Shokugeki no Soma Volume 11 Bonus Drama CD

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Taneda Risa
Takahashi Minami
Ono Yuuki
Hanae Natsuki
Ishigami Shizuka
Kawada Shinji

Track 1

Soma: Shokugeki no Soma Drama CD – Daily Life at Totsuki Academy and Other Happenings.

Erina: Their Awkward Car Journey.

Erina: My name is Erina Nakiri. For some reason, I missed the bus home from a training camp at Totsuki Resort and now I’m heading back to the academy by car, together with a certain student. With Soma Yukihira, of all people!

Soma: Jeez… I’m so bored! I should’ve bought a comic or something. Were they selling Jump at Totsuki Resort, Nakiri?

Erina: I don’t know. Don’t ask me.

Man: We’ll be having a break at a rest stop. You can buy a comic there.

Soma: Ah, I see. Thanks!

Erina: My goodness… I want to get away from this guy as soon as possible… Never mind, I’d like a little fresh air anyway. After we’ve had a break, I’ll pretend to be asleep the whole time and get back to the academy without talking to him. That’s all I can do.

Man: Here we are. I’m going to have a rest…

Erina: What was that sound just now?

Man: Oh?

Soma: Hmm? What’s the matter?

Man: Well… I’m sorry, but the car seems to have a puncture. On all four of the tyres too.

Erina: Eh?!

Man: I’m very sorry! This is strange… I just checked the car over this morning.

Soma: Haha! This is a disaster! Is this your unlucky year [1], Mister?

Man: No, that year already passed by a long time ago!

Erina: Something bad always happens when this guy is involved! Even I experience misfortune! There’s no doubt that these punctures are somehow his fault too.

Man: Ah… I’ll ask the breakdown service to come and do the repairs, so why don’t you two wait somewhere at the rest stop? I’ll come and find you later.

Soma: Alright, got it. Let’s go, Nakiri. I’m gonna take my wallet and phone…

Erina: Wait a minute! Don’t just make that decision yourself! I never said I’d be going.

Soma: It’s okay for you to wait in the car alone… But aren’t you bored? I’m hungry too…

Erina: Right… The snacks and drinks I was going to have with Hisako are on the bus… And… Umm… I need to use the toilet too…

Soma: See you later, Mister!

Erina: Wait!

Soma: Hmm? What is it?

Erina: Well… I didn’t say I wouldn’t be going! I’ll come too…

Soma: Ah, I see. You could’ve just come along instead of calling out to me.

Erina: Be quiet!

Erina: So I went towards the rest stop, keeping five metres distance between us. Now that I think about it, this might be the first time we’ve been somewhere unfamiliar together.

Soma: Ah… This rest stop is pretty big! And it’s clean too.

Erina: You’re right. It’s not as bad as I thought.

Soma: The toilet was clean too, right?

Erina: He’s so insensitive!

Soma: Alright, let’s get something to eat! I’ll pay.

Erina: There’s no reason for me to be indebted to you! I can pay for myself.

Soma: Oh? Where’s your purse? Isn’t it inside the bus we missed?

Erina: Umm… I’m sure that I’ve got something in my pocket…

Erina: Here it is! I can use this card, right? I’ll use this to pay my share.

Soma: Huh? What’s that black card? Is it a card from a karaoke place or something?

Erina: Huh? I don’t know. Hisako always uses this to go shopping. Hisako called it a black card…

Soma: A karaoke place called Black? I’ve never heard of it. You can’t use that thing anyway. You need something called a credit card when you go shopping. So put that karaoke card away.

Soma: You really don’t know about about the world because you’re from a high class family.

Erina: Shut up! I just don’t know how commoners do things. Don’t make a fool of me.

Soma: I’m going to pay today. Eat whatever you like.

Erina: I’d rather go hungry than be indebted to you!

Soma: You booked that taxi at the hotel, right? So I owe you something because you let me ride with you. Don’t worry about it.

Erina: Hmm? He can be surprisingly decent.

Erina: Right… In that case, I suppose I can accept.

Soma: Okay, let’s find somewhere we can get something simple to eat. Ah, let’s go there. Wait a minute.

Soma: Alright, I’ve bought something!

Erina: What is this?

Soma: Hmm? It’s takoyaki [2].

Erina: I know that! I just don’t know what you’re thinking. It’s been more than 10 minutes since it was cooked, so the batter is getting sticky! And haven’t they used an instant broth?! It must taste bad.

Soma: But that’s normal for a rest stop, isn’t it? It’s not a high class restaurant.

Erina: Anyway, I can’t eat this! I won’t eat something that’s not luxurious.

Soma: You’re so fussy… In that case… How about a sandwich?

Erina: The bread isn’t cut properly. That proves it wasn’t cut with a well-sharpened knife.

Soma: Well then… Here you go, freshly cooked yakitori [3]!

