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Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa Official Tokuten

Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Tachibana Shinnosuke
Inoue Kazuhiko
Hosoya Yoshimasa
Shimono Hiro
Maeno Tomoaki
Takahashi Naozumi
Morikawa Toshiyuki

Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa Official Tokuten

Track 1

Jeez! I can’t put up with this!

Get up. Get up!

I’m already awake, so why are you still asleep?!

Get up now!

It seems that you’re awake.

Hmm? Yes, that’s right. It’s still night time.

But I’m awake. For starters, this is my room.

Isn’t it strange for you to be fast asleep while I’m not?

I’m going to get right to the point. Could you move?

I woke up because there wasn’t enough room. I don’t want to end up sleeping on the cold tatami because you pushed me out of bed. Go nearer the edge.

You can’t go any nearer? Then why don’t you get out of the bed and sleep in your own room? Just don’t disturb my sleep.

Now I can sleep more easily.

Why are you looking around like that?

Your kimono got thrown into that corner there.

I’m sure that your sash is over there.

That’s right, there.


Hey, I’m cold. It was warm before, but it became cold after you got out.

The bed is cold! I won’t be able to sleep like this.

Why are you looking shocked like that? You warmed up the bed, so I’m telling you to warm it up again until I fall asleep.

You should at least take responsibility for that.

Come on. Hurry up and get inside the bed. I’m cold!

Come closer. My body has gotten cold. Stay close to me.

Ah, it’s so warm.

Hmm? There’s not much room?

It does bother me. But this is better than being cold. If I just imagine I’m in bed with a big hot water bottle, then I’ll be able to put up with it.

But it’s not just because of the warmth.

I think you’re much better than a hot water bottle because there’s something else fun about you.

You just tried to run away, didn’t you? It seems that you’ve understood what I said. You’ve learned a little, but of course there’s no way I’ll let you escape.

Take off your clothes. It feels much warmer when our skin touches directly. I won’t accept you complaining that you only just put your clothes back on.

Now I’m feeling even warmer. You really are more useful than a hot water bottle.

You’re soft all over and comfortable to hold. I like how I only have to touch to a little to make you react in an interesting way.

Eh? You want me to let you go for the rest of the night?

I refuse. I don’t care about your situation. All you have to do is keep quiet and accept me. Alright?

Do you know that you’re reacting to me? We’re really close, so you must have noticed, right?

I feel like doing it right now.

There’s still time before dawn. Shall we do it one more time then?

Of course I won’t accept you saying no.

It’s not bad to start slowly like this, lying in bed with our bodies close together.

Now that we’ve done it once already, I can take my time enjoying you.

Your body is gradually getting warmer. Are you excited? How indecent.

When I think that I’m the only one who knows this side of you, it doesn’t feel bad.

Don’t cling to me so painfully. It’ll turn me on.

I’ve made up my mind. I won’t let you sleep tonight. I won’t listen, no matter how much you ask. It’s your fault for making me like this.

Come on, I want you to please me completely.

Track 2

Hey. Get closer to me. I want to feel your reactions with my body.

That’s right. Thank you.

Was that okay? Did it hurt?

I see. I’m glad. Let’s do it one more time then.

Eh? You can’t?

You’re tired?

You always get tired right away.

Don’t you feel bad for me?

Hmm? Aren’t there several reasons for me to be feeling energetic?

Unlike you, I work out. I only have one desire too.

Ah… I see. You haven’t heard of the three primitive desires?

Food, sleep and sex are the three primitive desires that animals have. They’re like survival instincts. As long as those three desires are fulfilled, most beings can survive.

But the only desire I have is for you. Eating and sleeping don’t matter. The only feeling I’ve got is wanting to do this with you.

That’s why I’ve got all this energy. All of my three desires are directed at you. I could do this with you all the time. If only you could be the same.

Ah, but I don’t want to stop seeing your face while you sleep. Wouldn’t it be fine if your most important desire was sex? Then you’d do this with me more often, wouldn’t you?

Isn’t it about time now?

Huh? I see. I suppose it can’t be helped if you’re that tired.

I’m going to give you acupressure so that you won’t feel tired tomorrow.

Some people will get angry if they find out I made you this tired.

Yes, I think I’m pretty good at it. Toshi-san asks me to do it quite often. My acupressure gets so many compliments that I think it’s the reason Toshi-san is fond of me.

