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Starmyu Special Drama CD 4

Starmyu Special Drama CD 4

Okamoto Nobuhiko
Uchida Yuuma
Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Okitsu Kazuyuki

Track 1 – Starmyu in Final Exams

Tatsumi: Special Drama CD Four.

All: Starmyu in Final Exams!

Toraishi: Hmm… Hey, Sawatari. Is the translation of this English sentence okay?

Eigo: Let me see.

No, it’s wrong. Toraishi, read the explanation carefully once more. It’s here.

Toraishi: Hmm?

Eigo: Listen carefully. “S” always comes before “V”. So when you translate an English sentence,
you should look for the “V” first of all…

Toraishi: Wait a minute! What does “V” mean?

Eigo: “V” stands for “verb”. “S” is the subject. “O” is the object. “C” is the complement. English sentences are in the five patterns of “SV”, “SVC”, “SVO”, “SVOO” and “SVOC”. You need to remember that perfectly if you want a good grade in English, Toraishi.

Toraishi: I still don’t get it. Why is English so annoying?

Eigo: Annoying? I think the grammar is quite simple.

Toraishi: Then your way of teaching must be the problem.

Eigo: What?

Toraishi: You hear this a lot, don’t you? Smart people can’t do things at the same pace as people who aren’t so smart.

Eigo: Then why don’t you study by yourself? Didn’t you come to my room because you really wanted a good grade in the upcoming finals?

Tatsumi: Hehehe.

Eigo & Toraishi: Hmm?

Eigo: Tatsumi?

Tatsumi: You’re definitely good at studying, but not teaching. I understand how Toraishi feels.

Toraishi: Exactly!

Eigo: Is that right?

Toraishi: Yes! So how about you teach me instead, Tatsumi?

Tatsumi: Eigo is good at English though. Only at English.

Note: “Eigo” also means “English” when written using the kanji characters 英語. Eigo’s name is written with the kanji characters 栄悟.

Toraishi: Ah… Isn’t it cold with the aircon on?

Eigo: Tatsumi…

Tatsumi: Oh? Tsukigami would’ve laughed out loud at that though.

Toraishi: Right… He’s got a weakness for puns, hasn’t he? Shuu told me.

Ah… I’ve lost my concentration. Let’s have a break.

Tatsumi: You’re right. Shall I make some tea then?

Eigo: I’ll do it.

Tatsumi: Is that alright?

Toraishi: Hey.

Eigo: What is it, Toraishi?

Toraishi: How come you guys are so relaxed?

Well… I can’t really say that when I’m the one who invited myself into your room… But you guys don’t look like you’ve studied at all since I got here.

Tatsumi: We study everyday. Isn’t that right, Eigo?

Eigo: Yes. We’re not the type of people who cram before exams. Just because exams are coming up, doesn’t mean that we’re going to spend more time studying. We review classes on the day we have them and memorise the content.

Toraishi: What’s with that confidence? How come you two are so smart?

Tatsumi: I’m just average.

Eigo: There’s such a big difference between Tatsumi’s weak and strong subjects.

Toraishi: But he’s still better than me, right?

Tatsumi: Isn’t it alright, as long as you don’t fail? If you end up having to take make-up tests, then you’ll have less time for practice. Make sure you teach him properly, Eigo.

Eigo: Of course. But judging from his midterms, even though Toraishi has trouble with English, he doesn’t have to worry about failing.

Toraishi: That’s not good enough!

Eigo: Huh?

Toraishi: I’m not going to make the kind of mistake in English that’d bring down my average this time! Because I definitely don’t want to lose to that guy…Tengenji!

Tatsumi: Hmm… So he gets good grades then.

Eigo: What on earth happened between you and Tengenji-kun?

Ugawa: Tatsumin! Saru-kun! Help me!

All: Ugawa?

All: You can’t study for your exams?

Ugawa: I almost failed some of the midterms, but if my grades get any worse, then the finals will be terrible! If I really mess up, then I’ll be doing make-up exams!

Toraishi: Hmm? What was that, Ugawa? You should’ve said so!

