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Shukan Soine 10

Shukan Soine Volume 10 – Yuki

CV: Inoue Kazuhiko

Track 1

Ah, welcome home.

Have you warmed up now?

I see. That’s good.

Come on. Sit down here.

You’re warm. It really is nice when you’ve just gotten out of the bath. Especially because I haven’t stayed over at yours for a while.

Oh? Your hair is still a little wet. You didn’t dry it completely?

Hmm? You were worried about keeping me waiting?

Or did you want to see me that quickly?

It’s cute how your face is all red. I was waiting for you to come back quickly.

Hey. Shall we get into bed now?

Only joking. I’m a stylist, so I wouldn’t let you into bed with wet hair.

Give me the towel.

Did you know? Wet hair can get damaged really easily.

So you shouldn’t rub it hard, but gently wrap the towel around it and pat it carefully instead.

I’m glad you finished your bath quickly, but did you make sure to do your skincare routine?

It seems like you used toner.

Lotion too? Well done.

So what about cream?

You didn’t use it? That’s no good. Doing everything in one go is important when it comes to skincare.

Hmm… But doesn’t your skin seem drier than usual? It was the same when you stayed over at mine before.

Were you skipping your skincare routine again?

Well, I can understand getting a bit careless when you’re busy.

Ah, right. Wait a minute. A lot of new product samples arrived today.

I’m sure that there was… Ah, here it is!

Can I test this cream and these other skincare products? I’ll put them on for you.

Great! Thank you!

Alright, close your eyes. That’s right. Okay.

Wait a minute. I’m going to get ready.

I think this is enough for today.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Are you nervous?

Haha. You’re not telling the truth. Your right cheek just tensed up.

Did your heart beat faster because you thought I might kiss you?

Ah, you’ve got to keep your eyes closed.

What? You don’t want to?

Huh? A trick?

I’m not going to do that. I swear to God.

Come on.

Alright, good.

Okay, let’s start then.

Hmm… It’s not bad. It’s going on well. At this price…

Okay, you can open your eyes now.

Thanks for letting me test the cream. It was a great help.

Hmm? What is it?

Eh? I was talking to myself earlier?

It must have been loud. I’m sorry.

It seems that I even mutter to myself at work when I’m concentrating and the staff tell me I’m too loud. I’m trying to stop doing it though.

Eh? You think it’s cool?

Ah, stop. It’s no good for you to say that.

Yes, it’s no good.

If you say something that cute, even though I promised I wouldn’t play a trick on you… I’ll be unable to stop myself from breaking that promise.

Now the shop is closed. Work mode is over.


I’ve had magic cast on me… No, it’s nothing. Let’s go to sleep now.

I’d like to hold you until morning. Tomorrow is a day off, so we don’t need to hurry, right?

Alright, shall we go to bed? Come here.

Track 2

When I lie down like this, I feel like my body gets heavier right away.

When you start working full-time, you start doing less exercise…

It really is no good.

Alright, make sure to rest well. Good night.


Oh dear, your eyes are wide open. You can’t sleep?

I see. You must be really energetic if you’re not tired after all that walking.

As for me… Well, I suppose I’m tired, but I don’t want to be the first one to fall asleep.

Shall we talk for a little longer then?

Come on, don’t be shy. I’ve decided to stay awake, so I’m up now.

Come to think of it, we haven’t decided where we’re going tomorrow. Is there anywhere you’d like to go?

Oh, that place?

It’s not that I don’t like it… I just thought there might be a lot of people there. Is that okay?

We might not be able to relax there.

Don’t worry about me. Being noticed by the people around me just shows that the media is paying attention to me. It’s actually an honour.

But it’s a different matter when our dates get interrupted…

There was a girl who suddenly asked to shake my hand today too, right? And she asked ” so=”” you=”” have=”” a=”” girlfriend,=”” yuki-san?”…=”” <=”” p=””>

When my tone of voice got a little rough, she asked “Do you like men?”.