Erina: There’s no way I can put this strange meat inside my mouth!

Soma: American Dog!

Erina: It’s been sitting in the heated cabinet for so long, it’s got a metallic smell! What’s so American about it anyway?!

Soma: Soft cream!

Erina: It looks watery. Milk fats are out of the question too!

Soma: How about sweets?

Erina: Impossible! Are you trying to make me eat fatty foods?!

Soma: You really are fussy… I don’t think that’s good.

Erina: That’s it! I’ve had enough! Don’t bother with me any longer.

Soma: Hey, Nakiri! Where are you going?

Soma: So…I’ve gotta eat all this stuff?

Erina: I can’t believe that terrible food was all they had!

Erina: Why is it so cold? And what am I doing sitting alone on this windy bench?

Erina: Now that I think about it, I’ve probably never been alone in an unfamiliar place like this. I’ve always had servants around me, for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I was usually with Alice for some reason or other. After that, Hisako stayed with me. I’m hungry… I’d forgotten how helpless hunger makes people feel.

Soma: Hey, Nakiri. So this is where you were!

Erina: Yukihira-kun…

Soma: Here you go. Eat up.

Erina: Is that takoyaki again?

Soma: Yeah. But it’s not like the one before. I got the shop staff to let me in their kitchen. I made it with a proper broth.

Erina: Why’d you go to the trouble of doing that?

Soma: Why? Because you’re hungry, aren’t you? Take it.

Erina: I would have usually refused, saying I didn’t want it. But for some reason I took the container of takoyaki he was offering with both hands.

Erina: It’s warm…

Soma: That’s because it’s freshly made.

Erina: I don’t think they gave much thought to where the ingredients came from, it was obvious that the mayonnaise was ready made and the red pickled ginger was clearly full of additives. However, the takoyaki had been fried to make it crunchy on the outside and it smelled good too. The katsuobushi [4] definitely wasn’t freshly grated, but its scent was rising up with the steam.

Soma: Be careful because it’s hot.

Soma: How is it?

Erina: Don’t ask me that! It’s third rate food made from ordinary ingredients!

Soma: I knew it. I thought you wouldn’t like it.

Erina: But… It was a little better than the furikake [5] rice you made for the entrance exam.

Soma: Huh?

Erina: Oh no! I said something that sounded like a compliment without thinking!

Erina: That’s not what I meant!

Hisako: Erina-sama!

Erina: Hisako!

Hisako: Soma Yukihira! Get away from Erina-sama!

Hisako: I’m glad you’re safe, Erina-sama! I was incredibly worried when I heard that the car you were in got a puncture and that you were with this guy, Erina-sama!

Erina: Wait a minute! I’m fine, so just calm down.

Soma: Whoa… She just said Erina-sama four times.

Hisako: Erina-sama… What’s that you’re holding?

Soma: It’s takoyaki. You want some too?

Hisako: Soma Yukihira… I can’t believe you gave something so uncultured to the owner of the God’s Tongue!

Soma: Wait a minute! Nakiri was hungry, so I just thought it’d be better for her to eat something!

Hisako: No excuses! If something happens to Erina-sama’s sense of taste, it’ll be a great loss for the world of Japanese cuisine! What are you going to do about this, Soma Yukihira?!

Soma: It’s no good asking me that…

Man: Sorry I kept you waiting! The repairs are finished and the tank is filled up too! We can leave anytime!

Soma: Alright, Nakiri! I’m gonna run!

Hisako: Hey! Wait, Soma Yukihira!

Erina: My goodness, Hisako.

Erina: Not long after that, Hisako and I got into the taxi she arrived in. Then we left the rest stop behind, making our way back to Totsuki Academy.

Hisako: Jeez! You really can’t be too careful around Soma Yukihira!

Erina: I suppose you’re right.

Hisako: You got into quite a bit of trouble, didn’t you, Erina-sama? If you’re hungry, we’ll get lunch at a restaurant we can trust.

Erina: No, it’s fine. I’m not that hungry, so don’t worry about it.

Hisako: Is that so?

Erina: That’s right. I’m sure that eating the third-rate takoyaki while Hisako was chasing Soma Yukihira was just a one-off mistake I made because I got really hungry!

[1] Unlucky year – In Japan, the ages of 25, 42 and 61 are considered to be unlucky years for men.
[2] Takoyaki – A round snack made from batter and usually filled with diced octopus, tempura (deep fried seafood or vegetables) scraps, pickled ginger and green onion.
[3] Yakitori – Grilled chicken on a skewer, dressed with sauce or salt.
[4] Katsuobushi – Dried, fermented and smoked skipjack tuna.
[5] Furikake – A dry seasoning which is sprinkled on rice. It usually contains dried and ground fish, sesame seeds and chopped seaweed.

Track 2

Megumi: In a Cooking Class at Totsuki.