I see, I see. So you’re bad at exams too, huh. Let’s be good friends, Akira-chan.

Ugawa: Stop that! Let go!

Toraishi: Ah.

Ugawa: Don’t compare me to you! My grades are actually good!

Toraishi: Huh? What are you talking about? You almost failed your midterms, right?

Tatsumi: Is there some kind of reason?

Eigo: You can’t get any studying done… What on earth do you mean?

Ugawa: It’s his fault.

All: His fault?

Ugawa: Because of that useless human…I can’t study in my room at all!

Toraishi: Ah… Inumine, huh…

Eigo: I see. You share a room with him, don’t you?

Ugawa: Even getting here was tough! He found me when I tried to sneak out of the room. He was determined to chase me and he ran so fast! I lost him somehow by running around the dorm and then I managed to reach this room. I just want him to give me a break!

Toraishi: Ah… He’s the type of person to rush around once he senses someone else’s warmth.

Ugawa: What kind of person is he?!

Toraishi: Ugawa. Don’t think of Inumine as a person. Think of him as a super-friendly, big dog.

Ugawa: A dog that’s over 180cm tall is more like a monster!

Tatsumi: So you’re having trouble studying because Inumine bothers you when you’re in your room?

Eigo: That’s a big problem.

Ugawa: Please let me hide in your room… Just for a few hours so I can study for my exams.

Tatsumi: That’s okay. Isn’t it, Eigo?

Eigo: Sure. Toraishi is studying here too, so there might not be much room. But if you don’t mind that…

Toraishi: There’s a reason I really can’t mess up in the finals! I’d welcome you as a friend!

Ugawa: What kind of reason? It seems like a stupid one…

Toraishi: Hey, Ugawa… Why do you treat Tatsumi and Eigo so differently?

Ugawa: I can’t hear you!

Toraishi: Huh? I know you can!

Inumine: Someone called me, so here I am! Woof woof woof! A high school student with a cute smile! Everyone’s singing and dancing friend! Seishirou Inumine from Team Hiiragi!

Toraishi: No one called you!

Ugawa: There he is! Do something, Toraishi-kun!

Toraishi: Shoo! Go away! Little Ugawa is scared!

Inumine: Shooing me away is pretty mean!

Ah, you guys are all here! That’s so unfair!

Toraishi: It’s not unfair! We’re trying to study. Just don’t bother Ugawa again today. Stop chasing him. Just stay calm, even if it’s only for a day.

Inumine: But we’re in the middle of playing tag! Right, Ugawa?

Ugawa: Huh?! You started a game of tag? When?

Inumine: Come on! If you don’t hurry up and run, you’ll be it!

What’s the matter, Ugawa?

Ugawa: I’m scared! What am I supposed to do?!

Toraishi: Look, Inumine. You made Ugawa cry because you’re acting weird.

Inumine: I’m sorry!

Tatsumi: There, there. Ugawa.

Ugawa: Tatsumin!

Eigo: This is no good. It’s been half a year since Ugawa enrolled at Ayanagi Gakuen and he’s suffering from “Inumine neurosis”.

Tatsumi: You can’t go to the hospital with an illness like that one.

Toraishi: I won’t be able to study for the finals at this rate.

Let’s go, Inumine. Guess I’ve got no choice. I’ll play with you over there. We’re not playing tag though.

Inumine: Ugawa is crying, but you’re being so cold, Toraishi!

Toraishi: Ah! I know, right! You’re a good guy at heart! Shut up though!

Tatsumi: Then how about Inumine studies for the finals here too?

Toraishi: Hmm?

Eigo: If everyone takes care of Inumine, then it might be less trouble for everyone.

Tatsumi: Then wouldn’t Toraishi and Ugawa be able to study a little?

Ugawa: Tatsumin…

Toraishi: I guess so. I’ve got to learn English anyway.

Inumine: A study session together?! Sounds like fun!

Tatsumi: That’s decided then.

Eigo: But if we include Inumine, then this room won’t be big enough. Shall we go to the lounge?

Toraishi: I think that’s a good idea.

Ugawa: Me too!

