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Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Animate Tokuten

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Animate Tokuten

Takahashi Naozumi
Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Inoue Kazuhiko
Shimono Hiro
Hosoya Yoshimasa
Morikawa Toshiyuki

Hijikata: Alright, we’re going to vote whether to add the rule “those who don’t want their socks to get mixed up with everyone else’s should embroider their names on them” to the Shinsengumi regulations.

Kondo: Saito-kun and Yamazaki-kun are in favour of it, but Heisuke is against it, hmm? What do you think, Souji?

Okita: Embroidering my name onto my socks is too embarrassing for me to do. But I don’t wear socks, so I don’t mind being in favour of it.

Toudou: That’s not fair, Souji-kun!

Hijikata: I don’t wear socks either.

Kondo: I often wear socks, but I don’t really mind either way. Of course there’s no one here who’d accidentally wear the captain’s socks.

Toudou: Hey! You two should think about this more seriously, Hijikata-san and Kondo-san! You’ve got to say something too, Saito-kun and Yamazaki-kun! You two wear socks too, don’t you?!

Saito: I don’t think embroidering my name on my socks is embarrassing. So I’ve got no intention of changing my opinion.

Yamazaki: No one would notice if your socks were embroidered anyway. If someone might use your socks without permission, then wouldn’t it be better to prevent that by embroidering them?

Okita: Give up, Heisuke.

Toudou: It’s kind of annoying to have you tell me that!

Hijikata: So that’s five in favour and one against. I’ve made my decision. I’ll announce that it’s been added to the regulations during tomorrow morning’s training.

Toudou: Why was no one against it? Isn’t that strange?

Okita: Embroidery is fine, isn’t it? No one will make a mistake if you put “hey!” on yours.

Toudou: That just sounds ridiculous, like a cheerful greeting!

Okita: Ah. Kondo-san, Hijikata-san. Have you got a moment?

Toudou: Hey! You’re just leaving things like that?!

Okita: Someone gave me this. Please drink it if you’d like.

Kondo: Oh, is that wine?

Saito: Hmm. This scent… It seems to be quite good wine.

Yamazaki: Aren’t you going to drink it yourself, Okita-san?

Okita: I tried to turn down the gift because I don’t drink, but they insisted I take it…

Kondo: If you’re not going to drink it, then there’s no need for me to hesitate. I’ll take it.

Hijikata: But it’s no good if Kondo-san and I are the only ones drinking. Isn’t it better to enjoy good wine like this as a group?

Toudou: Then why don’t all of us here drink it?

Kondo: That’s a good idea! Come to think of it, it’s been a while since we had a drinking party. Do you mind if we drink this all together, Souji?

Okita: If that’s what you want to do, then go ahead.

Hijikata: So that’s decided then.

Toudou: Alright! Let’s drink!

Saito: What about some snacks? If you don’t mind dried squid, I’ve got some in my room.

Hijikata: That sounds good.

Saito: I’ll go and get it then,

Yamazaki: I’ll bring some wine cups for everyone.

Okita: I’m going to get something I can drink. It’d be no good if I was the only one who couldn’t drink.

Kondo: Alright, go on.

Toudou: Ah, so Saito-kun and Yamazaki-san both drink wine? I’ve never had drinks with them.

Hijikata: Kondo-san and I have had drinks with both of them. Actually, I’ve made them drink with me.

Toudou: Ah, I remember that happening to me too. You like making people do things.

Hijikata: Having someone ask you to drink is a good thing.

Toudou: Those people made to do it have a hard time.

Hijikata: Did you say something, Heisuke?

Toudou: No, I didn’t say anything.

Kondo: They drink, but they’re not strong drinkers. Well, I think it’ll be interesting.

Yamazaki: I’m back. Here you go. There weren’t any wine cups, so you’ll have to make do with teacups.

Saito: I’ve got the dried squid. Eat as much as you like.

Okita: I’ve brought some amazake.

[Note: Amazake is a sweet low alcohol / non-alcohol drink made from fermented rice.]

Saito: It looks like everyone has their drinks.

Kondo: Alright, Toshi. I’ll let you lead the toast.

Hijikata: A toast to the future of the Shinsengumi!

Everyone: Cheers!

Toudou: It tastes great!

Kondo: It really is good wine. It’s amazing!

Okita: I’m glad to hear that.

Yamazaki: It tastes good, but it’s quite strong wine…

Hijikata: Things wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t this strong.
I’ll pour you some more, Yamazaki. Drink up.

Yamazaki: No, I think I’m going to take it slowly.

Hijikata: Huh? You’re not going to drink my wine?

Yamazaki: No… I will! Well then…
I’ll have some more.

Toudou: It’s already started.

Okita: Try not to get drunk.

Heisuke: Damn it! You’re lucky. I definitely don’t recommend you getting drunk.

