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Luciole no Hime 5

Luciole no Hime 5 – Robin Tolkia

CV: Kondo Takashi

Thank you s.e.kwan for your commission!

Track 1

Please forgive my intrusion, Princess.

It’s me, Robin.

Good morning, Princess.

You don’t recognise me… I suppose you’re feeling sleepy because you just woke up.

I’m Robin Tolkia, your butler.

I’ve come to wake you up, just like you asked me to.

Have a look at this watch. It’s six o’clock, the time that we agreed upon.

It’s earlier than you usually wake up, but that was the order you gave.

I’m going to get your clothes ready now.

Hmm… Why don’t you wear one of these today?

A pale blue dress.

A canary yellow dress with a floral pattern.

Both of them will suit your fair complexion.

I’ll prepare a ribbon of the same colour too.

A large ribbon, made from soft material will go well with your beautiful, silky hair.

Hmm? Is something wrong?

You’re not the Princess? What an odd thing to say.

This is your room, of course. There are plenty of beautiful dresses here for you to wear.

Are you feeling unwell? Or did you have a bad dream?

My goodness. I do apologise. The dress I picked for you was not to your liking.

I’ll prepare a different dress right away.

What about this one? A luxurious crimson dress with plenty of frills.

It’s a lovely dress decorated with ribbons.

You wear this one quite often. What do you think?

This one isn’t right either…

I see. So you want something you don’t wear all the time.

In that case… This one is a very special dress!

It is delicately embroidered with gold and silver thread, in addition to being decorated with many precious stones. It is one of the most luxurious dresses owned by the Vincent family.

Won’t you feel better if you wear this dress?

What is that?

I haven’t seen one of those before. Is it a new toy?

Ah… It’s not a toy… A smart…phone…?

It doesn’t have any battery left… What do you mean?

If you’re having trouble with something, then I’ll help you.

This is the first time I’ve heard of a smart phone. I apologise for my lack of knowledge.

Could you tell me about it, if you don’t mind?

A phone…that’s referred to as a “smart phone”…

The year is 1805. This is Luciole Castle. On a map, it would be located in France. However, the location of this castle is not printed on any map.

It is surrounded by a deep forest, therefore many people are unaware of its existence.

The past… What are you talking about?

You look quite pale…

High school student…?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say…

If you don’t think you’re the Princess, then why don’t you look at yourself in that mirror?

The noble Princess, who is the pride of the Vincent family.

You look beautiful this morning, as usual.

Your round eyes have a brilliant sparkle.

Your nose is an elegant shape.

A small face. Slender limbs.

You’re beautiful enough to captivate anyone.

This has happened to you many times before?

What do you mean?

There’s no need to think about it too deeply if you don’t know.

You’ll be in a better mood if you put on a dress that you like.

Come this way. Choose whichever dress you like.

I see… I apologise for not showing you that dress. It was one you hadn’t worn recently.

If you would like a more simple dress, then have a look in this wardrobe…

What about one of these two? I think these dresses are quite plain compared to the others.

We’ll go with this one for today then.

Even a simple dress like this will suit you very well.

Well then…

Your skin always looks so beautiful.

Your skin is so fair…

You’re acting quite strangely this morning.

I’m just going to help you get changed, like I always do.

You won’t be able to put your dress on if you don’t take off your pyjamas.

You’re embarrassed about taking off your clothes in front of me?

Even though we have such a close relationship…

You even look beautiful when you’re embarrassed.

You’re blushing slightly… It’s just like looking at a rose-coloured flower petal.

What’s the matter with you this morning?

You’ve never said that before.

I understand. I’ll take my leave then.

Breakfast is ready, so please come down to the dining hall after you’ve changed.

Are you there, Princess?

I was waiting for you in the dining hall, but you didn’t turn up, so I came to your room.

It seems that you managed to get dressed. However…

You got lost because the castle is so big… How adorable.

I’m sorry for not realising your feelings. Perhaps I should have helped you get dressed.

Shall we go to breakfast then? I’ll accompany you.

Hmm? Is there something on my face?

Ah… This is the same mask I always wear.

It would be unacceptable for you to see my ugly scars.

You seem to be quite concerned about me today.

