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Vanquish Brothers 1

Vanquish Brothers 1 – Nobunaga

CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga

Track 1 – Unrivalled



What are you doing with that girl in this alley? You don’t look like you’re from our high school.

Watch your mouth. I’m the one who’s doing the asking. You say your names first.

Well, there’s no need for me to ask. It’s pretty obvious what you’re planning by dragging a girl to an empty place like this.

That’s right. What you’re doing is none of my business. For starters, getting involved with trash like you is nothing more than an annoyance. However, it’s a different story if you’re about to lay a hand on that girl.

Hmm? You really want to know my name? Unfortunately, there’s no way I’m telling you my name. I’m not obliged to either.

Quit fooling around? You’re the ones fooling around. She belongs to me. So she’s not someone you should get involved with. If you understand, then take your dirty hands off her right now.

I’m an impatient person. I won’t be responsible for what happens if you anger me any further.

I see. It looks like you’re asking to be beaten up.

Fine. If you insist, I’ll turn you into the rust on my blade.

I’m more than enough to take on trash like you. I may be outnumbered, but I’m going to teach you that people don’t win by numbers, but by exerting their strength. In the eye of a cowardly opponent, their enemy appears as a great army. And in the Battle of Okehazama, the divine army was with me! [1]

Hmph. Well, I’m sorry about that. I suppose that reference was too difficult for your empty heads to understand. It’s no good teaching someone with an empty head anything, you see. I’ll beat it into you. The fact that you don’t know your place!

You’re all talk. But now you understand, don’t you? You and I are completely different. This is the clear difference between those who rule the country and those who crawl on the ground.

You’re not going to give up yet? You’re so stubborn. Using a girl as a shield because you don’t have a chance at winning with your own strength means you’re completely rotten.

Being prepared to do anything to achieve your goal… That’s not bad. No matter if you use fancy words or disguise it as duty, a loser is still a loser. That’s the principle of this world. Losing has no meaning. In other words, winning is important. Isn’t that right?

Resistance is a waste of time. Don’t keep me busy any longer. Give up already and let go of that girl. This isn’t a suggestion, it’s an order. Those who disobey me ought to die!

A lighter? A flame?! Did he know that fire makes me nervous? No… There’s no way that’s possible. I’m thinking too hard.

I’m not even afraid to face the fires of hell! A small flame isn’t enough to daunt me! That’d ruin the name of Nobunaga!

Don’t move? Who are you talking to? Ask yourself that now. If you’re going to burn her face, then just do it. Do whatever you want. But in the next moment, you’ll be going to Hell. I, the demon king of the sixth heaven, will slowly burn you in the embers of hell. In that world, you will curse ever touching something that belonged to me.

What’s the matter? Hurry up and do it if you’re going to. There’s no need to hold back.

Or do you want to stay alive? That’s no use now though.

You’re trembling. What happened to the courage you had earlier?

Hmph. What foolish nobodies. If you were stronger, I could have made you into my men. Jeez. You were too weak. I’m surprised you thought of laying a hand on someone else’s woman when that’s all you’ve got. You’re incredibly arrogant.

Hey! What are you doing? Let’s go. You just have to keep quiet and follow me. You belong to me and I can do what I want with you. Come on!

[1] At the Battle of Okehazama (1560), it was said that the divine intervention caused a storm which Oda Nobunaga used to his advantage.

Track 2 – Learn, and carry out your mission

I, Nobunaga-sama, have just arrived home!

Hey. What are you standing there for? Hurry up and come inside.

What’s the matter? Didn’t you hear me? Hurry up.

Are you that scared to be alone with me?

Ah, these? A skull ornament and a tiger skin rug. A woman wouldn’t understand their value. Being afraid of them is the same as not understanding.

Anyway, aren’t you being too laid back? You’re worrying about the gaze of an inanimate object. What a foolish girl.

Why did you come to this house in the first place? Remember why you came.

You came to give me your first night, didn’t you? The bridal training is nothing more than an excuse. Even you should be prepared. You were sent to this house to become the possession of one of the men here. My deceased father’s will states that the brother who takes your first night will inherit the family fortune.

Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten. I’m going to be that man. You should be honoured.

You’ve realised who the strongest man and the one most suitable to take over the family fortune is, haven’t you? Masamune and Kojuro are useless. Mitsunari and Shingen aren’t even worth mentioning. Kenshin is formidable, but nothing compared to me. We’re a completely different calibre after all. As proof of that, you’re going to become mine, both in name and reality.

