Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 1 – Disc 2

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Volume 1 – Hajime Saito

CV – Takahashi Naozumi

Track 1

Oh, it’s you. Did you sleep well last night?

I see. That’s good.

You’re already wearing the hairpin? I see, I’m glad. Well, take good care of it.

Hey… You’ve got messy hair. A woman shouldn’t be so untidy.

Look, it’s here. Make sure to fix it later.

Don’t get so embarrassed. Isn’t it better that I noticed it now instead of other men noticing it?

No, it’s nothing.

So where are you going with those things?

I see. Someone asked you to run an errand? It certainly is convenient for you to do it.

Don’t get so angry. You should feel that you’re being helpful.

Ah, I’m going to warn you about something. It’s going to rain a lot tonight. I’m warning you so you don’t end up looking unpresentable in front of the Shinsengumi.

I’m not teasing you. Remember it well, alright? See you later.

Stop! Hey, you! What were you doing out so late?

An errand? I know about that already!

You want to know why I’m so angry? You were the one reminding me about your training, but you didn’t even turn up!

So what were you doing? You kept me waiting in the rain, but you’re not going to answer?

What? You were waiting for the rain to stop? You listened to my warning, so you wouldn’t get soaked and cause embarrassment to the Shinsengumi?

Hah. But you ended up getting soaked anyway, didn’t you? On top of that, you kept me waiting.

Come here! Just come on!

145, 146, 147.

Hey. Did I say you could put down that sword? Pick it up. We’ve only just started training. It’s no good giving up so soon.

What? Your hands are numb because you got wet?

I don’t care. It’s your fault for not listening to me and getting soaked by the rain in the first place.

Don’t cry! You want to become strong, don’t you? Come on, follow my orders! Keep up with me completely!

Alright, pick up your sword!

148, 149.

Pick it up! I’m not in the mood to forgive you yet.

So you can’t move now?

Hmph. That’s enough. I’m tired of seeing your unsightly appearance.

Come over here.

What’s the matter? You’re cold, aren’t you? You’ll warm up if I hold you like this.

Don’t struggle. Surrender yourself to me. At this rate, you’ll catch a cold. You can’t tell me you don’t know something like that.

Why are you looking at me like that? Are you embarrassed? I’m the one who’s embarrassed!

You know what it means when a woman doesn’t return these days, don’t you? You’re a servant of the Shinsengumi too. You might get injured by someone who dislikes the Shinsengumi.

I’ve given everything to the Shinsengumi. I thought that it wouldn’t matter if I died, even in my recent mission.

But you won’t come back to me. That was enough to shake my determination slightly. It doesn’t matter what happens to other women. You’re different though. You’re the woman who made me feel desire. Tonight, I’m going to teach you something special. This is your punishment for making me wait in the rain.

Hmm? Is this the first time a man has held you like this? Don’t be so afraid. I get even more excited when you’re nervous like that. The more embarrassed you are, the better I feel.

You want me to stop? I won’t. You kept me waiting outside, so listen to what I say.

Doing this makes me realise that you really are a woman. When you’re training, you don’t seem like a man or a woman. But you are a woman after all. Your shoulders are so small. Look at me. I’m going to kiss you.

Is this your first time? You’re such an innocent woman if a kiss is enough to embarrass you. Don’t worry. I’ll make you get used to it soon.

What’s the matter? You aren’t unhappy that I kissed you? Your eyes seem to be full of passion when you look at me instead. You’re blushing and you seem like you’ll fall at any moment.

No. Put your arm around me, come closer and kiss me too.

You won’t do it? Then… I’m going to do this. Do you want more?

I see. You were soaked by the rain, but your body is beginning to feel hot. I’m going to make you sense me even more.

Your hair got wet in the rain and is stuck to your lips. It looks like it tickles.

Why did you wriggle like that?

I see, that’s where it feels good. Then I’ll kiss you there again.

You cried out loud in a voice I’ve never heard during training. Let me hear it again. Again.

This is enough to make you unable to stand?

It seems that you’re still worth teaching. I’m sure you must have somewhere that feels more pleasurable than your neck.

It’s here. Say it by yourself. The way I’m caressing you.

Hmm? That’s right. My fingers are touching your body.

Why are you shivering? Do you want me to be rougher?