I don’t like how narrow-minded that was. People should be more flexible and equal.

Oh? Why do you look so sad?


Really? It’s nothing?

I see.

My goodness. You still don’t look sleepy at all.

What will help you fall asleep?

Ah… Right!

At times like this…

Oh? You’re being affectionate to me?

What’s the matter?

Where am I going? Just over there.

You really don’t want me to leave?

Shall we go together then?

Come on. I’ll hold onto you.

Jeez. If you’re going to get that embarrassed, then you should just wait here patiently.

I’ll be right back.

Umm… Where was that book on the shelf?

Track 3

Sorry I kept you waiting. This is the best partner for a sleepless night, isn’t it?

Tada! Reading a story from a picture book!

This book was read to me when I was a child and I still like it now. So much that I take it with me when I move around.

I’m going to read it, of course. You can fall asleep before the end if you feel tired. Got it?

Alright. This is the beginning of a story for a good girl.

Once upon a time, at a very ordinary house in a certain town, there lived a girl. She thought she was the ugliest person in the world. That was because her very beautiful mother and sisters would ask her “Why are you the only one who isn’t beautiful?” everyday.

It was only her father who called her beautiful. However, her father had gone on a journey to a faraway place several years before.

The only thing that the ugly girl was able to do was clean the house, so that her beautiful family would always stay beautiful.

While she was cleaning for that reason everyday, her clothes became dirty and torn. Her hair became rough too. When the townspeople saw that, they began to call her an ugly girl.

One evening, her family had dressed up more than usual and gone out together.

Today was the anniversary of the country’s foundation. For that reason, a grand party was being held to celebrate the country. But the girl stayed at home because she had some cleaning left to do.

However, inside her heart, she hid the true feeling that she wanted to attend the party. She was alone in the quiet house cleaning.

She felt a strong wind pass through the house and a person in a black robe suddenly appeared.

The girl stood still in surprise and the person said “I’m a magician. I’m going to cast some magic for you as you’ve always been working so hard. So close your eyes.”

Strangely enough, the girl felt calm and gently closed her eyes. She could hear the magician’s spell amidst the darkness. “So that you’ll be able to smile… Three. Two. One.”

In the next moment, her torn clothes turned into a dress and her rough hair was done up. When she opened her eyes, she was dressed like she could be a princess from a different country.

Then a carriage appeared like the wind, and the girl was taken to the palace. The girl hesitantly entered the palace, and all the people who saw her whispered to one another. The girl was embarrassed and immediately tried to leave the palace.

As she did so, she bumped into someone. It was the prince who was going around greeting everyone.

The clothes of the prince were reflected in the eyes of the girl, who panicked and apologised. A stain spread over the brilliant cloth. When the princess bumped into him, the champagne glass held by a guest standing nearby was knocked over.

The girl wiped the prince’s clothes with the handkerchief she carried, then apologised again and left the palace. Someone called to her from behind, but the magic had faded and she didn’t notice.

The day after the party, the girl wanted to forget about the day before and dedicated herself to cleaning more than usual. Then someone came to visit the girl. It was the prince who she bumped into the day before. The prince offered the handkerchief to the girl and said “I saw the name embroidered onto this handkerchief and came here”.

This is the first time I’ve met someone as beautiful as you. I want to thank you for yesterday, so please come to the palace again. But the girl shook her head and said “I was just an illusion when I came last night. All I can do is clean the house in my dirty clothes. This ugly sight is who I really am.”

When the prince heard this, he took the girl’s hand, gently placed the handkerchief in it and smiled. “You certainly were beautiful last night… But when you didn’t hesitate to give me your handkerchief yesterday and now that I see you cleaning the house without worrying about getting dirty, I feel as if your heart and the sight of those things is what’s beautiful.

A smile also spread across the girl’s face after she felt the warmth of the prince’s hand. That smile was incredibly lovely, just like a flower blossom opening when the light of the sun shines upon it.

