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Honeymoon 6

Honeymoon Volume 6 – Teppei Inami

CV: Shimono Hiro

Track 1 – Prologue

A new honeymoon plan, huh.

I wonder what would be good. I tried making my own plan…

I’m excited because the two of us have been put in charge of making the plans. I want to become a reliable employee like you soon.

Don’t be so modest! I admire you. I can’t make amazing plans like you do though.

I see, you’re suggesting that I use my ideal plan.

You want to know what my ideal honeymoon is?

Seeing the Niagara Falls and an aurora together with the person I love.

Hmm… So you’ve got the same ideal honeymoon as I do? Then will you go on a honeymoon with me?

Don’t laugh! I’m being serious!

I’ve liked you for a long time now! Let’s date for marriage!

Really? Umm… I’m really happy!

Thank you very much! I’m going to try and be a good boyfriend for you!

Track 2 – Engagement Ring

I still can’t believe we’re going on a date like this.

Ah! We agreed that I wouldn’t speak so politely or call you “senpai” when it’s just the two of us.

Hey, can we go inside this jewellery shop?

I want to buy you an engagement ring…

We’re dating to get married, right? So I want to give you an engagement ring.

Okay, let’s go inside then.

Don’t worry about the price. Even the most expensive ring here would be fine!

I’m not trying too hard! I’ve been saving up for this for a long time. I’ll buy you any ring you like, so choose your favourite.

Yes, I think that ring will really suit you!

Excuse me, I’d like this ring.

Show me your left hand. I’m going to put the ring on your finger.

It really does suit you!

I might be unreliable because I’m younger than you, but I’ll definitely make you happy! So please marry me!

Alright! Let’s go on a honeymoon together!

Track 3 – The Day before the Honeymoon

Clothes, camera, chargers…

Ah, right! It’s cold over there so we’ve got to bring lots of hand warmers.

We’re finally setting off on our honeymoon tomorrow! I’m looking forward to it!

Ah! I’m going to give you this, alright?

You need a guidebook when you take a trip, don’t you?

I made this for our honeymoon! This guidebook has everything important – a schedule, information about our destination and things to be careful about.

It’s not like that! I’m not excited because I’m going somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit!

It’s because I’m going on a honeymoon with the woman I love.

No… If you look at me like that, then I…

I’m sorry. That shy look on your face was so cute that I couldn’t control myself…

Hey. Can I kiss you even more?

Ah, I see. I’m sorry I interrupted you while you were getting ready.

I’ll save it until our honeymoon. In return for this, during our honeymoon, I’m going to kiss you until you tell me to stop.

Track 4 – Day 1: Arriving in Canada

I’m so tired! We’re finally at the hotel.

It was a long flight, but I couldn’t sleep at all on the plane.

Come to think of it, you didn’t sleep at all either, did you?

I wasn’t awake because the movie was interesting, I was nervous because you were sitting next to me.

Never mind.

It’s late already, so shall we just stay in?

We’re finally alone.

You’re really cute. I love you.

All I usually do is kiss you, but tonight I want to go further than that. Is that okay?

I’ve been patient for a while. I decided I wouldn’t take things further until our honeymoon.

Why? That’s because you’re important to me, of course!

I’ve always wanted to touch you.

We’ll finally get to make love.

Why’d my phone have to ring now?!

Yes, hello?

Ah, thanks for everything!

I’ve already informed them about it.

Yes, there’s no problem!

Alright then. Please excuse me.

It was someone from work. It seems like there was something they wanted to confirm with me…

Hmm? Hey!

Huh? You’re asleep?

I thought today would be the day. I guess there’s nothing I can do about this. I’d feel bad about waking her up.

Good night. I’ll save the fun for later.

Track 5 – Day 2: Niagara Falls

We’ve been really excited about seeing Niagara Falls and today we’re going there! But let’s stop by the Niagara tourist office before that. I heard we can find something good there.

You’ll find out what it is when we get it.

Ah, this is the tourist office.

Excuse me, we’re here on our honeymoon.

Thank you very much.

Ta-dah! I got a honeymoon certificate. A lot of people visit this place on their honeymoon, so they make a honeymoon certificate for free as a memory of that.

I kept the certificate a secret because I wanted to surprise you.

I’m glad you’re happy!

Alright, let’s make our way to Niagara Falls!

So this is Niagara Falls? It’s really intense!

Look! The water on the side of the river has been frozen by the snow!

It’s cold, but coming during winter was the right choice, because we can see such beautiful scenery.

