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Criminale! F Animate Tokuten – Chara & Nero

Criminale! F Animate Tokuten

The Mafia’s Day Off (Chara & Nero)

Chara: Ah… Hmm, you’re already here, Nero?

Nero: Hey, Chara. You’re here early too. There’s still one hour, thirty-eight minutes and fifty-two seconds until our meeting with the young lady. Did you want to see her that soon?

Chara: Ah… You’re as creepy as usual, Nero. I know you’re my older brother, but I feel sorry for her.

Nero: You’re so rude. I’m just honestly thinking of her. I’m always thinking of her, whether we’re together or not. Being away from her is a painful time which hurts more than being cut. Counting every second until the time we meet is only natural.

Chara: Is that so? Oh, well. I’m looking forward to seeing her too.

But it’s not like I came early for that reason. There’s something I wanted to ask Gerardo. This is the only time he’s free, so I came here early to talk to him.

Nero: Oh, I see. I had work this morning too. I’ve been waiting here since I finished.

Chara: This morning? How long have you been waiting here, Nero? Haven’t you actually been here long enough to take a nap?!

Nero: A nap? That’d be impossible. I haven’t seen the young lady for one day and three hours, so I can’t just relax and go to sleep.

Chara: I see. It was stupid of me to ask.

So there’s another one and a half hours before she arrives? I’ve got nothing to do until then.

I heard she wanted to go shopping with us, but I wonder what she’s doing now? Maybe she’ll come here a bit sooner?

Nero: Isn’t that impossible? She said she had something else to do before meeting us.

Chara: Is that so? We’ll just have to wait here together then.

Nero: That’s right. We’re going to overcome this depressing and bitter time in the darkness together somehow.

Chara: I don’t feel like that though…

Hmm? Oh? What’s this?

Nero: Hmm? What’s the matter?

Chara: This was on the floor.

Nero: It’s an earring.

Chara: Yeah. Judging from the design, it looks like it belongs to a woman.

Nero: A woman… Give it to me.

Chara: Hey, Nero!

Nero: You’re right. There’s no doubt this cute design is for a woman. A woman’s earring in Amphisbaena, which is full of men… There aren’t many women who come here. In other words…

Chara: It belongs to her?

Nero: Yes, I’m sure it does.

Chara: Let me see it properly too! I see… So this is the kind of design she likes.

Nero: No, she isn’t the type who likes accessories that much. As it’s here, it might have some connection to Father.

Chara: You’re right. She doesn’t seem to wear anything showy like that. So this must be something important then. It was pretty clumsy of her to drop something like that. Well, that’s quite cute though.

Nero: You’re right. I love her somewhat clumsy, kind and courageous sides too. I’ll give this back to her right away when I see her…

Chara: Hmm? What’s the matter? Why are you staring at the earring so much?

Nero: She wore this for a while, didn’t she?

Chara: Hey, you!

Nero: Hey… Give that back, Chara.

Chara: No! I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’m not going to hand this over.

Nero: Chara… You should do as your older brother says. You’re my adorable little brother. Those kinds of tricks aren’t nice. You understand that, don’t you?

Chara: I’m not playing tricks! We’re talking about you. You were probably thinking about something strange, weren’t you? I’m going to take responsibility and return this earring to her.

Nero: I’m not thinking of anything strange. Aren’t you misunderstanding something?

Chara: Liar! You clearly had a strange look in your eyes when you were looking at the earring! You yandere! [1]

Nero: Yandere?!

Chara… You said something you definitely shouldn’t have.

My love for her isn’t simple enough to be explained by that word. It’s deeper than the ocean and greater than the universe. It’s something pure and innocent.

Chara: Hmm… Is that so? Then you’re not crazy at all? Can you really say that you had absolutely no intention of carrying this earring she wore around with you all the time, putting it in a box and cherishing it, thinking it was her and talking to it before bedtime or using it as charm to make her fall in love with you?!

Nero: N-No… That’s…

Chara: See! You can’t say it! You really were thinking about it, you pervert!

Nero: Pervert?!

Hey… You said something like “I don’t know what you’re thinking…”, but it seems as if you’ve got a pretty good understanding of those ideas!

Chara: T-That just happened to be in a book I read recently!

