an adult and a man who wouldn’t look out of place beside you.


Ah… That’s right.

It’s strange for me to call you that when we’re dating.

Use your first name?!


I’m sorry. I’ll practice until the next time we meet. It’s a little embarrassing.

Track 7 – Even If We’re Apart…

The bus is going to be here soon.

I actually feel a little lonely…

I’m sorry… Even though I just decided I’d work hard, even if we were apart…

What’s the matter?

You’re lonely too. We feel the same way.

It’s time for us to say goodbye.

Take care!

I’ll definitely come to Tokyo, so wait for me!

I’ll definitely come!

Track 8 – Reunion

It’s been a while since we last saw each other.

How have you been?

I missed you too. I really missed you.

I’m glad you noticed.

That’s right. I’ve gotten a little taller. About two centimetres.

It makes me happy to hear that I’m cooler than before.

Yes, there was a school orientation today. I’ll be your underclassman soon.


Ah… It was on my head.

A cherry blossom petal. It’s just like the time we met.

So it’s been a year since then?

I can’t tell whether it passed by quickly or slowly.

That’s not true. It felt like a long time.

I didn’t think the time we spent apart would feel like such a long time.

From now on we’ll always be together.

I love you.

Track 9 – Cast Call

Takumi Serizawa

Played by Asagi Yuu


Criminale! F Animate Tokuten – Chara & Nero


Toubousha ~Shun Hen~


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