Okita: That’s right. When I got completely drunk and started waving my sword around once, Hijikata-san stopped asking me to drink after that.

Toudou: Because you’re really impossible to deal with when you’re holding a sword.

Okita: I’m sure that Saito-kun stopped me back then.

Saito: Yes, I did.

Kondo: Seeing Saito fight Okita while he was drunk was an interesting sight!

Yamazaki: I didn’t know anything about that.

Hijikata: That’s because it happened before you joined the Shinsengumi.

Yamazaki: Is that so? That’s too bad. We don’t get to see them fight often, you see.

Saito: Okita-san is a fast and formidable opponent.

Okita: I’m honoured to hear that from you, Saito-kun. But you beat me then, didn’t you?

Saito: I think that’s because you were drunk.

Okita: It seems so. It’s unfortunate that I don’t remember it. Even though I don’t often get to fight Saito-kun seriously.

Yamazaki: You had a serious fight?! That’s dangerous!

Toudou: I know! I really was nervous!

Saito: I’d like us to fight again soon.

Okita: Yes, so would I.

Hijikata: Hey! I told you that you can’t! The regulations forbid personal fights!

Okita: I’m sorry.

Saito: It was a joke.

Yamazaki: You tell jokes too, hmm?

Saito: That’s because we’re having a drinking party.

Toudou: No… You were serious just now, weren’t you?

Kondo: Oh, Yamazaki-kun. You don’t seem to be drinking much.
Come on, drink up.

Yamazaki: That’s very kind of you! Thank you!

Okita: You’re already looking drunk, Yamazaki-san.

Yamazaki: Is that so?

Toudou: Did you just hiccup? You’re such a terrible drunk!

Hijikata: Hey, Yamazaki! Men aren’t popular with women if they’re not strong drinkers.

Okita: If you put it like that, doesn’t it mean I’m no good?

Yamazaki: You’re handsome, so it wouldn’t matter if you’re not a strong drinker, would it?

Kondo: Souji certainly does have a handsome face…

Yamazaki: It’s not just his face, he has a good body too! Even though he’s been through so many fights, there’s not a scratch on his body. His skin is really smooth. Okita-san is handsome enough for anyone to fall in love with!

Okita: Thank you very much.

Toudou: That’s true, but how do you know he has a good body?!

Yamazaki: Hmph! From the way you’re speaking, it seems that you know too! Why?! I thought it was information that only I knew!

Toudou: I’ve taken a bath with Souji-kun a few times. But you two haven’t been to the bath together, have you?

Okita: No, we haven’t. Now that I think about it, it certainly is strange. How did you know that, Yamazaki-san?

Yamazaki: Do you want to know?

Saito: Come to think of it, I’ve seen you around the bathroom window before.

Hijikata: Hmm?

Saito: So didn’t he know that Okita-san had a good body because he was spying on him?

Yamazaki: Hahaha! You got it, did you?

Kondo: I see. I’m impressed that you’re always so dedicated to collecting information.

Yamazaki: Thank you!

Toudou: Wait a minute! Is spying on people in the bath really something to be praised for?! Calm down and think about it!

Yamazaki: I haven’t done anything wrong!

Okita: That’s right. There’s no harm in everyone knowing that I’ve got a handsome face and good body.

Toudou: Huhhh?!

Hijikata: What are you talking about? My looks are pretty good too! For starters, I’m the member of the Shinsengumi who’s most popular with women.

Hey. Why did everyone just go silent?

Okita: Isn’t it because everyone doesn’t agree?

Hijikata: What?

Toudou: I’m the most popular one!

Hijikata: You idiot. Anyone would know that I’m the most attractive man. All I have to do is walk outside for women to approach me.

Toudou: I’m popular with women too. I can choose any woman I like.

Kondo: I wonder if it’s acceptable to decide who is the most attractive man based on how many women approach him. I get approached by a lot of high class women. You haven’t had that experience, have you?

Hijikata: Not you too, Kondo-san…
I won’t let this go, even for you, Kondo-san…

Okita: You’re all wrong. I’m the most popular.

Hijikata: What?

Okita: I’m loved by a wide range of women, from wrinkly old ladies to kids who’ve just started to walk.

Saito: That just means they’re friendly with you.

Okita: It’s not like that.

Saito: Women like strong and serious men. Sometimes when I’m practicing by myself next to the river, I get surrounded by women talking to me.

Okita: So in other words, you want to say you’re the most popular too?

Saito: At the very least, I’ve no intention of losing to any of you.

Hijikata: Well, well!

Yamazaki: My turn! My turn! My turn!
I often get told that I’m kind and wonderful, unlike other uncivilised men!

Hijikata: What?

Yamazaki: I think you’re all attractive men, but don’t some of you treat women roughly? In that aspect, I might be the most attractive man!

Hijikata: Just who is that meant to be directed at?

Kondo: I don’t know about the others, but I don’t remember ever having treated a woman roughly.

