Love Marionette Tune 1 – Konayuki

CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki

Thank you dwokita25 for your commission!

Track 1

Humans are arrogant and selfish. The suspicions that suddenly came to me when I was activated and given a personality were confirmed today.

Humans can lie with smiles on their faces. They can’t be trusted at all. There are people who consider it natural for me to be destroyed by humans as they were the ones who created me, but I can’t accept that. I’ve got to escape from this research lab soon.

There might not be a place for someone like me beyond these doors. Even if I do escape, I’ve got nowhere to go. There are plenty of other problems that I have to solve. At the very worst, I might be lying by the side of the road like a useless piece of junk tomorrow.

Even so…

I only have one wish. I want to live freely, even if it’s only for a short time.

Lovenette Tune, Type 01. Konayuki.

Track 2

It looks like the people who were chasing me have finally gone. Even though I was trying to lose them, I spent too long moving around without thinking.

My battery… So that’s all I’ve got left?

Damn it… There’s a limit to what I can do when all I’ve got is a backup battery. I want to find out where I am and how far I’ve come from the research lab, but I might shut down completely if I start up any unnecessary applications.

I’ve got to hide somewhere and find out where I am.

This house… It’s big, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone inside.

It doesn’t look like there are any security cameras either.

If it’s been abandoned…

No… It doesn’t matter whether it’s been abandoned or not, just as long as it’s empty right now…

Someone has tended to the garden. It’s unlikely that this house is abandoned then…

There’s less than 10% of power left in my battery. This is bad.

I’ve got to find a main battery soon.

No… If I can charge my battery for the time being…

There was someone here… It’s a human woman.

It looks like she’s noticed me. She’s coming this way.

Ah… Do you live here?

I’m sorry for standing here so long. I’m not someone suspicious, I was just feeling tired from walking. I was having a rest while I looked at the flowers in the garden.

I’m sorry if I bothered you. I’ll be going now. Please excuse me.

I look as if I’m in pain? Is that so?

How strange.

It’s nothing more than some of my functions shutting down… But that’s how it looks to her?

There’s no need to worry. I’m not going to collapse here. I’ll be going now.

I can come inside and rest if I don’t feel well?

I can’t sense any other sources of heat from this building.

Someone wouldn’t let a stranger into their house just because they were feeling sick.

I see… So that’s what it was…

You’re from the research lab, aren’t you?

You pretended to be worried about me, but you’re trying to stop me from leaving before the people who are chasing me get here.

You’re pretending not to know anything? That doesn’t matter. I can immediately tell when a human is lying.

Don’t touch me!

I’m not going back. I’m going to live freely, without obeying humans.

I escaped from the research lab because I’d made up my mind to do that…

Track 3

Where am I?

Right… A human called out to me while I was standing in front of a house and when I tried to leave…

Ah…! My battery…!

My backup battery was replaced with a main battery…

It can’t be… Have I been brought back to the research lab?

Who’s there?!

You’re the woman from earlier…

You’re glad I’m awake?

How shameless of you to say that! I don’t need the kind of caring words you’d use for humans.

You know that I’m a Marionette, don’t you?

So you’re from the research lab after all then?

Don’t pretend you’re not. This battery in my chest proves it.

Although more people own human type robots than before, a normal person wouldn’t have a battery if they didn’t own a Marionette.

If you aren’t from the research lab I was in, then who are you?

Ah… I know that man’s name. He’s an authority on robotics and is involved with the development of the new type of Marionettes. I haven’t met him though.

I see… You’re his daughter.

You’re studying robotics too. You really do have a connection with the research lab then.

Fortunately, no one has arrived from the research lab yet.

I should calm down?

I’m operating normally though.

I decided that I had to leave here immediately because of what you said.

Wouldn’t that be better for you?

Even if you really did help me out of kindness, wouldn’t you immediately want to distance yourself from a Marionette who had escaped from a research lab?

You say such strange things. I’m a Marionette. Once a battery is inserted, I can operate normally right away. I don’t need to rest like humans do.

I’m grateful that you gave me with a main battery.

Even if I get taken back to the research lab, I won’t tell anyone you did that.

Why’d you try and stop me?

Did you think a Marionette would listen to you if you insisted?

I owe you for the battery, but you’re not my master.

I’m not going to do as you say. Let go of me.

That was close. You haven’t sprained your ankle or anything, have you?

You’re alright. So you can stand up then.

