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Criminale! F Animate Tokuten – Chara

Criminale! F Animate Tokuten

A Normal Day With A Dangerous Boyfriend (Chara version)

CV: Shimono Hiro

1PM. Naples, Italy. Via Toledo [1].

This street is always so lively.

Ah, I guess so. I think I know more about the whole of Italy than most people.

I don’t really go anywhere, unless it’s for work though.

Ah, it’s nothing! Is this place really okay though?

Well, we couldn’t get some proper time off, so we can’t go far. But you’ve already been to Naples, haven’t you?

You haven’t been here for sightseeing?

Taking time to look around your hometown, huh…

Well, that’s alright… But I don’t think there’s anywhere you’d like to go…

Ah! I know somewhere you might like to go.

It’s a little far from here though. From Piazza Dante [2], you walk along Via dei Tribunali [3]…

Right… It’ll take about 20 minutes from here.


Hahaha! I haven’t even said anything yet. You get excited so easily!

Alright, alright. I’ll take you there.

Where are we going? Of course I’m not going to tell you yet.

Just look forward to later.

Hah. Don’t get so upset. I’ll make sure you have a good time.

Come on, let’s go.

2PM. Naples. An underground passage in an ancient Roman city.

If you come to Naples, you’ve got to visit this place, right? Have you been here before?

I thought so. This place came to mind when you said you hadn’t been to Naples for sightseeing.

But if you didn’t come here for sightseeing, then why were you here?

Hahaha! I see. The pizza from Naples really does taste good.

So coming here was the right decision then.

I can’t usually take my time looking either, so this is pretty nice sometimes.

I’m amazed, no matter how many times I see this place.

I know, right? Because an ancient city exists underneath Naples…

Yeah, I know about the history of this place, even without a guide. I know all the paths too. So I’ll explain anything you don’t know…

Some tourists and their guide have stopped on the path ahead of us. This is our chance.

Shh, Miss! This way. It’s dark, so don’t let go of my hand.

It’s okay. These underground paths are like my backyard. They’re pitch black and complicated, the perfect place for the mafia to do their work. There are plenty of places to hide too.

My work makes me knowledgeable about all these kinds of places.

Is this kind of thing strange?

Haha. I see. A secret base though… You think like a kid, Miss.

It was a compliment. Being with you makes me feel as if it is a secret base.

Come on, this way. You saw it earlier, right? The ruins of the theatre. It’s on the other side of here.

Hmm? Ah… That’s because of the construction system in Ancient Rome. It was still in this good condition when it was uncovered.

Yes, the ancient city of Rome was often flooded, so in order to protect the buildings, they used the construction technique called backfilling [4]. It really is amazing. A long time ago, they had a limited amount of materials and technology. For the buildings to be still here like this means that the architects and slaves from that time were amazing.

It’s such a well-built underground town, that during the Second World War, it was used as an air-raid shelter.

Ah, was I talking too much?

I’ve always liked art, culture and history. Well, I feel as if those were the only things I could become interested in.

Now? Now… There are more things that I like. More than I can count on one hand.

I’m naturally interested in the things that you like too. Ah… What am I even saying?

Hmm? It’s nothing.

Anyway, I’m sorry. I said I’d show you something fun, but this was the only place I could take you.

I really am like a hyena, right? You couldn’t call this a fancy date.

Huh? What are you going to become?

Hahaha! You’re going to become a hyena? You always say things I’d never imagine.

Well, that’s probably what keeps me going.

I’m just talking to myself. Don’t worry about it.

Well, I don’t really recommend it, but if you want to become one, then I’ll take you to the path I normally use.

Haha. Shall we go then? I’m sure it’s this wall around here…

It’s too soon for you to be surprised. This is a special place that the state doesn’t know about.

Be careful. It’s a path, but it isn’t used much, so no one maintains it.

What’s the matter? You grabbed hold of me all of a sudden.

Hmm? Rats?

Ah… Well, isn’t this a perfect place for them to live?

Anyway… I guess you can’t become a hyena after all.

Isn’t that right? You got scared by some rats.

You dummy. You don’t have to become one. Being a hyena doesn’t suit you.

It’s okay for you to stay in my arms and be protected. You’re not scared when I’m with you, right?

Your hands are trembling a little. Are you really that bothered by rats?

No… That’s not it… Your hands and cheeks feel cold too.

Jeez. You should have told me you were cold.

Come on, I’ll lend you my jacket. Put this on.

Don’t hesitate next time. I don’t want you catching a cold…

I feel so stupid…

Don’t laugh!

I don’t think I’m going to be able to let go of you.

Someone else’s warmth…and feelings…really do feel warm.

Thank you, Miss.

Ah… We were there for quite a long time. We came in from the front, so it was a little difficult to make sure the guide didn’t see us.

Hmm? Ah… When I use that path for my work, I don’t come in from the front. There are places that aren’t known to normal people, like the paths used by the state for surveys or holes, and I usually sneak in through those.

Anyway, Miss. What was it like sightseeing underground?

The rats? Well, there aren’t many people who are used to them. I don’t really like them either.

We came to hang out together, so I’m sorry that you got scared.

No… I suppose I didn’t feel that bad about it. I was all alone with you and we were close to each other.

Hmm? Ah… Umm… You see, anywhere is fun when I’m with you!

Why are you smiling like that?

I see. Thanks.

Now’s just the right time to have a Neapolitan pizza [5] and go home.

Ah, we have the same tastes! It’s got to be a really cheesy Margherita!

Ah… Just thinking about it makes me hungry! Let’s hurry!

[1] Via Toledo – The main shopping street in Naples, which is almost 1.2km long.
[2] Piazza Dante – A large public square in Naples which is named after the poet Dante Alighieri.
[3] Via dei Tribunali – A street in the historic part of Naples. Many churches and other important or historic buildings can be found along it.
[4] Backfilling – In Ancient Rome, older buildings were filled in and newer buildings were built on top.
[5] Neapolitan – A pizza made with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes.


Criminale! F 6


Criminale! F Animate Tokuten – Chara & Nero


  1. kiseki kaira

    I have a hard time believing this guy is actually a dangerous hyena lmao. Thanks again Saki!

  2. Bashiek

    Dear Saki-san,

    O-hisashiburi desu. I hope you have been well. Firstly, thank you for this translation; is there any place I can listen to the Cast Talk and the Animate Tokuten? Secondly, I wanted to tell you that I have found the translations for Akashi and Mayuzumi’s dramas (Vol. 9 and 8 of Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 respectively). Therefore, if you like, you can cross them off your to-do list. Also I have a couple of questions: 1. What is an animate tokuten? 2. If otome games and drama cds are for girls, what are the games/dcds for boys called? Are there even such things in this genre?

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Take care.


    • Saki

      Hello! I don’t think there is anywhere to listen to them online, but I could share mine with you if you let me know by email.

      Thank you for letting me know about the translations for Akashi and Mayuzumi.

      Animate is a store which sells anime related merchandise. A tokuten is like a free gift you get when you buy something (for example, a DVD) and different shops offer different tokutens.

      I’ve seen romance games for boys referred to as “bishoujo games”, but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent of otome CDs for boys at the moment.

  3. Bashiek

    Dear Saki-san,

    Thanks for the reply!! You can send me both audios at my e-mail address (willitworkwithoutphone@gmail.com).
    Also thanks for clearing up both concepts for me.

    Take care.


  4. Bashiek

    Dear Saki-san,

    Thanks so much! I have received them!!

    Take care.


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