Inumine: Okay! Let’s all work together to study for the finals!

All: Hey! Hey! Whoa!

Eigo: Here you go. It’s coffee.

Tatsumi: Thank you, Eigo.

Toraishi: Thanks!

Ugawa: Thank you.

Inumine: Thank you!

Tatsumi: Shall we get started then?

All: Yeah!

Ugawa: I’ll help you with English, Toraishi. I’m good at English.

Toraishi: Thanks, Ugawa!

Ugawa: I’ll be doing my own studying, so just ask me if there’s something you don’t understand.

Toraishi: Okay!

Eigo: I’ll take care of Inumine then.

Tatsumi: I’ll help you.

Inumine: I’m counting on you!

Eigo: How about we start by reviewing the subjects you find difficult?

Were there any subjects you got bad grades in during the midterms, Inumine?

Inumine: All of them!

Eigo: All of them?

Tatsumi: Have you got your midterm papers, Inumine?

Inumine: Yes! Here you go!

Eigo: Biology, 43. Modern Japanese, 40.

Tatsumi: Math, 25. History, 30. English, 10.

Eigo: I can’t believe someone with grades like this really exists…

Tatsumi: That wasn’t a compliment.

Eigo: Didn’t you fail some of them? Did you manage to pass the make-up exams?

Inumine: It was no good…

Eigo: No good?

Tatsumi: So you took extra classes?

Inumine: Yes!

Eigo: I didn’t notice at all.

Tatsumi: Inumine is always running off somewhere during practice. I suppose I didn’t think too much about not seeing him for a while.

Inumine: The second and third make-up exams were both no good. In the end, I was the only one who didn’t pass…

Eigo: So then what happened?

Inumine: The teachers said “we’re done”!

Eigo: What?!

Tatsumi: I suppose they gave up.

Inumine: The teachers had a meeting and said I got good grades in performing arts, so I could just make up for it in the final exams.

Eigo: Your performing arts grades? You certainly are scarily powerful when it comes to that.

Tatsumi: So that’s the kind of allowance Ayanagi Gakuen would make for someone.

Inumine: But they said I might have to repeat the year if I really mess up!

Eigo: You shouldn’t be laughing about that!

Tatsumi: I see. So we might not be together next year.

Inumine: It’s okay! We’re connected by musicals! Sparkle!

Eigo: This is a terrible situation. If we don’t do anything, Inumine will be a new first year forever. We have to help him make up for it in the finals.

Tatsumi: That’s a good idea.

Inumine: I’ll do my best!

Eigo: From the looks of things, your worst grade is in English…

Inumine: Well, it is a 10!

Eigo: You’re talking like it’s nothing to do with you! Inumine.

Inumine: Hmm?

Eigo: Toraishi.

Toraishi: I heard it. I see, so you’re no good at English either.

Ugawa: Hey, Toraishi! Do your work.

Toraishi: Doesn’t it make you really curious though? You heard what Inumine got in his midterms, didn’t you? He really isn’t an ordinary person!

Ugawa: Well, it’s true that I couldn’t help being surprised…

Inumine: You’re no good at English either, Toraishi?

Toraishi: Well… I’m pretty good compared to you.

Inumine: Amazing! I can understand French though.

All: Huh?

Toraishi: What? You can speak French?

Ugawa: That’s the first time I’ve heard that!

Inumine: Yeah! I’m good friends with Yuzuriha-senpai, you see!

All: Huh?

Inumine: I was surprised too. Even though I’ve never studied French, I can understand what Yuzuriha-senpai is saying! It seems like he understands me too!

Hmm? Maybe I’m actually speaking French right now? Whoa!

Eigo: No… Ninety percent of what Yuzuriha-senpai says is in Japanese…

Inumine: Huh?!

Ugawa: You thought it was French?

Inumine: Yes! I thought I could understand French!

Toraishi: I’m going to say this again… You really are useless at everything except musicals.

Tatsumi: But on the other hand, I wonder if there is something he can do.

Ugawa: You’re so critical, Tatsumin.

Eigo: I understand you’re no good at studying, but how about sports?