You’re breathing loudly. And just because of this?

You’re not going to resist anymore. Just because I touched you with my hands.

Don’t speak.

I see. This is what drives you crazy. All I’m doing is touching you with my hands.

Shh! Your voice is too loud. Sense me in silence.

No matter what you say, your body is honest. I don’t hate that about you.

You got my fingers all dirty.

What’s the matter? You can’t stand up any longer? You’re so weak.

Now that I’ve touched your cold body, I’m cold too. This is no good.

Come here.

Hey. Why are you turning away? This can’t be the first time you’ve taken a bath with a man like this.

It is your first time? Well, well. You’re quite innocent.

Don’t be embarrassed. I can’t see anything if I hold you from behind. Like this…

Are you feeling dizzy already? Even your ears are red. Or… Do you feel good?

I see. Your eyes are filled with tears. Do you see me as a man now?

Do you like to be treated roughly?

Don’t react like that. You’re not going to give into pleasure just yet.

See. How does it feel when I do this to your ear?

Don’t be so sensitive. That makes me want to tease you even more.

You’re so easy to understand. I’m going to treat you more roughly.

Behind your ears, your cheeks and your shoulders too…

Your neck and fingers…

Where are you most sensitive?

Well, I suppose your body will tell me, even if you don’t.

Your voice is too loud. Someone is going to hear us.

This is an order. Prepare yourself, and come to my room.

If you value your life, make sure no one else sees you.

Track 2

You’re finally here. You took quite a while to get here. You looked good when you were soaked by the rain, but I don’t mind how you look when you’ve warmed up a little either. It seems that you know what I’m going to do to you next.

What’s the matter? Are you afraid of me?

Come here. You’re ready, aren’t you? Here I can harass you without being concerned about anyone seeing.

Touching you sometimes just isn’t enough. I want to harass you to my heart’s content. As roughly as no one has ever seen before.

So you can’t speak now that I’ve pushed you down? I’m holding you down by your wrists so you can’t resist. I’m not planning to let you resist either now.

Come on. Put your tongue out further. Until it hurts.

You want me to stop now? I refuse. Do you think a man wouldn’t be angry after he was made to worry so much? This is your fault.

If there’s any hesitation in my mind, it would affect my mission.

So your neck is a sensitive place after all.

I’m going to kiss your ears too… Don’t forget this feeling. Even if I never return… Even if another man touches you…

Come on. Touch me with your hands. That’s right. Touch me even more.

You don’t know what to do? That doesn’t matter. Touch me however you like.

That’s right.

This is no good. You’ll be able to feel be even better if our bodies touch directly.

Get up and stay still. Don’t hide yourself away.

How does it feel to have a man observe your body? Don’t crouch down! Stand up.

You’ve got a scrawny body. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t excite me.

Listen to me. Show me everything.

What? You’re embarrassed? You still don’t understand yet? The more you blush with embarrassment, the more excited I get. How many times do I have to tell you before you’ll understand? No matter how embarrassed you are, your body is still so honest.

I see. So this is what you like having done to you. Don’t share this with any other man. Let me be the only one who hears that voice.

Tell me what you want me to do. I’ll do as you wish.

So you want me to be gentler? I’m going to lick you like this…

You’re breathing more quickly. You were scared at first, but now you’re being quite honest.

When I put my tongue in here… See, it feels good, doesn’t it?

I’m going to put my tongue in even more roughly, so you’ll experience a pleasure you’ve never felt before…

Don’t show this immodest appearance to anyone else. Close your lips tightly and don’t smile even once.

You’re completely wet. How shameful.

I see. So you like being treated roughly? You don’t look like you do.

You look so good that I wish I could show you what I’m seeing.

When I lick your back… You cry out in a lovely voice again.

Then I’m going to lick you more gently.

Don’t move away like that. Relax more. Surrender yourself to me. I want to feel you completely. Be more honest. Show me everything.

It seems like this isn’t enough.

I can see your face clearly when I do this. Seeing your face filled with pleasure really is amazing.

Come on. Put your hand on my neck. More. More.

That’s no good. Look at me carefully, so that I’m the only thing you see. Put your tongue in even further.

Not yet. You shouldn’t be satisfied already.