Nero: Hah! A book? What on earth was that book you were reading? That kind of thing wouldn’t be written in the collections of poems you like, even by mistake, would it?

Chara: It doesn’t matter where I read it! I’m reading all kinds of books for my own information!

Nero: I wonder about that. Aren’t you thinking about the same things, somewhere in your mind? I know.

Hey… You’re a good boy, so give it back. I’m going to take that earring.

Chara: I can’t! Even if you slowly corner me with that creepy look on your face, I’m never giving it to you!

Nero: Ah… I see…

If you insist upon that, then I don’t have a choice. I didn’t want to beat up my little brother, but now it’s unavoidable.

Chara: Hmm… Are you picking a fight? If that’s what you want, then I’m not going to hold back just because you’re my older brother. It’s one of her precious possessions, I’m definitely going to protect it! Bring it on, Nero!

Nero: You don’t have to tell me that. I swear on my fists that I’m going to add that earring to my collection!

Chara: You think you can hit me with that punch?

What did you mean by “collection” anyway? Are you collecting her other possessions too?!

Nero: I can’t tell you. It’s got nothing to do with you.

And you really are careless, Chara. Didn’t you know? My real aim was here!

Chara: You used your knee? Earlier you swore on your fists, didn’t you?

Nero: It was a figure of speech. You believed that… You really are my adorable little brother.

Chara: Damn it… But you’re well aware that I’m not weak enough to be knocked out by that! This time I’m going to challenge you!

Nero: The wire is wrapped around my body… If I’m going to be tied up, then I’d like her to be the one doing it… Actually, I’d like to be the one tying her up…

Chara: Why do you always think up things like that?!

Jeez! You won’t be able to say those creepy things for much longer!

Nero: This wire… Her love will make cutting it easier than tearing the strings of natto [2]…

Chara: No way! I can’t believe that specially made strong wire got cut! What is natto anyway?!

Nero: It’s a food from Japan. When we went on a trip [3], the young lady said she liked it.

Chara: Oh… That sticky food? I can’t believe my wires were easier to cut than that!

Nero: You look disappointed. What’s the matter? The fight isn’t over yet.

You’re going to defeat me, aren’t you? Come and challenge me!

Chara: Of course. I’ll challenge you again and again! I’ll use my fists too!

Here I go! Power up!


Nero: Huh? What was that? There was a sound like something broke just now.

Chara: Ahhh! What am I supposed to do?! When I closed my fist, I crushed her earring!

Nero: Huh?! Hey… It’s more strange that the earring was safe in your hands up until now!

Chara: Don’t worry about the little things! Ah… Damn it! The metal fitting is completely broken!

Nero: Let me see! You’re right… It’s definitely broken!

Chara… I’m sure I taught you to take good care of precious things. You naughty boy.

Chara: Don’t act like a perfect guy all of a sudden! It was your fault that I challenged you and this ended up as fight anyway! We’re both responsible!

Nero: I suppose that explanation is somewhat right…

Chara: It’s not just somewhat right, it’s the truth! What am I supposed to do? It might have been something precious to her…

Nero: We’ve got to try our best to fix it… I guess we can’t?

Chara: How can we fix it? It’s completely broken!

Nero: Alright! As the older brother, I’ll be the one to take responsibility. It hurts that I’ll be unable to see her, but I’ll hide in the darkness and do my best to learn alchemy right now! Alright, see you later…

Chara: Wait a minute! I’m not letting you go!

Nero: Don’t grab my collar… You’re strangling me…

Chara: Shut up! You’re trying to run away and avoid punishment, aren’t you? You really are sneaky!

Nero: Ah… You found out?

Chara: Of course! I’m your little brother, after all! Come back here!

Nero: Don’t drag me! Alright! I’ll come back!

We’ve got to do something about her precious earring… We have to repair it before she gets here?

Chara: Right… The time!

Ahhh! We’ve only got 48 minutes before she arrives!

Nero: Calm down, Chara! It’s okay! Things will work out somehow!

No… We’ll work things out ourselves!

Chara: But how?!

Nero: With our love, of course! As long as we love her, we should be able to overcome any trouble!

Let’s pray for now!

Chara: I don’t think praying is going to do anything!

Use some glue for now! It’ll be completely obvious where we’ve stuck it together, but it’s better than it being in pieces.