Megumi: There are five minutes until class starts. Right now, I’m in one of the school’s kitchens waiting for class to start. There are about 40 other students and we’ll be cooking in groups of three today.

Megumi: Ah… I’m sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Megumi Tadakoro. Sorry.

Megumi: It’s been several days since the hellish training camp ended. I’m still able to keep studying at Totsuki Academy. I’m going to try my best to get a higher grade in today’s class too!

Megumi: Calm down, calm down. Right! Take a deep breath!

Isami: Oh? Hey, Takumi. That person is…

Takumi: Hmm? So we’re in the same group as you, Megumi Tadakoro-san?

Megumi: Huh?

Megumi: When I turned around, Takumi Aldini-kun, who has blond hair and blue eyes, and Isami Aldini-kun, who is chubby and has kind of wavy hair, were walking towards me.

Megumi: The Aldini twins! I’m in the same group as you two?

Takumi: That’s right. Look. We got the same number in the draw just now, right?

Megumi: Ah, you’re right!

Isami: I’m looking forward to working together! Let’s make this class a good one.

Isami: Ah, but when the two of us are here, I’d be grateful if you called us by our first names.

Megumi: Okay!

Megumi: The first time I spoke to Takumi-kun and Isami-kun was during the first assignment at the training camp. At that time, I was surprised when Takumi-kun deliberately stepped on Soma-kun’s foot and challenged him. But I understood their confidence when I saw them cooking! They’re amazing chefs who cook well together as brothers.

Megumi: I’m really glad to be in the same group as you!

Isami: Today’s teacher seems to be a strict person, but let’s relax and do this.

Megumi: You’re right. I think today will be fine! I was so nervous that thought I might collapse when I got paired with Soma-kun in Chappelle-sensei’s class though.

Takumi: With Yukihira?!

Megumi: Yes! I got into big trouble while I was cooking, but thanks to Soma-kun’s quick thinking, we got the top grade. I’m sure it would’ve been no good if I’d been alone.

Megumi: Now that I think about it, it might have been Soma-kun’s actions that got me into trouble… But I’m sure I couldn’t have got an A grade by myself. From that day on, I’ve felt as if I’ve become able to move forward more.

Megumi: Oh? What’s the matter, Takumi-kun?

Isami: Ah, he might have gotten switched on.

Megumi: Switched on?

Takumi: Good. Things have gotten interesting!

Takumi: If you got a A grade with Yukihira, then you’ll have to get one with us too, otherwise he’ll get ahead of us! Listen up, Tadakoro-san! Isami! Let’s get an A grade for this class!

Megumi: Huh? Huh?

Isami: Uh oh. If we don’t get an A grade now, then Takumi is gonna be depressed for three days straight.

Megumi: Huhhh?!

Megumi: I’m feeling the pressure!

Girl: Look at that girl, Megumi Tadakoro! I’m jealous she’s in the same group as Takumi-kun! And they’re talking like they’re good friends too! She’s being too arrogant, considering she’s a failure!

Girl: I know, right! I’m not going to forgive her if she holds Takumi-kun back!

Megumi: I’m feeling pressure from the kitchen counter next to mine too!

Megumi: Sensei!

Kutsuwada: I’m your teacher for today, Kutsuwada. In today’s class, you’ll be making a grilled sirloin of Japanese beef with three different dressings. The recipe is on the board, so everyone make sure to read it carefully.

Megumi: Grilled beef sirloin… A difficult recipe that requires you to be precise about the filleting of the meat. The dressings of yuzu miso [1], mustard sauce and port sauce all have to be made within the time limit too. If the plan goes even a little off course, then the flavour will be affected and getting an A grade will be impossible. Ah… What should I do? I’ve gotten nervous. I’m feeling all kinds of pressure at once and I’m about to pass out! Right! I’ll write the character for “person” on my hand and swallow deeply. [2]

Takumi: Isami… What’s Tadakoro-san doing? Is that some kind of magic or something here in the East?

Isami: I wonder what… It makes you have a sense of Japan’s mystery…

Kutsuwada: Alright, start cooking!

Takumi: Okay, let’s do this!

Isami: Got it!

Megumi: Alright!

Megumi: First up is preparing the vegetables. Calm down. Concentrate.

Girl: Oh no. Why’s she look so awkward?

Girl: She’s really slow! Did she really get through the training camp?

Girl: Didn’t she cheat?

Megumi: What should I do? I’m so concerned about the looks I’m getting from the people next to me, that I can’t concentrate!

Takumi: Hey, you guys! Let’s make this class a good one.

Girl: T-Takumi-kun!

Takumi: By the way, it seems like you’ve been staring at me for a while. My heart will beat faster and my hand might slip if you look at me. So could you try not too look at me too much?

Girl: Oh no… Takumi-kun…

Girl: Alright! I’ll try not to.