Princess… Could you look this way?

If that’s your wish…

You’re blushing again. I’m just adjusting your collar.

Did you think I was going to do something else?

You look adorable when you’re embarrassed.

Hmm… I wonder about that. I only did what you wanted.

Let’s go to breakfast. You mustn’t be late for the hunt.

Now that I think about it, your clothes are perfect for going hunting.

They’re easy to move around in and a sensible choice.

The preparations for the hunt have all been made as you ordered, so we can leave as soon as you have finished breakfast.

You mentioned it yesterday, didn’t you? That’s why I came to wake you up early this morning.

Is something wrong?

I’m sure that you enjoy hunting. You were really looking forward to it yesterday, weren’t you?

If you’ve changed your mind, then why don’t you do something else?

You shouldn’t force yourself to do something when you’re not interested.

The weather is nice today. Why don’t we take a walk in the garden?

This is the best time to see the flowers in the backyard. There’ll be a lot of butterflies around too.

Beautiful flowers and a gathering of butterflies… I’m sure you’ll feel better once you see them.

However, you need to eat first. Let me escort you to the dining hall.

Breakfast is freshly baked bread and your favourite raspberry jam.

There are plenty of smoked meats and soup too.

Of course. Please eat as much as you like.

The flowers in the backyard are right outside the dining hall.

You’ll be able to see them from the dining hall too. Don’t worry.

Ah… Princess! So you’ve had your breakfast.

I was just watering the flowers.

Depending on the weather, I water the flowers at a specific time every day.

This is all for you.

I’m glad you’ve calmed down. You look much better than you did earlier.

I’m glad to hear that. This is your favourite flower bed, you see.

I’m taking responsibility for its care as your butler.

All of the flowers will be in full bloom soon.

I’m happy to hear you say that someone who takes care of flowers must be kind.

I’ve taken great care growing all these flowers for you.

Ah… I’m not responsible for looking after those blue roses.

Those are grown by the Redford family.

Don’t you think that this flower bed is just as beautiful as those blue roses?

Look… A beautiful blue butterfly has stopped here.

Many of these butterflies come here around this time as they are fond of the nectar from the flowers in this bed.

Hmm? It seems that this butterfly knows of something more beautiful than the flowers.

I’m surprised that it landed on your ribbon though.

Ah… The colour of the ribbon you’re wearing today and the colour of that butterfly are a wonderful match. It’s like a beautiful masterpiece.

Hmm? I can’t have you helping me to water the plants!

You mustn’t do the servants’ work…

If you insist on doing it, then there’s a watering can on that shelf.

Alright. Be careful then.

Princess! What’s the matter?

I thought something had happened. I’m very sorry.

I haven’t finished this flower bed yet. There aren’t as many servants around anymore. I can’t do everything on my own.

I’m really sorry. I’ll clear this up and plant some new flowers. Could you wait a little longer until they bloom beautifully?

It’s not much fun trampling on flowers which bloom right away, is it?

You might have forgotten about it as it’s the kind of entertainment that is over in an instant.

You only just trampled over the flowers in this bed the other day.

You enjoy trampling on the beautiful flowers to scatter them everywhere. You were happily trampling all over them.

Something that someone had carefully created…

You said that trampling over their existence and putting an instant end to their life felt amazing.

I plant and care for the flowers so that you’ll always be able to enjoy yourself.

I wouldn’t lie to you. The flowers in that bed will soon be in full bloom.

Then you’ll be able to trample on them right away. Please wait a little longer for them to bloom.

You wouldn’t do such a terrible thing?

Have you become tired of that game?

Being trampled and crushed to death by a noble like you… That is the good fortune bestowed upon these flowers.

Are you saying you won’t be able to do that anymore?

It can’t be… Why?

Wait, Princess! Princess!

What have I done…?! I did something to displease the Princess!

You were happy. Because you were able to die by the Princess’ hands.

Why… Why… Why am I even alive?!

It’s for the sake of the Princess!

But… What am I even doing?!

A worthless, incompetent and useless butler!

A butler who pretends to understand the princess!

It’s just like the princess said. I’m an incompetent and useless fool!