Why are you laughing? Okay, lie face down.

First I’ll do your back. It’s good for tiredness in the legs and the waist. Isn’t that just right for you now?

Hmm? Ah, it hurts. Your tiredness has built up, hasn’t it?

Okay, one more time.

This is enough to make you tearful? I’ve discovered something new. So there are still a lot of things I don’t know about you.

Huh? You’ve had enough?

I see. I’ll do a different part of your body then. There are a few other pressure points which have an effect on tiredness.

Lift up your arm.

Hmm? You want me to make it less painful?

Ah… Say that one more time. Then I suppose I could hear you out.

Why? Because it was pretty cute.

Come on. Hurry up.

Don’t just blush, say it. Okay.

Yes, I’m satisfied. Don’t forget the way you just said it. I think I’ll get you to say it again, you see.

Alright, I’ll do acupressure and make sure it doesn’t hurt, just like you asked.

Stretch out your arm.

How is that? Doesn’t it feel good?

Whoa… You’re so easy to understand. What is with that look on your face?

You look like a cat lying on its back in the sun. You’re too relaxed.

Is it that good? I wonder if you’ll feel less tired and we can try again if I keep doing this?

You’re so mean. You must be quite brave if you’re making me wait like this.

Your expression really does look comfortable. I’m glad I can use my hands to make you look that way, but I’d really prefer a more sexy look than that.

What do you think I can do to make it difficult for you to become tired?

Make you eat nutritious food everyday? Do acupressure to increase your desire every night? And maybe I could train you more.

I want to see you like that. It wouldn’t be bad for you to desperately beg me to do it.

Oh no… I’ve gotten excited.

Let’s do it again. I’ll try my best not to burden you.

Don’t say no. It’s your fault for tempting me. You’re going to accept me completely, aren’t you?

In that case, do your best to put up with this.

Be quiet.

That hurts! Was it that painful?

I thought we could go on for a little longer.

I wouldn’t kill you over something like this.

You’ve got to stay by my side until I die, you see.

I did that just now because I thought I’d have fun doing whatever I like if you got tired.

Don’t resist. Stay still.

Hey. I’ll make you feel even better this time.

Prepare yourself.

Hold onto me tighter like that. Let’s do it one more time.

Track 3

Oh? Are you awake, Miss?

Wait. Where are you going?

It’s particularly cold tonight. Your heart itself might become frozen if you suddenly get out of bed now.

Of course I’m not exaggerating! Come here.

You’re worried you might get discovered by the others if you don’t return soon?

You always use that as a reason to leave me, don’t you?

Isn’t it alright if we spend the night together for once?

You don’t have to be so worried. You’re the only one who comes to my room around this time.

If you’re still worried, then… Right, if one of the men comes along then I’ll tell him that I asked you to bring some hot wine because I was feeling cold.

Hmm? We couldn’t make any excuses when the two of us are like this?

You’re right. But even if it’s an unnatural excuse, it’ll work if I’m the one saying it. I’m the captain of the Shinsengumi, you see.

So you can sleep here without having to worry about anything.

For a start, isn’t it sad that you were concerned by something like that while you were in my arms?

What can I do to captivate you even more?

You’re not captivated yet? Alright, I’ll do it one more time then.

Your mouth is more sensitive than usual. Your skin feels warm too. It seems that there’s still some heat left.

When you react that way, it makes me want to kiss you other places too.

It feels as if I’m being charmed by you when I’m doing this.

I’m going to do it. It looks as if I might end up being captivated by you first.

Well, do you understand? I’m already this excited…

What should I do? I want to do it with you again…

There’s still some time left before dawn. There’s no need to hold back. If you’re worried about tomorrow morning, then I’ll make sure to wake you up.

Come on, look this way.

Your reactions really are good. Didn’t you actually want to try it one more time too?

Oh! Are you going to try and escape again?

That’s no good. Now that we’ve got this far, I won’t let you leave before we’re done.

If I’m rough enough to make you lose yourself, will you submit to me?

I’m not going to let you escape.

When we can be together like this, I want to feel you completely.

I want to etch myself deep inside you too.

I want to love you for as long as I can. Otherwise there won’t be any place for my feelings to go.

Please don’t reject me.

Oh my. I’m happy that you were the one to kiss me first.