Takumi: Thank you. Ah, I’d like to try the dish you’ve made later. Is that okay?

Girl: We’ll do our best cooking it!

Megumi: Wow… Those girls’ eyes have turned to hearts and they started cooking without even looking this way. That is an Italian man at his most amazing!

Isami: Ah, Takumi is popular as usual. The girls in his fanclub have a habit of causing trouble for the people around them though.

Megumi: He has a fanclub. That’s amazing too.

Isami: He’s always been popular, you see. Even though I’m an Italian man too, I wasn’t popular at all.

Megumi: Is that so?

Isami: Yeah!

Isami: Ah. I’ve got to check on that pot over there.

Takumi: Hmm? Is there something the matter, Tadakoro-san?

Megumi: I understand that you’re really popular with girls. But Isami-kun is really reliable and calm. I’m sure there are lots of girls who like him too.

Megumi: What is it, Takumi-kun?

Takumi: It seems that you’re a good judge of other people.

Megumi: I suppose so…

Takumi: Hey, Tadakoro-san! You’ve got to turn off the heat!

Megumi: I’m sorry!

Megumi: I think Takumi-kun is glaring at me! Is he angry? I’ve got to try not to get in their way.

Megumi: But I kept on getting in their way after that. Because Takumi-kun and Isami-kun covered for me, things didn’t turn out to be a disaster.

Takumi: Alright, the yuzu miso is perfect. How’s the mustard sauce, Isami?

Isami: I think it’ll take another thirty seconds.

Takumi: Got it!

Megumi: I was reminded of Soma-kun when I saw Takumi-kun and Isami-kun working through steps of the recipe quickly. I’ve noticed that the three of them are always impressive and don’t panic, even in a difficult situation. I think that those kinds of people are the ones who can become professionals.

Isami: Ah, Tadakoro-san. Are the glazed purple carrot and zucchini done yet?

Megumi: I’ll do them now! I’m sorry!

Megumi: I can’t think about pointless things! Now I’ve got to concentrate on cooking!

Takumi: What happened to the small pot I put down here?

Megumi: I used it! I’m sorry! I’ll wash it right away!

Megumi: I’ve got to concentrate!

Megumi: It seems like Takumi-kun is glaring at me again! He really is angry! It’s because he ended up in the same group as me!

Takumi: Tadakoro-san.

Megumi: Yes?!

Takumi: I want you to take care of the most important part of this dish, the finishing touch of filleting the meat.

Megumi: Ah… Huh?!

Takumi: When the centre of the beef has reached 55 degrees, toast it on a open flame after letting it rest for a little while. You need to pay attention while doing that in order to draw out the juiciness of the meat.

Megumi: But if I make a mistake on that part, we might get a D grade or even an E grade! It’d be better for you or Isami-kun to do it!

Takumi: You got through the training camp. Even during Chef Inui’s assignment, you did a good job of supporting Yukihira, didn’t you?

Megumi: B-But…

Takumi: Be more confident. I’ve acknowledged Yukihira as a chef. So because he’s acknowledged you, that means your abilities can be trusted. Am I wrong?

Isami: I think Takumi is right. Your work is careful and attentive. I’m sure you can do it.

Takumi: That’s right. All you need now is confidence, Tadakoro-san.

Megumi: Alright. I’ll do it!

Megumi: Put the thermometer into the meat, which is cooking in the oven. 53 degrees, 54 degrees, 55 degrees. Now’s the time! Get the meat out of the oven and put it in the heated cabinet. Now let meat juices sink in and keep the pan heated until the liquid from the glazed vegetables has boiled away. I’ve got to be careful because they burn easily. Okay! Put the meat on a mesh tray and hold it near the open flame. Burn it slightly and bring out the aroma of the surface.

Isami: Here you go, Tadakoro-san! A knife!

Megumi: Thanks!

Megumi: Take the well cooked sirloin and cut it into 2 centimetre slices. Slice the end piece thickly. The plentiful meat juices are completely locked in! There’s a beautiful gradation going from light red to pink! Line up the slices neatly on the plate!

Takumi: Alright! The glazed vegetables are perfectly done too!

Megumi: Okay!

Megumi: Glazing the vegetables brings out the sweetness of the purple carrot and zucchini, which will be placed around the meat. The three types of dressing will be used equally. The juices which have come out of the meat will be wiped away with a paper towel. It’s done!

Kutsuwada: Alright. This group has a C grade.

Girl: I’m glad! We just managed to pass!

Girl: Look! It’s Takumi-kun’s group next!

Kutsuwada: Next group, show me your dish!

Takumi: Go on, Tadakoro-san.

Megumi: Okay!

Megumi: Please help yourself!

Kutsuwada: Hmm… The colour of the sliced meat, the vegetables and the combination of dressings… There’s no problem with how it looks. As for how it tastes…

Kutsuwada: Hmm… I’m going to give this group’s dish…

Kutsuwada: an A grade! You did very well!