Although the princess will soon belong to someone else… Although there’s no more time…

What on earth am I doing?

Track 2


It’s me, Robin. May I come in?

How are you feeling now? I’m sorry about earlier.

I’m surprised that you’ve forgiven me… Thank you.

No… You didn’t do anything wrong earlier. Don’t worry about it.

I’ve thought of how I can make it up to you.

I can show you around the wine cellar, if you would like that.

It is a place for storing wine, that is managed by the castle.

It’s normally locked and only a few people are allowed to enter.

I’m sure you haven’t been there either, so would you like to go?

Of course! I’ll show you around!

Shall we go then?

The wine cellar is made from a natural cave in the forest.

The underground, where the sun doesn’t shine, is best suited to storing wine.

It’s unfortunate that it takes a while to walk there from the castle.

The Paptesma family and the Redford family have been doing research on this forest, but there are many things that we’re unaware of.

As a result of the complex layout, the dense forest will prevent you from finding your way back to the castle if you try to investigate it completely.

There are also ferocious animals in this forest. Of course, they don’t come as far as the castle, but it’s dangerous to come here alone. I’ve heard a rumour that Thriller knows a secret path out of the forest though.

Hmm… He’s an incredibly suspicious person. There are quite a few strange things about him. I think it would be sensible to stay away from him.

Ah… I can see it now! The wine cellar is over there.

This wine cellar is always locked up securely, so please allow me a few moments to open it up.

There we go, it’s open now.

I’m going to light a lamp because it’s dark in here.

Let me take your hand.

It’s a little dark, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’ll protect you, no matter what happens. Please don’t worry.

Not at all. That’s a butler’s job and my reason for living.

What do you think?

All the bottles of wine stored here belong to the Vincent family.

I’m glad you’re happy.

This is the home-made wine that you like. There’s some more kept in barrels to make sure we don’t run out of it.

It’s made from several different varieties of grape which are grown in the grounds of Luciole Castle. The slight bitterness of Cabernet Franc and the smooth mellowness of Merlot mingle together, producing a brilliant flavour.

That isn’t the only amazing thing. Come this way.

The wines in this corner are all vintage wines. In other words, they are all very old wines. Their matured flavours are their charm.

Ah… I suppose the oldest wine here is from the 16th century.

Of course, there are some more recent wines too.

Like this one here. This wine is from the current year. The one next to it is from last year, 1804.

Is there something that you’re curious about?

I see…

Come to think of it… There was a wine that I really wanted to show you!

This wine was made in the year you were born. Have a look at the label.

There was a plentiful crop of grapes that year. The red wine was particularly wonderful.

You once said that you loved the vintage red wine because it almost looked like blood.

Seeing as you’re here, why don’t you try some of it?

I’m going to open it now.

Let’s keep this a secret from the others.

Here you go.

It’s the vintage red wine. Don’t you want it?

I don’t think your age has anything to do with drinking wine.

I understand. You don’t have to force yourself to drink it if you don’t feel like it.

There’s no need to apologise! It’s nothing for you to worry about…

Are you alright? We probably shouldn’t spend such a long time in a dusty place like this.

Shall we go then?

No… There’s not much I can say about that. I’m sorry.

Who cares about this Merlot! And this vintage wine!

If the Princess has no use for the wine from the year she was born, then that’s just how it is!

This one isn’t needed either!

That’s not it… I’m the one who isn’t needed.

I’m a useless butler! A worthless piece of trash!

What on earth am I doing?

Although the princess had summoned me… There’s no reason for me to be here any longer…

Still… This wine really does almost look like blood.

The wine that got spilled on my shirt looks just like fresh blood.

Ah… I want to die… I wish I could die…

I’m not going to come here again. Never again…

There’s no need to thank me. I’ve made sure that a bath is always ready for you.

What happened earlier today was my fault.

You didn’t do anything wrong at all. There’s no reason for you to apologise.

A butler must do his best to follow your wishes at all times. Being unable to do that is my responsibility alone.

You are only worrying about it because I was not considerate enough. I’m very sorry.

Let me help you…

I see. In that case, I’ll be waiting here. Take your time.

Is there something wrong?!

Ah… I’m very sorry!