Okita: You might be too kind to even satisfy women.

Kondo: I don’t think that’s true. I’m a man too. I don’t treat them kindly forever.

Yamazaki: I see. You treat them kindly at first to make them relax, then you become a wolf when you’ve got the right opportunity.

Hijikata: That’s so calculating.

Toudou: That’s kind of a dirty move.

Saito: I think it’s good for men to be straightforward.

Okita: Exactly.

Kondo: Just because this is a drinking party, I don’t think it’s a good idea to get too carried away. Think about who I am when you speak.

Toudou: Ah, just wait a minute! We can’t decide who the most attractive man is, alright?!

Yamazaki: That’s right! It seems that we won’t know unless we get several women to tell us which one of us is their favourite.

Saito: Couldn’t we do that? Finding a few women would be difficult, but we have one right here.

Kondo: Ah, you mean the young lady!

Okita: She certainly does know us all and will probably make the fairest decision.

Hijikata: I think you should forget about that. She’s in love with me, you see. I’ll definitely be her favourite.

Toudou: What are you talking about? I’m the one she loves.

Okita: I’m the one.

Saito: No, I am.

Kondo: I’m sure she loves me.

Yamazaki: No! She definitely loves me!

Kondo: Okay, let’s sort this out. Everyone say what proof they have that she loves them.

Hijikata: Alright, I’ll go first. When she sees me, she gets all tense. She feels nervous around the person she cares the most about.

Toudou: It’s only natural she’d be nervous around the demon vice-commander.

Yamazaki: Be quiet, Toudou-san!

Toudou: Your voice is too loud!
Ah, please continue, Hijikata-san!

Hijikata: And when our eyes meet, she blushes and looks away immediately. Don’t you think that’s cute?

Okita: It’s normal for a girl her age to get embarrassed like that.

Toudou: Just what kind of shameless women do you normally meet, Hijikata-san?

Hijikata: Then what about you?

Toudou: Women are sensitive to being touched. I’ve held hands while walking with her.

Kondo: I’ve done that too.

Toudou: I’ve seen her face while she was asleep!

Okita: You were just trying to catch her off-guard while she was sleeping, weren’t you?

Toudou: Shut up! We’re close enough to do things like that!

Saito: If we’re judging it on physical contact, then I’ve held onto her from behind.

Toudou: Huhhh?!

Saito: That’s not all. I’ve spent lots of time with her in the dojo, teaching her how to use a sword. I’ve heard that women fall in love with someone they’ve spent a lot of time with.

Okita: You don’t look like it, but you’re actually quite a pervert.

Saito: How rude!

Kondo: I’m confident about the time I’ve spent with her too. You see, we’re tea-drinking friends.

Hijikata: You drink tea together?

Kondo: Yes. When I get some new sweets, we eat them together. I can feel us getting closer to each other when we share tasty food.

Toudou: Aren’t you just luring her with food?!

Yamazaki: Can I say something too?

Kondo: Hmm? What is it?

Yamazaki: I… Hehe… I’ve stayed beside her when she couldn’t sleep!

Saito: What?!

Yamazaki: A woman wouldn’t normally ask a man to do that, even if she couldn’t sleep, would she? Because she’d have to stay together with that man at night if she did. So I think she trusts me! I’m someone she can entrust herself completely to.

Okita: Don’t you think that she just doesn’t see you as a man? I can’t believe you didn’t realise that… How pathetic.

Yamazaki: Wha…!

Okita: She thinks of you as someone unthreatening, who’d never make a move on her. When I consider that, it’s not just pathetic, it’s depressing.

Yamazaki: Is that so…?

Toudou: Hey, hey. Stop that. Yamazaki-san is really disappointed.

Okita: He’s annoying when he’s drunk, so isn’t it alright? Trying to seem cute and appealing by making “nyaa nyaa nyaa” noises isn’t going to work. That’s because I’m the cutest here.

Toudou: You’re not holding back at all!

Yamazaki: That’s not all! She takes the most care when doing my laundry!

Saito: Isn’t that just your imagination?

Okita: And if she ripped any of your clothes, she’d have more sewing to do. You’d get angry too. So it’d be normal for her to wash things carefully.

Yamazaki: Now that you mention it…

Saito: I’ve always wanted to ask why your clothes show so much skin.

Okita: I was curious about that too. Are you an exhibitionist?

Yamazaki: No! I had this specially made because it’s easy to move around in!

Okita: I see… So it’s a specially made piece of clothing for exhibitionists?

Yamazaki: No! You keep talking about exhibitionists, but none of you have been wearing the uniform when you go out recently either! I’ve investigated everything! Heisuke-kun has half of his butt on show! Okita-san shows too much of his legs!

Toudou: Me?!

Okita: There’s no problem showing my legs if they’re beautiful, is there? I don’t want to hear that from someone who might accidentally show their underwear.

