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Shukan Soine 8

Shukan Soine Volume 8 – Ryo

CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko

Track 1 – Don’t cry, I’ll stay by your side

Sorry I kept you waiting. I left the house as quickly as I could, but it took me a while to get here.

Ah, it’s been half an hour since you called me. This is the first time your house has seemed so far away.

Don’t worry about it! I just happened to feel like having a break.

Yes, I was working, but I wanted to see you. We haven’t had much chance to see each other because we’ve been busy recently, right? I wanted to see you, so don’t worry about it.

What’s the matter anyway? It’s unusual for you to call me all of a sudden. Did something happen? Are you hurt? Or did a strange person come round here?

I’m here now, so everything’s okay!

Ah… Umm… Sorry, I guess I should calm down first.

Hmm? Umm… I’m glad you’re smiling.

Hey. Can I ask what happened?

You made a mistake? You mean at work?

Oh, I see. That kind of thing does happen sometimes. No matter how hard you try, you don’t get anywhere. Was the customer really angry?

I see. But it’s not like you did that to make them angry. It was just that your hard work didn’t meet their needs. If you’re sorry about that, then it’s okay. I’m sure things will be fine next time! Anyway, people can’t mature unless they fail sometimes.

Ah, I’m sorry!

There are times when I fail too. Things are fine when I can see clients face to face, but not all jobs are like that, so there are misunderstandings sometimes. There are also times when I’ve made something different to what the client ordered. Sometimes I’ve lost all the data and had to give a sincere apology.

Freelance work makes your time flexible, but there are other things that make it difficult. For example, you’ve got to follow up on everything by yourself.

No, I’m nothing special. I’m always working at home by myself so things are more relaxed. I think you’re more amazing because you’re able to greet your customers with a smile every day.

Hey. You have a strong sense of responsibility and you’re a hard worker, so you probably tried not to complain or cry until you got home. You just got home a little while ago, right?

I see. It’s okay for you to cry and clear your mind. You did your best.

Ah, I’m sorry. I was happy you were relying on me.

Tonight… Tonight I’m going to stay by your side. I’m going to stay by your side all night so you can depend on me, okay?

Okay, okay.

Even I can be the type of boyfriend you rely on sometimes! I’m going to stay by your side all night.

It’s natural for me to do this. Don’t thank me.

Ah. Your eyes are bright red.

There you go. Now they’re okay.

I wish I could I could say that, but I know my kiss won’t be enough to stop you feeling sad or make your red eyes go away.

Wait a minute, I’ll get you a hot towel.

Hmm? Is it better for me to stay with you?

But then your puffy eyes won’t go away. I’ll be back right away, okay?

It’s hot!

Ah, I’m sorry. You don’t use hot water from the kettle to make it, right?

Huh? The stove? Is it okay to put a towel on there?

Oh, I see. My hand is fine. It was just a little hot.

Sorry, all I knew was that you had to warm it up… I was trying to show you that I’m reliable, but it didn’t work out.

Umm… I used the hot water from the kettle, but here’s a hot towel you can use.

Is the temperature okay? It’s not too hot, is it?

I see. I’m glad.

Keep smiling like that always.

Track 2 – Helping you makes me happy

Is that okay now?

Ah, the towel has gotten cold.

Hmm? I’m just going to put the towel away. You’re depending on me more than usual today.

Oh? Your hands are cold. Did they get cold because the towel wasn’t warm anymore? Or I guess it’s just that my body temperature is hot.

Umm… I suppose you’re right. I wouldn’t be able to tell that by myself. But I’m glad you’re feeling calmer.

No, don’t worry about it. I’m happy I can help the person I love.

It feels like I’m the older one today.

I’m sorry. It’s because you’re so cute.

That’s not true. You should realise that you’re cute. I always feel like I can’t stay calm because of that.

Huh? You think I’m the one who’s cute? Being called cute doesn’t really make guy happy.

I’d prefer to be thought of as cool instead of cute.

Huh? Why are you laughing?

You thought I was really cute just now? No way!

Hey. Do you love me as a boyfriend?

Eh? You don’t?

Jeez! Don’t tease me like that.

I’m happy that you love me though. I don’t mind being called cute after all. I’m happy enough when you say you love me too.

You surprised me! It’s not fair for you to kiss me. Can I give you a kiss too?

Thank you.

I feel happier when you’re happy like that. If you’re smiling, then I don’t mind being called cute.

Hey, there’s something I’m curious about. Is it comfortable lying in my arms? You’re always lying in my arms, right? You can be close to me when we talk and I like it when you lie in my arms, but I’ve been wondering how you feel about it.

No, I think I’d be happier to be your hugging pillow than your arm pillow. You’re soft, warm and you smell nice. I think it’d be comfortable too.

