Koisuru Henshuusha 5

CV: Yotsuya Cider (Okitsu Kazuyuki)

Track 1

Hey. Sorry I kept you waiting.

What are you drinking?

A bourbon soda, hmm?

You’re always drinking the same thing.

Good evening, Master.

I’m going to have a wonderful time listening to this woman complain about her problems.

Huh? It’s the truth though, isn’t it?

Hmm… I’ll have a bottle of beer for now.

So what are you going to complain about today?

It’s alright. Don’t apologise. We’re in the same line of work, you see.

I know that working as a freelance writer has its problems.

Ah, my drink is here.

Come on, pick up your glass.

We’re here to celebrate our hard work.

Thanks for all your hard work.

That was delicious!

I’m so tired.

I suppose so. I’ve been feeling worn out lately.

One of the novels I’m working on got made into a movie.

Arguments broke out between one team who wanted to develop the content into a cross-media franchise and the more traditional team who preferred to keep it as a novel only.

I’m glad that everyone in the company is motivated, but they’re all doing their own thing.

It’s tough when you’re leading a group of freelancers.

So what did you want to talk about today?

It’s difficult to talk about after what I just said?

Just tell me about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s something unimportant.

The column you were writing for a women’s magazine got discontinued?

You mean that Tokyo Sweets Special Feature?

Well, it’s been going for two years. Haven’t you run out of material?

You didn’t do anything wrong, did you?

I see. The contents of the magazine changed.

I guess it’s only natural. Even long-time readers can easily accept when a special feature disappears.

I see. Well, you did spend two years covering desserts.

I guess you would be sad.

You literally had to use your body to gather the information.

Why are you looking at me like that?

I didn’t say anything, did I?

You were the one who brought up your weight.


You’re already going?

To my place?

I wanted to drink for a little longer though.

Thanks for the drinks, Master.

Shall we go then?

Wait. I’ll be on top this time.

I think I’d end up coming first if we stayed in that position.

No. I’m not going to give that up.

I’m going to enter you now.

You… No, it’s nothing…

It’s fine.

See. I’m going to touch the place you like best.

Here too… Please make it tighter…

And here… Your chest…

Is this position uncomfortable?

I like your reaction.

You like it when I kiss the left one, don’t you?

You want to come now?

Don’t hold back. Just come.


Alright, got it.

Did you come?

Let me come too then.

I’m coming…

I love your body.

I’m telling the truth.

I don’t care whether you’re fat or thin.

Most men don’t care about it.

I’d be more worried if you were thin.

Is your work going okay?

Are you sure?

Don’t accept everything that comes along though. There are a lot of dangerous jobs out there.

Hey… Can’t we officially become lovers yet?

That conversation again, huh…

We’ve got to make our mind up about it when we see each other, you know.

Well… It’d feel like something was missing if I didn’t say that, right?

So how do you feel about it now?

You still can’t make up your mind.

You haven’t changed.

I guess you can’t fall in love with me.

What’s keeping you from making up your mind?

How awful. I’m not having an arranged marriage.

I turned all those offers down. I don’t want any other woman.

Hmm? Don’t laugh and say you don’t deserve that honour.

You dummy!

Who was it?

A work project?

I see. What are you going to be writing about?

Ah… The new station building that’s going to open.

Isn’t it opening the day after tomorrow?

Hmm? I’ve got some kind of appointment on that day too…

Are you going home? How come?

Huh? You can do the research for it tomorrow, can’t you?

You’re right. A writer wouldn’t say something like that.

I understand.

Wait a minute. Let me kiss you one more time.

See you later then.

Track 2


Oh? I didn’t think anyone would be in the club room at this time.

Umm… You’re a student from the Japanese department like me, aren’t you?

So you’re a member of the media society.

Nice to meet you too.

Where are you planning to work?

At a publisher? Me too!

By the way, you’ve been looking around since I got here. What’s the matter?

Your dropped your phone?

What does it look like?

It’s got a strap with a tomato on it…


Want me to help you look for it?

Where have you looked so far?

You haven’t looked here yet?

Ah… It’s not here. Maybe you dropped it somewhere else.