Toudou: That’s enough, Souji-kun.

Okita: No, this is the time to do it thoroughly and make things hopeless.

Kondo: Souji, I feel sorry for him, so that’s enough.

Okita: Alright, Kondo-san.

Toudou: There it is! Souji-kun’s favouritism of Kondo-san!

Saitou: It seems that the conversation has derailed.

Toudou: You were the one who made that happen!

Yamazaki: Calling me an exhibitionist is too much! In that case…

Hijikata: So why do you think she loves you, Souji?

Okita: Because she doesn’t leave my side, no matter how cruel I am. I don’t feel anything for her, but she probably likes me.

Toudou: I don’t want to hear that from you! You’re grinning so much!

Okita: My face normally looks like this.

Toudou: Liar!

Hijikata: She’s just the helpful type. It doesn’t mean you’re special.

Okita: No, I am special.

Yamazaki: Why?

Okita: Well, is there someone here who treats her more coldly than I do? There isn’t, is there? Even so, she still stays around me. That means she’s interested in me.

Saito: How about thinking of strictness rather than coldness? I don’t go easy on her when I give her training. There was a time when her stance was bad, no matter how many times I instructed her. At that time, I told her to practice swinging her sword late at night. And…

Yamazaki: Umm… Why is this taking the strange direction of everyone showing off?

Toudou: Right! Women like being treated gently and shown affection. I think it’s wrong to talk about how cold or how strictly you’ve treated them.

Kondo: Exactly! I’m clearly the one man who treats her kindly. In other words, I’m the one she likes the most.

Yamazaki: I can’t just ignore that!

Okita: I’m sure she likes me.

Hijikata: It’s obviously me.

Toudou: Me!

Yamazaki: Me!

Saitou: No, it’s me.

Hijikata: Hey. Aren’t we just going round in circles? We just had this exact same conversation.

Saito: We’re not getting anywhere. In that case, isn’t it best to ask her directly?

Yamazaki: I’ll go and call her then!

Okita: Ah, I’ll go. You still seem to be drunk. I’d be worried about letting you go.

Yamazaki: Is that so? Sorry for the trouble.

Okita: It’s alright. Well then, I’ll excuse myself for a while.

Toudou: This wine really does taste good.

Saito: Yes, you’re right.

Toudou: Come to think of it, Kondo-san… Saito-kun has had quite a lot to drink, but he’s not at all drunk, is he? How much will he have to drink before things get interesting?

Kondo: Saito-kun is already drunk. His red eyes prove that he is.

Saito: I’m a boring man. There’s no way that I’d become interesting.

Yamazaki: He said it himself…

Hijikata: Saito-kun, you repeat these tongue twisters after me.

Toudou: Huh?

Hijikata: The monk drew a good picture of a monk on the screen.

Saito: The monk drew a good picture of a skunk on the screen. How was that?

Toudou: What do you mean “how was that?” You got it wrong!

Kondo: Hahaha. Try this one next, Saito-kun. Aya, go and apologise to your parents.

Saito: Aya, tell your parents to apologise. Did I manage to say it?

Toudou: Like I said, you didn’t!

Saito: Well then, I’ll show you the tongue twister I’m good at. A mudfish wriggles. Three mudfish wriggle. The mudfish wriggle together. Six mudfish wriggle.

My tongue hurts.

Toudou: Of course! You messed up too much!

Hijikata: What do you think? It was interesting, right?

Toudou: It’s actually creepy when he’s saying that with a serious look on his face.

Kondo: Hahaha. Saito-kun is normally good at tongue twisters. But when he gets drunk, he can’t talk properly.

Toudou: That’s too unexpected!

Okita: Hey, do you remember what I told you earlier?
You didn’t forget because you were half-asleep, did you? It was *whisper whisper whisper*, got it? I might give you a kiss if you do it right.

Okita: I’m back.

Kondo: Sorry for waking you up so late, Miss.

Yamazaki: Do you already know why we called you here?

Okita: I made sure to explain it to her.
I explained it to you, didn’t I?

Hijikata: I see. Then that saves us the trouble of explaining it. So who do you think is number one?

Okita: Me? I thought you’d say that.

Toudou: No way!

Saito: Are you serious?

Yamazaki: It can’t be! Why would you choose someone so cold?!

Hijikata: What? You don’t understand why everyone is so surprised? It’s because you said you like Souji the most!

Okita: Ah…

Kondo: You weren’t saying who you liked the most? What’s that supposed to mean?

Toudou: Huh? Souji-kun said we were discussing who looked the worst when they woke up in the morning and asked you to answer honestly?

Yamazaki: So this is why you said you were concerned and went instead of me earlier? That was a mistake! You gave her false information and tried to cheat!

Okita: Oh no. You should call it being resourceful.

Kondo: I’m sure of the fact that Souji is terrible at getting up in the morning. Souji would be the only answer to that question.