Well? It sounds to me like your true intention is that you want that to happen right now.

Ah. For your information, it’s safer for you that you don’t even think of disobeying me. If you show even the slightest sign of resistance, I’ll use this sword to make you unable to resist. Do you understand what I mean? The only thing important to me is that you’re alive. In other words…

That expression on your face… No matter how foolish you are, it seems that you’ve understood.

Now that you understand, hurry up and get onto the bed.

Hurry up. Do you think it’s acceptable for you to annoy me like that?

Hmph. Listen up and remember this carefully. From now, you’ll do as I say at once. This is an order. I don’t make requests. Think of everything I say as an order and follow those orders obediently. Got it?

Huh? It seems like you want to say something. You’re not going to disobey my order, are you?

You want to thank me for what I did earlier?

I see. That’s quite an admirable attitude to have. But what’s the point in shallow words of gratitude?

Hmm… Don’t show your gratitude with words, but with the way you act. You’re not so naïve that you need things spelled out for you, are you?

You’re embarrassed? Or are you trembling with great pleasure at me being the man who’ll deflower you?

Whichever it is, prepare yourself. I’m completely different from other men. Don’t think I’ll just treat you normally. I’m not going to hold back just because it’s your first time. I’m going to teach your body exactly what it means to be mine.

Come on, lower your head. Welcome your master. If you’re obedient, I might consider making you feel good.

Ah! Did you think you could escape? In that case, it seems you’ve considerably underestimated me. But you’ll soon regret looking down on me. I’ve told you several times, haven’t I? It seems that you’re not paying attention.

You defencelessly and calmly followed me to my room. You’re like a moth flying to a flame. I’m telling you that this isn’t the time to be thanking me so calmly. It’s too late for you to realise that now though. You just don’t know when to give up. Do you think I’d let go of the prey I’d caught so easily?

That’s right. Pray to God, Buddha or whoever you like to get yourself out of trouble. I’ll make you thoroughly aware that your foolish prayer is pointless in an instant.

Come on, what’s the matter? This is a desperate situation. Isn’t God going to save you yet? In that case, you’ve got to push me aside with your own strength and protect yourself.

What’s the matter? Is that what you call struggling? It just feels like I’m being pinched by a crab.

Hey, you. You had no intention of resisting from the start, did you? Under that ladylike mask, you secretly and shamefully want me to overpower you. There’s no doubt that you impatiently desire that.

That tearful look on your face… I can’t get enough of it. You’ve been waiting for this so long that you’d cry tears of joy?

You haven’t? Stop telling so many lies.

Tch. This is why women are trouble! They think everything will work out if they just cry.

Jeez! Your misunderstanding is a ridiculous one.

Stop crying! I’m not naïve enough to be fooled by tears. I don’t care about your tears and complaints. They actually turn me on. Cry and shout even more. Feel even more sorrow! Your destiny won’t change, no matter how much you struggle. In order to inherit my family’s fortune, I’m going to make you mine, no matter what. If I can achieve that goal, cutting down someone who is in my way is nothing at all. Not even if that person is related to me by blood. No matter what they try, I will be victorious. You will belong to me completely. I won’t let my foolish brothers get ahead of me.

What’s the matter? Are you overwhelmed by my spirit? I’m completely serious. Do I look like the kind of man who jokes around? Don’t compare me to Shingen. Misunderstandings will only destroy you. I won’t go easy on anyone who stands before me and blocks my way. I’ll knock them out completely and destroy them. I don’t care who they are. It doesn’t even matter if it turns into a family feud.

Listen up. You belong to me. You should realise that you won’t be able to devote yourself to another man. If someone lays even a single finger on you…

That’s right. The virtue of a woman is within chastity and obedience. If you nod obediently, I’ll let you live, and give you intense pleasure as a woman. If he is to prosper for many years, the head of a family needs descendants.

Now we will perform a ceremony. I’ll create proof of that on you. Come on, get up and take off your clothes.

What are you spacing out for? Didn’t you hear me? I ordered you to take off your clothes.

How ridiculous. You’re too self-conscious if you feel embarrassed at merely taking off your clothes. Or is there a reason you can’t take off your clothes in front of me?

Why are you hesitating? Have you already been with one of my foolish brothers?! Tell me!