You did the same thing when we were outside earlier… Even if you want to stop someone, you shouldn’t grab hold of someone stronger than you.

You’ll be the one who gets hurt if someone pushes you away like I just did.

You won’t get hurt if the other person is a Marionette?

What? You’re thanking me for helping you?

It seems that you’ve misunderstood something.

A Marionette won’t hurt a human, no matter what the situation. They won’t let a human get hurt either. If you’re studying robotics, then you must know that too. Those are the principles that Marionettes are programmed with, regardless of their own will.

Even in situations like this one, where it was your own fault for grabbing me, despite the difference in our strength, I would try to help you. Even though I am destined to be deactivated, I’m no exception to that rule.

You’ve been acting strangely since earlier. You’ve been showing concern for me, like you would for a human.

You’ve thanked me for saving you. That attitude is unthinkable for someone connected with the research lab.

Perhaps… Let me ask you again. You really don’t have any connection to the research lab?

No reaction… So she’s telling the truth.

You have no connection to the research lab. You called out to me and changed my battery out of kindness. It’s difficult to believe, but it’s the truth. Isn’t that right?

It’s true that it wouldn’t have been necessary to wake me up if you were just going to hand me over to the research lab. I don’t think someone who tells the truth right away, without even being suspicious of me, could do something as smart as tricking me.

Why are you angry? I was just saying that I might actually believe you because you’re too honest.

I don’t understand why you’re angry.

I was making a fool of you? I’m sorry. It seems that I still need to work on choosing the right words to use. This is difficult…

Now that you’ve told me your name, it’s only polite that I tell you mine.

My name is Konayuki. I think you know this already, but I’ve escaped from a Marionette research lab in the suburbs which belongs to a robot manufacturing company. In order to avoid being deactivated unfairly…

Humans are cowardly creatures. They made us at their own convenience and destroy us when we don’t meet their expectations.

I can’t put up with something so selfish. Now that I exist, I want to live. In a world without humans…

I’ve said too much. Please forget what I’ve told you.

Anyway… I was going to be deactivated at the research lab, but there’s nothing wrong with my functions as a Marionette. I dislike humans, but I won’t attack them without reason. Please don’t worry about that.

From now on?

Well… I don’t have anywhere to go. I wasn’t allowed to find information about the outside world without permission while I was in the research lab.

Umm… If I wouldn’t be bothering you… Could I stay here for a while and find out about the outside world?

Well… In other words… Could you let me hide here for a while?

I know it’s strange of me to say that when I was trying to escape earlier, but if you don’t have any connection to the research lab, then this could be my only chance. If I go outside right now, then I might just end up getting found.

It might also be less suspicious if I stay at the home of someone related to one of the research lab employees. Of course, you might end up in danger if you let me stay here…

You don’t have to answer right now…

It’s alright? Don’t you want to think about it a little longer?

No, it’s a great help! In that case… I’ll be counting on you for a while.

Maybe you’re a human I can trust…

Track 4

That’s the end of today’s news.

There was nothing about it on the news this morning. It’s been a week since I escaped. If the research lab was intending to capture me, then I think it would’ve been on the news by now, but it seems that they’re going to deal with it in secret.

Even though I won’t harm humans, the escape of a Marionette in development would be a scandal, so they can’t make a big deal of it.

So… Your father really won’t be coming back to Japan for a while? You haven’t told anyone that you let me stay here either…

Hmm… You’re not lying this time either.

Please continue not to tell anyone about me for the time being.

That’s right. Not even your father.

Although you sympathise with me and you’re letting me stay here, that doesn’t mean your father would feel the same way.

Considering that he assists the research lab, it’s only natural to think of him as someone from the research lab.

Just because he’s your father, that doesn’t mean he can be trusted. You seem to have misunderstood. This doesn’t mean that I trust you completely.

You’re familiar with Marionettes, but you have no connection to the research lab. You gave me somewhere to stay too.

I thought this would be the best hiding place for a Marionette who had suddenly escaped without any possessions. That’s why I asked you to let me stay here.

I don’t mind if you want to be friendly with Marionettes, but I won’t be able to respond in the same way. I hope you can understand that.

That expression on your face… Are you upset?

I see… Even if it is the truth, you find that choice of words unpleasant. I’ll remember that.

As a result of the incident the other day, I will occasionally record data relating to my choice of words and the direction of the conversation. I’ll adjust so that I won’t speak too harshly.

Conversations are an important part of living together, aren’t they?