Hijikata: Hey, try and use your head a little more! Did you think we were talking about something so pointless? We were talking about which one of us you like the most. Depending on your answer, we would decide who the most attractive man is.

Toudou: So who do you actually like the most?

Hijikata: You don’t know?

Saito: You don’t even know your own mind?

Okita: Even if you say that, it won’t change the fact that she doesn’t know. What should we do? At this rate, we won’t get to the bottom of this.

Yamazaki: The way things are, the only thing we can do is to discuss it thoroughly.

Toudou: But I don’t think we’ll reach a conclusion that way. Why don’t we have a competition?

Kondo: A competition? I’m sure that I forbid battles involving personal matters.

Toudou: It won’t be a battle. Now we’re going take turns to whisper romantic things to her.

Yamazaki: What? In front of everyone else?

Toudou: That’d probably make things more interesting.

Kondo: Good idea. I’ll accept that challenge.

Hijikata: So will I!

Kondo: Oh. Relying on alcohol isn’t like you, Toshi.

Hijikata: What are you talking about? A man should drink before a challenge!

Yamazaki: Then I’m taking part too!

Hijikata: Hmm? You don’t seem to be used to this kind of game though.

Yamazaki: That’s right, I’m not used to it! So I won’t think of it as a game, but a serious challenge!

Kondo: You’re well prepared.

Saito: I’d rather not do it, but I’ll join in too.

Okita: Hmm… You too, Saito-kun… Is that alright? You’re going to be whispering romantic things in front of everyone.

Saito: I’m intending to put all my effort into this.

Toudou: So what are you going to do, Souji-kun?

Okita: I’m going to join in, of course. I’m looking forward to what you’ll all say when you lose to me.

Hijikata: Say whatever you like!

Toudou: Alright, this is what the challenge will be – all six of us take turns to whisper romantic things to her, one after the other. During that time, the other five must not interrupt the person whose turn it is. After she’s heard everyone speak, she’ll decide who she likes the most. Does anyone have any objections?

Saito: I don’t have any.

Yamazaki: Me neither.

Kondo: I don’t either.

Okita: Me too.

Hijikata: Same here. So what order will we go in?

Toudou: How about we go clockwise, starting with me?

Yamazaki: You’re going first? You’re brave!

Toudou: Not really, I’m going to win whether I go first or last.

Saito: Start talking.

Toudou: Okay, here I go.

Relax. I’m going to whisper in your ear.

Hey. Did you know that you’ve captivated me? I used to think about terrible things, like believing that all women were the same and it didn’t matter who I chose.

But what about now? I’m sure I’d do anything to make you happy. I’ll gently wipe away your tears when you’re sad. When you’re feeling helpless, I’ll hold onto you tightly. When you’re happy, I’ll laugh with you. I love you. Tell me that you love me. All you have to do now is choose me.

I’m done! What did you think?

Kondo: Hmm… That was pretty good, Heisuke.

Yamazaki: It was amazing enough to make me embarrassed too.

Okita: You were so serious, it put me off.

Toudou: Why?! You’ve got to approach women with all you’ve got, right? Alright, Yamazaki-san is next.

Yamazaki: Okay! I’ll try my best!

Ah… I’m not really good at expressing myself well. So let me tell you my honest feelings. I think that I am in love with you.

You ended up completely alone because of us. It must have been quite tough. I know you haven’t always been able to sleep well every night. But I think you must be a strong person as you’re able to smile everyday. Your bright smile stopped me from feeling lonely. I can’t thank you enough.

No one cares about you as much as I do. If possible, I’d like to stay by your side and see your smile all the time. So please tell me I’m the one you love most.

That was embarrassing…

Toudou: You were definitely true to yourself.

Okita: Wouldn’t the lines of the person who goes last overlap with the others?

Saito: You only just realised?

Okita: If we keep going like this, I’ll be last.

Saito: That’s right.

Okita: Change places with me, Saito-kun.

Saito: No.

Okita: Then will you change seats with me, Kondo-san?

Kondo: I can’t do that. Sorry.

Hijikata: Souji. It’s brave of you to try and sit at the head of the table.

Okita: Then someone else change places with me. I’ll even change places with you, Hijikata-san.

Hijikata: Of course I’m going to say no. This is a serious challenge, you see. My amazing words of love will be made to look better by your clumsy words.

Toudou: Do your best, Souji-kun!
So Saito-kun is next?

Saito: Yes.

Well… What was I going to say? No… It doesn’t mean I can’t think of anything to say to you. I think you know that I’m not good with women. It’s because I don’t know what they’re thinking at all. They’re noisy too. Anyway, they’re troublesome beings. But you’re different. You’re the only one who is special. I like your voice. I suppose I would describe it as clear. Listening to it feels good. But just like other women, I still don’t know what you’re thinking.