Isami & Takumi: Thank you!

Girl: Amazing! Just what I expected from Takumi-kun!

Girl: But Tadakoro did the finishing touches.

Girl: Did she? She’s better than I thought.

Takumi: Alright, put out both your hands, Tadakoro-san.

Megumi: Like this?

Takumi: That’s right. You too, Isami.

Megumi: When Takumi-kun and Isami-kun held out their hands, they lightly clapped my hands. I remembered the first day of the training camp, when I got a high-five from Soma-kun. I’m so happy that I could jump up and down!

Takumi: I told you, didn’t I? You can do things if you try, Tadakoro-san.

Isami: That’s right. You might be able to get an A grade all by yourself soon.

Megumi: I wonder if I can…

Takumi: You can! If you keep going like this, you might even be able to enter the Autumn Selection.

Megumi: Huh? Of course that’s impossible!

Megumi: I can’t even dream of the words they said coming true. I’m still staying crouched in my own little garden. The day that I will fly away from there is slowly coming closer.

[1] Yuzu is a citrus fruit and miso is a seasoning made from fermented soybeans.
[2] It’s believed that writing the kanji for “person” on your hand and swallowing can help you feel calmer.

Track 3

Ikumi: Nikumi and Soma go to an evening party.

Ikumi: My name is Ikumi Mito. For some reason, I’m now a member of the Donburi Research Society, Don RS for short. Everything started from an invitation that was addressed to me.

Ikumi: Jeez. Why’d this thing get given to a single girl?

Kanichi: What are you reading, Nikumi? A letter?

Ikumi: Konishi! Hey, you! Don’t read over my shoulder!

Kanichi: You should speak a bit more politely!

Ikumi: Shut up! Don’t be so arrogant when you were the one looking over my shoulder!

Kanichi: Sorry! I’m sorry!

Ikumi: Here. Read it if you want to.

Kanichi: Thanks.

Kanichi: Let’s see… An invitation to a dance? At this time…blah blah blah…we would like to invite the daughter of the Mito family…whoa!

Kanichi: Huh, it sounds so pompous.

Ikumi: It’s a grand party attended by people working in food distribution. There’ll be a dance at the end of it.

Kanichi: I see, so that’s why you got invited to a dance. Well, despite how you look, you’re from a good family.

Ikumi: What do you mean “despite how I look”?!

Ikumi: Anyway, I’m planning on replying to say I won’t be coming. Most of the people there will be company employees or couples. It won’t be any fun going alone.

Kanichi: Huh? Even though you got invited?

Kanichi: Hmm… But I guess that’s understandable. Going to a dance wouldn’t suit you. You’re rough, tough and almost like a gangster.

Ikumi: Huh?!

Kanichi: I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Put that meat knife away! Just don’t cut off my pompadour!

Ikumi: Jeez! You’re saying too much! Even I can be feminine!

Soma: It’s not convincing if you say it while waving a knife around!

Ikumi: What did you say?!

Ikumi: Y-Y-Yukihira! H-H-How long have you been there?!

Soma: I just got here.

Ikumi: Why’s Yukihira making fun of me?

Ikumi: Hey! Why are you sitting next to me?!

Soma: I’m not allowed to sit here?

Ikumi: No, that’s not it…

Ikumi: Why’d I sit up straight for no reason? What’s going on?

Kanichi: Right, Nikumi! I’ve got a good idea!

Ikumi: What is it?

Kanichi: Why don’t you take Yukihira to the dance?

Ikumi: HUHHH?!

Soma: Huh? What are you talking about?

Kanichi: Listen up, Yukihira! Nikumi is feeling lonely because she doesn’t have anyone to go with!

Soma: I feel kinda sorry for her.

Ikumi: I said I wasn’t going!

Soma: Oh? So why don’t you go with Konishi-san instead of me?

Kanichi: You idiot! I’m aiming to be a man among men! There’s no way I could attend something fancy like a dance!

Soma: I see, so that’s how it is…

Ikumi: What’s up with him? He doesn’t seem concerned at all… I’m the only one making a fuss, like an idiot.

Ikumi: Anyway… I’m not going to the dance! You’re not interested either, right, Yukihira? You don’t want to go, do you?

Soma: No… I’m not into dancing.

Ikumi: Yeah… I thought so.

Ikumi: Huh? Why was I disappointed just now?

Kanichi: But it’s a really classy party. There should be a lot of unusual food, so it’d be a good experience.

Soma: Aha!

Ikumi: Your eyes shouldn’t be lighting up that much!

Soma: Seeing as I’ve come to this school, I’d like to try all different kinds of food!

Ikumi: He changed his mind completely and ended up wanting to go! It’s refreshing to see how easy he is to understand. But if I go to the dance with him, it’ll be a chance to really show him my feminine side!