I’ve got no reason to think that? If you’re telling me to believe you, then show me proof that you’re not guilty right now.

How? The only thing you can do is to use your body and show me that you’re pure.

Hmph. Why are you so surprised? I helped you out because you said you couldn’t think of a way to prove it with your own body.

Now we’ve got this far, even a fool like you should understand.

It seems that you’ve realised. That’s right, take off all that torn clothing which is in the way.

Why are you doing it so slowly? I told you earlier that I’m impatient. Don’t keep me waiting too long!

You can’t take them off because your hands are shaking?

Hmm… Then I don’t have a choice. I’ll help a little more, just for you. But you’ve been keeping me waiting and now I’m irritated. My hands might tremble, and I could cut your skin instead of your clothes. You’re prepared for that, aren’t you?

You’re no longer ashamed now that you’ve heard I might cut you. The sight of you looking pale and tearing off your clothes in a panic is ridiculous, but amusing too. It’s quite an interesting thought. Come on, entertain me even more!

What are you doing? I told you to entertain me. I didn’t say anything about covering your body with your arms. Your hands are in the way, move them! Or do you want to see what it feels like to be cut with this sword? Of course that’s not what you want, is it?

That’s right. The best thing for you to do is obediently do as I say. It seems that you’ve become a little more intelligent. I think I’ll take a good look at you now. I’ll check you out completely to see that you’re not hiding anything suspicious. I can’t let myself be carelessly caught off guard, you see.

Your body looks quite thin, but your skin is radiant. Well, I suppose you could be called beautiful. Your slight blush of embarrassment has caught my interest.

Try and tempt me.

You’re asking me what to do? Fools should try to use their head in the best way that they can. What’s the matter? Didn’t you get a little more intelligent? If you’ve got time to be complaining, then think about entertaining your master!

Tch. Did I tell you to cry and beg for forgiveness? Didn’t you hear me? I told you to tempt and entertain me.

Jeez. You’re an unsightly and clumsy girl. But I’ll go easy on you today. However, you should realise that you won’t get another chance. I shouldn’t hesitate over something insignificant like this and let one of my foolish brothers steal my prey. I’ll teach those idiots who is worthy of ruling the country. You’re a tool to achieve that. Offer your body to me just for the sake of that. Do you understand?

You flinch every time I touch you. I don’t mind that kind of innocent reaction. Your fearful expression is enough to fulfil my desire. Fear me even more.

The more you look at me like that, the more I’ll expose you and etch myself onto you completely.

Listen carefully. Remember this well. I’ll even control your heart and devour you. I’ll make you unable to live without me. So that you’ll desire me as soon as you see me. Let your body and mind obey me.

Track 3 – A desperate situation

Who’s there?

A servant, hmm?

Tch. Today’s not their lucky day. Perhaps I should kill them as punishment for disturbing me now?

No, wait a minute… I’ve thought of something fun. I might be able to enjoy this.

You answer the door.

Clothes? You don’t need any. Go as you are. It should be enough if you speak to them through the door, shouldn’t it?

Get a move on! If you don’t want to get hurt unnecessarily, stop complaining about nonsense and follow my orders obediently.

Taming you really will be interesting.

Go on, ask the servant what they want. But don’t do anything unnecessary by mistake. It’s pointless to even think of asking for help. If you even make the slightest suspicious movement, then I’ll… You understand just where this sword is pointed at, don’t you?

That’s right. Your neck. Even if the servant does hear your cry for help, I wonder whether you’ll die first or the door will open first. You don’t want to die a pointless death without becoming mine, do you?

Then do the smart thing. Got it?

Drinks? Right… A struggle certainly does make you thirsty. Your throat might get dry later on too.

I’ll have a green tea latte. You know I’m particular about the flavour of my tea, don’t you? Tell the servant I’ll kill them immediately if they make something that’s not to my taste.

Although you’re talking to them through the door, you’re completely naked. I wonder what would happen if I opened that door right now?

The servant would suddenly be faced with you in an immodest state. You’re in my room too. Even just thinking about it is amusing.

Don’t worry. A well trained servant will act like nothing has happened, no matter what they see in their master’s room.

Right… Shall we test it out? You’re going to become the mistress of this family eventually. In that case, it will be your job to manage the servants. This house doesn’t need servants who aren’t well trained. And as the mistress of this house, you’d be responsible for training them. Shall we try it now so you won’t have a hard time?