However, I want to know what you’re thinking. You’re the only woman who makes me feel this way. I would be incredibly happy if you felt the same way.

Alright, the last thing I’m going to do is show you my special skill. Something special that I haven’t let anyone else hear. Here I go.

Toot! Toot, toot, toot! Ah, I’m dancing! Bang, bang, bang! Let’s dance the Dontaku Dance!

[Note: Dontaku Festival takes place during May in Fukuouka. During the festival there is a parade accompanied by musical instruments where people participate dressed as the gods of fortune.]

I managed to say it, didn’t I?

Toudou: You didn’t manage at all! In the end, you stumbled at the good part!

Okita: Saito-kun… You were cool at first, but the end ruined it!

Saito: You’re so rude. I didn’t ruin anything.

Kondo: Saito-kun seems to be quite drunk. He wouldn’t normally say romantic things so easily. He wouldn’t start saying tongue twisters for no reason either. He’s got himself into quite a tough position.

Well, I think it’s my turn next?

Toudou: Yes. Go on, Kondo-san.

Kondo: Well, Miss… May I hold your hand? It’s alright. There’s no need to be embarrassed. If you look at me, you won’t see anyone else.

Toudou: Let go of her hand!

Yamazaki: That’s no good, Toudou-san! We’re not supposed to interrupt anyone during their turn.

Kondo: Hmm? Don’t worry about that. Come on, look this way. Imagine that you and I are the only ones here. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, is there? As a man, I want to make you happy. I want to hold your small hand in mine and protect you. I’ve always felt that way. I can’t say such serious things without the help of wine though.

Pathetic, isn’t it? But you’re the one who makes me that way. If you tell me that I’m one you love the most, I will surely become a strong man who will compare to even the mightiest warrior. So I’d be happy if you chose me.

Yamazaki: Even Kondo-san has times when he feels pathetic…

Hijikata: Don’t be fooled, you idiot! I know it was part of his plan.

Yamazaki: What?!

Okita: A grown man will only admit his weakness to himself. Isn’t that an old trick which brings out someone’s maternal instincts?

Yamazaki: Eh?!

Toudou: He held her hand too! That wasn’t fair!

Saito: I certainly do think it was unfair, but the rules didn’t say we weren’t allowed to touch her.

Toudou: Damn it! Let’s hurry up and get to the next one! It’s your turn, Hijikata-san.

Hijikata: Hey, come here. You want to hear my voice completely, don’t you? You’re tense again. You’re always like this. So I can’t help wanting to tease you.

Hey. Don’t look at me like that. I just felt like teasing you a little. I’ve got no intention of doing anything in front of the others. Or do you want me to criticise you here, like I usually do?

You don’t have to deny it so strongly. I’ll only say this once, so listen carefully.

Hmm? A dog should obey its master, shouldn’t it? Stop complaining and tell me I’m number one. Got it? That’s all.

Toudou: What was with that voice?! And you said the word “dog” too! What was that supposed to mean…?

Yamazaki: I was almost overwhelmed!

Okita: What good would it do for you to get overwhelmed?

Kondo: You did pretty well, Toshi.

Hijikata: Of course.

Toudou: You’ve got nothing to say about him using the word “dog”?! Never mind. I’m not sure how this competition will end.

Hijikata: What? Didn’t you hear what I just said? It’s obvious that I’m number one.

Toudou: What are you taking about? I’m number one! But I can’t imagine who will be in second place.

Yamazaki: I’m not going to lose either!

Okita: Wait a minute. I haven’t had my turn yet. Save your arguments until after my turn.

Hijikata: You can always give up your turn.

Okita: I’m taking my turn. You’ll probably all be amazed by my romantic whispers.

Hijikata: How is someone like you, who isn’t even honest, supposed to do it? Let’s see what you’ve got.

Okita: Well, what shall I do?

Toudou: Why is he glaring at her?

Yamazaki: That doesn’t seem to be Okita-san’s way of expressing his love.

Okita: Even I know that things like this should be done honestly. But showing my true feelings to you is too shameful for me to do. If you want to know my true feelings, don’t you think you should come and find out yourself?

So I think I’m going to be myself after all. It would seem strange if I forced myself to say my true feelings. I’ll tell you my impression of you. You want to hear it, don’t you?

You’re foolish, interfering and useless. Do you understand? It’s as if you’re worthless. You don’t have the right to be beside me. So even though it’s annoying, I have no choice but to teach you something.

What do you think? You’re happy, aren’t you? I’m telling you that I’m going to train you strictly, so that you’ll have the right to stay beside me. It seems that willpower is the one thing you’ve got a lot of.

Won’t you become able to fulfil my requests perfectly if you work hard everyday? If there was even the slightest chance of that happening… If you’ll love me and become the type of woman I could love, I might come to think that you’re the type of woman I love.

Toudou: That wasn’t honest!