Ikumi: Well, if you really want to go, then I don’t mind taking you…

Soma: Okay, I’ll be counting on you then, Nikumi!

Ikumi: Alright!

Ikumi: I’m going to make a lot of effort getting ready! What dress should I wear?

Ikumi: Right, Yukihira! You’ve got to dress up for the dance.

Soma: Dress up…?

Ikumi: Make an effort choosing your clothes. It means wearing something fancy! The venue is a formal one, so you’ll stand out if you don’t wear something suitable. You’d get turned away too.

Soma: Ah… Got it.

Ikumi: I’ve got a bad feeling about this! What’s with his monotone voice?

Ikumi: By the way, what are you planning to wear?

Soma: Is my uniform okay?

Ikumi: That’s what you normally wear. Of course it’s no good! There’s no doubt that you’ll stand out!

Soma: Are you serious? But I don’t own a suit…

Ikumi: Right… High school students don’t normally get to wear suits or tuxedos…

Ikumi: Fine. I’ll get you something to wear then!

Man: Miss Ikumi! I’ve brought what you asked for!

Ikumi: Alright, well done.

Kanichi: Whoa! The club room is full of tuxedos!

Soma: Why are there so many different types? Can’t we just pick whatever fits?

Ikumi: You idiot! Getting the small details right makes you look smarter. You’ve got to try them all to see which one looks good.

Soma: Are you serious? That seems like too much.

Ikumi: You’re going to be accompanying me. It’ll affect the Mito Group’s image if you don’t look right. Come on! Try them all on!

Soma: Alright, alright.

Ikumi: Okay, that’s the clothes sorted. Now you’re going to learn the right manners for a buffet style party.

Soma: I’ve got to do that too?

Ikumi: Of course! Listen up. Putting too much on your plate at a buffet is bad manners. You should have three types of food at the most, and only a little of each.

Soma: Huh? I’d like eat as much as I can and compare everything. I’d put a mountain of food on my plate!

Kanichi: Yeah! There’s no need to hold back.

Ikumi: Quit messing around! Eating all you want would be impolite! Make sure you can finish it up in a few bites. Alright?

Soma: Okay…

Ikumi: You’ve learnt just about everything, right? Last of all, you’re going to learn how to dance. It’s a dance party, you see.

Soma: Uh… I haven’t done any dancing since the folk dance at the sports meet. Will I be able to do it?

Kanichi: Can you even dance anyway, Nikumi?

Soma: You’re normally like a gangster, you see!

Ikumi: Of course I can. Look. You hold out your right arm, and put your left arm gently around your partner’s waist.

Ikumi: I’ll try to show Yukihira and Konishi the ballroom dancing I’ve been learning since I was a child. One, two, three. One, two, three. Following the rhythm, dance the basic steps of a waltz. Natural turn. Outside change. Spin turn. Reverse. Check back.

Ikumi: Last of all, I place my feet together, and as if holding the hem of my dress, I finish with a bow.

Kanichi: Whoa! That was amazing, Nikumi! It was like something out of a TV show or movie!

Soma: I was surprised! You’re really good!

Ikumi: It was nothing! It’s only natural for me to know this! Alright, now we’ll practice together…

Ikumi: T-Together…! With Yukihira?! Holding hands and having our faces close while dancing!

Soma: What’s the matter, Nikumi? Your face is all red.

Ikumi: W-W-Wait a minute!

Soma: Hey, Nikumi!

Ikumi: I’ve borrowed some books for beginners about social dancing from the library, so you read them and practice! Got it?!

Soma: But… Wouldn’t it be better if you taught me yourself?

Kanichi: Yeah, it definitely would.

Ikumi: Quit complaining! Learn it before the dance! I’m going home! See ya!

Ikumi: It’s no good! Dancing with Yukihira in front of Konishi is too embarrassing to do! We’ll just have to try our best on the day!

Kanichi: What happened to Nikumi? Did she get stomach ache or something?

Soma: Reading a book and learning how to dance, huh? I wonder if I can do it…

Ikumi: Then the day of the dance party finally came around.

Man: We’re here, Miss Ikumi.

Ikumi: Thank you.

Ikumi: Umm… Yukihira is… He isn’t here yet, hmm? I said I’d pick him up from the dormitory… But…

Soma: I don’t want you to go the trouble of coming, so let’s meet at the venue.

Ikumi: That’s what he said. But I think I wouldn’t have known what to talk about during the journey, so maybe things are better this way. I wonder if this coordination is okay though… A low cut white dress which shows off my shoulders and chest, with a small handbag in a matching colour. I’m also wearing a simple pearl necklace. It’s been a long time since I dressed formally like this, so won’t Yukihira be speechless too?

Ikumi: Oh, it’s from Yukihira?

