Koi no Michi Kiwami 1 – Kawazu Ryuusei

CV: Hatoman Gunsou (Kawahara Yoshihisa)

Thank you coralynfirenza for your commission!

Come on. You have some too. Being out of breath must have made you thirsty.

If you can’t get up, then I could give it to you while kissing you.

Hmm… That’s too bad.

Shall I bring another one?

Let’s take a break. I’m going to bring some more water, so is there anything else you want?

Ah… But we only have tea or beer.

Alright then.

Hey. We’re not done yet, so don’t put your clothes on.

I’m back. So it wasn’t enough after all.

Here you go. Here’s another one.

Sorry. Move over there a little more.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Is there something on my back?

My tattoo?

Oh, this.

I got this tattoo done while I was investigating the arranged marriage,

I told the tattoo artist about the impression I had of you and he suggested this design.

It’s a beautiful flower, isn’t it?

Do you want to touch it?

That tickles!

It’s only a small tattoo because I already had another tattoo there, but it got done quickly because of that. I quite like it.

It’s proof of my love for you.

What is it? Are you interested in tattoos?

I can introduce you to someone if you want one, but the person who does my tattoos only does Japanese style tattoos. Once you get one, it won’t come off that easily.

That’s what I like about it though. Don’t you think it seems like a good luck charm?

It would be a little unfortunate to see something other than the marks I make on your body.

I like seeing proof that we slept together on your body, as you lie there without the strength to resist…

Just look. This is where I made my mark when we saw each other before.

You like it when I lick this indecent place between your legs, don’t you?

Miss… I can see you throbbing with desire down there.

Well… What should I do?

Shall I use my fingers or should I lick everything that comes out?

What would you like?

If you can’t decide, then I’m going to enter you.

We were doing it earlier. And when you’re this wet I’ll be able to get in without any foreplay.

That’s too bad. If that’s your decision, then you can give me a blowjob too.

Even if you don’t put it completely inside your mouth, you can at least lick it and suck it, right?

I’m not expecting you to have a special technique. Having you do it is what turns me on.

You just have to rub it while sucking the tip.

That’s right. You’re pretty good.

Once you get used to it, go deeper gradually.

There’s nothing I can do about your teeth touching it sometimes, Don’t bite me by mistake though.

I’m going to do the same for you then.

Amazing… No matter how much I lick it, it just keeps coming out.


Yes… It feels really good.

The only thing that bothers me is not being able to see your face in this position.

I’m going to get a good look at what kind of expression you have next time you do this.

Miss… That’s enough. If you keep going, then I’m going to end up coming on your face.

Thank you for your hard work.

Why don’t we finish up like this?

I entered you so easily. It shouldn’t be a problem if I start moving right away.

It seems like you’re used to me down here.

It doesn’t seem to hurt when I thrust deep inside you. Your body happily tightens around me instead.

You like it when I thrust hard, right until the end.

I can’t reach if I only use my fingers or my tongue, so when I enter you like this, it tightens around me in expectation. Your reactions are cute, but your body is sexy.

The only thing you don’t have is enough strength. You’ve come several times already, so you’re getting tired quickly.

Well… I keep pushing you because I want to see your face as you come, so it’s my fault.

If the woman you love looks at you like that, with tears in her eyes, you want to make her feel even better.

You can’t take it any longer, can you?

Let me see the look of pleasure on your face and your body tightening around me down here.

I’m going to come inside you.

I came a lot, so you’ll have to wash it out properly later.

Hey. What are you going to do anyway?

I’m talking about the tattoo. If you can’t decide, then one of the younger members is having a tattoo done at the moment. You could watch it being done.

What made you want to have a tattoo though?

When I got this dragon done, didn’t you say “it looks painful, I’m never going to have this done”?

Hmm… To make yourself look like a more suitable successor…

Even if it’s not true, you should say it’s proof of your love for me, right?

That’s so mean.

I was joking. The proof of your love for me is already on the ring finger of your left hand.

Hey, Miss… I’ll admit that you’re motivated, but unlike me who has to show my body in front of other members in the bath, you don’t have to do anything like that.

So… Don’t you think it would be meaningless?

Even I don’t know whether the wives of men in the organisation have tattoos.

I can’t even think of anyone who has their tattoos showing outside of their clothes.

Huh? No… I can’t ask the other men that…

If you’re curious about it, then you should contact their wives by yourself.

The only thing I can say about this is… Hmm…

If you really don’t want one, then I’d say don’t do it.

You’re not a child or an object owned by someone else. In the end, you should do what you want.

But if you decide to get one, then I’d be happy if there was a willow tree somewhere in the design.

Shut up! Don’t call me cute.

Anyway… For now I get to experience your body with only the marks I make on it.

I’ve got to leave some clear marks on your body, to prove the depth of my love for you to anyone.

You’ll accompany me until the morning now, Miss.