Saito: You didn’t say things directly, but I was impressed by your glare. You looked like you were hunting your prey.

Okita: Amazing, Saito-kun! You know me well.

Yamazaki: That’s no good! Talking about prey and glaring at someone is just strange! Why don’t you say romantic things more honestly?

Okita: It’s no good asking me that… This is how I am.

Hijikata: Honestly, that isn’t how a man should behave. There’s nothing more irritating than that.

Kondo: Ahaha. But it was something I’d expect from Souji. Doesn’t Souji seem more attractive like that, instead of pretending to be something else?

Okita: Thank you.

Toudou: Now we’ve all had our turn.

Hijikata: I see. Now it’s finally time.

Saito: Shall we hear the result now?

Yamazaki: Go on. I’m ready.

Okita: Please remember that I might accidentally kill you if you answer someone other than me.

Kondo: Souji. You can’t use such an obvious threat. But I’ll give you some advice – at times like this, things will work out best if you choose the most important man.

Toudou: Showing off your power like that is no good either, Kondo-san!

Well, I think you’re going to choose me, but I’ll ask anyway. Who is the man you like the most?

Everyone: What? Your father?

Okita: Your dad…?

Hijikata: Hey. What’s that supposed to mean?

Saito: Her father is number one, hmm? That’s a good answer.

Kondo: Hahaha. I don’t think we’re any competition.

Yamazaki: He is the man who raised you after all. I can understand that answer.

Toudou: We ended up at an unexpected conclusion!

Hijikata: What are you laughing at? I can’t agree with such a terrible outcome!

Okita: That’s right. Now we’ve got this far, we can’t go back. We’ve got to decide who is number one, no matter what.

Toudou: Hey, hey. It doesn’t really matter. It wouldn’t be polite if we continued any further.

Saito: No, I don’t agree with this outcome either.

Hijikata: You feel the same way too?

Okita: I’m going to insist that I’m number one!

Saito: No, it’s me.

Okita: You’re so persistent. I’m telling you it’s me!

Saito: It’s me.

Toudou: Aren’t your eyes looking glazed?

Kondo: It seems like Souji is starting to feel drunk.

Yamazaki: You’re drunk, Okita-san? You were only drinking amazake.

Kondo: Souji is a really weak drinker.

Yamazaki: I see.

Toudou: Hey, Saito-kun’s eyes are red too! Is he still drunk?

Hijikata: Hey, Souji! Saito-kun! That’s enough.

Saito: No, I wouldn’t be a man if I gave up now.

Toudou: He drew his sword!

Okita: I’m going to get even for what happened before. Prepare yourself.

Kondo: Ah, Souji drew his sword too. Hahaha.

Toudou: Another serious fight?! Now Saito-kun is drunk too!

Hijikata: You idiot! Personal fights are forbidden!

Kondo: It’s alright, Toshi. It looks like it’ll be interesting.

Hijikata: Don’t encourage them, Kondo-san!

Yamazaki: Amazing! I’m getting to see Okita-san and Saito-san fight for real! Please start, you two!

Hijikata: Yamazaki! Have you forgotten the Shinsengumi regulations?!

Kondo: Hahaha. Don’t be so uptight!

Toudou: Isn’t Kondo-san drunk too?!

Yamazaki: Alright then, duel start!

Ah, what amazing spirit!

Toudou: No, both of them aren’t steady on their feet!

Kondo: Ah, they made a hole in the paper door…
Are you alright, Miss?

Okita: Not yet!
You’re a good match for me.

Saito: The same goes for you.

Toudou: That was close!

Kondo: Ah, now the tatami mat…
Are you hurt, Miss?

Yamazaki: They’re both very strong! Which one of them will win?!

Hijikata: Stop! Are you trying to destroy this room?!

Kondo: It’s dangerous here, Miss. Let’s get out of here!

Toudou: Wait a minute, Kondo-san! Why are you taking advantage of the confusion to get a head start?!

Kondo: Oh, I’ve been found out, have I?

Yamazaki: Okita-san is holding his sword down low!

Hijikata: What?!

Yamazaki: His opponent Saito-san has his sword in a stabbing position! So it’ll be a clash of secret techniques? They’re both taking attack stances!

Hijikata: Stop! At this rate, it won’t just by this room that gets destroyed, but the whole headquarters!

Kondo: Then tomorrow’s newspaper will have a humorous report about an internal dispute in the Shinsengumi.

Toudou: It’s nothing to laugh about!

Saito: Here I go!

Okita: Uh…

Saito: Hmm? Are you listening? Let’s go!

Okita: Wait a moment.

Saito: What is it?

Okita: I feel sick.

Saito: What?

Okita: I’m sorry. I can’t keep going any longer. Good night.

Yamazaki: Eh?!

Hijikata: He’s asleep, isn’t he?

Toudou: He’s asleep.

Yamazaki: It can’t be! Wake up, Okita-san!