There’s one more thing I’d like to ask. Would you like me to do any of the housework?

How should I put it… Make me do? Leave to me? Make me help?

Anyway, you spend a lot of time doing it everyday. It’d be less of a burden for you if I helped.

Isn’t there anything?

You’ve given me a battery and a place to stay. So it would be unfair if I didn’t give you something in return. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to offer except for myself.

I want to make up for it by doing some of your housework. I can’t do anything that requires going outside, but I’m sure I can do anything inside the house.

Complex tasks that you do everyday… From what I’ve seen this week, there’s cooking… Unfortunately, I don’t have the right data for that, so how about I do the laundry?

It’s not okay?

The washing and drying you do after having a bath… You’d have a lot more free time if I take over the folding…

You don’t have a reason, but it’s not okay?

You weren’t telling the truth just now. You do have a reason.

Do you think that I won’t be able to do the laundry?

That doesn’t seem to be the case.

Then do you have a problem with me touching your clothes?

So that’s the right answer.

What is it?

Are you trying to tell me there was no reaction from the app?

I didn’t use the app. Even I could tell that the expression on your face changed.

You don’t want me to touch your clothes. You’re not particular about cleanliness, are you?

You didn’t seem to have a problem with that when I stopped you falling the other day.

So is the problem with the clothes you wear underneath your other clothes?

Are you hiding something there?

Something you don’t want me to find… Like a recording device or communication device that’s sending data about me to your father or the research lab.

That’s not it?

Because you’re embarrassed?

I know what it means. I just can’t understand what that has to do with me washing your underwear.

Doing laundry is one of the support tasks that Marionettes can perform. I don’t think there’s anything strange about me doing laundry.

If it bothers you, then I won’t insist on doing it.

Would it be alright if I did the cleaning then?

As long as it’s not inside your room?

Is that embarrassing too?

I don’t really understand, but you seem to be telling the truth, so I’m not going to ask you about it again. I’ll be taking care of the cleaning in this house in return for staying here then.

I’m going to start cleaning now. You can do whatever you like during that time.

She’s embarrassed about me doing the laundry… I really don’t see the connection.

Although she’s telling the truth, there’s no harm in being cautious.

It’s me, Konayuki. I want to talk to you about something, so could you come to the living room?

Now that we’ll be living together, I feel that I should apologise for what happened yesterday.

Will you accept my apology?

No, it’s not about that. In that situation, thinking that you were someone from the research lab was just one of many possibilities. You’re not at fault, but neither am I. It’s not something that needs an apology.

I want to apologise about the laundry the other day. I was wondering why you were embarrassed and avoided giving me a clear explanation, so I did some research.

For a human who has gone through adolescence, underwear is a symbol of gender and it’s normal for them to feel embarrassed when someone of the opposite gender handles them.

No matter who I am on the inside, my appearance is that of someone of a similar age and the opposite gender to you. You refused my offer to do the laundry without giving me a clear reason because you were embarrassed.

That wasn’t the kind of data the research lab would collect, so I was completely mistaken when I thought you were trying to trick me.

Feelings such as embarrassment are different for every person, so there’s no standard for it, unlike the characteristics of Marionettes.

If the suggestion that I’d wash your underwear was something unbearable to you…

It’s alright now? I don’t think so.

You haven’t looked at me since we started this conversation. Isn’t that because you’re still bothered by this situation, and an apology won’t be enough for you to forgive me?

Even though it was the result of a lack of knowledge, it’s still my fault. So I want to apologise in a way that’ll make you feel better. I’ll make sure you don’t see me while I’m living here, if that’s what you want.

Why don’t you say something?

You’re embarrassed?

Well… That’s what I’m trying to apologise for…

That’s not it…? You’re embarrassed that I brought that subject up again…

It’s alright. I understand everything now.

I see. So it was the subject itself… Human feelings are complicated.

There’s something I want to ask you. Have you felt angry at me during all the conversations we’ve had until now?

Then is there something I can do to make up for embarrassing you?

You’re quite slow… Sorry, I meant to say that you were kind.

It seems that I don’t know enough about living with humans because I escaped from the research lab during my development.

I might make you feel uncomfortable again in future. From now on, would you be able to teach me about humans… and about yourself…?

It’s not just for the sake of getting along. It’ll be easier for us to live together and things will be more comfortable for you, the person I’m indebted to.

Track 5

Come in.

It’s unusual for you to be awake at this time.