Satisfy me even more. Use yourself to satisfy me.

Your voice is too loud. I’m going to keep you quiet like this.

Listen to me. You belong in my arms. You understand, don’t you?

Hmm? Are you already awake? You can sleep for a bit longer.

This is my second time watching you sleep, but I don’t get tired of it. I want to keep watching it forever.

You really are a frightening woman. You made me so… No, I won’t say those words just yet.

Don’t look at me like that. If I return from my mission… No, I’ll make sure I return so I can speak to you. So trust me and wait.

What is it? Why are you burying your face in my chest? Are you crying? Even though I’ve promised you that I’ll return…

Until now, I thought of my sword as something I wielded to kill enemies and for the sake of the Shinsengumi. But I might be able to wield it for you too. I’ll wield this sword to protect you and someday…

No… I’ve said too much again. It seems that being around you makes me confused. I might actually be the one who wants to stay like this for a little longer. Women are such frightening creatures. Because you were able to fill my empty heart so much.

Track 3

Alright, I’m going now. I know no one can see us here, but staying any longer than this would be dangerous.

What’s the matter? Are you holding a hairpin? Keep that and think of it as me. So that you don’t forget that day…that peaceful day. So that I can be with you like that again someday. I want to kiss you before I leave. Is that alright? Refuse if you don’t want me to.

Your lips smell sweet. You really are a mysterious woman. If that scent leads the way, I’m sure I can return to you, no matter where I am. It’s enough to make me think I could come back from death.

Now I will deceive my enemies and kill them. I’m going to be stained by blood and become a hated man. But there is a path I must take. There is something I must do. I won’t spare myself from sin if it means I can achieve that.

If you can accept that, then please wait for me. I’ll definitely return. So don’t cry. I’ll let you eat as many dango as you like when I get back. I’ll buy you as many hairpins as you’d like, if that’s what you want.

Well? Do you feel a little better?

You’re crying again…

When did you become the kind of person who would trouble me this much? You really are like a child. When you look at me like that, my resolve to leave you behind fades. This doesn’t mean we won’t see each other again. You just have to be a little patient. Alright?

No, I won’t forget you for a moment. I’m counting on you not to forget me either. When you’re really lonely, remember the days you spent with me. Memories never change. I’ll always be in your heart.

I’m sorry. I want to stay with you until you stop crying, but I have to go now. Don’t worry though. A sword contains the strength of the person who wields it. So you make me stronger. I’ll definitely return. Please believe me. See you soon.

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  1. uuuwwaa!! i’m so happy now thanks to you QvQ your translation always makes my day ^^ i’m so glad so glad!! thank you SOOO much <3 you deserve a monument for doing wasurenagusa translations since they're so long but not only for them – for all you translations (^^)/

  2. Actually, I don’t know what to say. xD
    It’s been a while I haven’t listened to Saitou cd, and… The only thing I can say is. I’m breathless! xD
    I just fell for Saitou again. ^3^

    Anyway, I’m still wondering… He doesn’t know how to interact with women (ref to the day off), doesn’t understand them, finds them weak and annoying… Which means he doesn’t usually get close to them… And still… He seems to know his stuff for that part. xD
    But I should be warned now, that characters who look too innocent or too strict are hiding something dangerous for a fangirl’s heart. XXD
    Aaaw~ And, I have a weak spot for tsundere…

    Brrr~ The end is still heartbreaking… Listening to it, I had to get through this again. T.T
    But, thank you for your work! ^o^/

    And, now? Who is next on your list?! x3

    1. I’ve probably got a weak spot for tsundere too. Sometimes I find them annoying, but I can’t help loving them in the end XD

      I think I’m gonna work through the Wasurenagusa CDs in order now, otherwise I’ll probably be unable to decide which one to do next, since I’m excited to do them all ^^

  3. Thank you SO much for translating this. Of all the Wasurenagusa CDs this was one of the ones I most wanted to see translated (seeing a full translation just confirmed what I already suspected as far as what was going on, so I guess my Japanese isn’t quite as bad as I thought). Looking forward to your next translation in this series, whenever and whichever that is.

  4. (♯`∧´) Grr。。 I’m a fan of this series but why most of the stories had to be so sad that made me want to cry listening to every series Щ(ºДºщ) !!

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