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Kareshi Igai 4

Kareshi Igai Volume 4 – Moto Kare to no Ayamachi

Haru Sakura (CV: Miki Shinichiro)

Track 1 – Scissors: Saturday, 3PM

Haru: Sorry I kept you waiting. We’re a little busy today.

You’re right, it’d be strange if we didn’t have many customers on a Saturday.

Will you have a cut, colour and treatment like you usually do?

How long would you like it?

Alright. I’m going to start with the cut first then.

Don’t say it like that, Madam. I’m at work, so of course I’m speaking politely.

Okay, I’ll do as you ask and talk the way I usually do.

Your hair has gotten longer. Are you going to keep growing it?

Hmm… Is there something you’re wishing for? [1]

Eh? Ah. If I don’t keep my hair this length, then it’s difficult to perm it. So it’s not as if I’m wishing for something. I do have a dream though.

Don’t speak so politely. It’s strange, right?

Or are you so curious about my dream that you’d ask me politely?

Just a little? So you don’t really want to know then. In that case, it’s a secret.

That’s right… It is actually a secret, but I suppose I can make an exception and tell you.

Even though you already know about that!

Is that so?

My dream is to have my own salon. Even now, that hasn’t changed.

Eh? I’m not a bad liar! I’m not even lying anyway. Why’d you say that?

Hmm… In that case, I’m not a very good beautician.

You see… Even if there’s something difficult happening in my personal life, I’ve got to smile in front of the customers. So I think that in one sense you’ve got to be good at lying to do this job.

Man: Haru-san, the customer who designated you is here.

Haru: Thanks. Could you get him a drink?

Man: Alright.

Haru: Haha. Don’t talk like that. I’m glad to be designated by someone though. In the past, it was my dream to have my own salon, but ever since I became the manager here I’ve been thinking about a lot of things. Right now, I’m not sure.

My family owns an apple orchard, right? They’ve had it since before I was born and lately I’ve begun to think my dad is actually amazing.

What are you going to do about your bangs?


When I began to think that my dad was amazing, I thought it wouldn’t be so bad if I followed in his footsteps. So I’m still thinking what to do next. Well, right now I’m only thinking about how to please the customers I’ve got at the moment.

Okay, okay. I know. As the manager of Scissors, I’m devoted to my customers…

Hey. How long do you think I’ve been cutting your hair?

Well, even if I say something proud like that, I’m always in doubt. Being a farmer or a beautician are both tough things to do. Especially in these times.

Alright. I’m done cutting your hair. I’ll fix it up more after it’s been coloured and dried. I’m going to cut another customer’s hair now.

[1] Some people believe that not cutting your hair when you’ve got a wish will help it come true.

Track 2 – My House 01: Monday, 11.30PM

Ah. Hello. Is it okay for you to talk right now?

I’m sorry for calling so late. Were you asleep?

What about your husband?

Sorry for taking so long to reply to your message.

It’s about tomorrow. I know I could have replied by text, but I wanted to hear your voice. We can meet up like we usually do tomorrow, so I’ll be waiting for you.

Okay, I’m going to hang up now.


Track 3 – Haru’s Room 01: Tuesday, 10.30AM

Oh? You’re here early. Sorry, I went out to the convenience store.

Ah, I ran out of trash bags. Have you been waiting long?

I’m glad you weren’t.

Let’s go inside.

I can finally touch you.

I know we just saw each other on Saturday, but you were a customer at the salon, right? You were different to how you are now.

I can’t do this kind of thing when you come to the salon.

It’s nothing. I just wanted to hold you.

Our relationship would just seem like an affair to a stranger who didn’t know anything.

I guess we really are just having an affair.

I know. But I’m not continuing this relationship just because I want to sleep with you.

Do you want anything to drink?

Hey. Should I give you a key to my place?

Don’t look so confused, I was only joking. I just wanted to tease you a little. I’m not going to make a spare key.

Ah. I made you a drink without asking what you wanted. Is coffee okay?

Here you go.

Huh? When?

From Monday to Thursday? Your husband is on a longer business trip than usual.

I don’t mind, but I get home around 11PM. Is it still okay?

You got me. When you say something like that, I…

Don’t stay over there. Come nearer.

Got you.

You taste like coffee.

What do you mean? The taste of the coffee I made, hmm?

I love you too.

I feel happiest when I’m spending time with you.

Track 4 – Haru’s Room 01: Tuesday, 5PM

Hmm? Are you going home?

Ah, it’s already 5 p.m.

That’s true. Your husband will be home soon.

What are you making for dinner tonight?

I see. I feel kind of disappointed when I think that I could have been the one eating your cooking.

I don’t want that either. I’d eat anything you made.

Right. The pancakes you used to make would be nice.