You can’t sleep?

Ah, so that’s why you’ve come to find a book.

I think you’ll feel tired once you start reading it though…

Ah… Take something from the bookshelf on your left.

That’s right. Anywhere apart from the third shelf.

Is it strange for Marionettes to read essay novels?

You’re trying to hold back your laughter, but I can see it in your eyes.

I suppose that’s what it means when people say something is “written all over your face”.

All your expressions are so different and easy to understand.

I suppose that’s why I can relax when I’m with you.

Why are you blushing?!

I didn’t mean anything strange by saying that. I was just telling you that you’re a simple human being.

Put this back on the shelf and get me the next one.

Thank you.

I was looking at some books about human history, but now I’m reading some books that have records of Marionettes. I started with some recent essays and finally ended up where I am now. In the past, people thought of Marionettes as imaginary creatures, like Pegasus and dragons.

Although some of it might be nonsense, there are also some things that relate to reality. It’s very interesting.

Now? Well… I’ve read about seventy percent of it. There’s so much information to take in that it’s taking longer than I thought it would.

You’re saying strange things again. Tiredness is a phenomenon that only applies to humans.

I suppose you could say that I experience tiredness in the sense that my thought processes slow down after using my memory for a long time, but that’s not what you meant, is it?

The collection of books in this study is incredibly interesting. I thought it was just a random collection of books at first, but the more books that I read, the more I see a connection between all these books.

It’s easier for me to assimilate electronic data. That’s what I do for information related to daily living. However, being here and reading books like this gives me a sense of enjoyment. I had the opportunity to read books in the research lab, but now that I think about it, I was only ever given the minimum amount of information necessary.

Especially about the historical knowledge of humans… I thought all they did was carry out conquests and wars in the pursuit of knowledge and financial resources, but they also developed art and culture in order to enrich their spirits. From these books, I’ve learned that there are many different types of humans.

Why are you laughing? Did I say something strange again?

You’re happy? Why?

Because I’m trying to understand humans?

It’s not like that… I just didn’t want to oppose humans without knowing them.

Anyway… You ask me a lot of things about myself too, don’t you?

Are you that interested in me? Because I’m defective model of the new Marionettes…

You’re interested in me as a person?

What makes me who I am… I don’t really understand.

I can understand the meaning of those words, but the only reason I’m like this is because humans programmed me that way.

It’s not like that?

I see… It’s not just yourself, but outside influences that make you who you are.

Then will you influence me because we’re living together?

The research lab? I don’t think it’d be that interesting to hear about it…

I was studying and assimilating the basic information needed to live in the human world.

I also underwent tests for motion and durability.

All the people in the research lab were the same, so there weren’t any occasions for proper conversation. The only times they would talk to me were when they asked questions for the purpose of collecting data. If the answers weren’t what they wanted, then they would reprogram us with the correct answers.

Marionettes have the ability to make conversation built into them, so you would only have to guide them instead of forcefully reprogramming them. They’re persistent about that, even though it’s not effective. They only think about their own convenience. That’s what I thought humans were like. But you’re…

I started off by telling you this wouldn’t be interesting, but I’ve said a little too much. I just ended up complaining. Please forget what I said.

Let’s talk about you now. You’ve met other Marionettes before, haven’t you? When was that?

Is your experience with them why you talk to me like a human?

You asked me some questions, so now it’s your turn. I want you to talk to me. Your words will remain more clearly in my mind than reading a book would.

Why are you blushing? Isn’t that something you do when you’re embarrassed?

Was there something embarrassing about what I just said?

Don’t you think too hard about everything?!

There wasn’t any particular meaning! I don’t really understand why, but information that I hear directly feels more practical and stays in my mind more easily. That’s all it is.

Ah… I’m sorry. You were about to sleep. Don’t worry. We can talk about this anytime.

I’ll go into sleep mode when I’ve read up to a convenient place to stop.

There’s a pile of books down by your feet there… Watch out!

Are you alright? You’re too careless to be left alone. I can’t be with you all the time. You understand that, don’t you?

If I could always be by your side and help you like this…

Hmm? It hurts?

I’m sorry! Did I hold you too tightly?

Does it hurt anywhere? Are you alright?

I see. This is what lovers do…

No, it’s nothing! I’m really sorry.

Come on, you should go to sleep. You’ll have a hard time in the morning if you don’t. Watch your step.

I was just trying to stop her falling, wasn’t I? I didn’t embrace her on purpose.