Because of her encounter with the prince, the girl began to change. She talked and smiled a lot. She began to go out more often. No one called her an ugly girl any longer. During that time, the prince changed too.

A deep love for the girl began to blossom in his heart. The prince’s warm heart and the girl surrounded by happiness. Before long, they married, congratulated by all the townspeople.

The End.

Thank you for listening.

That’s not what I should be saying! Why’d you listen all the way until the end?


That’s right. It’s a nice story. I don’t think I’d be the same person I am today if I hadn’t encountered this book.

Oh? Didn’t I tell you about it? The reason why I started the job I’m doing now.

I see. Then as well as the story I read out loud, I’m going to tell another story especially for you. The title is… Right… The Snow Boy and the Magician, I suppose.

Well then, this is the start of the extra chapter.

Track 4

Once upon a time, in a really ordinary home on an island somewhere, there was a boy. The boy was more delicate than the other children around him and pale too. Because of that, he had a somewhat sad experience.

One evening, he was unable to sleep thinking of all those sad things and his mother read him a picture book. That was the story of a girl who had a sad experience, just like the boy did, and became happy after she was transformed thanks to a magician.

When the boy heard that story, he thought “I want to make a happy person sad just like the magician did”. The boy admired the magician from the picture book, then one thing lead to another and he ended up becoming a stylist who makes women beautiful.

The End.

That was kind of embarrassing. Anyway, that was the reason I decided to become a stylist. A person’s life can be changed just by changing their appearance a little. When you think of it like that, then doesn’t doing someone’s hair and make-up seem like magic? In other words, the stylist Yuki is a magician who brings smiles to all the women in the world. Just kidding.

Everyone has the right to be happy. Especially women. Doing the kind of job that supports women towards happiness is something I’m proud of. But right now, the woman closest to me looks like she’s about to cry. I don’t know the reason why and I can’t make her smile.

Recently, I’ve been appearing on TV too, and I thought I’d finally become a true stylist. But it seems like I was mistaken. At this rate, it seems like I’ll have to give up soon.

Huh? What are you sorry about?

I made you worry. We haven’t been able to see each other for a while because I’m always working. That’s why you look the way you do. I’m sorry.

I understand why I was apologising, but why were you apologising to me?

That’s why you were sorry? It was my fault we weren’t able to see each other, so I won’t think that you’re narrow-minded for saying you’re lonely.

More importantly than that, hesitating to say that you were lonely is more serious problem to me.

Hey. Look up.

It’s no good biting your lip so hard. It’s no good if you don’t smile like you always do.

Hmm? You want to know why? Smile. Then I’ll tell you.

It’s impossible? Then I’ll cast some magic to make you smile.

Close your eyes. Alright then…

So that you’ll smile… Three, two, one…

Did you know? I can’t kiss you properly when you bite your lip.

It’s annoying, right?

You finally smiled. You’re cute.

The girl from the picture book is probably no match for you. But then a prince from somewhere might propose to you and I wouldn’t want that.

Alright. I’ll change the ending of the story I read earlier, shall I?

The girl became a princess thanks to the magician’s wonderful magic. The magician fell in love at first sight. He didn’t want anyone else to have the girl.

Thinking of that, the magician cast magic to turn himself into a prince and then proposed to the princess. The two of them lived happily ever after together.

Now the magician and the princess are together forever.

Ah. I think you know this, but I’m the magician. What do you think? It was a pretty good change, right?

Like the magician in the story, I want to make as many people as possible smile.

I always think about that when I work. But when I’m touching you like this, I understand that I’m just a selfish man. I have to be the prince who comes to meet you.

I won’t let anyone else have you. I won’t do it. I only want to hold you close to me and do anything to make you happy.

I want you to shine brighter than anyone. So will you let me do your make-up before the date tomorrow? Let me do your hair and choose your clothes too.