My girlfriend doesn’t cook. It’s not like she can’t cook, but she visits the nail salon a lot. I think it’d be difficult for her to cook because of her nails.

You? You don’t have to go to the trouble of putting on fake nails.

Why do feel like you’re not good enough? You’re fine the way you are!


Hey. How about we stop talking about our partners?

For the short amount of time we’ve got together on Tuesdays, I want us to be like we were in the past, even if it’s only while we’re at my house. Like when we walked around town holding hands, without caring about people looking at us.

If you didn’t have this ring… Well, I suppose nothing would change even if it wasn’t there. I always thought I’d be the man who gave you an engagement ring.

Yes, it’s a promise. We haven’t got much time together. So when we’re together, we’ll only think about each other.

Okay. See you next week.

Just what do I want to do? I’ve got to make up my mind soon.

Track 5 – Haru’s Room 02: Monday, 11PM

Hey, it’s me. I just got home and thought I’d call you.

I’m home!

Where are you right now? Shall I come and meet you there?

A convenience store near here? You mean in front of the station?

Oh, could I ask you to buy something for me?

I came back in a hurry, so I haven’t had anything to eat. Can you buy me some food?

Eh? A packed lunch? You made one for me?

Ah, I’m sorry. I was really happy. I’ll go and meet you now! Where are you?


Hey. How did you end up remembering the location of such a far away apartment?


Ah, sorry. I was just really happy.

Thanks so much. I wonder how long it’s been since I last ate your one of your homemade lunches.

It doesn’t matter what’s in it! You made it for me, right?

Can I open it?

Ah, thanks. Green tea will go well with this lunch. There’s some instant tea next to the coffee, right?

I wish it could be Tuesday everyday. If it was, we could be together everyday.


Yes, I like being a beautician. I couldn’t keep doing it if I didn’t.

That’s right. I worked hard and got put in charge of the salon, but I don’t like not being able to work with the customers.

This is no good. The way things are, my wish won’t come true.

Time treats everyone the same way. No one can stop it or turn it back. If God really exists, then I’m sure our relationship wouldn’t be like this.

Let’s stop talking about this.

Ah, thank you.

Have you already eaten?

Ah, I didn’t mean it like that. I just felt bad because I was the only one eating.

Thank you. Well then, I’ll help myself to the food!

Track 6 – Haru’s Room 02: Tuesday, 3AM


Yeah, I was asleep. What time is it now?

3 a.m, huh?

It’s okay. What’s the matter?

Tomorrow? I’ve got the day off. I don’t need a present, don’t worry about it.

Hmm… I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve done that. You don’t have to go to the trouble of buying anything for me. It means a lot to me that you offered to buy something though.

We don’t know when we’ll see each other again, even when you do get back. It’s okay. I’ve got your email address though.

Alright, got it. I’ll send you my address later.

Okay, take care. See you later.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve heard her voice.

Ah, sorry. I was talking too loudly. It was nothing.

Hmm, I wonder…

Just pretend you didn’t notice.

That’s right. It was my girlfriend. She’s working in London at the moment. She called at this time because of the time difference. She told me to email her my address because she wanted to send me a gift.

Sorry. I woke you up, didn’t I?

I see. You feel so warm.

That’s right. She’s a fashion magazine model.

Hey. Do you actually want to hear about my girlfriend?

I’m sorry. I took my anger out on you.

When is your husband coming home?

The day after tomorrow, hmm? I see.

We can spend more time together than we usually do.

Track 7 – Haru’s Room 02: Tuesday, 12PM

Sorry, I overslept!

Ah, thank you. It’s true that Tuesday is my only regular day off…

What are you making?

Pork miso soup, huh? You’re good at doing things around the house.

I don’t hate that! I actually like it. Anyway, you…

Is that my cell phone?

Hmm? It’s my parents.


What’s the matter, mom? It’s unusual for you to call me. Did something happen?

Eh? Right now?

Dad is… Why’d he collapse?

He’s been working too hard? Alright, I’m going to leave now. I’ll call you when I arrive.

Thanks. It’ll be okay, mom.

Alright, see you later then.

Yes, my dad collapsed. I’m sorry, I’ve got to go to my parents’ house right away.


I can’t talk right now.

Sorry, I’m busy, so I’m going to hang up. I don’t need you to get me a present.

I’m not angry! I’ll tell you about it when things calm down.

See you later then.

That’s right! It was my girlfriend. Can’t you keep quiet for a moment?

You’re right. I’m upset.

Sorry for getting angry at you.

Alright. I’ll leave after I’ve had something to eat.

You’re acting kind of like a mother.

I see. Anyway, I’m going to get changed.

Thank you.

No, never mind.

Track 8 – Haru’s Room 03: Wednesday, 11PM


Yes, it’s okay. I’m at home now.