Ikumi: Hello, Yukihira! Where are you right now?

Soma: Sorry, I just woke up.

Ikumi: You’ve got to be kidding!

Soma: I’m really sorry. I took a nap without realising it. I’ll get ready quickly and come right away. I never have trouble waking up when it’s time for the restaurant to open though…

Ikumi: Jeez, Yukihira! I don’t care about that guy anymore! Don’t show your face in front of me again, you idiot!

Ikumi: Damn it, Yukihira! You’re the worst for standing me up! I shouldn’t have come here in the first place, if I was just going to be standing in a corner! Damn it!

Man: Hmm? What’s the matter, Miss? Are you alone? Isn’t anyone with you?

Ikumi: Ah… No…

Ikumi: What’s with this old guy? His clothes are good, but the way he’s wearing them isn’t that smart. For starters, getting so drunk in a place like this makes him seem like one of the nouveau riche.

Man: You look quite grown up, don’t you, Miss?

Ikumi: What is this old guy looking at?! The way he’s looking at my chest and through my dress is creeping me out! Don’t be ridiculous! I didn’t dress like this for you! Damn it! Maybe I’ll give him a punch!

Man: Come on, we’re at a party. Let’s have fun together, okay?

Ikumi: Don’t touch me! You stink of alcohol! That’s enough!

Man: Who’s that? You’re going to rip my hand off!

Ikumi: Yukihira…?

Man: Who’s this kid? Do you know who I am?!

Soma: Let’s go, Nikumi.

Ikumi: Huh?

Man: Wait up, you kids! Don’t think you’ll get away with opposing me! Wait! Don’t run away!

Ikumi: The sight of Yukihira’s back as he ran while holding my hand. We ran along the long, empty corridor, holding hands. Like the heroine and her lover from a movie I watched when I was a child.

Soma: We ended up coming as far as the balcony.

Ikumi: You didn’t have to help me.

Soma: What are you talking about? Of course I’d help you.

Ikumi: Hmph.

Soma: Isn’t that dress good, Nikumi? It makes you look like a real princess.

Ikumi: What? You don’t have to be nice just because you were late.

Soma: It’s not like that.

Ikumi: No way. You called me a gangster before.

Soma: That’s because I’m used to seeing you how you always are. But they’re both just different sides of you, aren’t they?

Ikumi: At that time, I had a warm feeling from my heart until the tips of my fingers. My father didn’t let me have any of the toys or games that girls did. But because I didn’t complain about the lessons necessary for business, ballroom dancing was the one thing that allowed me to be like a girl. So I thought Yukihira might look at me differently if I wore a beautiful dress and tried to dance gracefully.

Soma: Hey, Nikumi. It’s almost time for the dance. Aren’t you going to go?

Ikumi: No. Shall we skip it?

Soma: Is that okay? I did practice just in case.

Ikumi: It’s okay! I’m hungry!

Soma: I see! Just wait then! I’ll get some food for you too.

Ikumi: I should at least stay around for the food Yukihira was looking forward to. I feel kind of strange. Was the night sky in this city always this beautiful?

Soma: Thanks for yesterday, Nikumi. Here’s the tuxedo.

Ikumi: A-Alright. I don’t mind if you keep it though.

Soma: No… I can’t do that. But there was a lot of food I hadn’t tried before and I’m glad I went!

Ikumi: I see… H-Hey! I’m glad I went with you too…

Soma: But it would’ve been nice if we’d gotten to dance. You should try lots of different experiences! I even got Tadakoro to practice with me.

Ikumi: Huh?

Soma: It really is hard to understand if all you do is read a book and practice alone. I asked Tadakoro to be my partner. We had a bit of trouble when her face turned red and she collapsed though. I wonder if she was feeling sick? I feel bad about what I did.

Soma: Alright, I’ll be going now! Say hi to Konishi for me. See ya!

Kanichi: Hey, Nikumi! How was the dance party? Did you mess up or something? I was worried you’d show your true self and act all tough!

Kanichi: Umm… Nikumi-san? Huh? What are you angry about? Wait a minute! Seriously, stop! Put the knife away! Just don’t cut off my pompadour!

Track 4

Thank you all for your hard work! I’m Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, the voice actor of Soma Yukihira. Well… We’ve recorded this drama CD just before the anime, and I’m very happy to be recording a drama CD in advance of the anime. That’s because I’d like to keep on refining Soma’s character, just like you do when cooking. I’m really glad to be able to do it in a way that others will get to hear. The drama CD has a story where Erina and Soma are travelling back from Totsuki Resort in a car together. I hope everyone is able to understand “ah, so that’s what kind of story it is!”. The important thing is that I’d really like everyone to enjoy the anime. I’m going to try and make Shokugeki no Soma succeed with all the heart, mind and strength that I usually do. Let’s make this the greatest anime ever!