Thank you. But it would have been even better if you’d kissed me more deeply.

Like this.

I keep wanting to do this with you because you’re far too cute.

It’s really terrible of you to make me like this…

I wouldn’t mind if you were a little more naughty. I want to drown in you completely.

I love you. From now on, you’ll be the only one I love and embrace like this.

You seem to be ready now. Tell me if it hurts.

I wonder what’s the matter with me tonight?

I want to make you even happier, so much that I cannot bear it.

At this rate, I’ll keep going until morning.

Perhaps I’ll use my authority to give you the day off tomorrow.

Yes, that’s a good idea. Now that’s decided, there’s no problem for us to keep doing this.

I’m glad. Now I can stay with you for longer.

I’m going to start again then.

Even if you say it’s impossible, I won’t let you escape again tonight.

The night is still young. Let’s enjoy ourselves completely.

Track 4

What is it? What’s the matter?

Ah, you rearranged the blanket?

I’m sorry. Why are you still awake?

You can’t sleep?

I see. Those kinds of nights happen sometimes.

Come here.

It’s strange, isn’t?

I happen to sleep really well when you’re beside me.

Just now, I had a dream for the first time in a while.

I didn’t understand that dream at all.

Hmm? You’re curious about what happened in the dream?

Right… I don’t remember it clearly, but I was with you throughout the dream.

At the beginning, the two of us were here, in the headquarters. You came to wake me up and helped me get changed. Then I went out shopping with you.

For some reason, we only bought enough food for the two of us, then went home.

However, while we were walking, we ended up on a mountain path and as we continued, the ocean spread out in front of us.

Because it was so hot, we threw our things down and went towards the sea. Then we stepped into the sea…

After that… Right, there was a small crab in the sea and I woke up from the pain of it pinching my feet.

Hmm? Why are you smiling? It certainly is an odd dream, but it’s not particularly funny.

What? You’re happy that you were in my dream?

What are you saying?

You’ve been in my dreams many times before. It’s nothing special now.

And I’m only interested in you, as you are now.

It’s not interesting unless I’m with you, who blushes as soon as I touch your cheeks like this.

You’re all tense. Were you expecting me to kiss you?

Why are you embarrassed? Did you forget what happened earlier?

It seems that you forget everything once you fall asleep.

But it wouldn’t be interesting if you got used to things that easily.

You’re fine as you are.

I’ve heard that the dreams people have show their hidden desires.

In that case, somewhere inside my heart, I wish to experience all kinds of different things with you.

Now that I think about it, I’ve hardly ever been outside of the headquarters with you for fun.

You’ve been stuck inside the headquarters for most of the time since you got here. I’d actually like to take you somewhere, but that’s not possible. When the chaos in this country calms down someday, we’ll be able to go somewhere far away for fun. Just be patient for a little while.

Hmm? You had a dream too?

What kind of dream was able to make you wake up?

What? A dream where you were secretly eating sweets in Kondo-san’s room?

What’d you have that kind of dream for?

Come to think of it, something like that happened once before. Once, when I was called by Kondo-san to his room, he wasn’t there, but there were some sweets inside his room. I remember eating them with you and that we laughed about how we were both guilty.

Ah, you remember it well too?

Hmm? You keep dreaming about it? I see, so you don’t see things you desire, but the past instead.

No, it’s nothing. But I thought it was a little funny that it was the scene which left the greatest impression.

My goodness. I wish you had seen a more manly scene in your dream.

Like what? That’s obvious, isn’t it?

The face that I show to you when we’re alone at night. The first night you spent with me hasn’t stayed in your mind like that?

Hey. Tell me the truth. Isn’t there another dream that you keep having?

That reaction is even easier to understand than you nodding your head. In that case, I can make that dream a reality. Shall we do it again?

Are you going to resist? It’s a hundred years too soon for you to try and escape from me.

If you understand, then surrender and let me embrace you.

I’ll even put a collar on you inside of your dreams.

Track 5

What is it? You’re turning around in your sleep?

Hey, don’t turn your back to me.


It’s no big deal. I can’t help where my hands go when I’m holding you from behind like this.

Hey! Why are you trying to escape?

Caught you!

Jeez, I got woken up because you were moving around.

Come on, turn this way.

You’re really warm.

I feel calm when I’m with you and I can fall asleep.