Your phone isn’t important?

What do you mean?

The tomato strap is more important?

Can’t you just buy another strap?

I see. So your mom made it for you.

Then why don’t you just apologise and ask her to make a new one?

You’re keeping it in memory of her… I see…

I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

Alright, let’s do it this way!

You noticed you’d lost your phone when you got to the club room.

Isn’t that right?

Where were you before that?

The cafeteria…

I see. Then let’s walk back the way you came.

It’s alright. I want to look for it with you.

I can’t leave you alone when you look as if you’re about to cry.

Come on, let’s go!

Ah… We didn’t find it anywhere around the university…

Hopefully someone picked it up and handed it in at the office.

You can’t just give up like that!

This is the kind of thing you shouldn’t leave until later.

Is this the path you took from the station?

So this is the way you normally walk to the university…

Hmm? You went a different way?

Why’s that?

There was a flower that smelled nice?

This one here?

You’re right! It’s got a sweet scent.

What kind of flower is it?

A cape jasmine? Hmm…

So that’s what it’s called…

Hey. Will you give me a reward if I find your phone strap?

It’s not like that! I don’t want any money.

Go on a date with me instead.


It’s because I want to know more about you!

I feel like I want to keep talking to you.

We can talk about normal things! Like what you normally do or your favourite books and movies…

A lot of things…

Anyway, I just don’t want things to end like this!

How about it? Will you go on a date with me?

You’ll go with me?

To tell the truth… I already found it!

It was in these shrubs.

This is it, right? Maybe it fell out of your bag when you went to smell the flowers.

It was no trouble. It’s good that you didn’t lose something important to you.

I can go on a date with you too!

I finally got to see you smile. That was what I wanted to see.

Hey, are you free right now? Let’s get something to eat!

I’m feeling pretty hungry!

No, this doesn’t count as a date! It’s just a get-together to celebrate our hard work!

Is that okay?


Give me your hand then. Let’s hold hands.

Let’s go!

Have you got a part-time job?

Hmm… You work at a florist… So that’s why you know a lot about flowers?

Which florist do you work at?

Okubo? Ah…

Okay! The plates are all washed up!

Hmm… The chop suey tasted really good today.

I don’t really like vegetables, but I just wolfed it down.

You really are a good cook!

I’m not trying to flatter you! I’ve been coming to your place for a year now and I’m surprised how you always serve something different!

I see… It’s because you’ve been cooking since you were a child.

That’s right. Your mom was sick too. I’m really proud of you.

Hey. Can I stay over tonight?

What is it? Are you busy with something?

You’re filling in a job application?

Which publisher are you applying for?

Come on! Just tell me!

Ah… You’re looking at me like that again.

Hey… It’s not like I’m taking things easy.

I’m going to take over my parents’ work, but only on the condition that I get some experience somewhere else.

If I don’t do well in that company, then people would think “Ah… Silent Publications won’t last for another generation…”, right?

To tell the truth, it’s like lying on a bed of thorns!

It’s not like that… Journalism is really competitive, so there’s nothing you can do about that!

Cheer up! There are still some places that are accepting applications, right?

Don’t give up!

Right… Would you like to meet my dad?

He’s the boss of a publishing company, so he might be able to give you some good advice.

And I want to tell him that we’re dating too.

You’re nervous?

It’s okay! Don’t worry about that!

He’s an easygoing person. You can ask him anything you want.

You don’t need to thank me.

Come on, fill in the application form.

Let’s do it after you’re finished.

Hello? It’s me.

I’m sorry. I wanted to apologise about the meeting with my dad today.

He asked some insensitive questions about where your parents were and whether you had a scholarship. He didn’t have bad intentions.

His sharp tongue is just his way of being friendly. I forgot all about it.

He didn’t realise it at all after the meeting.

I got angry at him for telling you that journalism is full of insensitive people!

You’re not bothered about it?

Then why’d you leave?

You lost confidence?

Because he said you didn’t seem bold enough to be interested in journalism?

Why… Why’d you give up because of that?

It’s not like I’m really confident either! I just feel as if I have to try my best.