Now? Huh?

Where are you right now?

Huh? If you’re going to come here late at night, then tell me first! I’m going to come and meet you now, can you wait for a little while?

Is that so? Alright then. I’ll be waiting here. Take care.

You’re scared of walking outside at night after all. I’ll come and meet you right now, so just wait at the convenience store in front of the station.

Jeez. I’m glad to see you, but you don’t have to go to the trouble of coming to see me at night.

No, I should be the one apologising. I missed you.

I’ve been feeling a little tired. I said something hurtful to you. I’m sorry.

Ah, I came here on the first train in the morning and went straight to the salon.

Thanks. I’m tired, but talking to the customers distracted me from that, so it might be good that I didn’t take the day off today.

There’s a customer who designates me every month, and he always turns up without making an appointment. He suddenly came today too.

Well, we know each other’s phone numbers and sometimes we go out drinking together, so I suppose we’re more like friends.

Have I told you about Takano-kun before?

That’s right, he’s an employee at an advertising company near the salon. He reluctantly came to the salon because his manager got annoyed that his hair was too long. It’s been about five times that he came for that reason now.

He was coming in on his lunch break, but he had his hair coloured too. He said that it was an order from his boss, so he could take his time. He read a few magazines here, then went back to work. I cheered up a little when I heard his story.

If only I had a cheerful personality like Takano-kun does.

Is that so? I think I’m quite a gloomy person. I’m not wrong, am I?

Ah, you might be right. When I start thinking about something, I can’t stop until I find the answer.

Too serious? I’m not serious at all. If I was, then I wouldn’t be with you like this…

I’m not really worried about it.

You think that’s my strong point?

Come in.

No, I’m not feeling that hungry.

My dad was just working too hard. He’ll be okay if he stays in hospital for a few days. My sister and her husband were there too, it was like a family meeting.

I wanted some more time to think, but I can’t do that now. I’ve got to think seriously about whether I want to keep doing my current job or go back home and take over my dad’s work. There isn’t a specific date when I should make up my mind.

I haven’t seen my parents for a while and I felt as if they were looking older when I saw them the other day. They’ve got more wrinkles and they look as if they’re smaller than before.

When I saw them, I began thinking about a lot of things. I insisted upon attending a specialist school over here and ended up becoming a beautician, but I haven’t been devoting myself to my parents.

When I saw my dad looking so small, I really thought that I wanted to help him relax. But when I came back here and got into the salon, I was reminded that doing hair and makeup is something I enjoy after all. Customers who trust us come to the salon and talk about all kinds of things, both happy and sad, while I cut their hair.

If they feel even a little happier when they leave the salon, then that’s good. I feel happy when customers leave the salon saying “thank you, I’ll come back here again”, I feel really happy and I believe that I’ve got to work even harder. So I really like this job.

Both of those feelings are true. But…

Yes, she’ll hang up soon. Don’t worry about it.

You don’t have to worry about it.

That’s right. My girlfriend is calling. You might be right. I haven’t spoken to her since I hung up the phone on her the other day. So she might be calling because she’s worried about me. But that doesn’t matter. I think I’m going to break up with her.

Fine, I’ll do it.

No, I’m back at home now. Something happened at my parents’ house. My dad collapsed.

What would you do if I said I was going back home?

That’s right. I’m seriously thinking about whether I should quit being a beautician and go back home to help my dad. I know you’re working hard at your current job. You’ve been trying to do this for years and your efforts are finally paying off. So I’m not telling you to quit your job as a model. You should reconsider dating me when I take over my dad’s place.

You still love me even though we’ve hardly seen each other?

You’re right. At some point, we’ve begun to see each other less often.

Yes. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. I don’t think I can do that now. There’s someone else I love.

An affair? What do you mean? I suppose you could call it that.

Why are you asking me that? I’m just telling the truth.

She told me to “Go and die!”…

Yeah, it’s alright. She’s not the person I love the most anymore. No, it never was her to begin with. I don’t want to destroy your marriage, but I’m sure that you’re the one I love. I was sure about that ever since that time when I introduced you to my friends as my girlfriend.

Although you had no choice about marrying another man, I’ve still kept on loving you. I tried my best to forget, I got really into my work and dated other people. But it was no good.

My girlfriend should continue working as a model. I’m not thinking of taking her to the countryside and making her help with my work. She shouldn’t change the way she is. It’s easier to break up with her if she hates me. So it’s okay.

I should be the one saying that. At that time, I couldn’t even protect you. I learned that just wanting to make the girl I love happy wasn’t enough.

I don’t resent you or your family situation. But I was disappointed that I was unable to do anything. Let me stay like this for a while.

This really is the place where I feel safest.