If only you would stay with me like this until morning.

You always leave my room before I wake up because you’ve got to do your work, right?

It’s pretty sad to see you’re gone, when you should have been beside me.

Ah, I can’t let the other men notice, so I guess there’s no choice.

Oh, maybe I should catch a cold again. Then I’d have a reason to stay in my room with you all day.

Only joking. Face this way a little more.

You seem sleepy again, even though I’m kissing you.

I know you’re sleepy, but you woke me up.

Keep me company until I fall asleep.

Oh no…

I’m completely awake now. I’m actually excited.

Why are you looking at me like that? Are you spacing out?

It’s alright, just stay like that. It’s convenient for me in one sense.

I kind of like it when you don’t resist. It’s different when you’re wide awake.

Come on, relax a little. I’ll kiss you a little further down too.

Okay, okay. I know things won’t go that easily.

But it’s too bad. Guys have times when they won’t give up, no matter what.

If you’re going to resist, then all I have to do is get you in the right mood.

You cried out. I win then.

So… Let’s do it, shall we?

Hmm? Ah, I suppose so.

Everyone’s already asleep, so I guess your voice will be heard immediately.

I’ve got a suggestion then.

Why don’t you just do this?

Come on, bite down on this cloth.

Hmm… You look indecent.

Now you won’t be heard outside if you cry out.

Hmm? If you’re reacting like that just because I licked your finger… So what will happen if I go here instead?

You’re feeling really good. That’s cute.

Ah… Jeez, I can’t kiss you like this!

Huh? I thought it’d be exciting like this, but this disadvantage is too much!

Give me back the cloth.

Just do it!

Let’s just do it like we always do. They can’t hear your voice, right?

You’re asking what’s the matter with me all of a sudden?

It’s because I won’t be able to give you the kisses you like so much…

It’s not like I’ve become unable to hold back.

Never mind! Just turn this way.

You like kissing me, don’t you? I’ll make you satisfied if you admit that.

I won’t stop until morning.

Track 6

Little Bird. Why are you covering your face?

That’s no good. You’ve got to look at me properly.

Don’t look at me like that. It makes me want to tease you even more.

Or are you doing that on purpose? You’re a naughty girl.

Oh, Little Bird? Are you relaxed now?

I suppose that can’t be helped.

I’m not going to go easy on you any longer.

Prepare yourself.

You’re not going to resist any more? I’m going to do what I want then.

You caress my body too.

Keep going.

Oh no. Why are you so cute?

I actually want to stop. I’m not the type of man to be fond of someone else. I’ll be unable to keep up with the changes in my heart.

Hey, Little Bird. Move your legs this way.

That’s right.

I love you.

You look really cute, Little Bird.

Hmm? What is it? Was that good?

Ah, you covered your face. That’s cute too.

Come on, come closer. Your body will get cold, won’t it?

You’re so warm. I feel sleepy right away when I’m doing this with you.

Even though I always want to hold you more and stay with you longer, I can’t help being calm and my eyelids close right away when I’m with you. It’s strange, isn’t it?

Little Bird…

Hmm? Why are you laughing?

Is there something funny?

You can’t imagine me being like this because of the way I am when I’m training?

Hey, you… That’s only natural. I can only let my guard down completely when I’m with you. In front of the men, I’m the masculine Nagakura-san. There’s no way I could be seen like this, is there?

Even Sano and Heisuke don’t know about this side of me. Especially Heisuke, who I’ve been like a reliable older brother to. The other men might act unexpectedly different in front of women too.


I’m sorry. Never mind about that.

Thinking about how Sano would act felt a little strange. Anyway, just don’t tell anyone that I’m like this around you. Keep it to yourself.

I shouldn’t talk about it either? You dummy. Of course I won’t.

You’re mine alone. You don’t have any obligation to show this cute side to anyone else.

I’ve decided that you’ll always remain in my cage.

Ah. You’re making that expression again.


I don’t mind you tempting me like that.

I’m going to show you my love again and again today. In return for that… I want you to make me happy too.

Track 7

Hmm? What is it? You’re not asleep yet?

Why are you awake?

I can sleep leaning against the wall. It’s because I won’t be able to sleep in a bed when I go to battle. But you’re not the same, are you?