I don’t want to become a company president like my dad.

Someone who creates an environment that’s comfortable to work in, whether it’s in writing, editing or sales.

That’s what kind of boss I’d like to be.

Hey… You’ve studied hard, so you should do your best too!

Why? You just want some time apart…?

You’re tired of me?

If that’s not it, then what is it?!

You feel even less confident when you’re with me?

Come on… Don’t make decisions all on your own!

I don’t agree with that. Let’s talk about it in person…

Track 3

Hey… How’ve you been?

Don’t look so surprised. I guess it’s been about three years.

We haven’t seen each other since the graduation ceremony.

I got one of your juniors to tell me your address.

Can I come in?

Yeah. I just happened to be thinking about the past.

Last month, you wrote a memorial in the university magazine for a professor who helped you, didn’t you? You only used your family name, but I recognised it right away.

You’re a freelance writer now, aren’t you?

The piece you wrote was gentle and honest, just like you are.

I’m subcontracting at an editorial company at the moment.

You heard the rumours?

I see. That’s right. It’s a terrible world.

They make me do just about anything.

Editing, sales, cameraman’s assistant… Sometimes I get to write too.

It’s a real test of strength.

Yes. It’s a good experience.

No. I’ve been living alone all this time.

My dad? I don’t know how he is.

I suppose he must be fine? I haven’t seen him much since then.

It’s not like that! It’s not your fault.

I’m just avoiding him because he’s been bothering me about some things.

Anyway… Can we talk about the past for a while?

When I started working, I wanted to punch myself for what I did back then.

I was an arrogant and insensitive kid.

I just said what I thought without trying to understand your feelings about giving up.

It was only natural that we broke up.

That’s no good though.

Even though I dated other women, I realised that I couldn’t forget about you.

I had a lot of regrets. It’s so pathetic.

I was like that for a long time, so when I read something you wrote, I couldn’t just let things go.

You must be struggling a lot right now. You don’t know whether to reject me or not…

Don’t hesitate like that. I’ll take advantage if you do that.

Hurry up and reject me!

Your lips… Your scent…

I missed you.

You’re not going to resist? If that’s your answer, then I won’t stop.

I’m going to take your clothes off.

You haven’t changed.

Your breasts… Your skin…

You… You’re in my arms.

I want you. I want you…

I want you.

I can do anything I want?

Don’t say it like that.

I’m sorry. I pushed my feelings onto you without thinking at all.

Why are you apologising?

It’s not like that.

You were the one who got hurt back then, not me.

Neither of us wanted to hurt each other though. Why did things turn out that way?

What do I want? I want us to start over, of course.

That’s impossible. We can’t go back to being friends.

You’re scared of us being lovers?

What do you mean?

You want the kind of relationship that won’t tie you down?

Is that your condition then?

Was your ex-boyfriend the type of person to tie you down?

No… It’s in the past, right? It doesn’t matter.

Prioritising your work is the right thing to do.

I understand. I won’t do anything that’s against the rules.

But not giving up is my own choice.

Isn’t that right?

Track 4

Hey. It’s me.

Hmm… You’re being so indifferent.

You were working. So that’s how come you’re busy.

I see. So you don’t care about your earrings then?

Oh? Didn’t you notice?

You dropped one in the bathroom last night.

That’s right, in the bathroom.

It happened because you were in such a hurry to go home.

I guess that’s not the problem though.

It’s completely normal for you to lose things.

That’s right.

You’re doing some interviews at the station building tomorrow, right?

I’ll be there too. I’ll give it back to you then.

No… It’s not like that. Even though I like to do interviews sometimes…

I’m going because I got invited to the opening ceremony.

That’s right. I’m going to cut the ribbon.

What do you think? Are you jealous?

If you’re jealous, then hurry up and make yourself successful!

Hey… Don’t sound so upset.

You like the relationship we have at the moment?

You prefer being carefree like this.

Talking about trivial things and consoling ourselves with each other’s touch.

So you’re satisfied with that then?

Me? I haven’t changed. I want us to have a proper relationship.

That’s right. I’m no good at giving up.