Track 9 – Haru’s Room 04: Tuesday, 11.30AM


Don’t worry about it.

You’re concerned about being late, but it’s only been 30 minutes. Come inside quickly.

Don’t say such cute things. It makes me want to hold you, without caring who might be watching.

I want to stay with you for as long as possible.

That was bad timing.

Don’t laugh.

You’re right. I was the one who laughed first.

Is coffee alright?

I’m going to talk to my girlfriend soon. She sent a message after what happened the other day, saying she wants to talk in person.

So about next Tuesday…

I’m sorry.

I’ll talk to her so we can come to an agreement. I think I’m going to break up with her. She’s a really great woman. She’s bright, cheerful and hard-working. She was too good for me.

I’ve made up my mind about my feelings, so it’s okay to talk in the past tense. To be honest, I’m relieved. I didn’t hate her. No… I loved her. Because I loved her, I wasn’t sure what to do. I’m painfully aware of the cruelty of breaking up with someone when you don’t hate them.

But because I don’t hate her, carrying on our current relationship would be even worse. I really am an unfair person. I’m always saying things that are convenient for myself and I’ve begun to depend on you too. I’m not the man who can make her happy. So it’s better for us to break up soon.

I haven’t decided whether to stay here or go home yet though.

That really is a bad habit of mine, isn’t it?

I shouldn’t spend time thinking about other things when we’re together like this.

Oh? I didn’t know you could make apple pie.

I see. You’re right. You’ve gotten better at cooking than before. You can bake something other than pancakes now, huh?

Yes, I like it. I like apples, but I like you even more than those.

The coffee’s gotten cold. Shall I make some more? Or would you like tea?

Got it.

Apple pie, huh?

Track 10 – My House 02: Wednesday, 10AM

It’s me. Can you talk now?

I’m going out in the afternoon today, so I’m still at home.

I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday.

Hey. I think I’m going to go home. Breaking up with my girlfriend helped clear my mind and it seems that I’d known my decision all along. Having my own salon is my dream, but right now I’d like to take care of my parents.

So… So I’ve got to break up with you too.

I’ve got to leave you again, even though I love you so much. I really do love you.

I really am an idiot. Why didn’t I realise we’d end up feeling this way, even though this was difficult enough the first time round?

You’re married, so I should have known that meeting together once a week wouldn’t have worked. Even so…

Stop that. Don’t say that now. Even if you don’t mean it, say goodbye to me. If not, I might do something I’ll regret.

Thank you for the happy times. I should say this to you in person, but if I do, I think I won’t be able to leave you.

I know what I’m doing is selfish, but I shouldn’t destroy your happiness.

I don’t want to leave you either. But you understand that ideals aren’t enough to make things work, right?

We’re not young as we used to be.

Don’t cry.

No, I’ve got to hand things over to the new manager and I want to say goodbye to my regular clients too, so I’m not leaving right away. I’ve got to talk to the owner now anyway.

But we won’t see each other anymore. I’ll end up not being able to say goodbye to you. I’m sorry, but we can’t see each other again.

I’m going to hang up now. I’ve got to go to work.

Me too. I love… I loved you too.

Track 11 – Six Months Later: Tuesday, 11AM

Man: I’ve got a delivery for you!

It’s from Sakura Apples. Please sign if the name and address is correct.

Umm… This is the right address, isn’t it?

Eh… Tuesday? Yes, it is Tuesday today…

Is something wrong?

I’m sure it was meant to be delivered today…

Ah! You need a pen. Here you go.

Thank you very much!

Haru: Here is a modest gift from the orchard grower to thank you for your patronage. I’m sending you some apples which have been grown with care. You can eat them as they are, but this variety makes good apple pies too. Please continue to support Sakura Apple Orchard from now on. Sakura Apple Orchard Grower, Haru Sakura.

Track 13 – Bonus Track

I didn’t think we’d see each other again.

I can’t believe I’m getting to touch you once more in this house, while your husband is away.

Things aren’t going well?

I see.

I’m not sure. It’s not like I can be away from home too much.

People have been talking about introducing me to marriage partners recently, but I don’t know what’s going to happen about that.

You see, my relatives are bothering me because it’s unusual for people in the countryside to be unmarried at my age.

Yes, I might have to get married.

You don’t want me to? I don’t want to either. I’d like us to stay this way forever. But you know that’s impossible, don’t you?

You’ll get a divorce? Don’t say things like that so easily! You aren’t the only one involved in that matter.

Don’t act on impulse. It might just take one piece of paper to arrange a divorce, but there’s a lot more behind it. It’s not that simple…

My home is further into the countryside than you think. Things are different from the way you live here.

You want to go to where I live? Are you serious about that?

I’ll keep thinking about you while I wait for your call.


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