Ah, sorry. But that’s what I think.

See, I’m right. You’re soft and feel comfortable.

Huh? Hey!

I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Stop that! Don’t tickle me!

Track 3 – The dolphin and the star

You can’t sleep? I understand. I got too carried away. I’m sorry.

It’s okay. Don’t worry about me. My work schedule is really flexible. I’m just doing some research for my next job, so I’m not that busy yet.

I’m designing a website based around the theme of the ocean. The main colour is blue of course, but I’d like to use sounds such as seagulls, waves and dolphins too.

Come to think of it, long ago, I read a picture book where the main character was a dolphin.

Hmm… Would you like to hear the story?

Okay. If you want to hear it…

Umm… The picture book told the story of a dolphin and a star. The dolphin was unable to jump as well as the other dolphins and felt inferior to them. After the other dolphins fell asleep, he decided to practice secretly by himself, because he thought he might get bullied by the others. He did his best practicing every day, but he was unable to jump as well as the others and felt like giving up. When the dolphin sadly looked up at the sky, a beautiful star was twinkling brightly. The sight of that star made the dolphin even sadder and he began to cry.

When the dolphin cried out loud, the beautiful twinkling star said “I’ve seen you working hard every day. I’m sure you’ll be okay.” Encouraged by the star, the dolphin started to practice jumping again. He was still unable to jump well, but the star kindly watched over him. He would feel like losing hope when he couldn’t jump, but thinking of the star watching over him cheered him up and he was able to start practicing again.

The dolphin fell in love with the star who kindly watched over him every night and worked up the courage to tell the star his feelings one day. However, the star explained that it was nothing more than the remains of light which had disappeared many years ago. The star told the dolphin to treasure the things that existed now and didn’t come down from the sky. The dolphin was so upset that he cried for a long time. He jumped towards the sky, wanting to reach the star. He was able to jump out of the water for the first time in his life, but he couldn’t reach the light of the star. He jumped again and again, but he was unable to reach the star. The dolphin cried in sadness once more. He no longer cared about jumping. He cried for a long time, upset that he couldn’t reach the star.

However, the dolphin hadn’t realised that one of his friends had been watching him from underneath a rock. The next day, that dolphin called out to him and asked him to join the other dolphins. The dolphin came back reluctantly, afraid that he would be bullied by the others. The other dolphins welcomed him back and said “So you learned how to jump? Congratulations. It’s amazing that you practiced by yourself all this time.” All the other dolphins were truly happy that he had come back.

The dolphin believed that he would be rejected by the other dolphins because he couldn’t jump. He happily splashed around in the water and jumped up high. He jumped higher than he did the night before. The dolphin shouted loudly to the star “thank you”. The star didn’t say anything, but twinkled brighter than it usually did. The dolphin was unable to reach the star, but the star taught him something important: if he kept trying his best, things would definitely work out. The dolphin also realised something important: that he was needed.

I think that’s how the story goes.

Yes. It was a nice story. For once, I thought that… Oh, what was the name of the story? I thought it’d be nice to read that story again.

All I remember was that the book had a blue cover. I wonder if my parents still have it at home. Buy if you see it somewhere, okay?

Track 4 – After the story

What’s the matter? Are you feeling sleepy?

What were you thinking about?

Eh? You like the dolphin from the story? Even though he’s so pathetic…

You don’t think he is? I guess so. I think he worked hard after meeting the star.

I see. So that’s what you liked about him.

Umm… The dolphin reminds me of how I used to be. That’s why I don’t like this story.

You think so too, right?

Eh? What I was like before we started dating?

I really liked you and wanted to go out with you, so I was trying hard to make you happy.

You like him because he reminds me how I was before we started dating? I see.

Huh? Why are you patting my head? Are you treating me like a child?

Huh? Don’t change the subject!

When you tell me I seem like a child, I can’t say anything else.

I understand. I’ll try my best to grow up.

Thank you.

You want to know why I thanked you? It’s because I was happy when you told me that you liked me and the hardworking dolphin.

Your hands feel a little warmer. I’m glad.

Because of me, huh.

Hey. Can I kiss you?

Hmm… I just felt like asking.

I want to become a more reliable man. The dolphin was unable to reach the star, but I’m able to reach you. I want to become strong enough to protect you. I want to stand on my own two feet.

Thank you. But I haven’t done enough yet, so don’t compliment me. I might misunderstand.

Just kidding. I’m really happy.

I’ll try my best to be cool all the time. I guess saying that isn’t that cool though.

What should I do now? I’m really happy.

Will you stay with me from now on?

Thank you. I love you.

You’re warm. You feel soft and comfortable too.

Your heart is beating faster. So is mine.

Hey. Is it okay?

Track 5 – Before I say goodnight

The gentle expression you usually have is back. I’m glad.