Toraishi: Hmm… Isn’t he good at athletic activities? He’s good at dancing, right?

Tatsumi: That’s right. He learns dances really quickly.

Ugawa: He’s a fast runner too.

Inumine: Yes! I’m good at sports!

All: Whoa…!

Inumine: But I can never remember the rules for competitions! In the relay, I run until I’m stopped. When I play soccer, even though I score a goal, the other team gets the points.

Toraishi: What a waste of talent!

Ugawa: So can you ride a bicycle?

Inumine: I can! I have pretty good balance, so I could ride without training wheels right from the start!

All: Whoa…

Inumine: But I don’t know the traffic rules, so my parents told me not to ride outside.

All: Ah…

Eigo: So what about art? It’s something creative, just like music.

Inumine: Hmm… When I did woodblock printing, I didn’t know how much strength I was using and broke ten blocks of wood. When I did clay sculpting, I found out that I was allergic to clay. I fell asleep during a sketching competition too.

All: Hmm…

Toraishi: What about cooking then?

Inumine: I can’t do it.

Eigo: Are you good with machines?

Inumine: Not at all.

Toraishi: How about fighting?

Inumine: I don’t get involved. But I’m good at rock-paper-scissors!

Ugawa: Well, you don’t have to use your brain for that.

Toraishi: You’re useless, aren’t you?

Tatsumi: It’s amazing when you’re reminded it’s true…

Eigo: I’m surprised you’ve survived this long.

Inumine: Well, I’ve got a healthy body! Aha!

Toraishi: Now I’ve actually ended up thinking he’s cute.

Ugawa: You can have him then. Want to change rooms?

Toraishi: No, that’s fine! I don’t want that at all!

Inumine: Hey! Why are you guys so worried about what I can or can’t do?

Toraishi: Inumine?

Inumine: There are lots of things I’m no good at, but life is fun! Nothing troubles me and I’ve been able to solve most things by singing and dancing!

Ugawa: You’re the only who can do that.

Inumine: That’s not right, Ugawa!

Everyone’s different and everyone’s great! Everyone has things they’re not good at, but they’re fine that way! That’s what humans are like! That’s the universe! That’s how it is!

Ugawa: Huh? What are you talking about?

Eigo: Sorry, Inumine. What are you trying to say?

Tatsumi: I don’t really understand either.

Toraishi: Did you hit your head? Or are you feeling tired?

Inumine: You guys! Put your books down and leave the lounge! And sing!

Just look! Look out the window! The weather is great too! We can study anytime. But having fun together…

Tatsumi: There he goes. I suppose he got bored of sitting still.

Eigo: But he didn’t study at all…

Inumine: Look! Tsubasa is calling us too! Yahoo! Yahoo!

Toraishi: This isn’t even the time to be studying…

Inumine: Let’s sing together then!

Ugawa: I don’t want to!

Toraishi: He might actually be satisfied if we join in.

Ugawa: What?

Tatsumi: Well, we won’t be able to study the way things are now.

Eigo: You’re right.

Ugawa: Huh?

Inumine: Come on! You come too, Ugawa! Let’s dance together!

Ugawa: Huh?

Toraishi: That’s right! We won’t be able to escape at this rate!

Ugawa: What?

Tatsumi: Everyone’s singing, you see! Eigo~

Eigo: It’s just as you say! Are you going to be the one makes us look stupid?

Toraishi: Studying in this situation just makes you look weird!

Inumine: Come on! The last scene, Ugawa! Come here, Ugawa!

Are you going to abandon us? Don’t run away! Accept this! Ugawa!

Ugawa: Huh?

All: Ugawa!

Ugawa: Huh?

All: Ugawa~

Ugawa: HUHHHH?!

Track 2 – Eigo Sawatari

Eigo: Special Drama CD 4. Eigo Sawatari.

Ugawa: Excuse me!

Inumine: Hey, Ugawa!

Ugawa: Inumine! Why are you eating rice balls in Tatsumin and Saru-kun’s room?

Inumine: I was hungry!

Ugawa: No way. You just ate dinner. Are you trying to grow even bigger?