It’s difficult to be understanding, you see.

Never mind. It’s been five years since we started doing this.

I’m going to call it a long term plan.

Say something.

Alright. Just continue your work.

See you tomorrow. I’ll text you.

Yes. The movie is going to be wrapped up soon.

I hope you’ll feature it on your talk show when it’s complete.

I know I can count on Suruga TV for that.

I’m telling the truth!

Ah! I’ve just seen an acquaintance of mine, so I’m just going to say hello.

I’ll see you later.

Hey! You’re early.

Are you doing a report on the ceremony?

You’re not? So what’s your report about then?

Ah… The tenants at the railway station.

The person I was talking to just now? They work for a TV station.

They’re the producer of a talk show.

That’s right. My company is the type of place where even the boss has to take part in the marketing side of things.

Right… Before I forget…

Here’s your earring. I couldn’t find the back of it.

You need it, don’t you? You won’t be able to wear it otherwise.

Don’t be like that. I suppose I’ll have to help you out.

There’ll probably be an accessory shop inside. I can buy you a pair of earrings.

It’s alright. Let me get you a present.

The wind passing by the buildings is pretty strong.

Hey. Doesn’t that flower stand look like kind of unstable?

The flowers are too big and they’re being blown about by the wind. It might fall over.

Hey! You don’t need to do anything!

Huh? It doesn’t matter if you used to do it at your part-time job! I’ll call one of the event staff!

Hey, get away from there!

I’m fine. It just hit my back, that’s all.

Did you get hurt anywhere?

I see. Thank goodness.

Who are you calling?

What? You called an ambulance?

Don’t be silly! It really isn’t a big deal.

Come on…

I’m fine now. Don’t cry.

Why did I protect you?

That’s a silly question. It’s because I love you.

I’d do anything to stop you getting hurt.

I’m fine. It’s nothing at all. The wind knocked over a flower stand.

Are you a member of the staff? The other flower stands are looking pretty wobbly, so you should make sure they’re alright.

Whoa… The ambulance really came. What are we supposed to do about this?

What? I should get a doctor to check me out?

I told you I’m fine!

Umm… Yes! I’m the one who got hurt…

Ouch… I hurt my back…

Yes… It’s really painful… Ouch…

You’re getting on too?! Jeez…

Track 5

Jeez. That was so embarrassing.

The outpatient nurse was laughing.

It just needed a warm patch and that was it.

Being laughed at was worse than anyone getting angry.

Ah… I didn’t want to ride an ambulance like that.

No… It’s not as if I’d ever want to ride one.

Never mind. It’s all over anyway.

Why don’t you sit down? Come on.

Did you know that you’ve broken the rules?

The interviews with the tenants… You’ve got your priorities all wrong.

You’re supposed to put your work first, aren’t you?

Is it going to be okay?

Not really…?

Don’t you think a professional writer could express it more eloquently?

Just let me hold you.

Is it okay for me to feel proud that you broke the rules?

Hmm? You thought you were going to lose me?

You’re such a dummy. Something like that wouldn’t kill me.

You were scared of losing me?

So I get that you don’t want us to be lovers because of that.

You didn’t have an ex-boyfriend either, did you?

I thought it was weird that there wasn’t any sign of anyone like that.

If you don’t get too close or stay too distant, then there won’t be any damage when you lose someone. That’s because you’re afraid.

You’re right. I lost you, even though I didn’t want to.

The same goes for my parents too.

The first time we met, you had lost a tomato strap.

This time you lost one of your earrings.

There were other things too, right?

I always find those things, don’t I?

I think it’s my job to find the things that are precious to you.

So I want you to give yourself completely to me.

Not just the precious things, your bad memories and sorrowful past too.

I’ll take it all.

You really are crying a lot today.

What’s the matter? Come on.

It’s okay. You can use my shirt to wipe your tears away.

I was just thinking how you said yes when the person in the ambulance asked if we were family.

I was so happy that I got goosebumps.

I’m not exaggerating. You don’t have to worry though.

No matter what happens, I’m not going to leave this world before you.

I won’t let you be alone. I’ve made up my mind about that.