I’m Risa Taneda, the voice actress of Erina Nakiri! In advance of the anime, Tsukuda-sensei wrote three new stories especially for this CD. I was really excited when I heard that, and now that I’ve recorded it, I think that the amount of content was impressive, with Erina, Megumi, Ikumi and various other characters all making an appearance. It was very fun to listen to, as well as record. The story was set around the time of an event from the comics, and I was playing Erina, who had gotten really hungry. The recording took place around lunchtime, so my stomach was rumbling at just the right moments! This drama CD really did make me feel hungry, especially during Megumi’s story, where even just hearing the word “meat juices” was enough to make me feel like drooling. I think this is a wonderful series where both the drama CD and the anime will make its audience feel hungry, so please support it from now on! Thank you very much!

I’m Minami Takahashi, the voice actress of Megumi Tadakoro! Thank you very much! In the story, Megumi formed a team with Takumi-kun and Isami-kun for the first time. This was the first time I’ve played Megumi Tadakoro for such a long time and I was nervous. I feel like she hasn’t spoken to Takumi-kun and Isami-kun so much in the original work, but this time she was able to receive encouragement from someone apart from Soma-kun and was able to cook. I’m very happy, as I felt I was slowly taking steps forward as Megumi during this recording. Being able to hear scenes that weren’t a part of the original work is very exciting, so I hope everyone hears this and I’d be really happy if everyone was able to imagine things like “oh, so it’s that kind of scene!” In this drama CD, the characters were brought to life in advance of the anime, and in the anime, many more charming characters will make an appearance. I’d like it if you could enjoy the original work, with both the images and sounds making you feel hungry, so please look forward to the anime too! Thanks for today!

Thanks for your hard work! Thank you for buying the edition of the comic which comes with a drama CD. I’m Shizuka Ishigami, the voice actress for Ikumi Mito. This is a drama CD attached to the comic, which Tsukuda-sensei especially wrote three stories for. I didn’t think Nikumi-chan would have such a big part, so although I was really happy and nervous when I received the script, I wanted to try my best. This is Shokugeki no Soma, so of course food is mentioned, but I didn’t think the story would have elements of a love comedy too. It was a lot of fun to do. The Shokugeki no Soma anime will start in April, and I think anyone who has seen the PV on the official site will understand this, but the efforts of the production team, staff and voice actors have been amazing. As a fan of the original work, I’m very honoured to be a part of the anime. In the anime, I would really like to show the gap between Nikumi-chan’s strength and cuteness, which is part of her charm. I’m going to try my best with the anime, so please look forward to it. Thank you very much!

I’m Natsuki Hanae, the voice actor of Takumi Aldini. It hasn’t been long since I met Takumi, and this is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to play him. I was nervous while I doing it. Hmm… I had the impression that Takumi is kinder in the drama CD, compared to the original work, so I wasn’t sure what to do. I was acting in sync with Ono-san’s Isami… Ah, about Ono-san… Since being cast as Isami, he’s got this annoying habit of calling me “Bro” whenever we meet. It’s a little creepy when he does, and although I thought he might do that again today, he was actually being normal. I had fun playing his twin. Now that the anime has been confirmed, I’d like to further my understanding of Takumi. Please look forward to the anime too. I’m counting on you! Thank you very much.

Hello, I’m Yuuki Ono, the voice actor of Isami Aldini. Thanks for your hard work! I was a little surprised that Natsuki Hanae-nii-chan thought I was always calling him “big brother”. I’m curious exactly what he thinks about me. The author of the original work, Yuuto Tsukuda, is a friend who I play futsal with. It really was a long time ago when I said to Yuuto that I would do my best as a voice actor until his series got adapted into anime. And I’m really happy I was able to achieve that. I’m looking forward to the anime, but I’d be happy if you listened to this drama CD a few times first to get to know the characters and enjoyed the anime too. This was Yuuki Ono, the voice of Isami Aldini. Bye bye!

Thanks for your hard work! This is Saori Oonishi, the voice actress of Hisako Arato. Hisako is Erina’s secretary, and in this drama CD she appears at the end of Erina’s track, at her most energetic. I was surprised by that. I realised how strong her love for Erina must be. I wonder how the anime will be. I don’t know whether Hisako will play a big part, but I think it would be nice if I could appear in a cool scene. I can’t cook, but because of this work, I’d at least like to learn how to make curry. There are many more characters who haven’t appeared in this CD, so I think it’d be good to wait for the anime while you listen to the drama CD. Thank you very much!

I’m Shinji Kawada, the voice actor for Konishi, the Don of the Don RS. Thank you very much. In this drama CD, I had fun recording a story with Nikumi, Konishi and Soma. Even the original work has many exciting characters, and although this is my first time working on it, I had a lot of fun. I would like to enjoy working on the anime too, so I hope everyone will watch and support it. Thank you very much!