Hmph. Never mind that. You want it right now, don’t you? How about you try and touch it yourself? Tell me what it’s like.

Hmm? You… You’re a completely shameful and indecent woman. But I don’t mind a woman who has desires like that. You’ll finally be able to enjoy yourself, won’t you?

The sin of completely experiencing the pleasure in this world tempts and teases humans.

Listen up. Devote yourself to evil. Expose your desire. Beg me. If not, the leadership of this country will only be something that exists in our wildest dreams. We’d be as cowardly as those people who dare to conceal the truth. It is the duty of those with strength to abandon that. If you’re destined to live as my woman, then prepare yourself to accept that. Show your true intentions, do as desire tells you. Desire me.

Why are you looking at me like that? Have you fallen in love with me? I suppose you would have. A man who will rule the country is someone suitable for you too, right?

Track 4 – Requited love

Well, some unexpected entertainment has taken up our time, but now you’re going turn this way and kneel down before me.

That’s right. Kneel down and take off my clothes.

What? Did you think you’d be forgiven now? Don’t make me laugh. There’s no way that’d happen.

Come on, hurry up and do it.

Hey. What are you spacing out for? Did you think you were done? You know what to do next, don’t you?

Don’t tell such obvious lies. You’re not a kid. That excuse is no good.

Is my body amazing enough to make you gasp? What’s the matter? Your face is red.

Don’t look away! Look carefully! This is an order. I won’t allow you to disobey it.

Hmph. Yes, that’s good.

Well, there’s no need to hold back. I’ll let you enjoy yourself as much as you like.

Come on. Hurry up and reach out your hand. Touch me. That’s an order too. You don’t have the right to refuse.

What’s the matter? Hurry up and do it. If not…

Even worthless people like you seem to value their lives. Serve me devotedly then.

That’s right. Use everything you can. Don’t get distracted. Make sure to concentrate. Don’t think that touching my hands will be enough.

Come on. That’s right. Try and tempt me.

You feel warm. You’re about to melt, aren’t you?

What is it? Hey, keep going!

What? You’re scared?

This is why women are trouble! Don’t make stupid excuses after all this time.

Tch! Never mind. That’s enough! I’ve completely lost interest.

Do you think you could satisfy me when your concentration is so bad?

Hmph. It’s too late to ask for forgiveness. As if I’m going to listen to that!

This is your punishment for looking down on me. Accept me immediately!

What are you afraid of? Are you really that afraid of getting stabbed? There’s nowhere for you to run though. The only way for you to survive is to obediently accept and become mine.

Say that you want me. Actually, asking me yourself is the polite thing to do for me.

What’s the matter? Come on, say it. You don’t want to get cut, do you? In that case, there’s only one path for you to take. Beg me right now. You’ll be dead if you don’t.

That’s right. That’s good. Desire everything from me and ask for it. Relief and pleasure. Your life too. You won’t find any answers by relying on the gods.

Now and in the past, the only thing they have done is to watch over us. Just how many people who serve God do you think lost their lives at the famous fire at Enryaku temple? [1]

Hmph. It’s an undoubtable truth. Everything that happens, everything you lose and gain is not because of God or Buddha, it’s because of me. Desire everything from me and beg for it.

That’s right. Obediently entrust yourself to me. Try and sense me.

Your body is honest. It has accepted that you desire me before your mind has. No matter how much you try to deny it, the warmth my hands sense from your body has already confessed everything. The instincts that humans have… No, perhaps I should call it their fate… The outcome is that their reason is devoured by desire. Hey, isn’t that right?

You’re a stubborn person. You’re still going to keep being stubborn? Even though your true intentions are already so clear.

Well, how about it?

Ah, you’re finally being honest. That’s right, that’s good. I’ll do what you want right now.

Now you’re completely mine. The ownership of this family is now yours and mine. I’ll share the experience of a pleasure coloured by victory with you.

What is it? I’m so good that you can’t bear it? Then I’ll make you feel even better. Put more effort into it. Experience it even more!

Your lips taste sweet all over. They’re gradually getting sweeter too…

At first, I only wanted to use you to get my family’s fortune, but it seems that I’ve found something unexpected. I think you’ll be worth training. I’ll make you develop even further. You should look forward to it.

What’s the matter? I won’t let you complain like that in front of me. Come here.

What? No matter where it is, asking that is pointless. You don’t have the right to say no. The only thing you’re allowed to do now is desire me and beg me.