Okita: Is this right? I taught you how to beg, didn’t I? Come on…

Yamazaki: He seems to be having some kind of indecent dream…

Kondo: It seems that Saito-kun has won again.

Saito: Hmph. So that makes me the most attractive man then?

Toudou: No, that’s not right!

Saito: Then you’re the next challenger, are you, Toudou-san? Fine. I’ll be your opponent.

Toudou: Eh?!

Yamazaki: A duel between Toudou-san and Saito-san? This seems like it could be interesting too!

Kondo: We haven’t seen one of those for a while. I’m looking forward to it.

Toudou: Wait a minute! Don’t get excited about it, you two!

Saito: Are you ready? Toudou-san!

Toudou: Ah… Hijikata-san! Let’s stop Saito-kun!

Hijikata: I’ve had enough of this. You do what you want now.

Toudou: Eh?!

Kondo: Don’t try and stop them, Miss. You mustn’t get hurt, you see.

Toudou: What?! Okita-kun! Wake up and stop Saito-kun!

Okita: I’m tired of eating broad beans now…

Toudou: Eh?! What kind of sleep-talk is that?

Saito: Let’s go!

Toudou: Wait a minute!

Saito: Raw wheat! Raw rice! Raw eggs!

Toudou: That was the duel?! Hey… What did you just say anyway?!

Hijikata: Hey, we’re out of wine. Someone get some more.

Yamazaki: Ah, I’ll go this time then. I’ll bring some snacks too. What would you like? I wonder what we have… Ah, come to think of it, we still have some of the chicken from dinner left.

Okita: Like… Hate… Kill…

Saito: There are two chickens in the yard… How was it? Do you admit defeat?

Toudou: I give up!

Hijikata: Ah, there’s still some amazake left. I’ll take this.

Yamazaki: By the way, I think shellfish boiled in soy is very good.

Kondo: Miss…

Okita: No… The water chestnut isn’t food…

Toudou: What’s with this messed up situation? Ah, my head hurts.

Hijikata: Why do you look so annoyed, Heisuke? Come on, drink up. We’ll have a toast.

Yamazaki: What for?

Okita: A toast to the future of the Shinsengumi!

Toudou: Don’t get up so suddenly, Souji-kun! You scared me!

Okita: I feel a lot better after sleeping a little.

Toudou: You recovered really quickly!

Saito: The future of the Shinsengumi? I think we made a toast to that at the beginning…

Kondo: It’s fine. The path we should follow is one that leads to a bright future. There’s nothing else we need to have a toast for.

Yamazaki: I see. You’re right.

Hijikata: Then let’s have a toast to all of our futures!

Everyone: Cheers!


Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Official Tokuten


Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa 1


  1. thank you so very much for both shinsengumi translations! ‘ve been waiting for this! kyah! awesome job!

  2. Tama


    Thank you so much for translating these (will be reading the other tokuten after posting this).

    Wow, Okita and Hijikata (especially Okita) were acting like bigger jerks than I realized, but Okita got some good zingers in, too. His comments about Yamazaki being an exhibitionist and Kondou being unable to satisfy women cracked me up. As for Kondou not treating women kindly forever, “Ojou-san” might beg to differ, LOL.

    Thanks again for your hard work! Can’t wait for Kekkonroku! ^^

    • Saki

      Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed this tokuten! It was a lot of fun to translate as well πŸ˜€

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    This is so funny as well! Saito’s tongue twister during the confession game caught me off guard, ohmygod!

    Thank you for this translation, Saki-san! This made my night!

    • Saki

      You’re welcome, mikucchan! Glad you found this one funny too πŸ˜€

      • mikucchan

        Saki-san, is it true that the Stellaworth tokuten is a booklet?

        • Saki

          Yes, the Stellaworth tokuten is a booklet with a short story for each character in the series ^^

  4. This jerks… This lovely LOVELY jerks will be the end of me. Of all of us, actually. Okita, what the hell! He sounds adorable until I know what he’s saying.
    Thank you so much for the translations!

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    that’s freaky funny XD Men are so scary indeed !! I’d rather them to stay away from woman , is that how they thought about women , How embarrassing!! and how annoyed !! plus they were drunk this is the horrible thing to have discussing .. *sigh* they are useless .. Saito is creepy here! he is so cute repeating the words ! Ahaha I can’t stop laughing! I think this challenge was the best for them instead of what they did ah! more than that , when Hijikata said :” You want to hear my voice completely, don’t you” I was going to explode saying “how did you know!?” ” yes I was.. ! BUT NO !remembering you were treat me as a dog! in last CD! I won’t hear ya! then he said that again! Arrugh unforgettable !!….. but still love your voice .. ==; (Hommoga baka me!)
    Stay away from men.. they are scary really! except if they were playing twist tongue game is fine XD
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    • Saki

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m happy you enjoyed it too πŸ˜€

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