I’ll check the temperature of the water right away!

Well… I checked it, but I think it’s the same temperature as usual.

I see. I’m very sorry about that. I’ll make it a little warmer next time.

It’s no trouble. You see… Preparing your bath is my job too.

I’m sorry for everything that happened. I’m glad you don’t want me to worry about it.

Ah… A firefly, hmm?

This certainly is the season for seeing fireflies.

I’ll be getting rid of them all tomorrow.

You once said that the fireflies who glowed in the darkness were an eyesore.

You told me to destroy them because you didn’t want something more beautiful and captivating than you to exist.

I made a mistake by not killing it before you noticed it.

I understand. I’ll leave it as it is then.

No… It’s my fault for doing something you didn’t want.

Are you still awake, Princess?

Please excuse me. I saw the light coming from your room.

Can’t you sleep? I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep then.

You can talk to me, if that would help you.

Even just talking to someone can make you feel better.

About me? What are you trying to say?

It’s no trouble at all!

All our misunderstandings came about because of my incompetence.

I’ve said this several times, but it’s nothing for you to worry about.

It seems that you’ve been concerned about me quite often recently.

I’m glad you are, but I don’t mind if you order me around, just like you did before.

Even if we have misunderstandings, it’s nothing for you to worry about.

I’m going to turn out the light now. It’ll be easier for you to fall asleep if the room is dark.

If you can’t sleep, then why don’t you think about something fun?

Wouldn’t you look forward to falling asleep if you had something enjoyable planned?

Hmm… Isn’t there something you’d like to do tomorrow?

With me…?

Well… I suppose I’m good at cleaning… There isn’t anything I can’t cook either.

Of course I can make sweet things too.

Alright. Let’s make cupcakes together tomorrow.

I’m really glad that it made you happy. You should go to sleep soon, so you’re ready for tomorrow.

Goodnight, Princess.

Track 3

Here we go…

Yes. They smell wonderful.

I’m going to bring the baking tray to the table, so just stay back a little. It’s hot, you see.

They’ve baked beautifully.

That’s good. I’m happy too.

Let’s decorate them next. We’ll coat them with some melted sugar.

What colour do you like? I’ll make your favourite colour.

Choose any colour you want. Once we’ve coloured them, we’ll decorate them with fruit.

I’ve prepared plenty of fruit, so you can choose anything you’d like.

Go on, help yourself.

No. I’ve got no intention of taking my mask off around you.

I’ll eat it after I go back to my room.

These scars are proof of your love. It would be nice to spend this day immersing myself in the memories I have with you.

It’s been a year since then. You dropped a fork during your meal.

Although I brought you another one immediately, you became angry when you thought that I was making a fool of you. You ordered me to eat the heated stones that were used for cooking.

I followed your orders and desperately swallowed the stones I had put in my mouth. I was badly burned when I did that.

That’s why I cover my face with this mask.

You were quite happy at that time. It’s the most wonderful memory I have.

My first time making cupcakes with you is another wonderful memory.

I can only spend a few more days with you. Today was a truly lovely anniversary.

Hasn’t it been decided that you’ll be marrying Master Neuro?

Even if you don’t believe it, it’s definitely true.

It’ll happen in three days.

I’m sorry. When I talk about things like this…

Even though we were having so much fun… I can’t help feeling sad.

I was really happy that I made some wonderful memories with you today.

Thank you very much. I’ll be leaving now.

It’s no good.

I love you. I love you.

I love you more than anyone else does.

I don’t want to think about you belonging to someone else.

I want to end everything.

My precious memories with you… My feelings for you…

Before they turn to hate…

I’m going to bring an end to everything.

I apologise for coming here so late at night.

I can only say this while you’re asleep.

I love you… More than anyone else does… More than anything…

You’re the only one in this world that I love.

Please forgive me. I don’t deserve to live. I’ve lost my reason for living.

I want you to forgive me for ending my life.

I love you. Goodbye.

Princess! Stay away from me!

It doesn’t matter. Let me die.

I want to die. Please…

Stay away from me!

I let you see this… I really am a failure as a butler.

I can’t even celebrate your happiest day.