Did you know that Niagara Falls is on the border between Canada and the USA? So the waterfall on the Canadian side is called the Canadian Falls and the one on the USA’s side is called the American Falls.

There’s another waterfall on the USA’s side called “Bridal Veil Falls”. Niagara Falls is made up of those three waterfalls.

I guess so. I work for a travel company, so this is nothing special.

I really am here with you at Niagara Falls.

You’re asking why I wanted to come here on our honeymoon?

Do you remember that my first job after I started working at the company was to collect information for a tour about Niagara Falls and auroras? Back then, you said “I’d like to go there someday”. So I decided I’d definitely take you there on our honeymoon.

No, I should be the one thanking you. I’m glad you chose to come with me on a honeymoon.

I love you! I’ll always take care of you!

I promised that I’d love you, in front of the Niagara Falls!

Track 6 – Day 3: Ice Hotel

So this is Quebec? It’s a nice and quiet place. Just like the guidebook said, we’ll be exploring Quebec today and tomorrow.

That’s right, Quebec has an ice hotel made completely from ice and snow. You can go and look around even if you haven’t got a reservation, so I want to go…is that okay?

Okay, that’s decided! Let’s go to the ice hotel right now!

Ah, I can see the entrance to the hotel!

Amazing! The building really is made of snow! Shall we go inside?

It’s as cold as a refrigerator in here!

Whoa! Even the tables, chairs, beds and chandeliers are made of ice! It’s sparkling just like crystal! It’s really beautiful!

Every room in this hotel has a theme. This room has a big carving of a polar bear, so it’s called the “Polar Bear Room”. There are also rooms with a carving of a whale, mermaid and a temple.

Yes, it’s just like a work of art. But the whole hotel gets taken down when winter is over. They have to do that because the ice melts when the weather gets warmer. So we’ve got to make sure to appreciate the beauty of this hotel.

Ah, there’s a chapel made of ice over there! Let’s go!

A chapel made from ice seems like a solemn and sacred place.

Hey. There’s no one else here, so why don’t we do a rehearsal for the wedding?

Alright, I’ll be waiting by the altar, so you walk down the aisle.

I know this is just a rehearsal but I’m still feeling nervous.

Okay, I’m going to say the vows now.

I take you to be my wife, in sickness and in health. I promise to love and support you forever.

Come on, you say them too.

Thank you.

This was just a practice, but I honestly said those words to God.

Alright, the final thing is the kiss.

I love you. Let’s have a real wedding when we get home, alright?

Track 7 – Day 4: Exploring Quebec

Today we’re going to explore the old part of Quebec City! This is the only castle town in North America and it’s full of history. The historic district of Quebec City is also registered on the World Heritage List.

Anyway, we’re standing in front of Notre Dame Cathedral right now, so why don’t we go inside?

Notre Dame Cathedral is a historic Catholic church that was built in 1670.

You think it doesn’t look that old? I’m impressed you noticed! This cathedral has actually been burned down many times and reconstructed. The building here now was reconstructed in 1925. A lot of people think the only Notre Dame is in Paris, but you can see the same cathedral in Canada and other countries too. I’d like it if I could see the rest of them with you someday.

Where should we go next?

Ah, you want to buy some souvenirs? Then let’s wander around town and look for some!

Ah, they’re selling maple syrup over there! When you think of Canada, you think of maple syrup. How about we go inside?

Okay, let’s go!

Hmm… They sell a lot of maple syrup here.

Huh? What are they doing? They’re pouring the maple syrup over ice and rolling the cooled maple syrup onto a stick?

Oh… So this is a candy called maple taffy? They’ve got an interesting way of making it! It looks tasty, so let’s buy one. We’ll eat it together!

I’ll take one of these.

Thank you.

Open your mouth. I’ll feed it to you.

Okay. Say “ah”.

Does it taste good? You feed it to me now.


It’s really sweet. But you look as if you’re even sweeter. Can I see if you are?

Track 8 – Day 4 (Evening): Staying at a Luxury Hotel

This castle-like hotel is a landmark in Quebec City. It’s a well known hotel that hosts state guests from all over the world, so it’s quite expensive. We’re on our honeymoon, so there’s no harm in staying somewhere luxurious for one night.

Hehe. I’ve reserved a room at this hotel tonight!

I wrote a the name of a different hotel in the guidebook, because I wanted to surprise you. I’m glad you’re happy! I was sure that you’d want to stay here. In return for that, I won’t let you sleep tonight.