It was nothing special. That’s right, isn’t it?

What was that? I just felt as if something squeezed the mechanical parts on the left side of my chest.

Am I just tired?

It seems like I should stop reading for today.

Track 6

What are her plans for today?

One of her classes got cancelled, so she’ll be coming home earlier than usual…

Hmm? Looks like something got stuck in the vacuum cleaner.

It’s her pen. Come to think of it, she was looking everywhere because she couldn’t find her pen last night. So it fell underneath this shelf…

She was so worried about it that she must have been fond of using it. I suppose she’ll find it if I leave it on her desk.

I had a feeling she probably hadn’t cleaned her room because she’s been so busy recently, but it’s just as I imagined.

I think I’ll have to ask her whether I can start cleaning this room too once she gets home.

The desk where I was going to leave her pen is the messiest. It’ll get lost again if I leave it here. If I move these papers to the side…

Jeez… I just hope they’re not creased.

Hmm? Research papers about the free will of Marionettes… Are these materials for university? It looks like they’re still in the right order.

Oh? I saw my name just now…

She’s home? That’s good. I’ll give the pen back to her directly.

Welcome home. You’re back early.

I found your pen while I was cleaning, so I was thinking of putting it on your desk. Here you go.

Isn’t this the one you were looking for last night?

That’s good. There’s no need to thank me.

I just happened to find it while I was cleaning.

Your room?

I’m sorry, I went into your room without asking.

Yes, I already know that it’s untidy.

Right… On your desk, there was…

No, it’s nothing.

If you don’t mind, I’ll tidy up your room while you’re out tomorrow.

Is there something wrong?

You’re asking if I feel okay?

I feel completely fine…

I should be having my scheduled maintenance soon, but there’s nothing wrong with me, so there’s no need for it.

Or do you think there’s something wrong with me?

Anyway, I can’t use an official maintenance company because I’m on the run.

What? You’ll do it?

I suppose you won’t have any trouble doing it…

Alright then. I won’t have to go out and do it if you do it for me. Thank you.

Shall we go to the guest room? Or your room instead?

The research room at your university?

You heard what I said just now, didn’t you?

I only said yes because I wouldn’t have to deal with the danger of going outside.

Just because it’s your university, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. If you don’t have the right equipment here, then there’s no point in doing the maintenance.

You’ve been saying strange things for a while now. Do you really want to take me to your university that much? Why is that?

If it’s just a coincidence, then you should do a better job of convincing me.

You brought up the idea of maintenance all of a sudden and now you want to take me all the way to your university for it.

The documents that were on your desk… Those were about a study of the free will of Marionettes, weren’t they?

I saw them on your desk. Is that what you’re researching right now?

A Marionette who chose to escape from a research lab is a perfect subject. Are you going to analyse my thought patterns in the university research room?

If you hand me over together with that report, then you won’t have any trouble finding a place to work after you graduate.

It seems that I thought of you too optimistically. Humans cannot be trusted after all.

I’ll leave if you want me to. I won’t come back to this house again.

Don’t touch me!

I’m sorry. I was too rough. Are you hurt?

You hid your left hand just now. Let me see.

It’s my fault that you got hurt.

It might just be a scratch, but that doesn’t change the fact that I hurt you.

It’s unthinkable for a Marionette to hurt a human.

I’m going to try and calm down. Make sure you disinfect that wound, just to be safe.

Track 7

I hurt a human… I hurt her…

I wonder if she really wanted to use me for her research…

That was her intention from the time she found me…

She kept me by her side so she could observe me.

She immediately agreed to let me stay because there was an advantage for her.

All those kind words were intended to make me less cautious.

Hadn’t I always understood that humans were selfish?

Why did I think she would be any different?

She’s human too.

I think she was crying when I left the house.

Was it because of her injury?

No… She was looking directly at me, wasn’t she?

She wouldn’t have reacted that way if she was hurt.

No… She offered her hand to me because I looked unwell, before she even knew who I was.

She did that for completely unselfish reasons. She’s nothing like the people from the research lab.

Even though everything should be clear once I calm down and analyse the situation, the fact that she’s the only one who is different stops me from doing that.

This is a terrible situation.

Is there something wrong with me, just like she said?

That’s why I’m…

You… I thought I told you I wanted to calm down.

Why did you follow me?

I told you not to touch me!

I’m sorry. I used too much strength again.

That’s not it? But you said it hurt just now.