Inumine: Hehehe.

Ugawa: That wasn’t a compliment!

Are you here on your own? Where are Tatsumin and Saru-kun?

Inumine: They’re not back from the rental store yet. They couldn’t decide which DVDs they wanted.

Ugawa: You didn’t come here without asking, did you? That’s not why you were eating the rice balls, is it?

Inumine: I called Tatsumi and he said I could come in!

Ugawa: Thank goodness. I’ll come in too then. Excuse me…

Hey. So are they going to watch another horror movie today? Did Tatsumin say anything?

Inumine: Nope.

Ugawa: I’m sure it’s a horror movie though. Tatsumin is really into them.

It’s fun watching movies together every weekend, but I’ve had enough of horror movies. They give me nightmares.

Inumine: Why are you scared of ghosts?

Ugawa: I’m not! I’m not scared of ghosts or demons, I just don’t like bloody scenes. People die so horribly in horror movies.

Inumine: Toraishi always laughs though!

Ugawa: Toraishi is a bit of a delinquent, so that’s okay!

Inumine: Ah! How about I sing a lullaby when you go to sleep?

Ugawa: No, you don’t have to do that.

Ah… Aren’t they going to come back yet? I don’t want to watch a scary movie too late at night.

Inumine: The streets are dangerous at night too.

Ugawa: The streets at night? That doesn’t matter, does it? The rental store is pretty close.

Inumine: Should I go with them next time? As a bodyguard!

Ugawa: You just want to go for fun!

Inumine: That’s right!

Ugawa: If you want a walk, then get Toraishi to take you!

Inumine: Okay, I’ll do that!

Ugawa: It seems like I’ve got used to talking to you.

Inumine: Yeah! Sawatari is with Tatsumi, so they should be okay walking around at night! Sawatari and Tatsumi are like master and servant!

Ugawa: What? Why are they like master and servant?

Inumine: Toraishi said so! Tatsumi seems like the master, while Sawatari is like his attendant. So the two of them are like master and servant! It’s a friendship between two people with a different status!

Ugawa: That’s ridiculous. They’re good friends, but saying they’re like a master and attendant… What year does he think this is?

Inumine: Well, they’re such good friends that they know what the other one is thinking.

Ugawa: Oh…

Inumine: That’s what you call understanding one another!

Ugawa: Hmm… I think I understand. They said their families are good friends and they’ve known each other since they were children. They’ve definitely been friends for a long time.

Inumine: Yeah!

Eigo: I’m back.

Oh? You’re here too, Ugawa.

Ugawa: Saru-kun!

Inumine: Welcome back!

Eigo: Inumine… Why have you got those rice balls?

Inumine: Hehehe.

Eigo: I wasn’t trying to compliment you.

Ugawa: Hey, where’s Tatsumin? Wasn’t he with you?

Eigo: Yes. Inumine was waiting here, so I came back ahead of him.

Ugawa: Ah… You would be worried about letting him wait in your room.

Inumine: Hey, Sawatari! Is it true that Tatsumi is the descendant of some royal family and you’re a descendant of the clan of royal guards who protected that family?

Ugawa: H-Hey!

Eigo: Some royal family and their guards? You’re saying odd things again.

Ugawa: Don’t pay any attention, Saru-kun. It looks like Toraishi has been putting weird ideas in his head.

Eigo: We’re not descended from a royal family or their guards, but it’s true that the Sawatari family has served the Tatsumi family for many generations.

Inumine: Huh?! You’re like master and servant?!

Ugawa: Really?!

Eigo: Yes. The Tatsumi family is an old family from our hometown. The heads of the Sawatari family have served as their stewards for many generations.

Ugawa: Stewards… You mean like butlers?

Eigo: That’s right.

Inumine: Amazing! So dramatic!

Ugawa: I’m surprised. So things like that still happen…

Eigo: But that was quite some time ago. Now we’re more like friendly neighbours. Tatsumi doesn’t plan on taking over as head of his family and I’m not thinking of working for them either.

Ugawa: Hmm…

Inumine: But now both of you go to the same school and you’re both learning about musicals. Why’s that?