There’s something I want to tell you… Words that I’ve kept locked away all this time.

Can I say them to you?

I love you. I’ve loved you since the first time we met.

You’re crying again. Even though you always act so tough.

That really is amazing.

You looked like you were about to cry when you lost that strap too.

You’ve had a habit of holding back your tears since you were a child.

You can cry in front of me?

I see.

Do you love me?

Is that so? I’ve known for a long time.

You’re finally the one to push me down.

I’m going to embrace you now. Okay?

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Don’t be embarrassed. Let me say it.

Hmm? My back? It doesn’t hurt at all.

I’ve completely forgotten about it.

It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.

Good luck literally came from my injury.

I didn’t think you’d end up being mine like this.

Hey… Pull your arm through this sleeve.

Ah… I feel as nervous as I did during our first time.

It was the first time for both of us, wasn’t it?

I was so nervous back then that my throat was all dried up.

How did you feel?

You’re not going to tell me?

I see.

That was the first time I touched you here too.

Does it feel good?

You’re mine.

What is it?


You don’t like it when I’m quiet?

Why’s that?

I’m different from usual?

I guess I’m not so patient today.

Open your legs. I’m going to caress you here.


It’s no good. I’m going to get carried away.

I want to be inside you right now.

I remember what it felt like to be a virgin.

No. I prefer doing it for you instead of letting you do it for me.

You want to do it?

Wait a minute…

That feels so good…

Wait… I want to come…

Don’t just agree like that.

Hey… Let go of me…

Hey, you… I’m not responsible for what happens…

Come on. Spit it out.

Get up now.

You’re so indecent.

I meant it as a compliment.

We’re not so innocent anymore.

Yes. It’s cute.

The image of you in my memories is still cute.

I hate to say it, but you really are cute.

Let me touch you.

Is here okay?

It’s okay if you cry out. I’m the only one listening.

Hmm? Why are you covering your mouth?

Ah… You’re embarrassed, aren’t you?

What do you mean you’re not cute anymore?

Your face is bright red. Let me hear your voice.

I’ll take care of you here and on the inside.

What is it? You want to kiss me?

Begging me like that is completely unfair.

You’re too cute.

It’s amazing here too.

Are you about to come? Go on then.

Let my fingers make you come. Go on.

Your reactions are different from usual too.

You’re covering your face again.

Don’t look?

What are you talking about? Of course I’m going to look.

There’s no way I can’t look at the face of the woman I love when it’s this sexy.

Come on. Take your hands away.

Your expression looks amazing…

It’s no good… Let me enter you now. Just wait a minute.

Open your legs wider.

That’s good… Don’t get so tight…

I can’t move…

Does that feel good? I’m feeling really good inside you.

Just let your legs relax. I’ll hold onto them.

It’s so tight…

Are you going to come?

Alright. Let’s come together then.

I love you. I’ll never let go of you again.

I just came…


Thank you for not giving up?

Hearing that from you made the wait worthwhile.

Welcome back.

Hey. Why haven’t you said anything for a while?

You’re embarrassed by the sweet atmosphere…

So that’s what it was…

Then I’m going to say it until you get used to it.

I love you.

You’ve got tears in your eyes.

If you look at me like that, then I’ll do it again.

Hmm? Isn’t that your phone?

Who was it?

Ah… The tenant interviews…

You asked a writer you know to take over, didn’t you?

Did they still get angry at you?

Ah… They won’t be using that material at the moment…

Those tears in your eyes are for a different reason, aren’t they?


I guess I don’t have a choice. Come over here.

No. I can’t do anything.

Just like this… I’ll comfort you.

I see… How unfortunate…

You’ll get another chance. Do your best.

Give you some work to do?

I thought you didn’t like me helping you find work.

You’ve decided to accept it?

Alright then. You should’ve said something sooner.

Some of our departments are short-staffed.

It’d be great if you helped.

I wanted you to work at my company anyway.

Right… I’ve thought up a new rule.

Well… It’s a simple rule. There’s only one.

Don’t leave me again, no matter what happens.


Alright. I’m looking forward to being with you from now on.