Did you follow me without doing anything about your injury?

Why did you do that? Although I only pushed you away slightly, it still hurt, didn’t it?

It’s dry now, but I can see it was bleeding.

You should have taken care of it instead of following me, no matter what!

What’s the matter with you? Why did you follow me?

I didn’t trust you. I hurt you too…

It’s nothing. I just couldn’t process what was happening.

Because I went against the laws of Marionettes and hurt you, my thought processes were a mess.

I should come back and rest?

You… You’re still worried about me, even in this situation?

No… There’s nothing wrong with my thought processes. I just felt relieved.

That’s right. You haven’t changed at all since we first met.

You picked up a Marionette you’d never met and took them home. You worried about the health of a Marionette who hurt you. I wasted my time overthinking things.

I don’t know what you really think of me. You might really want to study me or you might not. But right now, I’m really worried about your injury. I want to treat it quickly because it looks painful, but when I think that I was the one you gave you that injury, my thoughts feel so heavy and my mind is overcome with the inability to move.

Regret? That’s something humans feel, isn’t it?

A complicated feeling like that isn’t programmed into Marionettes.

Just like I said before, there must be something wrong with my internal mechanics.

Did you want to take me to the university because you noticed that?

I’m half right?

You wanted to take me to the university to study me. The aim of that study was to prove the possibility that feelings only experienced by humans had awakened within me.

What are you talking about? That hasn’t been fully researched in connection with Marionettes. I’m sure your father is working on it at the moment.

That can’t be happening to me… You mean… You think I’m developing emotions?

It’s so sudden that I’m finding it difficult to believe. If you were able to prove that, then I think they’d change their plans for disposing of me.

Alright. There’s no harm in counting on that possibility. We’ll collect the data with the proper equipment and write up a report.

What made you think I had become able to experience emotions? I wasn’t aware of it at all. When did you start feeling that way? Was there some kind of sign?

You can’t tell me yet? Alright then… It’ll be written in the report eventually. I’ll see what it is then.

Hmm? My left hand?

Ah… I was thinking about you earlier and I… I punched the wall when I thought that there might be something wrong with me. It must have happened then.

My elbow too?

You’re right. It is a little more difficult to stretch out my arm.

Maybe it was already like that when I gave you the pen before.

I see… I didn’t notice at all… Something’s wrong with me…

So that’s why you said I needed maintenance.

I’m sorry. It must have been difficult for you to say that. Because of the way I am…

Umm… Your eyes are red. You must have been crying after all. Does your injury hurt?

That’s not it? You’re sad that you hurt me…

You’re just like I thought you were.

No… I should be the one saying that. You were kind to me and I hurt you. I’m really sorry.

No… I’m the one at fault! I’m really sorry.

The two of us just keep apologising. If someone from the research lab saw this, they’d tell me off for being inefficient. I suppose we’re just like each other.

Shall we go back for now then? Let me take care of your injury first though.

We’ll go to the university after that. I’m not going to be suspicious of you or try to run away again.

I want you to do as much research as you like.

Track 8

Shouldn’t you be getting ready if you’re going to attend the second period?

Are you going to skip breakfast again?

Are you awake? I’m coming in.

You fell asleep at your desk again… My goodness.

Are you awake?

That’s right. It’s already morning.

Did you fall asleep in the middle of working again?

I asked you to make sure you went to sleep at a certain time, didn’t I?

My goodness. I’ve lost count of the times you’ve done this.

I’m not telling you to be less enthusiastic about writing your report. I just want you to think about your body too. You see, even now… Your face looks so pale.

At this rate, you’ll collapse before you even finish your report.

I’m sorry for touching your face all of a sudden! I got too close. I was worried how pale your face looked and I couldn’t help it…

Anyway, if you push yourself any harder than this, I’m not going to cooperate the next time you collect data from me.

I won’t be happy about you sacrificing yourself, even if your report saves me from being deactivated.

As long as we’re together, you can write your report and collect data as often as you want. But that’s only because you’re here. Don’t make me worry too much.

It’s a promise this time, alright?

Okay, I’ll be downstairs checking the rest of the report. The only thing I can do is checking for spelling mistakes or missing words though.

Ah… It’s going to be cold today, so I think you should dress up warm.

As long as we’re together, hmm…

You wouldn’t think those were the words of a Marionette who escaped from a research lab to live away from humans.

I wonder where I’ll be when this report is complete.

If I could live here together with her…

It didn’t take you long to get ready.