Ugawa: I want to know too…

Eigo: I wasn’t planning to become a musical actor from the very beginning.

Ugawa: Is that so?

Eigo: Yes. But Tatsumi was taking singing lessons. I’d also been learning how to play piano and violin since I was younger. We decided to enrol in Ayanagi Gakuen’s music course so we could keep learning.

Inumine: Huh…

Ugawa: That’s the first time I’ve heard about that. So how did you end up trying to become musical actors?

Eigo: Well… It was about one year after Tatsumi and I started middle school…

Eigo: The flower seed I planted a few days ago has already started to grow. Is it because of the rain yesterday?

Tatsumi: There you are! Hello, Eigo.

Eigo: Rui! Sorry, Tatsumi-kun.

Tatsumi: Just call me Rui like you always have.

Eigo: No… I can’t do that.

Tatsumi: Are you worried about your grandma scolding you the other day? It’s bothersome how that generation still give the Tatsumi family special treatment. We’re just childhood friends, so there’s no need to be concerned about it.

Eigo: Ah…

Tatsumi: If it bothers you, then you can call me Tatsumi. But at least don’t put “kun” after my name.

Eigo: Alright, Tatsumi.

I’m surprised you knew I was here.

Tatsumi: I looked out the window and saw you coming this way, but because you didn’t come back out, I thought you must have gone to the garden. You really do like the garden here.

Eigo: I’m sorry for coming here without asking. I was thinking about the flowers after yesterday’s rain.

Tatsumi: Was the rain that bad?

Eigo: No. I just thought I’d record how much the plants had grown.

Tatsumi: That’s just like you.

Right… Have you already decided what courses you’ll be taking in the second year?

Eigo: No, not yet.

Tatsumi: In the second year, Ayanagi Gakuen’s music course separates into vocal studies and instrumental studies. You’ll be taking the instrumental course, won’t you?

Eigo: Yes. What about you?

Tatsumi: I can’t play any instruments, so I suppose I’ll take the singing course. Also…

Eigo: Hmm?

Tatsumi: There’s something I’d like to try.

Eigo: Something you’d like to try?

Tatsumi: Do you know Tsukigami? He’s in my class.

Eigo: Tsukigami… Ah! You mean the one who also sang a solo part in the choral festival yesterday?

Tatsumi: That’s right. I talked to him for a little while practising for the choral festival. He wants to be a musical actor.

Eigo: A musical actor? Tsukigami… Musicals… Is he related to that famous musical director?

Tatsumi: Yes, he’s the son of that director.

Eigo: I see… So that’s why he wants to be a musical actor…

Tatsumi: He’s amazing. Of course he’s got natural talent, but he’s had dance and acting lessons since he was a child. He’s always been working hard to achieve his aim. When I talk to Tsukigami, I feel like I still have a lot to learn. Of course, I love singing and that’s why I enrolled in Ayanagi Gakuen, but Tsukigami is completely different. Tsukigami knows how enjoyable music can be, but also how difficult it can be. His existence is an interesting one.

Eigo: It’s unusual for you to be so open about your feelings. That’s a curious thing.

So that’s why you’re thinking of becoming a musical actor too?

Tatsumi: I can’t decide something like that so simply. It would be inconsiderate to Tsukigami. But this is the first time I’ve been so excited about something else. I’m sure this feeling is real. If I take the singing course in the second year, then there’ll be opportunities to have some experience of musicals in class. If I have those experiences and think that musicals are the right thing for me, I’ll do my very best to be Tsukigami’s equal. I’m sure of it.

Eigo: At that time, Tatsumi had a powerful expression on his face, one which was more brilliant than I had ever seen. Maybe it only seemed that way because the raindrops on the plants and tree leaves in the garden were bathed in the light of the sun, but I’m sure that I felt it. How dazzling Tatsumi was… I felt that he had a regal presence. I thought that the blood of the old Sawatari family must have been within me.

Eigo: Once you do something, you’ll make sure your performance doesn’t let you or anyone else down? That’s just like you.