Hmm? Ah, are you asleep?

My girlfriend looks so cute when she’s asleep. I guess seeing this is my special privilege.

Hmm… Maybe I should work out a little. But it’s not like having muscles makes someone a cool and reliable person, right? What someone is like on the inside is important too.

I don’t feel confident about the way I am now though. I want to have confidence, even if it’s just a little. The confidence to protect you and make sure you don’t cry.

Hey. Have I shown you that I’m reliable? This might make you angry, but you usually act like an older sister, so you’re really different when you rely on me. It was really cute. You weren’t just cute, I felt like I wanted to protect you too.

You always try hard to solve things alone and endure things by yourself. I respect that you work hard and I think it’s amazing, but I’d be happy if you relied on me a little more.

Hey. When you want to depend on me, do it as much as you like, okay?

Ah. Did I wake you up?

I’m sorry for waking you up after you managed to get to sleep.

Huh? I see. Your heart is beating faster.

I wonder why. Mine is too.

Ah. Did you hear what I said earlier?

It’s okay if you didn’t. It was nothing.

I was just telling you that I love you.

I’m not lying. You’re very special to me. I’m not sure I can think about anything else.

Can I kiss you one more time before we go to sleep?

I love you.

Track 6 – After you fall asleep


Thank you very much.

This is about the message from the other day, isn’t it?

Ah, I’m sorry that you had to call me.

No, I’m still awake, so it’s alright.

Yes, I’ve got a computer with me. Could you wait for a moment?

Sorry to keep you waiting. Please continue.

Thank you very much. Yes, I’ve received your email.

Ah, I have a suggestion. The original design was themed around the sea during the day, but I was wondering if I could create a design based on the sea at night?

I think I could make an interesting design with a starry sky and a night time sea.

No, I just happened to have a good idea.

Really? Alright, I’ll make a test version for now. Thanks for your continued support!

Thank you for calling.

I’m glad I brought my computer with me. I wish I could keep watching as you sleep, but I’ve got to work. It was no good for me to think I could relax even though I’ve got a deadline coming up.

Ah… Thank goodness.

Umm… Ah, there it is. I found this when I did some research about the sea the other day. A hot spring attached to its own hotel room, with a view of the sea. There’s also somewhere you can go scuba diving nearby. The food looks good too. I know I’m doing research for work, but I’d like us to go there together. It’s convenient that there’s also an aquarium nearby. Ah, I got distracted! I’m supposed to be working!

Hmm… The site I bookmarked for this job is…

Ah, here it is. So if it were an overseas trip, Guam would be good… I wish we could go abroad together. Guam is nice, but I wonder if she’d like Hawaii?

Hmm… Hawaii… Hawaii…

This blue is really nice! I’ll bookmark it for later.

Ah! I think I’ll stop working. I can’t concentrate because I’m curious about what’s going on behind me. I can catch up in a few hours. I’ll go to sleep too.

The most important thing now is to feel her warmth for as long as I can.

She’s fast asleep. You’re so cute even though you’re stubborn. You’re much cuter than me. You won’t admit it though.

Let’s go travelling together soon. We’ll end up going to the beach because of my schedule, but I hope you’ll be happy. I’ll feel happy if I see you smile a lot. I’m feeling sleepy after watching you sleep happily.

Good night.

Track 7 – When you wake up the next morning


Hey… You’re going too fast…

It’s no good… I can’t run anymore…

The sea looks beautiful…

Good morning… You look so cute.

Huh?! I’m sorry!

Umm… Because I hugged you without thinking…

Eh? I’m glad you’re happy then…

Anyway, I’m glad you’re okay now.

Oh? You already got changed?

Ah… Umm… How about we make breakfast? Or shall we clean up? What about taking out the trash?

Ah… Haha… Okay, I’ll calm down.

Eh? Really? You made breakfast?

Ah, that’s amazing!

Oh? There’s only one portion?

I see. You already ate breakfast. You should have woken me up. It seems like I overslept quite a lot.

Huh? I looked cute while I was sleeping?

I’m sure you look cuter than me while you’re sleeping…

I’m sorry. I was laughing because of something I remembered. You had a really happy expression on your face while you were sleeping.

Yes, it was cute. I wish I could keep looking at it forever.

You’re being stubborn again!

It’s no good denying it. I know just how cute you really are.

Can I ask you a favour?

You look really cute when you’re sleeping, so I don’t want you to show that to any other man.

You’ll try your best?

That’s not enough. You mustn’t show it to anyone else. Please.

Thank you. It’s a promise, alright?

It’s almost time for you to go?

I see. Try your best at work again today!

Ah, you forgot something!

Just be yourself, okay? If you try your best like you always do, I’m sure you’ll be okay. Good luck at work today. See you later.


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