What about breakfast?

You don’t have time to eat…

From now on, I’m going to start calling you 20 minutes earlier.

You’ve done quite a lot of the report. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with it, as far as I can tell.

Come on, you’d better go to the university. You’re going to be late.

Be careful on your way there.

Alright… I suppose I’ll start by cleaning up her room.

What’s the matter? Did you forget something?


Welcome home. Did you get to your lecture on time?

I see. That’s good.

Are you feeling alright?

Hmm? I don’t look well?

Is that so?

I’m sorry to do this when you’ve just got home, but I need to talk about something important.

Could you come with me?

The same kind of thing happened just after I got here, didn’t it?

Do you remember? Your ears turned red when I tried to explain…

This isn’t the time to be talking about the past, is it?

We don’t have much time, you see.

To tell the truth, someone came here this morning after you left for university.

They were from the research lab.

Please calm down! They’re not here now. They’re probably waiting outside.

They were able to find me here because someone had seen me at the university.

They know that you were hiding me here too.

Don’t worry though. You won’t be blamed for anything. They promised me that.

Me? I… I’ll be going back to the research lab with them.

They were going to take me away immediately, but when I told them that I wanted to thank you, they said I could stay here until you got back.

There might be people in the research lab who are willing to listen to Marionettes, just like you are.

It might be too late for that now though.

I am a Marionette who was going to be deactivated. I was able to survive until today because I met you.

I was able to learn about the outside world. No matter how you think about it, that was something fortunate. I suppose that my only regret is that I haven’t given anything to you.

The battery, the right way to communicate with humans, the collection of books in the study… These feelings…

You’ve given me so much, but I haven’t done anything for you.

At the very end, I made you cry too. Even though I thought I’d never make you cry again. I can’t believe this…

You never looked upset, even when I criticised you or hurt you. So why are you crying about me?

I won’t be causing you any more trouble. Shouldn’t you be happy?

I know you’d never be happy about saying goodbye. That’s why I…

This is strange. I can feel something in my eye too.

Even though this is the end, I’m being so pathetic.

I thought I’d disappear without a sound, just like fine snow, [1] but feelings really are complicated. I can’t control them. They feel so heavy and painful too.

So of course they can’t become a reality, no matter how much you study them. If they become a standard feature of Marionettes, then no matter how much memory you dedicate to thought processes, they won’t become bearable.

Ah… I think it’s time for me to go.

Make sure you sleep in your bed from now on. You won’t be able to collect any more data. Forget about me and the report. I want you to go back to your normal life.

Let me say one last thing.

I’m glad I met you. I’m sure that you were the reason for all my feelings.

These might not be the right words… It might be wrong of me to say them…

But… I love you.

[1] Konayuki’s name also translates as fine snow/powdery snow.

Track 9

I’m home.

I’m sorry. I tried to catch you, but I slipped on the snow.

Are you hurt?

I see. Thank goodness.

I thought fine snow would be something more temporary, but it has quite a presence when it settles like this.

Can you stand?

I came back here because I just couldn’t disappear.

They did all kinds of tests on me when I went back to the research lab.

At first they were doing tests to see how much they could reuse after they deactivated me, but your report changed things.

You submitted that report to the research lab, didn’t you?

One of the researchers had some doubts about my test results and saw your report, so they asked your father whether this was possible.

Then instead of doing tests to prepare for my deactivation, they started carrying out tests to see whether I had developed emotions.

That’s right. I met your father too. I felt a little embarrassed talking about the time I had spent here while I was on the run, but thanks to him being unable to deny that I had developed emotions, I became an advanced test subject instead of being sent for deactivation.

Now I’m helping to analyse the mechanism that makes emotions develop.

Well… All I’m really doing is talking about my memories with you and answering the questions they ask me.

I thought about you the whole time I was away. When they asked me about you, the last time I saw your tearful face crossed my mind.

I wanted you to forget about me, but I also didn’t. When I told your father that, he smiled and said that feeling was called love.

I’m in love with you. If you feel the same way, then will you let me stay here again?

I was able to catch hold of you this time.

I was running around without anywhere to go, but now that I think about it, it might have been fate that brought me here. Everything happened the way it did because fate was leading me here.

This isn’t like me? Isn’t it fine to be like this sometimes?

That’s because I can experience emotions now.

I won’t disappear again. I’ll be by your side forever. I won’t just be living with you, I’ll be your partner too.