Come on, let’s go to our room right away.

Hmm…so this is what the rooms are like, huh.

It’s elegant and subdued, with a nice atmosphere.

We’re going to get closer to each other here, aren’t we?

Uh oh… I feel really nervous for some reason. I can’t believe I’m going to become closer to the person I’ve always admired.

It’s not cool, right? Look, I’m so nervous.

You’re nervous too?

It’s true. Your heart is beating faster too.

I’ve calmed down a little. Thank you.

I love you.

You’re really beautiful.

Shall we go to bed? I’ll carry you there.

I’ll turn off my phone so no one will disturb us tonight.

Let’s make this an unforgettable night for the both of us.

Track 9 – Day 5: Riding a Dog Sled

We’re at an aurora village in Yellowknife. I’m finally going to see an aurora with you here. It’s still daytime so we won’t be able to see an aurora yet, but there are lots of things to do in this aurora village during the day.

Really? I wanted to ride a dog sled too! Let’s go right away!

These huskies are going to pull the sled we’re going on. We’re counting on you!

Okay, let’s get on!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

It’s really fast! The scenery passes by in an instant!

Are you scared? I’ll hold onto you from behind then. You’re not scared anymore, right?

Okay, let’s speed up! Go!

Track 10 – Day 7 (Evening): Seeing an Aurora

This is our third day in Yellowknife. I knew it was difficult to see an aurora, but we weren’t able to see one yesterday or the day before that. We’re going home tomorrow, so today is our last chance.

Please let us see an aurora today, God!

It’s another cold day today.

Hey, aren’t you cold?

Then come closer to me. You’ll feel a little warmer if we stay close together.

Do you feel warmer?

I’m glad. It’d be no good if you caught a cold.

Tell me if you feel cold. I’ll do everything to warm you up!

You really are cute.

You seem smart and cool at work, but when we’re alone together you rely on me and it’s cute. I like you, no matter how you are.

Ah! There’s an aurora!

An aurora finally appeared! It’s amazing! It’s the real thing! Light is spreading over the whole of the sky!

It’s amazing!

It’s so beautiful.

We’re seeing a real aurora with our own eyes. I’m so happy I was with you when I got to see the aurora I’ve always wanted to see!

I feel like I can do anything when I’m with you. We really are destined to be together. I want to make my dreams come true with you from now on. Always stay by my side and smile, okay?

I love you.

Track 11 – After Returning Home

Senpai! I finished making the honeymoon brochure! The title is “Honeymoon Recommendation: Deepen Your Love on a Journey of Niagara Falls and Auroras!”

I used the honeymoon we went on as part of the current project.

Yes! I used our photos because I thought the customers would be able to relate to them better.

It’s okay! I didn’t use any photos where we were kissing or doing anything romantic. I’m really happy that the honeymoon we went on was accepted as one of the plans!

It really was a great honeymoon. Let’s take a vacation abroad together again.

Ah, I’m sorry! I can’t help talking casually when we’re alone together. Everyone else has gone home, so it’s alright, isn’t it?

I wanted to try it just once – doing something bad with you at work.

Just close your eyes. I love you.

Track 12 – Free Talk

Honeymoon Volume 6, Inami Teppei. This is Shimono Hiro, the voice of Inami Teppei. Thank you for listening! I’ve just finished recording. I’m grateful that you bought and listened to this CD.

I was strangely nervous during the recording. For example, during the embarrassing parts. There were also points when I felt like “Ah, so I’ve got to explain this properly.” I was thinking really hard.

It’s strange to be nervous in the ending talk, but even though the recording is over (or perhaps because it’s over) my head feels strangely hot. I feel kind of excited. It’s actually more like it’s half excitement and half nervousness. I felt this CD has a lot of different things packed into it.

I think I always say really serious things, but when I was recording like this with the listener as my partner, I was reminded again that it was a little different from recording for a game. During a game recording you often record your part alone, but this time I had to consider a lot of different things, such as the situation and the feelings during that situation. What did you think of it?

How should I put this? Hmm… I felt embarrassed while recording. When you record something like this seriously, rather than in a humorous way, it does feel embarrassing. I don’t know how the listeners feel when hearing this CD, but I would be glad if they enjoyed it.

I think I’d be grateful if you me a fan letter telling me it was good or any impressions you might have. Right now, my head still feels hot. I think I’d still feel that way if another opportunity like this came along, but I’d like to try my best. Thank you for listening this far. This was Shimono Hiro, bye bye!


Shukan Soine 8


Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 3


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