Nero: God… And Father, who is in Heaven… Please save us and fix this broken earring.

Chara: Don’t actually start praying! Are you an idiot?!

Nero: Oww!

Chara: Jeez! I’ve had enough of an older brother like you!

Nero: You shouldn’t say selfish things, Chara. You can’t choose your family.

Chara: Shut up! Forget about trying to scold me like a normal person, just help me look for some glue!

Nero: Glue… Glue… Is this it?

Chara: No! That’s medicine for insect bites!

Nero: I see… I’m sorry… Then… Maybe it’s over there?

[1] A person who is kind and gentle, but can switch to being possessive or aggressive.
[2] A traditional food made from fermented soybeans.
[3] This trip takes place in the tokuten CD “Amphisbaena’s holiday to Japan”.


Criminale! F Animate Tokuten – Chara


Koi Shikarubeki ~Serizawa Takumi Hen~


  1. kiseki kaira

    OMG. I love the communication between these two. Especially Nero calling Chara his adorable lil bro. So cute! When Nero was praying and does random stuff out of the blue was absolutely funny and got me burst up laughing. Chara what were you reading lol so precise and he spits out one of the smartest insult ever. Calling his bro yandere, I can’t even xD thanks again Saki <3

  2. reare noella

    My reaction: lololololololololol wut happen XD these two are actually quite the combo. Very sibling-like. Fighting for an earring :’D and trying to fix that crushed earring hahahaha. I still laughing like a dog someone help me lol

    I’m wonder if Nero is actually a do-S? Hmm. Maybe. But seeing Chara’s reaction made me feel like his not a mafia at all nor a hyena. His reaction towards Nero is really refreshing. Just how normal brothers do.

    • Saki

      I liked the interaction between Nero and Chara in this tokuten. I also find it nice to know that they can still be like normal brothers, even after what happened when they were younger. I suppose that Nero is do-S, but perhaps not so much as compared to the other characters.

  3. xAkemyx

    OMG I loved it!!! It was so cute, I definitely can’t choose between Chara and Nero. Both are perfect. Thank you so much for the hard work!!! (n_n)/

  4. s.e.kwan

    Chara and Nero kind of reminds me of how I sometimes interact with my younger twin sister >w<

    I really like the closeness and interaction between the twins. I especially like how Nero sometimes addresses himself as "onii-chan" while talking to Chara, and how Chara always addresses Nero as "aniki"

    • Saki

      Oh, that’s awesome! It’s nice how you can relate to Chara and Nero in that way ^3^

  5. Veronica

    Hi there! I recently discovered Criminale through a discord bot that basically randomizes anime characters. I rolled Chara and immediately fell in love. When I found out he was from a drama CD, I was a little saddened at first. I’ve never been interested in drama CDs because I obviously wouldn’t understand anything, but then I discovered your blog. Thanks to you, I’ve been able to listen to and enjoy Chara’s dramas! I may be a solid five years late to the party, but really, thank you so much.

    Luckily I was able to find volumes of Chara’s except for the two Tokutens. If you happen to know where I can find them, I would greatly appreciate it if you let me know.

    I hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Thank you again!

    • Yukihito

      Hi there! I’m happy that you found Chara and became interested in Criminale! I’m not sure if I still have the tokutens because I lost some of my files a while back, but I will have a look and let you know ^^

      • Veronica

        Hello, hello!

        Thank you for your reply^^ I completely understand if you no longer have them (my own laptop had problems and I was on the verge of losing all my data a little after I first commented TwT). I shall simply cherish your lovely translations and make terrible impersonations in my head LOL.

        I hope you have a fantastic day, you amazing person♡

        • Yukihito

          Hi again! I’m sorry, I had completely forgotten to check whether I had the tokutens, but I do have them uploaded if you still want them.

          • Veronica

            Oh my gosh, yes! I would love them if you don’t mind. Thank you so much for checking and letting me know ?

          • Yukihito

            I can send the links to your email, if that’s okay?

          • Veronica

            That would be perfect, actually! My email is nemophilax@gmail.com 🙂

          • Yukihito

            I’ve sent you an email! Let me know if you haven’t received it.

          • Veronica

            They have been safely received, thank you so much!♡

          • Yukihito

            Great! I’m glad you got them okay ^^

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