I’m a disrespectful human being who can’t even bring himself to congratulate you.

You heard my confession earlier.

I’m sorry I woke you up. However, I wanted to say it at the very end.

That I truly love you…

Unusually, you had summoned me to your room as your butler.

But I wasn’t able to live up to any of your expectations…!

It’s unthinkable for someone like that to love you!

There’s no reason for me to live any longer.

You called me unnecessary and useless before.

I can’t believe you tried to show me I was needed. You’re being so kind today.

So is this the last time that will happen too?

Why?! I’m the reason you’ve had so many unpleasant experiences!

I wasn’t able to do anything you wanted me to yesterday! I’m a complete failure as a butler!

Misunderstandings are necessary for us to get to know each other?

You’re grateful to me… That can’t be…

You need me…? Is that what you’re saying…?

Princess… Princess…

I know this is an impolite request… But I want to serve you again, if you will allow me to.

Will you let me do that?

Thank you! I’ll give myself to you completely.

Princess… I…

Track 4

Why did you want to talk to me?

About you? Why did you bring that up again?

I see… Your memories aren’t always clear…

That must be quite troublesome.

You might find this overwhelming, but I’m going to explain everything.

You are the princess of Luciole Castle.

You are the only heir of the Vincent family, who abused their great wealth and power.

You were born from a consanguineous marriage and have such noble blood that it could be seen as a miracle.

You’re not just beautiful on the outside, you have a wonderful heart too. Countless unreasonable demands have been spoken from your lips.

I happily fulfilled them all.

I did everything for you after you became dissatisfied with your ladies-in-waiting and killed them.

When you said that you hated the swans in the pond, I shot them all. Then I served them for dinner as proof. You happily ate them.

It was not long ago that you ordered a servant who had made a mistake to be punished. I cooked them up carefully too. I used plenty of seasoning and came up with a plan to make it delicious enough for you.

The heated stones that I mentioned the other day… Those were a particularly special command.

You never said anything like that to anyone else. It was only me.

Yes. Your words are the only ones that I believe in. I was even willing to kill every single person in your family because you ordered me to.

I am your butler, but my feelings go far beyond that. That’s how much I love you.

I’m well aware that being a servant makes my social status completely different to yours.


While I understand this is something impolite, that won’t stop me from saying it.

You are the only one I love. Although nothing will come of it, I still desire you.

You’re not going to get married? But… Then the prince of the Paptesma family…

Of course, no one will go against your orders. However…

So you won’t cause me to suffer…

I didn’t think I’d ever hear you say something like that…

My… My princess…

Thank you… Princess… I’ll never let go of you.

Please help yourself to some cake.

I still can’t believe it though.

That I can continue to stay by your side like this…

That’s because it should have been someone else by your side.

Since the wedding was cancelled, I feel as if I’ve begun a new life.

More importantly than that, your orders are completely different from before.

You take care of the flowers until they wither away too.

You even wash your plates and use them again instead of breaking them.

I’m quite used to it now. I understand what happened in the wine cellar too.

We’ll go there again when you turn twenty, just like you said.

I’ll continue collecting more wine until then.

Ah… Look over there, Princess. The sun is setting on the forest of Luciole.

It’s so beautiful…

What did you just say?

Yes… It’s just as you said. We won’t see it set fully because our view is blocked by the trees.

If it wasn’t for that dense forest, then we’d be able to see the sun rise and set.

Was there something strange about that? I thought it was something that suited you.

You’re right. It’s getting cold. Shall we go back?

I’ll take my leave then. If there’s anything you need…

Someone’s here.

Thank you for your hard work.

This is the object that was promised to you.

It is… It’s a veil that has been used in weddings at this castle for many generations.

The veil is usually stored somewhere else, but is delivered to the bride just before the wedding.

You said that the wedding had been cancelled the other day…

Why did the veil come to you if you turned him down?!

It can’t be…

You really don’t remember?

Princess… Tell me the truth.

I don’t want to suspect you of anything.

Didn’t you ask the servants to bring this veil here?!

It wouldn’t make sense for it to be here otherwise…!

I’m a useless, good-for-nothing butler…

I understand. I’ll deal with the servant who delivered this veil immediately.