Tatsumi: So we won’t be on the same course from the second year onwards? You’ll take the instrumental course and I’ll take the singing course.

Eigo: That’s right.

Tatsumi: This is the first time we’ve taken different courses. We were together in kindergarten, elementary school and even middle school, so it feels a little strange.

Well, I can’t rely on you forever. Even if we take different paths, that won’t change the fact that we’re friends. Let’s both do our best. It feels a little sad though…

Eigo: In that case…

Tatsumi: Hmm?

Eigo: I’ll take the singing course too.

Tatsumi: Oh?

Eigo: I took singing lessons when I was a child. I’ll start taking lessons again in the time we have left before the second year starts.

Tatsumi: But… Didn’t you want to keep taking violin lessons?

Eigo: I’m only at an amateur level. There are many players who are more skilled than I am. But there’s no one else who can support you by your side.

Tatsumi: You’re sounding like your bothersome grandparents.

Eigo: I’m sorry.

Tatsumi: But it’d be reassuring to have you there. Are you happy to come with me?

Eigo: Yes, of course. But now that I’m going to be with you, I won’t let you take second place. Let’s do this with the aim of surpassing Tsukigami too.

Tatsumi: I think I can count on you!

Inumine: Whoa! So dramatic!

Ugawa: Hmm… So that was what happened…

Eigo: After that, both of our efforts paid off and we were able to equal Tsukigami’s grades in the singing course. And this is where we are now.

Inumine: Got it, got it! That’s dramatic! So dramatic! Right?!

Eigo: I don’t know about that, but strangely enough, I’ve never regretted the path I chose in that moment.

Ugawa: It’s amazing when you think about it though. You’ve really come all this way with him, haven’t you? You took the singing course, enrolled in Ayanagi Gakuen’s high school division and then took the audition for the musical department. It’s not just like you two are one with each other, you’ve got the relationship of a master and servant who trust each other…

Inumine: You’re a knight, aren’t you, Sawatari?

Eigo: That’s not right. I did choose that course in order to support Tatsumi at first, but before long, I realised how interesting musicals were. Now I think of Tatsumi as a good rival for me, in one sense.

Ugawa: Hmm…

Inumine: You’re best friends! You’re my best friend too! So is Ugawa! And Toraishi!

Ugawa: Why’d you say something then?! You messed things up!

Toraishi: We’re back!

Tatsumi: We’re back. Sorry we kept you waiting.

Inumine: Welcome back!

Eigo: Tatsumi. So you were with Toraishi?

Tatsumi: Yes, we bumped into each other at the rental store.

Toraishi: He couldn’t narrow down the choices, so I did it for him. I picked these three!

Ugawa: You didn’t narrow down the choices at all! Are they all horror movies?!

Toraishi: Of course!

Ugawa: Ugh!

Tatsumi: You sounded like you were having fun earlier… What were you talking about?

Eigo: Just an old story about us.

Toraishi: An old story about you two? Huh… I’m really curious now!

Ugawa: Yes, it was a story worth hearing. Sorry though! Telling it from the beginning would be annoying!

Toraishi: Huh?

Inumine: Okay, okay! I’ll explain it! In the form of a musical… You see…

Toraishi: No, you don’t have to sing! Seriously!

Ugawa: Come on! Let’s hurry up and watch the movie if we’re going to do it!

Tatsumi: You’re right. Horror movies should be watched while it’s dark! Right, Eigo?

Eigo: Yes.

Toraishi: Hey! Don’t change the subject just like that!

Ugawa: You can take your time talking to Inumine.

Inumine: I’m not going to talk! I’m going to sing!

Toraishi: You don’t need to sing! It doesn’t matter anymore! Let’s just watch the movie!

Inumine: Good idea!

Toraishi: What should we start with?

Ugawa: Just pick the least scary one.

Toraishi: Hmm? Shouldn’t you start with the scariest?

Ugawa: Huh?

Tatsumi: Today’s another lively day. By the way, what were you talking about earlier, Eigo?

Eigo: Well… I was talking about how glad I was that I came with you.

Tatsumi: Eh? Ah… I see. That’s great, Eigo.


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