That was a request from Yuki the stylist. And this is my request as your boyfriend. Can I dye you my colour from now on, and not just tomorrow?

Track 5

You’re finally asleep?

I was worried when you suddenly looked as if you were about to cry.

My goodness. Your skin is dry and there are even dark circles under your eyes. But that’s because of me and not because you skipped your skincare routine, isn’t it?

Hey. Smile beside me when you’re happy and depend on me completely when you’re sad.

That’s enough to make me happy.

Just kidding. That’s no good. Saying arrogant things isn’t going to make the girl I love smile.


You’re asleep, right? But smiling at this time isn’t fair.

When you’re awake tomorrow, I’ll make sure you smile so much that you don’t have time to think of anything else. Make sure you’re ready.

Alright. Goodnight then.

Track 6

Oh? I’m almost finished eating…

Ah. Found you.

Good morning.

Yeah. I was in the middle of a dream. I only had one bite of cake left to eat.

Well, never mind. Instead of having the last bite, I’ll…

Okay. Thanks for the meal.

You look less pale today. Did you sleep well?

I see. I’m glad.

Right… Do you remember what I asked you yesterday?

Yes, that’s it. I’ve been looking forward to doing your make-up since yesterday. I was even dreaming about how to do it.

Hey. Don’t laugh. I told you, didn’t I?

I want to do everything I can to make you happy. I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said I wasn’t dreaming of you.

Alright, shall we get ready now? I want to take my time doing your make-up.

Ah, right… Before I do your make-up, I’m going to cast the magic that makes you most beautiful.

I can’t use this magic without you.

Understand? Look at me then.

Tell me that you love me. Then I’ll be the happiest person in the world and I’ll embrace you.

Close your eyes gently.

That’s right.

Ah, you’re beautiful.

Oh no… I’m sorry. I said I would cast magic on you, but I’m the one who’s had magic cast upon them.

I love you more than anyone. But no words are enough to express that feeling.

I want to kiss you again and again, hold you and return all the happiness you’ve given to me with all my strength.

So let me hold you in my arms everyday.

Track 7

Shukan Soine Volume 10, Yuki Chapter. This is Inoue Kazuhiko, the voice of Yuki. Thanks for listening. How was it?

Today I used a mic called a dummy head mic to record the CD. It’s a mic in the shape of a human. It’s a mysterious mic where you move right, left, behind, up and down. Like this “Ah ah ah”. You could hear my voice going round. Alright, I’m going here now. How about I turn behind now? Thanks for listening!

So I moved around the mic and that was how the CD was recorded. I think the people listening will get a sense of realism. As the person doing it, it’s pretty difficult. It’s hard work.

Going towards the mic and walking away from it. Going right and left. In the studio, there is a circle on the floor which seems like a magical one. There are numbers on it. The numbers go from one, all the way up to sixteen. I went around all those numbers.

This probably wasn’t heard in the main recording, but my stomach was rumbling and making a growling sound. There were times when my knee or my ankle made a popping noise too.

It’s an unexpectedly delicate mic. And so I was recording without my shoes. I’m sorry to say that while everyone is feeling good. When I went here and there around the mic, you felt excited, right? This mic is pretty close to me. I like this.

How’s this position? What about this? I like this.

So the dummy head mic has the face of a woman. But it really is an unsociable face. I get incredibly close to the unsociable face of this dummy head mic and almost kiss it and so on.

If you were watching it from the side you would think “what’s that old guy doing?”

I hope I’m not making you sad.

Right… During the CD, I read a book.

I quite liked reading the picture book aloud. I think it’s nice to do that kind of thing.

Last of all, I’m going to give you a message as Yuki.

What’s the matter? Did something bad happen? You should call me at times like that. I’ll come right away, no matter where I am and hold you tightly. If that doesn’t make you feel better…

I’ll hold you until you fall asleep. I hope you’ll rest well…


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