Princess… What’s the matter?

No… There’s no need for you to apologise. I’m fine.

Please calm down. There’s nothing wrong with you being yourself.

Don’t worry. I’ll kill the servant, just like you asked me to.

I’ll do something about what happened while we watched the sunset too.

Princess! Where are you going?!

Princess! Please wait!

Track 5



Princess… I’ve been looking for you.

So this is where you were…

You’re soaking wet. You must be cold.

I’m here, so everything’s fine now.

Didn’t I promise to protect you, no matter what?

Come on, wipe away your tears and we’ll go home together.

Hold onto me.

Are you awake?

I’m right here. I’ve been by your side the whole time.

This fever must be really difficult to bear. If only I could take your place…

It’s alright, Princess.

Your punishment of the servants and the way you treat me are completely normal.

I’m not concerned at all. So…

You don’t want to be here, even though this is your castle?

Poor you… It’s alright for you to stay here.

You’re not alone at all! I’m here with you.

There’s no reason to feel lonely.

I looked for you all over the castle after you left last night.

One of the horses was missing from the stable and I thought you might have gone to the forest, so I followed you there.

I felt as if my heart was being torn apart when I noticed you were gone.

No… It was as if the world was ending.

Although I’d promised to serve you again, I felt like dying.

I can only keep living as long as you’re here.

This feeling will never change. I’m sure of that.

Please don’t disappear from my sight again.

Yes. Even if you weren’t the princess, those words wouldn’t change.

That’s because I love you.

Don’t cry.

Shall we look for somewhere else to live once your fever goes down?

Somewhere you can live with me…

I’ll stay by your side, so you never feel lonely.

Yes, I promise.

I’ll never leave you.

Even if the sky and land separate… Even if the world ends…

My world would end without you.

It would be impossible to have things any other way.

Please take your time resting.

You saved my life once. Now it’s my turn to make you happy.

Ah… That’s right…

Things are fine this way.

Yes… We didn’t need the forest. Now we can see the sun rise and set as much as we like.

You don’t want to live in this castle, so we don’t need it either.

Its existence is an eyesore. So I should just burn the whole castle down.

Ah… It was so simple.

Don’t worry. I’ll destroy anyone who threatens you.

I’ll take away your pain and bring you peace. That is my duty!

I promise that the world will be a happy place when you wake up.

Track 6

Ah… Are you awake?

Hmm… Your fever has gone down, hasn’t it?

Thank goodness.

Luciole Castle has burned down completely.

Yes, I’m fine. There isn’t a scratch on me.

You were in a safe place too, of course.

It’s just the two of us here.

Yes. Everything I did was for you.

We have no need of a castle that you don’t want to live in.

The forest which blocks your view and the servants… Everything in our way has been burned to nothing.

I’m glad that you’re happy.

Come this way.

Will you listen to my vow?

Yes… I want to propose to you again.

The difference in our social status no longer matters.

I promise to love you forever.

Will you marry me?

Thank you!

Can we have the ceremony right here then?

Thank you.

In that case…

Yes. I was unnecessarily suspicious of you before. I’m sorry for what I did.

But I now believe that this veil was delivered to you for the sake of this day.

It’s as if this was destined to happen.

Alright… Allow me to put the veil on you.

This is just a small gift from me.

I made a bouquet from some of the flowers that survived the fire.

I’m happy you said that.

Well then… Let us make a promise to the setting sun.

The grand and beautiful setting sun that you wanted to see until the end…

In sickness and in health… I promise to be with you forever.

Now we’re husband and wife, together in a world where no one will disturb us.

May I give you the first kiss?

I love you, my princess.

There was a forbidden land in France which had been locked away since ancient times. The Vincent family used their familial ties to control that land. The family which was famed for its noble blood continued the practice of marrying within the family and created a demonic creature known as the Princess. She captivated countless men with her devilish beauty and followed her desires, treating those men as if they were toys. For many years, the Princess continued her cruel actions.

Then the Vincent family, who were famed for their noble blood, were no more. With the exception of one member…



Love Marionette Tune 1


Otoko Tomodachi ~Kuro no Sokubaku~ Stellaworth Tokuten


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