Still, it was terrible that it started raining while you were putting out the bed to dry. You’ll catch a cold if you sleep in a wet bed. Well, you can spend the night in my bed.

Come on, go to sleep.

You can’t sleep because you’re concerned about me sitting here?

That bothers you? I suppose there’s no choice.

I’ll do this then.

You won’t have any problem if we both sleep in the bed, will you?

I know you were working hard during the day. So I was concerned about you being tired. But now I want to hold you until morning.

Hmm? Your body feels warm.

It seems like you want me to hold you.

No… Did you plan this from the very beginning?


It doesn’t matter. Just go to sleep.

I’m going to turn the other way and sleep.

Goodnight then.

Hey. Actually, come and sleep in my arms.

I’m sorry. Did it hurt for your to lean against my chest?

That’s better, isn’t it? Use my arm as a pillow.

Will you let me hear your voice for a little while?

I don’t mind if you talk about something unimportant.

Hmm? What is it? Is it strange for me to ask for something?

Come on, talk about something.

Hmm… The buds on the flowers in the garden?

I see. I’m looking forward to that.

Ah… So they’ll bloom in a few days’ time?

I’ll make some time to have a look.

So what else?

Did I say you could stop talking?

Keep talking.

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight if I don’t hear you talk.

Hurry up and let me hear it.

You’re the only woman who can tease me like this.

Of course I’m listening. I can’t help being captivated when I hear your voice.

What’s the matter? You like being touched, don’t you? Hmm?

When I run my fingers along your body like this…

That’s right. Your body tenses like this.

When we’re together like this, your body heat feels more intense.

You can feel my body heat too, can’t you?

Damn it… My goodness. You’re really…

You’ve got to wake up early again tomorrow, haven’t you?

Go to sleep now. Just go to sleep!

Don’t keep tempting me!

Listen up. Go to sleep!

See you tomorrow then.


It looks like you’re asleep.

So you really were tired, weren’t you?

But you still pushed yourself too hard.

I want you to sleep well in my arms.

Track 8

You’re sleeping comfortably.

Your breathing is very quiet.

I even worry whether you’re actually breathing.

Just seeing your face while you sleep makes me feel calm.

I wonder what you’re dreaming about.

Did you just say something?

I didn’t hear it that well, but didn’t you call my name?

Ah… I can’t bear it. Could it be that you even desire me in your dreams?

How cute.

Ah. Did I wake you?

No… I was just talking to myself. I’m sorry. I disturbed your sleep, didn’t I?

Me? Yes… I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep yet.

It’s not the situation where I can do that, you see.

I feel like going to sleep would be an unfortunate thing to do. I can be by your side, watching your face as you sleep. I wanted to treasure this time.

When we’re together like this, I happen to remember the first night I sneaked into your room.

At that time, I hadn’t imagined that there would come a day when you would be sleeping in my arms. The reality that I’ve always dreamed of is here right now. I can’t help thinking about that happiness.

So I was next to you, looking intently at your face while you slept…

You’re feeling sleepy, aren’t you?

It’s alright if you forget about what I’m saying and go to sleep.

Have you noticed that I remember all of your cute actions?

I can’t stop now. It’s your fault for tempting me.

When we kiss, you narrow your eyes like a kitten does. That’s cute.

And when you’re feeling good, your voice sounds like the cries of a kitten.

Cats like having their necks stroked like this. Aren’t you the same?

You really do like it. I’ll keep going.

It makes me excited when I see your lips open slightly.

They look soft and I want to touch them when I see them.

I want you to bite my fingers.

That’s right, like a kitten.

You really are cute. You look like a kitten.

But when I see you like this, you really are more adorable than a kitten.

Bite harder next time. I don’t even mind if there’s blood.

You can scratch my skin with your nails too.

I want you to give yourself to me completely.

Why did you stop? We were just at the good part…

Hmm? I see. I understand.

You’re right. You’re not a cat, so you don’t want to bite me. You want to kiss me, don’t you?

Put out your tongue a little more.


Did you know that the lower back is a sensitive place to touch a cat?

I’m sure that it’ll be the same for you.

Hmm? I can’t believe you fell asleep now.

That can’t be helped. I’ll stop disturbing your sleep now.

I’ll keep watching your face as you sleep for a little while longer.

Good night. Sweet dreams.


Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa Animate Tokuten


Honeymoon 7


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