Our next game will take place in the garden. Let everyone in this house hear your voice. Show my foolish brothers that you’re mine.

Give up already! You don’t have the desire to defeat me.

Hold onto the veranda rail.

Even that looks quite good.

I won’t listen to that request, no matter whether you cry or shout. I said this before, didn’t I? The only thing you’re allowed to do is beg. And once I’ve decided something, I’m the type of man to make sure it’s done. Don’t struggle unnecessarily, just hurry up and do it.

What are you doing? Are you going to answer back like you did earlier?

Fine. I’ll teach you that disobeying me is an unreasonable thing to do. Dogs should be properly trained.

What a wonderful sight! Seeing you sobbing when I spank you is just like you’re being punished for playing a trick. This might actually turn me on.

I’m saying that it’ll be a good idea to train you. Your skin is slightly red and well prepared. It really is rewarding to hit you.

Ah, it’s a beautiful colour now. I see, it’s inviting me and saying it’s ready.

Then I’ll do what you want. They say it’s a poor man who runs from a woman’s advances. I’ll devour you completely.

Come on. Hurry up and cry out.

Let everyone in this house hear your voice.

Cry! Do it! Hurry up! If you don’t listen to my order, I can kill you right here.

If a cuckoo does not sing, kill it. [2]

That’s right! Cry out obediently like that. Cry as loudly as you can. Cry out in a more pleasurable voice!

So that the people in this house listen with envy…

My foolish brothers’ rooms are right around here. Now they’ll be sure who you’ve chosen.

I’ve won! Now the country is mine!

Come on, cry out in a more pleasurable voice!

Your voice is the greatest cry which will liven up this party!

Let everyone hear even more of it! More!

I can imagine the disappointed looks on their faces!

[1] In 1571, Oda Nobunaga carried out a large scale attack, known as the Seige of Mount Hiei. During this siege, he burned down Enryaku temple as part of his attempt to remove all his rivals.

[2] This is a line from a poem regarding the three famous leaders of Japan (Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Tokugawa Ieyasu). It refers to Oda Nobunaga, who was known as a ruthless leader with great military ambitions.

Track 5 – Peaceful pure land

As they’re bringing a drink at this time, it surely means that the servant heard your voice and was concerned. On other words, they’re a well-trained and exceptional servant.

Your voice must have even reached the far corners of this house. There wasn’t anyone obviously watching though.

Your face is as red as a cooked octopus. Your ears and neck too. But the mark I made on your neck seems even redder.

What’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?

Ah… Your body aches with desire for me.

I’m right, aren’t I? You’re not bad. I’m complimenting you, you see. You’re much better than a dull woman who doesn’t react.

At the end, you dizzily and desperately clung to me on the veranda. That was quite cute. I’ll accept that you’re a woman worthy of my love.

I’m telling you that I will love you. Because of that, I definitely won’t forgive any betrayal.

Listen carefully. You must never betray me. If you betray me, or I get the impression that you have, I’ll kill you immediately. I won’t listen to any excuses either. The important thing is whether I feel you have betrayed me or not. Remember that.

Your body and heart both belong to me. I’m the only one who is allowed to make you laugh or cry.

I won’t forgive you for showing those expressions to anyone else. Not even for a moment. Understand?

I’ll give you a reward then.

Your tearful eyes make it seem as if you want something. That wasn’t enough? Then I’ll give you something even more amazing.

You belong completely to me.

So it’s okay for me to spoil you a little. I’ll do that much for you.

But never forget that I won’t let anyone else have you. I’ll take you anywhere, even the depths of hell. I’ll never let go of you.

Right… If another man takes my life, I’ll set fire to this house and take you with me. You’ll serve me until the end. Isn’t that quite a clever conclusion?

What? You’re smiling too? Even though you would have been afraid if I’d talked to you about this before…

Does that smile mean you’re prepared to share my fate? Or have I tormented you so much that you’ve broken somehow?

It doesn’t matter if you’re broken. A toy that only works properly is no fun. So I’m going to etch my existence on you even more deeply. I’m going to make you unable to be satisfied without my sword.

But there is an expression “a double edged sword”. Depending on the circumstances, I might end up the same way as you do. I wouldn’t be able to live without you anymore.

Even if I’d end up walking the path of destruction with you, that’d be just what I want! Isn’t that right?


Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 6


Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Official Tokuten


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